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the art of

SELLING offline With the arrival of online agents, is the art of selling

shop. If there’s no shop assistant, then products have to sell

being lost? Simon Woodcock, Managing Director

themselves. That’s fine if demand is outstripping supply or for

of our Medway branches, investigates the merits

such as property, an element of salesmanship is required.

of using an agent that sells offline.

Simon adds that building a rapport is essential: “It’s only

Only 4 in 10 people find the property they end up buying by

when we talk to buyers first hand that we understand what’s

searching or receiving an email from a site like Rightmove or Zoopla, according to the 2016 Which? national home-

motivating them to move. Schools, commuter links, amenities and the lifestyle on offer are the real drivers behind purchasing

moving survey. “Our local staff can recount enough stories to

a new home, not the bricks and mortar it is made from.”

make this statistic believable,” says Simon Woodcock. “We’re

For over 50 years our staff have been employed because

confident that more than half our buyers purchase a home

they’re inquisitive, knowledgeable about the local area and

from us that we have introduced them to rather than one

can second guess what might eventually suit a buyer’s needs.

they have found online.”

Many people buy a home from us that is radically different

Suggesting alternative properties to buyers is not a

to the one they originally had in mind because our staff have

revolutionary sales technique and can be seen regularly thanks to Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer on Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location. It’s at the heart of what estate

got them thinking ‘outside the box’. The skill of matching a purchaser with a property happens ‘offline’ through personal relationships, not online or via a remote call center where the

agents do.

driving force is only targets.

The art of cross selling properties, however, is lost with agents

Our knowledge of local properties also gives us insight into

that rely solely on internet sales. Even Which? advises buyers to “put your laptop away, take a walk down the high street and register with estate agents selling the types of properties you’re after.” The internet, after all, is merely a shelf in a


low ticket items but for products with emotional connections,

what can be achieved with a little imagination. For example, a buyer may find a three-bedroom property in the perfect location but they actually need four bedrooms. Our staff will know if other properties in the road have had a loft conversion

the art of selling offline

Robinson Jackson Group Moving Magazine - New Cross Edition  
Robinson Jackson Group Moving Magazine - New Cross Edition