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"Out of Time" Episode 1

Written by Robin Hiert Story by Robin Hiert Directed by Eric van der Ven

Version 2.0

2. Characters: Captain Alexander Richardson Lt-Commander Celissia Katina Lieutenant T’Mock Ensign Albert S. Smith Ensign Belissa

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Robin Hiert Iris Janse Mike Koopman Benno Sassen Monique Lanting

Admiral Victoria Taylor Lt-Commander Jack Dagger T.I. Agent Dan Hawk Communications Officer


Marianne Achterberg Nielco van den Bosch Unknown Unknown

Captain McGregor

- Sander de Graauw

T.I. Agent #1 T.I. Agent #2 Foster

- Unknown - Unknown

3. Storyline Episode 1 “Out of time” We start on the Blue Star, when Commander Richardson receives a transmission from Captain Richardson. He brings a warning. Captain Richardson is investigating the options to stop the approaching Dark Armada. Belissa explains to Richardson a time travel theory that could change the future. Richardson consults his acting First Officer Katina about violating the Temporal Prime Directive. Eventually Katina is convinced this plan could be a good option. Richardson asks T’Mock to start working on the quantum drive. Katina expresses her concerns about the Captain’s decision to Belissa, but after an explanation by Belissa her doubts are gone… at least so it seems. Smith visits Engineering to have a chat with T’Mock about the quantum drive. Taylor calls in to tell she’s on her way to the Batavia… escorting a ship from Temporal Investigations (T.I.). When they arrive Agent Hawk comes aboard to talk to Richardson with some accusations. He orders to sweep the ship to search for the quantum drive. Richardson is not impressed. Richardson has a chat with Taylor and Jack Dagger is assigned to the Batavia to strengthen the Security team and investigate a security leak, someone contacted T.I. T’Mock appears to be working on the quantum drive. The agents are about to enter Main Engineering, but when they do there’s no one in there. We see T’Mock in that same Engineering to find out it’s a holoprogram. The ship from T.I. leaves without finding anything. Admiral Taylor seems to be on Richardson’s side after all and has brought the quantum drive with her. Dagger discovers Katina contacted T.I. to prevent the Captain from messing up the timeline. She is confined to quarters. Belissa has a talk with Katina about breaking rules and principals. Before the jump the Federation anthem plays and they all salute. The first time jump fails and T.I. returns to stop Richardson which leads to a short spacebattle, but T’Mock manages to make a successful second jump. The Blue Star is searching for Captain Richardsons ship, but all they find is debris. Will they ever find out what Richardson wanted to tell himself?


1EXT, BLUE STAR Standard camera move around the ship. The ship isn’t moving. 2INT, BLUE STAR, MAIN BRIDGE Richardson and Dagger are at their posts. DAGGER No, you’re wrong. Captain Proton wasn’t captured in chapter 27. That was chapter 31. COMMANDER RICHARDSON Ah, that’s right: Revenge of the Twin Mistresses of Evil. But I’m sure he was also captured in 27. DAGGER No way, he was paralyzed in chapter 27! COMMANDER RICHARDSON Then who was the... Something bleeps. DAGGER Commander Richardson, we’re being hailed... by ... you. COMMANDER RICHARDSON What?! Well, let’s hear what ‘I’ have to say then. On screen. Captain Richardson from the Batavia appears on the viewscreen. The transmission is a bit messy. CAPTAIN RICHARDSON Commander, you have to listen to me very carefully, there isn’t much time. COMMANDER RICHARDSON I’m listening. CAPTAIN RICHARDSON Planet Vulcan has to be restored. Whatever you do, you have to try to...

5. The transmission ends. DAGGER What’s wrong with Vulcan? FADE OUT. INTRO 3EXT, BATAVIA FADE IN: Standard camera move around the ship. The ship isn’t moving. RICHARDSON(VOICE) Captains log stardate: 66418.3. The enemy force we named the Dark Armada is heading towards Federation space. This unstoppable force is about 9 times bigger than anything Starfleet could gather.

4INT, BATAVIA, READY ROOM Richardson talks to Belissa. RICHARDSON So you’re saying that we can change the entire future by going back in time to alter only one event. BELISSA That’s precisely what I’m saying, Captain. I’m convinced we can expand the Federation from 50 worlds to over a hundred. RICHARDSON This could also mean the Federation would be more advanced and actually stand a chance against this enemy armada, but what would it take to do this? BELISSA That’s where my expertise comes in, if I may be so bold.

6. RICHARDSON Straight A’s for Temporal Mechanics... yes you may. BELISSA Well, according to my calculations the... ‘only’ thing we have to do is saving planet Vulcan from destruction in the 23rd century... FADE OUT. 5INT, BATAVIA, READY ROOM FADE IN: Richardson and Katina are talking. KATINA Captain, as acting First Officer I have a duty to tell you that I believe it’s a bad move to violate the Temporal Prime Directive. RICHARDSON And I believe it’s a bad move to let this armada march into Federation space with the Dark Hinterlands as its first target. KATINA That may be so, but you can’t predict what will happen if you change the past. RICHARDSON I believe we can, using Belissa’s calculations. Richardson gives Katina a PADD. RICHARDSON I need to know if you’re with me on this. KATINA I’m always with you, sir. RICHARDSON Very good, dismissed. FADE OUT.

7. 6EXT, BATAVIA Standard shot around the ship which isn’t moving. 7INT, BATAVIA, MAIN ENGINEERING FADE IN: Richardson walks in, looking for T’Mock. TURNER Can I help you, Captain. RICHARDSON I’m looking for the Chief. TURNER He’s right there, sir. Behind the warpcore. RICHARDSON Thank you, Mr Turner. Richardson walks towards T’Mock. RICHARDSON T’Mock, I’d like to have a word with you. T’MOCK Of course, Captain. RICHARDSON Do you remember the quantum drive that was installed on this ship before we salvaged it? T’MOCK Naturally. It was a ... fascinating device. RICHARDSON Would you be able to configure this device to make it travel trough time instead of travelling to alternate realities. T’MOCK I have only observed this device for a short moment before it was removed, but theoretically this technology could also be used for time travel purposes.

8. RICHARDSON Very good. If we would still have this device in our possession, hypothetically speaking, do you think you can make the modifications? T’MOCK Assuming the device was not destroyed, I would be capable of making the necessary modifications to the quantum drive. RICHARDSON That’s good to hear, Lieutenant. T’MOCK What is it exactly, if I may ask, you are planning to use this device for? RICHARDSON Saving the future, by preventing the destruction of planet Vulcan. You were born on the Vulcan colony, right? T’MOCK That is correct, sir. RICHARDSON Well, the thing is that if we succeed... you might not be born. T’MOCK A logical assumption indeed. But as my mentor once said: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. RICHARDSON Some wise words...who was that again? T’MOCK Mr. Spock, Sir. He was killed in battle, saving the U.S.S. Enterprise. RICHARDSON Ah, that’s right. Well, you know what you have to do.

9. T’MOCK Of course, Captain. RICHARDSON Good luck. T’Mock nods, Richardson walks out. 8EXT, BATAVIA Standard shot around the ship which isn’t moving. 9INT, BATAVIA, MESSHALL Katina and Belissa are sitting and talking. KATINA So you think preventing the destruction of Vulcan will make the Federation bigger and stronger? BELISSA I believe so. After this event everyone lost faith in the Federation and in Starfleet. An interstellar federal republic that’s unable to protect its own worlds. Belissa slightly shakes her head. KATINA I see, but it will change everything. Our lives could be completely different. BELISSA You’re right and that’s why the Temporal Prime Directive forbids us from doing what we’re about to do. KATINA I wish there was another way. BELISSA There isn’t one. We can’t let the Federation be conquered... The Captain has already made up his mind. KATINA Long live the Federation.

10. BELISSA Long live the Federation. I know it’s none of my business, but is something going on between you and the Captain. KATINA I have no idea what you’re talking about. BELISSA Of course you don’t... 10

INT, BATAVIA, MAIN ENGINEERING T’Mock is working at a console, Smith comes in. SMITH So this is it, right? T’MOCK This is what, Ensign? SMITH This is the quantum drive you’re working on. T’MOCK That is an astute observation, Mr. Smith. SMITH When will it be ready? T’MOCK It will approximately cost me 4.7 hours to integrate it into the ship’s systems. When the integration has been completed you will be able to activate it as you would a Warp Drive. SMITH And enter the quantum coordinates instead of our normal spatial coordinates. T’MOCK Naturally. SMITH I won’t interrupt you any further, T’Mock. Good luck.

11. T’MOCK Thank you, Ensign. FADE OUT. 11

EXT, BATAVIA Standard shot around the ship that isn’t moving.


INT, BATAVIA, MAIN BRIDGE FADE IN: COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER Captain, incoming transmission from Admiral Taylor. RICHARDSON Very good, on screen. Taylor appears on the viewscreen. TAYLOR Alexander. RICHARDSON Admiral? TAYLOR We’re on our way to you right now. RICHARDSON Really, what’s the occasion? TAYLOR We’re not alone. I’m escorting Dan Hawk and his ship from Temporal Investigations, it appears they want to have a talk with you. RICHARDSON Temporal investigation? Well I’m interested in what they have to say. TAYLOR We will arrive shortly. RICHARDSON Understood ma’am. TAYLOR Taylor out. FADE OUT.

12. 13

EXT, BATAVIA, ADMIRAL’S SHIP, T.I SHIP Standard shot around the ships that aren’t moving.


INT, BATAVIA, READY ROOM FADE IN: RICHARDSON Mr. Hawk, you’re wasting your...time. HAWK Very funny, Richardson, but I’ll be the judge of that. RICHARDSON What brings you here. HAWK We have reason to believe you’re in possession of a quantum drive and that you’re planning to use it. RICHARDSON What gives you that idea? HAWK We got the information from a reliable source. RICHARDSON Your source must be mistaken, we have no such device. HAWK Your ship was originally equipped with a quantum drive. RICHARDSON Which was removed and destroyed when the ship was refitted. HAWK I think we both know that never happened. Where is the device! RICHARDSON I really don’t have the slightest idea. All I know is that it was destroyed. HAWK Fine, if you want to play it that way.

13. HAWK taps his (Voyager style) combadge. HAWK Sweep this vessel, find the quantum drive. RICHARDSON Good luck, agent. HAWK walks out. 15

INT, BATAVIA, MESSHALL TI Agents are scanning things.


INT, BATVAIA, CORRIDOR TI Agents are scanning things.


INT, SHUTTLE TI Agents are scanning things. FADE OUT. FADE IN:


INT, BATAVIA, READY ROOM Taylor walks in TAYLOR Did you know there’s an agent guarding the door? RICHARDSON Yes, I kinda noticed that. TAYLOR They’ve come here with some pretty big accusations and something tells me you’re up to something. RICHARDSON I’m not planning anything Admiral. TAYLOR Good, I don’t have the... time to worry about temporal mechanics. Taylor places a bowl with green candy on the desk. TAYLOR This is Romulan candy, Captain. It’s become sort of a delicacy on

14. my Starbase. It seems to have a relaxing effect on people, you might want to give it a try. RICHARDSON Thanks, Victoria. Taylor nods. TAYLOR Oh, something of a different matter, Lieutenant-Commander Jack Dagger has requested a transfer to the Batavia, now that the Blue Star has been destroyed. RICHARDSON Well, I could use someone to strengthen the Security team, Celissia Katina has her hands full at the moment. TAYLOR I will send him to you, Captain. RICHARDSON Very good. 19

INT, BATAVIA, MAIN ENGINEERING T’Mock is still working on the quantum drive behind a console. T’MOCK It was not logical of me to think you would not interrupt me again. SMITH I’m sorry, T’Mock. T’MOCK What is it this time, Ensign? SMITH I just wanted to let you know a team from Temporal Investigations is searching the ship for the quantum drive. T’MOCK I have been monitoring them from the moment they arrived on this vessel.

15. SMITH Oh, of course you have... This reminds me of a game I played when I was a kid. It’s called ‘Hide and seek’. T’MOCK I believe this is a simple game, it most likely exists in various cultures. SMITH I guess... well it was never fun playing against a race with thermal vision. T’MOCK Naturally, what is your point, Ensign. SMITH ... 20

INT, BATAVIA, OUTSIDE ENGINEERING Two agents are standing next to the door to Main Engineering. AGENT #1 Main Engineering? AGENT #2 Indeed, ready your weapon.


INT, BATAVIA, MAIN ENGINEERING SMITH It looks like you’re almost finished, Chief. T’MOCK A simplistic yet correct observation, Ensign.


INT, BATAVIA, OUTSIDE ENGINEERING COMPUTER Level 6 Security clearance required to enter Main Engineering. AGENT #2 Override: Temporal Investigations Agent Foster, Delta zero five zero.

16. 23

INT, BATAVIA, MAIN ENGINEERING SMITH Did you hear something? T’MOCK Did I hear what, Ensign.


INT, BATAVIA, MAIN ENGINEERING The two agent enter an abandoned Engineering.


INT, BATAVIA, MAIN ENGINEERING SMITH Ok, never mind, sir. T’MOCK Ensign, I have completed my work on the quantum drive. SMITH That’s great. T’MOCK Computer, end program. Main Engineering turns into a Hologrid. FADE OUT. FADE IN:


INT, BATAVIA, READY ROOM DAGGER Lieutenant-Commander Jack Dagger, reporting for duty. RICHARDSON At ease, Jack. How long have we known each other. DAGGER Just a formality, Captain. RICHARDSON Of course. Welcome to the Batavia, Mr. Dagger. I’ll cut right to the chase: You’re here to strengthen the Security team and I already have a first assignment for you.

17. DAGGER I’m ready for some action, sir. RICHARDSON Very good. I believe someone on this ship is working against us and has contacted Temporal Investigations. DAGGER You want me to find this person and prevent this from happening again. RICHARDSON Eh... Exactly. Good to have you here, Jack. Dismissed. FADE OUT. 27

EXT, BATAVIA AND ADMIRAL’S SHIP FADE IN: Camera moving around the two ships. RICHARDSON Captain’s log supplemental: Temporal Investigations has left after discovering we have nothing to hide. It’s...time to retrieve the quantum drive and save the Federation.


INT, BATAVIA, MAIN BRIDGE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER Captain, the Admiral is hailing. RICHARDSON On screen. Taylor appears on the viewscreen. RICHARDSON Admiral, what can we do for you? TAYLOR It’s more like I can do something for you, Captain. RICHARDSON Really... What could that be, ma’am?

18. TAYLOR We picked up the quantum drive before we rendezvoused with Mr. Hawk. RICHARDSON I knew we could count on you, thank you, Admiral. TAYLOR Transporting it to you now. Safe journey to you and you crew, Captain. For the Federation. RICHARDSON We’ll be back in no.. time. For the Federation. Viewscreen is switched off. Something bleeps. DAGGER Captain, someone tried to contact Temporal Investigations. RICHARDSON Who is it Mr. Dagger? DAGGER It originated from the bridge. The console behind you, Captain. It was Celissia Katina. RICHARDSON What?! Did you manage to stop the transmission? DAGGER Yes, sir. RICHARDSON Security, confine her to quarters. Mr. Dagger, you are now Chief Tactical Officer. This also makes you my new acting First Officer. DAGGER Understood, sir. FADE OUT.

19. 29

EXT, BATAVIA, ADMIRAL’S SHIP Standard shot around the ships which aren’t moving.


INT, BATAVIA, QUARTERS FADE IN: Belissa walks in. BELISSA Celissia, what happened? KATINA I contacted Hawk about the quantum drive. BELISSIA Yes, that’s the part I know. Why did you do it? KATINA When the Captain has made up his mind about something there’s no stopping him. BELISSA And this was the best option to stop him from messing up the timeline. KATINA That’s right. BELISSA He might be breaking the rules, but you’re also doing that by trying to stop him. KATINA I just had to do something. BELISSA One of your own rules was not to mess with the Captain. What are your rules or principals worth if you throw them away at the first sign of trouble... KATINA First sign of trouble? The Captain wants to change everything!

20. BELISSA And it will turn out for the better. KATINA I hope you’re right. 31

INT, BATAVIA, MAIN BRIDGE T’MOCK(COMMBADGE) T’Mock to Captain Richardson. RICHARDSON Go ahead, Chief. T’MOCK(COMMBADGE) The quantum drive has been integrated into the ship’s systems and is ready to be activated. RICHARDSON Remarkable work, Mr. T’Mock. T’MOCK(COMMBADGE) Naturally. RICHARDSON ...(SIGH) Richardson taps his badge. RICHARDSON Ensign, it’s up to you now. SMITH Yes, sir. Activating the quantum core...setting the quantum coordinates I received from Ensign Belissa. We’re ready to go, Captain. RICHARDSON Not just yet. SMITH Sir? RICHARDSON All hands, this is the Captain. We’re about to rewrite history. Not because we want to, but because we have to in order to keep the Federation, its worlds and its citizens... safe. We will accomplish our goals, whatever the

21. costs. For the Federation. Thank you. Close ups of T’Mock, Belissa and Katina during the speach RICHARDSON Computer, play the Federation anthem, shipwide. As the anthem plays they all salute. Close up of all the Officers on the bridge. 32

INT, BATAVIA, MAIN ENGINEERING Close up: T’Mock salutes to the anthem.


INT, BATAVIA, QUARTERS Close ups: Belissa and Katina salute to the anthem. Katina hesitates at first.


INT, BATAVIA, MAIN BRIDGE Music plays on. SMITH Now, Captain? RICHARDSON Yes, Mr. Smith.


EXT, BATAVIA The ship powers up and powers down again, nothing happens.


INT, BATAVIA, MAIN BRIDGE Richardson taps his badge. RICHARDSON Mr. T’Mock. What’s wrong. T’MOCK(COMMBAGE) The ship’s systems appear to be more unpredictable than I originally anticipated, Captain. RICHARDSON So your work wasn’t so remarkable after all.

22. 37

INT, BATAVIA, MAIN ENGINEERING Smoke comes from the quantum drive. T’MOCK Logically. RICHARDSON(COMMBADGE) How long, Chief. T’MOCK It will take me approximately 43 minutes and 26 seconds to resolve the problem, sir. RICHARDSON(COMMBADGE) How about 10 minutes. T’MOCK Captain... when I say 43 minutes and 26 seconds I really DO mean 43 minutes and 26 seconds. RICHARDSON(COMMBADGE) Oh, alright. Just get it done. T’MOCK Yes, sir. FADE OUT.


EXT, BATAVIA FADE IN: Standard shot around the Batavia, the ship isn’t moving. RICHARDSON(VOICE) Captain’s log supplemental: modifications to the quantum drive are nearly finished. We’re almost ready to try another jump.


INT, BATAVIA, MAIN BRIDGE DAGGER Captain, I’m detecting 2 vessels heading straight for us. Hawk appears on the viewscreen RICHARDSON Mr. Hawk. How nice to see you again.

23. HAWK You can drop the act now, Richardson. We picked up your attempt to use the quantum drive. Hand it over or we will take it by force. RICHARDSON I believe there is a misunderstanding here, Mr. Hawk. I have no... DAGGER They’ve cut the transmission. The Admiral’s ship is signalling they will provide cover fire. RICHARDSON Very, good. Mr. Smith evade those ships until we have the quantum drive online. SMITH Aye, Captain. Evasive pattern Delta 6. 40

EXT, ADMIRAL’S SHIP, TWO ENEMY SHIPS The Admiral’s ship fires at the two enemy ships and hits several times.


EXT, BATAVIA, TWO ENEMY SHIPS The Batavia is being fired upon and gets hit once.


INT, BATAVIA, MAIN BRIDGE DAGGER Returning fire. Richardson taps his commbadge. RICHARDSON Chief, the quantum drive. T’MOCK(COMMBADGE) It is online now, Captain. RICHARDSON Very good. Ensign, make the jump. SMITH Aye, sir.

24. 43

EXT, BATAVIA, TWO ENEMY SHIPS The Batavia is still being fired upon. The Batavia powers up and makes the quantum jump.


EXT, BLUE STAR Standard shot around the Blue Star, the ship is moving slowly. COMMANDER RICHARDSON First Officers log stardate: 63036.9. After our interesting encounter with Captain Richardson, we arrived at his last known coordinates.


INT, BLUE STAR, MAIN BRIDGE COMMANDER RICHARDSON Mr. Dagger. Please scan the area. DAGGER Yes, Commander. Scanning... I’m picking up debris from what appears to have been a Federation starship. COMMANDER RICHARDSON Life signs? DAGGER None, sir. COMMANDER RICHARDSON Oh my god, now we might never find out what he was trying to tell us. Planet Vulcan seems fine. FADE OUT. FADE IN:


INT, TEMPORAL INVESTIGATIONS, DARK QUARTERS Hawk is talking to someone in his office. AGENT #2 We’ve tried to trace their destination. HAWK And?

25. AGENT #2 And we were unable to do so. HAWK Then you will try again and get me the results, dismissed. AGENT #2 Yes, sir. The agent walks out and an incoming transmission signal plays. Hawk appears to be talking to someone we can’t recognize. This will be Captain McGregor. (Preferably like a Dark Figure as seen on ‘Enterprise’) MCGREGOR Hawk. How hard can it be to locate a quantum drive and blow it up?! HAWK Sir, we’ve searched the entire ship, but there was nothing there. MCGREGOR I’ve been watching everything, I have seen your failure... Spare me the excuses. HAWK What else could I have done. MCGREGOR Do you want me to get over there and take care of it myself?! HAWK No, sir. We can deal with the situation. MCGREGOR You’d better. I’m not seeing any changes in the timeline... yet. Time can be unpredictable, but it looks like you got lucky. HAWK Something must have gone wrong with his jump, fortunately. MCGREGOR No, that’s not fortunate at all... as much as I’d love to watch him die... we NEED Richardson. So this

26. is your final warning: restore the timeline.

Script episode "Out of Time" version 2.0  

Script for this episode

Script episode "Out of Time" version 2.0  

Script for this episode