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Movember: Fins’ men raise over €6,500 Page 30

Dump plan scrapped Q MIMI MURRAY

Rugby: Swords U-12s line out at RDS Page 30

December 15, 2011

PLANS to develop a controversial landfill in north Dublin have been scrapped following a decision by the four Dublin local authorities this week. Fingal County Council said the decision not to press ahead with the development on the 190-hectare site, which was purchased for €30m, had been taken “due to the large costs that would be involved and the changed circumstances which have rendered the project

no longer viable”. The decision was welcomed this week by local politicians and residents who have held a long-running campaign against the proposed landfill. FCC county manager David O’Connor, said the project had “reached a crucial juncture and in light of changed circumstances, the decision to proceed would incur major costs of up to €45 million which in today’s market and in light of evolving national policy, could not now be justified”. Full Story on Page 7

Dressed to impress: Dream appeal LIANNE Kavanagh, Carla

Jackson and Rachael Wallace were having a Wright good night when they attended Casey’s Dream Appeal fundraiser for fiveyear-old Casey Fitzgerald at The Wright Venue in Swords.

An array of entertainment was enjoyed including, dancers, singers and a fashion show featuring the latest styles from some of Ireland’s leading labels.

Full Gallery on Page 8 Picture: Una Williams

2 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011



Fancy living like the rich and famous this Christmas? has compiled a list of top festive hotspots in which you are at least guaranteed a celebrity sighting TRAVEL, PAGES 22-23


Lucky Laura: Prize winner

Go-ahead given for new 24-class school THERE was good news on the schools front this week, following the announcement that planning permission has been granted to Holy well Educate Together NS for a new three-storey, 24-classroom school. Fingal County Council gave the go-ahead for the proposed development that will consist of a staff room, set rooms, library/resource room, multi-purpose rooms, principal’s office, sanitary and ancillary accommodation and will also contain a twoclassroom special needs unit, including central activities unit. The school building is linked to a shared community facility, containing a general purpose hall, changing facilities, store space, ser ver y, meeting rooms, office space, and ancillar y accommodation. Proposed site works w i l l i n cl u d e p r ov i sion for 52 car parking spaces via new vehicular access from public road, with exit via current site entrance, formation of new set down/drop off, two new bicycle racks, three new ball courts, junior play area, SNU sensory garden, ESB sub-station, external bin store, landscaped garden areas and boundary treatment.

LAURA Lyons from Whitehall can well afford to look happy as she was the outright winner of a fantastic prize worth in the region of €12,000, just in time for Christmas. Stores at Omni Park Shopping Centre came together to put in place the fantastic gift of fabulous prizes to reward their loyal customers. All they had to do was to collect five Omni Park Shopping receipts from the stores, pop them in a special envelope and they could enter the draw. As well as Lucky Laura, there were also four runnersup who each received €250 vouchers.


Developer is ordered to erect boundary wall Q MIMI MURRAY

THE developer behind two estates in North Dublin has been instructed by Fingal County Council to erect a new security boundary wall between the two developments to deal with “current health and safety issues”. Responding to Social-

ist Councillor Eugene Coppinger, the council said that the developer had been instructed to construct the new wall between Creston and Mayeston Hall. Cllr Coppinger had asked the council about several safety issues, and raised concerns over fencing separating Creston Estate from Mayeston Hall, that he

said has deteriorated to such an extent, children are now able to access the building site with all the hazards that are contained therein. Fingal County Council said the partly constr ucted estate was developed by Durkan Residential Ltd, and a security bond in the amount of €508,000 was being held on

(planning application) Ref. F05A/0600 “for the satisfactory completion of services to taking-incharge standards”. “As this development has been identified by the DECLG as being an ‘unfinished housing estate’, appropriate notices have been sent to the developer requiring them to submit proposals on how they intend to



Gazette SANTA

address all identified and outstanding issues,” the council added. “The immediate priority for the council is to deal with current health and safety issues and to reduce/improve where possible the unsightly visual impact on local residents. “T he developer is instructed to secure all boundaries with appro-


CALL US NOW ON 60 10 240

priate /approved fencing, repair all breaches and provide the proper maintenance and security. Such works shall also include for the removal of temporary Harris type fencing separating Creston from the adjacent Mayeston Hall development, and the construction of a new security boundary wall as per planning conditions,” the council continued.

15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 3



No go for timer

Bus shelter works start

WORKS on the construction of a new bus shelter beside the Pine Grove Estate in Swords, have been welcomed this week by local residents who have been campaigning for the much-needed facility. Speaking to the Gazette, Labour TD for Dublin North Brendan Ryan said: “Residents from this estate have been campaigning for this much-needed facility for many years. “I first raised this issue with Dublin Bus nearly three years ago when I was a Senator. During the course of the General Election in February of this year, I reaffirmed my commitment to local residents and undertook to pursue it to a successful conclusion. “Over the years, public transport users from that area of the Rathbeale Road have had to wait in inclement weather with no cover from the elements. “Given the inadequate shelter at this bus stop over the years, elderly people in

the vicinity would forego the use of public transport given the discomfort and inconvenience of waiting at this stop. --------------------------

‘I am delighted that finally the local residents will have the protection from the elements provided by this shelter’ --------------------------

“I wish to complement Dublin Bus on carrying through with their commitment made to me on this matter notwithstanding the current financial constraints on the company. “I am delighted that finally the local residents will have the protection from the elements provided by this shelter and I hope it will encourage more people to use the bus to get into Swords village and beyond,” he said.





Mo bros: Local pharmacy raises funds and shows support for a great cause MCCABE’S Pharmacy in Pavilions Shopping Centre, played their part in raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, when they asked the public to give generously for Movember, during the month of November. Each November, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in Ireland and around the world. Pictured encouraging people to give generously were Trevor Corrigan and Shane Farrell from McCabe’s Pharmacy Pavilions who participated in Movember.

CALLS for a timer on pedestrian lights to be installed near the junction of the Swords and Millview Roads have been turned down by Fingal County Council. Speaking at a recent Area Committee Meeting, Fianna Fail councillor Eoghan O’Brien asked council management if it would be feasible to install a timer at the lights to improve access onto the Swords Road from Millview Road. Responding to Cllr O’Brien, FCC said: “Countdown timers are used to show pedestrians how many seconds are left before the pedestrian phase is activated within a traffic signal sequence. These are generally used at busy junctions with a large pedestrian demand and would not be warranted at this crossing.”

4 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011

POLITICS In an exclusive interview with The Gazette, Patrick


‘ I believe that the policy of austerity is not working – it is not helping to get our economy back on track, and it is not helping to get people back in work. ‘We need to reach targets, but I believe that the balance of cuts to front-line services, and cuts to people on low incomes, as against asking those who have the most to pay the most, was not correct.’


Patrick Nulty

Labour’s Patrick Nulty, who is standing by his decision to vote against austerity measures in the budget


‘I believe the austerity policy is not working’ Q LAURA WEBB

HE’S the rebel TD who dramatically voted against the coalition’s first Budget, but Patrick Nulty says he has no regrets for making a stand against measures that have targeted the most vulnerable members of society. This week, in an exclusive interview with The Gazette, the 29-yearold, who was the newest Labour TD af ter being elected in Dublin West six weeks ago, also denied that he had deceived the electorate. “I have been absolutely consistent at every stage of my activity in

politics, and I think I would be deceiving people if I didn’t stand up and speak out for what I believe in. “I will work tirelessly on behalf of the people who elected me, and will continue to stand up, speak out and represent them for the ideals and ideas that I hold dear to me,” he said. And, in spite of his expulsion from the Parliamentary Party, Nulty says he will remain an “ a c t i ve ” m e m b e r o f the Labour Party, both nationally and locally. “I am fully committed to the aims, objectives and principles of the party, and I believe I have acted in accordance

with those principles,” he told The Gazette this week. “I believe that the policy of austerity is not working – it is not helping to get our economy back on track, and it is not helping to get people back in work. “The VAT increase, and the reduction in the capital expenditure programme, and the numbers which will be removed from front-line public services will actually lead to job losses in the economy next year. “I believe what we need to do is to create jobs. The key point is that there are choices this country can make about how we fix our


‘The VAT increase, and the reduction in the capital expenditure programme, and the numbers which will be removed from front-line public services will actually lead to job losses in the economy next year’ --------------------------------------------------------

Patrick Nulty


economy. “We can ask those who have wealth in our society to contribute more; we can use our national pension reserve fund to invest in equality and jobs; we can build our infrastructural projects and grow our way out of recession, and we

can also refuse to pay unsecured Anglo Irish bondholders in January, which would save this countr y a significant amount,” he said. “We need to reach targets, but I believe that the balance of cuts to front-line services, and cuts to people on low

incomes, as against asking those who have the most to pay the most, was not correct,” said Nulty. “The reduction in staff numbers in our health service is going to make the situation at Connolly Hospital extremely difficult. “In the byelection, I made absolutely clear in public meetings, and my election literature, when asked what my position on Connolly Hospital was, that the beds needed to be reopened, and that there was no more scope for cuts, and we could not take any more pain in the health service – I stand over that commitment, publicly,”

he said. Asked what reaction his constituency colleague, and Minister, Joan Burton had to his decision to vote against the Budget, Nulty said: “ I h ave t r e m e n d o u s respect for Joan, and I know both her, and Labour party ministers of Cabinet, fought very hard, and will continue to fight very hard. “I will continue to work with Joan and the local Labour party in Dublin West. “However, I could not support particular measures in this Budget, and I would hope everyone will respect that and understand my position.”

15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 5

Nulty discusses why he voted against measures in the Budget

Where next for Labour’s Patrick Nulty?

Following newly-elected Labour TD Patrick Nulty’s decision to vote against the Budget, local representatives give their reaction to his decision, and say what his next move should be …

‘If Nulty’s sincere, we call on him to resign’ SOCIALIST Par ty Mulhuddart councillor Ruth Coppinger said Deputy Nulty’s decision reflected a growing shift against “austerity and Labour”, and that a new Left party was needed. “His decision to vote against the Budget is a welcome blow to Labour ’s continuance of the disastrous bailout/austerity programme. “The choice by Labour to attack the poor, rather than bondholders, is putting pressure on a section of backbenchers and shows the need for a new Left party,” she said. “The swingeing cuts to health, education, the disabled, lone par-

Socialist councillor Ruth Coppinger

ents and part-time workers on social welfare was clearly too much for Deputy Nulty to stand over, despite an earlier commitment to always vote with Labour. “This decision reflects the growing realisation among a majority in society that austerity won’t create jobs or bring economic recov-

ery, but adds to the crisis by killing demand, which the Socialist Party/ULA campaigned on in the by-election. “If Deputy Nulty is sincere, we call on him to now resign from the Labour party and make a principled stand against austerity, and for the building of a new Left party in this country.”

COMING SOON IN YOUR GAZETTE... Fianna Fail councillor David McGuinness

‘It is clear his election mandate was ill-gotten’ FIANNA Fail’s David McGuinness said the Dublin West TD has deceived his electorate, and should consider resigning his seat. “Just over eight weeks ago, outside Roselawn Shopping Centre, Patrick Nulty adamantly told RTE Radio 1 listeners that he would always vote with the Labour party. “He said he wanted to get into Leinster House to influence Government policy, and stand up for the people of Dublin West ... [but]

in Leinster House, he has reneged on his word, and I know that many people in Dublin 15 and Swords will be sore at his deception,” said Cllr McGuinness.

Fully aware “While I may agree with Patrick Nulty about many of the callous measures which Ministers Burton and Varadkar have ensured are included in the budget, he ran for election fully aware of the scale of the budgetary adjustments that were necessary, and the shape of

the measures likely. “They were being well-flagged since early autumn. “It is now clear that Patrick Nulty has received a mandate from the people on October 27 which is ill-gotten. I believe that he has deceived the people of Dublin West. “It is on these grounds that I would now ask him to consider resigning the seat. “If he then so wishes, he can run for the seat as an Independent,” said Cllr McGuinness.

‘He should resign, if his actions are to be taken seriously’ DUBLIN West Sinn Fein representative Paul Donnelly also called on Nulty to resign from the Labour party, following his vote against the budget. “I welcome Patrick Nulty’s decision not to support the savage

budget being imposed on ordinary people. “However, I am calling on him to go the full way, and resign from the Labour party, if his actions are to be taken seriously and not seen as a way to escape voting for this, and other

crippling budgets coming down the line in the next four years,” said Donnelly. “There is an opportunity to build and grow a progressive Left alternative and I call on Nulty to join in the upcoming protests against this

unjust Government. “Sinn Fein have shown that there is a better way, through making choices that create employment, help the old, the sick, the vulnerable, children and working people,” he said.




6 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011

FAIR Host of activities for club over the holiday period

Locals turn out to enjoy an annual festive event SANTA made a ver y special appearance when he dropped into St Finian’s Christmas Fair recently. A host of locals turned out to enjoy the annual fair where Santa

distributed goody bags to all the children who visited him, ably helped by Alison Halpin and Grace Murray. “The Christmas cake was won by one of the stallholders who got

involved in supporting our club on the day. Many thanks to all who gave, visited and bought on the day,” said a spokesperson for the club. But although the

Christmas Fair is now over, tickets are on sale for the club’s Bumper Christmas Draw, with €1,000 first prize. They are available from the club office or any committee mem-

bers and the draw will take place on Thursday, December 15, in Peacocks. The Club Christmas Night is being held from 8.30pm in Peacocks. There is free entry for all.

Movie rental kiosks arrive DVDHUT Movie rental kiosks have arrived in Boroimhe Shopping Centre in Swords. From the introduction of ATMs in the 19 8 0 s , s e l f - s e r v i c e vending machines have become a part of everyday life. People are using touch screen technology everywhere from airport check-ins to supermarket check-outs. Movie rentals have become the latest business to embrace this technology, tried and tr usted in the USA where there are over 40,000 kiosks. The kiosk allows consumers to buy or rent the latest movies at low prices from the convenience of their local supermarket. T he kiosk is eyecatching and very simple to use. No complicated membership is needed. Customers can browse a wide selection of the latest movies from the screen, choose the latest releases and rent or buy with your credit or laser card in seconds. DVDs are simply returned to the kiosk when finished with. New releases are priced at €3.50 and movies are available from as little as €1. Customers are able to join online at dvdhut. ie and browse the selection of movies. As a promotion DVDHUT are offering Gazette readers 50% off their normal first-night rental fee. o avail of this offer use the promotional code GAZZA1 at the kiosk.

Meanwhile the Club Lotto numbers for 11/12/2011 were: 5, 9, 17, 21. The jackpot was €2,700 and there was no winner. The €50 winners were Maureen Reen and

Aimee Hender. Next week’s jackpot will be €2,800. Check out the website for updates at www. or visit Twitter @StFiniansSwords

Magical music: Christmas single SWORDS band, Shade of Light, made up of Fiona Gill and Clare Smith, have released a Christmas single, December Eve, to raise much-needed funds in support of cystic fibrosis. Clare, suffers from cystic fibrosis herself. “I have written an original Christmas song in aid of two non-profit cystic fibrosis Irish charities, The Tracie Lawlor Trust for Cystic Fibrosis and Life Matters 4 CF. This has all been made possible by the generosity of Charlestown Shopping Centre who has sponsored the launch of this CD,” Fiona said. They released the song in Charlestown Shopping Centre on December 3, and were joined by Rolestown Drama Society.


Olympic Torch set to visit north Dublin next summer Q MIMI MURRAY

IN a historic move, the Olympic Torch is set to come to north Dublin next summer following an agreement reached by the International Olympic Committee. The London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay will take in a number of locations, including Northern Ireland and Dublin next June. The move has been welcomed by Fine Gael TD for Dublin North

East, Terence Flanagan, who said: “I am delighted that the Olympic flame will travel across the border into the Republic next year in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics. “This historic occasion recognises the friendship, peace and cooperation that now exists on the island of Ireland and demonstrates the unifying power of sport. “On its journey the torch will visit Olympic House in Howth, the headquarters of the Olympic Council of Ireland, as


‘This historic occasion recognises the friendship, peace and cooperation that now exists on the island of Ireland and demonstrates the unifying power of sport’


well as Croke Park. “This will give everyone in Dublin north- east and those living in Dublin a prime opportunity next June to come out and see the Olympic flame up

close. “A number of international teams have already chosen Dublin as a training base before the London Games. “The visit of the Olym-

pic flame next year will be a wonderful opportunity for the whole of Ireland, and especially the people of Dublin north-east, to be even more closely involved with the 2012 London Olympic Games and for Irish people to be part of the biggest sporting event in the world. “This is also tremendous news from a tourism perspective, according to Minister Michael Ring. “This year we had the highly successful visits of Queen Elizabeth and President Obama, and last

week’s announcement means that we will again have an opportunity for significant international media focus on Ireland next summer. “I know the tourism agencies will be doing everything they can to maximise the benefits of the torch being in Dublin. “It should be particularly useful in terms of generating further positive publicity in Great Britain – our most important overseas tourism market.”

15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 7


Safety: High-vis vests for kids

Group takes to the street over plant proposal Q MIMI MURRAY

CAMPAIGNERS fighting against a proposal to build a massive sewage treatment plant beside Lusk in north Dublin, took to the streets this week to stage a rally outside Fingal County Council offices. Speaking to the Gazette, the Lusk Waste Watch group described proposals for the plant as “simply madness”. “The idea of an enormous sewage treatment plant next to Lusk, processing sewage from Dublin city, parts of Wicklow, Meath and Kildare is a Celtic Tiger vanity project. Not only does it make no sense on a financial basis, it is utterly unfair on the Lusk community. We have had Balleally landfill for decades, we’ll soon have the Nevitt landfill and this is the last straw. It is totally unacceptable. Lusk has had enough,” said a spokesperson. The Lusk Waste Watch group was formed after a public meeting in late October, that attracted huge numbers of concerned locals. Since then, other communities in the Fingal area have formed their own protest groups, with an umbrella group, the Reclaim Fingal Alliance, representing the various communities. The Lusk spokesperson went on to say: “The vast majority of Fingal residents are hugely concerned about this insane plan. FCC must wake up to what the people they are supposed to be looking after want. This proposal has to be dropped. It would be far better to have smaller, local plants

serving nearby communities. Pumping millions of litres of sewage over long distances simply makes no sense.” Responding to concerns raised by campaigners, a spokesperson for the Greater Dublin Drainage project said: “The Greater Dublin Drainage Project Team has received over 10,000 submissions from members of the public and other stakeholders, since October 10, when the identification of nine land parcels in north Dublin, within which the new regional wastewater treatment plant could potentially be located, marked the start of the second round of nonstatutory public consultation on the project.” Speaking to the councillors at Monday’s meeting, Peter O’Reilly, project engineer, said the Project Team welcomed the significant interest in the project and he thanked people for making the team aware of issues and constraints that need to be considered, before the team make a decision on the most suitable location for the new waste infrastructure. “The high level of engagement from local people and stakeholders this early in the project’s development is an endorsement of the early and detailed public consultation we have undertaken since the start of this project. All the issues contained in the submissions we have received will be examined by experts and considered by the Project Team before a shortlist of potential sites is identified next year,” said O’Reilly.

SAM Brereton (left), from St Cronan’s Junior National School, Swords, looked very pleased with his high-vis vest he received as part of the ESB Electric Ireland - RSA Back to School pack. ESB Electric Ireland and the RSA are distributing 80,000 high-visibility vests to every child who started school this year. Over 11,000 high-visibility vests are being distributed to County Dublin, including St Cronan’s.


Controversial plan for landfill binned Q MIMI MURRAY

A CONTROVERSIAL landfill proposed for the Nevitt in north Dublin will not proceed, it has been decided by the four Dublin local authorities. This is due to substantial changes in the Dublin waste market and national waste policy since the planning process began 14 years ago. The news has been welcomed by politicians this week, including Labour Councillor Tom Kelleher, who said it had been hugely upsetting for the people of the Nevitt and they would be delighted with the decision not to proceed. The Fingal Landfill project overcame a final legal challenge to its development last month, following granting of the necessary planning consent and waste licence, having begun the process of developing a new landfill for Dublin in 1997. However, Fingal County Council, in

consultation with the three other Dublin local authorities, has decided not to proceed with the next step towards developing the site due to the large costs that would be involved and the changed circumstances that have rendered the project no longer viable. Lands that were acquired for the development over four years ago remain in the ownership of the council but the council will not now proceed with the CPO of further land in the area.

Responsibility According to the Fingal County Manager, David O’Connor: “We developed this project in good faith for the past 14 years as we had a clear responsibility under the Dublin Waste Management Plan to provide the people of Dublin with the infrastructure they needed and to follow government policy. We have now reached a crucial juncture and, in light of changed circumstances,

the decision to proceed would incur major costs of up to €45 million, which, in today’s market and in light of evolving national policy, could not now be justified. “Deciding not to proceed at this stage has not been a simple decision to make but it is the correct one. The families living on the site identified for the proposed landfill development have gone through a difficult process since this project began and I regret the uncertainty they have had to endure as this project suffered through inevitable delays due to matters outside of our control. A consultation process currently underway towards a new National Waste Policy has been strongly supported by the four Dublin local authorities. “Along with my colleagues, the managers of Dublin City, South Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Councils, I look forward to a

period of greater policy certainty that will allow the development of longterm plans for Dublin. We look forward to the outcome of this consultation process and the development of a new National Waste Policy which will allow Ireland to resume further progress towards a recycling and resource efficient society,” he said.


No funds available to replace facility NO funding is available to replace a playground in Ward Rivervalley Park that no longer meets modern safety standards. That’s according to Fingal County Council, which said there was no capital funding available to replace the playground. Responding to Socialist Councillor Eugene Coppinger, the council said: “The Ward River Valley playground was one of the first large playgrounds constructed by the Parks Department. The playground is of an older design with wooden construction and a gravel safety surface. The playground no longer meets the modern safety standards required for playgrounds and has failed its last two ROSPA inspections. The playground would require a complete redevelopment to bring it up to standard.” FCC said it was intended, however, that any upgraded playground would be located either on the north or south of the valley or that, potentially, two smaller facilities might be provided on both sides of the valley. “This would ensure passive supervision, which is currently lacking at the playground in its current location. However, capital funding is not currently available to consider the development of the two playgrounds,” the council said in its response.

8 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011


8 LUCAN GAZETTE 8 December 2011

APPEAL Big turn-out for Casey’s charity evening

Aoife Fitzpatrick and Jasmine Cooney

Tracy Arnold and Noel Cunningham. Pictures: Una Williams

Action Appeal to help little girl HE Wright Venue in Swords proved the perfect venue for a Dream Appeal fundraiser for five-year-old Casey Fitzgerald recently, with locals keen to come along and help support the organisers in their goal of raising €30,000 for the little girl, who has Cerebral Palsy. The funds will be used to send Casey for a specialist operation in Bristol, and to help support her recovery process afterwards.


Coran Kinlan and Jayden Whelan

On the night, a wide range of entertainment was laid on to suit all ages, with the Wright good night out seeing locals enjoying live music, food and dance, with Amiee Fitzpatrick’s singing proving a hit with the crowd. Knowing of Casey’s dream of being able to dance, everyone did their best to support the cause, in the hopes of helping the Fitzgeralds realise her dream in the very near future.

Aimee Fitzpatrick

Joanne and Laura Masterson

Kellie Arnold and Trish Murtagh

Lianne Kavanagh, Carla Jackson and Rachael Wallace

Daren caffrey, Barry Bishop, Carl Mulvey and Pio Valentino enjoying the night’s entertainment

15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 9

FASHION Amazing talent at St Finians’ fashion show

Mark Deonan and Pat Farrell with the Sam Maguire cup. Pictures: Una Williams

Caoimhe Keogh, Melissa Corrigan, Aura Sinead Lovan and Sophie Gilshenan, dressed for entertainment

Glam all the way at St Finians show T FINIANS’ ran their annual fundraiser for the club in the Rivervalley Community Centre recently. The event started at 8pm and the models were ready from 6pm for ‘behind the scenes’ shots that were the order of the day! Mothers and children were thrilled with the different variety of fashion on show at the St


Bernie Hazzard and Linda Kendrick

Finians’ venue. Kevin Hammond and his two friends sported some psychedelic summer shirts, while all the ladies were in their top evening dresses. Mark Deonan and Pat Farrel even showed off the Sam Maguire cup, recently won by our Dublin team. there was high spirits and lots of fun and entertainment for everyone.

Kevin Hammond, Phil Lennon and Sean Halpin dressed to impress

Emma Brady, Bridget Hammond and Nicky Gray having fun at the fashion show

Charlott Brooks, Ruth Daly and Aishling Keogh

10 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011

EVENT Programme boosts students’ business minds

Students, Greta Jasudaite, Sophia Moroney, Sinéad Quinn, Killian Tol and Andrew Ennis meet with VEC officer Martin MacEntee, Mayor of Fingal, Cllr. Gerry McGuire, Oisin Geoghegan, Wesleigh O’ Hagan, Pictures: Joe Keogh

Sinéad Quinn and her teacher, Wesleigh O’Hagan

Greta Jasudaite, Martin MacEntee (VEC), Sinéad Quinn and Sophia Moroney

Students Killian Tol and Andrew Ennis pose with Oisin Geoghegan CEO of FCEB

Shay Kinsella, Simon Curmei, Adam Swan and Mark Debtuch

Young budding entrepreneurs HE Fingal Student Enterprise Programme enables more students than ever to set up and run their own student enterprises, with the support of the Fingal County Enterprise Board. The programme runs from September to May every year and is supported by County Dublin VEC and Fingal County Council. A total of 19 secondary schools and 10 primary schools from all over Fingal are


taking part in the current programme, which involves over 1,800 budding entrepreneurs. Students were pictured at the Fingal County Enterprise Board offices in Swords with Mayor Gerry McGuire, school teacher Wesleigh O’ Hagan and VEC representatives. All students had a great day, lots of personal advice and heaps of information was given on their possible business futures.

Aoife Tarleton, Benedicte Mputu, Mufaro Simango, Caroline Postnov and Raimonda Zalisauskaite

Aoife Tarleton from Luttrellstown Mufaro Simango and Raimonda Zalisauskaite

Community College

Jennifer O’ Dwyer, Shay Kinsella and Mark Debtuch with Mayor Gerry McGuire

15 December 2011 GAZETTE 11

12 GAZETTE 15 December 2011 12 GAZETTE 15 December 2011



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GazetteBEAUTY BEAUTY LOCAL Being a goddess during this very festive season Edited by Dawn Love






60 10 240


ARTER Beauty in Blackrock is going for all-out goddess gorgeous for the festive season with an array of treatments designed to make sure you are at your most glamorous this December. Their ultimate luxefor-less Prepare to Party 5-in-1treatment includes pedicure and manicure, spray tan, eye-lash extension and brow shape, which would normally cost €120, but is now a recessionista-approving €65. The Prepare to Party treat fest begins with a foot-fixing pedi and an OPI polish of your choice to get your feet red-carpet ready. On to your mani next, and they promise to have your nails polished to perfection and pictureperfect. The Prepare to Party treatment continues with a spray tan that will take you from pale, to flesh-flashing bronzed,

using their signature spray tan or if preferred a Karora or Rock Star Tan. To complete your pamper perfection, they will then apply utterly fluttery, lash extensions, available in three lengths (short, medium or long) and then finally they will do an eyebrow shape to shape and upgrade your entire look. Prepare to Party is €65. Carter Beauty is based at 40, Main Street, Blackrock, Co Dublin. Tel: 01-2103624.


It might seem a bit soon to be talking about New Year Resolutions with the festive season and parties well underway, but there’s nothing like a bit of forward planning. Every year on January 1, millions of us begin the annual ritual of making a New Year’s Resolution. Sales of chocolate and alcohol plummet, as we promise ourselves a new strict diet programme or an energetic gym schedule. However, most of us are ready to get back to our old ways by March. Despite our best intentions, only one-in-10 of us will succeed in our resolutions. So, why not make 2012 the year that you stick to your promises?

The Prepare to Party 5-in-1 treatment includes pedicure and manicure, spray tan, eye-lash extension and brow shape

Nelsons’ sell a range of natural products that are an ideal complement to a New Year Regime and we’ve checked out some of the best on offer. Fitness fanatic

Setting yourself a new energetic gym regime after a few months, or even years, away from the gym will be an immediate shock to your body. Keep Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Cream in your gym bag, it is ideal post-workout. Simply massage it in to help soothe those tender, aching muscles. Increased endurance exercise can lead to

WE HAVE 146,000* READERS EACH WEEK *based on standard industry measurements


reduced iron levels. If your athletic work-outs leave you with muscle fatigue and tiredness, it could be down to a lack of dietary iron. Top up your iron levels with Spatone, it is a 100% natural liquid iron supplement that is gentle on the stomach and easily absorbed. The easy storage sachets are perfect to pop into your gear bag while on the go. Don’t give up giving up

Giving up smoking is one of the most popular resolutions that people make. However, it is an extremely hard one to stick to. Setting a realistic New Year’s Resolution will help you stay on the straight and narrow. New research has observed that chewing gum can help relieve anxiety, improve alertness and reduce stress. Taking time out to chew a piece of gum, could help make a calmer, more relaxed you, helping you to stay on track to keeping your

Reduce stress with Rescue Chewing Gum

New Year’s Resolution. Rescue Chewing Gum is flavoured with zesty natural orange and elderflower. The liquid centre contains four drops of the famous combination of five flower essences discovered by Dr Bach and used by millions around the world. Keep

Rescue Chewing Gum in your bag or on your desk. • PRICES: Spatone – RRP €6.53 for a 14-day supply, RRP €11.43 for 28-day supply, Rescue Chewing Gum – RRP €4.95, Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Cream – RRP €7.25

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GazetteMUSIC MUSIC FastTunes with Radio Nova’s Dee Woods WITH Christmas fast approaching December can be the month where Yuletide cheese takes over the airwaves and shop speakers while decent music gets pushed aside (although not on Nova!). Don’t get me wrong, one of my many guilty pleasures is Christmas music, and I’m not ashamed to say it! Although I only mean the good stuff none of your Shakin’ Stevens. And if you think Christmas music is cheesier than a bucket of fondue, ask yourself why even the most credible of rockers have released Christmas tunes. Ok, probably for the cash, but we can still appreciate it. If you haven’t already this season, dig out The Greedies: A Merry Jingle, Twisted Sister’s White Christmas and the oh-so kid-friendly Alice Cooper with Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Another gem I discovered recently is a fantastic cover of a classic from Monaghan singer/songwriter, Ryan Sheridan, whose version of Walking In The Air is definitely worth a listen, with proceeds are going to the Make A Wish Ireland Charity. She might sing in key but she needs to be locked up while it’s thrown away...Leona Lewis is to cover Nine Inch Nails’ spine-tingler, Hurt. I’m not one to ever turn up my nose at covers: the Johnny Cash version is hauntingly good. But after committing tune-icide on Snow Patrol’s Run and Oasis’ Stop Crying Your Heart Out, the X Factor winner obviously hasn’t heard of the phrase: if it ain’t broke – don’t break it. Great to hear The Beastie Boys, The Small Faces, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Guns ‘n’ Roses are to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The ceremony happens in Cleveland next April. I wonder will Axl Rose show up on time? Listen to Dee Woods from Radio Nova every weeknight from 7pm to 12am on 100.3FM

New Hall of Fame-rs, the Beastie Boys

Competition: Win a festive bundle of musical magnificence THE lovely people at Warners Music have provided us with a great Christmas present for the winners of our festive competition. Copies of this week’s brilliant album, El Camino, alongside REM’s hits collection, Michael Buble’s excellent Christmas, and Katherine Jenkins’ Daydream, are the prizes for those who can answer this question: Who was in The A Team in 2011? Send your answer to competition@gazettegroup. com, with the subject line “Christmas Music Comp”, before Friday, December 22, or log on to our Facebook page at, post your answer, like and share the Christmas post on your wall.


Black Keys hit the high road with El Camino Q ROB HEIGH

IT WAS only a few days ago that I was bemoaning the lack of a real stand-out rock and roll act in the current firmament, and then, like manna from heaven, along comes The Black Keys’ seventh album, El Camino. The group, from Akron, Ohio, have been plying their trade since 2001, and have been slowly but surely coming into their own. Over the course of their last two albums, Attack and Release and Brothers, there has been a marked maturity andconfidence coming into their work, and El Camino sees the return of acclaimed uber-producer DangerMouse to the mixing desk to steer this record to the masses. Without a doubt this is their most assured and strongest work to date, and some great stomping rock songs. From the fuzz-faced Lonely Boy that opens El Camino, to the funky bass of Mind Eraser that closes it, there’s literally never a dull moment. Dan Auerbach’s solid riffs and arrangements

The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have produced one of the best rock albums of 2011

take what would be a fairly formulaic set-up in lesser hands into another stratosphere entirely. T he straight-up rock approch lifts for a moment at the start of Little Black Submarines, before it kicks into a higher gear in a dramatic move reminiscent of some of the stripped back and powerful moments on Nevermind where Kurt and Dave combined to epic effect. The record is packed with those kinds

of breath-catching moments when the stardust gets sprinkled and you realise you’re in the presence of greatness - The Black Keys have been threatening to hit this kind of stride for their last few albums, and it’s such a pleasure to report that they are there. It’s also great to see them strut their stuff on bigger platforms, with some fairly sizable arena shows on their calendar for early next year, as well as live appear-

ances on SNL and The Colbert Report that I hear tily recommend you seek out to see what these guys can do when they’re let loose in a live setting. With there being, strictly speaking, two members of the band, singer and guitarist Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney, there are inevitable comparisons with The White Stripes, but there is a more defiantly rock approach to The Black Keys’ music than the country and

blues influences that appeared through the Stripes’ catalogue - and it’s interesting to think that one of DangerMouse’s recent production gigs was alongside the Italian composer Daniele Luppi and Jack White on their cinematic Rome project. Late in the year to be appearing in the best-of lists, El Camino deserves to be a wild-card entry to anyone’s record collection and a place in their hearts for the year to come.

15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 17


Brought to you by Miriam Kerins of the DSPCA


Keeping your pet’s paws in tip-top shape E all know feet are made for walking and dogs’ and cats’ feet are no different; but did you know your pet’s paws are also made for protecting? Yep, Fido’s pads are there to provide extra cushioning to help protect his bones and joints from shock, provide insulation against extreme weather conditions, aid him while he’s walking on rough terrain and help protect tissue deep within his paw. With all that hard work to do, it’s no wonder cats’ and dogs’ paws often take a bit of a battering. So, if you love your pet and want to keep his paws in tip-top condition, take a look at my tips below. Fido and Kitty will be ever so grateful.


Winter Woes Rock salt and chemical ice melters can cause sores, infections and blistering to dogs’ and cats’ paws. Toxic chemicals can also be ingested by your dog and cat when he licks those paws. After your pet has been outside, take a minute to wash his paws in warm water to rinse away any salt and chemical residue. Foreign Objects Items such as pebbles, small shards of broken glass, pieces of ice and other debris can become lodged in your pet’s pads. These can usually be removed safely and gently using a sterilised tweez-

ers. However, if in doubt, call your vet.

Get out the moisturiser Your pet’s paw pads can become cracked and dry. Ask your vet to prescribe a veterinary moisturiser – do not use a human one – and massage into your pet’s paws. Start by rubbing and massaging the veterinary moisturiser between the pads on the bottom of the paw and then move between each toe. For dogs only, Vaseline is also a great barrier against salt so rub it onto his paws before each walk. Cats may lick the Vaseline so you need to ask your vet if it is ok to use on cats or ask them what they would recommend as an alternative. Doggy Exercise Your dog loves exercise but if you’re about to begin a new regime, start off slowly. His paws may be sensitive, especially after a hard winter, and they can become chaffed or cracked; so take this into consideration before you bring him on long hikes

or runs. Be conscious to avoid hazards such as broken glass and other debris when walking your dog. Do keep this simple tip in mind — if you don’t like to walk barefoot on glass or other sharp objects, then neither will your dog.

Safety First It’s not unusual for dogs and cats to suffer cuts or other wounds from accidentally stepping on glass, debris or other objects. Wounds that are smaller than a half-inch in diameter can be cleaned with an antibacterial wash and wrapped with a light bandage. For deeper paw cuts, see the vet for immediate treatment. Prevention To reduce the risk of injury, keep your garden clear of pointy bits and pieces. Pamper With Pedicures Your dog’s nails should just about touch the ground when he walks. If nails are clicking or getting snagged on the floor, it’s time for a pedicure.

Ask your vet or groomer for advice about what type of nail trimmers are best for your dog and how to use them properly. Nail trimming takes particular skill because if you cut them too short you’ll cut into the quick or blood vessel and this is very painful for poor Fido. If you’re not confident, (and this is one task I never undertake to do myself), have your vet/ groomer do it for you. If you have a cat please check with your vet first before you attempt to trim any of her nails. Cats naturally scratch their claws to keep them short so they generally do not need their claws trimmed. Your vet will give you the best advice about this, so please consult him/her.

Snip and Trim In order to avoid painful matting, trim your dog’s paw hair regularly with a specially designed trimming scissors. This applies particularly to long-hair breeds. Simply comb hair out, especially from between the toes, and trim even with the pads.

Follow our tips to keep your pet’s paws in great condition

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GazetteMOTORS MOTORS Skoda keeping their eye on n CORMAC CURTIS

IT SEEMS to me as though Skoda have decided on a market strategy that takes them in to battle on every front with all of the big names in the motoring industry. Across their entire stable of models, drivers will find something new and exciting from the Volkswagen-owned marque. From the all-round complete motoring package that is the Yeti, to the executive luxury of the Superb models, there is hardly a hole in the range that they haven’t plugged. One segment of car sales that has been showing considerable growth in recent years, is that of the lean, environmentally

sound and fuel-efficient vehicle. Instead of simply pushing out one flagship eco-machine like some brands, Skoda have introduced a set of advanced technological solutions designed to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions across their entire range. With a green f leet that includes the Fabia, Octavia, Superb, Superb Combi and Yeti models, buyers have an exceptional choice. I spent a week with the Fabia Greenline, and nearly fell out of my cot when I saw the estimated range for a tank of diesel would be in the region of 870km As with all the Greenline vehicles, the Fabia is powered by a direct-

injection turbo-charged diesel engine, in this case a 1.2TDI, 75bhp version. The Fabia Greenline model is only available in one trim but, to be realistic, if you’re buying one of these cars, economy is the attraction, and the looks come second. That’s not to say this car is without appeal in the aesthetics department. It sports a tasty boot spoiler, 15” alloy wheels and fog lights. The overall look from the outside is unmistakably Skoda, non-parallel lines and low-slung, which is something I have come to be quite fond of, to say the least. Inside is a minimalist affair; the dash wouldn’t really inspire too much, and the seats certainly

lack the vibrant punch of those in the Fabia Monte Carlo – but more on that next week. For the Greenline model, there is a clear

and bright set of dials, ESP, cr uise control, 60:40 split folding rear seats, eight-speaker sound system and electrically adjustable and

heated mirrors. For city drivers, a key fuel-efficiency feature is the stop-start system. When the car comes to a halt and is put into neu-

15 December 2011 GAZETTE 19

the ball with the Fabia Greenline --------------------------

‘The Fabia Greenline is only available in one trim but, to be realistic, if you’re buying one of these cars, economy is the attraction, the looks come second’


tral, the engine cuts out. As soon as the clutch is depressed the engine restarts – saving plenty of idling on the daily commute.

It’s an unusual sensation when it first happens, but you soon get used to it. For longer runs, thankfully, this feature can be

overrun with the flick of a switch behind the handbrake. One small niggle I had was the lack of steering wheel controls…

even volume and station change buttons would be nice considering you’re being so good to the environment. Speaking of environ-

ment, it’s worth mentioning that the Fabia Greenline falls into tax band A, which, since the recent budget, means you pay €160 in annual road tax.

The rated fuel consumption is 3.4l/100km and the emissions are 89g/ km. Also helping to keep your fuel consumption down, is an indicator on the dash that clearly prompts you when you’re revving too much and should shift up. One other little trick Skoda employ to keep the green halo unblemished, is they don’t include a spare wheel! Instead, you get a tyre repair kit and a compressor, which is sure to confuse the NCT centre when they go looking for it. They also recycle energy from braking pressure back to the alternator to keep the battery toppedup and to run on-board electrical appliances. Anyway, let’s talk drive

for a bit. Just because this car offers incredible fuel economy and low emissions, it does not mean it takes a fortnight to get through the gears – 0-100km/h is 14.2 seconds and the top speed is 172 km/h. To be fair, I spent a few days on the M1 and the N7 while I had this car, and while I may not have picked up any penalty points, I didn’t have any problem getting past traffic when I switched to the passing lane. So, in short, this car has some good looks, it drives well and it will save you a packet on road tax and fuel - let’s face it, that ain’t ever going to get cheaper. The Fabia Greenline costs €19,090.

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Magnificent abode set loose in Dunluce

Some of the trees on offer at B&Q


Tree-mendous value on your Yule trees

DNG Stillorgan are bringing Dunluce, Glenamuck Road in Carrickmines, a spacious, light-filled detached residence totalling C.4000 sq ft, standing on mature grounds approached via a sweeping gravelled driveway with mature trees and electric gates, to the market for an asking price of €1,250,000. Dunluce is an exceptional property finished to exacting standards throughout. Entered via a spacious reception hall with a gallery landing over and vaulted ceiling with atrium, there is

plenty of natural light. The property offers excellent open-plan and interconnecting receptions, all with hardwood timber floors, and all with direct access to the gardens. The kitchen has a fully tiled floor in the kitchen area and an attractive range of Siematic kitchen units with a large central island with granite worktops, as well as a built-in oven, hob and extractor and dishwasher, and there is space for American fridge-freezer. There is a garage which is currently used as a gym. The dining room and family room has

B&Q are offering a wide range of top artificial trees this Christmas which provide no–mess, no-fuss options for those of us who can’t stand the constant hoovering and needle-strewn floors of a real tree. You can buy one that’s traditional green, colourful, fibre-optic, pre-lit or pre-decorated, or even a pop-up tree that’s easy to store and bring out again next year, as good as new. The range varies from a Fairytale 6ft predecorated, lit, pop-up Christmas Tree for €44.50 to a simple Eiger Tree, at 7ft 6ins for €56, and plenty more besides. Find out more about Christmas at B&Q at

Dragon in the house: Kerr helps out at business event JILLIAN McGuirk and Sinead Beggan, of McGuirk Beggan Property, were delighted to welcome Dragons’ Den star and entrepreneur, Bobby Kerr, to their office on Whitehall Road, Terenure, to join them in hosting an evening for local businesses, promoting the importance of keeping it local in the community. Speaking at the event, Sinead Beggan said: “The evening was a great success, we were thrilled with the response and turn-out of other business owners and feel encouraged that the community will pull together in the New Year to promote and refer business locally and create new opportunities for each other.”

Dunluce, Glenamuck Road, Dublin 18 is on the market for €1,250,000

a superb wrap-around L-shaped reception with velu x windows over, and attractive vaulted ceilings with inset lighting and twin porthole windows. It features hardwood floors and double doors from the dining area out to the garden. This reception has wall-to-wall glazing all overlooking the garden. The bedroom accommodation is also very generous, with one dou-

ble bedroom downstairs which could also be used as an additional reception if preferred, and four further double rooms upstairs, all en suite. The property is approached via a s we e p i n g g r ave l l e d driveway with electric gates and ample offstreet parking to the front. There are mature front, side and rear gardens with lawned areas and mature trees. The location of Dun-

luce is also appealling, with the Luas at Carrickmines situated within a short stroll as is Carrickmines retail park. The M11 / M50 is also on your doorstep and Kilternan, Cabinteely and Foxrock villages are also close by. Viewing is by appointment only and can be arranged by contacting Steven Manek of DNG Stillorgan on 01 2832700.

15 December 2011 GAZETTE 21


Supported by AIB


Kindergarten classes take care of young skiers at Kilternan

Mark Kavanagh, founder, Captain Americas; Jim Fitzpatrick, artist; Captain America; Tom Haran and Ronnie Delany

Happy birthday ya’ll! UBLIN’S favourite dinner-themed restaurant, Captain Americas on Grafton Street, took a night off last week when they let their hair down for a good old-fashioned 40th birthday party.


Captain America himself was on hand to keep the staff safe from harm, as they celebrated 40 successful years serving hungry diners their favourite American food.

The pary atmosphere was a hit with everyone

Rebecca and Ruth Lee congratulate Captain America on his birthday

Why not try skiing this Christmas? THE ski resorts of Europe may be praying for snow, but Irish snow-sport enthusiasts don’t have to look any further than South County Dublin for the perfect skiing and snowboarding experience, with or without snow. Facilities at Kilternan are second-to-none, and include four different slopes to suit a wide range of users. The main slope is 180m long; the intermediate slope is 150m, and this summer the two smaller slopes were revamped with a new surface called Snowflex, and Travelator (Magic Carpet) Lifts were installed. Snowflex, which is decribed as the nearest thing to snow, is a soft, user-friendly carpet-like material, that, combined with the Travelator Lifts, is especially suitable for beginners, but is also being very much enjoyed by freestyle skiers and boarders. The Christmas season starts with Santa visiting the slopes on December 18 at 4.30pm. At 3pm there will be a special

class for adults and children at a special price of €15, followed by Santa’s arrival. Also, after Christmas, a special course of beginner and intermediate classes will run over four days (Tuesday, December 27 – Friday, December 30) at 3pm each day. There will also be a beginner class each day for those who do not wish to do a full course. The classes are suitable for adults and children aged seven and over. Practise sessions will also be available for competent skiers from 2.30pm - 5.30pm. Located at Kilternan, the Ski Club of Ireland caters for all levels, from first-timers taking their first lesson to seasoned skiers and snow-boarders. All age groups are catered for and they even run a “Kindergarten” ski course for children aged four to seven. For more information visit, or our facebook page www.facebook. com/skiclubofireland or phone 01 295 5658.

Captain’s cake

Adrian and Ronan Lots of guests helped to celebrate the milestone

Murphy cheer the event

Part of the evening’s promotional material

The newly resurfaced slopes at Kilternan

22 GAZETTE 15 December 2011

GazetteTTRAVEL FastTravel Spending the holiday season with the stars Celebrate Chinese New Year in London this January

CELEBRATE Chinese New Year in London this January. The Year of the Dragon will be celebrated at various locations throughout the city on January 29. The actual Chinese New Year day will fall on January 23, with the London celebrations taking place on January 29 in Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Chinatown and Shaftesbury Avenue. The action kicks off when the Chinese New Year Parade winds its way around Chinatown and the West End, before heading to Trafalgar Square where the main stage will come to life with dance, acrobatics and live music. Shaftesbury Avenue will boast another live stage that will showcase the cultural talents of local community groups and schools. Visitors can also get up close and personal with the lion dancers who will be touring the streets of Chinatown. The entire area will be decked out with special decorations and market stalls, so don’t miss out on most spectacular event of the Chinese calendar. Get there with BMI, British Midland International, who fly up to four times daily from Dublin to London Heathrow from €29 one way, including all taxes. For more information go to or

The action will kick off with the Chinese New Year Parade

Emirates Airline gets set for launch of Dublin to Dubai route EMIRATES Airline is gearing up for the launch of its Dublin to Dubai route on January 9, 2012. The airline will operate a daily service from January 9, which will leave Dublin at 12.55pm, arriving in Dubai at 00.25am the next day. The return flight will leave Dubai at 7.00am, arriving in Dublin at 11.30am. An Airbus A330-200 will be deployed on the route, offering First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. Meanwhile the airline has announced 25 new jobs in Ireland and the opening of its first office in Dublin on Harcourt Road, Dublin 2. The new recruits will be based at Emirates’ new Dublin office and at Dublin Airport’s Terminal 2, where the airline will have a high-profile presence. Meanwhile, one of Ireland’s foremost airline veterans has been appointed by Emirates to the role of Country Manager for Ireland. Margaret Shannon, the former Head of Sales for Aer Lingus and Regional Manager (Ireland) at KLM, has over 30 years’ experience in the travel industry.

WITH the festive season just around the corner, some of the world’s best-known celebrities will soon be jetting off to their favourite holiday hideaways. For those of you who fancy living like the rich and famous this Christmas, has compiled a list of top festive hotspots in which you are at least guaranteed a celebrity sighting, if not a chance encounter under the mistletoe this Christmas. In Whistler and Vancouver, Canada, you just might r un into Justin Timberlake, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson and Michael Buble. Every year, many of our well-known and much-loved celebrities swap their cosy Christmas slippers for ski

boots, and take to the slopes of Whistler. Some f lock to the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, which is the perfect hideaway tucked at the foot of Blackcomb Mountain. J u s t i n T i m b e r l a ke and ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz have been spotted here on several occasions enjoying the Whistler slopes by day, and relaxing at one of the outdoor fire pits in the Fairmont’s Mallard Lounge by night. Other celebrities who have been known to spend the Christmas on the Whistler slopes include Tom Cr uise, Kurt Russell and Mel Gibson. Just 125km south of W histler is Vancouver, hometown of pop crooner Michael Buble. Since they married

last year, Buble and his Argentinian wife, Luisana Lopilato, have spent Christmas here surrounded by friends and family, so make sure to keep an eye out for them if Vancouver is on your list this festive season. Prices at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler star t from €229 per room on Look out for Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage and Justin Bieber in St Lucia. If you’re dreaming of a white-sand Christmas instead of a traditional white Christmas, the lush Caribbean Island of St Lucia is the perfect spot to escape to this Christmas. A popular retreat for celebrities hoping to top up their tan, Harrison Ford and Nicolas

Cage both own luxurious holiday homes on the island. Catch the Festival of Lights with its light sculptures and lantern contests in mid-December, the countr yside bonfires on Christmas Eve, or simply relax at The Ladera Resort Hotel with its amazing sea and rainforest views. I f i t ’s a n a c t i o n packed holiday you’re after, why not try a spot of wakeboarding or jet skiing at the BodyHoliday leSport Resort. Be warned, you may have to share the water with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, both of whom have spent Christmas here frolicking in the sea. Prices for this Christmas hotspot, Ladera Resort Hotel, start at €507 per room per night on However, if you’re looking to visit St Lucia on a smaller budget, visit Royal by Rex Resorts where prices start from €137 on In Barbados keep your eyes peeled for Rihanna, Simon Cowell or One Direction You don’t have to foot the steep bill at Sandy Lane in order to guarantee a celeb-sighting in Barbados. Barbadian, Rihanna, spends her time relax-

The resort of Ladera on the

ing on the island during the busy holiday season so you could well find yourself dining in one of the islands fine restaurants alongside the pop sensation. Of course, music mogul Simon Cowell is a regular here and frequently invites fellow celebrities to join him for the Christmas break. It has been rumoured that he has promised X Factor group, One Direction, a trip to the island this year. If that’s not enough, you may even bump in to Sting, or a member of the Beckham family, both of whom have been spotted here over the festive season. Stay at the 4 -star Ocean Two Resort and Residence, where prices start from €307 on during the Christmas season.

15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 23

Edited by Mimi Murray

TravelBriefs A de-stressing massage is just the ticket

Castleknock Hotel has everything for your perfect Girls’ night out THE Girls’ Night out package at the Castleknock Hotel has all the elements needed to make a girly night a success - pampering, food, drink and a comfy bed at the end of it all. The award-winning hotel spares nothing when it comes to making the night a success. Two spa treatments, which are included in the package, are the icing on the cake. A de-stressing massage and a mini manicure lasts roughly an hour, with the option to spend as long as you want in the relaxation room afterwards. The open plan reception/bar area, allows for entertainment to be heard by all, but with well sound-proofed rooms there is no worry that Christmas party goers will disturb your sleep.

Why not spend some quality time stateside this Winter

island of St Lucia offers stunning views

FOR some winter fun, Stateside, check out the many offers have to some of America’s favourite cities. Save €60 per booking on a Las Vegas Winter trip from €639pps LAS Vegas is a city that barely needs an introduction, from its top-of-the-line resorts, shopping and dining to its exciting entertainment and nightlife, Las Vegas has earned its place as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. This package includes return flights from Dublin to Las Vegas, five nights accommodation in the Excalibur Hotel on a room-only basis, based on two sharing and airline taxes. Prices are all subject to availability at time of confirmation. Hotel upgrades available. Travel from January 1, 2012 to March 30, 2012 Ref No: H008-3523

For one week only get a New York Winter Break from €669pps THE original city that never sleeps, New York has something for people of all ages, from visiting the Empire State Building to a nice stroll in Central park. Go to the top of the Rock or skate at the Rockefeller centre. It’s all there to be taken in one big bite. This package includes return direct flights from Dublin or Shannon to NYC, airline taxes, three nights hotel accommodation based on two sharing on a room-only basis. Prices are subject to change and availability at time of confirmation. Travel to March 30, 2012 Ref No: H008-3429 Book your Stateside trip online at www.GoHop. ie or call 01-2412389 to book over the phone.

24 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011


1GoingOUT PAVILION 01 231 2929 Kings of Comedy

CHRISTMAS is just around the corner, and The Pavilion is offering comedy fans a treat, as a trio of top comics – Barry Murphy, Joe Rooney and Kevin McAleer – are on hand to make you forget the season of good will, and delight in a season of top laughs and dreadful jokes (in the very best way, of course) instead. This Christmas, these three kings of Irish comedy can be enjoyed at 7.30pm on Sunday, December 18, with tickets costing €18.

MILL THEATRE 01 296 9340

Saveus Maveus and the Santa Claus Rescue WHEN Santa Claus goes missing just before Christmas, Dundrum children know that it’ll take quite a Dame to help save him – and there’s no Dame quite like aunty Saveus Maveus. Nasty Nickers has kidnapped Santa on Christmas Eve, so it’s Saveus Maveus to the rescue! There’s family fun to be had with this tough Dame, a villain to boo and hiss, and Santa to help save on Friday, December 16. For a range of show times and ticket prices, including for families and schools, see

DRAIOCHT 01 885 2622 New Dublin Voices

CAROL singing is a firm part of the celebration of Christmas, and Blanchardstown theatre, Draiocht, has laid on a show to delight. New Dublin Voices, winner of RTE Lyric FM’s nationwide Choirs for Christmas competition, promise a show to remember, as the award-winning singers have lined up a range of delightful carols for all, with many traditional, some new, and old favourites with a new twist. Hear the choir sing at 3pm or 8pm on Saturday, December 17 in the Main Auditorium, with tickets costing €15/€10 conc/family of four: €40.

ALVIN (front, centre) has to rely on his friends when he, and they, are “chipwrecked” on a desert island after their luxury cruise goes wrong. Left alone by themselves, the chipmunks will have a challenge to survive ... still, perhaps the island’s occupant will be able to help ...

Fur-ly entertaining This latest offering in the Alvin series treads familiar ground, making it acceptable enough family fare – just Q KATE CROWLEY

IN MY time, I’ve seen all kinds of horrors. Nicolas Cage comedies. Clive Owen in a beret. A Madonna film (once). Grim stuff, I can tell you – but nothing compared to the horror of Grafton Street a few weeks before Christmas. I had a clear mission last weekend - to grab Mr Crowley’s Christmas present; something long and thin, that you can hold in your hand, and which could be quite useful during any rain. (Yes, dear readers, that’s right – a sturdy stick, for him to clear out the gutters if they get clogged up with any soggy leaves.) This proved somewhat more difficult than I thought, and as I stood there, listening to a fundraising choir singing Titanic’s, My Heart Will Go On, apart from thinking to myself: “But my goodness, I hope

FILM OF THE WEEK: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked +++ (G) 97 mins Director: Mike Mitchell Starring: Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jesse McCartney, Anna Faris, and several singing chipmunks

OUR VERDICT: THE latest in the Alvin series isn’t quite adrift in the ideas department, but this tale of a luxury family holiday gone wrong may not make a big splash with younger viewers. Still, as singing chipmunk films go, it’s not quite as bad as it could have been. While Alvin and friends end up lost on a desert island, the film retreads some very familiar ground ...

their song doesn’t”, my thoughts turned back to the movies, and to something that could give both of you, dear readers, a boost for Christmas. Unfortunately, that something is another Alvin/chipmunks’ film (words which most adult readers will automatically associate with the soft ‘snick’ of cinema doors being locked behind them, trapping them inside for the next 90 minutes or so). And so, with a heavy sigh that could compete with Vincent Browne

himself, let’s take a look at our latest chipmunkeying around with Alvin and friends. (See what I did there?) I’m sure you all know perfectly well by now who Alvin and friends are, including their long-suffering human minder (owner?), Dave (Jason Lee), who, here, decides to head off on a luxury cruise with the chipmunks and, err, chipettes. What could possibly go wrong? (I’ll give you a hint: it begins with “A”, and ends in “lvin”.) Naturally, things don’t

quite go swimmingly once they’re all afloat, as, inevitably, the wascally wodents are soon in all sorts of trouble on the high seas, with Alvin threatening to sink their holiday spirits. I see a couple of you checking your watches. Okay, okay – yes, indeed, in a truly shocking and unexpected twist that isn’t in any way hinted at by the film’s trailers and promotional materials, Alvin and friends end up cast adrift from the cruise, winding up on a little island. Why, they’ve been ... CHIPwrecked, if you will! Ahem. Alvin and friends must now rely on their wits, courage, and sparky musical abilities to survive, while Dave does his best to find them. T he only familyfriendly problem is, the chipmunks soon find that they’re not alone on the island, where

someone who’s only had a basketball to talk to for years (no, not Tom Hanks) is very pleased to have new friends. A little too pleased... And that’s yer lot. Admittedly, it’s a somewhat brief summary, but this latest chimpunkery from Alvin and friends is yet another one of those films that’s all squeaky voices and musical interludes, and little substance, although small children are unlikely to notice that. Many parents, and especially young children, will find it perfectly fine fare, as it follows the chimpunk formula to expected results. Okay, it’s certainly not a Christmas cracker, but in the spirit of the season, I hereby pronounce Chipwrecked to be ... tolerable. Happy Christmas, chipmunks everywhere! And no more sequels, please!

15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 25


It’s a Grand ‘new’ release to look at SHANE DILLON

IT’S certainly been an interesting year given the number of “new” games being released, that are anything but. We’ve seen anniversary editions of games being re-released, typically with a HD brush-up, and sometimes with all subsequent add-on maps and DLC packs, creating near definitive collectors’ editions of said titles. Indeed, at the time of going to press, the news has finally been confirmed that the expected launch of Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA3) for portable devices is set for Thursday, December 15. So, if city-roaming open world “sandbox” titles are your thing, I dare say that you’ll find GTA3 on your online store, if you set aside your Gazette. It’s not the “first” handheld edition of Grand Theft Auto, of course – years ago, I whiled away many an hour roaming around Liberty City on


It’s interesting that the 10 Year Anniversary edition of GTA3 will be out for a wide range of IOS- and Android-driven devices


my trusty old PSP, as well as other GTA locales – but it’s interesting that the 10 year Anniversary edition will be out there for a wide range of IOS- and Android-driven devices. To be honest, at this stage GTA3 is something of a curate’s egg – excellent in parts, yet unappetising in others, having long since been superseded in gaming by subsequent iterations and rivals. Still, although at ten years old GTA3 is something of a dinosaur, people love dinosaurs, and

gamers are likely to grab GTA3 for their ubiquitous phones/gaming devices. I predict a lot of rapidly draining batteries in the near future. As I said at the start, it’s been an interesting year, seeing the number of re-released editions of games. While the Publishing and Cinema worlds have been at this for years – how many “special edition” DVDs do people own, with each new version simply bunging in an extra two minutes from the cutting room floor? – it’s not something that happens very often in gaming. Having already sold more than 114 million copies across its diverse franchise since the series emerged in 1997, I’m sure this version will add a healthy figure of several million more sales, although at this stage, it’s hard to think of gamers who don’t know the thoroughfares and back alleys of Liberty City like the

back of their hand. However, apart from the financial sense for Rockstar Games to release this anniversary edition, it helps to reawaken interest in the company, given that it also recently announced Grand Theft Auto V. Gamers just can’t seem to get enough of the open world settings that Rockstar specialises in –mixed up with lashings and lashings of violence and adult language and humour, of course – but it’ll be interesting to see how GTA3 performs on its release. In a similar vein, many will have noted Skyrim’s spectacular success at retail, showing beyond doubt that gamers have a great interest in open worlds beyond Rockstar’s gritty modern-day settings. Only on release for a few weeks, Skyrim has already almost matched the total sales of its predecessor, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, with its freeform gameplay across a half frozen fantasy set-

ting, slaying lots of rivals at retail. I’ve stated before that lots of articles have been written in the mainstream press, both in culture and business sections, about the terrific sales of the rival war shooters, Battlefield and Call of Duty. Still, while those two gaming giants continue taking pot shots at each other, the Nordic trappings of Skyrim’s dragonslaying Viking-esque hero has seen him march his way up the charts, seemingly invisible, while the press remain focused on the shooters. It would not appear that a vaguely Viking hero and a modern-day gangster have anything in common, but at least they show that, although ten years apart, gamers still have a huge appetite for big, open worlds where they decide what to do, and when. It’ll be interesting indeed to see how all this translates to GTA3’s sales on handhelds ...

Get Kinect-ed to this great competition prize HERE at The Gazette Group, we’ve teamed up with XBox to offer readers a great prize. Following on from the recent launch of Kinect Sports 2 for Kinect for Xbox 360, five lucky readers can be in with a chance to win a copy of the games, Kinect Sports 1 and Kinect Sports 2. Kinect Sports 2 expands on the Kinect Sports experience, using the Kinect sensor for the XBox 360, and its rare and big park games include six of the most popular and exciting sports – tennis, baseball, darts, golf, football and skiing. To be in with a chance to win your copies, simply email The Gazette with the answer

to the following question: Which of the following sports can you play on Kinect Sports 2? A. Darts B. Rugby C. Water Polo Email your answer to, with the subject line “Kinect”, before Friday, December 16. All correct entries will be entered into a draw, and five winners will be selected at random to win one of the prizes, which will be posted out. For more information on Kinect Sports, see

Five readers can win a copy of Kinect Sports 2, for the XBox 360

The mean streets of Liberty City are beckoning Dublin gamers with the release this week of Grand Theft Auto 3 on hand-held devices


26 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011




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15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 27



Cian Curley building on his debut season on the pro tour Page 29


Students have a heart for their charity efforts

IRELAND goalkeeper Shay Given has given his support to 40 secondary school students from Dublin with their Have a Heart, Save a Life campaign. The students aim is to fundraise enough money for life-saving e q u i p m e n t f o r t wo charities, Heart Children Ireland and Chain of Hope, Jamaica. Last week saw the

students organise a celebrity charity football match at Shelbourne FC’s Tolka Park Stadium. The students were joined by Air tricity League players, members of the Fair City cast, and FAI CEO John Delaney presented medals at the end of the match. The students, through their Localise community programme, have been planning and

organizing this event for ten weeks. The FAI gave the students an Ireland jersey, signed by Irish team players, along with match tickets for an Ireland game of choice in 2012, including passes to meet players afterwards for auction prizes, and if people wish to donate or support the campaign in any way they can by visiting “We all like playing

The teams line up for the charity match at Tolka Park for the Have a Heart – Save a Life campaign

football and we wanted to help teenagers like ourselves, but who have problems with their hear ts. T he charity, Heart Children Ireland, is only across the road from our school,” said

one of the students.

Supporters The students are been suppor ted and mentored by the American Embassy in Dublin, the FAI and Dublin City

University. “The idea is to encourage students to use their interest in spor ts to help other young people who are fighting heart disease and to make the point

that individuals from all walks of life can play a key role in helping others,” said John Hennessy-Niland, Deputy Chief of Mission at the American Embassy in Dublin.

28 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011

GazetteSport Sport

Derrick Corbett, Alan Gormley and Jarleth Lennon who all won prizes

Brothers Paul and Alan Gormley who won a prize for most money raised

Judge Aisling Clements and Mo Winner, Jarleth Lennon


Fingallians’ mo heroes are saluted INGALLIANS’ GAA Club recently held a night celebrating the men of the club who grew moustaches for the Movember charity initiative that raises funds for mens’ health charities across the country. The members raised a grand total of more than €6,500, and the organisers would like to thank all who generously donated to the group making the fundraiser such a success.

Congratulations to The Fingallians’ Movember Team, who raised more than €6,500 for charity


Barry and Lynn Clarke enjoying the entertainment

Some of the more intricately groomed moustaches of the night

15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 29

in association with

Curley back in swing of things

Making his way in golf’s highly competitive pro ranks, Cian Curley tells STEPHEN FINDLATER he has the roadmap to a bright future in his second year

CIAN Curley is lining up a more consistent approach to 2012 as he embarks on his second year in the professional golfing ranks, seeking to climb the ladder from the Euro Pro-Tour and upwards to the European Tour. A contemporary of Shane Lowry in numerous Irish and Leinster amateur sides, the Lucan man knows it is certainly attainable but his debut season in the paid ranks quickly taught him the margins for error are wafer-thin, a voyage of personal discovery. “A little bit more reality sets in. I wouldn’t say I underestimated the standard but… I basically wasn’t good enough,” he told the Gazette.

“I was [good enough] when I was playing close to my best but, when you’re not, you still have to be good enough to compete. That was the thing for me. I was way

the years to come. A fine sportsman, he previously represented Scoil Aine Naofa in the Cuman na mBunscol finals in Croke Park – in the same side as now-


‘It costs you €1,000 a week on tour. As a pro, you are your own business. If things aren’t working, you need to change them. --------------------------------------------------------

too inconsistent.” It is a frank and honest assessment for the Newlands’ man who reckons the accumulation of learning experiences have given him the steel to challenge, not just at this level, but beyond in

Longford intercounty footballer Enda Williams – while also winning numerous soccer titles with Hillcrest. He also lined out in Weston hockey club colours but golf soon took centre-stage, saying it

Driving on: Cian Curley has amended his swing for his second professional year

was “probably the sport I was best at, even though I would have like to have thought I was better at football.” Admitting he has never had any interest in college courses, since 2004, it has been a cycle of working jobs throughout the winter to help optimise his game when the season swings into gear. It saw him rise to the top of the amateur game in Ireland, before taking the next step and turning to the paid ranks and the Pro-Tour. On his day in his first season, Curley recorded a series of 65 and 66s but the bad days saw 74 and 75-shot rounds. With a large portion of the safety net that comes with the amateur life now gone, such results made Curley quickly realise his career was very much akin to being a sole trader. “As a professional, you are your own business. If things aren’t working, you need to change them. “The biggest thing was to change my coach. I came to the stage where it wasn’t working for me and you can see the inconsistency from the results. I didn’t know my swing. Towards the end of the season, I sat down and tried to figure out why. I came up with a number of things, and that’s what I’ve been working on.” Now, he is using his

time out to focus on his career and rebuilding his backswing, changing some motor patterns he has been playing with for a number of years. By comparison with his lead-in to the 2011 campaign, one mostly spent injured, he is also spending more time in the gym with a view to hitting the ground running. “ I ’m m a k i n g t h e improvements so I can go up a level. If you’re good enough, you’ll make the money and move on but it is incredibly tough. It costs us €1,000 a week to compete and because the money is so top heavy on the tour we play on. “You’ve got to finish in the top five to break even every week. Between 150 and 160 play each week, so it’s tough to get up to the next level. “But, with the work I’m doing now, I can definitely see myself being a multiple winner on the Euro Pro-Tour and then go to qualifying-school and move up. That’s the long-term goal at the end of next season, and it’s very attainable. I’m just trying to do the right things. I’ve got a clear picture of where I’m going and what I’m trying to do. “I’m definitely good enough to compete. I haven’t thought too far ahead but that is what I’m focused on until February.”

FastSport Dublin players line out for the GAA GPA All-Stars BALLYBODEN St Enda’s Gary Maguire, Lucan Sarsfields’ Peter Kelly and Kilmacud Crokes’ Ryan O’Dwyer were among the 2011 GAA GPA All-Stars hurling tour team sponsored by Opel, that recently travelled to San Francisco to play a series of matched in the Golden Gate city. The touring party consisted of players from the 2010 and 2011 All-Star hurling teams who played in the tour’s exhibition game under the guidance of team managers Liam Sheedy and Davy Fitzgerald. The tour game took place at Treasure Island, the headquarters of San Francisco GAA, and was preceded by a special breakfast event, held in conjunction with Ireland Reaching Out, which aims to connect the Irish diaspora with the GAA’s growing international club network. Waterford’s Shane Walsh led the scoring ranks for the 2011 hurling All-Stars as they edged out their 2011 counterparts by a single point. Walsh scored 1-5 for the 2010 squad as they beat the 2011 team, for whom Tipperary forward Lar Corbett scored three goals. The final score was 2010 All Stars 3-24, 2011 All Stars 7-11.

Miles all over the city for GOAL charity THERE will be no less than 14 GOAL Miles taking place across Dublin over the festive period. The GOAL Mile is held in villages, towns and cities all over Ireland every Christmas and is one of the country’s biggest and longestrunning annual fundraising events. Among the venues for the Christmas Day GOAL Miles are Kilbogget Park, Killiney, from 11am to 12 noon; at Irishtown

Stadium from 10am to 12 noon; at Lucan Harriers from 10am to 12 noon; at Malahide Castle from 11am to 12 noon; at Eamonn Ceannt Park, Sundrive Park, Dublin 12, from 10.30am to 12 noon; and at The Pope’s Cross, Phoenix Park, from 10am to 12 noon. The Mile will take place on St Stephen’s Day at Corkagh Pairc, Clondalkin, at 11am; at Wildgeese GAA pitch, Oldtown, at 12 noon; and at Porterstown Park from 11am to 1pm. For more information, contact GOAL at 01 280 9 779, or on fundraising@

30 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011

GazetteSport Sport FastSport

Celtic go eight unbeaten with Rush LSL victory SWORDS Celtic made it eight games unbeaten and a third consecutive victory in the LSL Sunday Major last Sunday when they took the points at Rush Athletic to lead the way in the division. Swords opened the scoring after Barry Caulfield whipped in a corner only for Danny Smith to smash into the net from 16 yards on 36 minutes. Steven Caul pulled off a great save minutes from the break to keep the slender advantage before Neale Fenn fired in a 40-yard effort which just scraped the post. But the Swords’ men continued to dominate proceedings in the second half and moved further ahead with ten minutes to go with a driven strike into the bottom right hand corner. It continued the club’s brilliant run of form, adding to wins over Mid Sutton and St John Bosco to put the side in pole position albeit with 15 of their 20 games played. Numerous sides have games in hand with some as many as eight games behind but it has been a fine turnaround from early season when the club lost three of its first four outings. The victory against Bosco was a notable one, coming from a goal down after 45 minutes which could have been two were it not for Caul’s excellent stop. But they got level in injury time as Dan Smith rolled a ball across the box to Fenn who controlled and he rolled the ball through the last defender’s legs into the bottom left corner. In the second half, Swords limited Bosco to half-chances and the defending from Conor McNeill and Ben McQuillen was quite brilliant. On 78 minutes, Celtic played a nice move with Mark Skully involved around the opposition 18-yard line only for McQuillen to step forward and send the ball into the back of Bosco’s net. And, with 90 minutes on the clock, Caul pin-pointed a ball to Si Madden’s head, who flicked on for Smith on the left. He ran to the edge off the box and slid a nice pass to Fenn who, yet again, hit the back off the net for a 3-1 success.


The sides celebrate appearing in front of 16,000 at the RDS at the half-time interval for the match between Leinster and Cardiff

Swords U-12s line out at RDS

SWORDS youngsters fulfilled every Leinster fan’s dream last week running out in front of a packed house at the RDS. Swords Rugby Club’s Under-12 side took on Birr RFC in a 10-a-side game in front of more than 16,000 fans during the half-time interval of Leinster’s RaboDirect Pro12 clash with Cardiff last Friday night. And the future of local rugby is certainly in safe hands with an array of talented boys in green doing the town proud in what was their

first ever competitive game, despite going dow n to their more experienced rivals by three tries to one. It was cer tainly a night to remember for the ALSAA-based club, which formerly played under the Aer Lingus RFC banner and introduced its underage rugby structure back in 2004. Club Community R u g b y O f f i c e r, B e n Moriarty – who, along with Jamie Gormly, Martin Troy and Ben Tr ay n o r c o a c h t h e Under-12 team – is continuing to spread the rugby message through-

A Fins’ first: Club hold first-ever Camogie match HISTORY was made last weekend

when Fingallians’ Under-9s played the club’s first-ever competitive camogie match against Skerries. The club has entered it’s first camogie team into competition, which is a huge step forward for the club. Offering camogie as a sport within Swords will further strengthen and develop the amenities that the club provides within the community and great fun was had by all!

out the town. The majority of the primary and secondary schools have been exposed to rugby in one shape or another through the scheme and the club secured its own youth pitch in the Holywell estate last season. Ho l y F a m i l y N S , St Cronan’s NS and Holy well Educate Together are currently involved in the club’s programme, along with Coláiste Choilm, Fingal Community College and Donabate Community College. Training for five to 1 2 - y e a r- o l d s t a k e s

place every Sunday at the Holywell playing pitches at 10.30am and all new players are welcome. The Under-12 squad involved at the RDS were: Sean Barrett, Adam Caffrey, Martin

Olaru, Mikey Mallin, Elton Masueme, Conor Fallon, Daniel Deegan, Adam Kavanagh, Eoin Foley, Chris Byrne, Hillary Anichebe, Matthew Kavanagh, Mark Murtagh, Aaron Horgan and Daniel Izebigie.

15 December 2011 SWORDS GAZETTE 31

in association with


CLUB NOTICEBOARD FINGALLIANS OUR senior footballers ended a very

Party Date: Mentors and member

long season on Sunday morning as

Christmas Party is on December 17

they were defeated in the promo-

from 8pm. Music, food, craic and

tion pla y-of f f inal by O’Toole’s.

the Singing DJ.

Match pictures now on Facebook.

Best of luck to Gaelscoil Bhrian

Club Car Draw: Tickets are now

Boroimhe girls who pla y in the

available and members are asked

Camann na mBun Scoil final this

to sell a ticket each and get the

week in Croke Park. Come along and

money in as soon as possible.

show your support!!

If anyone requires further infor-

The adult hurlers have starting

mation, please ring the club on

back training in the gym each Mon-

01-8400125 or email fingallians@

day at 7.30pm. New members are

most welcome.

Congratulations to the Under-9

Please note that Balheary and

girls who represented the club in

Holywell pitches will be closed until

the first club camogie game in over

January 11.

30 years v Skerries.

Also next Saturday, our U-13 boys

Under-15 boys and U16 boys and

and U-14 boys and girls will have

girls will have their Christmas party

their Christmas party in ALSAA at

this Saturday at 7pm in ALSAA.


FINGAL RAVENS Fingallians AFL2 side came within a game of promotion, but O’Toole’s had other ideas last weekend

Fingallians end with defeat to O’Toole’s AFL2 PLAY-OFF FINAL Fingallians O’Toole’s

0-8 0-12


FINGALLIANS fell to a four-point loss to O’Toole’s, bringing a disappointing end to a very long season, but the team will be upbeat about the positive performances from a campaign in which they blooded plenty of new talent. The journey started out back in February and saw the low moments of relegation to the intermediate championship but the possibility of promotion was played out to the final phase in Lawless Park last Sunday morning. And Fins looked in decent shape as they eked out a 0-5 to 0-4 lead at half-time. But O’Toole’s had the strength down the closing stretch to nab victory and make it back-to-back promotions with a bit to spare.

The Swords’ hosts lined out with the same line-up that did for a much-fancied Cuala a week earlier while Adam Hanley among others were added to the panel for the tie. Playing down the hill, the game was nip and tuck with Fins edging ahead, only to be reeled in. They got the first score of the day, only to see it cancelled out in the tenth minute. A 0-3 to 0-1 lead was also annulled before Eddie Sweeney scored a cracker from long range to put Fins back up by a point. O’Toole’s levelled for a third time but Donal Farrell made the vital incision just as the temperature began to rise with half-time closing in, putting Fins ahead by the odd point in nine. It was a lead which was extended by Dave Kileen’s point on the resumption as David

Markey played a key role at centre-back. But O’Toole’s again were able to chip away at the gap and were back level with 20 minutes still to play. And it was in this phase that the visitors made the game-winning play as Fins struggled to cope with their power, and three consecutive points were scored for the first time in the match, handing O’Tooles the role of front-runner, also for the first time. Indeed, another couple of points put them out of range before Dave

Killeen brought the gap back to three points with seven minutes to go. It looked like a goal was necessary and Gary Donnelly’s point kept that possibility alive but, with the clock ticking past the hour, Fins fell four points behind and the game was up. Nonetheless, the management of Dan Davern and Alan Hanrahan brought in plenty of young talent to the panel and will be confident of pushing on for direct promotion next term as well a return to senior championship football.

HARD luck to our U-21s team who

shops. Please contact Desy on 087 995

were beaten in the semi-final of their

7429 to order your copy, they would

championship against Thomas Davis

make a great Christmas present.

on Saturday. We wish Thomas Davis the best of luck in final.

Our children’s Christmas party was a great success in Kettle’s Hotel last

We will be holding a club social night

Sunday, a big thank you to Joe and

and our Christmas raffle next Sat-

Colin for the use of the room and all

urday, December 17 in the bar of Ket-

the help from their staff, thanks Mick

tle’s Hotel from 9pm,. There are some

and Alan for organising and to every

excellent prizes; overnight stay in a

one who helped out on the day and, of

4-star hotel, turkey, hams, hampers,

course, to Santa for turning up.

wine, restaurant voucher, spirits and

Congratulations to Keira O’Brien

lots more, see any committee mem-

and Gordon Carberry on the birth of

ber for tickets – if anyone has any

their son.

prizes to donate please also see any committee member.

Lotto: Numbers drawn were 25, 29, 38 and 39. There was no winner of

Copies of A Rare Auld Season book

jackpot; €20 to Enda Madigan, Banjo

are available to purchase for only €18,

(Jnr.) and Ashley Daly. Next week’s

€2 less then they are available in the

jackpot is now worth €3,013.

ST FINIAN’S THE St Finian’s Christmas Fair was

tee members. The draw will take

a great success, plenty of people

place on Thursday, December 15 in

dropped in to say hello, have a cup of

Peacock’s. Please make sure all sold

coffee, browse and buy some of the

tickets are returned to the office

products on sale. Santa made an

before Wednesday evening at the

appearance and was dropped to the


clubhouse by our good friends, An

The Club Christmas Night is being

Garda Síochána. Santa was assist-

held on Thursday, December 15 in

ed by our very own Alison Halpin and

Peacock’s from 8.30pm. Please come

Grace Murray, who helped him dis-

along and say thanks to the many

tribute goody bags to all the children

mentors and helpers who make the

who visited. The Christmas Cake was

club operate so smoothly. Free entry

won by one of the stallholders who

for all.

got involved in supporting our club

Lotto: Number drawn were 5, 9, 17

on the day. Many thanks to all who

and 21. Jackpot was €2,700 and there

gave, visited and bought on the day.

was no winner. €50 winners were

Photos of those that met Santa are

Maureen Reen and Aimee Hender.

available on our website in the Events

Next week’s jackpot will be €2,800.


If you know of any club members

Tickets (€10 each) are on sale for

that would like to receive updates

our Bumper Christmas Draw, with

and news for the club please ask

€1,000 first prize. They are available

them to send an email to info@stfin-

from the club office or any commit-

32 SWORDS GAZETTE 15 December 2011


Movember: December 15, 2011 Rugby: Swords U-12s line out at RDS Fins’ men raise over €6,500 LIANNE Kavanagh, Carla Jackson and Rachael Wal-...