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What are the things associated with the solar energy disadvantages? In the recent days, solar energy has been a good source of energy but it is still considered as the new technology. Not much advancement has been seen in this technology an added to it, lots of issues has also been found for the solar energy. There are some common disadvantages of solar energy. Lot of money investment with great maintenance is required for having the electricity from solar energy. Apart from these problems it is also seen that this source of energy is very much eco friendly and does not create any kind of pollution. If you can maintain solar energy, then it won’t be a bad choice. Difference between solar and other sources of green energy If compared to the other sources of energy, then it will be seen that there are many other green sources that are much better than solar power. Some of the common ones are wind energy, geothermal energy and hydroelectricity. All these sources does not depend on the sun, rather they can be made to work not only in the day time but also in the night time. Thus, you will find these green sources much better than that of the solar source. The disadvantages for solar energy are many. Now comparing in terms of efficiency, solar energy is much less efficient than that of other green sources like geothermal energy, wind energy etc. There are lots and lots of technological advancement seen in case of other green sources apart from the solar energy. Cost of buying and manufacturing Looking into the cost effectiveness, you will not find solar energy in better case. The installation cost for building solar energy is much higher. Not only this, if anything gets damaged, then the costs of the parts are also very high. It is seen that a 1KWH photovoltaic cell can cost approximately to around 10000$. The arrays of the solar panels come in a great cost. The investment needs to be very high. Another important thing is that with this high investment cost, you won’t get any good and efficient output. Thus there are many solar energy disadvantages seen. Issues regarding the locations There is another issue involved with the setting of solar plant and it the location. In all the locations, solar panels cannot be fixed. They can be fixed only to the areas where there is enough sunlight. In the shades or in the sun less areas, the solar panels cannot be installed. The working principle of the solar energy totally depends on the rays of the sun. So it is important to set a good location while setting a solar panel. Thus, you can find lots of solar energy disadvantages.

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If you like to put up solar panels in your home you are indeed making a great choice. Not only for the environment but for your personal eco...

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