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Introduction We all want success. Our ideas of what success is differ wildly; for some it is defined solely by personal wealth. Others seek success in creative endeavours, or maybe through career status. Whatever we view as success, there is a common theme that runs through its achievement. You will be inspired and energized when you realise that there is only one truth, from which stems all that is desirable, and that it is available to EVERYBODY.

Outside In Here’s a simple exercise for you. Over the next few days, speak to as many of your friends, family and colleagues as you can about success. Ask them what they view as a successful life and then ask them what they would like to achieve. I recommend you drop some names into the conversation – names of people who you regard as successful. If your idea of success is money, you might want to mention Richard Branson or Alan Sugar. If creative pursuits are your thing you might make reference to Andy Warhol or Paul McCartney. The purpose of this exercise is to gauge the attitudes of those you know towards highly successful people. Make a mental note of their answers surrounding success and be sure to pay particular attention to the words they use. I would be willing to bet good money that at least some of the following words and phrases were mentioned: • • • • • • •

Lucky. Right place at the right time. Right background. If only, but… Too late. Not enough time. Never had the opportunity.

What you are witnessing are the limiting beliefs of the majority of the population when it comes to success. Notice how the words and phrases imply variables beyond their control. The world is to blame for their lack of achievement. Or so they believe. You may be wondering why these ‘reasons’ are not valid excuses as to why a person does not achieve all they would like to in life. Surely your background

has everything to do with your level of success – ‘money makes money,’ ‘not what you know, but who you know,’ etc. etc. I am going to make a statement and it is the first vital point you must take from this report. These beliefs about success are based on the premise that success can only be attributed to conditions as they are in the outside world. It is almost as though our surroundings and external circumstances are thought to dictate the entire course of our life, right down to our health, wealth and happiness. Please take on board the following and hold onto it like your life depends on it, because in fact the quality of your life really does depend on it.

SUCCESS OR OTHERWISE IS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE REALITY YOU CREATE FOR YOURSELF ON THE INSIDE. I don’t expect you to believe this just because I have said it. But what I am going to do is prove it and then explain the basics of making it work for you.

Inside Out It is a radical departure from the conventional way in which we interpret our world. From when we were children, throughout our school days and beyond, we have been trained to believe the exact opposite of the truth. We weren’t trained to believe this consciously, but the entire way in which Western society is organised leads to a subconscious acceptance of this inaccurate way of thinking. So we are saying that our reality is determined from within. What does this mean? It means that everything is a result of the quality of our thoughts. Our relationships with other humans, our success in our work, our wealth, our physical and mental health, all rely entirely and exclusively on how we think. Remember the last day you had when you were in a bad mood. You may have slept in, argued with your husband of wife, yelled at your kids, been ticked off by the boss and then spent the rest of the day wishing you were somewhere or even somebody else. How much of that day do you think was down to the way you were thinking and how much was down to what was actually happening around you? Would a different mood have changed your day?

Your Mind And Its Private Agenda In order to control something, you need to firstly acknowledge its existence and then understand it. Your mind is no different. Remember this – you are not your mind. It is on this point that Western society often becomes unstuck. Humans have been mistaking themselves for the content of their minds since they first walked the planet. If you are struggling to accept this statement, then try the following exercise:

Sit comfortably in a chair and take a deep breath. Try to pay attention to the feelings in your feet, then legs, then stomach, chest, hands, arms, shoulders, neck and head. Turn your attention to your thoughts. What thoughts are arising in your mind? Keep ‘listening’ to them. Watch how they change, how they rise up, and then disappear again to be replaced by the next thought. Are they words or pictures or both? Are they negative or positive? Are they relevant to where you are and what you are doing right now? If you are your mind, then who was it that was listening to your thoughts? We are starting to touch on the metaphysical here, so I will leave it at that for the purposes of this report. What I want you to realise is that your thoughts cannot be relied upon to impart truth. By truth I mean your current surroundings, your purpose and therefore your actions from moment to moment. In order to ‘tune in’ to success and to make a reality of whatever you conceive, it is first necessary to separate yourself from your mind and to learn about the ways in which it operates against your best interests. The ego is the part of your mind which constantly dwells on the past and projects into an imaginary future in order to ‘protect’ you. It has been doing this for a long time and it does so because it has learned to embrace fear. Unfortunately, despite its best efforts, it cannot serve you productively, because it is based on untruths. The past does not exist other than as a memory which is interpreted now and therefore which is subject to the quality of your thoughts now. The future never exists because it hasn’t happened and will never happen as a thought – only a reality. Learning to pay attention to your mind and to recognise these constant references to the past and projections into the future is the first step in breaking free of the ego and, ultimately, the only way in which true success can be realised.

No–Mind and Creativity Because of the involuntary activity of the mind and the unstable nature of the ego, it is rare that true creativity is ever experienced. To tap into this source of great personal power takes the right knowledge and the right application. I will show you the best place to learn how to go beyond your mind so that you can transform your life in any way you please. Lastly, though, I want to give you a glimpse of the mental state you will be cultivating. When you learn how to disengage from your mind you will begin to experience what is often referred to as ‘no-mind.’

What is this state? When you enter this phase of awareness you are at peace. You spend the majority of your time anchored in the present and so painful memories and worries about the future do not exist. Negativity cannot survive in this mode of being and your energy levels are high. The cells in your body vibrate at a higher frequency. You feel light and life is effortless. Time no longer feels like your enemy, instead every moment – whatever it contains – is a thing of sacred beauty and so quality enters into everything you do.

What you will ultimately notice is that when you are internally balanced, the outside world begins to realign itself with your positive charge. It is only by cultivating and predominantly living in such a state that success can be realised. I don’t just mean money – although that will certainly flow in your direction, but I mean that your very definition of success is likely to change as you start to notice the beauty that is around you. Joy is an end in itself. I hope that you are beginning to see the potential that lies within yourself when the mind is quiet and you are able to tap into your own source. It is only through this development of awareness that you can begin to realise the life you dream of. The practices required to set your mind for success are not complicated, but clear guidelines and a structured approach are necessary. The below link will take you to the best program I have come across for this purpose. As you read through the details of the system, keep in mind what you have learned in this e-report and it will compliment your learning.

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‘That man alone is wise who remains master of himself.’ – Confucious

Beyond The Confines - The Successful Mind  
Beyond The Confines - The Successful Mind  

The basics of using the mind for personal success and wealth. It assumes no previous knowledge and sources of further information are given.