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World Music Day Celebration 2013 – Shake Your Body with Different Instruments Beat! Blog Created: Monday, June 24, 2013 4:40:13 AM

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Take Percussion Lesson for a Great Musical Experience

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We all love music and want to shark the body on harmonious musical beats. Every year, we celebrate the World Music Day on 21st at a grand level. On this special occasion, big music concerts are held on both national and international levels and a great number of music lovers from corner to corner of the world come to participate in them. By frequently participating in various music concerts people show their passion and love for music. For celebrating this day, let’s take a short glance at 3 iconic and exclusive musical instruments that have distorted the music we listen to.

Sunday , June 16, 2013 11:37am (0


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Guitar – Of course, playing a guitar is the passion of almost every youngster. It is one of the most extensively recognized musical instruments of the chordophone family. Actually, this beautiful instrument is made of wood, where its strung are normally created of nylon and strings from steel. Do you know generally there are two key types of guitars? Yes, it is so and these two main categories are acoustic and electric.

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Acoustic type is standard and used manually, but when we talk about the electric type, it uses amplifiers to influence and form the pitch of the vibrations. Today, apart from the modern music guitar is also used in other music types, whether it is about jazz, pop, or rock. Undoubtedly, it is also known as a famous cultural symbol.

Know How to Make Best of the Flute Lesions Monday , May 27, 2013 9:20:am (0

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Harp – Now in almost every basic music school, this exotic musical instrument is introduced to the students. Actually, Harp is an instrument that is made of multi-strings that are connected to the soundboard in an upright mode. Usually, such type of musical instrument is found in North & South America, Asia, Africa, and even in Europe. Earlier, it was played only in baroque and traditional harmony, but now it is integrated in Jazz as well as hip-hop.


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Tabla – A large number of music schools, include table leaning in their music lessons. It is an Indian beating tool that is played typically in Hindustani traditional composition. Being similar to Congo it includes a couple of hand drums of unstable ground and tones. When it comes to the most famous gharanas of table, Dilli Baj and Purbi Baj are named at top.

In addition to these three above mentioned iconic and unique musical instruments, Ukulele and Digeridoo are two other famous tools used to compose easy on the ear music that lets all to move and shake on their beats.

Robbie Finch is an experienced writer, he is writing this time for Central Coast Conservatorium, it is a leading music and all typeâ €™s instrumentals training service providers like, jazz ensembles, music lessons for kids, early childhood music, childrens music program, etc.

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World music day celebration 2013 shake your body with different instruments beat!  

There are various musical instruments that make move and shake on their particular beats. Guitar, Harp, and table are three most famous tool...

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