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5 Benefits of Resurfacing Your Pool with Fiberglass Robinson Restorations, one of the premier pool repair companies in VA, specializes in resurfacing pools using a fiberglass mat method. This is one of the best things that you can do for your pool in terms of saving money, keeping it safe, and upping the value on your home as a whole. If you want to learn more about how Robinson Restorations' fiberglass restoration can help you accomplish these things, read on! Here, we've listed five amazing benefits of resurfacing your pool with fiberglass. Reduce the amount of times you'll need to resurface your pool. If you have a traditional plaster or marcite pool surface, you'll find that you need to redo it every 5 to 7 years. This is because when you balance the water with necessary chemicals, you're actually harming the surface of the pool. Eventually the chemicals will make the surface of the pool so rough that it hurts to walk on, and the people in the pool will risk scratched feet; touching the walls of the pool will hurt. On the other hand, if you have a fiberglass pool surface installed by Robinson Restorations, one of the top pool repair companies in VA, it will last much longer, and your pool will stay safer! Lessen the growth of algae. When traditional pools' surfaces start to degrade, they become rough and bumpy, as mentioned above – this is the perfect environment for algae to grow in. A fiberglass pool surface stays smooth, which means that algae will have a harder time finding crevices to hide and breed in. The result is you'll have to shut down your pool far less often to scrub it out. Use fewer chemicals. Since algae will have a harder time breeding in a fiberglass pool, you'll need to use fewer chemicals to keep it clean. This enables your guests to enjoy the water more (who likes a pool where there's so much chlorine that even standing next to it makes your eyes hurt?), and you'll save money buying fewer chemicals. In

fact, our fiberglass pool surfaces can cut your use of chemicals by 30%! Improve the value of your property. Having a pool that looks like new is going to enhance the value of your commercial or residential property overall. Pools add value to homes, but if they're not properly taken care of, there can be problems. A fiberglass finish is easier to maintain and will certainly up the value of your property overall! Robinson Restorations, one of the most highly regarded pool repair companies in VA can help you out. Resist staining. Fiberglass isn't porous like, say, plaster is, so this means that the chances of something staining the surface of your pool is exponentially lower as compared to other surfaces. With a fiberglass finish, your pool will look newer longer. Extend the life of your pool. The surface of your pool is one of the areas that takes the most abuse, particularly in commercial pools. Having a fiberglass surface means that it will be able to withstand more wear and tear, which means your pool, overall, will have a longer life. If you're not yet convinced that getting a fiberglass mat surface for your pool is one of the most financially sound decisions you could be making regarding pool maintenance, then we recommend you get in contact with us at Robinson Restorations, one of the best pool repair companies in VA, to learn more. We'd be happy to be your professional resource and honored to help you restore your pool to have it look like new! Visit now!

5 benefits of resurfacing your pool with fiberglass