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All the bells I could read the contours of this ancient town All the broken houses like tarot cards on the ground. Wander through each village Don't remember their names Vimy; Acheville They all look the same... all look the same... Chorus All the bells they ring ringing out in old Oppy wood it’s a fine day to die To leave the world behind It's a fine day to say Goodbye Oh, it's a fine day to say Goodbye Just before the war when the Harvest was good lovers chase in meadows and through a shadowed wood... Over golden fields the colour of washed stone Cattle and birdsong The sweet rains of home... Chorus Bridge It was that moment when life slips into death. Everything upended with every last breath ... every last breath ‌ As crimson as the poppies a scar upon the hill horseshoes and rosaries time was wild then still... Over blood red fields The colour of bone And ever silent birdsong The sweet rains of home ... sweet rains of home ... Chorus X2

All The Bells  

Lyrics for the song All The Bells.