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Art at Sea

Vill a a nd A r t stu d io Assignment I was asked to design a holiday villa for a Dutch family on Terschelling. The plot on Terschelling was on the most northern part of the island, but had a view to the most southern part of the island. The plot itself is located in a dune landscape, with a maximum height difference of 4 meters. The family consists of a husband, wife, daughter who visits regularly and a son who visits rarely. They asked for a design of a villa with a public art studio for the wife.

over viewing the entire island. In the main living area I designed a multi functional cubicle. This can be used as a bedroom for the son, but mainly to retreat from the other proceedings in the villa. Also creating multiple functional spaces around the cubicle, such as the kitchen on the backside of the cubicle.

General plan I designed two different buildings, a villa and an art studio. By using a wooden frame I visually connected the two buildings. The villa is closed towards the public road to create privacy and open towards the full island view from north to south. The art studio is exactly the opposite. It is open towards the road allowing the visitors to be greeted by the art exposition and closed to the view also being south. Northern natural light is the optimal type of light you want for visual arts. Villa plan For the design of the villa I used the natural dune landscape. The residents enter the villa 3 meters below the level of the ground floor. I created a hallway to capture the feeling of being underground and having the natural light guide the resident to the main rooms. The two main bedrooms are located on the entrance floor, which created the opportunity to enter the landscape directly from the bedrooms. Also situated in the entrance hall is the staircase to the main living area. The living area is a large open space which is on itself a beautiful vista


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Villa and Art studio: Art at Sea

Groundfloor 1. Livingroom 2. Kitchen 3. Bedroom/study 4. Workshop

Floor -1 1. Master - bedroom 2. Bedroom 3. Bathroom 4. Bathroom

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