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March 22, 2013

Why Use Social Media Contests? According to the article 4 Reasons Why Contests Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy,

Contests are certainly not the answer to every marketing challenge, but they should be part of every social media marketer’s toolkit. Here are four reasons why. 1. Contests are a great tool for building your fan base 2. Contests enable you to engage your audience 3. Contests are a rich source of data 4. Contests empower consumers to do your marketing for you

The article 6 Reasons Why Companies Run Contests and Sweepstakes on adds these reasons:

- Prize Promotions Create “Buzz” about Products - Sweepstakes Encourage People to Visit Websites - Companies Use Giveaways to Build their Email List - Contests Generate Advertising Content at a Reasonable Cost - Sweepstakes Provide Valuable Market Research - Giveaways Strengthen the Relationship Between Company and Customer

It’s no wonder then that more and more businesses (big, small, and in-between) are using (or considering using) social media contests as part of their marketing strategy.

Creating Social Media Contests The question then is: how do you go about organizing/running social media cont est s? Entrepreneurdex’s 7 Steps to Creating a Social Media Contest provides some guidelines:

1. Choose your contest type 2. Design the contest to suit your business 3. Figure out your objective 4. [Outline] the Rules 5. [Choose] the Prize 6. Promote your contest or sweepstakes 7. Choose a winner

How to Automate Your Social Media Contests You’ll come to realize that running social media contests can be a time-consuming process. However, it is possible to automate the enter process!

Yes! You can out source all t he element s of social media cont est s creat ion. How? By letting MediaSpider take care of all the heavy hitting for you. MediaSpider is a social media marketing platform that uses untargeted contest seekers to drive targeted visitors to your websites. With this system, you simply list where you want t he t arget ed t raf f ic t o go, and let it work f or you.

Watch the short video which explains everything. You can join t he syst em as a guest , complet ely f ree of charge and get yourself a whole channel of social market ing that goes on working for you for weeks, months or even years, hand-free.

[PLEASE NOTE: Access to this system is by invitation only!]

This new, aut omat ed, ‘crowdsourcing’ met hod of generat ing t raf f ic uses social media cont est s t o t urn visit ors int o hot t raf f ic and channel them to any of your target websites and multiple target pages within your sites.

So, if you’d like t he benef it s of social media cont est s wit hout all t he hassles of running t hem, you MUST check out t he video by clicking t he banner below!


About The Author: Dahlia-n Dahlia Lamy is a mathematics instructor at a university in South Jersey. Dahlia was born and raised in the the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Born to ambitious and hardworking parents, Dahlia has always been a go-getter. Moved to Chicago in 2000 to further 'her' education and stayed to take advantage of the opportunities available in the US. After allowing life to have its way with 'her', Dahlia has finally (Sept 2012) decided to take control of 'her' destiny (financial and otherwise).

Automate Your Social Media Contests  

Automate Your Social Media Contests