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with a platform, with the possibility to enhance the culture experience, such as with music, dance and film. No going back to the target audience, the once who wanna find a guide and tour the island. I created spaces with the opposite feeling of discomfort. These comforting spaces are meant to welcome the travelers, to better get to know the guide and to even plan the trip after the visit to the museum. These are places with the possibility to share and connect with your guide for example sharing a meal and sharing travel stories. Now to go to the museum, spark the feeling for adventure and enhance the connection with the guide I introduced a playful way to travel to and around the museum. The museum is only accessible by water, so after the traveler had the meal with the guide they’ll go to the dock where there’s a canoe waiting for them and ready to explore the museum and maybe even some hidden spaces.



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Location: Flores, Indonesia


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Design: 2018


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Portfolio Robin-Jay King