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The Apocalypse of John

• v14. Another prelude. The second woe is passed, the third woe is


• v15. The final (7th) trumpet sounded

• God conquers everything. • This seems to be one of those moments when all is said and done. But we are not that far into Revelation yet. • One way people have explained this is the cyclical or layered explination of Revelation. • It tells the same story over and over and over again to emphasize the main point and not the little details. • At the same time, it could be a cliff-hanger ending that is waiting for its completion, or for the ending to be told in a different way. • LONG STORY SHORT... GOD WINS, and delivers his people.

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Lowery, Robert A. Revelation’s Rhapsody: Listening to the Lyrics of the Lamb. Joplin, Missouri: College Press Publishing Company, 2006

Revelation Ch. 10-11 Some Quick Notes Before Starting... • As we have been looking at the book of Revelation these last few weeks, one of the major ways I have been investigating it is by looking at it as being very relevant to the people it was originally written to. This is not to say that there is not possibly a future fulfillment of this prophesy, cause God has had prophesies with dual fulfillments in the past. I do however believe that whatever position you take, it must be relevant and meaningful to the people John originally wrote to. • Secondly, as we continue to progress, I want to remind you that it is best for this study if we keep in mind the bigger picture and imagery that is being conveyed. Is it possible that the specific details are going to literally be completed? It is possible, but I believe the most significant things in Revelation are the big pictures created by these images. Beginning with Revelation 10 • Remember, we left off after the 6th angel had sounded his trumpet. We are operating under the assumption that the trumpet are signals of God’s judgment on those who have been oppressing his people. • Also remember, that whatever terrible happens in the book of Revelation, we his people are sealed and kept from these troubles. Revelation 10 • v1. Another strong angel coming down out of heaven... clothed with a cloud, a rainbow on his head, face like the sun, and feet like pillars of fire... • Who is this? • Could be one of God’s Chief Angels... • Could be one way of picturing Christ... • v2. In his hand he has a little open book... • What do books typically represent in prophetic and apocalyptic literature? • If this angel is holding such a book, then who could it be? • Right foot on the sea and his left on the land (total authority?)

The Apocalypse of John: Ch 10-11

Αποκαλυψις Ιησου Χπιστου

• v3-4. He cried out with a voice, as when a lion roars, and when he cried out 7 thunders responded...

• Who else has a voice like a lion? • What are the seven thunders? I don’t know, but whatever it was they announced, it is imperitive that this not be revealed... It could be a number of things, but all of them would be pure speculation on my part... • v5-6. The angel raised his right hand to heaven and swore by God that there would be no more delay in the judgment that was about to come... • God’s judgments, the ones which the Saints had been awaiting, his punishment on the ones who were killing them (Rome?) were going to come. • v7. The sounding of the 7th angel. • The mystery of God was finished, the one which he preached to his servants the prophets (Daniel, Zechariah, Ezekiel...?) • v8. He takes hte book and eats it... what in the world is going on here? • Parallels in... Ezekiel 3 • The idea is that he eats the scroll so he can go and prophesy about the judgments which were written on the scroll. • v9-11. John eats the scroll, and it is bitter sweet. • He must prophesy now concerning peoples, nations, tongues, and kings. Chapter 11 • v1. He is given a measuring rod... • Measuring of a city would often be done before and after battles. The idea that is present here is seeing how many buildings you could spot before a battle, and seeing how many were still left standing after the battle. Often, God would have people measure like this to tell of how he would preserve his people in the midst of difficulty, or how he would bring restoration to his people. • Measure the temple of God, the alter, and those who worship there. • This is not refering to the actual temple at Jerusalem, the way we know this is because John wrote around AD 90, and the temple was destroyed around AD 70. • v2. Part of the temple has been given to the gentiles/nations, and they will trample it underfoot for 42 months. • Notice here that he is veiling his message using Jewish overtones. • Who is the temple? • Who are the “gentiles/nations” • v3. Authority given to two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1260 days... • Old testament significance of 2 witnesses? • It was the foundation for whether or not something was considered to be true or not. • Every testimony had to be established by 2-3 witnesses. • This could be a way of refering to a true witness, even to christianity as a whole. • This could also be in reference to 2 actual witnesses which will come and be fairly obvious about their prophetic work. • v4. These are the two olive trees, and the two lamp stands... • Zechariah 4 • v5. Fire flows out of their mouth and consumes their enemies, this is how the enemies must die. • This may not be in reference to literal fire, this could be referencing judgment spoken from their mouth... etc... • v6. The power to shut up the sky, and call down all these terrible things is linked with the idea of many of the OT Prophets, especially Elijah and Moses. • v7-10. When they have finished their testimony, the beast out of the abyss will make war with them and slay them. • Earlier on, in Daniel, and in other parts of Revelation we see that the beast could very easliy be representative of Rome, or more specifically the Roman Emperor who raises himself up as if a god. • Their bodies will lie in the streets of Jerusalem... • The people will look on and celebrate. • v11-13. After 3.5 days the breath of God will re-enter them, and they will be raised up. Then God will call them to be with him. And there will be once again the same kind of imagery that we associate with the Judgment of God.

Revelation 10-11  

Overview of Revelation 10-11.

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