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May 19, 2011

A NEW CHAPTER: Cafe Libro opens

for business at Pavilions See Page 3

Council vows to fight players’ claims Q STAFF REPORTER

FINGAL County Council will not pay compensation to Sporting Fingal players for loss of earnings following the club going into liquidation. The council said it will vigorously contest any claims made by the players after a letter signed by 10 of the footballers was received by the council. FCC was responding to a motion tabled by Socialist

Councillor Eugene Coppinger, who asked the council to give a comprehensive report regarding any outstanding financial claims owed by Sporting Fingal players and staff and any liability the council has. “The council does not accept any liability in the matter of these or other outstanding debts of the football club,” the council said in its report. Full Story on Page 5

There’s music in the air: Pupils tune up on violin skills ROLESTOWN NS students James

Butler and Sive Murray show off their violin skills which they learned from an exciting classical music programme being taught at the school and which is proving

very popular with the children. School principal Tom Kelleher says they are one of only 17 orchestras in the country, no easy feat for the small north Dublin school. Full Story on Page 5

2 SWORDS GAZETTE 19 May 2011




Call for Govt to support Irish team

Road race on the cards for Swords

THE Depar tment of Transport, Tourism and Sport has responded to Labour TD, Brendan Ryan’s, call for the Government to support Cricket Ireland in their efforts to persuade the International Cricket Council (ICC) to reverse its decision to exclude Ireland from the 2015 World Cup. “I asked the Minister to support Cricket Ireland’s efforts to reverse the decision by the ICC and he assured me that the Government will indeed fully support Cricket Ireland in this cause,” Deputy Ryan said. “Cricket is very popular in north Dublin and is riding a crest of a wave. As a Government it is vital we encourage sport at all levels,” Deputy Ryan said.


Clothes call: Ladies asked to dig deep in their wardrobes LADIES all over the country are being asked to donate their unwanted dresses to Down Syndrome Centre’s annual Buy My Dress campaign, which takes place on Saturday, May 28, from 10am–6pm in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Gorey, Castlebar, Limerick, Kilkenny and Kerry. The fashion forward initiative has Irish women all over the country throwing open their closets and digging out a once-loved dress, to donate to this fun and stylish campaign. Last year’s event saw 4,000 dresses being sold in the one day in Dublin, Cork and Galway, raising €60,000. This year, with eight one-day pop up sales taking place around the country, the charity hopes to double the number of dresses, raising €100,000.

FINGAL may soon be holding its first mass-participation event. Socialist Councillor, Eugene Coppinger, said that they are the only county in Ireland that does not have a road race and he hopes to see one in Fingal by 2012. “I am Director of the Dublin Marathon and I travel around a lot, watching and competing. It doesn’t have to be a marathon but we could get a 10Km or half marathon into Fingal. “We wouldn’t get a marathon as Dublin has a very successful one but it would be great to have an event where anyone can take part. “People could get out and walk it if they wanted and wouldn’t need to be exceptionally fit. “I would like to get 5,000


‘I spoke to the events department in FCC and have been speaking to one person in particular who does the FAI stuff with me. Next we have to sit down and look at a suitable venue’ --------------------------

people out,” he said. “I spoke to the events department in FCC and have been speaking to one persom in particular who does the FAI stuff with me. Next we have to sit down and look at a suitable venue. “Fingal is the only

county that doesn’t have a road race and it would be a great thing for the county in order to promote itself. “I would hope that FCC would take on the role, like they did with Paddy’s Day. “I have no problem advising or going on a committee but, because of my role with Dublin marathon, it wouldn’t be right for me to commit my time.” Cllr Coppinger said that Independent Cllr David O’Connor will try to secure sponsorship from local traders for the event. “It would be 2012 when it will happen and I think the month of May might be best. “You need a year to organise it, as you have to apply for a licence from Athletics Ireland. We also need to see what part of Fingal could cater for it,” he said.

19 May 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 3

BOOKS Cafe Libro opens up for business in Hughes and Hughes

Cosy new haven in store at Pavilions Q MIMI MURRAY

FOR those who enjoy a quiet read in Hughes and Hughes book store in Pavilions, they will no longer have to hide in the corner but can instead stroll upstairs to avail of the new Cafe Libro. Kitted out with furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in Don and Betty Drapers’ living room, the cafe has a laid-back retro, feel that is totally in sync with the vibe of the book store. General manager of the cafes, Sue Campbell said that it is something

very different in the busy shopping centre – a haven where people can escape from the noise and energy of the busy store. “It’s based on the idea of the New York cafe book shop; you grab a book from the book shop, come up and put the feet up. It is very relaxing and cosy and our customers love it. At the end of the day we gather up the books and bring them downstairs. There is a little corner down there and people have sat there for two hours, hidden away. What’s different and nice about here

Jean and Enda Fitzpatrick settle in with a nice book at the new Cafe Libro in Hughes and Hughes

is that you don’t feel like you’re in a shopping centre. You don’t have the noise that penetrates all the other stores that are out on the mall. It does have a library feel about it or is like going to your granny’s. Everything is original and none of the furniture is reproductions. It’s all from the 1950s to the 1970s,” Sue said.

The coffee and food is all very authentic as well. “It is a triple certified coffee which is the best you can get. It is a pure, consistent flavour that we have which is quite intense and strong but the reaction to it has been very good and the coffee connoisseurs have been coming back. We have done no advertising but have done very well so far.”

Sue’s background is in film catering so she is used to feeding the famous and fabulous and getting the food just right. “They wanted to do something different, so while people are coming in for coffee and pastry, they are coming back again for the other food that we do. It is not frozen or mass-produced

and the ingredients are really good and consistent.” Cafe Libro has another cafe in the Dundrum Hughes and Hughes, which opened a month before Swords. “It’s a lovely store and it’s quite different to here but here is nice and cosy. Everything in the store is unique but we have a few trademark pieces.

COUNCIL Castle set to be restricted THERE are ongoing restrictions regarding access to certain areas of Swords Castle, it was revealed in a Balbriggan/ Swords area committee meeting last week. Socialist Councillor, Eugene Coppinger, asked the council what the restrictions were and a likely time frame for the length of time the restrictions will last. “The castle is open to the public but, as there are ongoing construction works, there are some restrictions regarding access to certain areas. “T he chapel does not have adequate provision for emergency egress and an application has been made for Ministerial approval to widen the eastern door to the chapel to meet the requirements of the fire officer. “This consent typically takes several weeks to obtain,” the council said.

4 SWORDS GAZETTE 19 May 2011


Senator David Norris

Councillor’s surprise at vote result THE outcome of a vote by Fingal’s elected members that gave Senator David Norris a nomination for the office of the Presidency surprised Labour Councillor Tom Kelleher last week. He told the Gazette he was surprised his party colleagues had voted in favour of nominating Senator Norris, given the fact that Labour is going to run its own candidate, most likely Michael D Higgins. Cllr Kelleher voted against a motion tabled by independent councillor David O’Connor, asking Fingal County Council to give Senator Norris a nomination. “Michael D Higgins is very popular, is big into human rights, has travelled all over the world, he’s a poet, a vocal speaker and a true gen-

tleman. “I think he would make an excellent president and think he would bring something fresh to the office, so why would I support anyone else? “I wasn’t surprised at Fianna Fail voting in favour of nominating him as it is unlikely their candidate will go anywhere. “I thought we were better off sticking to our guns,” said Cllr Kelleher. “All of the labour councillors who voted in favour of the nomination said they would not be voting for Senator Norris in the election and will vote along the party lines but I would prefer not to give David Norris the chance in the first place because I think he would be a very strong candidate. They would have similar appeal,” he added.

Dinner for duo: Ahern and Carey are honoured at presentation ceremony PICTURED at a recent presentation dinner to Noel Ahern and Pat Carey, organised by Fianna Fail Dublin North West at The Regency Hotel, were Gerry Fitsimons (FF Dublin North); Duane Browne (FF Dublin North); former Minister Pat Carey, councillor Darragh Butler (Swords) and former Minister, Noel Ahern. Noel was elected to Dail Eireann four times by the voters of Dublin North West and Pat three times. Councillor Butler stated that “we thought that we were doing well in Dublin North winning two seats

out of four for three elections in a row, but in the constituency of Dublin North West they won two seats out of three, three elections in a row which was an absolutely amazing achievement”. In paying tribute to Noel and Pat, councillor Butler stated that “you do not have electoral success such as that unless you have really hard working and good quality candidates of the calibre of Noel and Pat who worked extremely hard for their constituency”. He also thanked them for all of the help they gave him in his 2009 local election campaign.


Call for the council to take charge of pitches Q MIMI MURRAY

FINGAL County Council should take the pitches at Ridgewood in charge and do everything they can to speed up the planning permission being given for the dressing rooms. This is according to Fianna Fail councillor, Darragh Butler, who said that the developer MKN has told him that the Fingal County Council Planning Department have asked for additional information with regard to the proposed dressing-room facility and that this is delaying the final planning permission being given for this building.

“This is ver y frustrating, as the original application was lodged back in February, and now it could be the middle of June before they finally get the goahead to start building the dressing rooms. As FCC has unfortunately linked the completion of the dressing rooms to the taking in charge of the new pitches, this is not helping to push this project along. In my opinion, FCC should take the pitches in charge now and do everything they can to speed up the planning permission being given for the dressing rooms. FCC has confirmed that the pitches are ready for use and it is frustrating

that St Finian’s look like they have to wait until the autumn before they can be used. “I asked MKN if it was possible to allow St Finian’s make use of the pitches before they are taken into the charge of FCC but, unfortunately, this is not an option that can be considered for security reasons. When the pitches were first being developed they had a big problem with motocross bikes racing across the pitches during the evenings and weekends. Over one weekend this caused in excess of €10,000 worth of damage to the pitches, which MKN had to repair. Public liability insurance would also

be an issue. MKN have confirmed that, if FCC want to take the pitches in charge prior to the dressing rooms being built, then this can be easily facilitated and once the permission comes through for the dressing rooms and the necessary services are in place, that they would then build the dressing rooms under licence from the council. I will continue to raise this issue with FCC and to do my best to get these pitches taken in charge as soon as possible.” A spokesperson for FCC said: “The takingin-charge of the pitches in Ridgewood has been occurring on a phased basis. The first phase

has been completed, which has facilitated the taking-in-charge of two soccer pitches on the Rathingle Road. “At present, the second phase of the pitches are seeded and in good condition, and when the dressing-rooms are delivered by the developer, we expect the taking-in-charge process to be initiated. “It is anticipated that the dressing-rooms will be delivered during the summer months, and that by mid-autumn, the open-space and the area where the built dressing-rooms are situated will be taken-incharge, and the pitches made available for use by the public.”

19 May 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 5

FCC Council says it will vigorously contest any claims Council won’t pay compensation to Sporting Fingal players FINGAL County Council will not pay compensation to Sporting Fingal players for loss of earnings following the club going into liquidation. The council said it will vigorously contest any claims made by the players after a letter signed by 10 of the footballers was received by the council. The council was responding to a motion tabled by Socialist Councillor Eugene Coppinger, who asked the council to give a comprehensive report regarding any outstanding financial claims owed by Sporting Fingal players and staff

and any liability the council has. “The matter of outstanding debts of Sporting Fingal FC Ltd, the company established to conduct the business affairs of the Sporting Fingal Football Club, is a matter for that company. “The company has appointed a liquidator to wind up its affairs and that liquidator has the function of dealing with those outstanding liabilities. “Regarding the liability of the council in respect of debts to players, or others in this regard, a letter was received on behalf of ten players on April 14, 2011. The council

does not accept any liability in the matter of these or other outstanding debts of the football club and will vigorously contest any such claims,” the council said in its report. Cllr Coppinger said these are professional sports men who can’t partake in sport till August. “The supporters want answers as well and they don’t know why the club has ceased,” he said. Labour Councillor Patrick Nulty said he deeply regretted that Sporting Fingal was not in the league of Ireland but there was an element of a cautionary tale to this. He said

the model of growth was adopted too fast and it should be one of the lessons learned if new clubs are being developed. “You have to have a plan for growth and we tried to bring a lot of players in on high wages and we didn’t have the brand,” he said. Socialist Councillor Ruth Coppinger said the very first time the project was raised she had worrying questions about the council’s participation in the club, as did her colleague, then Councillor Clare Daly, who asked about resources the council were putting in, in comparison to other sporting

projects. Cllr Ruth Coppinger said the council is now being associated with players being on the dole. Cllr Matthew Waine said in his eyes the club was the developer’s plaything. Fianna Fail Councillor Darragh Butler said this comment was disgraceful. “The developer was putting money in knowing he wasn’t going to make it back.” Many of the councillors said that Sporting Fingal had gone a long way to raise Fingal’s profile and had been a good thing for the county.


Music proves popular with kids Q MIMI MURRAY

AN exciting classical music programme being taught in Rolestown NS is proving popular with pupils. Under the scheme, which was set up by principal Tom Kelleher with the help of the National Concert Hall, every single student is taught violin for an hour each week. Kelleher says they are one of only 17 orchestras in the country, no easy feat for the small north Dublin school. “I went to visit a school in Crumlin and I saw the kids learning their instruments and thought ‘this is a fantastic idea’. “I found a fantastic music teacher, Bjarke Gunderson, who is an excellent violinist. “Off we went and bought loads of instruments in Crehans in Dr umcondra, which provide an excellent service to schools, and we organised storage

space and now every child in the school does violin, double base or cello every week. “On a Wednesday we also have orchestra, which is optional, and we are planning to go on a mini tour in June to show off our wares. “It is a fantastic setup from the kids’ point of view. It teaches them how to read and write music, it immerses them in music and they also learn to play. “There are violins for all ages. We hope to expand next year and, hopefully, will also run classes for parents who want to come back and take up a musical instrument. “At Christmas quite a few of the kids got a violin. Some kids are getting extra lessons now as well. What we hope to do is gradually increase the overall standard of playing and we are still plotting and planning how to do that. “ I t ’s a m a z i n g t h e calming effect it has on the kids. You think there is no way we are going

James Butler and Sive Murray playing violin. Picture: Peter Doyle

to get all these fouryear-olds to sit still to do this but they do. “They are extremely careful with their instrument. Bjarke uses the Suzuki method, which is an actual system – the children have the violin on the floor and when

they walk into the room they pick it up. When I saw that the first time I thought, oh God, they are going to walk on it, but it worked. They picked them up, put the bow to their head and bowed and started to play. It is fantastic even

at four-and-a-half that they can do that,” he says. The school now plans a summer concert with the kids taking part but there is also a concert planned for adults, with Bjarke and friends playing for the parents.

Tom says the upkeep of the orchestra is expensive, with the renewal of instruments and getting specialist people in to teach double base and cello, as well as the cost of travel but they intend to fundraise for this.

School works get goahead MUCH-NEEDED work at two schools in Dublin West was given the goahead as part of the Government’s Jobs Initiative programme launched last week. The building work will be carried out at Scoil Mhuire, Mount Sackville Convent in Chapelizod and Holy Family Senior National in Forest Fields, Swords. Scoil Mhuire will have roofing work done, while Holy Family NS in Swords is getting new toilets. Welcoming the works boost to the two schools located in his Dublin West constituency, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Leo Varadkar said: “This is a boost for the schools, which will now benefit from this important building work. And it will also create new employment opportunities in the area’. “These projects are just part of the €40 million of school works, which will be carried out across Ireland this year under the Jobs Initiative. “I am particularly pleased that these important school works can be carried out in these difficult economic times. “It shows that this Government is determined to create jobs and open up new employment opportunities.”

6 SWORDS GAZETTE 19 May 2011

SHOP LOCAL The Gazette examines the benefits of shopping

Supporting our local supporting our local HE Gazette is never backward about coming for ward when it comes to our support for the local community – in fact, it is the very essence of what we do. By bringing together news, features, pictures and reports about local politics, sport, social events and enterprise, we do what we can to support all of these areas. Support is the key to a thriving local community, and every member of the public can contribute to this support. Simply put, shopping locally benefits the local area.


Expedition By shopping locally, without any of the expedition involved in travelling across the city, we can support local business, enterprise and industry, all of which play a far greater role in our quality of life than one might imagine. On a very basic level, the commercial rates that even the smallest of such local businesses pay, goes directly to our local council. Without these rates, the quality of public amenities, from parks and playgrounds to sports facilities and com-


‘The Pavilions has a strong mix of retailers, as well as a host of entertainment and other services, all providing local employment.’ --------------------------

munity groups, would simply not be of the standard we currently enjoy. Taking this train of thought a little further - by keeping one local business open when we shop local, we are supporting local jobs for local people. On top of this, every local business, and their employees, will naturally tend to support their neighbouring businesses – be it by buying a sandwich, renting a DVD, getting their dry cleaning done, or filling a prescription – the hustle and bustle that goes hand in hand with local business is mutually beneficial. Swords is a vibrant hub of business, with a vast array of local, homegrown businesses run-

Sarah Smith walks her balloon dog, as the band entertain the crowd ning in the area. Even at a time when money is scarce, there is a plethora of local businesses for residents to get behind. Last weekend saw the 10th birthday celebrations of the Pavilions Shopping Centre in Swords. The Pavilions has a strong mix of Irish and international retailers, as well as a host of entertainment and other services, all providing local employement and contributing to the local economy.

Talking to the Gazette this week, centre director Ian Hunter said: “We obviously see ourselves as a critical part of the community, and we always like to see people shopping locally. “ We a r e a h u g e employer in the area and have over 1,600 staff working for us. “There can also be a higher level of personal service to our loyal and regular customers. There is also plenty of parking. “We have a great retail mix and listen to what our customers want and

then try to go out and get it,” he said. “There was a clear message from our customers that they wanted Next, and we went out and got it for them. We are working on getting the next most-requested retailer into the centre and, hopefully, will be making an announcement in the next few weeks. “People are looking for value for money, which we are giving, and we have all the major brands under one roof, including TK Max, Next, Dunnes Stores and Superquinn.”

Karla Birney and Muireann Judge

19 May 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 7

locally, and spending what we can a little closer to home

economy is community

Lizzy Plsyh, top, and Claire Thompson and Jenny McKeon show off their portraits Turn to Page 8 for more pictures

8 SWORDS GAZETTE 19 May 2011

SHOP LOCAL Locals enjoy a special occasion at Pavilions SC

10th birthday celebrations

Young Jack Ahern gets fierce with his facepaint

Lisa and Maren Shanks enjoying their train ride MC Shay Byrne at the spinning wheel with Aine Redmond, one of the prizewinners

Heather Harrington, Niamh Moran and Monica Keeling, who all recently made their Holy Communion

Lorenze Gaynor is Sisters Tara and Joanna Berry

fighting fit

Aoife Duffy at the Girls’ Night In Nailbar, above, and, right, Tony Bamford with his daughter Katie

Guests Alice and Anna Pivovirch enjoy the festivities

19 May 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 9

10 SWORDS GAZETTE 19 May 2011

CHILDREN McDonald’s healthy activities at Morton Stadium

Sharon Muela,

Fiona Redmond and Emer


Lauren Mooney, Hope Sumola and Erica Dolan. Pictures: Fintan Clarke

They’re loving it – the fun of athletics

ORE than 1,200 children from 26 primary schools across Fingal took part in the recent McDonald’s Little Athletics jamboree at Morton Stadium. The Santry venue was swarming with children, all keen to take part in a wide range of fun and healthy games and activies.


Hurdling the challenge

McDonald’s Little Athletics programme is designed to address the specific physical requirements of children and young adults, and with summer now upon us, the programme encourages participants to keep active in the months ahead. Held as a partnership between

Robert Lynch, Aaron Lynch and Cian Brannigan

David Brutanek tries a challenge

McDonalds and Athletics Ireland, this gathering was just one of a number of nationwide events, staged to encourage children to get out and have fun with sporting activities and team-play. McDonalds were keen to stress the value of following a balanced diet in conjuction with such athletics.

Aviagail Pop

Emma Dolan

19 May 2011 GAZETTE 11

THEATRE Joseph brings his dreamcoat to the Grand Canal

An Elvis-esque pharaoh for Adam Jedwell Q LAURA WEBB

THE BIBLICAL story of Joseph is set to paint the Grand Canal Theatre stage with all the colours of the rainbow in the latest production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Keith Jack, runner-up of the popular BBC programme, Any Dream Will Do, is taking over the title role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to re-tell the story of Joseph, his 11 brothers and a very colourful coat. Playing the Pharaoh is talented British actor, Adam Jedwell. After going through the

audition process, Adam landed the role as the Pharaoh, where he gets to sing a little bit of Elvis. The former The Tens lead singer’s first love is acting, and after taking a step back from the rockstar lifestyle he decided to pursue his first love. “Being an actor is a strange life. You can spend anything from one week to five years without a job. It is very easy to give up, but you just have to keep going. I know it sounds cheesy and motivational, but there is a job out there for everyone. If you’re good enough, and if you’re hardworking, you will find a job, it’s just a case of doing the little

bit jobs to get to where you are now. I am lucky enough to be earning regular money for doing something I love. “I love this musical. It is a great show to be a part of. We have so much fun doing it on stage, and I think that comes across to the audience, and there is always a great reaction in the end, regardless of the numbers in the house. It is a really good show to be a part of,” he told the Gazette. The show, which, at this stage, could be considered a classic musical, has been shown all over the world with many different productions. According to Adam, this

The lavish stage production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, starring Adam Jedwell

show is making its own mark and has a modern and vibrant feel to it. “It is very energetic. A lot of people who have seen it before have said they have never seen that much energy, and that they have never enjoyed themselves so much. It is a classic story but it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I think that is what comes across. It has its history and its meaning but there are

a lot of modern bits of comedy that a lot of people, especially the older members of the audience, can relate to and enjoy.

Character “When I saw the show, back when I was about 12, I remember telling my Mam that I would like to be in it, but only if I got to play the Elvis character. It’s funny now to think I am playing it.” Audiences can expect

to have a “really good” time at the show. “It’s really fun for all ages, we see so many people. We see toddlers, we see students, we see parents and grandparents, it’s great that way. It has gone through so many different generations now. It is always getting refreshed and revitalised, and I think a lot of interest was brought back when the BBC did the Any Dream Will Do pro-

gramme, which is where our Joseph, Keith Black, came runner-up, and he is doing a great job. He is a great lad,” Adam said. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat takes centre stage at the Grand Canal Theatre from May 31 until June 11. Tickets are priced from €20 and are on sale now through Ticketmaster. Visit for more information.

12 GAZETTE 19 May 2011

PROPERTY Putting matters of home and heart on video

Jillian Godsil became an overnight sensation when she decided to sell her Georgian home in Shillelagh, County Wicklow, on YouTube

Love, loss and YouTube Q MIMI MURRAY

JILLIAN Godsil became an overnight sensation when she decided to sell her stunning Georgian home in Shillelagh, County Wicklow, in a very unconventional manner. She made a YouTube video of the property she lovingly restored with her husband, but then tells the sorry tale of how she got divorced and lost it all. Godsil, who owns her own PR company, Practice PR, says the experience has been tough going, but she has also learned a lot in the last four years. She spoke to the Gazette about going from rags to riches and back to rags again. She does see riches in her future again, but riches of a different

kind this time around. “I married my ex-husband, who is from the UK, and we travelled and lived abroad. We moved home and my husband was so tired working in the city, so we thought, lets open a guest house. “We started looking for a house and found Raheengraney House. We fell in love with it, but it was badly in need of repair. It was just a house in a field, a bit like Father Ted. It had lots of the original features, but there was a hole in the roof and my mum nearly fell through the floorboards. “We moved in with mum and dad for a while and, a year later, we had our beautiful house. We had family and friends down to stay but, as you often find out with a

dream, it doesn’t really pay. Plus, my business was starting to pay a wage and I was working all week and was tired at weekends. “Fast forward 10 years and, unfortunately, the marriage started to fall apart. Four years ago, we decided to separate. It was too expensive to keep the house for three of us, me and the two kids, so we decided to sell. It was just on the cusp of everything crashing. We got it valued at €1.6m and we thought great, we can pay off the mortgage and will be left with a little bit over. We got an offer of €1.1m and we decided to take that, but the lady couldn’t go through in the end. “My ex moved back to the UK and I moved out of the

house and got a little cottage. I started renting the house, but then lost the tenants. At that stage I thought, I am going to PR my own house and we made the YouTube video. It just started to grow legs and

sell a house, I think, but it is also the story. As a nation, I think we are very secretive and hold things close to our chests. I don’t think there is any shame in what happened and there are a whole bunch


‘I am going to PR my own house and we made the YouTube video. It just started to grow legs and then it had 11,000 views. I think the reason it was a media sensation is down to a combination of factors’ -----------------------------------------------------------------

Jillian Godsil, Practice PR


then it had 11,000 views. I think the reason it was a media sensation is down to a combination of factors. “A video is a better way to

of people in the same circumstances. I am not in a good position financially, but I can choose to be grumpy or not. “The situation has been very

tough but the positive aspect from the video is that old clients are coming back when they see what I have done with the PR on the house. However, do I want riches again, well money is nice but I was never very materialistic. You find out that bricks and mortar are so unimportant and, maybe, it is better to spend your money on things like holidays or a trip to the theatre.” Since splitting with her husband and moving out of the house, she has written a novel and is now writing her second. Other plans include working on a new property sales project along the lines of the sale of her own house. Anything that will start property moving again is worth a look.

19 May 2011 GAZETTE 13



Donegal Live brings the best of Donegal to Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens from 12.00pm – 6.00pm on the 22nd May, inviting members of the public to come and join the celebrations for a FREE day of fun and frolics…and all things Donegal! With a host of attractions from food and music to crafts and activities, local talent performing on the day will include Mickey Joe Harte, the High Kings, the Donegal Tenors and Moya Brennan. Polish off your dancing shoes with Céili Dancing, The Perfect Mix and the Ragus Dancers, tantalise your taste buds with the best of Donegal cuisine, marvel in the skill of balloon modellers on the day or sit back and enjoy the ceoil with performances by Kintra, Pat Gallagher and Band or Johny Gallagher and the Boxtie Band. As well as getting to grips with the local talent, find out all there is to know about Donegal, by visiting over 20 interactive stands. Learn the best way to make your way to Donegal, where to tee-off when you get there, key spots for angling, surfing, hill walking and horse riding, as well as the essentials on where to stay, where to eat and where to shop.

The Sandhouse


To celebrate this fantastic fun filled and FREE day out The Gazette Group and Donegal Live are offering one lucky reader the chance to win two return flights to Donegal with Aer Arann/Donegal Airport (who fly direct from Dublin to Donegal twice daily in 40 minutes) as well as two nights Bed and Breakfast, one dinner and a surf lesson for two people at the 4* Sandhouse Hotel and Marine Spa, Rossnowlagh. This fantastic trip will also include a trip on the Donegal Bay Waterbus where you can enjoy the beauty of Donegal Bay, the islands and seal colony just one of the many attractions in the Donegal Bay area. To win just answer this question: Where is the Donegal Live event taking place on May 22nd? Send you answer along with your name, address and contact details to by 26th May, 2011.

For more information on everything Donegal has to offer for your perfect holiday destination, as well as finding out some information on Donegal Live, simply check out and

Glenveagh National Park

14 GAZETTE 19 May 2011

GazetteBEAUTY BEAUTY Protecting summer skin without the pasty mess Edited by Dawn Love

Getting the Middleton’s royal glow

THE ‘glowing’ example of the Middletons at the Royal Wedding has sent sales of fake tan soaring into outer orbit with Irish women aiming to look just as bronzed during this year’s wedding season. That’s according to the Debenhams’ Beauty Hall where sales of fake tan are up 219%, compared to the same time last year. On the afternoon of the Royal Wedding Day, the company says that literally reams of fake tan started to fly off the shelves with sales. The following day was almost as successful as shoppers, inspired by the wedding highlights on TV, boosted sales by 200%. “You simply can’t underestimate the impact that Kate and Pippa will have on the beauty industry,” says Karen Nason at Debenhams. “Already streams of wannabe princesses have been flooding into our stores looking to achieve their healthy, groomed look. In particular, Kate’s more subtle shade of tan is perfect for big occasions such as weddings.”

IN the past, sun creams may have left you looking a pasty mess rather than the glamorous beach babe you are meant to be. But never fear, new lightweight formulas launched by French skincare and make-up brands, such as La Roche Posay and Vichy, mean your skin can be protected, but still have a fresh and velvet finish.

a fresh feel on the skin and to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays at the same time. This opaque milk has been enriched in silica to give the skin a neverbefore-seen powdery touch. It has a bare skin effect, as it lets the skin breathe under the sun and has UVA/UVB deep cellular protection. It’s also non-perfumed, paraben-free, water resistant and hypoallergenic. Vichy Capital Soleil Dry Touch

Vichy Capital Soleil Face and Body Milk

New this summer from Vichy is their Capital Soleil Face & Body Milk SPF30/SPF50+ 300ml RRP €19, which offers high protection in a light, milky texture. It offers maximum protection in maximum format in a 300ml tube. Unlike traditional body milks, this is a uniquely designed oil-in-water emulsion to help provide

Initially developed for Vichy’s Brazilian market, Capital Soleil Dry Touch SPF30 50ml RRP €14.50 offers unique anti-shine sun protection. The Dry Touch SPF 30 face care emulsion is suitable for combination to oily skin. Protect your children: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dermo Kids range is specifically formulated for children to be especially water and perspiration resistant

It is now being launched worldwide as the best solution for antishine protection. W hether you have

oily skin, are looking for relief from excess sebum caused by the sun or a good make-up base, Vichy says its Capital Soleil Dry Touch SPF 30 face care is the perfect solution. Concentrated in starch (amidon), this very soft powder leaves a truly unique dry touch

feel on the skin with a velvety matte finish. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL

The hugely popular La Roche-Posay sun protection range, Anthelios XL is the brand of choice of 25,000 dermatologists worldwide.

The skincare company says its combination of patented filters enables the Anthelios filtering system to ensure efficient protection against the entire spectrum of UVB and UVA rays – whatever their intensity. La RochePosay Anthelios Dermo Kids Lotion

New from La Roche-Posay is their Anthelios Dermo Kids Lotion SPF 50+ and Anthelios Dermo Kids Aerosol SPF50+, which now offer the highest broad-spectrum UVA ultra protection on the market specifically formulated and suitable for children to be especially water and perspi-

ration resistant. The Ultra-high UVA PPD39, is available in a lotion with a childfriendly texture or a multi-position aerosol making application easier, quicker and more controlled as it provides a fine continuous mist which works from any angle. The new Anthelios D e r m o Kids is reinforced with antimigration efficacy to offer anti- eye-itch benefits, thanks to a new exclusive, patented formula base to provide highly secure protection.

19 May 2011 GAZETTE 15

GazetteGAMING GAMING WIN a Kinect sensor for Xbox VER the next four weeks, the Gazette will be giving away a Kinect Sensor and two Kinect games, Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures, to one lucky winner selected at random, each week. Kinect for Xbox 360 brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways, without using a controller With Kinect, technology evaporates, letting the natural magic in all of us shine. Controller-free gaming means full-body play. Kinect responds to how you move. So, if you have to kick, then kick. If you have to jump, then jump. You already know how to play. All you have to do is get off the couch, “plug in” to your Xbox 360 console, and jump in to experience game play. Kinect Sports allows you to say goodbye to the buttons and controllers, and play six full sports games just as you always have, using your entire body. Become the heavyweight champ of the living room with boxing, or take to the sand with some high-flying beach volley-


ball action. With soccer, field and track events, and even bowling, Kinect Sports has something for everyone. Meanwhile, Kinect Adventures will have you jumping, dodging, and kicking your way through 20 pulse-pounding adventures, set in exotic locations around the worlds. Kinect Adventures gets you to work with your friends and navigate through roaring rapids, challenge obstacle courses, and even save a leaky underwater laboratory. The spirit of adventure awaits!

WIN A KINECT SENSOR AND TWO KINECT GAMES To be in with a chance to win a Kinect Sensor and two Kinect games, to use with your XBox 360 console, just answer the following draw question. How many full sports games can you play in Kinect Sports? Post your answer to Kinect Competition, Gazette Group Newspapers, Block 3A, Mill Bank Business Park, Lucan, Co Dublin. Alternatively, you can email All draw entries must be received before Wednesday, May 25.

The Kinect Sensor for the XBox 360 console makes gaming even easier and more family-friendly than ever before, as it uses your body’s movements to control games, characters and actions, on screen

16 GAZETTE 19 May 2011

SNAPSHOT The stories of the day GAZETTE COMMENT

Moving forward to a new beginning


HIS was a busy week for Dublin, as the first, and arguably the most historic, of a number of high-profile State visits took place. At noon on Tuesday, Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, and her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, touched down at the Casement Aerodrome in Baldonnel and were greeted by the Tanaiste, Eamon Gilmore. There is no doubt, that even those with no interest in the Royal family could not help but be caught up in this moment. In the last two decades, there have been significant events in Anglo-Irish relations. In June of 1997, Prime Minister Tony Blair issued a statement on the Irish potato famine that amounted to the first apology expressed by the British authorities. In a speech to the House of Commons in June of last year, after the findings of the Saville inquiry into the atrocities of Bloody Sunday were published, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The conclusions of this report are absolutely clear. There is no doubt, there is nothing equivocal, there are no ambiguities. What happened on Bloody Sunday was both unjustified and unjustifiable. It was wrong.” These events, coupled with the efforts of both Governments in negotiating the Good Friday Agree-

ment in 1998, represent giant steps forward in recognising the difficult history shared by our countries. In order to move this process forward, another significant step was required. After a while, statements from Downing Street would begin to lose their impact. The Irish rugby team playing England in Croke Park was symbolic, but it is arguable how significant it was. A visit by Queen Elizabeth II to the Republic of Ireland, followed by a reception at Aras and Uachtarain, and then the laying of a wreath at the Garden of Rememberence where the Queen paid her respects to those who fought for Irish freedom... there are few who could argue that this was not a significant step forward. Is there a place for those who disagree with this visit? Of course there is. Would it have been a more inclusive affair if the Queen could have walked a line and met some of the Irish public? Of course it would have been. But for this Royal visit, nothing could be left to chance, such is its significance. Culturally, our two countries share more than anyone cares to admit. Our shared history is not a pleasant one, but our shared future depends on moving forward, and that process was enhanced this week.

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A colourful launch of the Bloom festival that takes place this June bank holiday weekend in the Phoenix Park

A blooming good weekend in June LAST week, we brought you news of this year’s Bloom event, Bord Bia’s gardening, food and family festival. This week, we have even more Bloom details to help you plan your June bank holiday weekend. At the heart of Bloom are 27 stunning showgardens, which will be judged by independent judging panels. Dublin will be well represented at the event, which takes place between Thursday, June 2 and Monday, June 6, with a number of top designers creating some of the stunning show gardens. Amongst those taking

DIARY part will be John Sweeney, from Lusk, and Rachel Freeman, from the Blanchardstown Institute of Technology. M e a nw h i l e , f r o m Dalkey, Sheena Vernon will also be taking part, as will Brian Cleary, from Dundrum, and awardwinning gardeners, Liat and Oiver Schurman, from the renow ned Mount Venus Nursery. The event will also showcase the best of Ireland’s food industry with the new Bord Bia Food Village.

Visitors to the Bord Bia Food Village can purchase and enjoy the best of Irish food and a wide range of delicious wholesale local produce from almost 50 Irish artisan producers and a selection of artisan caterers. The food offering will be complemented by a range of local artisan beers, whiskeys and spirits available at the Bloom Inn. Love Irish Food returns to Bloom as an event partner, and will host a large number of its member brands in the Love Irish Food pavilion. At the centre of the new Food Village is the Chef’s Summer Kitchen, which will present a daily programme of cookery demonstrations by a number of Ireland’s well-known celebrity chefs, including Catherine Fulvio, Neven Maguire, Donal Skehan and Jenny Bristow. RTE presenter and foodie, Ella McSweeney, will host the Chef’s Summer Kitchen and will interview chefs and food producers throughout the event. An ideal family day out, children under 16 go free! There is a range of family activities, including enter-

tainment on the outdoor stage, which will feature the Café Orchestra, Nigel Mooney Quartet, Mooge 69 and the Mellochords; craft demonstrations and workshops from the Crafts Council of Ireland; Outdoor catering and Bistro Bloom featuring a café, restaurant and seafood bar. In the Children’s Zone, Dale Treadwell will host Gondwanaland – a haven for dinosaur enthusiasts and an Australian Bush feature. The Children’s Stage will feature a host of activities, including storytelling from Dublin City of Literature Readers and a Creative Kids Café will also run, encouraging children to use their imaginations, discover and investigate. A host of wildlife features will include activities from Birdwatch Ireland, the Irish Wildlife Trust and the Beekeepers’ Association who are Celebrating the Year of the Honeybee. Bloom is open daily from 10am-6pm. Advance tickets are on sale now from €15 – kids go free! www.

19 May 2011 GAZETTE 17


Brought to you by Miriam Kerins of the DSPCA


Furry, friendly and so full of love HEY’RE friendly, fluffy, fabulous and full of love, so why is it that some dogs – very often large, dark coloured ones or certain breeds – waiting in animal shelters continuously get overlooked in favour of their more colourful, or lighter-coated, friends? • Is it because they don’t photograph as well as lighter or more varied coloured animals? • Is it because darkcoated pooches are seen as scarier by prospective pet parents? • Is it because some breeds aren’t as fashionable as others? • Is it because some dogs’ features don’t stand out as well as the golden faced Labrador, for example?


• Is it because large, dark-haired dogs are portrayed as dangerous or villainous in movies? (The Rottweiler in The Omen movies versus the Golden Lab in Marley and Me.) Honestly, all of the above are ridiculous and unfair, and are various reasons proffered by people as to why they overlook some dogs. Look, it’s perspective rather than fact and, the facts are, dark-coated dogs and large dogs are just as, if not more, eye-catching than other dogs. Now I’m not trying to paw-suade you (I make no apology, that was intended), but two of my dogs are black from head to toe, with the most intense, melt-your-heart, black eyes you’ve ever seen and

18-month-old Bubblegum, a dark brindle Staffie, and Sammy, a three-year-old Collie

they are also the most adorable, lovable, loyal, trustworthy, best friends I’ve ever had in my life! Then we have the misconception surrounding certain breeds that makes some people nervous. For example, dogs who make

perfectly wonderful family pets but, because certain owners don’t understand particular breeds or strains and then through their failure to provide these animals with the proper care/facilities, spread nasty rumours that these

dogs are “unsuitable”as family pets – making adopters overlook them in favour of smaller, and what they perceive to be, more ‘friendly’ dogs. Believe me, when I’m on duty at the Dublin SPCA Mobile Clinic, I’ve been bitten by more Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels than Staffies, German Shepherds or Rotties! I’m not for one minute saying these small dog breeds, or similar breeds, are less friendly, I am simply making the point that any dog, irrespective of colour, breed or size, is a potentially dangerous dog if it’s in the hands of an irresponsible owner. That said, I’d like to introduce you to some of

our overlooked, adorable, desperate-for-a-new-forever-home cuties waiting at our shelter. Sammy – a three-yearold male collie, black with white markings. Sammy gets on famously with other dogs, he’s so affectionate, a real gent, (when Buttercup, one of his friends tripped in the run and cut her nose Sammy immediately ran over and licked the blood from her face - honestly it tears me up he’s still not found a forever home). He’s fab on the lead, but needs to wear a harness due to his weak trachea. So, ladie,s if you want a BBD (no, not an LBD), a BBD – beautiful big dog, visit Sammy and check him out. He’s a keeper! Bubblegum – an 18-

month-old female, who’s a dark brindle Staffie, is the ultimate sweetheart. She loves going for walkies, is very keen for cuddles, is overjoyed when an attentive human, especially a male, makes a fuss over her, (I know how she feels) and is always first out the door into the run for fun and games. If you want to find out more about this wonderful girl, come up and see her – she’s waiting for you at our shelter. For more information/advice on these or any of our wonderful dogs, contact one of our adoption consultants at The Dublin SPCA at 01-4994726/4727/4729 or log onto www.dspca. ie or email me at miriam.

18 GAZETTE 19 May 2011

GazetteMOTORS MOTORS RoadSigns Road Signs

One-in-three may see repair bills soon ONE-in-three motorists will have an unwanted repair bill this year, with some facing bills into thousands of euro, according to new data by by Warranty Direct, Britain’s largest direct consumer warranty provider. Their research shows that a third of cars in the three- to10-year-old group will suffer some degree of mechanical failure over the next 12 months. Big bills are not limited to prestige or expensive cars, the study of more than 50,000 car warranty policies suggested. However, the figure varies dramatically, depending on the make and model, with some models more prone than others.

The next 12 months may see a surge in repair bills

ROAD DEATHS HAVE HALVED: RESEARCH revealed by the Road Safety Authority and An Garda Siochana show that road deaths dropped by 48% over the past decade. The research announcement was made at the global launch of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, 2011-2020. The research, which analyses road deaths and serious injuries during the ten-year, period 2001 to 2010, also revealed a drop of 58% in the number of serious injuries sustained on Irish roads.

EUROPEAN CAR SALES DROP: CAR sales in western Europe fell by 3.6% year-on-year in April, according to JD Power Automotive Forecasting, reflecting the fact that, compared with 2010, a number of Government scrap-

page schemes were no longer running. While the markets of Italy, Spain and Britain continued to struggle, France was also down. Germany’s growth is quickly losing momentum, with car sales in Germany up by just 2.6% on last year.

BMW OVERTAKEN BY TOYOTA: DESPITE its massive recall campaign over the past 18 months, Toyota has regained its position as the world’s most valuable car brand. Research by market research company, M i l l w a r d B r ow n , shows that, across the world, Toyota’s brand value jumped 11% to $24.2 billion in the BrandZ Top 100 annual ranking of the world’s most valuable brands, overtaking BMW, which was number one last year in the automotive category.

The new Volkswagen Jetta is a more compact car than the Passat, with good boot space and better economy, delivered with a starting price of €21,875 for the entry-level model, rising to €23,725 for the 1.6-litre diesel entry model

Volkswagen Jetta to return its loyalty FOR Irish motorists, the Volkswagen Jetta is one of the great motoring icons. The new, sixthgeneration Volkswagen Jetta is now here, with smart and modern styling. The new front grille design is similar to that of the new Passat, with clear lines across its full width. Styling changes continue inside the cabin. The new interior design is in line with the Golf, with a new centre console, entertainment and climate control systems, and steering-wheel design among the updates. This new Jetta has new safety features, and a fuel economy ability that would have been dreamed about when the first Jetta was launched here in 1980. The car that I had on test was the topof-the-range model, with a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel

SPECS: JETTA 2.0 TDI 140BHP Top speed: 210 km/hr 0 – 100km/hr: 9.5 sec Economy: 20.8 km/litre (4.8 l/100km) CO2 emissions: 126g/km Road Tax Band: B (€156) Scrappage Eligible: Yes Warranty: 2 years Entry Price: €21,875

engine. This is a new, higher-power engine for the range; the 1.6litre turbo-diesel engine model will be the most popular, by far. The 2.0-litre TDI model has the same engine as fitted to the bigger Passat. This engine in the Jetta gives slightly better acceleration, and much better economy than even the Blue Motion version of the equivalent power Passat. Those features, along with a price difference of almost €2,000, makes

the Jetta an option worth considering. For me, the 1-6-litre TDI Jetta is the best option of all, even though this was not the car that I drove. This engine has improved from the past, with better economy. Compared with the bigger engine Jetta, the new 1.6litre TDI version has at least 10% better economy, with only a marginal drop in acceleration performance. The big difference is the price – you can save on two counts; about €5,000, in terms of cost, and a lower annual road tax rate of just €104. In acceleration terms, the 2.0-litre TDI Jetta is marginally faster than the equivalent Passat. Opt for the 1.6-litre model and, naturally, it will be slower. The smaller engine version uses a five-speed gearbox versus

a six-speed gearbox for the 2.0-litre model. That might help with the smoothness and acceleration, but makes not a dint in the economy figures. This is a car that has changed in performance and ability. For farming families, the new Jetta confirms its towing ability. The top-of-the-range car can pull up to 1.5 tonnes in a braked trailer, putting it ahead of the competition. There’s a new, bigger feel to the 2011 Jetta. The car is longer than ever, by 90mm. That gives more leg-room for the three rear passengers, compared with the outgoing model. There’s more comfort and improved roadholding, too, thanks to a longer wheelbase and improved suspension.

The car comes with a full range of standard safety features, including six airbags, ABS and Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP). Despite this, it does not come with a Euro NCAP rating, while most other cars in the Volkswagen range do. And, most of all, the new Jetta retains a large, 510litre boot capacity. That large capacity exceeds the outgoing model. The new Jetta combines the big boot with the practicality of being able to seat five adults. There remains a solid feel to the Jetta that’s perhaps due to the size of the car, as much as to the build quality, that’s based around a simple design. This is a car that’s easy to get comfortable in, with the controls easy to use and very functional.

Fiat may increase its stake to more the 70% of Chrysler FIAT has options to increase its stake in Chrysler to more than 70%, as the US government seeks to exit its investments in the car industry. Fiat has yet to announce if it

will buy the US government’s remaining stake in the 12 months after it repays debts to the government. Chrysler said it would issue new debt to repay the govern-

ment loans, allowing Fiat to exercise an option to increase its stake to 46% from 30%. This would give the US government an easy exit from Chrysler. In taking over Chrysler, Fiat

set a goal of producing a car that achieves 40mpg in the US market. That’s well within Fiat’s ability, based on European-designed models.

19 May 2011 GAZETTE 19

20 GAZETTE 19 May 2011


Fixer-upper on Wainsfort Road

Number 67, Chalfont Avenue, Malahide


Chalfont of all comfort in Malahide PROPERTY Team Noel Kelly Auctioneers are bringing No 67, Chalfont Avenue, Malahide, Co Dublin, a four-bed semi-detached house extending to 132 sq m to the market for €570,000. This generously proportioned home with garage will appeal to those seeking a spacious property in one of Malahide’s most convenient and prestigious residential addresses. This home is the perfect buy for a growing family. The property comprises porch with tiled floor, entrance hall with a timber floor, living room with a feature marble fireplace. The kitchen and dining room features fitted units and a breakfast bar. The ground floor also features a guest bathroom. Upstairs, there are four well-proportioned bedrooms, the master featuring fitted wardrobes, and the bathroom has a timber floor and a Triton electric shower installed. All carpets, curtains and blinds are included in the sale, and the home is heated by oil-fired central heating. The property has a side entrance, to the comfortable rear garden, and the garage could be converted or used for extra storage space. This home will appeal to the gardening enthusiast, but children will undoubtedly enjoy the privacy. It is situated in a prime location within minutes walk of Malahide Estuary, and Malahide village with its smart marina, shops and numerous gourmet-quality restaurants serving food from around the world. Viewing is by appointment only and can be arranged by contacting Noel Kelly on 01 846 2752.

SAVILLS are bringing No 161 Wainsfort Road, Templeogue, Dublin 6, a four-bedroom semidetached family home, to the market for an asking price of €395,000. Built circa 1960, this house has been well cared for but is now in need of modernisation. Conveniently located at the intersection of Wainsfor t Road and Templeville Road, the property benefits from off-street parking to the front and an 80ft long rear garden. The accommodation comprises porch with h a r d wo o d w i n d ow s and wooden panelling on walls, entrance hall with fitted carpets and

161, Wainsfort Road, Templeogue

under-stairs storage, and a guest wc. The sitting room features an open fireplace with wooden and tiled surround, and a large south facing window overlooking the front garden. There are dou-

ble doors into the dining room, which also has an open fireplace, as well as double-glazed patio doors leading into rear garden, and a door leading into kitchen. The kitchen is in a single-storey flat-roofed

kitchen extension, and has a selection of wall and floor cabinets, as well as a large window overlooking the rear garden. There is a utility room and converted garage plumbed for a washing machine. The four bedrooms, two of which are to the front of the house and two to the rear, feature fitted wardrobes. The bathroom is fully tiled. The attic, which is f loored, is accessed from the landing. The property has gasfired central heating and has recently had a new boiler installed. There is also potential to extend, subject to

planning permission. 161, Wainsfort Road o f f e r s a n e xc e l l e n t opportunity to create a fine family home in a superb location. Every possible amenity is within easy access and commuting to the city centre or M50 is hasslefree. There are excellent primary and secondary schools to choose from and a wealth of sporting facilities serve this much-sought-after South Dublin neighbourhood. Viewing is by appointment, which can be arranged by contacting Savills, City on 01 663 4300, or e-mail info@


Never tire of a place in Ballintyre Square

Number 76, Ballintyre Square, Ballinteer, Dublin 16, a bright and spacious first-floor twobedroom apar tment with a south facing balcony, has been brought to market by Savills, with an asking price of €290,000. The accommodation, which extends to 829 sq ft (77 sq m) is situated as part of the Ballintyre development, which was awarded the Development of the Year award in 2005. T h e r e i s a s u n ny balcony off the living room that overlooks the private gardens. The apartment also benefits from one designated underground parking space and an invaluable underground storage room. The property comprises entrance hallway with light oak wooden

flooring and a built-in hot press and storage unit, a living-cum-dining room which also has oak flooring, wall mounted coal-effect electric fireplace, large south-facing window, and a door leading onto the balcony. The kitchen has fitted units in walnut and cream, charcoal grey counter tops, stainless steel extractor hood and splash back. Mosaic tiling between counter top and wall units. Appliances included in sale comprise fully integrated fridge freezer, washer/dryer, electric oven, four-ring gas hob and fully integrated slim-line dishwasher. The bedrooms feature fitted wardrobes and the master is en suite, which is fully tiled, as is the main bathroom. 76, Ballintyre Square

Number 76, Ballintyre Square, Ballinteer

enjoys an excellent location adjacent to the Ballinteer Shopping Centre and is a short walk from Dundrum and the LUAS. Access to the M50 is only two minutes drive away. There are a host of amenities ser ving this location including schools, sports clubs

and the extensive parklands of Marley Park. Six years on from b e i n g aw a r d e d t h e Development of the Year prize, the development is maturing nicely, and the immaculately kept grounds and attractive mix of buildings ensure that Ballintyre a pleasant environment

to live. The apartment is managed by O’Dwyer Property Management, and is subject to a management fee of €1,600 per annum. Viewing is by appointment, arranged by contacting Savills, City on 01 663 4300, or e-mail

19 May 2011 GAZETTE 21


Supported by AIB

Interview: Eddie Clerkin, Fonebank

Life in a top phone recycling company FORMALLY working within the travel industry with Thomas Cook - Direct Holidays for a number of years, Eddie Clerkin is married with two children, and has lived in the north side of Dublin his whole life. He recently started working with Fonebank, which is one of Europe’s leading mobile phone recycling companies. This is their first operation in Ireland, with an office in Airside retail park in Swords. Fonebank caters for all businesses and charities, along with the public needs in recycling mobile phones for cash. Fonebank offers excellent service from an Irishrun business, with a fast and speedy cheque within 48 hours of receipt of mobile phones. They hope to help charities who would like to use their services, as they can provide them with cash for their phones that are collected. Then they can use the money for whatever need they see fit. Businesses can also avail of their services. To see what Fonebank has to offer, check out

Q – My bank have stopped my overdraft facilrecently. Can they do this ? I have been out on short time by my company and my wife lost her part-time job. They have told me they are switching this to a term loan over three years. Do I have to accept? Barry – Walkinstown Dublin 12 A - It seems your bank think the writing is on the wall. In some respects they are doing you a favour – overdrafts are very expensive and are meant to be in credit at least 30 days of the year. Overdraft interest rates are 13% +, exceeding your overdraft without permission is an additional 7% to 12%, while there are referral fees (most banks - € 4.44 per day for checking your account to ensure you haven’t gone AWOL) and unpaid fees (this can be as much as € 12.70 per item sent back). Exceeding your overdraft is a little like walking into your local supermarket, grabbing a tin of beans, walking out

Eddie Clerkin, of Fonebank

and telling no one. Except in the bank’s case, they allow you BUT charge you plenty! You will find the term loan has a cheaper rate but over three years,

Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be? A: That’s easy, a soldier

Q: What sport can you play? A: I’m an all-rounder Q: What is your guilty music/TV or movie pleasure? A: History Channel and Sky Sports

Q: What was your first job? A: Lounge boy at Hollybrook Hotel in Clontarf

Q: Who best represents modern Ireland – David Norris or Jedward? A: Jedward, of course

Q: And your first pay cheque? A: Memory loss Q: When did you start your present job? A: August 2010 Q: What is the best thing about your job? A: Sending cheques to charities as they do so much to help people in need

Q: What part of your working day do you ‘delegate’? A: None at the moment, but that’s soon to Q: What sport do you follow? A: Football, Nottingham Forest FC

BANK OVERDRAFTS ity. It was only € 3,000 and I only exceeded it




Q: Who would you rather have dinner with – Enda Kenny or Dame Edna? A: Enda Kenny as he makes me laugh

because you are also repaying capital, the repay-

Q: Where do you enjoy spending money frivolously? A: I don’t do that, my wife does

empathise with your situation – if your expendi-

ments will hurt. You must do a budget and plan your finances. I ture exceeds income, which it is doing, then your two choices are earn more or cut costs. Perhaps your wife will find new part-time employment and

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own? A: Three pairs, I think

you could find a second job. Whatever happens, you must consider your financial situation and work

Q: What music/pictures/movies do you have on your iPod/iPad? A: Don’t have either

Q: What was your worst holiday experience? A: Rather not say

your way through it. Be positive – even as regards

Q: Who do you follow on Twitter/Facebook? A: All Forest fans

Q: Describe your dream holiday? A: I’m not fussy as long as there is sun,

the 1,250 post offices, six days a week and longer

Q: What was your last Tweet/status update? A: Up the football league we go

Q: What would be your dream job? A: Professional footballer in the Premier

Q: Describe your dream meal? A: A good steak and chips meal followed by a FEW pints of Carlsberg

payment of bills, you could use An Post’s billpay service where you can pay over 120 bills in any of hours than your bank – all for free !

beer and football


Q: What do you plan to do when you retire? A: Just to enjoy life with my family

Contact John with your money questions at or visit his website at John Lowe, Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, is founder and managing director of Money Doctor

Good news as long-awaited Development Act is in operation NOREEN MAGUIRE Maguire Muldoon Solicitors

THERE is good news for apartment/ property owners within managed estates, the long-awaited Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011 came fully into operation on April 1, 2011. Over the years Maguire Muldoon Solicitors, Clonskeagh, have built up a large portfolio of property management company clients and also advise a number of agents dealing with management companies.

It has been a continuous complaint that developers are slow and in some instances refuse, to transfer the common areas. This renders the management company powerless and can be a huge source of frustration to the property owner. In the last 20 years, there has been an explosion in these type of developments and clearly some form of legal protection is essential. In summary the main features of the Act deal with the following: 1. Ownership of the common

areas will be transferred to the management company before any property is sold. This is specifically introduced to tackle the problem of developers holding on to units in order to keep control of the management company. 2. The management company must now be called an owners’ management company. 3. The owners’ management company must maintain a sinking fund for repairs and an annual minimum contribution of €200 per

unit will apply 4. There is a provision in the Act whereby mediation should be used to resolve any dispute over service charges or other costs prior to any court proceedings. The emphasis will be on resolution of disputes by mediation. However, the court will be empowered to make appropriate orders if mediation attempts fail. 5. One vote shall attach to each unit owner in a development and, more importantly, each vote shall be of equal value.

6. House rules should be provided for an effective running of the development. Where an apartment is let, for example, a copy of the rules must be included in the letting agreement and will be binding on the tenants. This Act will assist anyone living in residential complexes or intent on buying into one. It will impose legal obligations on developers and the new regulations will improve the governance of management companies.

22 GAZETTE 19 May 2011

GazetteTTRAVEL FastTravel Carton House is historic and stunning – honest! CORMAC CURTIS

Joe Walsh Tours group offering range of special 30th anniversary packages to visit Medjugorje ESTABLISHED in 1961, the Joe Walsh Tours group is the longest-established tour operator in Ireland and, this summer, the company is marking the 30th anniversary of Medjugorje apparitions with some special celebratory tours. June 25 marks 30 years since the first apparition in Medjugorje, and Joe Walsh Tours are delighted to join in on the festivities with a special pilgrimage to this unique and peaceful destination. Bookings to Medjugorje have increased by nearly 50%, compared to this period last year. As a result, this year, Joe Walsh Tours are offering lower prices and more availability, with weekly departures from Dublin and, on selected dates, from Cork, Shannon, Knock and Belfast. Joe Walsh Tours offered their first Medjugorje programme in 2003 and, since then, have continued to offer expert advice to ensure that pilgrims enjoy their experience. The travel experts offer accommodation in purpose-built guesthouses, which are exclusively located close to St James’s Church, making them the best-located accommodation options in town. Senior representative, Philip Ryan, who has been living in Medjugorje for more than 20 years, is always on hand with his team to offer guidance and tips to pilgrims. For those who would like to spend a few relaxing days on the beautiful Croatian coast, why not combine the pilgrimage with a relaxing sun holiday? Joe Walsh Tours offer two centre holiday options of three or four nights in Medjugorje, combined with three or four nights in beautiful Dubrovnik. The special 30th Anniversary Medjugorje Pilgrimage package departs from June 19 costing €604, inclusive, for seven nights. For full information on pilgrimages to Medjugorje, and these, and other holiday offers and packages, call Joe Walsh Tours on 01 241 0800, or see

I HAVE to admit it, more often than not, the opinions I commit to paper about Irish hotels and holidays are, at best, less than honest, and, at worst, a downright fabrication. Now, before anyone starts to tweet the good fellows of the Press Council of Ireland, or worse still, Liveline, let me state for the record that I have never reported inaccurately. My o b s e r v a t i o n s , reports, descriptions and accounts have always been beyond reproach. Confused? You should be – that’s how I’ve been getting away with this for so long! The truth is, my motivations behind a great deal of my travel pieces have, quite simply, been lies. Surely you have read the type of article I am talking about? The kind that starts off with: “For those wanting a truly relaxing weekend away with the kids…” Yeah, you know, the family-friendly, drippingly sincere account of the getaway that turned out to be the best ever, “even though I had to spend three days with the kids, all under five, as my wife had last-minute work to take care of!” Well, I’m sorry, but

a truly enjoyable family getaway is the kind where you actually get away from the family, or, more accurately (I’m always accurate, OK Joe Duffy?) away from the kids. Yes, my two angels, four and five years old, are pretty much the centre of my universe, and I would move mountains just to see them smile. But, give me the chance of a night or two at a good hotel for a little time with the luckiest woman in

– just past Maynooth, and, providing there’s no royal entourage causing traffic mayhem on the N4, it’s about a 20-minute drive from the city centre. Break out your checklist: Stunning setting: Check Award-winning golf course: Check Luxury spa: Check Great food: Check On-site activites: Check Really, what more do you need? My good lady wife,


‘A good meal, the kind where you’re not asked to cut up chicken nuggets and fetch more tomato sauce, is always a delightful experience’ --------------------------------------------------------

Ireland (my wife, Susan) and you simply wouldn’t see me for dust. Nor, might I add, would Susan be seen for said dust. Take it from me, for this kind of break, it’s best to stick close to home, so, if absolutely necessary, you can get back to the kids quickly. So, by now you’re hoping I’ll get around to giving some advice and recommend a good hotel for this kind of break – and I will. Enter Carton House

was lucky enough to get to the hotel early on the Friday that we were due to arrive. An appointment with the spa awaited her, consisting of a mini-facial and neck and shoulder massage. All I can say is that, after a few very stressful months of business for her, I was greeted by a well-and-truly rejuvenated wife. The spa did the trick, and I was happy just to be able to put my feet up and browse the newspa-

XTREME.IE’s themed zone at Carton House is the first of its kind in Ireland. The unique combination of onsite, stateof-the-art team building facilities and meeting rooms will make your day at Carton House truly unforgettable. A small sample of our exclusive onsite activities include Altitude: Ireland’s newest High and Low ropes course, Survivor Challenge: A fun, high energy event suitable for all levels of fitness, Duke of Leinster Challenge: Themed Irish Games, Xtreme 4x4 driving and archery pers before dinner. The design and style of Carton House is, I must admit, right up my street. A stunning, historic mansion that has been given a thoughtful and loving makeover, Carton House brings contemporary style and chic to an atmosphere of old-world charm and elegance. For a pre-dinner drink, the foyer presents a bright, modern and relaxing environment, offering comfortable couches set against pale, marble walls and modern, subdued lighting, along with a stunning feature fireplace. We did a little peoplewatching before we took our table at the hotel’s Linden Tree restaurant. A good meal, the kind where you’re not asked to cut up chicken nuggets and fetch more tomato sauce, is always a delightful experience – more so

when the setting and food is up to the standard of Carton House. After pondering the menu, we ordered, and got stuck in. For me, I couldn’t look past the confit duck leg on spiced red cabbage and greens; it was elegant, set on a big plate, and cooked perfectly, wonderful. My good lady wife went for one of her favourites, a seared scallop, this time with cauliflower purée – seasoned to perfection, gorgeous. I often go straight for the fish course when dining out, but tonight we swapped roles as Susan ordered beautifully cooked hake with courgette, beetroot and greens in a simple but perfect white wine sauce. Admire

For a change, I went with a duo of pork fillet and belly, served with

19 May 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 23

Edited by Mimi Murray

TravelBriefs Baking bread at Ballymaloe House THE art of baking bread is enjoying a big revival at the moment, and, with this in mind, Ballymaloe House is running a Bake Your Own Bread twonight special, this summer. Guests will learn the secrets of Ballymaloe bread-baking, from only €290 per person, with two nights’ bed and breakfast included, along with a five-course dinner one evening. Meanwhile, the Ballymaloe House package also runs all summer, and includes bed and breakfast in Ballymaloe Country House, along with an afternoon cookery demonstration at Ballymaloe Cookery School, with the package costing €145 per person sharing. For full details of these tempting offers, email, or call 021 465 2531.

A delicious week in the Big Apple

Carton House brings contemporary style and chic to an atmosphere of old-world charm and elegance

SPECIAL MID-WEEK COACH-HOUSE PACKAGE FROM €80 per person, based on two sharing, Carton House is the perfect place to relax and kick back, so why not treat yourself to a one-night stay on a bedand-breakfast basis, including a two-course meal. The relaxed atmosphere and service make for a well-earned break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Guests can also enjoy access to the leisure facilities, including and 18-metre swimming pool, sauna and steam room, for more details see

turnip, potato gratin with a white wine foam – an ideal combination of flavours as you admire the countryside view through the stunning floor-toceiling picture windows. Desserts of a divine fruit crumble and a truly modern chocolate pyramid topped off what can only be described as an indulgent experience. After an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep

– and a terrific breakfast, we got to get up close and personal with the grounds of Carton House, courtesy of Ireland Extreme, Ireland’s premier teambuilding and corporate events company. Our instructor led us through an off-road trail in a 4x4 jeep, along a myriad of obstacles as we were put through our paces in a very different kind of driving experi-

ence. This is no speed-fest, but a nerve-jangling challenge of skill and patience that brings in some of the more remote parts of the Carton House estate. I really can’t recommend this experience highly enough. For a more predictable afternoon, Susan took a run in to Liffey Valley (I told you, convenient isn’t it?), while I took a golf les-

son at the award-winning Carton House Golf Club. The on-site Golfing Union of Ireland National Academy offers indoor driving bays, grassed tee areas and an extensive short game practise area with three USGA-spec greens and a large bunker complex. But, for me, I was thrilled with a one-onone lesson with the resident golf pro, Bernard.

Apart from the ghastly experience of seeing myself on screen trying to hit a golf ball, this was another gem of an experience that genuinely improved my swing. Carton House has so much to offer, is right on Dublin’s doorstep, is a great place to get away from it all, but close enough to home just in case – and this is definitely worth a visit.

FROM pretzels and pizza to “posh nosh”, New York is famous for its food, and is a great city to visit for fine dining – especially between July 11 and 24, when NYC Restaurant Week takes place, with this year’s 20th anniversary Week actually running to two weeks, instead of one. Throughout the Big Apple, participating restaurants will be offering three-course meals at $24 for lunch, and $35 for dinner (excluding beverages, taxes and gratuities). The Hotel at Times Square, located in the heart of mid-town Manhattan, is a great, budget-friendly hotel that will leave guests with enough disposable income to spend on their dining experience, with July prices starting from just $199.99 per room per night. For further details, see

Hop away on a European holiday GOHOP.IE are offering some terrific value getaways to some of Europe’s top destinations, giving you the perfect city break for culture, shopping or a splash of sun this summer, or beyond. For example, you could enjoy three nights in a three-star Holiday Inn Express in Brussels, from €184, departing on May 26. For some much-needed winter sun, why not visit Barcelona, from €215? This includes four nights in three-star Hesperia Sant Joan Suites, departing on November 4. A little closer, you could visit lovely Lisbon from €279, with five nights in three-star Residencial Estoril Lisboa, departing on June 6. All offers include return flights, and are subject to availability; prices do not include airline baggage fees, and are subject to change. To book your city break with Gohop, call 01 241 2303, or see

24 SWORDS GAZETTE 19 May 2011


GoingOUT GoingOUT THE HELIX 01 700 7000 KIdkast Showcase 2011 ONCE again, Kidkast are returning to The Helix for their annual showcase. With students aged from four to 18-years-old, and attending from Kidkast’s four centres in Swords, Hartstown, Castleknock and Drogheda, the Kidkast crew cover a wide range of activities, with the showcase promising to have everything from high-energy dance routines to some exciting drama pieces. With tickets priced at €15, the showcase will be held at 2pm and 7pm on Sunday, May 22.

MILL THEATRE 01 296 9340 The Shaughraun TIME is running out to catch Taney Drama Society’s production of The Shaughraun, by Dion Boucicault, which is often described as a touchstone Irish play. The players bring the tale of Conn, a wily Sligo poacher, to vivid life, thanks to a large ensemble, a great set and period-appropriate costumes, with Victorian melodrama, romantic comedy and more in the mix. The Shaughraun runs nightly at 8pm at the Mill Theatre until Saturday, May 21, with admission priced €18/€15.

DRAIOCHT 01 885 2622 Simple Sculpture FOR a family event with a difference, why not make one yourself – literally. This fun event invites families to come along and, using everything from plasticine to lolly pop sticks, participants can create some wonderful and wacky sculptures. Ideal for children aged from five to 10-years-old, the event should also entertain younger and older siblings, too. This free event for parents and children runs from 12 to 3pm in the ground floor gallery.

PAVILION THEATRE 01 231 2929 Sallynoggin College showcase THE popular college will be showcasing its students’ skills in a number of areas, with two fascinating events to see. Firstly, Dance Debut 2011 will show some of the dance skills of the college’s dance students, with Dance Debut 2011 showing both what the dance students have learned, to date, as well as being a graduation show for secondyear students. The two-hour show starts at 8pm, on Tuesday, May 24, with admission priced €10. Secondly, Fashion Graduate Show 2011 will feature collections by the graduating students, with a number of pieces by first-year students also on show. This stylish event should show some true up-and-coming, and emerging, talents from the renowned fashion course. The two-hour show starts at 8pm, on Wednesday, May 25, with admission again priced at €10.

CIVIC THEATRE 01 4627477 Grumpy Old Women THESE ladies are not to be messed with, as they tread the (creaking) boards to bring some middle-aged mayhem to life and settle some scores they have with aging, men, the way things work and much more, in badtempered, contrary and hilarious ways. They won’t come much grumpier than Adele King, Flo McSweeney and Una Crawford O’Brien, who will present the hit West End show with a distinctly Irish version. Grumpy Old Women runs from Tuesday, May 24 until Saturday, May 28, with tickets priced from €25 to €30.

“I think Kate’s gone. We can come out, now ...” Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) and Angelica (Penelope Cruz) face Blackbeard’s wrath, zombies, hungry mermaids and tough-talking film critics on their quest to find the Fountain of Youth.

Pirates paddle along As the latest Pirates film sails onto our screens, Kate wonders if it’ll make quite the splash some may expect Q KATE CROWLEY

READERS, this will be the quickest review my old Remington has ever seen bashed out, clicketyquick, as a press gang, of sorts, comprising Gazetteers, is ready to make me walk the plank if I give nothing less than six stars to this week’s film, which lends some haste to my typing in the attic at Gazette Towers. Fortunately, I’m perfectly proficient in the Anchor Stroke, so their mutinous threats wash right over my head, arrr. And now I’ll head, arrr, right on over to the review, while keeping one ear cocked for the News Desk’s cries of “Tharr she blows, maties!” on the winding stairs outside. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (or, POTC4, which is quicker for hurr ying hacks hiding from a motley crew to type) sees the somewhat inevitable

FILM OF THE WEEK: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides +++ (12A) 136 mins Director: Rob Marshall Starring: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush, Pirates, Mermaids, but not Orlando Bloom again.

OUR VERDICT: ENTERTAINING, but predictable, POTC4 is more of the same... That’s not such a bad thing, of course, but it’s hard not to feel that it’s just milking the formula, extending the franchise, and possibly jumping the shark. It’s a decent film, but not the pinnacle of the Pirates franchise. Still, there are worse crews to ship yourself off to the cinema with, and it sails along okay ...

return of everybody’s favourite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), back once again to take to the high seas, sands, jungles, cities and other, unlikely spots in another slapdash, and slightly supernatural, adventure. This time round, as per usual in the franchise, Jack’s off after another legendary destination in POTC4 – in this case, the fabled Fountain of Youth, which ye olde map can lead him to. Jack is joined by a number of familiar faces here and there, including

long-standing frienemy, Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), who’s now gained a peg leg, and a mercenary’s allegiance to King George II (Richard Griffiths, hammily playing a piggy monarch). However, they aren’t the stars of the film – enter the mysterious Angelica (Penelope Cruz). She’s just the lass to cross cutlasses, paths, and words with Jack. (You don’t suppose they have a mysterious connection, do you?) Someone else who’s rather eye-catching is her boss, the fearsome pirate

(and scenery-chewing) Captain Blackbeard (Ian McShane), who’s set up as the baddest of the bad, in pirate terms (yet not quite in the same league as Bill Nighy’s astoundingly cruel, squidfaced character, Davy Jones). With Jack aboard his fearsome ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard is determined to beat King George II/ Barbarossa, and some Spaniards, to the fountain, with or without Jack’s help. But, of course, the journey isn’t an easy one, with one set-piece after another for the pirates – and the viewers – to get through, with a litany of fights, battles, chases, zombies and mermaids to get through and around, as everyone dashes off after maps and fountains and lost lands of terror ... What else is there in POTC4 to note, for those seeking more than showstopping spectacle to

shoehorn into the videogame spin-offs? Well, Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley have jumped overboard – I know, I know, Yay to that, too – only to be replaced by Lite versions of the actors, in the shape of a clergyman and a mermaid. (Their damp relationship will never work out, trust me.) Meanwhile, Cruz gamely does her best, doused in makeup that’s almost as thick as her accent, yet still rather less than McShane’s permatanned, permascowling face. But, while Depp turns in a role that he could, by now, perform in his sleep, it’s hard not to ditch the sinking feeling that, as with the recent fourth Indiana Jones film, it’s a film that was made because they could, rather than they should. As such, it’s a film that may leave some feeling shiver me timbers, rather than stirred ...

19 May 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 25

Oh, Flip – single-use tech is dead ADAM MAGUIRE

GEEKS have been talking about multi-functionalism for some time now, and recent trends in the industry suggest it is finally becoming a reality. The Flip camera – the portable camcorder that, along with YouTube, opened digital video to the masses – is dead. That is to say, Cisco, which bought the company for $590 million just two years ago, is discontinuing the brand. The reason for its end is simple – nobody needs to buy a portable digital camcorder any more, because they have a phone in their pocket that does the job just as well. In fact, there are a lot of single-purpose devices that people no longer need to buy, purely because of

what their phone has to offer. What the market is now seeing is the rise of “multi-functionality”; a buzzword that has bounced around for some time, but is finally coming true. According to analysts, the same thing is going to happen to eBook-readers too – a device that has barely just found its feet in recent years. The rise of the iPad, and similar tablets, which allow you to read books, amongst many other things, does away with the need for one device that does just one thing.

This is despite the fact that eBook-readers are specially designed to be easy on the eye and the battery. In short, it seems that people are happy to sacrifice some degree of quality in order to gain on convenience. This is sure to be a worrying trend for many other single-use devices. For many years now, people have predicted that the MP3 player would soon suffer as a result of music being easily transported via the likes of the phone. To date, iPod sales have managed to hold up, though there is little doubt that this will change in the near future. In fact, it is likely that this risk was at least part of the reason for Apple’s entry into the smartphone market four years ago.

They surely figured it was better to have iPod sales turn into iPhone sales, rather than see that money go to other companies altogether. So, are there any devices that are safe from this slow creep of multi-functionality? Despite the presence of a photo lens on every phone made today, the camera is the most likely to do okay ... for now. While a quality photo can be taken using something like an iPhone, they still, and arguably always will, pale in comparison to dedicated cameras. That is not to mention the fact that core features like an optical zoom are still a long way away from being a feature in a phone. In fact, given the space a zoom lens requires to

work properly, it is questionable if they will ever become common on a phone at all. However, beyond cameras, it’s fair to say that noone is safe in the singlefunction sector.

Samsung PL120 camera The latest version of Samsung’s dual-screen cameras, the PL120 is a quality device with a novel, if somewhat gimmicky, feature. It is hardly something that has kept people up at night, but the self-shot – where a user takes a picture of themselves with a camera – can be tricky. They have to guess the angle and direction, and the first take never comes out right. Enter the PL120, one of three new Samsung cameras

that feature a front-facing LCD screen right next to the lens, making it easier for users to take those vanity shots to adorn their Facebook pages. Thankfully, the camera has more than that gimmick to attract the user, boasting a 14.2MP lens, a 5x optical zoom, and a decent 3” screen on the back, for all those regular shots they might take. There is also HDstandard video recording, and some nice software features, including face detection and tracking.

Despite all of this, the price is surprisingly low, with an RRP of just €170. The chances are you could find a regular camera with the same feature set for slightly less, but for something that is a bit different, this fits the bill perfectly. The Samsung PL120 can be bought in most technology retailers for around €170. Visit for the latest tech news, reviews and views.


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PLANNING NOTICE FINGAL COUNTY COUNCIL Permission is sought for the single storey extension (24sqm) to rear of existing two storey dwelling, attic conversion (19.25sqm) and Porch to front (2.0sqm) with all associated site and landscaping works at 36 Ridgewood Park, Swords, Dublin by Shane and Catherine Sylvester. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee (20Euros) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of this application 12621


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A FRESH CANVAS: Painting guru Frank Clarke on opening new golf centre: Page 29


Dun Laoghaire set to sail for the 2011 regatta

THE FOURTH biennial Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta (VDLR), organised by the four waterfront yacht clubs in the area, will take place from July 7 to 10 in Dublin Bay. The regatta, which is now established as the biggest sailing event in Ireland, will attract approximately 500 boats across 25 classes, and will comprise 1,000 races over

the four days. The boats competing will be crewed by 3,000 sailors from yacht clubs across Ireland, with added participation from English, Welsh, Scottish, French, Spanish and Danish yacht clubs. Announcing the 2011 VDLR, Adam Winkelmann, chairperson of the organising committee said: “After the city marathons, the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta is the biggest participant sport-

ing event in the country. “One of the core reasons as to why it is successful in attracting so many entrants is that it is one of the least expensive sailing events in Europe, providing great value for money. “In addition to delivering quality racing, the regatta now prides itself in delivering a wonderful festive atmosphere across the Dun Laoghaire waterfront so, overall, the event prom-

Yachts from across the country and from abroad will take part in the Dun Laoghaire Regatta

ises an important boost to the local economy of Dun Laoghaire town in the midst of the summer tourist season and recession.” For those who prefer to keep their feet dry and

enjoy the superb sailing action in Dublin Bay from afar, there will be an array of family-orientated activities that have been set up on shore by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

There will be a farmers’ market, street entertainment, a carnival, numerous ladies’ fashion events, live music from jazz to traditional Irish to marching bands, local area restaurant and

pub events, an evening of Irish culture, music, food and dancing, and a scheduled RNLI Air-Sea Rescue demonstration. For more information on the VDLR 2011, go to

28 SWORDS GAZETTE 19 May 2011

GazetteSport Sport Basketball

The Swords Basketball Club’s players at all ages gather for the annual awards day

Alex Fagan, Blake Corrigan and Oisin O’Reilly

Swords awards

Hailing the stars of 2010/11 WORDS Basketball Club were in celebratory mood at ALSAA recently for the club’s annual awards ceremony, recognising another great year of success at the club. The event consisted of a fun day and the club’s AGM, and recognition was made of all of the sides who played so well and so consistently throughout the season. Damo Byrne was the winner of the Niall Brophy Trophy, which is presented each year to the club member who has given the outstanding contribution to the club over the course of the year. The club are looking forward to more success next season, and, for more information about the club and taking part in basketball in Swords, see, and their Facebook page.

League winners, the Under-14 boys

Damo Byrne, third from left, with the Niall Brophy Cup


The Under-17 boys who came third in the Billy Kelly The Under-13 girls’ team

trophy in Cork recently

19 May 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 29

in association with

Painting a wide canvas for golf ROB HEIGH talks to painting guru, Frank Clarke, whose long association with golf in Dublin has led to his latest venture to bring children to the game THERE has been an inevitable upsurge in the interest in golf in recent years among what would normally be referred to as grass-roots players; young people who have tasted the enjoyment of playing a fine shot on a golf course and who have seen the kinds of success of young Irish golfers on the European and World stages, such as Rory McIlroy and the Maguire twins. Golf has, for the longest time, been seen as the preserve of the privileged and time-rich, but recently, there have been initiatives to open up the doors to everyone. In particular, recognition has been given to developing players from an early age.

One man who is trying to forge a new ethos in the sport is an unlikely ambassador for golf, television’s painting emissary, Frank Clarke. Frank, from Rathfarn-

also had a parallel interest in golf, and his interest led to the building of one of the first par 3 courses in Ireland in 1962. He has been involved as a participant and as a builder and


‘We have some of the best players in the world in this country. We want all children with an interest in golf to have that opportunity’ --------------------------------------------------------

ham, is more readily recognised as the man who brought painting to the masses through his accessible and easy-to-follow programmes on the craft. However, Frank has

designer of courses. Now, Frank is hoping to bring the same enthusiasm and belief as he demonstrates in his artistic endeavours to the world of golf. He has recently been

Frank Clarke is bringing his inclusive spirit to the world of golf

involved in the extension and re-development of the par three and pitch and putt courses at the Liffey Valley Par 3 facility, and in the course of doing that, made some interesting observations. “We looked over the facility, and golfing as a whole, and realised there were very few facilities for young people. “Children under 12 were being turned away because of ages-old policies, and a lot of clubs would not allow kids to play until they are 14 or 15. “Kids just can’t get into golf clubs, it’s not that easy. Very seldom will clubs or parents allow children to play on courses when they are under the age of 11, and the costs are also prohibitive.” Frank saw parallels with his own experience of learning to paint, in that he had no grounding in the craft, so was behind the curve when it came to learning it. “The ideal situation is that, ideally, the future of the game lies with the children, and they will keep it going. The idea of par 3 in the beginning is that it is the school or the grounding for players of the future. “The idea behind the initiative at Liffey Valley is to create golfers for life. We want to teach them the skills and the etiquette of golf as well. It’s giving kids a hobby, which I wish

I had had when I was a child. We have some of the best players in the world in this country who have come through from the junior sections, and they have benefited from getting into the game at a young age. We want all children to have that opportunity.” As a result, Liffey Valley now offers free pitch and putt play to children under the age of 10, as long as they are accompanied by an adult, and at ages of 10 or 11, will be able to play at a special rate on the par 3 course. “We will be running fun competitions on a weekly basis for the children, and trying to attract as many children as possible, through local schools and other initiatives, including a playing academy. “We are also looking to get a professional along to give a bit of coaching to the children, as well as the adults who come along and play, too.” With plans afoot to bring female golfers into the club as well, Frank has cast the net widely and inclusively to create golfers of the future. The club plans to have an offical launch day shortly, with professionals and celebrities coming along to christen the evolution of the club. For more information, contact Liffey Valley Par 3 Club on 01 6219514, or see online at liffeyvalleypar3. ie.


Puspure added to Irish squad for World Cup 2011 GAZETTESport star Sanita Puspure has been included in the Irish team to represent the country at the Munich World Cup due to take place this year from May 27 to 29. Kinsealy resident Puspure will partner Lisa Dilleen in the double scull, the women’s heavyweight boat in which Ireland are anticipated to bid for Olympic qualification at the World Championships in Bled in September. Ireland will send six crews to the first World Cup regatta of the year, in Munich; four in combinations targeted at gaining Olympic qualification this year. Puspure, a Latvian athlete, is still awaiting Irish citizenship, but she is allowed to compete in the World Cup series.

Paralympics ticketing signup begins PARALYMPICS Ireland is calling on all sports fans to support the Irish team by buying tickets for the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. Over 4,000 athletes are set to compete in the Games from 170 countries around the world, and approximately two million tickets will go on sale for the Paralympic Games from September 9. Liam Harbison, CEO of Paralympics Ireland, said: “The start of the tickets going on sale is a very exciting moment for everyone involved in Paralympic sport. I really encourage all Irish sports fans to seize the opportunity

of witnessing the range of spectacular sports that the Paralympic Games has to offer, and to get behind the Irish team in London.” Those interested can sign up now at

Wood latest addition to Clontarf pack ANDY Wood has been appointed as Head Coach of Clontarf. Wood has returned to Clontarf, where three seasons ago he led the 1st XV to the Division 1AllIreland final. Wood played in De La Salle RFC before joining Clontarf and played first team rugby for a number of seasons before joining the coaching team led by Phil Werahiko.

30 SWORDS GAZETTE 19 May 2011

GazetteSport Sport FastSport Little go Large: Forrest Little host charity tournament FORREST Little Golf Club recently held a golf classic in aid of the St Colmcille’s Parish Centre Development Fund,

Thompson speeds to podium place in opener GARY Thompson made a brilliant start to his Japanese F3 Championship bid at Suzuka last weekend where the 18-year-old showed strong pace to record a second-place podium finish, before claiming the fastest lap during a spirited race-two comeback. The Aviation Display-backed Donabate man qualified an excellent third in the National Class for both races at the Japanese Grand Prix venue and again demonstrated his turn of speed and ability in the weekend’s opening round.

and the day proved to be a great success for the charity and the club. Pictured above are captain of Forrest Little Golf Club, Peter O’Brien, with committee members Noel Costello, Fr Cyril Mannion, the parish priest of St Colmcille’s Parish, Swords, Shelia Gannon and Mark Gannon.


Murray takes Swords BC’s bronze in Brown in Morton run Ireland U-16s FINGALLIANS’ Sarah Murray finished in an excellent third place in the 100m at the Woodies’ DIY AAI Games at Morton Stadium. She finished in a time of 12.32, trailing winter Olympian Claire Bergin, the DSDAC bobsleigh competitor finishing just 0.08 seconds ahead while Murray ended in the same time with Bandon’s Jane Healy. Murray was using the event as one of the opportunities to achieve the qualification standards for European Youth Olympic Festivals, World Youths’ and European Junior and U-23 Championships, as did many of Ireland’s most promising athletes.

SWORDS basketball club’s Andrew Brown has been named in the Irish U-16 squad for the European championships this summer. The Under16 Boys face a tough challenge against the likes of Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Armenia and the Slovak Republic when they make the trip to Macedonia for their Division B campaign, which commences on July 28. Preparation in advance of the competition will see the boys travel to Bilbao in Spain for games against the Basque National Team as well as area premier club teams, including a division one club, Baskonia.

Rivervalley Rangers were able to quell their relegation woes with this vital win over Oatfield in the Division 1 tie

Rangers’ hopes raised AUL DIVISION 1 SATURDAY Oatfield Rivervalley Rangers JONNY STAPLETON

0 2

BOTH Oatfield and Rivervalley Rangers look destined to play AUL Division 1 Saturday football again next term after the Swords side increased their survival chances and put paid to the Clondalkin outfit’s promotion hopes with an impressive win last Saturday. Collinstown Park residents, Oatfield, who compete in an AUL Complex hosted cup final this Friday night, needed to win their remaining games to ensure an immediate

return to Saturday footballs top flight, but played more like relegation candidates than promotion hopefuls and, eventually, lost to basement side Rivervalley. Valleym on the other handm fittingly fought as though their lives depended on it, and could have won by a more comfortable margin but for some wasteful finishing and some fine Costigan goalkeeping. The hosts started the brighter and their 3-5-2 system ensured they controlled the key midfield battle. Oatfield seemed to have more time and space on the ball and playmaker Barry Callaghan proved

key as they dominated the opening 20 minutes. However, the home side couldn’t turn translate their dominance into an advantage on the scoreboard and only had half-chances from Keith Dowling, Jimmy Moir and Greg Ormond to show for all their possession. Midway through half, the heavens opened and, as the rain poured down, Oatfield’s grasp on the game began to slip. Conor Ward replaced Callaghan as the game’s most creative influence and Valley began to create a number of chances. Dave Morgan was forced to clear off the line as Tony Kelly volleyed goal-ward,

before the centre-half’s last-gasp intervention prevented Darragh McCarty from scoring. What was a previously solid back three became stretched, and the visitors went for the kill. Kelly, David McCarthy and Mark Sinnot all had chances but when the goal finally arrived, it came from the unlikeliest of sources. Defender Paul Daly pounced on a poorly-cleared corner and made it 1-0. Rangers upped the tempo upped the tempo further after the turn and it wasn’t long before they doubled their advantage. Star man Ward burst from the middle of the

park released Gary Doran out wide before driving into the box and heading home the right backs cross at the back post. Oatfield pushed on in an attempt to claw their way back into contention, but as they pushed on were severely exposed at the back granting the visitors over ten chances to secure the three points. However, Rangers failure to kill of a wounded Oatfield showed just why they are in relegation mire. An abundance of missed chances and some fine work from keeper Costigan was all that prevented the game from having a one more one-sided gloss.

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Fingallians were unable to match Round Towers in their high-scoring encounter at Lawless Park

Flustered Fins find going tough in IHC IHC GROUP A Fingallians 4-10 Round Towers 6-10 JONNY STAPLETON

IT WAS a case of six of the worst rather than six of the best for Fingallians last weekend when half-a-dozen defensive blunders ensured they lost a second successive intermediate hurling championship tie. The home side matched their opponents in terms of pointscoring, but eventually came out on the wrong side of a ten-goal thriller in Newtown last Saturday. Having made a bad start to the championship campaign with defeat to K ilmacud Crokes in round one, Towers made a more positive start to their most recent championship encounter. McDonnagh split the posts early on for the Clondalkin men, and his point was followed by Dublin minor Whe-

lan raising the white flag. Martin Doyle then ensured a comfortable cushion for the visitors as he finished Towers early-scoring blitz, pulling on a loose ball around the square to score the first of what would be ten goals in the tie. However, just when i t l o o ke d l i ke t h e Clondalkin side had pulled clear, Fingallians dragged them back into shooting range. First of all, free-taker JM Sheridan hit the back of the net with a well-taken effort. Finn then registered the first, and best of his three goals, skinning the host’s experienced full-back before finishing neatly as Towers pushed on. A long-range Jack Whelan free also found its way into the net and, but for scores from Peter Daly and Sheridan, Towers could have been well clear come half-time.

As it was, it stood 1-06 to 3-05 at the turn-around, but Towers began to pull away further after the second throw in. Eoghan Walsh, who challenged Finn for the man-of-the-match award, registered the goal-of-the-day, netting on the half-volley from 30 yards to put the visiting outfit seven points to the good. Again, the fighting Fingallians’ response was instant, and Sheridan goaled to keep the tie interesting and, after points from McDonagh and Walsh, substitute PJ Vaughan

tested Towers’ ner ve with another goal for the hosts. Finn then added his second and third goals of the game before two of the half back line, James Clarke and Eoghan Young, sailed the ball over the black spot to extend the Round Towers’ advantage to nine points to the good. To their credit Fingallians, who have yet to win a championship tie this season, battled to the death, and put a fairer slant on the score board with an injurytime goal from the stick of Vaughan.

WINS this week for the U-16 girls, who

came out top of the group and had

now meet St Sylvester’s next Sun-

the honour on playing Nh Mearnog

day in the league decider. Wins also

in the semi-final in Balheary after

for the junior ladies, U-12 girls and

lunch. It ended another great day

a big well-done to the Dublin minor

in the club, and thanks to everyone

ladies who won the Leinster title.

who helped out.

Fingallians hosted our group in the

Well done to Sarah Murray and

U-14 hurling feile in Balheary, with

Sam Kelly, who represented the club

Craobh Chiarain, Raheny and Erin’s

in the AAI games.

Isle making up the group. The pitch-

Fingallians Golf Society: First out-

es were in immaculate condition

ing of the year will take place in

and, with the sun shining, the four

Malahide GC on May 20 from 2 to

teams took to the park at 10.30 for

3.30pm. The cost will be €40. The

what was to be a wonderful day’s

timesheet is in clubhouse and filling

hurling by all four clubs. A delicious

up quickly.

feast for lunch was served up to all

John Brock is shaving his beard off

four clubs and their supporters in

after 38 years in Fingallians’ Club

the clubhouse by Feidhlim and his

Bar on Saturday, May 21 at 8pm.

now nearly full time staff of moth-

All proceeds going to the Oncology

ers of the U-14s. Craobh Chiarain

Ward, Beaumont Hospital.

FINGAL RAVENS WELL done to all the girls on the U-12s

to €200 for a team of four, includes a

and their management team who

meal in Kettles’ Hotel after, contact

won the league with a thrilling display

Pat Kinsella on 087-9313045 to book

against Garristown in Rolestown on

your tee times. Anyone interested


in sponsoring a tee, donating a spot-

Minor team had a good league win over Sylvester’s in the league on Sun-

prize or giving a hand on the day, contact Maura Norton on 087-9936458. Div 5 team play Round Towers of

day morning. Well done to the U-7s, 8s and 9s who travelled to Tyrrelstown on Saturday

Clondalkin away in Community Centre at 11am on Sunday. Div 1 team play Templeogue SS away

morning. Special meeting for all managers,

in Dolphin Park at 6.30pm on Saturday.

mentors and selectors next Monday,

Div 10N team play Naomh Fionnbarra

May 23 at 9pm in the Arkle suite of Ket-

away in Pope John Paul Park at 3pm on

tle’s Hotel, full attendance required.

Sunday. Committee meeting this Thursday at

Anyone that has All-Ireland football prediction forms, please get them to

9pm in Kettles’ Hotel. We would like to send our sympathies

any committee member ASAP. Annual golf classic is on Saturday, May 28 in Swords Open, price reduced

to the extended Murphy family on the recent death of Martina.

ST FINIAN’S (SWORDS) THE U-11 team had good wins last week

them to the clubhouse office where we

in both hurling and football. This team

will collect and re-distribute.

trains regularly and it’s clearly paying

We are appealing to members to

off. They play at home next turday at

support the weekly lotto on a regular

11am so why not look in. Drop in to the

basis. The weekly club lotto draw is

clubhouse for tea or coffee too.

a vital fundraiser for the day to day

The website is regularly updated.

operation of the club. A weekly ticket

Check for the latest news at www.

costs as little as €2 for one box or €5 for There are also Twitter

three boxes. If every member bought a

and Facebook links.

ticket it would make a huge difference.

Memberships are overdue. Remem-

Standing orders are available from the

ber you must be a fully paid up member

club office. You will be helping the club

to obtain tickets for Dublin matches

and also in with a chance to win.

through the club.

The lotto numbers drawn were 5, 13,

Equipment – Do you have any equip-

17 and 20. There was no winner of the

ment belonging to the club which could

jackpot worth €4,800. The €50 winners

be reused? It could be lurking in the

were Marie Brennan and Jackie Caul.

shed, attic, car boot......but we could

Next week, the jackpot will be €4,900.

use it. Jerseys, bibs, balls, old hurleys,

Following the success of our last

cones, helmets, water bottles and

clothing collection another date has

carriers, First Aid bags. Please bring

been fixed for Saturday, June 11.


SWORDS CELEBRATE: Basketball club present awards after their fine season P28

BROAD PALETTE: Frank Clarke’s golfing initiative P29


With five of his starting 15 involved in the visit of the British monarch this week, Ben Dorney has been preparing without them

MAY 19, 2011

Royal ructions for Rackard reckoning Fingal hurlers’ work commitments as Gardai means that side has been stretched in terms of preparation for semi STEPHEN FINDLATER

THE QUEEN’S visit to Dublin means Fingal hurlers’ preparations for the Nicky Rackard Cup semi-final with London this Saturday have been shrouded in uncertainty. Increased Garda presence means that five of Ben Dorney’s side, who are part of the force, have found training time at a premium this week, most missing Monday’s session, while involvement in the advanced unit protecting the British monarch sees a couple of players travelling to Cork on Friday. It means Dorney has had to roll with a string of absentees ahead of the region’s biggest game this season as they aim to reach a first national final. Speaking to the Gazette, the former Kildare manager was being stoical about his side’s preparations: “Most of them were working Monday night, but we just had to work around that. There’s not a lot you can do.

“We’re still not 100pc sure just yet [whether they will all be available]. A number are in the advanced unit, which poses a problem as well, trying to get back from Cork on Friday evening for a flight. Plus the fact that these guys would have been on a fairly hectic schedule all week; it’s not the best preparation for a game of this nature. “But, I’m involved in teams many years and I just take this kind of thing in my stride, because these are issues you can’t control or influence. If you get on and work around them, you can be better off adopting a low-key approach, because you can start distracting other players and take away the focus from what you should be doing.” The exiles have been perennial challengers in this competition since dropping down from the Christy Ring Cup, reaching a couple of finals. The nature of the London set-up means they bring a certain unknown quantities to the table, something which Dorney is wary of. “We haven’t come across London this year

and, to be honest, I don’t know whether that is good or bad. With Kildare a number of years ago, we played them three or four times. “London are likely to change from time to time because of the transient nature, you never know how strong or otherwise they are. “You can be sure they’ll have plenty of good hurlers. They’ll be difficult to beat there in Ruislip, but our lads are aware of that because they know what its like to play London. “The game against Sligo was a good confidence-booster. It would be fair to say up to that, we certainly hadn’t been firing on all cylinders. “I’d still have a few concerns here and there in terms of how we might cope with the more sustained challenge London might offer. “But, at the same time, we’ve plenty of fine hurlers capable of rising to the occasion. It’s a matter now for me to make sure their minds our right for Saturday and in the frame of mind for a highly competitive game, and that’s what I’m there for really.”


FEATURE: P6-7 INSIDE: Enjoying 10th birthday celebrations at Pavilions SC P8 May 19, 2011 Basketball: Swords BC celebrate their fine season...