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A tree and a seat for “people from everywhere” Key outcomes and challenges of the Auburn Town Centre Public Domain Plan

Source: Project for Public Spaces

Auburn Town Centre Public Domain Upgrade

Auburn Town Centre Public Domain Plan Auburn People Place Project a community cultural consultation


Auburn Town Centre Accessibility + Modelling Options Traffic Study 2003

Auburn Town Centre Strategy 2031 (2009)

Integrated Public Art and Design Framework 2004

Auburn Town Centre Retail and Economic Study 2007

Poor overall appearance Existing


More pedestrian friendly Existing


Improve security + safety Existing


8 metres

3 metres 1800mm 600mm

Lack of open space Existing


Space which meets community needs Existing


Lack of public seating Existing


outdoor dining open space - play elements public open space

Lack of greenery Existing


When you say Auburn, Auburn Road immediately comes to mind – the main street. It doesn’t look modern – it hasn’t changed in 20-30 years…….. I know it’s dirty and crazy but you find …... a part of you in Auburn. Something spiritual pulls you in - like a hometown. I think people see something of themselves and their culture in this place. - participant, Auburn People Place Project, 2003

Monica Cologna Team Leader, Strategy Auburn City Council

Cologna, Monica (8A)