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General Information 8.1 Please provide us with a brief description of your company’s primary business in lay terms. In particular, we are interested in: a. A brief overview of your company’s history. b. A short description of your primary products and/or services. c. Your main customers. d. Your main competitors.



Robins & Morton was founded in 1946 by Barry Morton in Birmingham, Alabama and has grown into a nationally recognized contractor that has successfully managed over 900 complex healthcare, educational, commercial and industrial construction projects in 28 states. Robins & Morton is currently ranked as the top healthcare contractor in the nation by Modern Healthcare magazine. The privately held company was founded on principles of quality, integrity and commitment to our people as reflected in the core values, mission and vision outlined in the next sections of this questionnaire. Our primary client base consists of hospitals and healthcare organizations that manage hospitals and other medical facilities. We also manage complex construction projects for commercial, educational and industrial clients including hotels, banks, universities, churches, etc. Our competition includes construction companies throughout the United States. We often compete against large contractors but in smaller communities, local contractors are often our toughest competition.





Hiring 8.2 What are the characteristics you seek in prospective employees, aside from the skills needed to do their jobs? 8.3 Please describe your hiring process (i.e., recruiting, screening, interviewing methods, etc.), including how these practices ensure that job candidates will fit into your culture.


Our Vision To be recognized as the leading manager of healthcare construction and other complex projects.

Our Mission To serve our customers by exceeding their expectations.

Our Values Customer First Integrity/Ethical Behavior

As a professional services provider, Robins & Morton’s success is 100% dependent on our people. They set us apart from our competitors. Over the past 65 years, the company has developed a complex library of policies and procedures that have laid the foundation for quality construction that differentiates Robins & Morton from other contractors, but these principles are only as valuable as the commitment of the people who developed them and who embrace and enforce them on a daily basis. Aside from skills, we look for people who possess a proactive, team-oriented attitude, integrity and a commitment to doing the right thing, creative problem solving skills and an aptitude to adapt and learn new skills as they grow with the company. Above all, we seek people whose values align with those that embody our company culture. At Robins & Morton we take our company creed, mission and values very seriously and strive to reflect these as individuals and as an entire organization.

Respect for Employees and Family Commitment to Shared Goals Pursuit of Excellence

The R&M Creed We believe our responsibility extends to all who are touched by our activities. To our customers, fairness and our best efforts to deliver a first class job. To our employees, growth opportunities to reach their personal potential and career goals, rewards for their performance, and a healthy climate for work and family. To our subcontractors and suppliers, fair and just treatment. To our stockholders, a fair return on their investment and retained earnings for future growth. To the public, the conduct of a good citizen: respect for the rights and property of others.


Our Hiring Process Robins & Morton hires for more than just skills, we hire people who are a fit with our company culture. To begin the process of identifying the right people, we share the corporate Vision, Value, Mission Statements and Creed with all applicants as a first step.  We then schedule interviews with multiple members of the staff, not just hiring managers.  Associates from all levels participate in the interview process.  We use this process to carefully assess the candidates’ character, their values, beliefs and business philosophies.  We ask questions that gauge their decision-making techniques, communication style, expectation of rewards and recognition, structural flexibility, trust, respect and more.  Multiple evaluations are turned in on each applicant including one from the receptionist, who reports on arrival and attitude of the applicant.  We think of this process as much more than just hiring another employee, we consider every new employee as an addition to the Robins & Morton family and want to ensure that it is a mutually beneficial fit for both the applicant and the company.




8.4 How do you welcome new employees and integrate them into your culture?



Robins & Morton welcomes new employees before they even arrive for their first day! Soon after acceptance of a position, new employees receive a welcome box at their home filled with Robins & Morton promotional items including a t-shirt, coozie, croakies, hat and a leather binder. We also include a framed creed, mission and vision, as well as a binder detailing New Hire Orientation, company info, what to expect on the job and a list of contacts for various questions. A Welcome Video is included so that the entire family may watch it and learn about Robins & Morton and visually identify with some of the companies leaders.

to meet, face to face, the people they will likely be interacting with in the future. Lunch is spent with a manager and/or peer and finished off with a tour of ERS, our equipment rental division. We also feature a New Employee Wall of photos in the lobby and dedicate space in the company newsletter for their photos. Beyond the formal orientation process, various departments have collaborated to develop tools to assist employees at all levels, and they have proven particularly helpful to new employees. One of these is our company intranet, or HUB, which includes virtually every administrative document and contact information available, but also a library of valuable resources such as recordings of webinars from the past three years that cover a wide range of professional and other topics from time management to safety procedures to estate planning. This allows new employees to benefit from programs that were offered prior to their start with the company. Another popular tool on HUB is the employee picto-

Simply being able to match a face with a name and voice has allowed our people, often collaborating from offices or jobsites across the country, to better communicate and relate.

Upon arrival of their first day, new employees attend a full day New Hire Orientation in the corporate office. During this orientation, they learn about many different facets of Robins & Morton including information technology, payroll, benefits, accounting procedures, marketing and safety through discussions with department heads or staff specialists.  This allows new employees


rial directory. Simply being able to match a face with a name and voice has allowed our people, often collaborating from offices or jobsites across the country, to better communicate and relate. New hires involved in operations are required to take an additional course, called Keys to Success, three to six weeks after they start with the company. During this class, Robins & Morton’s policies and procedures are reviewed in detail so that new employees have a clear understanding of our company policies and know who to contact for particular issues and questions. Participants are encouraged to ask questions that have likely emerged after working in the company for several weeks. The Robins & Morton online company store has become very popular with all employees and is especially with new employees. The store features over 40 items, including a wide variety of apparel, gift and other promotional items that employees can order at no cost to them. In addition, the company store provides special order items for project and company events such as project groundbreakings, community events and grand-openings. Team members work directly with graphic designers to develop items that uniquely commemorate their event. This program allows new employees and their families to immediately look the part on the job and at company sponsored events!


Inspiring 8.5 How does your company inspire employees to feel that their work has more meaning than being just a job? To answer this question you may find it helpful to detail some of the specific features of your company’s culture that employees are likely to regard as unique or distinctive, such as: » Your company’s values/mission/corporate philosophy/vision, etc. » Programs designed to reinforce your company’s values, etc. » Practices that help employees feel proud of your company’s products/services and/or its contribution to society.


Giving with purpose. Personal stories and anecdotes best answer this portion of the survey but in general, the company’s sincere and unwavering commitment to employees, their families, quality, clients, community and our business partners has had a domino effect on our people exemplified almost daily in their actions in the office and in the communities where we work. Beyond their typical job duties, we encourage our people to get involved with professional and philanthropic organizations that are important to them. Often employees join together to support Robins & Morton sponsored initiatives, but we equally support individual efforts by providing time off and often monetary contributions and sponsorships. Beyond just supporting through time and funds, the company recog-

Robins & Morton strives to weave the principles of our company cul-

nizes theses extra efforts by featuring them in the company newslet-

ture through all company initiatives and operations. One mandatory,

ter, HUB (the company intranet) and in 2009, several of these stories

full-day class in particular, The Robins & Morton Way, is designed to

were the centerpiece of the corporate company Christmas card en-

communicate and demonstrate our company culture through stories

titled “Giving with Purpose.” The card went out to nearly 10,000 em-

and experiences of employees throughout the company.

ployees, clients and business friends and featured numerous inspira-

The celebrating and giving back responses directly relate to how Rob-

tional stories of our people giving back to causes in the communities

ins & Morton inspires our people to work and live in a way that re-

where they live and work. Please see the supplemental file “Giving

flects our company’s unique culture.

with Purpose” for more details.


University Medical Center of El Paso

In December of 2009, nineteen different Robins & Morton jobsites and offices participated in the first annual food drive, collecting 14,873 pounds of food for local shelters and food banks across the country. The effort incorporated an element of camaraderie with a design and construction competition with the cans. The University Medical Center of El Paso won the total weight category with 3,176 pounds of canned food as well as the best design award. The Auburn University Basketball Arena project won the greatest weight per employee with a total of 1,100 pounds of food collected.

During the recent construction of a high profile hospital addition, the client requested that a plexiglass window be installed to overlook the construction so that hospital staff, patients and visitors could see the progress of the project. Under direction from the project superintendent, the Robins & Morton team took this things a step farther and planted a flower garden just outside of the window to further enhance the vision of hope and renewal that the hospital and community expected from this project. This small gesture made a positive impact on our team’s ability to communicate and coordinate with the hospital staff who viewed previous construction projects as messy, noisy and inconvenient.

Jesse Golden Project Engineer “Our company culture encourages and promotes community outreach and service. Since starting with the company, I have felt personally compelled to contribute to company sponsored philanthropic causes because I know that Robins & Morton puts value in giving back to the communities where we live and work. Add to this the fact that we focus on building and improving facilities that provide healthcare and save lives and it is impossible to think of the work we do as just a job.�




8.6 What are the distinctive ways in which managers, especially senior managers, share information—including disappointing or bad news­—with employees?


Communication During Challenging Times Due to challenges in the economy, unfortunately Robins &

Bill Morton

Senior management at Robins & Morton makes a concerted effort to keep employees abreast of company news, both good and bad. Below are some specific examples of how senior management communicated and shared company news and information in 2009.

Morton had to reduce our staff by 11% in 2009. This was very difficult for everyone as we are not just employees, but the Robins & Morton family. When the decision was made, every Operations Manager and Department Manager pulled their teams together to have team meetings. Since we are a company with multiple company locations, timing was important for coordinating these meetings. Our managers informed the teams of what was to come in the next several months and that difficult decisions had to be made. They answered questions from their teams and tried to reduce any untrue statements that were floating in the grapevine. They set the tone for the months to come and made sure everyone knew they were available for additional questions or discussions afterwards. Aimee Comer, HR director says “I don’t think the meetings made things easier for the managers making these tough decisions or the employees it affected, but I do think that the open communication made the organization as a whole much stronger. People knew what was going on and why, they knew who to call with questions and they understood when it affected a friend.” During a significant 401K transition from one provider to another, Robins & Morton management arranged for meetings to be held at every single jobsite and office totaling 43 locations led by a representative from either the 401K provider or Robins & Morton’s financial advisors. These meetings took place over a course of 4 weeks and educated all employees on what was going to happen dur-


ing the transition and afterwards with the new provider. We were also clear to communicate the positive benefit of the transition and assure employees that this change would not negatively impact their investments in any way. The series of meetings was well received, particularly during the period of economic instability that could have resulted in employee confusion and concern.

New Community Initiatives In addition to the specific examples cited below of how management shared company information in 2009, several new initiatives were recently implemented in direct response to the 2009 culture audit results and an internal follow-up survey requesting ideas for solutions and other specific feedback from employees. One key action that resulted from this effort is quarterly company video updates from Robins & Morton President/CEO, Bill Morton and COO, Robin Savage. The videos are posted on the company intranet so that all employees can participate in the message. The most recent video spanned 12 minutes and introduced two new company divisions and outlined the company’s 2010 sales and revenue goals. Bill and Robin spoke candidly about concerns that they and others have in light of the current economic challenges as well as the company’s realistic short and long term plans and expectations. The video update was well received and is intended to be an addition to existing methods of management communications which include the company newsletter and intranet news announcements. Our philosophy is that employees absorb information in various ways, and if we make an effort to communicate in ways that allow people to hear, read and see news, they will be more completely informed.

Company update video



Listening 8.7 Feedback What are the ways in which employees can ask questions, provide feedback, or otherwise communicate with managers, especially senior managers? 8.8 Involvement What programs are available for employees to make suggestions and/or become involved in making decisions that affect their jobs, work environment, or the direction of company as a whole? 8.9 Redress How can employees seek redress for what they consider to be an undesirable workplace situation (such as a poor relationship with a supervisor) and/or appeal decisions made by management that have an adverse impact on their status?


Feedback Robins & Morton management has both formal and informal mechanisms in place to allow employees options for asking questions and providing feedback and suggestions including a QAC council for formally accepting suggestions, numerous online surveys and a very welcoming open door policy with upper management.

“Open door” has become an overused term in corporate America, but it truly is a component of Robins & Morton’s corporate culture. “Open door” has become an overused term in corporate America, but it truly is a component of Robins & Morton’s corporate culture. At any given time, senior management makes themselves available to our employees via phone, email or face to face. Senior managers extend this effort beyond the corporate and division offices by visiting the company jobsites, up to eighty at one time in any given year, and arranging a lunch on or near the site. This has proven to be a great method for employees all over the country and at all levels to get to know senior management and talk candidly about concerns and ideas they have. It has been a particularly effective tool during the past year for employees to hear about company challenges first hand and voice their concerns.



Involvement Quality Action Council

The QAC or Quality Action Council was founded in April of 1998 as a formal means for employees to identify areas within the company that could be improved upon, thereby enabling us as a company to work more efficiently and continue to deliver high quality projects. It was determined that the people most qualified to identify these improvements are the employees who are working with our current policies and procedures every day rather than company management. The QAC committee is comprised of eight to ten employees representing various departments and levels within the company. Every two years, three to four experienced council members are replaced to ensure a balance of consistency and fresh ideas. Recommendations are accepted quarterly and cash awards of $100 are awarded to individual’s whose recommendations are approved by the council along with a greater reward of knowing they have been part of improving Robins & Morton’s processes and delivery system. Embracing Technology for Communication

When it was brought to management’s attention via the 2009 culture audit that a notable percentage of employees had concerns or felt dissatisfaction with communication of company news, work/life balance and other topics, an internal survey was sent out to gather more specific details on employee concerns and to accept suggestions for improvement. As a result of this survey, we implemented the video company updates, signed birthday cards to all employees,

personal hand-written appreciation notes from managers and increased in-person office and site visits for communicating critical company news. Additional anonymous online surveys have been utilized for other purposes as a mechanism for managers to better hear and respond to employee concerns. Employee Input Through Committees

The company utilizes employee committees to research and stay abreast of policies and initiatives that keep our people happy and healthy. The following are partial examples of committees that serve as liaisons between our 700+ employees and management: »» Wellness committee »» Sustainability committee »» Technology committee »» QAC committee »» Retreat committee Good Stewards of the Environment

In efforts to be better stewards to our environment and community, Robins & Morton formed an internal sustainability council and implemented Project ECO. A webinar town hall format was utilized to communicate the purpose and goals of the initiative as well as expectations to the entire company simultaneously. Prior to the webinar, the council conducted an online survey to gauge knowledge and attitudes about sustainability. Following the presentation, employees were encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns about the direction of the initiative. As a result of the committee’s efforts, many employees’ previous negative perceptions about green 26

living and working were changed and the company adopted several new practices to reduce waste and better protect our naturally resources in the office and on our construction jobsites. This is just one example of how an employee led committee listened and were able to make a big difference for our Robin & Morton family and beyond. Robins & Morton responded to our employees’ requests to be a better corporate steward to the environment by setting a goal and obtaining LEED GOLD certification on the recent renovation of the corporate office’s second floor. Not only did the project incorporate required sustainable materials and systems, but employees were encouraged to be involved in the project by providing input into how their personal and shared work spaces could be more efficient and productive. Special features were incorporated to increase the flow of outside air into the building, increase employee’s exposure to natural light, recycling centers were installed throughout the office and low flow faucets were installed in the bathrooms. These changes have been well received by employees in the office and many of the jobsites have adopted similar sustainable practices.

Redress Robins & Morton has established clear policies outlining a course of action and next steps for employees who have concerns. We also employ an open door policy with Human Resources and the Operations Management and Executive Team for employees to express their workplace and employment concerns.

Many employees’ previous negative perceptions about “green” living and working were changed and the company adopted several new practices to reduce waste and better protect our natural resources in the office and on our construction jobsites. 27


Thanking 8.10 How does your company show appreciation and/or recognition for employees’ good work, extra effort, or other achievements? If specific programs involve awards, please describe such details as their form (e.g. cash, gifts, time off, etc.) as well as how many employees receive them annually.


Recognizing the hard work and commitment of our employees is a priority at Robins & Morton. While tokens and acts of appreciation are often spontaneous responses to individual situations, teams and people, the company does have established means of recognizing and showing appreciation to employees. Profit Sharing

ees receive a platinum gift. These items have become quite popular

Robins & Morton has always shared the financial success of the

also makes a special effort to show appreciation to employees upon

company through generous profit sharing, currently averaging 10%

retirement with cash, gifts and parties that reflect the individuals past

per employee over the past eight years, and generous year-end and

contribution to the company.

and coveted by our competitive family of employees. The company

project specific bonuses based on project profitability and individual

Group Outings & Celebrations

performance. Even in 2009 when the company struggled under economic challenges, the company continued year-end bonuses with

Every few years, the entire Robins & Morton family, including spouses

the understanding that employees were working just as hard, if not

and children gather in one resort location for a mammoth “retreat”

harder, to support the company during these trying times.

to celebrate the company’s success. This completely inclusive, elabo-

Recognizing Commitment

rate weekend has become an exciting way for the company to show

One formal way Robins & Morton shows appreciation for the long-

tween these large retreats, smaller trips and appreciation outings are

term commitment of employees is through paid time off that increas-

organized for groups of employees and have included major league

es with employee’s tenure. After five years of service, employees paid

baseball and football games, trips to New York City, Las Vegas, Key

vacation increases to three weeks and to four weeks after 15 years of

West, Seattle and other exciting places.

service. Special time off is also often rewarded on an individual basis at the discretion of their managers for extra work or achievements.

The Little Things

In addition, the company rewards key anniversaries with cash gifts

Per the saying “it’s the little things,” a few individual examples of how

and commemorative Robins & Morton lapel pins. Ten year employees

the company shows appreciation for the effort and commitment of

receive a silver lapel pins, twenty receives gold and thirty year employ-

our people follow.

appreciation to our employees and their families. In the years be-


“Being the receptionist, I don’t get the opportunity to really do anything outstanding, but Jim Poole and Glenn Myers never miss saying thank you to me when I have set up the conference room for a lunch meeting. Beverly tells me regularly what a good job I do. When Sean Wofford says to me after I have set up a lunch meeting for him, ‘you are the best,’ it makes my day. Once a week my lunch runs over the allotted hour because I swim laps at the Y and no one ever questions why I am late. Jim Poole wrote on my administrative assistant’s day card that was signed by all ‘The Voice of Robins & Morton.’ I was invited by Jim to sit in the Titan’s box when Vanderbilt played in the Music City Bowl game last December and our company sponsored Ladies’ Trip to New York was a highlight! I look forward to coming to work each day.”

When two managers were transferred to projects hundreds of miles from their families, their senior managers sent gift boxes of toys and other goodies along with a handwritten note to their wives and children saying thank you for sharing their father’s time with the family. This gesture was small considering the families’ sacrifices but went a long way with the employees and their spouses and children. Every year on Administrative Professionals day, the entire support staff receives gift cards from the company and is treated to lunch by their managers. In addition, several managers throughout the company take the accounting and other support departments over the course of the year in appreciation for supporting their projects. A further unique example of showing appreciation is a Bosses Day Breakfast that employees in the corporate office hosted and personally funded for the management team. Robins & Morton embraces the holiday season as an opportunity to celebrate and thank employees and their families. Every employee receives their choice of a whole honey-baked ham or smoked turkey to share with their family or the option of donating it to a local food bank. In addition, every division office and jobsite hosts family parties in December and last year, in efforts to trim costs and create a more intimate, family atmosphere, the corporate office moved the party from a local country club to our newly renovated offices and encouraged employees to bring appetizers. There were activities for the kids and the local fire department brought Santa to the party via fire engine!

Lesa Baldridge, Receptionist

“A very influential person in my life has a favorite saying “Always do the next right thing.” When I think about R&M as a place to work and the relationship between the company and the employees, a conversation I had a couple of years ago with our outside, and long-time auditor came to mind. We were talking about what a generous profit sharing plan R&M has. As 31

an accountant that has worked with many companies, I know there are many legitimate and fully legal ways profit can be affected and presented. Chuck told me whenever there was a question about the profit number to use in the profit sharing calculation, Barry Morton would always make the decision that would be most beneficial to the employees. None of the employees would probably ever know this, but Mr. Morton believes in the part of the R&M Creed that says ‘Reward employees for their performance.’” Pat O’Roarke, Controller, ERS

“Right before Thanksgiving I arrived one morning to find a note in my chair from my boss. It was a short note on her personal stationary telling me what how thankful she was of the various things I do. I was in awe of the thoughtfulness that spawned this note and think it shows the true culture of Robins & Morton.” Maggie Mange, Human Resources



8.11 What opportunities does your company provide to help employees discover and develop their talents, challenge themselves professionally, and/or enhance their personal growth?


Training for Excellence Professional growth and development is central to the Robins & Morton culture. One way we ensure employees continue to grow professionally and personally is through our Training for Excellence program. This program was formally created in 1996 and has grown into a dynamic curriculum of more than forty classes led by both internal and external expert instructors. The classes are categorized as elective, mandatory and core and employees work with their managers to set appropriate training goals to nurture their current job responsibilities and future career goals. Classes range from technical to leadership development and most are open to all employees to promote cross learning allowing for a better understanding of the big picture of the company (ex. technical training for support staff, mkt training for operations). Our dynamic training program encourages employees to learn new skills and if training is needed or desired outside of our internal program, attendees can be reimbursed for courses related to their existing projected career path. This includes relevant college level courses.

“After taking the DiSC profile class that was offered by Robins & Morton, I feel as though I know how to read my fellow employees and make better judgments on how they might react to certain situations.� Todd Ludwig, Assistant Network Administrator

A unique component to our training for excellence program is the fact that we offer it to our clients and business partners. This not only provides value to them, but brings new perspectives to our instructors and our employees attending the class. New in 2010, Robins & Morton is an approved AIA and USGBC continuing education provider which allows our people, clients and business partners to main34

tain and enhance their professional accreditations with these organizations without having to identify additional training resources.

Beyond Leadership The giving back section outlines many of the ways Robins & Morton is committed to supporting community organizations, but we also encourage our people to fully engage these organizations by taking leadership roles with these and other civic and professional organizations. Many of our people are in board positions with organizations throughout the country and the company supports them financially by paying dues, covering travel expenses, providing meeting space, etc. The company also tracks the participation of our people so that we can align new employees with experienced personnel with similar community and philanthropic interests.

Clear Path to Success Ensuring success starts with a clear road map on how to get there and employees work closely with their managers to develop three and five year career plans that are revisited several times each year to determine new short term goals or changes in direction. The company has established a clear career path for various operational positions but also considers the unique needs and skills of individuals to help identify where employees best fit into the organization.

“Our company is committed to growing our employees to become the best they can be while at the same time training them to become the future leaders of the company. In order to promote this, Robins & Morton had developed a leadership training program which allows our current leaders to enhance their skills of communicating and listening. This leads to meaningful dialogue between employees that they have contact with during their daily activities. By developing these key relationship skills we can then open channels of communication, mentor the employee, and help the employee work on their strengths and weaknesses again preparing them to lead the company on the future.�

John Galassini, Senior Project Manager 35



8.12 What programs does your company offer to help employees balance their work lives with their personal and/or family lives?


Robins & Morton celebrates a culture centered on partnering with our people and our clients to ensure success. One way we have successfully partnered with our people is by fostering an environment that promotes a work/family balance. We have strengthened many existing resources and programs over the years and introduced new initiatives to further support this important balance. Focus on Wellness ance and can be used for wellness related purchases such as:

Our wellness program has evolved over the past several years to provide comprehensive benefits to our employees and their families. Programs including a Battle of the Holiday Bulge, Shape Up the Nation, company subsidized gym enrollment and fees, flu shots, $500 towards smoking cessation, and monthly lunch-and-learns on various wellness topics. Fresh Fruit Tuesdays, where fresh fruit is provided in office break rooms, have proven to be very effective and popular among employees.

»» Smoking cessation »» Weight Watchers or any other diet program »» Fitness classes/personal training/yoga classes »» Fitness assessment »» Consultation with a nutritionist

These individual programs led to the development of the company’s most recent wellness initiative, “Building Towards Total Wellness: Achieving the 7 Dimensions” which is based on the concept that true wellness requires balance in all areas of your life, not just nutrition or physical activity. In 2010, Robins & Morton increased our investment into wellness by over 500%, most of which is invested in this program. Through 7 Dimensions all employees are challenged to achieve TOTAL WELLNESS by focusing on 7 Dimensions of Wellness: Social, Volunteering, Intellectual, Environmental, Emotional, Physical, and Nutrition. To achieve the 7 Dimensions, individuals will need to complete one of the challenges associated with each dimension. Upon completion of a challenge, employees will receive a deposit into their “Well Bank” account that already contains a $300 bal-

»» Purchase of personal fitness equipment (ex. treadmill, elliptical, weights. Does not include shoes and clothes.) »» Race entry fees and fees for joining a team sport »» Books/videos/magazine subscriptions related to health and wellness »» Doctor visits including health screenings, blood pressure checks, mammograms, etc. »» Health lectures or retreats Additional deposits are awarded as activities relating to the 7 Dimensions are completed and through posted bonus quarterly challenges.


Achieving the 7 Dimensions “Wellness”, in a general sense, as been defined as the process and end state of a quest for maximum human functioning that involves mind, body and spirit. To have high levels of wellness, you need to be well in all areas of your life, rather than just nutrition or physical activity.

This year, we are challenging you to achieve TOTAL WELLNESS by focusing on 7 Dimensions of Wellness:





Employee Assistance Another resource Robins & Morton provides is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that gives employees and their families access to treatment for issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, substance abuse, childhood and adolescent behavioral disorders, grief, divorce, family counseling, financial guidance, legal assistance and more. All of these services are free and 100% confidential. It is also a great tool to assist managers in dealing with sensitive personnel issues because an employee does not have to come to managers for personal problems. Managers can also recommend that an employee seek help from the EAP.

Family First Other ways Robins & Morton strives to foster a work/family balance is by providing paid time off to employees for personal and family events such as school plays and sporting events, volunteer time with their churches or causes they feel strongly about. You will find many Robins & Morton employees across the country serving as church leaders, baseball coaches, rotary club members, PTA leaders, etc. Community and civic involvement is something the company encourages and something we believe is part of a balanced life.

Graphic Designer Helen Gilliland said of the EAP, “Robins & Morton’s employee assistance program has been vital to helping me get and keep my home life and work life on track. Without it, I would not be able to get these services because of the expense. Overall, I would say that EAP has been a major positive impact on my life (and that of my family); this is something that I don’t take lightly.”

For employees who are required to travel or temporarily live away from their families, the company covers expenses and offers personal travel and relocation services, such as finding a new home and schools, to make the transition easier on the families. The combination of these and other small initiatives such as on-site laundry service, car washes, access to the corporate mail room, monthly (or more) on-site lunches, onsite massage therapy, etc. make balancing work and family life a little easier for our people.


The Dill Family; Nick, Amy and Carlee



8.13 How does your company support employees in times of need? If applicable, you may cite individual stories, as well as descriptions of your programs.


Growing Families Starting and growing a family can be a very exciting time in the life of a family and Robins & Morton is sensitive to the challenges that can accompany this very personal experience. A unique benefit that the company provides families that may need extra support in this area includes 100% coverage of fertility treatments and an adoption policy that covers all legal, medical and other relevant costs over $10,000. The company also provides maternity and paternity leave for parents following the birth and adoption of a child.

“Robins & Morton is not only my husband’s employer, but our family. There are many examples that I could use to portray this, but the most prominent one is the quest for my husband and I to create a family of our own. We made a personal decision to pursue adoption, but we never could have imagined the support that we would receive from Robins & Morton. Although the journey to adopt our daughter was long, the time frame in which we found out about her and she made her arrival was very short! We received a phone call that she was on her way, and we had a baby that night. My husband sent an email to the company to let them know of our whirlwind day. We received so many phone calls, emails and gifts! When we came home a few days later, we had more gifts awaiting us. Everyone was genuinely happy for us, and they were excitedly sharing in our wonderful

blessing! We also received reimbursements for our adoption expenses. This is something that not many companies provide for their employees, and we feel so appreciative for this service. We were not able to have a family of our own in the ‘conventional’ way, and Robins & Morton was right there to help us achieve our dream however we could. Unfortunately, this took money, but they were right there to support us in this way. They did not only support us monetarily, but emotionally. Our daughter is completely loved by everyone at the company. Whenever she visits, she is passed around like a little celebrity. I can honestly say that we are so lucky to be a part of the Robins & Morton family, and I could not imagine finding a better family for OUR family.” Amy Dill, wife of Nick Dill, Assistant Project Manager


Unique Situations Robins & Morton also supports its employees in many unstructured ways. Top management and owners of the company are quick to give in times of need, and employees model that behavior. For example, recently an employee traveled to Birmingham for surgery. Robins & Morton provided a hotel room close to the hospital for the employee’s family as well as an elaborate gift basket. It is standard practice for Robins & Morton employees recovering from illness or a personal loss to receive flowers, cards signed by coworkers, homemade dinners during recovery and other genuine acts of kindness and consideration. Another generous act that is employee driven and company supported includes sending quarterly packages to troops overseas, many of whom are family and friends of employees.

“When my son had heart surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, getting back to our home in Orlando was going to be a challenge. My son wasn’t supposed to be exposed to a lot of germs for a week after the surgery and rather than waiting another whole week to go home, Robins & Morton offered to fly the entire family home on the corporate jet. It was nice to not have to rush to the airport and deal with the hassle of flying commercially and exposing my child to potentially damaging germs.” Leif Helms, Project Manager

“Approximately seven years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was emotionally devastating and we wanted to get a second opinion. Our COO got wind of this and called me to inquire about the prognosis. He in turn relayed that information to our CEO. We were several hundred miles away from where our choice for a second opinion was located. Our CEO called and stated that he was sending the corporate plane to pick up my wife and me, fly us to meet with a surgeon and then return us home. Additionally, he had a rental car waiting for our use to and from the doctor’s office. That second opinion confirmed breast cancer but it saved her from having both breasts removed. We have not forgotten the sincere concern and prayers of many Robins & Morton personnel and the exceptional generosity of our CEO. I feel very blessed to be employed by R&M.” James Long, Senior Project Manager


“My godmother was at the end stages of cancer, and we knew there were only weeks left. Several times I left after work and drove an hour and half home to visit her for a few hours and then drove back home that same night. On one of the days I had planned to go, I asked if I could take a half a day so I could spend more time with her before driving back that night and my boss said to me “Of course, go ahead and leave and don’t worry about coming back tomorrow. Stay up there with her, take some time to visit with her and don’t worry about things here. We’ll have everything covered.” That was on a Wednesday and I didn’t come back to work until Monday, which turned out to be the day she passed away. Those very last days I had with her and what they meant to both of us are indescribable and irreplaceable and I firmly believe if I had worked anywhere else in the world, I would have missed them. There was no mention of using vacation time or unpaid time off. My boss thought about me first, even though it wasn’t an immediate family member or relative. Rather than take something away from me (vacation/pay, etc) she gave me a gift, without even blinking an eye, that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”  Maggie Mange


“Many employees have loved ones and close friends serving our country in the war overseas. R&M and the other employees send care packages to them overseas, showing our support to the soldiers and their families. On a personal note, my father was an employee with R&M for over 25 years. When he was diagnosed and began his fight with cancer, Robins & Morton did everything they could do for him and continued to be there for my mother after he passed away. I can’t thank them enough for the love and kindness they committed to my father and mother, it will never be forgotten.” Lee Johnson



Including 8.14 Describe any programs designed to make your workforce more diverse and inclusive of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, including the philosophy behind your approach. If available, please provide us with data showing how these programs have changed your workplace demographics and diversity within management over time.



One way Robins & Morton has demonstrated a commitment to diversity is through the ACE mentoring program. Our company was pivotal in establishing the local chapter and has helped raise thousands of dollars in scholarships for dozens of minority high school seniors. More importantly, we have helped expose these kids to opportunities in architecture, engineering and construction that they would otherwise have been unaware of. Many of these students have worked with Robins & Morton during the summers as interns and maintained relationships with mentors during their time in college. We are proud of our leadership and involvement with this very worthwhile cause. Robins & Morton is committed to promoting diversity in construction, a field that has traditionally been male dominated. Many women in the organization hold high level management and director positions and receive the same opportunities for growth as their male counterparts.

“As a recent college graduate, I began work with the ACE Mentor Program of Alabama. This gave me a unique opportunity to network with others in the industry and to get an inside look at architecture and the engineering process. It has been a great opportunity to share my passion for the industry with the future leaders of construction as well as develop my leadership skills.” Kathryn Anderson, Estimator “As a woman who chose a profession in the maledominated construction industry, I  prepared myself early on for the possibility of inequality. However, since my initial interview with Robins & Morton, my concern quickly subsided. I was treated at the interview just as I am treated today; as a member of the Robins and Morton family. A family who respects and praises individuals for their abilities and their unique characteristics. Only a short time after joining Robins and Morton, I now help manage 50 subcontractors and 500 (predominately male) laborers on a construction site, I have been selected by the corporate office to be a key member in a focus group, and have recently been provided the opportunity to train the rest of the company in one of my unique abilities; sustainable construction. I truly believe that I have these opportunities, not only due to my hard work, but as a result of Robins & Morton’s keen attention to their employees’ individuality.”   Jackie Mustakas, LEED AP Field Engineer



Celebrating 8.15 In what ways does your company celebrate team or organizational successes? 8.16 How do you encourage fun and camaraderie among your employees?



Celebrating as a Family Robins & Morton believes whole-heartedly in the concept of working hard and celebrating the accomplishments that results from hard work. One big way the company celebrates with our employees and their families is with a large corporate retreat every few years. These family events, referred to as such because we really do consider our company to be one big family, have topped off at more than 700 people in recent years. They are in essence fully inclusive resort vacations complete with hotel accommodations, parties, meals and organized group activities such as golf, fishing, exploration scuba, beach front horseback, scenic cruises, tennis clinic, spa, sailing lessons, paint ball, culinary experience, kayak river, local tours, surfing, juggling, photography class, miniature golf, biking, children’s activities, a volleyball tournament and a family sand castle building contest. This is a time for Robins & Morton to celebrate company success together and thank employees by providing a relaxing and fun vacation (recent retreats have included 1,000+ employees and family members), away from the office and away from work responsibilities. At these corporate retreats, the company has traditionally celebrated numerous employee achievements including customer satisfaction awards, service awards, training awards and the team player award.

Customer Satisfaction is a Team Accomplishment Following the completion of each project, Robins & Morton utilizes a third party company to gauge customer satisfaction. We take this process very seriously and celebrate through company-wide announcements and prizes when project teams receive 100% customer satisfaction. In 2009, the company celebrated the success of six projects that received this impressive rating from the client. Individual team members were also recognized by name and received gifts in appreciation for their commitment.

We really do consider our company to be one big family.

Celebrating Milestones and Awards At any given time, Robins & Morton could have up to 80 projects ongoing at different stages. Each of these project teams is encouraged to celebrate project milestones such as groundbreakings, topping outs, grand openings, safety achievements, and really any accomplishments deemed worthy. While it is impossible for the entire company to participate in all of these, we do celebrate by communicating positive news and job specific celebrations through the com-

pany newsletter and the company intranet homepage. We also use these tools as a means of celebrating project and individual accomplishments such as positive client letters and project awards. Awards and rankings are usually just part of the picture. What lies behind the numbers—the commitment of our people—is what really counts and at Robins & Morton we know that every award and #1 ranking warrants celebrating. In 2009, the company celebrated several exciting recognitions and celebrated through internal and external communications, promotional items for all employees and event dinners. A few of the awards we are particularly proud of are: »» Top 25 Best Medium Sized Companies to Work

for »» Modern Healthcare Magazine #1 Healthcare

Contractor »» ENR magazine #68 contractor among Top 400 »» Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) of Ala-

bama Contractor of the Year »» 10 Associated Builders and Contractors Awards

of Excellence »» ABC GOLD STEP safety recipient »» Alabama Chapter of the American Society of

Safety Engineers (ASSE) Safety Professional of The Year (SPY) Award »» One of Building Design + Construction 2009

“Best AEC Firms to Work For.”


Fun and Camaraderie Camaraderie at Robins & Morton is actually typically achieved through many of the celebratory and giving back activities mentioned in those sections of this entry. By adding in competition and creativity to our work/balance and community support initiatives such as the Shape up the Nation and the 2009 Holiday canned food drive, employees get to know each other and have fun doing it. Additional ways the company promotes camaraderie is though holiday lunches, birthday parties, birthday cards for all employees, wedding and baby showers, group trips and outings. Please refer to the supplemental newsletters for specific examples of how Robins & Morton employees enjoy camaraderie.


The Shape Up the Nation competition provided for team building within each team unit and helped to build camaraderie within the company by involving everyone in the same challenging program. This provided for conversation/ribbing at training classes and other events where employees from different areas come together for a day and have a chance to talk about what is going on within the company. Jesse Golden Each jobsite becomes a composite family made up of various employees and their families. Typically it is not unusual to find these jobsite families getting together on any given holiday or meeting each other for family outings such as golf, picnics, movies, boating, and swimming, just to name a few. This type of fun and camaraderie fuels and builds community among employees. James Long




Rewarding 8.17 Please describe your company’s methods for compensating employees, focusing on any approaches that your employees are likely to consider unique or special. We are especially interested in how your total compensation compares with other firms within your industry or geographic community (citing sources, if available).


Overall, Robins & Morton compensates their staff 17% more than the

Despite the high cost of benefits, Robins and Morton has remained

industry average. Please refer to Part I of the culture audit for details

committed to offering the best benefits possible. They have allowed

on profit sharing, benefits, etc. Also please refer to the thanking sec-

their health and dental programs to remain unchanged for several

tion for details on how employees are rewarded and recognized for

years in a row, in terms of benefit and employee contribution levels.

numerous achievements and efforts.

These programs surpass industry, regional, and national benchmarks. They have increased their wellness programs, and have introduced

In 2009, despite economic difficulties that affected Robins & Morother programs during this time as well. ton as well as many others, the company did compensate employees through generous profit sharing and many year-end bonuses. Indi-

Many of their programs, including paternity leave, fertility, adoption

vidual project specific bonuses are also part of compensation and are

assistance, and their short-term disability program, are much more

dependent on project specific objectives and achievements.

generous than the norm. Their consistent message is that they want to attract and retain the best employees. And, they value these employees tremendously. Their benefits program is just one way that they show their employees that they care.

“I have had the privilege of working with Robins and Morton for four years on their benefits program. As an employee benefits consul-

Considering that Robins and Morton continues to earn awards and tant, I have the opportunity to represent many clients, ranging in size maintains an impeccable reputation in the construction industry, it is from a few hundred employees to over 20,000 employees. Robins clear that their employees remain enthusiastic about being a part of and Morton sets the standard in their commitment to an excellent the Robins and Morton team.� benefits program. Scott McDuffie Vice President, Human Capital Practice Willis of Alabama




Giving Back

8.18 Describe your company’s philanthropic, environmental, or other corporate social responsibility initiatives, including how employees participate and/or are made aware of these efforts.


I enjoy my “field” family here, just as much as I enjoy my “real” family in the area. I’ve been lucky to be a part of the community that R&M has enhanced by renovating and expanding its rural Medical Center, donating strollers, car seats, and play areas to new mothers in need, sponsoring local pee wee sports, and contributing to local crafts and businesses. All of these things, and a thousand more I haven’t mentioned, enrich R&M employees’ lives, both professionally and personally, making it more than one of the best places to work, but also one of the best places to grow. Denice Tally


Giving back is so ingrained in Robins & Morton culture that it really a more natural fit under the camaraderie section of this audit. In fact, the majority of the projects and events that the company participates in are actually attended by entire families. In addition to the $1 million plus in monetary contributions, the company gives hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donated employee hours, in-kind contributions of products and services. Giving back is something that is done at the corporate level but our individual division offices and jobsites organize and support causes throughout the United States. Some specific organizations that we support are outlined below but only scratch the surface of what the company contributes each year. Please review the attached newsletters and the corporate Christmas card for specific examples of how Robins & Morton gives back to the communities where we live and work. »» Habitat for Humanity-Robins & Morton partnered with USGBC Birmingham to build the first LEED certified Habitat home in Jefferson County. »» As a pacesetter company, Robins & Morton employees donated more than $140,000 to the United Way in 2009 »» Troops—Employees send care packages several times a year »» Relay for Life—employees worked together to raise over $20,000 for this cause that is very close to our hearts »» ERS equipment—Our equipment division, ERS, wraps and rents equipment with a portion of the rental revenue benefitting the philanthropy of the client’s choosing

Environmental Stewardship

Robins & Morton embraces sustainability as a core component of our business practices and has created an internal sustainability council responsible for educating our people and identifying ways that the company can be better stewards to our environment. Some of the initiatives include conducting an internal survey of all R&M personnel to determine attitudes, priorities and gauge general knowledge and the creation of a waste management plan to reduce the amount of waste our projects send to the landfill.


Thank you for your consideration.


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