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This vacation, go beyond playing outdoor games in your buildingg compound or garden and try something extraordinary like rappelling, mountain climbing or taking an art class. Abigail Menezes brings you a list of awesome summer activities you can try your hand at!


If you love adventure and enjoy getting rough and tough, trekking is a good pick for you! It involves visits to remote areas, staying in tents and surviving with minimal facilities. Rappelling is yet another adventure sport that involves climbing techniques and allows you to enjoy controlled descent down a rope from a cliff or a mountain. You

can try t places l like Adventure Nest in Bengaluru, which can be contacted on 09901474929 or If you are in Mumbai, you can log on to Kids.html or call 09821423448. Those in Delhi can log on to or call 09971553296. >> CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


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Mumbai | April p 18 - 24,, 2013 | Vol 6, No 2 | ` 15.00 5.00




April 18 - 24, 2013 | Vol 6, No 2


Stick to MRP The Maharashtra state consumer commission has ordered a hotel to pay a compensation of `15,000 to a Thane resident to whom it had sold a bottle of water for an amount higher than the marked maximum retail price (MRP). The case dates back to 2009 when a customer named Makarand More bought three

1-litre bottles of drinking water from the hotel at `25, when the marked price was `12. In spite of approaching the hotel about the extra cost, the hotel didn’t budge. Alleging unfair trade practices, More moved the Thane district forum on November 6, 2009.

DID YOU KNOW? If you or your parent has a consumer complaint, you can get in touch with a Delhi-based company called Akosha. Call 0120-3803011 between 9am and 6.30pm or log on to and file your complaint.



Residents of a remote village in Rajasthan are celebrating the return of a seven-year-old girl who had accidentally strayed into Pakistan. On March 29, Pooja Meghwal had gone out with her brothers and sisters to graze their cattle. She crossed the zero line and entered into Pakistani territory near the Neilkanth border. She was returned to her family on April 1 after Indian security forces got in touch with Pakistani rangers. The Pakistani rangers also gave her new clothes, shoes and toffees.


Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar was forced to apologise for ridiculing a twomonth-long protest by a farmer, who was demanding dam water for his parched field. Pawar made comments that hurt the sentiments of farmers. Some months ago, Pawar had to resign after allegations were levelled DID YOU KNOW? against him in the `70,000 crore The state of Maharashtra irrigation scam. However, the is reeling under the worst party reinstated him later. Pawar drought since 1972. The worst is the nephew of Union Agriculture affected areas are the districts Minister Sharad Pawar and a of Solapur, Ahmednagar, senior leader of the Nationalist Sangli, Pune, Satara, Beed and Congress Party (NCP). Nashik.


Vijender Singh in Trouble Olympic bronze medallist boxer Vijender Singh, who was recently accused of using drugs, was dropped from the Indian squad scheduled to

tour Cyprus and Cuba. He also skipped the selection trials at the National Institute of Sports in Patiala. So far, Singh has not been knocked out of the team, but he will not participate in the two tournaments. Singh is expected to participate in the World Boxing Championships in Kazakhstan in October this year.

DID YOU KNOW? More than 60 languages are spoken in Pakistan. English is the official language of Pakistan and is used in government.

The Western Railway plan to construct a multi-billion dollar parallel air-conditioned local train corridor between Oval Maidan and Virar will now see a couple of changes. The train depot will be shifted to Mira Road instead of Virar and the air-conditioned local trains have been snipped down from 15-coach to 8-coach trains. The parallel line will be

partly underground and partly elevated. The railway line at the surface level will be for local trains that run presently.

DID YOU KNOW? Srirampur and Belapur are two different stations in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, which are both at the same location on the railway route but on opposite sides of the track.

DID YOU KNOW? The first boxing match was conducted by the ancient Greeks as early arly as 688BC.

l Indian companies can now register their trademarks in as many as 89 countries including the European Union. This follows India becoming a signatory to the Madrid Protocol for trademarks. l After a long on-going scrap, the Ambani brothers have entered into a collaboration. A subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Ltd has signed a `1,200 crore deal with Anil Ambani’s

munications Ltd Lttd Reliance Communications (R-Com) to use its optical fibre cable network. l German luxury car maker Audi recently said it will launch the Audi R8 V10 plus in India at a price of `2.05 crore onwards. l AirAsia has received formal approval from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board to launch an airline in association with the Tatas.

RAHI SARNOBAT Pistol Shooter Rahi Sarnobat won India a gold medal in the 25mt sports pistol event at the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) World Cup in South Korea recently. Along with winning the coveted yellow medal, the 22-yearold became India’s first pistol shooter to have won gold at any ISSF World Cups. Rahi scored 585 points in the qualification stage for the semi-final round and was among eight shooters to have qualified for the knockouts. Rahi Sarnobat unfortunately secured the 19th place at the London Olympics last year.

Subsidiary (noun): a company that is owned

by a larger company. Pronunciation: sub-si-dyuh-ree



Explore your artistic side by enrolling yourself in an art class. The bold can try their hand at spray painting with Sunil Gogia or metal sculpture making with Arzaan Khambatta while freshers can enjoy a course in glass painting, sketching, recycled art work and finger-painting. Gogia can be reached on


Instead of playing the routine Game of Life or Monopoly, why not try chess? Many children think that chess is an adult sport and that children can’t master it, but that’s not true. Once you learn the basics of the game and play it often, you are bound to get extremely good at it.

Siddhanth Lohia, Ruhaan Mahindru and Dev Shah are three chess geniuses from Dhirubhai Ambani School, Mumbai. The trio will represent the country in the World Schools’ Chess Championship, which is the “world cup” of school chess, in Greece from May 6 to 15, 2013.


For those who don’t fear water, sailing, canoeing and kayaking are ideal sports. Canoeing or kayaking is a sport that involves manoeuvring

a canoe or kayak, both of which are designed to cut through the deep currents of water. For classes and information, Mumbaiites can call Bombay Sailing Association on 022-22882788 or e-mail Those in Chennai can log on to boating-and-sailing-chennai


Want a crash course in learning a musical instrument? You can now learn music in the comfort of your own home! All you need to do is log on to Skype and learn music from a teacher online. Many websites and YouTube videos also offer tips and tutorials that will help you brush up on your music skills. To get started, log on to or


Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. It uses a board that is usually 2 to 6mts long and is powered by wind on a sail. Most people would relate windsurfing to a beach in Florida or the Bahamas, but windsurfing does exist in India. Places like H20 in Mumbai offer courses in windsurfing and if you are going to be holidaying in Goa, try logging on to wind-surfing.html

Participate in contests and win prizes on


April 18 - 24, 2013 | Vol 6, No 2

3 B



North Korea Increases Activity at Nuclear Testing Facility South Korean Unification between Seoul, South Korea and Minister Ryoo Kihl-jae told Pyongyang and stopped South the government that there had Koreans from working at a joint been increased activity at the industrial complex in the North. Punggye-ri nuclear testing site, North Korea’s main nuclear DID YOU KNOW? testing site. This activity is Testing nuclear weapons said to be very similar to what yields information about how was spotted when North Korea the weapons work, how the conducted its third test on weapons behave under various February 12 this year. In recent conditions and how structures weeks, the North has shut down behave when subjected to an emergency military hotline nuclear explosions.

Until recently, China’s government estimated that there were over 50,000 rivers and waterways in the country. However, a recent survey proved this fact wrong. Around 8,00,000 surveyors were sent around China for the past three years to do the first-ever national census of water. This census showed the revised number of rivers and waterways as 22,909. According to Huang He, the deputy director of the group in charge of the census, the major reasons for this problem are climate change, deforestation and inefficient agricultural irrigation techniques. The country’s rapid economic development and growing population have also strained water resources.

DID YOU KNOW? The Yangtze River in China is the world’s third longest river.

Popular Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has opened an all-girls school in Afghanistan through her foundation, The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. The school caters to close to 300 students and is located just outside Kabul. It will be the first of many schools to be set up by Jolie. She plans to fund more schools by selling DID YOU KNOW? a collection of accessories Angelina Jolie is a United designed by her to retail stores. Nations Goodwill Ambassador All the profit from this enterprise and is renowned for her will go towards her foundation. charity work.

Libraries to Record Online History in UK The British Library and four other legal deposit libraries have recently obtained the rights to collect and store everything that is published online in the United Kingdom. The archive will the top 100 websites that will cover 4.8 million websites and be preserved for historians will include magazines, books, and researchers. The other academic journals, articles, institutions involved are the journals, news and books National Libraries of Scotland as well as tweets, Facebook and Wales, the Bodleian Libraries status updates and blogs. It is in Oxford, the University Library, estimated that the site will store Cambridge and the Library of around a billion pages a year, Trinity College, Dublin. which will then be available for DID YOU KNOW? research. The material will be The new databases will cover available to visitors on payment all areas of interest and will of a fee. As part of the launch of give historians a snapshot of the process, the British Library what people were doing, talking has commissioned a survey of about and buying in 2013.

MARGARET HILDA THATCHER Baroness Margaret Hilda Thatcher, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, passed away on April 8, 2013 at the age of 87. She was a British Conservative Party politician who was prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 and the leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990. She was the longest-serving British prime minister of the 20th Century and is the only woman to have held the office. A Soviet journalist once called her the ‘Iron Lady’, a nickname that became associated with her uncompromising politics and leadership style. As Prime Minister, she implemented policies that have come to be known as Thatcherism. As a student, she was known for her hard work and participated in many extracurricular activities including playing the piano, field hockey, poetry recitals and swimming.

A two-month-old gorilla named Gladys was rejected by her mother and is now being raised by human parents at a zoo in the US. Watch it on For more videos log on to



l The 1987 drought in India damaged 58.6 million hectares of cropped area and affected over 285 million people. l Since the 1970s, the percentage of the Earth’s surface affected by drought has doubled. Global warming is largely to blame for this. l Droughts are often accompanied by high temperatures, which increase water loss throug through evaporation.

April 18 - 24, 2013 | Vol 6, No 2

A drought is a period of dry weather that causes a shortage of water. When a specific area does not receive sufficient rainfall or receives absolutely no rainfall for a long period of time, the place faces drought. Usually, streams, rivers and other water bodies dry up during this time, causing the death of plants and animals. This also leads to starvation deaths. If the drought condition continues for a long time, the place could become a desert. Usually, people in drought-prone areas store water in dams to prepare for a time of drought.


l Run your clothes washer and dishwasher only when they are full. You can save up to 3,785 litres a month in this way. l Check for leaks around your pumps and taps. l Water your garden in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler to minimise evaporation. l Spread a layer of organic mulch around plants to retain moisture and save water. l Collect the water you use for rinsing fruits and vegetables and reuse it to water houseplants. l Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of running water from the tap.


Measure how much water you use in a day M Bathing (number of buckets) Drinking (litres) Cooking (litres) Other needs

What’s in the News!! From this month, the government of Punjab will start giving farmers a 70% subsidy (financial assistance) to buy solar-powered pumps for drip irrigation, which will help save 40 to 60% water consumption. Turn to Page 8 for children's solutions to the drought situation.

Drought in India Millions of people in Western India are currently facing a drought described to be the worst in over 40 years. Central areas in the state of Maharashtra are facing a water shortage, which is worse than the severe drought of 1972. The water shortage in this area is so severe that people are struggling to secure clean drinking water. Nearly 2,000 tanker trucks are being used to transport drinking water while hundreds of cattle camps have been set up to keep livestock alive until the monsoon. Jalna is one of the worst affected districts in Maharashtra where companies have shut down and farmers’ crops have withered. According to experts, this drought is the result of the low rainfall received

SUGAR PRODUCTION AFFECTED! The drought has also affected India’s sugar production for the 2013-14 season. This is set to fall below consumption levels for the first time in four years. However, the Maharashtra state government is planning to make it mandatory for sugarcane growers to use drip

irrigation systems over the next three years. Drip irrigation systems not only save up to 60% water, but also improve productivity by 20 to 30%. Maharashtra produces onethird of India’s sugar and nearly three million farmers are engaged in sugarcane farming.

during last year’s monsoon. Politicians and bureaucrats have also been blamed for worsening the Maharashtra crisis as they are accused of wasting public funds on unfinished projects in the state. Owing to corruption, irrigation schemes haven’t been planned well and projects designed to provide drinking water in deficient areas have been left incomplete.

How does drought affect us?

Drought affects our lives in many ways as water is essential to our daily chores and routines. We use water to drink, cook, bathe, grow the food we eat and more. Rainwater is essential for agriculture and in India, farmers depend on it heavily for irrigation. Droughts adversely affect the agricultural production by reducing the production of crops, which causes food insecurity. This can also lead to a rise in the price of food grains, making survival difficult for the poor. Water shortage also causes plants and animals to perish.

What is Drip Irrigation? Drip irrigation, also known as trickle irrigation, micro irrigation or localised irrigation, is an irrigation method that saves water and fertiliser. It does this by allowing water to drip

slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters. This kind of irrigation has been used since ancient

times when buried clay pots were filled with water, which would gradually seep into the grass. Perforated pipes were introduced in Germany in the 1920s.

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April 18 - 24, 2013 | Vol 6, No 2 5


Are You Ready for a

Vacation Job? by H’vovi Bhagwagar

The long summer vacation is the best time to make some quick pocket money by taking up a summer job. A job can be a huge boost to your independence and can also help you brush up on a few essential skills before you seek employment. Remember, employers will not make concessions for you because of your age! But till you are in school, it’s best to seek employment with family members or family friends. Take this quiz to see which job qualities are your strengths and which you are lacking in. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 for the following items, where 1 stands for ‘needs improvement’ and 5 stands for ‘already a strength’.

1. GROOMING: How much importance do you 6. ACCOUNTABILITY: Do you own up to a It takes less than 15 seconds for others to form an opinion of you. So when seeking a job, make your first impression a positive one. All the best!


Great job! You can see yourself objectively and view which areas you need to work on. Pick any one area to improve upon such as waking up early, being on time or helping out around the house. This may just be the right start towards a successful career ahead.


Wonderful! You have a realistic view of yourself and know that you have a balance of strengths and weaknesses! So go ahead and pinpoint areas of change and take small steps to work towards them.


Congratulations! You seem to have several strengths and these can be very valuable assets at the workplace. Do evaluate if this is an over-optimistic picture and ask a friend or family member to help you discover possible areas of improvement.

give to neat appearance, ironed clothes, trimmed hair and nails and good hygiene?

mistake? How willing are you to take responsibility for your actions rather than blaming others?













2. RELIABILITY: How dependable are you? Can 7. SELF-MOTIVATION: How willing are you you be counted on to get things done or are you usually forgetting when it comes to doing tasks?




to work despite feeling under the weather? Are you likely to finish an assignment although your favourite television show is on?





3. PUNCTUALITY: How important is it for you to






be on time for appointments, to class and to meet 8. LEADERSHIP: How much of a “take charge” attitude do you have? How well do you get along friends? Are you usually early, always late or on with others and how easy is it for you to work with time? a team?














often do you say, “I’ll try” rather than, “No, I won’t 9. AMBITIOUS: Can you tolerate the stress of being criticised? How proactive are you? Do you be able to”? Do you see the glass as half full or often do things beyond what is expected of you? half empty?













5. MANNERS: Do you respect people by saying 10. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: This is not ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and also by showing concern and sensitivity towards others?







about having good English speaking skills, but more about how well you put your point across. Do people understand what you have said/written or are you usually asked to repeat things because people didn’t follow you?







H’vovi Bhagwagar is a clinical psychologist based in Mumbai with a private practice at Manashni, Powai. Visit her website at or write to her at


April 18 - 24, 2013 | Vol 6, No 2 B


ny n V Ken by Jouly

WHAT IS FORENSICS? When there is a crime, suspicious fire or accident, police and rescue workers aren’t the only ones investigating the case. Forensic scientists play an important part in such investigations. Forensic science is a discipline that applies scientific analysis to the justice system, often to help prove the occurrence of a crime. To do this, forensic scientists analyse and interpret evidence found at the crime scene. This evidence can include blood, saliva, fibres, tyre tracks, paint chips and firearm residue.

HISTORY OF FORENSICS The history of forensic science dates back to the 15th Century. Fingerprinting was introduced in Scotland in 1902. l Sir Edward Henry, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police of London, developed his own classification system in 1896 based on the direction, flow, pattern and other characteristics in fingerprints. The Henry Classification System has become the standard for criminal fingerprinting techniques worldwide.

l Forensic Anthropology: The study of human remains in a legal investigation.

l Forensic Odontology: The proper handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence in court. l Forensic Entomology: The use of insects and their arthropod relatives that inhabit decomposing remains to aid in legal investigations. l Forensic Toxicology: The use of toxicology to aid legal investigations of crimes involving poisons.

Answer A

l Forensic Psychology: The legal aspect of human behaviour.

l Forensic Engineering: The investigation of materials, products, structures or components that fail to operate or do not function as intended.

Mr Levine had just put up his poster about the price increase that morning. Nathan and Trevor said they had been fishing since dawn and had spoken to no one. Since Trevor knew that a dollar bun was now a dollar and 10 cents, he must have been the one who broke the window and got inside the back room, where he read the poster lying on the old desk.

l In 1930, scientist Karl Landsteiner won the Nobel Prize for classifying human blood into its various groups.

There are various areas of forensic science that play a unique role in an investigation l Cyber Forensics: The gathering of digital data that is used in the court of law.

Harborville’s Beach Snack Shop had been open for only an hour when Max stopped in and noticed a new poster announcing a price increase. “I put the sign up this morning,” Mr Levine told him. “Had to raise my prices 10% because I have so many new expenses. Like now I need a new window for my backroom. Somebody broke it, trying to get into my store last night.” “Have you called the police?” Max asked. “No. Nothing was stolen.” He led Max to a small storeroom in the back. “I use this space as an office. Sat here and made my price change poster last night. Soon as I was done, I left it on that old desk. When I went out, I locked the door to the main part of my store. So whoever got in was stuck in this little storeroom. Nothing’s here to steal.” When Max left he wandered down to the break wall, where Nathan and Trevor were fishing. “Did you hear that somebody broke a window at the Shack?” he asked. “Nope,” Nathan said. “We’ve been here since dawn. Haven’t spoken to anybody.” Trevor gestured to the bucket. “We’ve caught some big ones.” Nathan stood. “But now I’m starving. I’ve got a dollar left from my allowance. If Mr Levine is there now, I’m going up to the Shack to get a Big Beach Bun.” “Better get another dime from somewhere,” Trevor told him. “A dollar’s not enough anymore. As for me, I’m going home to get a couple sandwiches for myself.” “You both stay right here,” Max said. “I know which one of you broke that window. You’d better think of a way to pay for it, because I’m telling Mr Levine.”

How did Max figure it out

l In 1836, a Scottish chemist named James Marsh developed a chemical test to detect arsenic, which was used during a murder trial. l Edmond Locard, a professor at the University of Lyon set up the first police crime laboratory in France in 1910. For his pioneering work in forensic criminology, Locard became known as the Sherlock Holmes of France.

The Case of the Snack Shack

The Case of the Snack Shack by Carol Farley Copyright © 2001 Newfront Productions, Inc


orkshopucting ForensicOrW ganisation is cond

Indian Forensic to children from May 6 a forensic camp for s. ion ss se d into two 10. The camp is divide rensic Investigators Fo Camp 1 titled Junior tween 6 and 8 years be ed is for children ag 10am to 12pm while and will be held from ene Detectives is for Sc Camp 2 titled Crime 9 and 12 years and n ee tw children aged be to 2.30pm. pm 12 will be held from call 09819288253 or For more information rens send an e-mail to fo Joulyn Kenny is a forensic expert and a trainer at the Indian Forensic Organisation. She has specialised in forensic science and also holds a master’s degree in forensic science from Amity University, Noida. She is trained in cyber forensics, entomology, serological techniques, questioned document analysis and crime scene investigative techniques. She has given over 150 forensic opinion reports in courts in and around Mumbai and has also appeared as a forensic witness in Mumbai courts.

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April 18 - 24, 2013 | Vol 6, No 2 7


Catch ’em by Deepa Gahlot

It is ironic that the more aggressively entertainment is sold to children, the more bored they tend to be. And the solution grown-ups come up with is to fill children’s minds, rather than to enrich their minds.

ce on Spa


zling z a D r e Discov land Deutsch

o be fair, parents can’t be blamed entirely if children grow up in a Bollywood-obsessed cultural vacuum, because large parts of most cities have no theatres, art galleries and libraries—what they do have even in the far-flung suburbs are movie halls and malls. However, even in pockets of cities where there are options, there is lack of time or will. And our education system does not believe in teaching children any more than they need to learn to pass their examinations. This is why we are slowly losing the appreciation and knowledge of the arts, so much so that newspapers no longer feel the need to cover the culture beat in any meaningful way. It then should and does fall upon cultural organisations to help create the next generation connoisseur of the performing arts. Consequently, in 2010, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai, India’s premier arts and culture institution, decided to introduce vacation workshops for children. This is how Summer Fiesta was born—a month dedicated to children, followed by a regular programme of workshops, plays and films. The pioneer of summer cultural activities for children has been Sanjna Kapoor, then with Prithvi Theatre, now Junoon. NCPA’s Summer Fiesta started as a 10-day event and so overwhelming was the response and demand that the very next year, it was expanded to a month, with over 25 workshops of theatre, dance, creative writing, puppetry, plays, films and talks by experts. It has grown in strength and numbers

since and it is gratifying to see children learning and sharpening their skills in an enjoyable, non-competitive environment. Some children came back the year after and wrote beautiful letters of thanks. Some of them will be charged enough to seek careers in the performing arts. If not, they will at least turn into appreciative and informed audiences. The NCPA Summer Fiesta returns in May 2013 with better, more intensive workshops that are enjoyable as well as educative, ranging from acting, dance, theatre games and ballet to creative writing, poetry, puppetry, photography, art, painting and animation. Workshops will be taken by experts like Anupam Kher Acting Academy, Divya Palat, Avaan Patel, Nadira Babbar, Meherzad Patel, Om Katare, Choiti Ghosh, Aashika Cunha and Khushcheher Dallas, to name a few. The programme will feature 24 workshops and nine plays and the age group stretches from 4 all the way to 18. Watch out for more plays–some old favourites and some exciting and new–by the best production companies in Mumbai.

For more details on Summer Fiesta log on to

Deepa Gahlot has been a journalist, critic, editor, scriptwriter and author. She has won the National Award for Best Film Criticism in 1998 and has edited cinema journals for NFDC and WICA as well as other publications. Deepa Gahlot is presently the Head - Programming (Theatre and Film), NCPA.

African Wil dlife Trail

The G re China at Tour Of

Leaving May 23r Book No d w! a along with g in r e e in g n Germaendeieval experience rich m

Leaving June 1st Book Now!


sta Fly to the

Come live in

the lap of n




tour of


INTERNATIONAL Orbitz has educational programmes for South Africa, Australia, UK, France, Dubai, Singapore, Hongkong, Egypt and Switzerland.

INDIAN Orbitz has educational programmes within India including Trail of Akbar, Trail of Tipu Sultan,Trail of Shivaji, Trail of Mahatma Gandhi, jungle and wildlife experience packages and more.

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April 18 - 24, 2013 | Vol 6, No 2




It’s always exciting to conceptualise and work on a new design for your favourite children’s newspaper, RobinAge. As has been the tradition for the last five years, this year too, we went back to the drawing board with your suggestions and tried to incorporate as many changes as we could in this new volume. As you may have noticed, we’ve tripled the news content in RobinAge to keep you updated and help you out at school. We’ve also added new pages and sections including Detective Diary (see Page 6) and Opinions and Comments from RobinAgers like you. What’s more, we’ve introduced a brand new section on our site called RobinAgeTV! With this new feature, you can create video reports just like your favourite TV reporter and upload them on To watch a how-to guide on creating videos for RobinAgeTV, log on to www. Do let us know what you think of the all-new RobinAge by sending us an e-mail at!


Dr P S Pasricha, Rtd Director General of Police; Megan De Beyer, Renowned Child Psychologist; Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor; Meher Marfatia; Arzan Khambatta, Artist; Sunjoy Monga, Environmentalist; Padmaja Kumari Mewar of Udaipur; H’vovi Bhagwagar, Psychologist; Dr Kshitija Rao, First Aid Specialist; Mickey Mehta, Fitness Consultant; Sunil Padwal, Artist; Narendra Kusnur, Music Columnist; Sumeet Nagdev, Dancer and Choreographer; Jatan Atara, Photographer and Childline India Foundation


Cherry Divecha-Shethia, Melissa Fernandes, Abigail Menezes


Aamina Nizar, Agency: AFP


Deepali Arora, Riddhima Krishnamurthy, Meghana Nayak, Jeanne Fernandes, Pamela D’Souza


Vishwanath Padwal, Rupali Gamare


We asked you:


If you had to live in a fantasy place, which one would you choose?

56% said Willy Wonkas’ Chocolate Factory

26% said Hogwarts

18% said Alice’s Wonderland

Quote of the Week “There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.” — Gautam Buddha or Siddhartha Gautam Buddha, also called Sakyamuni, was a sage from the ancient Shakya republic. Buddhism was founded on his teachings. He is also referred to as Buddha, which means ‘awakened one’ or ‘enlightened one’.


by Wonder of Words believed that learning happens only at school, in classrooms with teachers. But that was until I met Mr Tacobell when I was 11 years old. Mr Tacobell was a stray dog in my society. He belonged to everyone and yet no one. But he was unlike any other stray dog I had ever met. For one, he was bright pink in colour—the colour from Holi had never left him. And secondly, he had only three legs. One evening, when all the boys were playing football and all the girls were busy planning a party, I was sitting on a bench feeling quite lonely. I somehow didn’t seem to fit in, not with the boys nor with the girls. Almost as though he sensed I needed a friend, Mr Tacobell came limping towards me and began sniffing my hands. I ignored him. However, he persisted. He sat right beside my leg and pushed his face on my lap. I still didn’t acknowledge him. He then looked up at my face and began to make soft sounds. I looked into his eyes—deep, brown, kind ones that seemed to understand how I was feeling without saying a word. That instant, all my sadness disappeared and I felt tremendous love for the three-legged pink Mr Tacobell. I would spend time with him every evening. He taught me many things, but the most important lesson was perseverance. Often, when all the dogs

IF SOMEONE DOESN’T RESPOND TO YOU IMMEDIATELY, YOU DON’T GIVE in the society would be UP. THINGS WILL running after CHANGE… something, Mr

Tacobell would follow. He never let his fourth leg be his handicap. I watched him in awe and I would often think to myself that no matter what, I should also never give up. We all have a “missing leg”—something that holds us back—but we should never stop striving. For me, it was my lack of social skills and ability to make friends. Mr Tacobell taught me to overcome g myy neighbour g my shyness. I began by befriending and as my skills improved,, e I managed to make some really great friends. Even as eeI grew older, my pink threelegged friend continued to eart. remain very close to my heart. After all, he taught me that even d to if someone doesn’t respond you immediately, you don’t give up. Things will change… Wonder of Words (WoW) runs online workshops for children and adults, empowering them to give wings to their words. It also runs WoW I Love English classes at Chembur, Mumbai where kids get a chance to interact with the founder of WoW, Megha Bajaj. Call 09821184013 or log on to to know more!


We asked young RobinAgers if they had a solution to the drought situation in the country. Here’s what they had to say DHRUV SHRIVASTAVA, Class 7, Eklavya School, Ahmedabad

There isn’t proper water management in India as there are very few dams and resources to collect rainwater in. In my biology text book it is mentioned that even though there is lot of rainfall in Meghalaya, there is scarcity of water. We should have rainwater harvesting tools to ensure better water management, especially during the summer. While brushing my teeth, I make sure the tap is closed. I also make it a point to tell my parents and friends to save water by not spilling water and using drinking water more carefully.”




Class 8, Cluny Convent High School, Bengaluru

Class 8, Springdales School, New Delhi

I don’t think that water is managed properly in India as water isn’t distributed equally and is often wasted. The water that one person wastes can be utilised by another, but people don’t realise this. We should conserve and use drinking water for the right purposes. Simple things can be done to ensure that water doesn’t get wasted in our country. For example, when we come back from school, if there’s any leftover water in our water bottles, we shouldn’t throw it away. Instead, we should use to it to water the plants.”

People are facing drought in the country because many of us waste a lot of water. As a country, we should be able to distribute water to those parts that do not receive sufficient rainfall. On a daily basis, we can follow a few steps to ensure water isn’t wasted. Never leave water running and always close the tap when water isn’t being used. We shouldn’t wash our cars daily, we should only use buckets to have a bath and we should repair running taps as soon as possible.”

We don’t conserve water properly. The major reason why people in rural areas face droughts is because they do not know conservation methods. They should be taught methods to conserve so water can be used throughout the year without any problems. There should also be water cuts during odd timings of the day on a regular basis so that people realise the value of water.”

Class 9, Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

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Keeping your dog hydrated at all times during the summer is very essential. Keep filling your dog’s bowl with plenty of cool water every few hours. Make sure the water isn’t stale. Also try giving your dog ice cubes—he or she will love them. Dogs also flip out on cool dog treats like frozen chicken meat pops, ice cream sandwiches and chicken and fruit cubes. Ice cream should not be given regularly as milk-based products can cause diarrhoea and other digestive problems.

How to Make Pops!

All you have to do is boil minced chicken and rice until it is completely cooked. Once it cools down, puree it, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze it.


The primary need for a cat during the summer is fresh water. Add a few cubes of ice while putting out water for your cat. You can make your cat’s ice cube last longer by freezing larger cubes in disposable bowls. Cats also love shaved ice so try putting out a bowl of shaved ice for your cat on a hot summer afternoon. Yoghurt is another great summer treat as it helps keep diarrhoea, gas and cramps away.


For parrots and birds in general, a fresh nutritious diet is highly recommended. Fresh vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and leafy greens like turnip, dandelion and cauliflower are usually excellent choices. Many parrots also love eating fruits but you should provide your bird with seasonal fruits only. Dark coloured fruits contain more nutrition

and parrots should be given ven more tropical fruits like the ones nes they would get in their native habitats. Fruits should be de-seeded as some seeds could be toxic.


Squirrels need to be provided ided with a variety of foods to make sure they are getting proper nutrition. Good options for squirrels include vegetables such as celery, carrots, green beans and romaine lettuce as well as fruits such as apples and bananas. You can also try insects and mealworms occasionally during the summer. Parrot food is another good choice since it has many seeds that squirrels like. Calcium is also very important, so you should include a calcium supplement for squirrels. Through the summer season, squirrels should be provided with chewing material as their teeth grow throughout their lifespan. Hard bark and large bones are good for this.


Materials >> l l l l l l

Old tin can Paint Ribbon Sticks Bird food Glue

Method >>

Œ Take an old tin can and paint it in a colour of your choice.  Attach a few small sticks to the inside of the tin can so that birds can sit on them. Ž Tie the ribbon around the tin can and put some bird seeds in.  Hang the feeder vertically in your bird cage or to a branch for birds to have their feed!

Heads Up For Tails is a website that takes care of all your ccanine’s needs. Here, you can shop for a bed, feeding bbowls, yummy treats and awesome accessories! To ppamper your dog, log on to

Turtles eat both vegetarian and nd non-vegetarian meals. Turtless need to be fed a mix of flesh,, vegetables and fruits as well as a commercial turtle feed, which h includes calcium, vitamins and live food. During the summer, turtles should be given a good amount of greens like cabbage and celery. Their food and should be given in a separate tub along with water so that it doesn’t get too messy.


Hamsters love fruits and vegetables. Other than the daily seed mix given to hamsters, you should give them fresh fruits and vegetables especially during the summer. Choose one fruit or vegetable and give them a small piece of it that will fit into their hands. Do not give them different produce every day. Only try and rotate vegetables and fruits once a week and when you do change their diet, ensure they adapt to it. Hamsters need a lot of water, so ensure fresh

RobinAger Sehyr Patel introduces us to her cockerspaniel, Fudge! To watch the video, log on to




t was a wild fortnight. Sudhir, Mehul and I were the only children onboard the cruise liner. Even the reason we were there seems kind of strange now. Tell me, who would gift their child an all-expenses paid trip from Mumbai to Singapore, un-escorted, on a cruise liner, with two of his best friends? My father was a member of the Merchant Navy and I had spent a lot of time on the sea, but I’d never crossed this part of the ocean during the monsoon. Dad had always warned me against the currents and yet, when Sudhir’s father offered us this holiday, Dad had taken up the offer almost like it was my initiation into being able to live alone! Let me start from where it all began. I’m Rahul, my sister is Rachita and we are twins. Fraternal twins. We don’t look alike or talk alike and we definitely don’t dress alike. I don’t like Rachita or her scrawny friends who seem to be over occupied with their reflection in the mirror. My father is a captain in the Merchant Navy and travels almost nine months a year. We’ve seen more countries than I can count on the fingers of my hands and the toes on my feet. Each one of us in the family has a thick passport from all the visas we’ve gathered from across the world. I love my mother more than my life itself. I could very easily say that she is responsible for making me the man, or rather young man, I am today. She has always taught me to stand up for what is right and I salute her for that. Dad has never had much of a part in my upbringing. He was never around. So when Dad agreed to send me on this trip without my mother’s nod of

Barge (noun): a long boat with a flat bottom. Pronunciation: baarj Deckhands (noun): a person, usually unskilled,

who works on a ship, but who does not serve the passengers or work in the engine room. Pronunciation: dek-handz Lackadaisical (adjective): showing little enthusiasm and effort. Pronunciation: lak-a-day-zi-cal Chaperoning (verb): taking care of. Pronunciation: sha-pai-ro-ning Mayhem (noun): a situation in which there is little or no order or control. Pronunciation: may-hem

It was Sudhir’s 11th birthday and we usually celebrated his birthday with a bang because it was usually the last day of school too. This year was a big year for all of us—we’d all started to sprout moustaches and our voices had suddenly seemed to take on a life of their own. We’d started to hang around together without the girls and would often spend time reading magazines that were banned in school. No, no, don’t get us wrong! These were music magazines with lyrics that could perhaps not be repeated in school. approval, I was kind of puzzled but I didn’t think twice about it. You see, Dad and Mom were splitting up-getting a divorce-and this was Dad’s way of showing us what his style of bringing us up would be. And I was excited. I was going to be a free bird without anyone hovering around me day and night, something I would never have managed with Mom. Rachita, of course, saw no such freedom because she stayed with Mom. It was Sudhir’s 11th birthday and we usually cel-

ebrated his birthday with a bang because it was usually the last day of school too. This year was a big year for all of us—we’d all started to sprout moustaches and our voices had suddenly seemed to take on a life of their own. We’d started to hang around together without the girls and would often spend time reading magazines that were banned in school. No, no, don’t get us wrong! These were music magazines with lyrics that could perhaps not be repeated in school. We knew the lyrics of every song the magazines carried and we sang them with our band—yes, Sudhir, Mehul , myself, Rachita and a couple of her friends had a band too. Don’t all school kids have one? Rachita had a beautiful voice and was our lead singer. In fact, that was the only time she was allowed to be part of our gang! Now coming back to Sudhir’s birthday, his father had thrown a party for us. The venue for the party was dimly lit and had music blasting at an ear-piercing decibel. But I loved it. I loved the music that was playing that night and the band, called Something More, was actually awesome. Sudhir’s father entered the venue at midnight with three tickets. He had decided to send Sudhir and the two of us, his best friends, on an all-expenses paid trip to Singapore on a cruise liner! 10 days later, I was sunning myself on the top deck of the liner—Queen Anne. Our rooms were almost like a room in a fivestar hotel with our own

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by Radhika Patil

pool and lounge area and a bathtub with golden faucets. The dining hall that was some five floors lower was awesome. The steps leading to it were semicircular like those going down to a grand ballroom. The stairs were designed out of white marble with pink dust scattered across. There were two dining halls, one which was a 24-hour coffee shop and the other was the grand one, with crystal on the tables and four chandeliers. This is where we actually ended up having dinner with the Captain on “the” day. Dancers performed around the dining hall as all of us dug into a six-course Lebanese meal. I was never much of a pita and hummus

person, so I actually wasn’t looking forward to the meal at all. But as the pistas, dips, aubergine salads, chicken, prawns and tagines rolled out of the kitchen, I found myself so deeply lost in the rich food that the sound of the sudden grinding went unheard. I would have missed out on all the action completely had I not been seated next to Captain Siddharth. Let me rewind a bit. The clock struck 10pm and Chef Rashmi sent out the baked lemon, dill and salmon tagine. The aromas that rose from the dish infused a fresh dose of hunger into all our stomachs. Not that we were hungry, after all we’d been eating since 8pm! But the food came in small plates, each course two or three bites large, and each with big flavours that made up for the small portions. As the Captain raised the lid of his tagine, a sailor dressed in white and blue came across to our table. “Sir, you are needed on the deck,” is all he said, but the tone in which he said it and the look in his eyes ensured that the Captain rose from the table that very instant. I was seated to the right of the Captain and all I could see were the goose pimples on the sailor’s hands and nape as he delivered the message. I immediately knew something was wrong. Unless it’s an emergency, the Captain is never disturbed at dinner time. This was a rule we followed at home too, with Dad. That’s right, he treated the house like it was his ship! I quickly tucked away the rest of my meal and signaled to both Sudhir and Mehul to meet me on the deck. On most days, it would be difficult to get Mehul away from a hearty meal, but that day seemed to be different. He was antsy all evening. He had even worn his shoes to dinner, something he never did. And he kept looking under the table every few minutes, as if he expected to see a wild animal there. When we reached the deck, all hell had broken loose. Over bits and pieces of overheard conversation we figured out that the cruise liner was transporting a python

and a rattlesnake to Bangkok’s zoo. Unfortunately, during the evening, the ship had somehow managed to scrape against an old barge and the friction and noise from that episode had shaken the snakes out of their medicine-induced sleep. For some strange reason, both the snakes were in one crate and they had got into a fight. After the two-hour ordeal, the rattlesnake had managed to slip out of its crate and cage and was now moving around freely on the cargo deck, or so the sailors reported. News like this usually spread like wildfire and the deck was now empty of all the deckhands. What’s more, the engine room was situated on the same floor and now there was a fire in the engine room! “What? When did the snake escape? When did you hear of the fire for the first time? Why wasn’t I informed immediately? How can you wait for two hours before bringing something like this to my notice?” A volley of questions was all we heard. My heart was almost in my mouth—a fire in the engine room was indeed a grave situation and if it had been burning up for the last two hours, we were in deep trouble. I could only think of Dad and how he would always tell us stories of fires on his ship and how his team would handle them. But who were we to interfere? Mom, on the other hand, had always taught us to be action ready and never worry as there was a way out of any situation. She always said, “Anger b. You will never think and fear make your brain numb. straight if you are scared. So o cut out the fear and think clearly.” From the little space we had taken on the deck, behind a lot of pipes and half a wall, all we could see was the back of Captain Siddharth’s ngry and head. He seemed really angry ne and was dashing off orders to one one so all. “I’ve never seen anyone lackadaisical about such a large issue! Has the Chief Officer er been informed?” >> CONTINUED TINUED ON PAGE 13


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Chilled milk Instant coffee powder Sugar Chocolate sauce Whipped cream Chip cookies, crushed



Sanjeev Kapoor Master Chef, Author and Television Host E-mail:


Œ  Ž


Mix the milk with the coffee powder and sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves. Pour 2 tablespoons of chocolate sauce in each glass. Pour half a cup of the milk mixture over the sauce. Put the whipped cream in a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe rosettes over the milk in each glass. Top with the crushed cookies and serve immediately.

3 cups 2 teaspoons 4 teaspoons 8 tablespoons 1 cup 4 chocolate

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. The original Tiramisu is a layered dessert consisting of alternating layers of coffee-soaked biscuits and a sweet mixture of mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar. Today, lots of variations of this classic dessert exist. The milkshake is one of them.


l Start with cream straight from the fridge. The colder it is, the easier and faster it will be to whip. Pour the cream into your bowl. l Using a whisk, begin whipping with wide strokes, which will get more air into the cream and help fluff it up faster. Switch directions ever so often. l When the cream starts to thicken, just before soft peaks form, add sugar and continue to whip. A good thumb rule is 2 tablespoons of sugar for every cup of cream. l Continue beating the mixture until soft peaks form. You can whip until the cream makes stiffer peaks if desired, but be careful because your cream could turn to butter! Tip: 1 cup of whipping cream makes about 2 cups of whipped cream To watch a video of how to make whipped cream log on to For more recipes check out the ‘Activity Centre’ on

ORIGAMI PLANTING POTS MATERIALS >> >> Newspaper >> Egg carton (available at any grocery store) >> Soil >> Seeds >> Paints >> Scissors

 Take the other point and fold it towards the left hand side.


“ Paint the base of the egg carton green.


Œ Cut an old newspaper into a 5x5  Fold each of the flaps of the inch square.

triangle downwards.

” Place all the pots you have

 Fold the square in half so that it

becomes a triangle. Make sure to match the corners and make a sharp fold.

‘ Now open the pot and fill it in with soil.

made in the carton. These origami-style paper cups can be planted directly into the ground when the seedlings are ready for their garden debut.

’ Plant your seeds in the pot. OR

Ž Take the point of the triangle on 1E]

Winners of MR BEAN CONTEST 3! (in the issue dated March 7 - 13, 2013) Alopa Waje Arjit Pal Singh Arora Diya Goyal

Divyam Awasthy Kashish Sharma Muskan Chanana Melvin David

the right hand side and fold it so that it lands on the other side of the triangle, as shown in the picture.

R Karthick Simran Arora Yugal Wadhwa

Prizes will be couriered by Turner International India Pvt. Ltd. Prizes will reach the winners 20 days post the winner declaration.

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“Oh fish, there’s something moving between those poles!” screamed Sudhir, pointing towards the Captain’s head as he simultaneously tried pushing us out of the position we had squeezed into for the last 10 minutes. “Who in the blazing rats is this? That’s all I need! Boys, on the deck! Do you think you are the Famous Five? Are you now going to solve this mystery? Shreedhar, take the kids off the deck! I have enough trouble to take care of and I really don’t need to be chaperoning three teenaged boys. How did they get on the deck anyway? Come on, move it.” The scene was almost out of a movie—the three of us being pushed out, Shreedhar sheepishly trying to get us away before the Captain screamed some more, Sudhir trying to catch a better glimpse of the moving object and also trying to photograph it on his camera and me trying to keep the boys together and think aloud at the same time. “Wait,” I screamed. “That’s a rat. Let’s catch hold of it and use it as a bait to catch the snake. I can do it, Captain. I just need one of your guys for help. I’ve been taught to handle such situations at school and on various camps. Let me try. Your deckhands have deserted the floor anyway and they refuse to go back and we are a few days away from the closest port.” The captain signaled for Shreed-

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har to stop and bring me closer. “And who are you? Wait, you look familiar. Weren’t you having dinner with me?” “I am Rahul Saxena, Navy cadet at the NCC. My father is Captain Saxena of the Merchant Navy. And sir, I have been part of the Bombay Natural History Society for many years and have learnt to handle snakes. Give me a chance to prove myself.” “And how do you plan to capture the snake, young lad.” “We could use the rat as bait, sir. I’ve done it before. In my sister Rachita’s school when a young python got into their chemistry laboratory. That’s where you met me for the first time, sir, when you gave me the Bravery Award. That was three years ago, sir.” “Yes, you’re right. I seem to have a faint recollection of the day. Alright, I will give you four of my strongest hands. And only 30 minutes. But you need to go down dressed like these men do, in protective overalls and thick rubber gloves and shoes, so that you are protected. Your friends will need to go back to their cabin. And I don’t want a word about this episode spreading across to the passengers. Is that clear?” “Aye aye, sir” we replied in unison. What followed was complete mayhem. The rat was not easy to catch—he was so scared that he ran all around the deck till he was finally caught by the tail under the Captain’s foot. Rat in hand, I headed to the lowest deck only to the see the snake

coiled up into a little ball! Catching him was kid’s play. I guess the snake was already tired and hungry and the effect of the medicine had left him dazed. Pushed into a gunny bag, the snake was left with the deckhands and I headed to the Captain’s cabin. The fire, as it turned out, had died down on its own and the news of the capture had already reached the Captain. “That was jolly good, young man. I am indeed proud to have you onboard. From this day onwards, you can travel aboard any ship I captain. And as a mark of respect for your bravery, you will be made a seaman on my ship. Here are your whites. Now go celebrate your victory with your friends. And remember, not a word to anyone.” But by the time I had reached my room, it was full of congratulatory messages, flowers and chocolates from a lot of people on board the cruise liner. Mehul was not one to keep a secret. I was being congratulated and hugged by so many people that I lost count. At some point during the evening, I was told a story of how Native Indians had to pass the test of manhood by pushing their hand into a snake’s cave. If they managed to pull their hand out before the snake bit them, it was believed they would grow into strong men; if not, they would never be mature enough to be called a man. In a strange way, I had passed my test of maturity too! But now, all I wanted was to be in


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Funskool India Ltd recently announced the launch of its new Airfix collection. This collection includes a wide range of scale plastic model kits for all types of scale modellers such as military aircraft, ships, cars, dioramas and military vehicles. You can build and assemble model aircrafts using these kits. The kits are designed to enhance alertness and also develop patience. Available in all leading retail outlets.

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April 18, 1963

April 22, 1982

Ø Dhaatu Centre is organising a unique workshop for children on the Mahabharata. This workshop will teach children about the epic in an interactive way. For information call 080-65683396/09886444592 /09886444593.

CHENNAI Conan O’Brien, comedian

American Kaka Leite, popular Brazilian football player

April 19, 1987

April 23, 1564

Maria Sharapova, tennis player

Ø Forum Art Gallery is conducting an exciting art workshop for children. The workshop will teach children art techniques and basics in sketching, shading and acrylic paints. For information call 04442115596/42115597. Ø Shiksha Power is conducting poetry workshops for children aged between 10 and 14 years. This workshop will help children play with words and express their thoughts poetically. For information call 08080825785 or send an e-mail to

April 20, 1889 William Shakespeare, English poet and playwright April 24, 1973 Adolf Hitler, leader of Nazi Germany April 21, 1926

Sachin cricketer


Ø Kshitij World is organising a camp at Kanhe near Lonavala in the Western Ghats for children aged 7 to 12 years. Children will experience exciting activities like archery, night-walks, kayaking, rappelling, flying fox and rock climbing. It’s time for kids to step out the adventurous way this summer! When: April 28 to May 1, 2013 May 18 to 21, 2013 May 21 to 24, 2013 Where: Kanhe Contact: 09322181849

PUNE Ø Foliage Outdoors is organising a camp called Camp River Wild for children aged between 10 and 12 years. The camp is inclusive of adventure sports like kayaking, valley crossing and mountain biking. When: May 6 to 9, 2013 Where: Kundalika Valley Contact: 020-25456535/66032406



Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England

Ø The Gerry Martin Project is organising a Junior Naturalist Training Camp for children aged between 6 and 11 years. The camp will provide children the opportunity to explore nature and learn various concepts through hands-on learning sessions. When: April 22 to May 3, 2013 Where: Sarjapur Contact: 09972068300 or e-mail







PUNE Ø IntelligencePlus is organising a workshop on stop motion animation techniques for children aged between 8 and 14 years. Children will learn how to make stop motion animation films by using various techniques. For information call 02026120090/09422987681.

NEW DELHI Ø Jabberwocky Speech and Drama is conducting a workshop for children aged between 8 and 12 years. Children will be introduced to the works of author Roald Dahl and will also be taught prose and poetry speaking techniques. For information call 011-66579189 or send an e-mail to For more workshops and listings check out the ‘Robin Recommends’ section on Aarya Gune, Aditi Desai, Anaya and Arnav Mehta, Anshul Bamb, Aryan Naik, Bhagavathy Krishnan, Bhoomika Vyas, Darshan Bhandari, Dhruthi K, Kumar V N, Dhruvi Ved, Diya Ladhani, Ghadai Fatima Mohd Arif, Hamza Nulwala, Isha Rajiv Arora, Jignyasu Chasmawala, K Kulathuran Pillai, Kaneez Fatma Asad Khan, Kavya Bansal, Kinjal Mehta, Koradia Moosa, Koradia Musa, M G Gitar, Maihon Manuelmt, Manasi Sangram S Petkar, Radhika Warty, Navami Krishnamurthy, Naitik Khombhadia, Nandish Parekh, Nida Hanifa Shaikh, Nilesh Rao, Pari Naheta, Raxit Fichadiya, Rhythm Gupta, Ronak Shah, Roshni Jhawar, Sadiya Shamsi, Sakhiya Hemanshi R., Sanath Memon, Sasmit Vaidya, Shaikh Mehreen Azizur Rehman, Shanaya Menezes, Shaunak Gokhale, Shiddivinayak Chinchalkar, Shreya Ranganathan, Siddharth Saathvik, Simran Moorjani, Subrato Ganguly, Suhas Badadal, Tanaya Gaikar, Tirsha Goel, Utkarsh Todi, Verma Mukhandi, Zainab Udaipurwala.

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DO N’T RO BIN REN MIS AG EW S O E S YO UT TOD UBSC UR ! Tur n to AY! RIPTI ON To f o che r d Pag ck e e exp your tails 13 02 2- iry d subs . 66 ate cri p 62 68 call tion 18 /19 .




5 6



Across 1. The opposite of dirty 9 6. Another word for garbage 7. The surroundings in which a person, animal or plant lives 9. Coal, oil and water are all _______ resources 11. The top most layer of the Earth

FACT  April 22 is the first official day of spring in the Northern hemisphere and of fall in the Southern hemisphere and was chosen to be Earth Day specifically for this reason.  Only 11% of the Earth’s surface is used to grow food.  If every newspaper is recycled, we can save about 25,00,00,000 trees every year.  The Earth’s average temperature is 13.8°C. The highest temperature recorded is 57°C and the lowest temperature recorded is -88°C.

Down 1. To use carefully and avoid wastage 2. H2O 3. A group of trees 4. A living thing that produces its own food 5. The only planet where life exists 8. April 22 is celebrated as _____ ___ 10. To reuse an item ANSWERS:

ACROSS 1. Clean 6. Waste 7. Environment 9. Natural 11. Crust

word How mancyan you make with or more ers given below? the lett must include the All words at the centre. letter T A R Y E T I H L


DOWN 1. Conserve 2. Water 3. Grove 4. Plant 5. Earth 8. Earth Day 10. Recycle

T! SPELLs oIf 4 letters



ANSWERS: 1. The boy isn’t smiling 2. Colour of the sleeve is different 3. There is a brown patch on the boy’s pant 4. The recycling arrows are in the opposite direction 5. One of the bottles is missing 6. The colour of one of the bottle caps is different RobinAge is printed and published by Rajkumarsingh K Arora on behalf of M/s DEEP PRAKASH and printed at Printografik, Sussex Industrial Estate, D K Cross Marg, Byculla (E), Mumbai 400027 (Offset printing press in Industrial Estate) and published at M/s DEEP PRAKASH, 205/218 A, Sussex Industrial Estate, D K Cross Marg, Byculla (E), Mumbai 400027. Editor: Cherry Divecha Shethia.

Conceptualised by Abigail Menezes and Rupali Gamare

Spot 6 differences between the two pictures!

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London Marathon

The 2013 London Marathon will be run on April 21. Over 36,000 participants are expected to be part of the event. This is one of the most famous races in the world and runners need to cover a distance of 42.1kms around the river Thames. The race begins in Greenwich and goes through some important landmarks in the city–the Cutty Sark ship, Tower Bridge, Cleopatra's Needle, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament–finishing in front of the Buckingham Palace. In 2012, Wilson Kipsang from Kenya won the men’s race while Mary Keitany, also from Kenya, was the winner in the women’s category. This year’s London Marathon is the 33rd edition of the game. Since the marathon began in 1981, over 830,000 people have successfully completed the race.

DID YOU KNOW? The idea of the marathon was inspired by the legend of Pheidippides, a professional runner, who ran from the battlefield in the town of Marathon, Greece to Athens in 490BC, to deliver the message that the Athenians had defeated the Persians. According to the legend, an exhausted Pheidippides collapsed and died thereafter.

The ace golfer regained the Number 1 position in the sport following his win in the Arnold Palmer Invitational tournament last month. Woods has won the tournament a record 8 times. He last held the Number 1 ranking in October 2010. The American golfer has spent more than 625 weeks as the World Number 1, an unmatched feat. He has also been ranked Number 1 for over 280 consecutive weeks, which is also a record. Woods’ climb back to the top was preceded by an extremely dark phase, with his ranking falling to Number 58 in November 2011.

Bahrain Grand Prix T

he 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix, which is part of the Formula One calendar, will be held from April 19 to 21 at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir. It is the fourth race of this year’s F1 season, the earlier three being held in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai. Germany’s Sebastian Vettel of Red BullRenault is the defending champion in the Bahrain Grand Prix. Last year, activists had called for the race to be cancelled in view of the human rights violations taking place in the country, but the race went ahead as scheduled. A year earlier, the race was cancelled

due to political unrest in the country. The F1 race was first held in Bahrain in 2004. The Formula One association awarded the organisers with the ‘Best Organised Grand Prix’ award in their very first year on the circuit. The race also made history for being the first F1 race to be held in the Middle East.

DID YOU KNOW? F1 drivers lose weight during races due to dehydration.

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