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comparison between the hotels and apartment hotels in manchester Views: 2

Aug 20, 2013

Travel Âť Hotels & Resorts | By: Williamgail whether it is the hotels or the apartment hotels, the travelers and even the localites for various reasons use them extensively. they book them for stay over holiday, to relax, to party or for business functions or events. hotels have been part of the human society for quite a long time. since the humans have started living in settlements, they had a separate premises for the travelers, where they can stay, relax after having long journey between the major cities or capitals. that time the travelers were mostly the traders and the scholars who used to travel from one city to another. however the times have changed vastly and so are the needs for the hotels as well, which has demanded for some more changes in this industry. with the change came the apartment hotels that have managed to change the scenarios of the accommodation industry to a great level. let us see which one is better. in the hotels in manchester salford quays, the guests have to book the room and have to pay according to the room. these rooms vary as per the cost of per guest room. it can be highly luxurious or basic. however, the cost of the services will remain same whether you leave in suite or the basic regular room. you cannot cook in the hotel room without the permission of the hotel administration, which is mostly denied. you cannot ask your guests to stay in your room for more than few hours or one day, vary from hotel top hotel. you cannot have party in your room without the permission

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of the hotel. there is a restriction on the number of guests living in the room. you can also be charged per head in most of the hotels. they are expensive hence cannot be afforded by low budget travelers.

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in their comparison, the hotel apartments are much better and affordable. the charge will be according to the apartment, which can vary according to the rooms in the apartment. every self serviced apartment in manchester has bedroom, kitchen, hall, bathroom, balcony, exactly like an apartment. the travelers can live here with anyone and for any duration. you just have to make sure that they are not involved in any criminal activity and that you know them very well. there is not any restriction on the number of guests living in the apartment. there is a well-facilitated kitchen where you can cook your own food, hence saving on the extra charges. the services given here are similar to hotel but at a very low cost. decide yourself, which one suits you better hotel or the hotel apartment.

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About the Author Williamgail

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william gail is an experienced writer, he is writing this time for this is a best corporate housing solutions in manchester? currently william writing on different topics like, budget hotels manchester, aparthotels manchester, manchester apartment hotel, etc.

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Comparison between the hotels and apartment hotels in manchester  

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