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Month XX, 2012 Swords • Balbriggan • Applewood • boroimhe • Airside • Rivervalley

INSIDE: Enjoying a day-long celebration to mark St Finian’s 30th anniversary P10

opinion: Senator Darragh O’Brien comes out against abolition of the Seanad P8

Happy to help: Funding boost for Hearts Appeal


Fingallians ladies claim the league title Page 30


Paralympic star on the rise at world games Page 28

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young artists Emily Ormsby from Swords and Matthew Kerr from Clontarf, celebrated a big-hearted €60k donation raised by Heatons staff and customers in aid of the Irish Heart Foundation’s Happy Hearts Appeal, with an eye-catching sand castle on Portmarnock beach in Dublin. The money was raised from badge sales at €2 a piece in stores across the country to support free information services for people newly diagnosed with heart disease and stroke in Ireland each year.

91% compliance rate for property tax Second highest compliance rate for controversial tax with €12m paid

 Natalie Burke

Fingal residents have the second highest compliance rate for the local property tax (LPT) within the four local authorities in Dublin, with 91% register-

ing to pay. The figure, as of July 23, show the total amount declared to pay is €18,394,884 and according to the latest figures, a total of €12,703,939 has been received. Responding to the

figures, local Cllr Eugene Coppinger (SP) has said he is “disappointed” with the high compliance rates saying he hoped the “boycott of the tax would have been stronger”. While Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) doesn’t

agree with the tax itself, he said that Fingal’s high compliance rates will mean that less people will have to suffer the “unnecessary penalties” that may result from non-compliance. Full Story on Page 4

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compliance Second highest in Dublin

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Property tax payment rate hits 91% in Fingal FINGAL residents have the second highest compliance rate for the local property tax [LPT] within the four local authorities in Dublin, with 91% registering to pay. T he figures, as of July 23, show the total amount declared to pay is €18,394,884 and according to the latest figures, a total of €12,703,939 has been received. The highest compliance rate out of the four local authorities in Dublin is Dun LaoghaireRathdown County Council with 92%. So far Revenue has revealed they have collected more than €175 million in LPT to date, with a further €60 million committed by way of phased payments. On a working assumption of 1.96 million properties, Revenue says it is “a very successful com-

 natalie burke

pliance rate of 89%” or 1.74 million properties. Anyone who hasn’t paid, and who is in employment or has an occupational pension, will receive a reminder letter from Revenue. They then have seven days from the date of the letter to file their returns online to prevent Revenue issuing instructions to their employer to deduct the LPT estimate from their wages or occupational pension. Self–employed property owners who have not complied with their LPT obligations will not

qualify for a tax clearance cert. Responding to the figures, local councillor Eugene Coppinger (SP) has said he is “disappointed” with the high compliance rates in Fingal. “I had hoped the boycott of the tax would have been stronger. Obviously the Government sees this as a success now, but I think there will be a problem in January when people have 12 months to pay and they won’t have the money,” he said. Recent media reports have claimed the LPT was not a tax for local services, but was going to the central Exchequer to pay bondholder debt, as revealed in a recent parliamentary question. “People are starting to realise that the money isn’t going to local serv-

ices, which is going to be a huge issue,” Cllr Coppinger continued. “We’ve been saying all along that the money will be used to pay back bank interest and bond holders etc, and that it’s not going to local services, and that is the case.” A spokesperson for the Department of Finance said that this year, revenue from LPT will accrue to the Exchequer as a “transitional measure” because the LPT was introduced from July 1, 2013. “To provide this certainty and to ensure that each local authority has the funds available to provide the local services in their area, the Exchequer has already paid into the local government fund in 2013 to pay for local services,” the Department explained. “There will be no

shortfall in the LGF in 2013 as its allocation was decided upon at the start of the year.” Income from the LPT will be paid to the local government fund in 2014, with 80% of the LPT retained in the local authority area it is raised and used to fund services from January 1 2014. Cllr Anne Devitt (Ind) said she is “delighted” that people are paying what she believes is a “fair tax”. “Some people can avoid other taxes, such as the income tax, but everyone has to pay this,” she said. While he doesn’t agree with the tax itself, Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) has said Fingal’s high compliance rate means that less people will suffer the “unnecessary penalties” that may result from non-compliance.

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donabate Dublin’s only agriculture show returns

Flavours of Fingal 2013 to whet appetites  natalie burke

DUBLIN’S only agricultural show is set to return to north Dublin for its second year. The Flavours of Fingal County Show 2013 is a unique agricultural and family event and will be taking place in Donabate this September. The show is the first ever of its kind in Dublin, and promises to be an unmissable event, which celebrates Irish breeding and locally produced

food from renowned Irish producers. With the show just weeks away, Flavours of Fingal has announced the opening of its livestock competition, with judging taking place in breeding classes of cattle, sheep and poultry. Competitors are encouraged to submit their entries by August 30. The two-day event takes place at Newbridge House and Farm in Donabate on Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15, and is

aimed at promoting and showcasing all breeds and disciplines of livestock. As well as livestock competitions and agricultural displays, food enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice with an extensive food village offering samples from local producers including fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and coffees. Country Crest, Keelings and Keoghs are just some of the food producers exhibiting at the event. A spokesperson for the festival said the team are

Ryan Callan from Castleblaney. Picture: Derek O’Mara

“very much looking forward” to what will be a bigger and better competition element to this year’s show. “T he standard of entries last year was very high, leaving us with high expectations for the competitors at this year’s county show. With only a month away to the final deadline for entries, we

encourage everyone to get their entries in as soon as they can to guarantee their spot at what promises to be a highly competitive show.” According to William Smyth, the overall winner of the cattle breeding competition at last year’s event: “The Flavours of Fingal County Show was well organised and well

attended. The event is an ideal day out in what is a stunning setting. We truly enjoyed the day and hope to see everyone again this year.” To enter your livestock to the Flavours of Fingal County Show or to find out more information, email or visit www.

litter Bin gum your way in Fingal FINGAL County Council is once again stepping up its campaign against gum litter by taking part in the national Gum Litter Taskforce (GLT) awareness campaign with its Bin It Your Way initiative. Fingal County Council was recently at the P av i l i o n s S h o p p i n g Centre, Swords, to promote the correct disposal of gum litter, with the help of the council’s environmental awareness team, Fingal litter wardens and members of the Swords Tidy Towns group. The campaign aims to reduce the amount of gum litter by going to the root cause of the issue and encouraging the public to Bin It Your Way.

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goodbye ‘Unfair, unjust policies’ spark move

Cllr Cian O’Callaghan: The Labour Party in government has “broken steadfast election commitments”

O’Callaghan quits the Labour Party  natalie burke

FORMER Mayor of Fingal Cian O’Callaghan has become the latest member to quit the Labour Party, saying he has come to “disagree profoundly” with its approach in government. The now Independent councillor recently announced his resignation, and has since accused the party of implementing “unfair and unjust policies” and making choices that have benefited the rich and powerful “at a huge cost to everyone else”. Cllr O’Callaghan will remain as an Independent councillor on Fingal County Council. Following his resignation, Cllr O’Callaghan said the Labour Party in government has “broken steadfast election commitments”. “I disagree profoundly

with the Labour Party approach in government in a long list of areas,” he said, naming cuts in education and health and failure to increase taxation on those most able to contribute as just a few of the areas he disagreed on. Other areas included the “soft approach” to developers responsible for unfinished ghost estates, pyrite-affected homes and derelict sites, as well as the “very tough approach” on families struggling against home repossessions. The local councillor said the introduction of two budgets in a row – which he believed targeted people on low and middle incomes – was “deeply unjust”. “This approach goes against what I believe is the very foundation of centre-left politics – which is to encourage

more equal societies over time.” Cllr O’Callaghan said he still has the “upmost respect” for his now former Labour Party colleagues on Fingal County Council. “For example, the Labour councillors were at their best in recent months in achieving a substantial reversal of cuts to library opening hours. Due to their effective representation, the cuts to library opening hours will be much less severe from September onwards.” Cllr O’Callaghan also praised local Labour Party TD Brendan Ryan, saying: “I have always found Brendan Ryan to be a very effective, downto-earth and practical TD, and I wish him and the Labour Party councillors in Fingal all the best for the future.” Speaking to the

Gazette, Deputy Ryan said the resignation “did not come out of the blue”. “It has been wellknown that since Cian’s term as Labour Party nominee for Mayor of Fingal finished, he had seemingly become increasingly unhappy,” he said. “The reality of coalition government is difficult for all of us, but this is the reality of our situation and it does noone any good to ignore that. It has never been more important to have the Labour Party in government, working day in and day out to protect low and middle income people and families. Walking away into some utopian wilderness will not achieve anything for the people that Cian and I represent. Staying in the Labour Party and staying in government has and will.”

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LocalMatters opinion ‘Stop this slash-and-burn approach’ S u p p o r t l o c al b u s i n e ss Advertise with the Gazette call 60 10 240

Abolishing the Seanad amounts to a power grab ATTEMPTING to abolish the Seanad is nothing less than a power grab by the biggest government majority this country has ever seen. Rather than putting in place a ‘new politics’, the Government has ruthlessly avoided any real oversight of their decisions by concentrating power into a small group of men at the top. It has empowered a clique that has shown itself as arrogant and out of touch after only two-and-a-half years in power. The real result of abol-

ishing the Seanad is concentrating power into fewer and fewer hands, with less and less scrutiny of the decisions that are shaping this country. The real question in the upcoming referendum is whether or not you trust this Government enough to remove the checks and balances the Constitution places on its power? Judging by their record of broken promises, to date, I don’t. The slash-and-burn approach to the Seanad has been marked by blatantly false claims over savings, which have yet to be backed up by any clear evidence. Only last week, at the launch of [the Government’s] campaign, Richard Bruton [Fine Gael’s director of elections for the referendum] claimed that abolishing the Seanad would save €100 million – but failed to back it up with evidence from the Houses of Oireachtas’ finance section. This type of spin-obsessed campaigning is par for the course by the Government. What is most disturbing about it is the fact that this Government is now trying to change more than 40 articles of our Constitution, which has kept the State together more than 75 years, through world wars, The Troubles and economic crises. Taking an axe to the Constitution as part of a power grab will damage the fabric of this State for generations to come. When the Government was elected, it promised a ‘democratic revolution’. In defending their decision to try and abolish the Seanad, they have pointed to their work in Dail reform and further progress.

Senator Darragh O’Brien, FF: “Taking an axe to the Constitution as part of a power grab will damage the fabric of this State for generations to come”

However, behind that spin is a dark record of broken promises, [including] the Government is systematically breaking its Programme for Government pledge not to guillotine bills, with 63% of all legislation being guillotined, to date. The Topical Issues debate is being completely undermined by the failure of relevant ministers to turn up in more than 40% of cases. The Friday sitting farce is mere window dressing to bolster sitting days without any real debate. Sitting days have expanded by 23% - not 50%, as promised. Clearly, the Government is not interested in having a political system that keeps a close eye on what it is doing. The democratic revolution has turned into a cynical power grab. I can say from my own experience that the current Seanad needs to be overhauled to ensure we

have a system that broadens out representation in political life, and maintains a close eye on what the Government is doing. Fianna Fail’s proposal for political reform reaches from local government all the way to the corridors of Cabinet power. As part of that comprehensive vision for real change, we want a Seanad that is reduced in number and costs, elected by all of the people, and representative of society as a whole. We believe that 50/50 gender quotas should be used in the Seanad to help re-balance Irish politics. It must also be given a clear role in introducing a wider range of bills and scrutinising EU legislation which forms so much of our law. It is vital that we learn lessons from past mistakes. The group think that drove on the property boom with all political parties shouting in favour of it will only worsen if we

decide to eliminate independent voices from the parliament. We need to establish a political system that encourages talented people with real world experience into political life so that they can make a meaningful contribution to tackling the economic crisis. We need a government that is held to account and challenged. It cannot be allowed to simply ram through legislation – such as introducing the property tax, or cutting the respite care grant – without real debate. A reformed Seanad will occupy this important role. In contrast, concentrating power into the hands of a few at the top will condemn us to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Senator Darragh O’Brien Dublin spokesperson, Fianna Fail

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gardening Growers’ event set to return

A totally terrific tomato festival ROLESTOWN Plants Plus Garden Centre celebrates all things tomatoes with its annual Totally Terrific Tomato Festival this September. Last year’s inaugural festival saw over 250 people turning out to view the tomatoes.

According to a spokesperson for the festival, this year’s event will see rare and unusual tomato exhibits, guest speakers, competitions, tasting sessions, a butterfly farm and a petting zoo, to name just a few. “One of our main

focuses for this year is the importance of preserving the valuable genetic heritage of all the old varieties. We would like to build on the tomato competitions with lots of different tomato categories from the largest tomato to the ugliest tomato. This year

has been a much better year for growing tomatoes so we can’t wait to see all the entries.” This year’s event will take place on Sunday, September 1. For more information, see

Winner: €1,000 richer pictured is Swords

resident Martin Freeney, who recently became €1,000 richer when 98FM’s Thunder Team knocked on his door and presented him with the cheque prize. The radio station is making some lucky Dubliners richer to mark their new summer music schedule. Listeners can text the station the name of the first song played after the news and sport after 8am and 4pm for a chance to win. For more information, visit

courts: man jailed for having cocaine worth €22k

Five-year review halves sentence A MAN jailed for 10 years, after being caught with €22,000 worth of cocaine in a coal bunker at his family home, has been released after a five year sentence review.. K a r l B a r ke r ( 27 ) , of Abbeylea Avenue, Swords, pleaded guilty in July 2008 at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possession of the drugs for sale or supply at his home on March 22, 2007. Barker, who has 49 previous convictions, told gardai: “I cannot stop taking it, I have a

cocaine habit.” Judge Katherine Delahunt accepted that Barker’s addiction was at the root of his problem, but added that he was experienced and had been dealing in drugs before. She said she felt she had no option but to impose the presumptive minimum sentence of 10 years. She allowed for the sentence to be reviewed after five years. Judge Martin Nolan recently said he hoped that Barker had learned his lesson. He suspend-

ed the remaining five years of the sentence for five years on condition that Barker keep the peace for that period. During the original sentencing Garda Colm Donohue told Garret Baker BL , prosecuting, that gardai acting on foot of confidential information searched the house and found two bags containing 314.87 grams of cocaine with a street value of €22,040 in a coal bunker in the back garden. Barker admitted responsibility for the drugs

P a u l G r e e n e BL , defending Barker, said he had entered an early guilty plea and taken responsibility for the drugs. He said Barker had an “addictive personality” leading to gambling and drug problems and “one infects the other”. M r G r e e n e a s ke d Judge Delahunt to take into account that Barker had not been in trouble with the gardai since March 2007 and was making efforts to deal with his drug addiction.

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Maria McCambridge takes the winner title, while Gladys O’Neill (R) takes second place and Eilish Kelly (L) finishes in third place. Pictures: Stephen Findlater



ANY runners battled it out in The Fingal 10k race in Swords last Sunday, July 21. Maria McCambridge took home the title of the women’s winner, while Stephen Scullion was crowned the overall men’s winner. The competition was held as part of the Gathering, and last year more than 4,000 runners competed.


St Finian’s hits 30 years on the ball s

T FINIAN’S GAA Club recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with a day-long celebration. The club has grown from strength to strength over the years, with just one adult team and a few juvenile teams when it

Annette Kealy

Sarah Donne

Antonio Munoz, Jonathan Masueme, John Delaney, Jason O’Reilly and Matthew O’Toole. Pictures: Conor O Mearain

first formed in 1983. Today the club boasts around 50 teams. President of the GAA Liam O’Neill was among those who celebrated. The day featured exhibition games played on the pitches, and a dinner at the clubhouse.

Robbie Matthews

Gabrielle, Alexandra, Rachel and Ian Church

Niamh and Ryan Hughes

The overall men’s winner, Stephen Scullion Darragh Synnott, Senan Crosbie, Hugh O’Connor and Harry Ryan

1 - 15 August 2013 swords gazette 11

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John Sylvester, Evan Murray and Daniel O’Shea Martin and Matthew O’Toole

Annabel Timothy Pat Farrell, Ryan Hughes and Denis O’Keeffe



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Billie O’Connor-Lloyd and Phillip Lloyd

Miss Wexford, Aoife

Miss Derry, Ashleigh



Miss Dublin West, Elizabeth Gelera, and Miss Kildare, Ally Garvey

Pamela Flood with

Olivia Tracey, Aoife Walsh (named as Miss Ireland 2013) and Sarah Morrissey

Bernie and Jeff Cafolla


A beautiful night out

The evening’s hosts at The Ballsbridge Hotel, Ray Shah and Elaine Crowley and, right, members of boy band Fifth Base

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gardening tips P14

contest: dalkey man impresses masterchef star

Smoked salmon and spinach lasagne wins Best Fish Dish A DUBLIN-BASED foodie has reeled in flavour with his smoked salmon and spinach lasagne dish, impressing MasterChef UK star John Torode with his culinary skills. Torode was in town recently to help find Ireland’s best fish dish to celebrate 3’s All You Can Eat Everything plan on bill pay. Hugh Sweeney, who runs a market stall at the Farmer’s Market in

the Tramyard in Dalkey was crowned the winner by the MasterChef UK presenter after tasting his smoked salmon and spinach lasagne. Originally from Donegal, Hugh is also a member of the Irish Lobster Ltd team. Hugh made it to the finals with Cork food blogger Emma Kenneally. The duo were chosen to be finalists out of hundreds of entries by top

Irish food writer Ross Golden-Bannon and celebrity chef Andrew Rudd, to go head-to-head at a cook-off challenge in front of John Torode recently. Commenting on his visit, Torode said: “I was delighted to visit Ireland and judge Three Mobile’s hunt for Ireland’s Best Fish Dish. “Ireland is very proud of its own produce and Ireland’s Best Fish Dish

is all about local produce and supporting what’s going on.” The winner, Hugh Sweeney, said: “It was an honour to win 3 Mobile’s hunt for Ireland’s Best Fish Dish, especially as one of the judges was John Torode. “It was an amazing experience and proves that the seafood products Ireland produce are of award winning quality,” he added.

Food writer Ross Golden-Bannon; celebrity chef Andrew Rudd; Best Fish Dish winner Hugh Sweeney, Emma Kenneally and MasterChef UK star John Torode


14 Gazette 1 - 15 August 2013



gardening tips: how to combat the summer heat

Get your fingers green and protect your plants î Ž bairbre Ni bhraonain

Although the recent spell of dry sunny weather seems over, a return to high temperatures could mean your plants and flowers becoming seriously dehydrated if you don’t keep a close eye on them. Gardens all across Ireland have had great use this summer; with families electing to snub the

TV so they can enjoy the evening outdoors – with frequent barbecues and outdoor parties. In the last week, though, the unexpected monsoon has been a welcome relief for plants which not only shrivel up, but can also suffer from sun damage. Arboretum Lifestyle and Garden Centre has given the Gazette some tips to make sure gardens reap the benefits of the

good weather, and survive in good shape. When the sun is out and a dry spell lasts for any length of time; the first priority is to keep your garden watered. Do this as a ritual every night as to do it during the day will result in plants and flowers being burned. Make sure the water penetrates right into the roots of the plants. Watering the lawn

will stop it from looking brown and parched. With hanging baskets, it is essential to water the flowers as they have no other natural source of hydration available. Flower beds, though better positioned to grab any moisture occurring in the soil, also need to be watered regularly in hot weather. As for shrubs, they need about eight litres of water a day in very dry weather.

Blooms can quickly shrivel up if there is no rain or watering

Garden lovers should not neglect maintenance during the summer either. Pruning is an important part of keeping all shrubs looking healthy. As for mowing the lawn, keep it to about an inch high thereby ensuring that it not only looks its best but also allowing it to absorb

more water more efficiently. Unfortunately, weeds love the heat and grow more quickly than in colder conditions, so weeding once a week can prevent these unwelcome visitors from stealing important nutrients from plants and flowers.

The Arboretum team suggest salvias, sedums, cistus and helichrysum as the best, drought resistant plants to freshen up the garden. For more information on keeping your garden healthy throughout the summer months, you can go to

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16 Gazette 1 - 15 August 2013



At the launch of the Local like you competition are model Roz Purcell and broadcaster Hector O hEochagáin

Search is on for our local gems Broadcaster Hector O hEochagain and model Roz Purcell have joined Londis in its brand new campaign to search for Ireland’s Local Gems. The drive was launched by Londis last week in an effort to identify little known tourist attractions around Ireland and is part of the launch of their new “local like you” campaign, highlighting what makes Londis different from other retailers in Ireland. To be in with a chance of winning a break away, Londis is inviting entrants to demonstrate how well they know their locality by identifying a great family break in their county. The submissions can include suggestions on places to stay, activity ideas and good places to eat. Commenting on the competition, Londis group marketing manager Ruth Norton said: “Londis retailers add local value in so many different ways to communities around Ireland. We wanted a unique way of demonstrating just how much

each retailer cares about the community.” For more information, visit londisireland.

fundraising drive-in bingo A new weekly drivein bingo initiative was launched last week at Leopardstown Racecourse by the Carers Association and special guest, X-Factor star Mary Byrne. The drive-in bingo is the first of its kind in Dublin and will raise money for the 46,825 unpaid family carers in Dublin. The first bingo game kicked off on Sunday, July 28 and others will be held on the last Sunday of every month from now on. The carers of Dublin provide assistance to frail elderly people, those with terminal illnesses and people with disabilities. It is estimated by the Carers’ Association that carers across Ireland save the government over €4 billion a year. Those wishing to take part can drive into the event, get a bingo book costing €15 and honk

their horn for a full house. The cash payment will be €15,000. All proceeds raised will go towards the development of services for family carers in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath.

win a library worth €1,500 Bord Gais Energy is reminding members of the local community and organisations from Dublin to submit their entries for the Bord Gais Energy Club Donate a Library initiative. The call for nominations will close on Friday August 9, and people are being asked to nominate a local charity, community, voluntary or non-profit group worthy of receiving a library worth €1,500. Since its launch in April, the initiative has received an overwhelming response with over 100 nominations citing escapism, education, literacy support for young people, company for elderly people, strengthening the community and many other reasons to support their pitch for why a library would be

a valuable resource for their group. The initiative will donate a library worth €1,500 to organisations within the community and voluntary sector, every four months on an ongoing basis. To nominate an organisation visit

Opera in the open concerts Dublin City Council’s Art Office will present the 2013 series of Opera in the Open at the Amphitheatre, Civic Offices, Wood Quay. The concerts will take place every Thursday lunchtime at 1pm during the month of August. Opera in the Open is an initiative of Dublin City Council as part of its remit to make art and culture accessible to all in the city. Operas featured in this year’s series include firm favourites such as Tosca and The Turn of the Screw. Admission to all of the concerts is free. Singers for this year’s series include Sandra Oman, Morgan Crowley and Elizabeth Ryan.

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18 Gazette 1 - 15 August 2013

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asdfsdaf P27 gaming P24

OUT&ABOUT Never be out of the loop on what’s happening in Dublin! Let Out&About be your guide to all that is stylish, cultural and essential across the city and beyond this week



Pets help dear DAISY find a great home

Musical theatre veteran Paul Monaghan and on stage as Bustopher Jones. Picture: Alessandro Pinna

miaow: broadway’s renowned show coming to bord gais energy theatre

‘Cats’ makes Dubliners purr  Bairbre Ni Bhraonain

A REAL Andrew Lloyd Webber classic is coming to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre this month as Cats leaps onto the stage. The musical is based on TS Eliot’s collection of whimsical poems and features a tribe of cats called the Jellicles. Drimnagh native and musical theatre veteran Paul Monaghan will star in the production coming to the theatre, alongside fellow Dubliner Susan McFadden. Paul spoke to The Gazette ahead of his return to Dublin. “I moved to London in 1991 to do Les Miserables for six months in the West End. That lasted two years and I kept getting more and more work, so I stayed there. I went to Synge Street School and was in a big choir there and did some

school shows. I then went to study with Veronica Dunne at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and did some operas as well as lots of amateur drama productions with Dublin musical societies. “Through this, I came to the attention of Earl Gill, the old trumpeter in the Gaiety Theatre. He gave me a job in a show called Can’t Stop The Music with Red Hurley and Twink. Then I did some concert orchestra work and then auditioned for Cameron Mackintosh and settled here in England. I live in Kent now but I do try to get home as much as I can.” Paul is looking forward to coming home to Dublin as his schedule has been so hectic lately. “I’ve been in Cats since January and we’re performing for two weeks here, there and everywhere, so it’s been hard to get home lately. We are in Ostend in

Belgium where Susan McFadden joins us before we go to Dublin. I have three brothers and sisters and I’m the youngest. They have loads of kids, so it’s great to visit them all.” Paul plays two parts in the current run of Cats, and the characters are very different from each other. “I play a very posh, fat cat called Bustopher Jones, so that requires a lot of padding which has been difficult in this hot weather. The other cat I play is Gus, the theatre cat. Gus is a bigger role and he’s an old cat who reminisces about his time playing a pirate cat when he was young. The show was very innovative when it was devised 30 years ago and the cat movements were never seen before. I’m lucky I have a cat and I’ve never observed it as much in my life since joining the show.

“It’s a hugely physical musical theatre piece and when we were in rehearsals we talked a lot about cats’ mannerisms and have used them in our performances. Yet, over time, your performance grows as you become more confident and less awkward in your movements. It’s a lot easier now. The two characters I play move very differently too. The toff’s [Bustopher Jones] costume is very restrictive and he is very upright, prim and proper, whereas Gus is old and scraggly and a swashbuckler as a pirate youth. It all requires quite a range.” Cats is the second longest-running show in Broadway history, and the fourth longest-running West End musical. Cats will run from August 21 until September 7. Tickets cost €20 and are available from or by caling 01 677 7999.

The Gazette Newspaper has teamed up with Dogs Trust to help find homes for unwanted and abandoned dogs. Our Dog Of The Week is Daisy; a six-month-old pitbull cross. Daisy is a clever young lady and has been doing a little bit of training here in the centre. She loves cuddles and being made a fuss of. Daisy would love a busy home, with a family who can take her out for long walks and then relax together afterward. For the right family, Daisy will be an amazing addition If you think you could give Daisy the home she so badly needs, please contact Dogs Trust on 01-879 1000. They are based in Finglas, just off exit 5 on the M50. Map and directions can be found on their website You can also find them on Facebook dogstrustireland or Twitter @DogsTrust_IE.


20 Gazette 1 - 15 August 2013



TRAVEL Summit to do for others

Take a peak at an event to tackle in Westport  natalie burke

THE second-largest adventure race in the country is set to take place in Westport once again this year, with The Voice coach Bressie preparing to take on the challenge. The former frontman of The Blizzards is heading for new heights as he tackles Westport Sea2Summit, which will take place on Saturday, November 9. Along with Bressie, up to 1,300 adventure racers are expected to compete in this year’s event. Starting at the Westport Plaza and Castlecourt Hotel Resort, the race incorporates a mix of road running, cycling and hiking up Croagh Patrick. Competitors have the choice of the Spirit Event (27km) or the Supreme Event (56km). This year, they also have the option of tacking the brand-new Supreme Relay Event (56km). This year’s charity partner is LARCC – the only residential cancer care facility in the country. For further information or to book a place, see

Despite its historic city status, charming Annapolis is home to just 40,000 people

stateside: relax in maryland in this delightfully laid-back city

A holiday in Annapolis would be a capital idea  natalie burke

THERE’S a little something in the waters that surround the US city of Annapolis, but quite what that is, I’ve yet to put my finger on. Perhaps it’s the seafood and the famed blue crab; perhaps it’s the laid-back character of the locals, or maybe it’s something in the romance of taking one of the city’s late-night water taxis. Either way, this Statesside destination has something special to offer those lucky enough to stumble across its threshold. The American “city”

has all the qualities of a quaint colonial-style town, and so, it may come as a surprise to learn that the city of Annapolis is also the capital of the US state of Maryland. However, it sidesteps the typical “city landscape”, and instead features an old-fashioned all-American charm. Its streets are filled with colonial red-brick buildings, churches and historic state buildings, while the harbour is filled with sailboats. The streets are quiet, cobbled and lined with a mixture of art galleries, antique shops, wine

bars and coffee shops, while Main Street is ideal for shopping for knickknacks, picking up a souvenir, browsing boutiques or making a wellearned pitstop for some home-made fudge and icecream. With a population of fewer than 40,000, Annapolis is a waterfront gem and its size is perfect for exploring on foot or by bike, or – for the more adventurous – by segway, the two-wheeled batterypowered vehicle. The town lies along the Chesapeake Bay and is known – quite famously – as the Sailing Capital of

Neatly-dressed midshipmen abound, given the city’s historic role as the home of the US Naval Academy – a role it has fulfilled since 1845

the World, boasting a rich maritime culture. For fans of peoplewatching, a saunter along the docks is the ideal way

to soak up the real local atmosphere, and to spot a few of the fancier yachts pulling in to dock. Grab a coffee to-go at

the waterfront Hard Bean Coffee Shop, and keep an eye out for some welldressed sailors or, more correctly, midshipmen.

1 - 15 August 2013 GAZETTE 21


Travel Why? Because Annapolis is also home to the US Naval Academy, and has been since 1845. The academy is open to visitors and offers daily tours where you can see what the impressive facilities are like – where the midshipmen (as academy students are called) sleep, eat and of course, enjoy their Olympic-sized sports facilities. A wander through the cobbled streets of downtown Annapolis reveals some real treasures, and paying a visit over the course of a weekend is bound to land you in the centre of one of the city’s regular festivals. During a recent visit, I conveniently found myself surrounded by a sea of green in the city’s highly anticipated Irish festival! Sundays often see a classic car show, as well as a popular local farmer’s




market. You might spot some well-dressed pups at Paws Pet Boutique, where you’re sure to pick up a gift for your own four-legged friend, while a visit to the Annapolis Bookstore will warm the cockles of any book-lover’s heart. Hidden behind the bookshop and cafe, you’ll even find a secret fairy garden, complete with a miniature house of books and a fairy tree-house.

Irish bar A visit to Annapolis wouldn’t be complete without paying a trip to an Irish bar, and stopping for a pint at Main Street’s Castlebay bar is a must at the end of your day. The crab and artichoke dip was a personal favourite, and its native Dublin owner is sure to give you a warm welcome. For those looking for a


Whether tucking into delicious crab cakes at Boatyard and Grill, or browsing art at a local festival, Annapolis has plenty to delight

little more culture, take a tour of the Maryland State Building – the oldest state house in the US to be still in legislative use. It’s a keepsake of the title that the city of Annapolis held briefly in 1783 and 1784, as the capital city of the United States. There’s plenty to see in the surrounding area of Maryland, and hopping into your car will get you to the beach in less than

two hours. As Annapolis is located just 45 minutes from Washington DC, a trip to see the White House and the US capital can easily be done in a day. For avid shoppers, a 20-minute car ride will bring you to the area’s largest outlet mall, Arundel Mills. However, keep your appetite for your return to Annapolis, as the city has the best dining options.

Try the famous crab cakes at the Boatyard Bar and Grill, or make it to Brio’s for Happy Hour, where cocktails are priced at just $5 ($3.80) and tapas just $3.50. A trip across the slightly daunting dual-span Bay Bridge to Kent Island is well worth the drive, even if just for the view of the beautiful bay itself. It’s also the ideal spot for some finer dining alfresco, where you can

enjoy more of Maryland’s delicious blue crab and a Bay Bridge cocktail at sunset in Hemingway’s restaurant. So, whether you’re planning to stop by for just a few days, or are already making a beeline to soak up the all-American culture and seafood, Annapolis won’t disappoint. It’s hands down my new favourite spot on US soil – and that’s saying something ...

FLIGHTS NEARBY airports provide easy access to Annapolis and the surrounding area, and provide a host of ground transportation, including rental cars and public transportation. The Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) is located just 30 minutes away, some 23 miles from Annapolis, while Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) is less than an hour’s journey away.


22 Gazette 1 - 15 August 2013




motors: 1-litre EcoBoost petrol engine is a headline change

Ford give its new Fiesta a thorough revamp

The Fiesta has a winning combination of looks, efficiency and driving enjoyment n Cormac Curtis

About a year ago I was lucky enough to attend an event that Ford were

hosting to let motoring journalists get up close and personal with a new engine – one they sounded particularly

proud of. The engine was the ecoboost – a light, fuelefficient 1-litre petrol engine, with some genu-

inely fun driving characteristics, we were reliably told. The real surprise was that this little engine

delivered in spades. One of the downsides to modern motoring is how easy it is to sit into any car and know exactly what to expect in terms of the actual drive. It sounds contradictory, but to driving fans, this is a bit of a letdown. Think about it – even the most modest of family or city cars are so well developed, and meet the expectations of the mass market to such an extent, that they all share driving characteristics of saloons, estates and even coupes far above their station. Back in the day, Dad’s

Ford Sierra or Volvo drove one way, and the VW Golf GTI drove very, very differently. How else could you appeal to the broad range of drivers out there? T he ecoboost has given Ford the opportunity to appeal to the market in a far more meaningful way. I drove the latest incarnation of the Fiesta, with the ecoboost engine, and I just had a blast. Acceleration, braking, steering – they all behave just a little bit differently than you might expect. There is a nimble, agile character to this car that excites and stimulates the driver. It’s an experience you really have to test for yourself – but what will impress is the series of genuinely impressive and innovative safety features that Ford have incorporated in to the latest Fiesta. I’m not talking about how many airbags and crumple zones it has. No, Ford have gone one giant leap further. Fiesta is the first model in Europe to feature Ford-exclusive My K e y t e c h n o l o g y. MyKey enables the car owner to program a key – usually for younger drivers – that restricts the top speed of the Fiesta, reduces the maximum volume of the audio system, and even disables the audio system altogether if driver and passengers are not using safety belts. It can also prevent the driver from deactivating safety technologies such as electronic stability control and active city stop, which can help mitigate or prevent low-speed collisions.

The new Fiesta also offers advanced technologies including voice-activated in-car connectivity system Ford SYNC Ford’s SYNC in-car connectivity system delivers an unprecedented level of connectivity, enabling owners to voice-activate phone calls and music selection from devices connected via Bluetooth or USB. The SYNC system includes emergency assistance, which directly connects the vehicle occupants to local emergency services operators after an accident, in the language of the region. In Ireland, the new Fiesta is offered in three versions: Fiesta; Fiesta Zetec; and Fiesta Titanium. The specification list for the lead in Fiesta is as follows: 14” steel wheels; body-coloured bumpers; upper grille with chrome surround bars; daytime running lights; rear spoiler; electric front windows with “one touch”; electric heated mirrors; USB and au x connectivity; ABS, ESP and hill launch assist; seven airbags (front, side, curtain and knee); and central locking. The additional specification list for the Fiesta Zetec includes: 15”alloy wheels; front fog lights; body-coloured door handles and mirrors; leather steering wheel and remote audio controls; trip computer; and MyKey. Fiesta Titanium specification adds: 15” alloy unique wheels; enhanced chrome detailing; LED daytime running lights; manual A/C; heated windscreen; ambient lighting; premium centre console with armrest; and perimeter alarm.

1 - 15 August 2013 swords gazette 23


24 SWORDS GAZETTE 1 - 15 August 2013




The excellent Knightmare parody on YouTube (search for Knightmare Parody, by OwynAndCo) perfectly captures the essence of the show

Gamers set sail for the Caribbean in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV PC, PS3, XB360, WiiU, October



Cult 1980s TV hit to get a one-off show on YouTube CONTINUING to stretch the boundaries of what, exactly, is allowed to get buried on the Gaming/Tech page, children of the 1980s everywhere (like me) will rejoice at the news that Knightmare – the (cough) seminal children’s TV show that ran for donkeys’ years – returns for a one-off online special show on YouTube next Monday, August 5. While I dig out my old paisley shirts and try to grow a mullet for next Monday, I should explain that Knightmare episodes would see a small team of children attempting to guide a friend of theirs past dire perils (and terrible acting alike) in a virtual dungeon setting, under the watchful gaze of Dungeon Master Treguard (the one and only Hugo Myatt, right). The fact that said friend couldn’t see a thing, thanks to the Adventurer’s Helmet – a glorified bucket, more or less – totally obscuring his sight, thus seeing him or her relying on frantic shouts of “Take two steps left! No, left! Left!” to avoid being eaten by a troll, poisoned by a mad monk, or, worst of all, being trapped in a room with a “hilarious” jester, somehow added to its cult charm.

Geek week Knightmare’s return is part of YouTube’s inaugural Geek Week, which runs from August 4 to 10, and features programming from a wide range of gee– err, alternative content providers that pay tribute to the past, cover some aspects of modern culture, and use ultra-modern tech and programming tools to deliver diverse content that’s a little out of step with mainstream programming. And, best of all, it’ll have the one-off Knightmare show! I need say no more.

GUNS AND NUTS STILL DON’T MIX WELL Call of Duty fans issue latest irrational threats

SHOWING the, uh ... passion for which Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 fans are famous, a highprofile developer of the series has been getting death threats, and promises of violence against his family, for daring to adjust how a number of guns operate in the multiplayer games. Oh, great. I *was* thinking about changing this orange backing to a redder shade of gold, but all things considered, I’ll leave it ...

€160 CHARGE TO INCLUDE ‘FREELOADERS’ Government prepares TV licence’s replacement

LAST but not least, I shall be returning after The Gazette’s August holidays to the Public Service Broadcasting Charge, which is set to replace the TV Licence by 2015. Introducing the charge, Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte said: “I don’t believe that people live in huts and I don’t believe people don’t access public service broadcasting ... We should not have freeloaders.” As a non-hut dweller who does not watch any RTE or any public service broadcasting, this particular “freeloader” shall be returning to this topic, right after this break ...

Brushing up on art WITH The Gazette staff all set to blow dust off some old Cliff Richard records and pile into a double-decker bus for a hilarious holiday together – well, possibly – this seems like a good time to dust off an occasional series examining some of the artwork behind some recent (and upcoming) releases. Games studios tend to attract brilliant artists, who put their outstanding skills to create a lot of concept art, which in turn help to flesh out the game, and have a key role in deciding many of the characters, settings and assets of the game. However, it’s rare for much of such artwork to be seen by the general public, as although they’re


common enough to find online, it’s still quite rare for mainstream publications to show them. So, as I prepare to top up my sunburn for a couple of weeks in August, here are some ar tworks from a number of recent or upcoming games titles, showing that the art of gaming really merits greater coverage. Now, where did I leave my bucket and spade – and my gramophone ...

The truth about alien invasions in the 1960s may be hidden – or revealed – in the upcoming The Bureau: XCOM An underrated-gem gets a glossy

Declassified PC, PS3, XB360, August

remake as Link returns in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD WiiU, October

Typically bombastic (and

One of the unsavoury characters to

best-in-class) design from Battlefield 3

meet in Los Santos, thanks to Grand

PC, XB360, XBO, PS3, PS4, October

Theft Auto V XB360, PS3, September

Bats is back for a memorable Christmas in Gotham in Batman: Arkham Origins (above) PC, PS3, XB360, WiiU, October, while gamers face bug trouble on another planet, courtesy of Lost Planet 3 (left) PC, PS3, XB360, August

NUKEFROMORBIT DESPITE being widely panned as a poor game that didn’t do the hugely-popular source film franchise material much justice, the crossplatform first-person-shooter Aliens Colonial Marines still shifted a solid enough number of copies at retail. Now, the final downloadable content (like buying extra chapters

for a book, typically following a minor character’s story) has been released, with Stasis Interrupted inviting gamers to cough up a budget fee to learn more about what happened to Corporal Hicks in the time between Aliens and Alien 3, and – nah, I wouldn’t really bother, if I were you. Lazily reusing the main game’s assets, follow a number of characters

on a spaceship diverted to the alieninfested Sulaco ... Annoyingly, the DLC has all the many and same failings as the main game, making it a drudge to complete. To quote Aliens’ Hudson: “Game over, man, game over ...”

In space, nobody can hear you scream ... “This game’s rubbish!”

1 - 15 August 2013 SWORDS GAZETTE 25

SWORDSCLASSIFIEDS BUILDERS BRICK,BLOCK AND STONEWORK 20 years experience, living locally. Garden walls, sheds, brick piers, patio & paving. Decorative internal brick work, Plastering, Concrete Drives and paths. New Builds. Insurance quotes. Call Dave anytime 0872917647




REACH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE g the Sharin fun at e iv fest ova’s N Radio arty p s a Xm . Y: P14

e d i h a l Ma Swords

TO ADVERTISE IN YOUR LOCAL E T T AREA CALL E Z A : BABYZ E T T E FREEBG ABY, A T H E G A Z E T T E FREE G PH.65 16 239 k ers c o h S rTrad afte heasppy 8 Kitasdrate t founisbyc2u% : Th d show Nz n o a t n t e e ALLER SEE G











012 5, 2 uar y Jan

for S guide l a i t 22 en n ess ee Pages 19M A O C S R YOU to-be therStars o g in m ITY is g ry YOUR COMMUN • YOUR PAPER :R INSIDE t on a shinin 9 eve pu 8 INSIDE: Red Kites BABY, BABY: An essential guide ance P UR • YO IT Y MUN

m perfor



killed after eating poisoned rats P6-7


s 19-2 every mother-to-be See Page


t all: S Footbster’s man

St Finian’s player shines for Dubs’ Stars

Sylve for Dublin r stars son opene in sea

Page 32

32 Page

Sports Awards:


Last winners of 2011 and gala night announced

rds: s Awa Sport ners of

hin d wit savings and reorcant cost els an g to s trav rnin n ofrcouncil staff and ganisatio on it retu Mayo eeks of structure d nea s during 2010 and ea d have w Fingal th in d BUSINESSES un 2011 has meant that the net fothe a few shot as in oore w major a a l been given ingal AY O’M rt by the council in urega URR expendit F Fin ayak following a decision to of the pa arm IMI M Kites , 2012 willsaremain id it at the same QM d Vin e taking t usialk.rates by re n 2%, L ed o a R o ip commerc slashthe sh as 2011.ose ght cGee ppy to b che’s firs h hil M level f ei tner tofigure that willPmean M a cumuo th ar 2 r in ...... A P L a ic ............... a re S Ezeudu GALLERIE g fo g and TA e ry h Tangam CIAaR ve e agreeing “Draftin DER y, wh rtsuCandtivAdaku ttin leased lative A TO ly hav rate reduction : “W ed BLAISE LEA of 13.9% upse a it who ecos. e Spo ht ethe Page ............... ere re.....l 18 Sw Nguests in the current BUSINES eply look N mawere budget te roject were last Ju azet zonamongs Fingal that hrist the by’ is y, T revesCwhen h the p climate ing e enjoying G 2009. was de inga 22 , the since atc ur ba is l-challengin th m ............... in F.......... o held etheir TRAVELil madeinat nomic as pla themsel waslv to w End of the The decisionin ve ‘oI wouldn like fo to expresshrist Ethnic vo ed belieand w d st bef k ca d dead juNetwor C s in m foun........ 23 cecelebrat INMENT l bee kite n’t of of budget meeting Valley GAA d ENTERTA annual River la l al the n ion ca en p county ra e said ie ion,” be avmy appreciat . 24 at seve County Council, just which d frthe hard work and dedicatook Year gged nAll veal........ a Fingal eatWe h llite taDavid ............... re th y g r. . MOTORS hall. n il O’Conno d d ttin ca ve manager dea r.the sate from Fam upse held innlate belie 26 diedwas - Decembe g it isFull Story on Page 4 ... 2CLASSIFIEDS It is............... signifi- lease; prey .” lowin ady co gdto FCC, ............ dead 6-7 alreAccordin rds of her re now the bi that had were dea s IES ...... .. 18 since she is Page d ts GALLER S .................. 2 know Story on ing ra poison an s included to 2 . S E ll h ... at Fu ite BUSIN .................. sumed The de ed k ... ing. e tagg as Co .. 23 or dy a satellit far TRAVEL INMENT ...... of n as .. 24 TA that flow ENTER ..................... 6 h had 2 whic S

in Last w nd gala 2011 a announced t nigh29

Page 29



y ag: Eth Tal Netatwor ivitkin n oys year end theenj




... R MOTO ............ IFIEDS CLASS






TELL US YOUR STORY Call our NEWS TEAM on 60 10 240 and SELECT OPTION 2 or email


On August 22, 2013 Dublin Gazette Newspapers will publish our highly sought after guide to help you in choosing Further Education. This information guide will be full of useful information on part-time and full-time courses and will be an invaluable reference for all considering re-training or continued learning. BOOK YOUR ADVERTISING SPACE NOW AND ADVERTISE TO OUR 142,000* DUBLIN READERS AT VERY COMPETITIVE RATES *PUBLISHERS STATEMENT BASED ON INDUSTRY STANDARDS.





Teach Eng abroad lish : Teachin g around the world

Page 20

Educat ion News: News from schools & colleges

Page 21

Learnin g from A to Education Z: for all ages

Page 22


We would love HAS IT to hear it!




For further information please contact Alison on 01 60 10 240 or email


on 60 10 240 and SELECT OPTION 2 or email news@gazettegroup. com




26 swords gazette 1 - 15 August 2013


Job Description: We require a Medical Sales Representative with a minimum of 3 years’ experience on territory to cover a vacancy on one of our existing dedicated teams promoting a range of high profile products including Psychiatry for leading blue chip companies, covering Cork, Kerry and Limerick. This position is open to experienced, hardworking and driven sales professionals with experience in the pharmaceutical industry..


Owned by a leading international healthcare services provider, Medical To Go Clinics Healthcare has grown rapidly and now leads the market for contract sales in the Ireland. With expansion into event organisation, Sales Force Effectiveness and bespoke training and skills development. Must have full clean Drivers license, totally fluent in English with strong exposure selling into GPs. If you know of companies where you would like to work, your first step should be to check out the company website to find available openings and apply online. Going directly to the source will get your application in the system fast and you may be able to sign up to be notified of new job openings as soon as they are posted. Please email to feature your corporate role direct.

Medical to Go Clinics Healthcare is currently recruiting for a number of exciting opportunities for Medical Sales Representatives for our client. If you are interested in joining over 100 field based employees at Ireland’s largest contract sales organisation, then we’d like to hear from you. Please forward your CV for consideration to

1 - 15 August 2013 SWORDS Gazette 27

gaelic games P29 asdfsdaf P27

dublinsport Let the Gazette keep you up to date with all the best local sporting action from around the city as we cover all the stories that matter to you and your community

DublinGazetteNewspapers 2013 dublin sports awards july nominees

THE HEAT was on last month and it certainly brought the best out in the sportsmen and women of Dublin, creating what was the closest contested Dublin Sports Awards nominations process so far this year. National, provincial and international titles were secured in a wide range of sports, and the calibre of the performances was such that this group of nominees will no doubt be re-appearing in our pages in the months to come...

H STARof the


the best in dublin sport P28


Get in the hunt for Etihad hurling support


maria mccambridge

ciaran kilkenny

fiona doyle

Dundrum South Dublin runner Maria McCambridge claimed back to back Dublin Race Series wins in the lead up to the 2013 Dublin Marathon, and will represent Ireland at the 2013 world championship in Moscow later this month.

FOR a second game running, Castleknock man Kilkenny produced a man of the match performance as the Dublin senior footballers overcame Royal rivals Meath by 2-15 to 0-14 in Croke Park to claim the Leinster title once again.

PORTMARNOCK swimmer Fiona Doyle produced a superb performance to claim silver in the 100m breaststroke at the World University Games in Kazan, Russia, recording a new Irish record and personal best in the process.


Hurling clubs across Dublin are being called upon to join Etihad Airways’ 2013 initiative, Raise The Bar, which has the grand prize of a year’s sponsorship from the Abu Dhabibased airline. Last year’s competition was a huge success, with clubs entering from across the country. Na Piarsaigh from Limerick came out on top after a public vote on and the votes from the judging panel. Local side Lucan Sarsfields won the equivalent prize in 2009, and now other clubs have the chance to win a €10,000 cash sponsorship fund, new branded playing and training kits, mentoring, coaching and social visits from key figures inside and outside hurling, and regular fundraising prizes such as Etihad Airways flights and All-Ireland hurling final tickets. Clubs can enter the competition by submitting written and video entries that show how they Raise The Bar and why they deserve to win the sponsorship package. The winning club will be decided by a public vote and the votes of the judging panel. Further details can be found online at

H Ballyboden st enda’s

lucan footballers

malahide tennis

Ballyboden St Enda’s captured the All-Ireland Division 1 Feile title in Limerick last month for the second time in their history and the first since 1992 when a storming second-half performance saw them claim victory over Douglas from Cork.

Lucan’s Under-12 girls won the Leinster final of the Community Games Ladies Football championship at Killoe’s GAA grounds in Longford. The team will represent Dublin and Leinster at the national finals, to be held in Athlone later this month.

MALAHIDE LTC completed the perfect season last weekend at the Dublin Lawn Tennis Council’s Summer League Premier final when they swept past Donnybrook in the final in Templeogue, just their third title in 130 years

c o n ta c t s Sports Editor: Rob Heigh For more information or to send in news and photos: or phone 01 601 0240


28 SWORDS Gazette 1 August 2013


Club Noticeboard

athletics: local star making ground in france

fingallians Well done to the senior ladies and

ness and skills. Thanks to the back-

their management team who won the

room team of Nicola, Feidhlim and

Division 1 league for the first time in

Megan for the smooth running.

the club’s history.

Over the summer months, cam-

Their championship semi-final v

ogie training continues on Thursday

Ballyboden St Enda’s now takes prior-

nights from 6.30 to 8pm for U-8s to

ity on Wednesday, August 7, in Lawless

U-12s camogie players - new players

Park, Swords - further details to fol-

are most welcome.


The expanding camogie section are

The very best of luck to our three

looking for new mentors. If you can

Dublin minor footballers, Emer Ni Eafa,

help out with fitness, skills or match

Niamh Rickard and Rachael Brogan as

day, we would love to hear from you.

they prepare to face Galway in the All-

Please email camogiefingallians@

Ireland minor ladies final in McDonagh

Park, Nenagh on Bank Holiday Monday, August 5, at 3.15pm. Well done to Lauren Campbell who captained the Dublin U-14 camogie team in an inter-county blitz.

Special thanks to our DCU student Peter O’Hanrahan who has been on placement in the club over the last number of months. Peter has worked with a number

Diary date: The junior football

of teams in the club in assisting them

championship semi-final will be held

with their training and match prepa-

in Balgriffin v St Anne’s on Sunday,

rations. The club would like to wish him

August 18 at 12.15pm.

all the best in his future studies and in

Fingallians hosted with great suc-

his quarter-final date with his county

cess the County Summer Advanced

(Monaghan) in their clash with Cavan.

Camogie Camp for 13- to 16-year-old players that focused on nutrition, fit-

Fingallians extends deepest sympathy to the Murphy family.

fingal ravens in Swords Open on Saturday, August

this Sunday, August 4 in Kettle’s Hotel

10. Teams of four only €160, tee times

from 9pm, admission only €5, come

from 11am to 1.30pm. To book your

along for a great night and see who

team, contact Maura Norton on 087

will be crowned the new Lord Mayor of

993 6458. Fingal Ravens minor team play Tho-

Tickets for our draw with the top

mas Ashe in the Christy Kavanagh

prize of €2,000 are now on sale. Tick-

cup on Friday, August 2, in Rolestown

ets cost between 1c and €20, available

at 7.30pm. Admission only €5, this is

from any committee member or team

part of the Lord Mayor of Rolestown

mentors. The draw will take place

fundraising campaign for candidate

at the Lord Mayor’s Ball on Sunday

Bernadette Kavanagh.

night. Our annual golf classic takes place

Committee meeting this Tuesday at 8pm in Kettle’s Hotel.

st finian’s It was a tough week for our sen-

Friday from 6 to 9pm and Saturday

ior footballers with two losses, but

from 10am to 6pm. All teams should

our hurlers and junior footballers

participate in this by organising times

recorded great wins.

for adults to help out.

We have the summer break for

The summer camps are filling up

the next three weeks for the adult

fast so please get your application in


as soon as you can.

We have been made aware of a

Forms can be found in the Down-

scam being carried out in the estate

loads sections of our website. You

by people who are pretending to be

can also pay online through the link

members of St Finian’s GAA Club and

on our homepage. All children must be

taking part in a non-existent spon-

registered in advance and no entries

sored walk. Please spread the word

will be accepted on the day.

among neighbours that this happen-

The lotto jackpot was €1,600 and

ing and make the Gardai aware of any

the numbers drawn were 1, 13, 17 and

further such incidents.

18. There was no winner.

We are bag-packing once again in SuperValu Boroimhe next weekend, and we are looking for volunteers for

Heather sets her sights on Rio trip


Our Lord Mayor’s Ball takes place


Heather Jameson crosses the line in the Women’s 100m T37 semi-final in Lyon. Picture: Jean Paul Thomas / SPORTSFILE

The €50 lucky-dip winners were Con Breen and Stephen Murphy. Next week’s jackpot will be €1,700.

Garristown paralympic athlete Heather Jameson put herself in contention to be one of the leading Irish competitors taking the road to Rio in 2016 after she recorded a series of creditable and impressive performances in the IPC World Athletics Championships at the Stade Parilly in Lyon, France. The youngest member of the Ireland team at the championships, Jameson started her campaign in the semi-finals of the T37 Womens 200m, in which she recorded a season’s

best performance of 32.16, but just missed out on a place for the final of the event. She then went on to give another good account of herself in the T37 100m event, finishing in sixth place in the semi-final and crossing the line in 15.26, a time that was just twohundredths of a second outside her top effort for the current campaign. The competitive semifinal was won by home favourite, Mandy Francoise-Elie. The Paralympic champion set a new championship record of 13.70, which was also just two hundredths of a

Carr top coach Local graduates from rugby school swords man Peter Carr was among the list of new Irish rugby league coaches to graduate from the European Commission-backed RLEF Technical Strategy initiative, following European Federation coaching manager Martin Crick’s fiveday visit to Dublin.

second outside the world record the French star set last month. Jameson, who is continuing to build vital championship experience after participating in London as a 15-year-old 12 months ago, finished eighth in the T37/38 Long Jump final. The Dubliner did well to make the final eight, holding off the late challenge of local favourite, Anais Jaron. Heather was delighted with her performances, saying of her showing in the 100m event: “It was a great experience being sandwiched between the

World Champion and the Paralympic Champion. Most of the girls are at least six years older than me and I’m looking forward to developing my talents and challenging them in the coming years.” Head of Irish Paralympic Athletics James Nolan was enthusiastic about the future. “Heather did very well to make the top eight in the long jump, an event that has moved on considerably since London 2012. At only 16 years old, a few years of technical training will have her in a good place for Rio.”

1 - 15 August 2013 SWORDS Gazette 29


Pennant champs


Corrstown salute home club victory

Cluskey secures second ATP doubles title

honorary secretary of the GUI’s Leinster Golf section John Ferriter presented Fergus Rafferty, the captain of Corrstown Golf Club, and his team with the AIG-sponsored Pierce Purcell pennant after their home victory last weekend. Picture: Pat Cashman

football: ladies set for championship and cup

Dublin county team-mates Sinead Finnegan and Rachel Ruddy in action for their club sides. Picture:

Fins claim Division 1 title with flourish AFL Division 1 Ballyboden St Enda’s 0-11 Fingallians 2-17 

Fingallians’ ladies footballers put on a commanding performance at Pairc Ui Mhurchu last week to claim the Dublin Division 1 title against perennial contenders, Ballyboden St Enda’s in a toughly contested encounter. With the sides going into the match well aware of what they had to do to secure the 2013 crown - Ballyboden had to win, while Fingallians only had to draw - it was

no surprise that there was little quarter given by either side in the tie. The final score did not reveal the close nature of the encounter, which essentially turned on the width of a crossbar in the first half. With Fingallians having established a three points to one lead early in the opening stanza with scores from Niamh Hurley, Amy McGuinness and Niamh Rickard, Ballyboden broke through the well-marshalled Fins defence, and a strike from Ciara Ruddy looked goal-bound. However, the ball

hit the crossbar and bounced back into play, and Fingallians cleared their lines. From that point onward, Fins took command in the tie, and established a lead that they would nor relinquish for the remainder of the tie. Hurley scored the first major of the game after a neat passage of play, which saw Rickard’s solo run supported by Rebecca Davy leading to a flick on to Hurley to bury the ball in the Ballyboden net. Lindsey Davey added three points to her per-

sonal tally, to leave the away team with a 10 point advantage at the turn. The second goal from Davy came in the second half, when Hurley took a rasping shot which was saved by the Ballyboden keeper, but the rebound fell kindly for Davy who buried her shot and effectively sealed the tie and the league title. The result will give the Fingallians ladies extra impetus and confidence going into the championship semi-final match against the same opposition, due to be played on August 7.

JAMES Cluskey continued his immaculate recent form with a second ATP challenge doubles title in the past month as he and Austrian Maximilian Neuchrist won in Guimaraes, Portugal last Saturday. The Swords man had been the first Irish player since Conor Niland – and just the third in total – to claim a title at this level of competition in Istanbul earlier in July, and he showed great character to win in dramatic circumstances in the semi-final and final in Portugal. Having swept through the first two rounds of competition, Cluskey and Neuchrist were taken to a deciding third set by Uruguay’s Ariel Behar and Spain’s Carlos Poch-Gradin, winning 10-8. The final against Spanish pair Roberto OrtegaOlmedo and Ricardo Villacorta-Alonso saw the duo lose the first set in a tiebreaker before fighting back to win the second set 6-2. They landed the title on a 10-8 scoreline in the third, claiming the €1,325 bounty into the process. It lifts Cluskey to 184 in the world doubles rankings.

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AUGUST 1 - 15, 2013

making a splash: running the world: Local Paralympic star Sport Awards nominees Heather Jameson shines in world championships P28 are announced P27

Fingallians’ senior ladies celebrate with the league trophy after they secured the title at Knocklyon against Ballyboden St Enda’s. Picture:

Fantastic Fingallians Ladies claim the Dublin Division 1 title after an unbeaten season and a full complement of players able to bring their A game to the table  rob heigh

Fingallians’ ladies senior football coach, Packie Barnwell, was full of praise for his charges after they secured the 2013 Dublin Division 1 title at Knocklyon last week against Ballyboden St Enda’s. The undefeated league campaign came to a close with victory against Fingallians’ nearest rivals for the title. The final score of 2-17 to 0-11 was not necessarily reflective of a full-blooded and even match that turned, in Barnwell’s opinion, on Enda’s Ciara Ruddy failing to net with a strike early in the first half.

“If they had scored that goal, they would have been ahead and it might have been a different outcome,” said Barnwell. “Thankfully, they hit the crossbar and the ball came back out. It was a huge turning point in the game.” “It was an excellent team performance. It was fever pitch throughout. We were so involved, we were not aware that we were so far in the lead. They were always dangerous, but our backs defended like never before. The defence of Fiona Hudson, Sinead Finnegan and Laura McGann really excelled.”

Quality The quality of this side that has led to their excellent record and league success has been

down to a number of factors which Barnwell reflected upon. “In the last few seasons, with work and college and so on, players have not been avialable, but they are here for this season. “We also have three players from Skerries Harps, as they were not able to field a senior ladies team this season, and James Costello’s influence as a coach has also been huge in terms of fitness and tactics. “The experience that some of the players have had at intercounty level has been a huge help to us. They are at a different level, fully fit and ready to go. “Three Dublin minors in the panel - Eimear ni Heafa, Niamh Rickard and Rachel Brogan

- were all excellent. They are playing in the AllIreland final and hopefully everything will go well for them there.” The season continues next week when the sides meet again in the championship, and they will also be facing off again in the cup when that time comes. In any event, Barnwell says that his side will gather confidence and belief after this victory. “For nine years, we have struggled to beat Ballyboden at any level or grade, and finally now we have. We will be kicking on, and in that semi-final, we will try to produce the same standard we saw in this match. “Boden will have a sting in their tail, however, but we will be ready.”

1 - 15 August 2013 SWORDS Gazette 31

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