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Work With A Professional To Find The Best Hair Color For You Picking a new hair color goes well past trends. In fact, in regards to the color that looks best on you, picking a hue is in fact rooted in science. The last thing you want to do is rinse the dye out of your hair to see that you've gone marigold yellow when perhaps chestnut brown would have looked better. So how do you know which color will match your style? Simply by adhering to a couple guidelines. Naturally You As a basic rule for anyone knowledgeable about dyeing hair, your natural color is a good indicator of the range you should try to stay in when you're looking at hues if you want a subtle but attractive change. When you stray far from that color, you risk a look that is not natural. Unless, of course, you truly do want pink hair, and in that case, dye away. But, select a shade that is not too far off your natural color for those trying to find something to simply dress up their typical look. This by no means implies that you can't be a bit dramatic. Permanent hair dye actually lifts the color of one's hair to expose pigments that are underlying. You can really bring out those pigments, when you want to change things up a bit. This can be achieved with some highlights that are lighter shades of your natural color, or you may dye your whole head the shade that the sun turns your hair in the summertime. Your Skin Tone A number of people have concerns that they can't wear specific shades due to their skin tones. Typically, there is no hard and fast rule about what color you need to dye your hair, but you can choose pigmentation that will flatter you based on your skin. For instance, when you have undertones to your skin that may be either orange, brown or gold, a color that is warm may be better that include blonde or maybe a honey brown. If you were born a blonde, then you may have skin with hints of cooler colors, like green, pink or blue. These skin tones look great with a color that fits those undertones, like black or ash blonde. Your Eye Color Your eyes can say a lot, since they are the windows to your soul and a good indicator of what color you need to choose for your hair. Pick cooler colors when you have deep brown or gray-blue eyes, and pick warmer shades if your eyes lean more toward golden brown or green. You might be lucky enough to pull off any color if your eyes are hazel. Just for Fun One of the best things about coloring your hair, when it's done properly, you are able to try a variety of shades over a duration of time to determine what color looks best on you. Do not be afraid to try something under the care of a hair professional. They will help you put together the perfect color based on their skills and years of them practicing. TEAL Hair & Makeup Studio

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Work With A Professional To Find The Best Hair Color For You

Selecting the appropriate hair color does come down to pure science behind the palette. According to your skin and eye color, you'll find that certain shades are more complementary than others. You may initially be most comfortable sticking to a color that closely matches your natural look. You may choose to branch out and play with a new color down the line. So long as you are working with a trustworthy stylist, you'll have a lot of fun and feel great dyeing your hair. If you walk out of a salon feeling like a million bucks, then you've gotten the best hair color in Lowell MA! Go to to learn more info on TEAL Hair & Make-Up.

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Work With A Professional To Find The Best Hair Color For You