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All you need to know about the Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) takes care of overall web performance of the website while Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a part of it taking care to optimise the site of search engines only.

Search is becoming the most lucrative thing over the internet and search engines have very high probability that any random internet visitor or web surfer will came across the site. Search engines like Google have more then ninety percent of total web traffic. Any business who have a website or weblog which is either for information purpose or for selling purpose must understand search engines. Now before the invention of Google there were many search engines but they were not that much popular as technology used in them was not capable of handling the huge data and only Google uses its unique algorithm and is capable of not only handling huge database but also is the most accurate search engine till date. If you own a web site then it is important that proper search engine optimisation and search engine Marketing should be done so that your web page can have high search engine result position in order to get the exposure of really huge web traffic.

Often the terms search engine marketing and search engine optimisation are considered to be the same but there is a slight difference SEM (Search engine marketing) is overall marketing and web promotion of the site while SEO (Search engine optimisation) is a part of SEM which takes care of the performance of the website over any search engine. Normally Google, Yahoo and Bing are the search engines which any SEO company will target as only these three of these have maximum web traffic.

The techniques and practices used to promote any web site are not known to everyone. So web owner find a other person ready to do the same on behalf of the same. Now there are many companies providing seo services of behalf of the client. While selecting any organisation for the web promotion of your website you must consider following things – Experience of the firm is however not that much important but there must be at least two to three years of experience. I said experience is not that much important because Search Engine Optimisation is highly knowledge demanding and the most dynamic thing. Each and every day new methods of web promotion or change in search engine algorithm takes place so it not the experience but the knowledge that matters the most.

When you start talking with any search engine marketing or Seo professional who is basically representatives of the organisation ask him about the past performance of the organisation. Ask about the core achievement of the firm and check the statement by yourself. Ask them of the web ID's of their previous client and try a conversation with them. This will ensure the quality of the work which is the most important factor. Now the cost of your seo must be based upon the performance of the web site and try to persuade any seo firm to charge as per the actual improvements in your website instead of charging you on a fixed instalments basis. Tell them that as the rankings will go up then you will start getting the benefit and will increase the total package cost. Now there are freelancers also any freelancer is a person who works from home and do not have any office or organisation. Trustworthiness of any freelancer is always under the doubt that is why one should avoid them. Sigma SEO Unit 46, 11 Brookhollow Avenue, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW-2153 Tel-1300782023 Fax-1300794402 Email:

All you need to know about the Search Engine Optimisation or SEO  

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) takes care of overall web performance of the website while Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a part of it ta...

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