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Are Freebie or Free Offers Really Important? by Robin Nelson | on January 19, 2013 Are you having trouble getting people to opt-in to your mailing list? Have you wondered what really makes your landing page really capture those leads? Are you missing that certain pizzazz from keeping people on your site? Learn what makes a landing page special and make people want to sign into your email list. Learn how to get other people to sign up to your emailing list too. Follow this simple article and watch your list grow.

If you’re trying to presell something to your potential opt-ins right away, then you’re going about it the wrong way. If your list isn’t growing each day then it’s time to change your tactics. This is as simple as reconstructing your opt-in page to offer them a free report. The purpose of this freebie is to start getting people to opt-in to your emailing list so you can offer selling products to them later after you have established a relationship with them. So even if you get them to sign up to your opt-in page and they get your free report, but they don’t buy anything right away, its ok. Why is this ok? Because you still have them on your list. Maybe they just weren’t interested in that particular product, or just weren’t able to come up with the funds right then to purchase something. Since you have them on your emailing list, you can send them other offers or reminders on current products and eventually they will purchase something. The more people you have on your list the more potential sales you will make. Eventually you will offer them a product they will be willing to pay for. To get other people to sign up to your list is also easy. Construct your freebie offer to have links in it to click through to your landing pages. This way you can offer other products in your free report that your current list might be interested in. Also, if those who have opted into your list share your free report with other people (because you know they will) can click on those links and may sign up to some offer you have. That way you will be capturing another lead. It only makes sense to add these offers in your free reports; it gathers more sign ups and can get you more sales. If you don’t have a landing page that captures potential sign ups first, then consider constructing one. But for

now, offer a free report somewhere if they sign up to your mailing list. This will also help funnel more potential customers to your list.

Make sure your free report is quality information. If you pass out something that is worthless, then it will also be worthless in generating future sales. If your first product, even though it’s free, right out of the gate portrays something that doesn’t give your readers information worth reading, they won’t think anything else from you is worth buying. If they think the free report is trash, then they will think the paid products are probably trash too.   As long as you provide a great report and a great landing page you will rake in the opt-ins to your list. Remember that if your report is quality content and teaches people something then it could potentially get shared and if your links are in that free report, those people will potentially sign up too. One way to look at it, is if you think it’s great quality and would have helped you out or has at one time, then it’s should help someone else.   Get more help by Clicking Here

Are Freebie or Free Offers Really Important?  

Are you having trouble getting people to opt-in to your mailing list? Have you wondered what really makes your landing page really capture t...

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