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April 19, 2012

OPINION: Why Ireland should ratify the Fiscal Compact Treaty See Page 4

Inside track: Smarter job searching Hurling: Fingal win divisional title without a ball being struck Page 32

BRIAN MURPHY, Ray Nolan and Fiona Gleeson pictured at the Business and Services Network in St Sylvester’s GAA Club Smarter Ways to Find a Job event in St Sylvester’s this week. The event was held to help locals get the inside track on smarter searching and competing in the job market. See Gallery next week

Sylvester’s: Club’s young sides shine across all codes Page 31

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¤55k for cleanup of litter and graffiti TD hopes funds will improve local economy


A TOTAL of €55,000 has been allocated to Fingal County Council to clean up litter and graffiti. The funds were made available by the Department of the Environment as part of a €2m national grant scheme. Fine Gael TD for Dublin

North, Alan Farrell, welcomed the announcement and said the cleanup will encourage business and improve the local economy. There will also be a €20,000 anti-litter payment for FCC during the tourist season. Deputy Farrell praised the work of voluntary groups and asked residents to copy their

example in cleaning up their areas. An additional €750,000 is also to be allocated in a new initiative called the Litter Enforcement Scheme. This will concentrate on curbing illegal dumping through the use of CCTV. Full Story on Page 5

2 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 19 April 2012

BILL: MOVE IS WELCOMED WASTEWATER Engineer says small plants will cause damage

‘Credit Bill good for local business’

IT’S good news for local businesses, according to Fine Gael TD for Dublin North, Alan Farrell, who welcomed the Credit Guarantee Bill 2012, published last week. He praised the Bill, which was published by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton, saying it will make it easier for small and medium businesses in Dublin North to get credit and create jobs. “Access to credit is the biggest single challenge facing businesses across Dublin North. Every week I meet local business people who express their frustration and dismay at their inability to access credit from the banks. Small and medium businesses need a reliable stream of credit to function, particularly in the current difficult trading environment. The Credit Review Bill will directly tackle this problem,” he said.

The new Bill will provide for the establishment of the Temporary Partial Credit Guarantee Scheme, which will help commercial viable SME’s struggling to get finance and will provide a 75% guarantee to banks against losses on loans given to firms with growth potential. “This will allow for tens of millions of euro to flow into Irish business, which, in turn, can strengthen and expand their operations and create jobs. Initially, the Scheme will facilitate an extra €150 million in lending per year – that will benefit more than 1,800 businesses across the country. This lending will be on top of the lending targets already set down for the two pillar banks.” Farrell says that by supporting viable businesses, the Government is helping to get people off the Live Register and stimulate local economic activity.

The need for a new regional wastewater treatment plant is in addition to the Ringsend plant

A regional plant will have ‘lesser impact’ I NATALIE BURKE

ONE regional wastewater treatment plant w i l l h ave a “ l e s s e r impact” on the environment than a number of smaller plants, according to Peter O’Reilly, project engineer for the

Greater Dublin Drainage Project. Following a meeting of Fingal County Councillors last week, Mr O’Reilly said that a number of smaller, more local treatment plants would cause more damage to the environment than one regional plant.

“Both the Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study (GDSDS) in 2005, and the Strategic Environment Assessment in 2008, confirm that the local rivers and streams in north Dublin are too small to be able to absorb treated water from a number of small-





60 10 240

er plants,” he said. T he Greater Dublin Drainage Project is required to identify a suitable location in north Dublin for new regional wastewater t r e a t m e n t wo r k s , a marine outfall and an orbital sewer. According to Mr O’Reilly, the technical consultants are still considering the 10,000 submissions received from members of the public during the recent public consultation, which were held at the end of 2011. “The consultants are working to narrow the search from the nine large land parcels already identified last year, to as few as three specific emerging preferred sites, by this summer,” he said. “Extensive fur ther studies will then be required on those shortlisted sites and there will be further non-statutory consultation with local people and all other interested stakeholders on each of the shortlisted sites, before one preferred site is selected towards the end of the

year as being the most suitable to go forward to seek planning approval from An Bord Pleanala.” The quality of wastewater treatment to be provided at the new regional wastewater treatment plant will be determined by the need to meet the water quality standards in the marine environment of the Irish Sea and the need to meet all relevant EU and national legislation. The need for a new regional wastewater treatment plant is in addition to the Ringsend plant, which is currently planned to be extended to its full capacity, at which it will be able to treat wastewater from the equivalent of 2.1million people. The regional plant in north Dublin will be two-thirds smaller than the Ringsend plant and it is planned that it will treat 350,000 population equivalent in 2020, when the plant first opens, and will be capable of treating up to 700,000 when it is at full capacity in 2040.

19 April 2012 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 3

FCC ‘Ward Rivervalley Park can link attractions’

Increase in people attending parade

Call made to maximise local tourism I MIMI MURRAY

CALLS to maximise tourist attractions in Swords by linking them together through the upgrading and opening up of the Ward Rivervalley Park have been made by Fianna Fail councillor, Darragh Butler. Cllr Butler asked the manager of Fingal County Council to ensure that Swords tourism benefits from the 1,000 anniversary of the 1014 Battle of Clontarf. Brian Boru’s body and that of his son, Murragh, are believed to have been taken from the battlefield at Clontarf and waked

by the Monks in Swords where St Columba’s Church now stands. He called for the “tourism potential of Swords Castle, St Columbas’s Church and Round tower and the Ward River Valley Park” to be maximised with the opening up of the Ward River Valley Park and the upgrading of the River Walkway that could potentially link all of the tourism attractions together. “The linking of these attractions depends on the Ward River walkway and the entrance to the Ward River Valley Park from Church Road,” the council said. The area to the south

of the river between Church Road and Bells Lane is part of a larger land parcel that recently received planning permission, with the condition that the “delivery of the link path in turn depends on the completion of the planned development”. “Efforts are being made to deliver this benefit in advance of development works but the landowner cannot be compelled to develop the walkway in advance of development works. “ B e t we e n C h u r c h Road and Bridge Street, the council has control of the riverside road and walkway to the east of


Fianna Fail councillor, Darragh Butler

the river, though the link to Bridge Street has not been completed. In addition, wayleaves have been granted to several developers on Main Street to avoid congestion during development works. This has delayed full development of the walkway. On the western side of the river the council owns a three-metre-wide strip

between the school and the river and a parcel of land between the Vicarage and the river. The northern part of this link has been conditioned by planning permission to be developed and dedicated to the council but will not be delivered until the development is completed. Works to complete boundary treatment at the

Vicarage will be carried out in 2012 and the link from the existing walkway to bridge Street in 2013. “The main impediment to opening Swords Castle is the restoration of the entry arch. Ministerial approval has been received to carry out these works, which are planned for later in 2012,” the council said.

IN addition to over 1,400 participants and 45 entrants, there was an estimated 16,000 people in attendance at the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Swords this year. This represented a 30% increase on last year’s numbers, which necessitated a change to the original route. This is according to Fingal County Council, which was responding to Fianna Fail councillor, Darragh Butler, who thanked the manager and staff for another successful St Patrick’s Day. “The Parks and Heritage Division is willing to explore ways of including Swords Castle in elements of St Patrick’s Day parade within the constraints presented by the Castle’s status as a national monument,” the council added.

4 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 19 April 2012


Minister Joan Burton gives us her view

Why I will be voting Yes on the Fiscal Compact JOAN BURTON, Minister for Social Protection and newly-appointed Director of Elections for the Yes campaign, tells us why Ireland should ratify the Fiscal Compact Treaty and why it works for us WHEN I speak to big multinational employers, many in Blanchardstown in my own constituency, they tell me that one reason they continue to locate in Ireland is because they believe the country is committed to the European Union. We have punched well above our weight when it comes to attracting foreign direct investment here. One of the reasons companies like PayPal, Google and Facebook come here is because they see Ireland as a committed member of the eurozone. I believe that voting Yes in the referendum will show that Ireland is willing to play its part in building a more financially stable European Union.

Stabilising Voting Yes will help stabilise the euro and boost investor confidence in Ireland. To vote No would bewilder American and other foreign companies that are planning their European investments. It could threaten the hard-won business opportunities we are

building in China and elsewhere. There is a big advant a g e o f s t ay i n g t h e course with Europe. For starters, collective action to boost growth and investment offers a much better prospect to restore the health of national budgets than sole reliance on austerity. Our previous experience of such joint European action through the Regional and Social funds was entirely positive. Our roads and colleges are the legacy of those funds that we continue to enjoy today. Ireland is not alone in its current troubles. Bank debts and unemployment haunt many European economies.

Inside the tent There is more to be done to help beleaguered countries. I believe we are far better off making that case along with likeminded Governments inside the European tent than being a lone voice outside. T h i s G ove r n m e n t has put painstaking effort into rebuilding Ireland’s reputational capital in Europe, in the

USA and the emerging global powerhouse that is China. There are some indications that this effort is bearing fruit, notably in the confirmation by leading international companies that Ireland continues to be as much a magnet for inward investment as it was a decade ago. A N o vo t e wo u l d upend that process. Countries don’t have friends, they have interests. That is particularly true of a small country that has successfully chosen to base its development and prosperity on being a trading nation.

It is in our interest It is in our interest to be inside every European Council, committed to national budget discipline as one significant – but far from exclusive – part of a strategy to promote growth and job security in every corner of Europe. It is entirely contrary to our interests to take a reckless gamble now that would leave Ireland isolated, perplex our friends and exasperate those who are currently funding our State till we

Joan Burton: “Voting Yes will show Ireland is willing to play its part in building a more financially stable Europe.”

restore our capacity to do so ourselves.

Plugging the gap We a r e c u r r e n t l y borrowing €50 million a day to plug the gap between what we raise in taxes and what we spend. There is no escape,

one way or the other, from fiscal restraint in our present situation. To pretend otherwise is dishonest. Voting Yes gives Ireland an insurance policy in terms of access to a special European assistance fund if needed.

A No vote may give the appearance of independence. But it could require Ireland to negotiate emergency funds that might have tougher conditions attached. It will be up to every voter, every family and ever y community to


consider very carefully how they cast their vote in the referendum on 31 May. For the reasons I have explained, I will be voting Yes.

Joan Burton TD Minister for Social Protection



19 April 2012 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 5



Cecilia is favourite author

€55k to tackle graffiti and litter I NATALIE BURKE

FUNDING of €55,000 will be allocated to Fingal County Council this year, which is aimed to help tackle issues of graffiti and litter in local areas. The funding was announced by the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, as part of the provision of more than €2 million in grants to local authorities nationwide. The news was welcomed by Fine Gael TD for Dublin North, Alan Farrell, who said that maintaining the appearance of towns and villages across Dublin North is not only important for the morale of people living in local communities, but is a key factor in driving economic growth and boosting tourism figures. “A total of €55,000 has been allocated to Fingal

under the anti-litter and anti-graffiti awareness scheme. Using this money, local authorities will be able to select projects that promote greater public awareness and education in relation to litter and graffiti. This includes supporting voluntary initiatives run by community groups, which play such a vital role in the upkeep of our towns and villages,” said Farrell. “In a bid to ensure that locations that are popular with tourists are kept clean, €20,000 is being provided to Fingal under the Tourist Season Anti-Litter Grant. This will help with the maintenance of visitor locations such as beaches, scenic areas and approach roads to access points like airports and ferry ports. Litter can leave a very poor and lasting impression on

visitors, so we must do all we can to ensure popular locations are kept in top shape. “A further €750,000 is being made available nationally under the new Litter Enforcement Scheme, in an effort to help crack down on littering and illegal dumping. This money can be used by local authorities to deploy mobile Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras and other measures to identify those responsible for these activities. “We all have a role to play in the upkeep of our own communities. Local authorities, community and voluntary groups all do excellent work to maintain the appearance of streets, roads and scenic areas; this funding from Minister Hogan will help to support them in this work,” he said.

Global recognition: Swords-based business is winner in Las Vegas SWORDS-BASED Gift Voucher Shop (GVS), the Irish company

behind the One4all brand, has been recognised as overall winner in the Best Gift Card Program category at the 2012 Paybefore Awards in Las Vegas. The One4all Gift Card was selected from nominations across the globe, including leading Gift Card brands such as the TelemundoQuinceanera MasterCard Gift Card and Western Union’s Online Gift and Greeting Card. Accepting the award, Michael Dawson, founder and group CEO at GVS said: “We have come a long way since launching our first multi-store paper voucher in Ireland. Thanks to the continued innovation and creativity of our team, we are now enjoying success across a number of markets. It is superb to be recognised amongst such high-profile international competitors and to play a role in putting Irish businesses on the global map.”

M A L A H I DE n a t i ve Cecilia Ahern is “thrilled” to be chosen as the favourite Irish author for 40% of Dubliners, a result revealed by a national sleep survey last week. As one of Ireland’s leading authors of the “chick lit” genre, Cecilia received a massive 40% of votes when Dubliners were asked to vote for their favourite Irish author when it comes to bedtime reading. “ I ’m t h r i l l e d a n d delighted for my books to be considered worthy of a place on people’s bedside tables - a very important position in my home!” said the author. T h e r e s u l t s we r e revealed by a survey conducted by A Vogel, the providers of herbal remedies and sleep aid, where 45% of people living in Dublin revealed that reading a book is the best way to help them sleep naturally.

6 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 19 April 2012

EVENT Dublin Rose 2012 at the Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown

Applications are now open for this year’s Dublin Rose. Pictures: Ian Fleming

Search gets under way

HE search for the Dublin Rose and Rose Buds is now on, and this year organisers have changed the format for choosing the capital’s rose by dedicating a three-day festival to finding someone to represent their county at the Rose of Tralee later this year. Applications are now open and everyone who applies will be featured in the three-day festival in May. Girls aged 6-12 years can also experience the festival by becoming a Rose Bud. As part of the selection process, the Gazette is running a colouring competition in association with Dublin Rose. For further information on Dublin Rose log onto and click Dublin, or find Dublin Rose on facebook for dates of information evenings.


Dublin Rose, Siobheal Nic Eochaidh, with Rose Bud, Ava Duignan

19 April 2012 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 7

BUSINESS Repair specialists continue to expand

Top acts come to centre

Jewellery and watch repair while you wait I NATALIE BURKE

A NEW and successful concept in jewellery repair already sweeping across the United States has landed on this side of the pond, with a new store opening in the Pavilions Shopping Centre, Swords. Fast-Fix carries out jeweller y and watch repairs while you wait, as opposed to sending valuables off-site for repair, and already have stores open in Tallaght and the City Centre. Despite the recession, the jewellery repair specialists continue to expand and create jobs and with successes

already evident in the Stephen’s Green and The Square Shopping Centre locations. Operations manager, Niall Cooney, is confident the same will happen for their new Swords venture. “We have so many unique selling points. Because of our model, we can repair almost all jewellery and watches in about an hour and we do customisations too,” he says. “With over 250 qualified jewellers and horologists dedicated to our repair business, there is nothing we haven’t seen. We love a challenge.” Rather then sending their repairs off-site for

repair, Fast-Fix works with the same level of accuracy and trustworthiness in an hour, due to a goldsmith and watch technician being on site every day. “A lot of what we work with is not only financially valuable but emotional too. So people feel more relaxed knowing their prized possession is being worked on while they go shopping or just have a coffee,” he said. According to Cooney, the recession is not hurting his business because people are shopping for greater value. So rather than buy new jewellery, they are getting existing pieces repaired.


Fast-Fix carries out jewellery and watch repairs while you wait

THE Seamus Ennis Cultural Centre is holding a number of events this April. Irish and Roots trio Eleanor Shanley, Frankie Lane and Paul Kelly will perform on April 20. Shanley is renowned for her unique interpretation of Irish and Roots songs, and has been at the top of her profession since her first appearance as the singer with De Dannan. It kicks off at 8.30pm and costs €16. Woody Pines is a band from North Carolina and have toured over here as a trio. Reviewers have declared them to be one of the most entertaining acts on the Americana circuit. They play on April 28 at 8.30pm and costs €16. Contact the Seamus Ennis Centre on (01) 8020898.

8 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 19 April 2012

EVENT Winners are celebrated at the Malahide Business

A night to celebrate business ONGRATULATIONS all round to the various winners at the Malahide Business Awards 2012 held in the Grand Hotel, Malahide recently. Each year Malahide Chamber organises the awards which recognise those who have made a special contribution during the year to the business life of the community. In addition, they make a Person of the Year award to a member of the general community for their outstanding service to Malahide, either in that year or over a period of time.


Brian Murphy, Bank of Ireland; Derek Fowler, Fowlers, and Ernie Brenner, Treasurer of the Malahide Chamber of Commerce

David Moran, David G Moran and Co, and Sean Farrell, Duffys Pub

Owen Murray, Mint Fitness, and Al Ryan, President of the Malahide Chamber of Commerce

Vivienne Keavey, Malahide Credit Union; Aoife Long, Le Sirena; Mary Farrell, Village Books and Deirdre Walsh, Avanti PR

19 April 2012 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 9

Awards 2012 at The Grand Hotel, Malahide

Aoife Long and Colin Ring from La Sirena Mexican Restaurant, accepting the Best Developing Business Award

Mary Nagle, from Cafe Provence, accepting the Best Presented Business Award

Alice Lucey, Be Independent Homecare, and Graham Smith, WordSmith

Trisha Murphy, from Mischief Child and Baby Fashion, and her Partner, Tony Emma Callan, from Robyns Nest Toys, Gifts and Jewellery, accepting the

Mulvaney, with the Service Excellence

Best Shop Front Award


Deirdre Rochford, vice-president, Malahide Chamber of

Rodney Moore accepting the Person of the Year

Commerce; Colin Ring, La Sirena and John Byrne, mind coach


Oliver Donnelly, Leaf and Bean, and Emma Callan, Robyns Nest

10 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 19 April 2012

SPORT Phoenix

Park hosts SPAR Great Ireland Run 2012

Dundrum woman Linda Byrne, after winning the AAI Women’s National 10km Championships

Mark Kenneally, Six-year-old Aoibhinn Dunne shows her two-year-old sister, Orlaigh, and Fiona Murphy how to run in style

Best feet forward to have a great day UNNERS from all across the city and county of Dublin – and from much further afield – took part in the SPAR Great Ireland Run 2012 at the Phoenix Park last weekend, which saw an estimated 10,500 runners of all ages and abilities set forth on the run. While some athletes used their impressive


skills to compete for the best times, for most participants, the event was a fun event indeed, as all kinds of colourful characters joined parents, children, fundraisers and walkers to complete their chosen routes, with the mild weather helping everyone to stay one step ahead of any tiredness they may have felt.

after winning the AAI Men’s National 10km Championships

Joesph Sexton makes like a banana and splits

Former Dublin footballer, John O’Leary, and Leinster rugby star, Eoin O’Malley, lend their support to Emilian Kiba and Edelle Monahan (both in orange) of the Jack & Jill Foundation

Max O’Neill

19 April 2012 GAZETTE 11

12 GAZETTE 19 April 2012


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Time to get on your bike Taoiseach Taoiseach Enda Kenny with former Irish Rugby international Mick Galway, Michael Dawson from One4all, founder of the Soul of Haiti Foundation and TV3 presenter Aidan Cooney, help kick start Haiti Week 2012

Gearing up to go in Cycle4Haiti CALLING all cycling enthusiasts. Make 2012 the year you give something back by taking part in the Cycle4haiti challenge this May. There are just three weeks left until the third annual Cycle4haiti charity which aims to raise €300,000 for the Soul of Haiti Foundation. The cycle will take place during the May bank holiday weekend, beginning on Saturday, May 5 at three locations – Dublin, Sligo and Tipperary. All three will then meet at Athlone for an overnight rest to start again on Sunday, May 6 for further 85kms to finish line in Eyre Square, Galway. Anyone interested in taking part from Dublin still has time to register at, and there is also information on training events across Ireland in the run-up to the cycle. Some of the large number of teams taking part from Dublin include Rowdy Riders, MRFC, Topbuzzers, Team Smiles, Global Diagnostics, Kellogg’s, TBA, Team Slattery and The Cyclepaths.

DIARY ROG meets dog, asks you to get involved IRISH rugby legend Ronan O’Gara was on hand with TV star Sinead Desmond to launch the Pedigree Adoption Drive, which will run through to May 31. Recent statistics released by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, have shown that 1,058 dogs were abandoned in Dublin City in 2010 with 79% of these dogs finding new homes. This is a slight drop on the previous year’s figure when 80% of abandoned dogs were re-homed. On a national level, statistics have shown that, on average, 44 dogs are abandoned and a further 10 dogs are put to sleep every day in Ireland. In order to help curb these shocking figures, Pedigree has once again launched the Pedigree Adoption Drive. Now in its fifth year, the Pedigree

Adoption Drive continues to raise awareness of animal welfare. To find out more on dog adoption, from how the adoption process works, from training to everyday care, visit PedigreeIreland

Joining Jamie to run 10k for Calcutta’s poor THE 2012 Calcutta Run was launched by Irish rugby star, Jamie Heaslip in Dublin last week. The run is being held once more to raise money for the homeless in Dublin and Calcutta. The 10 km route is from Blackhall Place, through the Phoenix Park and back to the start. There will be a great post-race party and barbecue waiting for all of the participants at the finish line. Now in its 14th year, the popular fun run has raised more than €2 million for the Peter McVerry Trust and GOAL since 1999. The 2012 Calcutta Run will take place on Saturday, May 26. People can register at www.calcuttarun. com.

19 April 2012 GAZETTE 13


A breathtaking display of piano music

Petmania reminds sponsors

Tinkling the ivory in this jubilee event I BAIRBRE NI BHRAONAIN

THE 25th anniversary of the Dublin International Piano Competition takes place in May. The prestigious competition is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions and is ranked in the top five piano competitions in the world. This year, 60 pianists from four continents, all under the age of 30, will compete in Dublin from May 4 to May 15 for the acclaimed title and generous monetary prize. Artistic Director and co-founder John O’Conor said, “We have received tremendous suppor t since the foundation and the 25th Dublin International Piano Competition

promises to be our most exciting to date.” The competition has been running since 1987 and takes place in Dublin every three years. To date there have been eight competitions. The first two preliminary stages of the four stage competition is open to the public and will be held in The Royal Dublin Society, from Friday May 4 to Thursday May 10. The National Concert Hall will host the semifinal and final, both of which will be recorded by Radio Telefis Eireann and offered to the European Broadcasting Union for transmission throughout Europe. This event is esteemed throughout the world and attracts enormous attention.


Some of the contestants in this year’s Dublin International Piano Competition

The semi-finals will take place on Saturday, May 12, and Sunday, May 13, in the National Concert Hall. All twelve semi-finalists must perform one of the five specially commissioned Irish pieces of music for this year’s competition. After this, four finalists will compete for the title in the final concerto performances taking place on Tuesday, May 15, with the RTE National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland under the baton of James Cavanagh. Steinway and Sons are providing all of the pianos for the 2012 com-

petition and, over the 12 days of the competition, 60 hours of music will be performed in total. The competition affords young pianists the opportunity to compete at an elite level. In addition, it offers Irish contestants an opportunity to hold their own on home ground. T he competition’s first phase will go on for four days after which 24 competitors will be selected to go forward to the second stage of 40-minute recitals over two days. The Dublin International Piano Competition is adjudicated by

illustrious international members of the music profession, chaired by John O’Conor. The winner of this year’s competition will be offered a number of international engagements, including debut recitals at Carnegie Hall in New York, the Wigmore Hall in London and other prestigious venues around the world. To find out more information about the event and for ticket details, you can go online at Tickets for the RDS rounds are €5 per session, or €12 per day.

They are available at the box office in the RDS Concert Hall on the day before each event. Tickets for the semifinals in the National Concert Hall cost €10 per session, or €30 for all four. Choir Balcony tickets are €7 per session and are available online at w w or at the NCH Box Office 01-4170000. Tickets for the finals in the National Concert Hall are €45 and Choir Balcony tickets cost €20. All are available from the National Concert Hall Box Office.

MANY people and dogs braved the harsh weather on Easter Monday to take part in the Petmania National Dog Walk 2012. Wa l ke r s a r e n ow reminded to return their sponsorship cards before Sunday April 22 to claim their walker rewards. For those that registered to take part, but who were unable to make it on account of the weather, Petmania are urging them to take their four-legged friend on a 5KM walk over the next few days and collect the sponsorship, which could get walkers a number of rewards. Walkers can collect a €10 Petmania Store voucher if they reach €50, while getting to €120 will get 10% off Allianz Pet Insurance, €200 will get a free bag of breed specific 12-15kg Royal Canine Dog Food, €400 will get a €40 voucher for Petmania Grooming Studios and €800 will get a fabulous break for two adults and one dog at Harvey’s Point Hotel in Donegal. This break includes two nights B&B plus one evening meal, and is worth €400. Sponsorship cards can be returned to any local Petmania store, or online by debit or credit card at

14 GAZETTE 19 April 2012


Brought to you by Miriam Kerins of the DSPCA


Horseplay can cost, so beware o your little darling thinks it would be “fun” to saddle up and ride her own pony. Ah, bless. I mean, you’ve scrimped and scraped your few euro together, sacrificed your monthly manicure and sent her to horse-riding lessons every Sunday morning for the past six months. But it’s backfired. Now she’s begging you until y o u ’r e a t b r e a k i n g point. What’s a hassled mam to do?


Should you buy her a pony, I mean; it’s nice for her to have an interest in animals. Right? To be honest, as a mam I would want to make sure my child had a “passion” for horses, rather than just an “interest”. Yo u s e e , h av i n g raised two children to

adulthood, I know that an “interest” is nearly always just a passing phase, that will fizzle out and become so last year; kinda like that whole major Blondie look you had going on when you were 14. (Or was that just me?). So mammie dearest, before you take your daughter horse shopping next Saturday, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Riding lessons for at least six months to a year. This will give your daughter the opportunity to learn from a professional who will be familiar with her abilities and who can be available in case she requires help. It will also give her an insight into grooming, handling, safety, etc., as well as the obvious, riding.

What type of horse does she want? Can you afford it? A mare or a gelding should only be considered. A stallion will be far too difficult for her to handle and can prove dangerous. Remember there is no such thing as a bad horse and all horses need training; patience and quality time is the key. Personality is impor tant. Ask your daughter to have her instructor give her a selection of horses to ride over the course of her lessons, and have her list the things she likes/dislikes about individual ones. Does she like the quiet, laid back animal or does she feel the need for something a tad feistier? Would a pony be better suited to her needs?

Horses can cost and be time-consuming, so weigh up the pros and cons before buying

What type of riding is your child interested in? Competitive show jumping? Trail riding? Does she just want a companion animal? Where will she keep her horse? Do you have a boarding stable on your land? If not, is there one locally? Can you afford the rent? Remember mam, if W W 111 b r e a k s o u t ever y time you ask your daughter to clean her bedroom or do her homework; is she really likely to give a commitment to this horse?

She’ll need to give the animal two hours a day, five days a week – minimum. Half an hour to groom and tack up, at least one hour to ride (remember a happy, healthy horse is the one that is ridden at least five times a week), another half an hour to cool him down and settle him back into his stable.

Monthly Budget? Boarding! Do you have a stable at home? Do you need to rent stables? There will be a cost for feed, hay, stall bedding, etc. What happens if your horse becomes ill? You’ll need to have

access to an equine vet. They cost money. You’ll have recurring expenses like a farrier, vaccinations, worming, tack and other supplies such as grooming brushes, first-aid kit, a good quality shampoo, etc.

Worst Case Scenario? When you take ownership of a horse, or any animal, you give an undertaking to care for him for the entire duration of his lifetime. However, what if something happens to your daughter and she can no longer ride her horse; or you lose your job and can no longer afford his upkeep.

You can’t just abandon him and hope for the best. Abandonment is cruel and punishable by prosecution. Horses can live until they are 30 years old so, in the event you can no longer take care of him, it’s your responsibility to find him a new home in an environment best suited to his needs, with an owner you can trust implicitly. Remember, finding that special new owner can take time and lots of research. For more information, contact your local equine vet or log onto or email me at miriam.kerins@

19 April 2012 GAZETTE 15

CHARITY Enable Ireland and TK Maxx join forces to raise €250,000 for charity

Slim down your bulging wardrobes I LAURA WEBB

SLIM down bulging wardrobes while helping a good cause, as Enable Ireland and TK Maxx join forces to raise a quarter of a million euro for charity this month. Give Up Clothes for Good, is Ireland’s largest charity drive, which aims to raise €250,000 throughout April. Dubliners are being asked to drop their unwanted quality clothing, accessories and household items to any TK Maxx store. Donations received throughout the month of April will go on to be sold in Enable Ireland shops to raise funds for vital services for children with disabilities across the country. A recent survey carried out by TK Maxx

revealed over half of Dublin shoppers have clothes, shoes and accessories in their wardrobes that they have not worn in over a year. This revelation exposes city slickers to have the highest quota of unworn cloths in Ireland. Dubliners were also exposed to be the worst impulse buyers in the country, with a third of residents admitting to splurging on a whim. T he research was conducted in support of the Enable Ireland/TK Maxx initiative, Give Up Clothes for Good. The survey, which was carried out by Amarach Research, found that over 40% of Irish adults experience buyers’ remorse. It also showed 20% of Irish women have more than six pairs

of trousers and of shoes that they have not worn in over a year. This suggests there are many top-quality items perfect for the cause. Each bag filled with clothes could potentially raise up to €30 for Enable Ireland, so every donation makes a difference. Fionnuala O’Donovan from Enable Ireland commented: “We are delighted to be working in conjunction with our partner TK Maxx on Give Up Clothes for Good this year. “We are confident that the Irish public will really get behind the campaign with their generous donations of clothes and homeware. “We urge the Irish public to clear out their wardrobes and cupboards and part with

items that they may not have worn or used for a time. “We will put your gifts and donations to good use in the Enable Ireland shops to support our work for children with disabilities and their families.” Founded in 1948, Enable Ireland provides services for 3,541 children and 219 adults. The charity also supports people with disabilities and their families in 15 counties. TK Maxx is Enable Ireland’s biggest retail partner. Since the partnership began back in 1997, the retail giant has raised over €900,000 for Enable Ireland. Give Up Clothes for Good donation bags are available in all TK Maxx stores but any bag can

Pictured are Chloe Monaghan, aged 6, with RTE 2 Children’s presenter, Diana Bunici, at the launch of Give Up Clothes for Good

be used, from supersize carrier bags to bin bags. For the nearest store, or to find out more, visit Enable Ireland cannot accept any electrical

goods, furniture or any items that are broken or require repair due to health and safety regulations. There is an added incentive to this year’s

initiative, as those doing their bit by bringing in a donation will be given a chance to enter a draw to win €1,000 TK Maxx gift card via www.

16 GAZETTE 19 April 2012

GazetteBEAUTY BEAUTY Discover a delicious new scent for summer with Emporio Armani TAKE in summer’s scent through an explosion of fresh smells with Emporio Armani’s new fragrance, Diamonds Summer for women. The spring/summer season is when great smells come to life, from flowers to newly cut grass. It’s also the time when people find their own signature smell by choosing the right fragrance. One fragrance for Gazette Beauty this season is Emporio Armani’s Diamonds Summer for women. The fragrance is a musky, floral scent that gives a sense of freshness to the air. Hints of raspberry and green apple sorbet turn it into something that is good enough to eat. What’s even better about this fragrance is that it is also available for men – Diamonds Summer for Men. This scent awakens the senses with its crisp, fresh mint and iced lemon aroma. Each Emporio Armani Diamonds Summer is enclosed in a special limited edition bottle which sparkles – exquisitely faceted to assert the audacity of a true summer scent, loud and full of delight, and Emporio Armani Diamonds Summer for Men comes encased in a bottle inspired by ice sculptures radiating light and a sparkling energy.

Falling in love with Vernis in Love’s bright, block colours GAZETTE Beauty has never been one to shy away from a manicure, or let nails go unnoticed, so when we saw Lancome’s new range of striking nail colours we knew we had to put our hands up and take notice. Bright block colours are the way forward this summer, so why not accentuate that fact with even bolder nails. Lancome’s new Vernis in Love range claims to reinvent nail polish application by making it simpler, faster and more stunning than ever. The collection takes chic neutral colours and combines them with captivating brights – just like our summer wardrobe. Innovative

Its innovative patented brush, a grooved stem, allows the nail polish to flow directly to the centre of the brush. The round base and flat bristles allows the nail contour to be perfectly followed and a uniform coat of varnish to be applied in just a single stroke. The fluid texture creates a smooth, streakfree finish and a flawless film of colour. “The bottle is a fantastic shape and size, which fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. The stem of the brush is the right length, which allows you enough time to place the brush into the bottle pick up your polish and apply it to the nail plate without it running down the stem causing drips and flooding the nail plate,” said Glenis Baptiste, celebrity manicurist. The collection is

Love Rose Manicure

availabel in 20 stunning shades and has been divided into three colour universes to suit three different moments of the day. JOLIS MATIN: All the beauty of an awakening dawn in Paris is captured in fresh and featherlight shades for luminous, natural colour. B OU D OI R T I M E : Deep, vibrant and euphoric shades, perfect for early evening cocktails with friends. TONIGHT IS MY NIGHT: A Parisian night, infused with promise, is mirrored by intense and magnetic shades. Here are two stunning coloured manicures by Lancome to try at home: French Rose Manicure

1. Apply a drop of the darker Bleu de Flore

French Rose Manicure

polish to the base of the nail. Paint a neat crescent, paying particular attention to the outer borders, as if “framing” them with a rose petal. The brush should be held at an almost vertical angle. 2. You now need to perfect the inner and outer borders using the branchwood stick wrapped in cotton wool. 3. Next, apply Rose Boudoir to the centre of the nail to create a colour contrast, using the flat of the brush.

4. To finish off, apply a top coat to achieve uniform shine. This will also allow you to even out the surface texture. Love Rose Manicure with contrasting on trend shades “Aquamarine” blue and “Rouge in Love” red:

1. Apply a block of red all over the nail (2 coats for sufficient coverage). 2. Next, apply a coat of Aquamarine on top so that only a “comma shape” of red remains visible.

19 April 2012 GAZETTE 17

Edited by Laura Webb

Indulge in a little bit of chocolate for your skin EASTER brings out the best in chocolate, so why not indulge in it for a bit longer with Organique’s Chocolate collection. Ok, it’s not the edible kind, but anything that smells and looks like chocolate must be good, right? Organique is an award-winning international cosmetics company. The Chocolate collection uses real cocoa butter that aims to relax and firm skin, calm irritation and stimulate blood circulation. Not only does it do this, but it also moisturises and contains anti-cellulite elements. The chocolate pigment of the product is also known to give a natural bronzing effect that leaves skins looking healthy with a lasting glow. The collection is packed with

endorphins to stimulate the release of serotonin – also known as the happy hormones. Any sweet smell from these products will instantly put you in a better mood after a long day. In a bid to help people get the spa experience at home, the chocolate collection from Organique includes: Organique Chocolate Sugar Peeling 200ml, RRP €40: Perfectly cleaning and soothing the skin, this sugar-peeling product is the ideal way to prepare your skin for treatments. Its sugar crystals gently remove excess oils and dried skin, while its shea and cocoa butters will leave skin moisturised and elastic. Organique Chocolate Bronzing Body Butter

200ml, €49: What better way to indulge after a long day than covering your skin in chocolate! Suitable for all skin types, the shea butter content of this product intensely moisturises and soothes the skin while the cocoa extract contains firming and anti-cellulite properties. Organique Chocolate Endorphine Serum, RRP €27: This serum is easily absorbed into the skin to leave it feeling strong, firm and moisturised. The high cocoa content stimulates, nourishes and firms the skin, while also helping to soothe irritation. Enjoy this treatment at top spas nationwide or visit your local Organique supplier to try these fabulous products for yourself.

Helping to manage your medicines WE all have difficulty remembering to take our tablets, especially if we are required to take a variety of drug treatments. Around 20-30% of elderly patients take three or more medicines daily and, to ensure optimum treatmentoutcomes, good compliance is important. Non-compliance is a major health issue, resulting in significant increase in the risk of disease and mortality. If you, or someone you know requires help with your medicines, then have a chat with your pharmacist. They can give you appropriate advice and prepare your medications in a suitable way (for example the blister packing of medication) helping you to ensure that you never forget to take your tablets. With Thanks to the Staff of Lucan Village Pharmacy Organique’s Chocolate collection which uses real cocoa butter

18 GAZETTE 19 April 2012

GazetteMUSIC MUSIC FastTunes with Radio Nova’s Dee Woods WHAT a week in the rock world: an ageing rocker is shunning the limelight while a deceased one is asked to appear! Axl Rose refused to show up for last weekend’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction of Guns N’Roses after refusing the invitation and the induction - via Facebook. It seems the frontman wanted to distance himself from the awkward situation of being faced with old band members and fans’ calls for a reunion at the ceremony. In a lengthy statement, the prickly singer said: “People get divorced. Life doesn’t owe you your own personal happy ending especially at another’s or, in this case, several others’, expense.” No reunion then. Is the Rose beginning to wilt? After a string of disastrous gigs a couple of years ago, including one at The O2 where he threatened to walk off stage amidst booing and heckling, I wonder if Rose is just a thorn in some fans’ side these days?

Time will tell if he’ll redeem himself at this summer’s gig, again at The O2 on May 17. With Thin Lizzy supporting, and another Academy-Award-worthy Axl outburst a possibility - it’ll certainly be interesting! Another reunion that will definitely NEVER happen is that of the original line-up of The Who. But try telling that to the organisers of the London Olympics. They contacted The Who’s manager asking if Keith Moon could perform at the opening ceremony this summer. Bill Curbishley replied saying they could find the legendary drummer at Golders’ Green crematorium...where he’s been since 1978. There are no words!

Three-vival: Trio of albums on way from Green Day FRESH from inducting duties at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame last week, Green Day have announced that they are to release three new albums between September and January 2013, entitled Uno!, Dos! and Tre! “We are at the most prolific and creative time in our lives. This is the best music we’ve ever written, and the songs just keep coming,” said the band. “Instead of making one album, we are making a three album trilogy.”


Spiritualised reach for the light and the heart I ROB HEIGH

IT’S BEEN almost a quarter of a century since I was first introduced to Jason Pierce. At that time, he was J Spaceman, co-lead singer and creative force behind the psych-pop noise of Spacemen 3. Their epic track, Revolution, six minutes of drone and a guitar phrase that made you think that it was The Stooges from another planet, was a signature tune that would appear in DJ sets from that day to this. It’s fine to be nostalgic, but we all grow up, and so J became Jason and, in the course of the Nineties, made what was one of the most inventive and epic records of the decade, the pharmaceutically-inf luenced Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space. Record of the year it came out, record of the decade for me, and still one of the most life-affirming and soulful records ever made in the genre. That was, until now, and Pierce has returned after a decade that has seen his health becom-

Spiritualised’s Jason Pierce: Sweet Heart Sweet Light is an impressive and enveloping work of genius

ing the creative fodder for his output. Having technically died twice during a bout of pneumonia, and having been diagnosed with acute liver problems that led to him being housebound for a year in which he was treated with cutting-edge, but untested, drugs. The focus and clarity that such life-threatening experiences bring has led to Pierce once again making one of the most impressive and uplifting records of his

career. W hile Ladies And Gentlemen was driven by a broken heart, Sweet Heart, Sweet Light is shot through with the sound of a body and soul being rebuilt after the most harrowing of experiences, and it is such an emotional and powerful record that at times it can be overwhelming. Once again, using a combination of the psych tropes that Pierce has relied upon throughout his career,

gospel choirs and a canny understanding of what makes a good pop melody, Sweet Heart is a record like very few that will be released this year, for the simple reason that it is utterly heartfelt and created with uplift in mind. Lead single, Hey Jane, recalls the Velvet Underground, but the constant here is the archetypal Spaceman template, where the naive melody is almost lost and overwhelmed by layers and layers of sonic coating,

which builds to a monumental conclusion, or breaks down to a sweet heartbreaking minimalism that is just as effective and just as involving. It is no accident that the first Spiritualised album was called Laser Guided Melodies; it’s a motto that Pierce still holds close to his creative heart and this album strikes as another incredible summation of his talents at a time of hardship, and salvation is close at hand.

19 April 2012 GAZETTE 19


Supported by AIB

Interview: Chantal Fay, senior consultant, Bond Personnel Group

Fay’s way helps Bond CHANTAL Fay is a sales and marketing graduate with more than 11 year’s recruitment experience. She joined Bond Personnel Group Ltd five years ago and, as a senior consultant, she recruits for positions at all levels across various industries, including sales, customer service, IT and telecoms, finance, hospitality and engineering. She is a preferred supplier for numerous organisations, from small and medium businesses to large multinationals, based locally and countrywide, and through her professional approach


she has established many enduring client relationships. Chantal is also the go-to person for jobseekers who are searching for a new position, or in need of advice to veer their career in the right direction. Applicants can be assured that they will receive full guidance and support through every step of the recruitment process, resulting in increased success rates. Putting her clients first, Chantal’s work ethic matches Bond Personnel’s company motto: “Our word is our Bond”.

Q – What is the best way to sort out insurance for both commercial and domestic mortgages? My current lender is desperate to get me to talk to their in-house consultant. Tom – Artane A - Life cover on your home loan is mandatory, unless ill health precludes you taking it out (some lenders will waive cover if the premiums are loaded ... higher because of the greater risk). Over-50s could also ask their lender to waive it but, ordinarily, it is prudent to take out on your home, especially if you have dependents. Residential investment properties do not have to have life cover attached, but


most lenders look for it. Commercial properties are the same – some coercion can be applied by lenders

A: I am a bit of a con-

Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be? A: A ballerina.

trol freak and perfectionist, so I like to do as much as I can myself.

Q: What was your first job? A: At 15, after school

Q: What sport do you follow? A: Football and the Six

and at weekends, folding clothes and sweeping floors at a local department store.

Nations’ rugby.

Q: And your first pay cheque? A: It would be the

type, although I recently started jogging (again), and have signed up to run the 5K John Davis Run at Malahide Castle in aid of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital this May.

equivalent of €1.96 now ... Seems like peanuts, and it’s not even that long ago!

Q: When did you start your present job? A: January, 2007. Q: What is the best thing about your job? A: It always gives great satisfaction when you helped someone find their dream job, or an employer find their perfect employee.

Q: What part of your working day do you ‘delegate’?

Q: What sport can you play? A: I’m not the sporty

Q: What is your guilty music/TV or movie pleasure? A: I have seen all epi-

for borrowers to take out life cover on commercial

tures/movies do you have on your iPod/ iPad? A: The likes of Rod-

loans. You should always ask for a quotation, and check with an authorised adviser. You can always go back to your lender and say you have now put cover in place, but cheaper and hand them the policy.

rigo y Gabriela, Paolo Nutini, Jack Johnson, Caro Emerald, Coldplay, etc.

Q: Who do you follow on Twitter/Facebook? A: Lots of industryrelated people and companies.

Q: What was your last Tweet/status update? A: Undoubtedly something positive that is happening on the jobs front.

Q: Describe your dream meal? A: A table full of tapas/

Life cover should really be a simple exercise. Confusion reigns when advisers start to add in the bells and whistles that complicate the cover. Here are Chantal Fay, senior consultant, Bond Personnel Group

some of the issues:

ently in this country.

ence? A: Six years ago, we

• Mortgage protection/decreasing cover – only

went camping in France. Thunder, lightning, rain, hailstones – we had it all. After the third night, I insisted on checking into a B&B

balance ... This is the cheapest type of cover. Curtail

Q: What do you plan to do when you retire? A: That’s a long, long

•Dual life/joint life – dual life means even after the

time away, but I hope to be healthy, surrounded by people I love and have invested enough money in my pension to enjoy my well-deserved time off.

second party dies.

Q: Where do you enjoy spending money frivolously? A: I rarely splash out, but when I do it is always on nice clothes or accessories – you have to treat yourself, sometimes.

sodes of Doc Martin.

meze and a good glass of red wine makes me very happy.

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own? A: I’d have to go home

Q: Who best represents modern Ireland – David Norris or Jedward? A: David Norris.

Q: Who would you rather have dinner with – Enda Kenny or Dame Edna? A: Enda Kenny. I would

and count them, but I’d say I have collected about 20 pairs over the years.

tell him what I think should be done differ-

Q: What was your worst holiday experi-

Q: What music/pic-

covered at the time of death for the outstanding the term of the policy to the term of the loan. • Level term cover – for when you are not repaying capital and the outstanding amount owed never decreases. This is more expensive than decreasing term, but is convertible (you can tinker with the term or amount during the life of the policy – with decreasing term you cannot); first party has died and the policy has paid out, it will also pay out the same amount again when the

 Contact John with your money questions at or visit his website at John Lowe, Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, is founder and managing director of Money Doctor

20 GAZETTE 19 April 2012


Classic casa on sale in Mulberry Drive

WEEE love electrical waste


Get rid of all your electrical clutter for good We all have those discarded items that hide in cupboards and sheds — the kettles, toasters and lamps that have come to the end of their lifecycle but that, for some reason, we have trouble parting with. Now, there is an opportunity to have a clear-out, when WEEE Ireland, the Irish compliance scheme for electrical and battery recycling, hold two free recycling events in April in association with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. The collection events will take place at the Nutgrove Shopping Centre from 10am to 4pm on next Saturday, April 21, and at Dundrum Village Centre car park from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, April 28. These free WEEE Ireland events allow people to get rid of any household electrical equipment and batteries in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Anything in the home with a battery or a plug can be recycled at these collections. Waste collection specialists from WEEE Ireland will be there on the day to help you send your toasters, vacuum cleaners, fridges and every other electrical item imaginable to a better place. As a consumer of electrical items, you are entitled to bring your waste electrical equipment to your electrical retailer when purchasing an item of similar type, i.e. on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis. Waste batteries can be brought back to any battery retailer that sells similar batteries, even if you don’t purchase anything. All WEEE and waste batteries can also be brought to your local civic amenity site free of charge. For further information on all future recycling events in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, or to find your nearest civic amenity site, please log on to WEEE Ireland’s website

SHERRY FitzGerald are bringing No 1 Mulberry Drive, Castleknock, Dublin 15, an extended double-fronted, fivebed family home with a south-west facing rear garden and patio area, to the market for the asking price of €370,000. The property is situated in a cul de sac and is presented in showhouse condition throughout. Upgrades that have been carried out to the property are a light-filled kitchen/ dining room, a large utility room and solid oak timber flooring, all ensuring a quality finish throughout. The accommodation comprises entrance hall with a feature hardwood staircase with understairs storage, solid oak timber floor, and decorative coving. The living room also features solid wood oak timber flooring, as well as a timber surround fire-

place with cast iron and tiled inset, bay window, and double doors to the kitchen, dining and family rooms. There is also a playroom with oak timber floor and a bay window. The kitchen-cum-dinimg room is a large open plan kitchen/breakfastroom space, which features a fully-fitted oak shaker-style kitchen with granite worktops, integrated oven and grill, gas hob, extractor, dishwasher, plumbed for American style fridge freezer, feature breakfast island. The kitchen also has a tiled floor, recessed lighting and feature skylight Velux windows with black-out blinds. There is also a utility room with fitted worktop and shelving, stainless steel sink, and which is plumbed for washing machine and dryer. Upstairs, the master

Number 1, Mulberry Drive, is on sale for €370,000

bedroom boasts an attractive bay window, wall to wall fitted sliderobes, feature bay window, semisolid oak floor. The master bedroom has an en suite, which is fully tiled, with WC, WHB and an electric shower. The other bedrooms all feature solid oak timber floors and most feature fitted wardrobes.

The main family bathroom is also fully tiled, with a WC, WHB, a feature jacuzzi Vogue bath, and an electric shower. Outside, the garden enjoys a sunny southwest-facing orientation and a high degree of privacy. The front garden is bordered by trees and flowers and also offers off-street parking.

Mulberry Drive is in close proximity to Castleknock village, with its growing choice of shops and restaurants, along with having Mount Sackville, Castleknock College and Castleknock Community College close by. For more information, contact Michelle Curran at Sherry FitzGerald on 01 820 1800.


Get away from it all with PVR WITH property rentals at a premium, and getting away from it all becoming a more attractive proposition all the time, there is good news for those looking to do just that. Private Villa Rentals have announced a range of seven-day deals on their range of quality holiday properties to suit any budget, in quality villas with pool facilities in Portugal, Greece and Lanzarote. The company, which has been running for 30 years, is fully-bonded agency and is run by highly-experienced professionals in the field. Villas start as low as €525 per week for

Vista Golfe Vilamoura in Portugal is one of the properties for rent

a three-bedroom with pool in Vilamoura, Portugal, ranging up to €10,000 per week for a super luxury property in Quinta Do Lago. There is also a great

selection of villas throughout Greece, Corfu, Zante, and Mykonos. Potential renters can choose from three to seven-bedroom villas

from a wide selection of properties – plus they have a villa in Vilamoura that will accommodate up to 20 people. A selection of villas in Greece even come with your

own personal cook. Private Villas also provide a ser vice to owners of foreign properties, and can act as an owners personal online marketing, sales and service team, handling every facet of the vacation rental marketing process - creating listings, reaching a network of travellers, and offering a seamless booking process with full traveller support. For more information on properties and overseas rental service, contact Brian Nevin on 01 5543641, or email You can also visit www. for more information.

19 April 2012 GAZETTE 21


Cormac Curtis reports


The Mazda3 Sports SE 5-Door Hatchback got a sport make-over which includes improvements to handling and stability

New presence for Mazda3 HAVE a habit of comparing the cars I test to other models before I even finish my first sentence. There’s every chance it doesn’t please the manufacturers one little bit, so, in an effort to change my ways a little, this week I’m holding off on the comparisons until paragraph two at the very least. W h e n BM W f i r s t launched their 1 Series, there were more than a few comparisons made with the Mazda3 – doubtless Mazda were happier about this than BMW. While such comparisons can be flattering, they can also take away a little of the character and individuality of a car. So it is very encouraging to see how the Maz-


SPECS: MAZDA3 SPORTS SE 5-DOOR HATCHBACK  Engine: 1.6L (115ps) Diesel  Economy: 4.3L/100km (65mpg)  CO2 emissions: 115g  Road Tax Band: A  Price as tested: €23,645  Price range: €19,795 €23,895

da3 has been given so much presence in its latest design. I recently took the Mazda3 Sports SE for a week and got a taste of what it had to offer. When I first set eyes on it, I was gobsmacked by how attractive the rear of the car was. The light clusters have an aggressive, swooping design with lines that

are closely followed by the rear bumper that sits proud of the boot, leaving a kind of shelf at the back. Along with the boot spoiler, all of this makes for a very eye-grabbing look. The design of the bodywork suggests that glass was at a premium when they were putting this car together. They really have gone minimal with the side and rear screens – which makes the look that little bit more menacing. At the front end, another set of beautifullydesigned lights add to the flared wheel arches and rally car-like air scoop that finished off the exterior’s menacing look. Mazda say that this new front bumper design improves aerodynamics,

either way – it looks the business. This model carries a few nice touches as standard, including 17” alloys, automatic air con, bluetooth, cruise control, rear LED lights, sports seats and sports trim, heated seats, rear spoiler, side skirts, front fogs, all topped off with a five-star Euro NCAP rating. I was not looking forward to being squeezed on all sides by the sports seats in this car, but the seating afforded my largerthan-normal frame with a comfortable amount of room. This car is labelled as a sports model – and it doesn’t let the name down. Under the hood is a 1.6litre diesel engine twinned

with a six-speed manual gearbox – all of which provides a drive that you could describe as,well, a little mad. You can scoff at a company’s press release when they claim to have “Mazda’s agility and handling carried over, with improvements to ride quality and stability. Changes to suspension, a more rigid body, optimised dampers and stiffer wheel contribute to improved handling,” but, I must admit that, whatever they have done, this car is a blast. And they haven’t skimped on comfort. As I said, the seats are a delight, and are heated for the winter months. The overall trim has a far better level of quality than I was expecting, but

certain points of contact do let it down. For all the fuss made about improved handling, stability and control, they could have come up with a more inspired steering wheel. For me, the wheel speaks volumes about a car and how we feel about what we drive. In this case, it’s just a bit limp. It has a plastic feel and it’s very thin in your hands. I think a special edition car, like the Mazda3 Sports SE, should have spotted this as a potential let-down. That aside, we are talking about a sexy, fast and practical (five doors) car that comes in well under €24,000. Compared to some of its peers, this is a very attractive prospect indeed.

Ford is giving more value with special offer to customers GIVEN how expensive everyday motoring is becoming, it comes as no surprise that many manufacturers are doing everything they can to offer more value to their customers. This month sees Ford announce a package of special offers that should keep their showrooms busy for a while.

The package comprises a special 4.9% low finance offer for models across the range; fuel vouchers of up to €1,300 on Mondeo; a “no worries” for three years package and extended warranty, roadside assistance and free servicing for three years on selected models, including Ireland’s top-selling car – the Ford Focus.

“This package is designed to show customers that there is still some very good value in the market,” said Eddie Murphy, chairman and managing director of Ford Ireland. “With fuel prices becoming an even more weighty burden for motorists, our offer of a voucher for 400km worth of fuel for anyone who test drives a

Mondeo is sure to strike a chord. “Equally, we have been hearing back from customers that access to good value finance is an ongoing problem and, to rectify this, we have worked with our finance house, Ford Credit, to provide an attractive 4.9% low APR loan rate available for deals on all of our passenger models.”

giants, TomTom, have released the latest version of its app for iPhone and iPad. The update includes the addition of TomTom Places, and fully integrates TomTom navigation with social media applications. TomTom Places provides a navigation-based search facility, helping drivers to find nearby shops and restaurants and choose the best places to go. According to Gerard Hinds, Director Mobile at TomTom: “Searching with TomTom Places whilst on the move is a big time-saver.” The TomTom navigation app for iPhone and iPad is now available for purchase from the Apple App Store for €59.99. Existing customers can download the update for free.

22 GAZETTE 19 April 2012

GazetteTTRAVEL FastTravel A Titanic event in heart of Belfast  LAURA WEBB

Enjoy unspoiled Mediterranean landscapes and enchanting towns on the historic island of Sardinia SARDINIA, the second largest island of the Mediterranean, has successfully escaped mass tourism and offers a unique combination of unspoilt Mediterranean landscapes, historical sites, enchanting towns, history, traditions and, last, but not least – superb cuisine. This wonderful city of Alghero maintains a year-round economy outside of the busy summer months. To the north of the marina is the fine sandy beach of Alghero, which provides good bathing opportunities and is just a short stroll from the historic centre. Go with Concorde Travel this April and stay at the two-star Bouganvillea Apartments, Alghero, on a self-catering basis from €383pp; Stay at the three-star Hotel La Playa, Alghero, on a B&B basis, from €560pp, or at the four-star Hotel Punta Negra, Alghero, on a B&B basis, from €682pp. If five-star is for you, stay at the Hotel Carlos, Alghero, on a B&B basis, from €696pp or the Hotel Villa Las Tronas, Alghero, on a B&B basis, from €1050pp.

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THE sky was alight at Belfast’s Slipways, when a cutting edge digital experience presented a light show to thousands as part of the Titanic Belfast Festival 2012. Northern Ireland tourist board and Belfast City Council joined forces to mark the centenary of one of the world’s most famous ships – Titanic. The Titanic festival saw a number of events commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the ship’s sinking. But the must-see Titanic Belfast at the Slipways is not just open for the festival, it is open all year round for all to visit. The six-floor building is located in the heart of Belfast, right beside where the famous ship was constructed, definitely something worth taking a trip to. One event during the festival, which officially ends on April 22, was a light show on April 7, which took place at Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. Before heading to the show that night, there was a pre-event in the original Titanic drawing rooms, where engineers worked on plans for the doomed ship. A number of local talents entertained the crowded room, which looked just as it was 100 years before. Information about the room was available to see across the walls allowing everyone to take in some knowledge of what went on all those years before. One talent that shook the room – in all the right ways – was Silhouettes, the band behind the ad soundtrack for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.


‘The slipways went black and then blue spot-lights lit the new Titanic Belfast visitor attraction. Music filled the air and the show began’ --------------------------

After a great set, we left the drawing room and went outdoors towards the slipway at the waterfront. Crowds led the way and, on the way out, we received much-needed plastic ponchos to keep the rain away. Ear plugs were also provided in case the noise got a bit too much for the kids – thankfully, there was no need to use them. Fire-breathers entertained while the crowd waited for the spectacular show to begin. There was also a bunch of performers wandering through the crowd on stilts dressed in Victorian clothes. World’s biggest

What was being touted as the world’s biggest light show was about to begin. The slipways went black and then blue spotlights lit the new Titanic Belfast visitor attraction. Music filled the air and the show began. The introduction to the show was a bit long, but once it kicked into overdrive and it was definitely a sight to see. Colours gleamed on the side of the visitor centre and, to the surprise of many, an explosion of fire-

The Titanic festival saw a number of events commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the ship’s sinking

works filled the air. Kids shouted with delight and the crowd “wowed” at every firework that shot into the sky. Each stage got better than the last and the show finished with a spectacular array of lights. The Titanic projec-

tion show was produced by Culture Creative and designed and creatively directed by, will use 3D motion graphics, synchronised pyrotechnics and bespoke sound design all inspired by the RMS Titanic. It aimed to cre-

ate an unforgettable 40 minute audio -visual performance to celebrate Belfast’s culture, heritage and bright future. Check out for further information on the tourist attraction – Titanic Belfast.

19 April 2012 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 23

Edited by Mimi Murray

The five-star Hayfield Manor in Cork’s university district and their luxurious spa (right)

A perfect pampering for mothers-to-be


BEING a mother-inwaiting can be tough. The morning sickness, headaches, growing pains and hormones are enough to derail the best of women. So, it is no wonder mumto -be pamper packages have become more prevalent in recent years around some of the best hotels in Ireland. I recently sampled Hayfield Manor’s spa package, which is new to the hotel, but has really taken off and is proving to be very popular. The five-star hotel is located in the university district of Cork city, which is really pretty and mostly Georgian. We arrived on a sunny Saturday and the hotel

was buzzing with tourists. Our executive suite was drenched in light and sunshine and was tastefully decorated with lots of nice extras like a Nespresso machine, fairly standard in hotels nowadays, but always a welcome sight. The outside jacuzzi is out of bounds for pregnant women, but my husband made good use of it, whilst I swam a few laps. It was almost time to start the pampering and the spa is conveniently located just off the pool area. I was asked what dessert I would like following my treatment (part of the package) but passed on this lovely offer, instead looking forward to dinner in Perrotts

Garden Bistro. The mum-to-be package includes a pedicure and leg massage, a facial and a back neck and shoulders massage. It lasts around two-and-ahalf hours and really is very relaxing. Soothing Elemis products are used, which are perfect for pregnant women as the scent in not particularly overpowering. I certainly enjoyed it and so did baby, as it became very active during the treatments, kicking away happily. After over two hours of bliss the relaxation room allows you to prolong the experience with some herbal tea and fresh fruit. I was so relaxed afterwards that I really wished we had ordered room

service, as I was practically falling asleep during dinner and all I could think of was my bed. Dinner consisted of fish and chips for me and Turbot for him, before making a hasty retreat to the room. I was sleep-walking by the time I got into bed, the sign of a really excel-

lent treatment. I would highly recommend this trip for any weary pregnant ladies. After all,, it could be the last me-time you get in a long, long time! For more details on Hayfield Manor’s Spa Treatments and rates go to www.hayfieldmanor. ie.

An executive suite at Hayfield Manor

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GoingOUT THE PAVILION THEATRE 01 231 2929 Comicbook with Maeve Clancy

COME along to The Pavilion and find your inner (comic) artist, courtesy of Maeve Clancy. The Dublin-based artist and writer, who produces comics, illustration and animation in a variety of ways, will be hosting a great 1.5-hour workshop for eight to 12-year-olds on producing comics, with her whirlwind of a workshop covering everything in comic book design, from devising the initial concept to a completed four-page book. Ink this midday event in your diary for Saturday, April 21, priced €10.

MILL THEATRE 01 296 9340 Encore! Showtime 2012 FRESH from clearing away the comic cooking calamity of the Faulty Towers Dining Experience, and The Mill promises an equally entertaining upcoming event, courtesy of the Encore! School of Performing Arts. There’ll be nothing Faulty about this highly-polished production, which features a wide selection of work and shows from the school’s many talented young performers, running right through from Friday, April 27 to Saturday, May 5. For full list of dates for the great shows, see

CIVIC THEATRE 01 462 7477 Tea Chests and Dreams

Amr Waked and Ewan McGregor can be seen discussing the finer points of salmon fishing, and how bestt

REGARDLESS of the year, one things remain universal – the hopes, nerves and dreams surrounding moving house, and (re)making a home, where “moving in” also means “moving on”. Dermot Bolger’s tender new play examines the process; how we begin again once the last box is unpacked, and, each night, an audience member’s experience will help to enrich the deep tapestry of the play. Axis: Ballymun’s production plays at 8pm on Friday, April 20 and Saturday, April 21, with admission €16/€12 conc.

to create this timeless sport back in dry, dusty Yemen in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, while, right, run

DRAIOCHT 01 885 2622 Baglady FRANK McGuinness’s rarely-performed play has an extra poignancy in the current economic climate, given the social exclusion that some citizens continue to face. Here, True West, in association with Eska Riada, take a “baglady” (as memorably played by Maria McDermottroe) – someone you might walk past in the street – and reveal the person inside, stripping away the layers of alienation to find the isolated woman inside. Catch this moving play at 8.15pm on Wednesday, April 25, with tickets costing €15/€12.

as she might, Amanda Seyfried is still trapped in a pretty duff movie, in Gone

Goes swimmingly Our first film’s tale seems a little bit fishy in Yemen, but it’s tasty enough, compared to our second film’s offering I KATE CROWLEY

OH, TALK about tough choices. Faced with not exactly stellar choices of new films opening this week, what’s a gal to do? I feel like taking a leaf from Brucie’s book (Forsythe, that is), and asking all my lovely readers to start shouting what they’d like to know about, this week: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (Obi Wan Kenobi goes fishing), or Gone (Charles Blondeson vigilante thriller). What’s that? One from the top? Higher? Lower? Cuddly toy? Fridge freezer? Coffee maker? Teddy bear? Higher? Lower? What? Oh dear, this’ll never work – I can’t decide with both of you shouting at the same time. Tell you what – as neither of them is particularly great, I’ll do a quick runthrough on both. In Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Obi Wasorry, Ewan McGregor

FILM OF THE WEEK: Salmon fishing in the Yemen ### (12A) 106 mins Director: Lasse Hallstrom Starring: Ewan McGregor, Amr Waked, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas, Yemen, lots of fish, more Yemen

OUR VERDICT: THESE two tales couldn’t be much more different; however, the first, main film seems plausible enough, concerning attempts to grow a previously overlooked indigenous sector in a country’s economy, and – wait, come back! It’s also a decent enough date film, or for McGregor’s fans. However, the second film will probably make you wish that you’d gone fishin’, or something else, instead ...

stars as Fred Jones, a man who knows a thing or two about fish. This proves especially handy, as he’s soon dispatched by ’Er Majesty’s Government to Yemen – not a country especially known for its wonderful salmon expanses, on account of it being a desert country. A rrrich local sheikh’s passion for fishing soon sees Fred working with similarly fish-friendly locals (oh, including Harriet, AKA Emily Blunt), whose fish-whispering ways are able to work wonders, with both governments reaping kudos

from the watery wonder of salmon fishing in Yemen. If everything kept going so swimmingly, your interest might go paddling towards the expert but, like a rock thrown into a pool, there’s soon an almighty splash or two – in the form of Harriet’s justfound, had-been-missing boyfriend, as well as some meddling militants. However, Fred’s pretty much fallen hook, line and sinker for his new life, so can he overcome all the obstacles in the project’s path and end up with a fin-tastic outcome for him and his fishy friends?

Short of me walking off to Cineworld with a tin of red paint to start sloppily painting “Date movie” all over the posters until the Gardai show up, it’s pretty obvious that this film expects to reel you in with its gentle plot, mild melodrama and lovely shots of Yemen’s dusky desert landscape. There are certainly worse things to splash out on at the cinema, so three stars it is. Charles Bronson would turn in his grave with the maverick-vigilante-seeksjustice-or-retribution-orvengeance-or-whatever genre that keeps staggering on, like one of the Walkers in television’s The Walking Dead. Why? Because here comes another Bronsonite, in the pretty form of Amanda Seyfried. Poor old Mandy, as Jill, is having a tough time, in Gone. Why, not only had someone abducted and tried to kill her a year ear-

lier (where she learned he’d killed others, too), only for the police to disbelieve her (on account of her having had mental health problems, previously), but the would-be killer’s only returned and snatched her sister, in what seems like a warmup to having another stab at her? Err, yes. With no one to turn to, Jill’s soon out of control, living on the edge, as she tracks down the kidnapper-killer. And kills him, and saves her sister, and now the police know that she was right all along. The end. There you go – I’ve just saved you all your hardearned clams by going straight from A to Z with this one, as even the least demanding bumpkin who’s never seen one of them-tharr Talkies afore would feel short-changed with this violent, nonsensical, one-star flick. (You owe me some Moonshine, Jethro.)

19 April 2012 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 25

GazetteGAMING GAMING Bytesandpieces EEven more value Forza money

Although there are several photography apps available, Instagram has worked k d iits way to the h forefront f f as a genre lleader, with users sharing photos that can be simple point-and-shoot shots, or have one of a large number of filters applied. For instance, this Pacman Ghost figure (made of Post-it notes - the author’s own creation) has had basic shots (far left) presented in alternative, filtered form (subsequent shots); all of this image-sharing interest among the app’s current 30 million users led Facebook to acquire the tiny company for one billion dollars.

Worth a beel-yunn?  SHANE DILLON

SEEING as I randomly step aside to look at tech and internet-related content, what better time than to look at an interesting story featuring Facebook? Many readers may have noticed the somewhat eyebrow-raising news last week (at the time of writing) of Facebook’s one billion dollar acquisition of Instagram, the popular 18-month-old photo-sharing app that has 30 million users – but which doesn’t actually make any money. Yet. With a cheque for one billion dollars on the table, it’s no wonder that Instagram’s two founders sold up, with Facebook now adding the tiny company to its roster of services. No doubt the company has a strategy in place to monetise as much as possible of the current 30-million-plus users, as well as to grow and develop revenue streams through bringing hundreds of millions

more users to the app’s charms. With a Dr Evil-ish price tag of “One Beel-yunn Dollars!”, it has to. Still, industry pundits have been busy chattering about the deal, with various amounts of head-scratching going on, given that, for many of Instagram’s users, you take your photo, and then post it to Facebook (or other sites) – and that’s it. A distinct termination of “the engagement process’” Currently, anecdotal evidence suggests that users aren’t expecting to, or looking to, somehow “monetise” their Instagram usage through, say, seeing a cool pic taken by their friends/someone, and then buying a poster of the picture. Or a keyring with it on it. Or a cup, a jigsaw, a t-shirt, and so on. How then, is Facebook to create one billion dollar’s worth from something that, before selling, made zero dollars in revenue, and had no advertising? (And that’s just to

start with – it has to make one billion dollars just to break even with the deal, let alone add to Facebook’s coffers.) Let’s look at this from another point of view. Facebook has an integrated suite of methods, primarily based around advertising, designed to pick up on what you’re generally interested in, or which seems most likely to suit you as an individual, and encourage you to follow the ad, clickthrough and, ideally, purchase something.

Trend This kind of advertising, and tangible monetising of product, is a natural fit for Facebook, which follows the user’s own data trail to suggest goods and services of interest to them – a similar trend for YouTube, also a young company with enormous worth, which also tracks, and then suggests, similar targeted advertising. However, Instagram presents a more challenging landscape to stripmine for value, whether

in the short-term or longterm. For example, users’ pics may be helpfully filed with one or several identifying tags, such as ‘london’, ‘red’, ‘bus’, ‘routemaster’ and so on – which could suggest to Facebook (now) that, say, the user is a Londoner, interested in public transport – in which case are they (say) aware of a special and unique Facebook/Instagram-only travel card deal offering 10% off public travel, Monday to Thursday? A rejigged Instagram /Facebook delivery system – or “advert”, in other words – could thus be triggered, generating relevant charges and data for both Facebook/Instagram and London Transport, in this example. However, on the other hand, many millions of Instagram users don’t tag their pics with anything – they simply take, or later edit, a photo and either post it online somewhere (again, not necessarily through the Facebook platform) , or simply

download to their own hardware, cutting out the middleman – now Facebook – altogether. Although such economic theories and practises are sound, it still seems like an awfully high price to have paid for something with, currently, no fiscal worth, in the present day. Still, while Instagram currently – and one would expect this to change very sharpish – generates no revenue, Facebook has something in abundance that does. It’s called “You”. With hundreds of millions of its users to draw upon, and no doubt major plans under way to integrate Facebook and Instagram together in mutually beneficial ways, you, the Instagram user (whether current or future) can be relied upon to start generating payback for the $1 billion deal in the very near future. Perhaps Instagram’s future under Facebook looks like a pretty picture, after all ...

F FORZA Motorsport 4, , the terrific Xbox 360 racing game that’s left plenty of competitors in its ra wake, has been enjoying a number of great DLC w (downloadable content) packs recently, adding (d to the already hefty oomph h under than u particular franp cchise’s bonnet. Even though I’m someone who, more or less, thinks “car” and doesn’t get much further than a mental picture of Del Boy’s banana-yellow Reliant Regal, I’ve been pretty impressed by Forza’s ever-growing stable of top-notch motors, which have added greatly to the already huge amount of content available on the premium racer for the 360. For instance, take the 2013 SRT Viper, above – now you can, just one of a number of cutting-edge cars available to test drive, courtesy of a DLC pack. With such packs proving a pretty reliable cash cow for developers, and considering that these packs of stunning vehicles to race (and race badly, in my case) are as close as you’ll get to the real thing, these seem like a great way to park your Xbox points in the 360’s Marketplace.


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19 April 2012 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 27


KING OF EGYPT James McGee hails defining moment in his tennis career: Page 29


Ultra-runner Duffy supports mini marathon

ULTRA-marathon man extraordinaire Gerry Duff y has signed up f o r t h e A R C M e n ’s mini-marathon 10km on the May Bank Holiday, Monday, May 7, in Dublin’s Phoenix Park at 10am. An incredible story, Duffy was 50lbs overweight when he started running in 1995 and has gone on to take up the triathlon and complete

three Ironmans (3.8km swim, 180k cycle, 42km run). In 2010, with his friend Ken Whitelaw, Duffy set himself the challenge of running 32 marathons in 32 consecutive days – a feat described in his book, Who Dares Runs. He followed up last June by winning the UK Deca-Enduroman after completing ten Ironman distance (25.5km swim, 102km triathlons)

in ten days – he swam 38km, cycled 1,800km and ran 420km. His t o t a l t i m e w a s 16 0 hours, 10 minutes and 37 seconds and he finished 19 hours ahead of the runner-up. Duffy is appealing to runners of all standards to join him, not only in helping raise muchneeded funds for ARC Cancer Support, but in encouraging men to look after their health by keeping fit and hav-

Ultra-runner Gerry Duffy is preparing for the mini-marathon on the May Bank Holiday in support of ARC

ing regular check-ups. ARC House is located in Eccles Street, Dublin – opposite the Mater Hospital – and its counselling and support ser vices are on offer free of charge to

men and women living with cancer, as well as to their families, friends and carers. The charity was recently named as the Bay and Paypal Charity of the Year and also

support the Flora women’s mini marathon on Monday, June 4. To register online, go to www.arcchallenges. com. Chip timing and prizes for the first three men and women are all

on offer while walkers are welcome, too. Entry fee is €22 online or €30 on day. Contact Mairead on 01 8307333 or mairead@ for more information.

28 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 19 April 2012

GazetteSport Sport

Former Ireland and Leinster rugby star, Shane Byrne, Ed McGinley, from Annadale Striders, and Thomas Fitzpatrick, Tallaght AC, in action

with wife, Caroline, and twins Kerry and Alex, age 9

Daniel Branigan in action during the SPAR Junior & Mini Great Ireland Run 2012

Great Ireland Phoenix Park hosts 11,000 great athletes AST Sunday,11,000 athletes of all abilities from all over the world converged on Phoenix Park for the 2012 SPAR Great Ireland Run. On a great day for running, Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele was the first home in the men’s race, recording a course record of 27.49 for the 10 kilometres, with Olympic marathon qualifier Mark Kenneally (Clonliffe Harriers AC) winning the national title in a time of 29:23, while Britain’s Gemma Steel was first placed woman in a race that saw DSD’s Linda Byrne as the first Irish lady home in sixth place. There was also a well-attended children’s and junior’s event on a day that was a celebration of athletics.


Former Dublin footballer, John O’Leary, and Leinster star, Eoin O’Malley, lend their support to Emilian Kiba and Edelle Monahan from the Jack & Jill Foundation. Pictures: Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE

Linda Byrne, Dundrum South Dublin

Joy Warner, from Bray, Co Wicklow, and Sarah Lamb, from Dublin

19 April 2012 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 29

in association with

Blessed moment for king of Egypt James McGee capped a draining two months with a beautiful crowning moment to rescue Ireland in the Davis Cup, writes STEPHEN FINDLATER WHEN James McGee looks back on his professional career, one picture will tell a thousand words. The Castleknock man produced a truly inspired weekend’s work in Cairo to help Ireland maintain their place in Group II of the Davis Cup, completing the job in the fifth set of the final rubber of the tie with what he told GazetteSport was “the best shot” of his life — a diving volley that slipped over the net. The rest of the Irish team duly broke from the stands of the Gezira stadium to mob McGee, leading to a pile-on and a rendition of “Ole, Ole, Ole”. Once done, though, McGee remained on the Cairo clay, draped in the Irish flag, exhausted but soaking in a seminal moment in his career.

“I was actually on the ground praying. I had blessed myself before that match point. I was obviously nervous – everyone was. At that point, I was just thinking: ‘Oh my God,

hardcore grind on the not-so-glamorous ITF Futures tour. Since representing Ireland in February against Hungary, McGee has spent just one night in his


‘You’re playing for bigger things; a big moment, not just in my match but in my career.’ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am bloody wrecked!’ “You always have it in your head. You’re playing for yourself but also for bigger things. It wouldn’t be something I’d do in every match but the occasion was there. It was such a big moment, not just in my match, but in my career. It seemed natural almost to bless myself.” Closing out the epic win was not just the end of an amazing weekend but a two-month run of

own bedroom, taking in tournaments in Morocco, Turkey, Spain and Bahrain. Finding form took time. “It was only the last tournament in Bahrain, I ended up not dropping a set all week and it was a great confidence booster and I went on to play three unbelievable matches to win it.” The Castleknock man had to take on a bigger responsibility as Irish

James McGee takes a moment to savour the moment on the Cairo clay

number one, Conor Niland, fell victim to a hip injury, losing his rubber before pulling out of the second singles ties. McGee defeated Karim Maamoun before working well with Sam Barry in the doubles to put Ireland in pole position. Barry looked well set to close out the match but a five-set Egyptian surge meant, late in the day, McGee was forced back to the court. He played controlled tennis to generate a big advantage before the referee deemed the light too dull to continue against Sehrif Sabry. It broke his momentum. “I left the court two sets to one up and was disappointed we had to leave the court because I had all the momentum. My opponent was clearly tired and all I hear is the ref saying we had to stop due to bad light. “Everyone was patting me on the back at the hotel but, in the back of my head, I was disappointed. I was fairly nervous I didn’t get a great night’s sleep because you’re still in the match. “The next day, I had a good warm-up but Sabryt came out playing incredible tennis. I don’t think he actually missed a ball in that fourth set.” It once again left the game on a knife-edge, with the partisan Cairo crowd baying for blood, filing the stadium with

incessant whistles and screams. He bounced back in style, breaking serve early in the set to lead and was poised for victory. “I had a smash right on top of the net to finish it. I just aimed too close to the line, missed it by an inch. Two of the Irish guys on the team are already running on the court to celebrate and the mark was literally just an inch wide on the clay; I just looked at them and said ‘I missed it’.” Sabry fought back, got a break and the game was back on a knife-edge, on serve at 5-4. But McGee defied his nerves to win another couple of match points, the last of which he took a moment to bless himself. A McGee drop-shot looked to be too deep, offering the whole court to hit into. But the Dubliner predicted the line of flight perfectly. “I just leaped from one side of the court to the other and, at full stretch, the ball just tipped onto my racquet and went over the net.” The delicate nature of the touch was directly contrasted by the raucous celebrations, marking a beautiful end to two months of effort. “It was a huge adrenaline rush. Because I’ve been on the road so long, I’m not going to lift a racquet for ten days and just live a normal life!”


Marathon conundrum as Jennings qualifies CATRIONA Jennings became not only the fourth Irish athlete to achieve the ‘A’ standard women’s marathon qualification time for the London Olympic games but also the fourth with a connection to the greater Dundrum area. The Rathfarnham athlete ran 2:36.14 in the Rotterdam Marathon, almost 45 seconds inside the ‘A’ standard. As such, she leaves Athletics Ireland with a tough decision over who to take to the Games, which get underway in late July. She joins DSDAC duo Linda Byrne (2:36:23) and Ava Huthinson (2.35:33) and former DSD runner, Maria McCambridge, (2:36:37) in achieving the Olympic standard. Byrne also became the Irish 10km champion by finishing sixth in the Great Ireland run at the Phoenix Park but now has the third quickest of the four qualifying times, which she set first back in October in Dublin. Hutchinson is the quickest with her 2:35.33 in Houston in January, while Linda Byrne ran 2:36:23 and only last month Maria McCambridge ran 2:36:37 in Rome. They all now face a nervous wait for Athletics Ireland to decide which way the axe falls with May 13 the cut-off date for qualifying times with the three marathon entrants to be named a day later. In their selection document, the governing body states that where more than three athletes attain the A-standard in the one event, selection will be based firstly on quality and consistency of performances in 2011 and 2012; secondly, on statistical data (ranking/ performance lists, etc); and thirdly, on history of performances at previous championships. Jennings won the women’s mini marathon last June and then recorded a 2:43:08 in her marathon debut in Dublin last October. “I knew that if I did the proper work that I could make it,” she said. “I put in eight weeks of very solid training and I was very hopeful coming here.”

30 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 19 April 2012

GazetteSport Sport FastSport

Malahide Yacht Club to hold open day MALAHIDE yacht club will hold an open day on April 21 for 2 to 5pm those interested in trying out the sport of sailing at its recently opened new Dinghy Sailing Centre at the Broadmeadows. All ages are welcome and club officials will be on hand to provide information and advice. A number of boats will be available, in the hands of experienced sailors, to take anyone wanting to get afloat for a sail around the ideal Broadmeadow waters. The Open Day will include a tour of the club’s new facilities and some light refreshments. Malahide Yacht Club is open for new members and has 16 club boats available for hire throughout the season, so boat ownership is not required at the outset. For further information, contact or 086-1690167.

Banfield third in Stamullen classic race MCNALLY Swords’ Laura Banfield was third in last weekend’s first 2012 Trek Women’s Classic League race in Stamullen. She came in just behind Sara Ortiz and Orla Hendron. The Spaniard came in three bike lengths clear in the final sprint for the line at the end of four laps and 75km of the testing Stamullen Grand Prix course in Co Meath. Banfield came home in a small

group that was battling for the win until the last after a good battle over the rolling course which split the large field into several small groups. The top three women then broke clear of the remainder of the field at the first ascent of the circuit’s most testing climb at Snowtown and worked hard to maintain their advantage through to the finish. Ortiz takes the first yellow jersey in the competition and adds it to the lead she also holds in the Women’s National League.


Sean Maguire and Andy Dunne, two of the scorers for the Swords Celtic Under-17 side who when their Premier league last weekend

Celtic go East for league win

S WOR D S C e l t i c ’s Under-17 Premier side became the second team in the club this season to win their league competition after victory at the East Wall. Beaten into second place in a dramatic play-off last season, this year there was no doubt about the outcome when they travelled to third-place St Joseph’s last Sunday, and convincingly beat them, 6-2. Brian Finnegan, Niall Grogan, Sean Maguire, Andy Dunne, who netted a brace, and Gary

Forde, were all on the mark in the impressive result to close out the title. This is an outstanding achievement for the team that still has three games left to play in the league, and who, two weeks ago, secured a semi-final place in the Mary Farrell Cup when they beat second-placed league side, Corduff. It was a comprehensive showing in the campaign, with Swords Celtic’s Under-17s currently 12 points clear of the chasing pack, with 15 rounds of the competition already completed, going unbeaten

Up for the Feile: Local clubs all set for Dublin contest PLAYERS from local clubs, St

Sylvester’s and Naomh Mearnog, were present to help to launch the 2012 Everbuild and TESCO Feile Atha Cliath, which will take place over the course of this weekend. The group stages and semi-finals will take place around the city, and the finals will run from 10am at Parnell Park on Sunday, April 22. Picture:

throughout the campaign with 12 wins to their name.

Anti-Manor The Under-12 Premiers, having already won their league at the start of the month, were in cup semi-final action against local rivals, Swo r d s M a n o r l a s t weekend. The Manor looked set to be rock-solid at the back, but two Celtic goals on either side of half time gave them a 4-0 win and a Kevin Moran Cup final place a g a i n s t Wo o d l a w n to look forward to in May.

Three further Swords Celtic teams also progressed from their NDSL cup semi-finals last Saturday. The Under-9E team went to Santos 15 in Blanchardstown, and beat them in the Lifestyle Sports Cup semifinal, while the Under10D team played and beat Rush in the semifinals of the Michael Woods Cup. At Balhear y, Dunshaughlin Youths came to play Celtic’s Under-9s in the Under-9A Dublin Port Cup competition. The visitors led 1-0 in the first half and were 2-1 up at the midway

point through the second half. It took a wonderful break down the middle of the field from Jude O’Connor, who took the ball on to score, to level the tie at 2-2. In a game where Dunshaughlin had the upper hand for large parts it took several great saves from the Celtic keeper Jack McCarthy to keep Dunshaughlin from winning. A free kick five minutes from time decided the game - Sean Roughan stepped up and scored the winner to put his team into the Cup finals.

19 April 2012 MALAHIDE GAZETTE 31

in association with


CLUB NOTICEBOARD ST SYLVESTER’S The intermediate hurlers had a

diate Championship: St Sylvester’s

very comprehensive 12-point vic-

V Ballyboughal in Rolestown on Sun-

tory over Faughs. The junior 9 hurl-

day, April 22, at 3pm.

ers scored 5-8 in their victory over Lucan Sarsfields. Hillary Murray Hession, Andrew Richardson, David Keogh and Alan

Junior Football B Championship: Plunkett’s ER v St Sylvester’s in Martin Savage Park on Sunday April 22 at 11am.

Morris picked up National Hurling

Junior Football C Championship:

League Division 3 winners medals

St Sylvester’s v Lucan Sarsfields

with Fingal in a proud day for club

in Broomfield on Sunday, April 22,

and county.

at 3pm.

The ladies’ football team were

AFL1: St Jude’s V St Sylvester’s in

goal-hungry with six of the best in

Tymon North on Sunday, April 22, at

their victory over Lucan.


At juvenile level, the free-scoring

Minor Hurling League Division 2: St

Under-14 hurlers had 3-16 to Erin’s

Sylvester’s V Faughs in Broomfield

Isle 5-7 for a well-deserved victory.

on Sunday, April 22, at 11am.

The Under-16 hurlers also put up a very impressive 5-14 in their victory over O’Toole’s. Next weeks fixtures are: Interme-

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FINGALLIANS St Sylvester’s footballers and hurlers were in fine form at the weekend

St Sylvester’s young guns fire in the wins I

S T S Y LV E S T E R ’ S underage charges hit the winning trail in the past week in serious style across the grades and codes at the club. The club’s Under-14 football team won their second game in their cup competition against a hard-working Erin’s Isle team in Bridgefield last weekend. The team is a mixture of the club’s two U-14 teams and, because both panels train together, the players took little time in building an affinity together, resulting in some fine scores and, in particular, a number of well-taken goals. Although there was only a goal between the teams with ten minutes to play, Syl’s defended well, with Jack Hussey and Luke Cassidy putting in a lot of hard work. The forwards

responded with some good scores to ensure a win was secured for St Sylvester’s. The Under-14 hurlers, meanwhile, won in the league with a 3-16 to 5-7 success against St Oliver Plunkett’s/ER with a storming finish, producing five points without reply to win a Division Two league game that seemed to be running away at one stage. At Under-16 level in Division Three, the Malahide side were 5-14 to 0-5 victors over O’Toole’s. The scoreline might have had a slightly flattering edge, as O’Toole’s fought from start to finish but struggled to score against a hardworking backline with Danny Colclough very sharp in goals. Up front, Shane Nangle celebrated his first game of the year with a personal tally of 2-7, w i t h S i m o n O we n s (2-2) , Eoin Kennedy

(1-1), Colm Boran (0-1) and Ciaran O’Carroll (0-3) also on target for the young Malahide side. It made it three wins on the trot for the Under-16s, which is the best start ever to a league campaign for this side, but two difficult matches are coming up that will test their mettle as they travel away to K ilmacud Crokes on May 1 and then face Crumlin on May 10. At adult level, the Malahide club’s intermediate hurlers continued their winning start to the season with a 12 point win against Faughs in Tymon North in midweek. At half-time, the lead was just 0-6 to 0-4, having laboured a lot in front of goal, registering ten wides. But the backs were superb throughout and, on the resumption, Sylvester’s forwards settled and some fantastic

scores followed to let them take the tie. Stephen Cunningham, meanwhile, started in midfield for Dublin’s minors in the first round of the Leinster football championship as they ran up 1 2-12 to 0-4 victory at Dr Cullen Park last Wednesday. His St Sylvester ’s club mate Conor Ryan was named among the substitutes. T he Dubs won in pillar-to-post fashion with second-half goals from Gavin Burke and Shane Cunningham, both coming just past the three-quarter mark, paving the way for a one-sided victory. Scorer-in-chief for Dessie Farrell’s Dubs was corner-for ward, dual intercounty minor Conor McHugh, who tallied 0-10 (six from play, four frees) in a superb display of accuracy as he did not kick one wide over the 60 minutes.

Congratulations to Fingal hurlers

for teams U-7 to U-13 teams. Mentors

on receiving the National Hurling

should contact simon.lambert.gpo.

League Div 3A title and our five club for further informa-

representatives: David Markey, JM


Sheridan, Dermot Vaughan, Paul Quinn and Peter Daly.

The adult ladies teams had two more mid-week league victories and

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both remain unbeaten. Both teams

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have big games on Wednesday in the

6 will be priced at €30 each. Tickets

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tarf both at 7.15pm. and also from

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the bar. The Kay Twins band will per-

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number of copies of the book, A Rare

The last two weeks saw 370 partici-

Auld Season, signed by Paul Flynn, are

pants in the club football and hurling

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camps. A big thank you to Padraig,

price in the shops €20.

Simon and their hard working team making this a great success. Simon will be running a Hurling Festival from the May 14 to 18. This will be

The next golf society outing is on Saturday, April 28, in Corballis from 8.30 to 9.45am. A timesheet is now in the club bar.

ST FINIAN’S MANY thanks to everyone who sup-

against Parnell’s at home next Sun-

ported our White-Collar Boxing event

day at 11am.

last Friday. It was a huge success for

Another clothing collection will take

the club, and was made possible by a

place on Saturday, April 28, to raise

great Events committee and a group

funds for the club. Please donate any

of 28 brave boxers. A video compilation

clean unwanted clothes (in any con-

from the night is available on YouTube.

dition). Other accepted items are

Our minor footballers had a great

duvets, bed linen, towels, soft toys,

win on Sunday morning against

belts, shoes and bags. Donated items

Craobh Chiarain, and particular men-

can be left into the club at the following

tion must be given to our goalkeeper,

times: Monday, April 23 to Friday, April

Sean Kavanagh, who made some cru-

27 from 7.30 to 9pm and Saturday, April

cial stops.

28 from 11am to 12.30pm.

Our Under-12s also had a win on Sat-

The Lotto jackpot was €4,500 and

urday and our Under-15 hurlers had

the numbers drawn were 12, 21, 23 and

a great win against Cuala during the

24. There was no winner and the €50


winners were Jim Shelley and Edwina

Our junior footballers have their first-round championship match

Brennan. Next week’s jackpot will be €4,600.


SAINTS ALIVE: Sylvester’s young guns show mettle in all levels and codes P31

APRIL 19, 2012

PHAROAH-NUFF: McGee’s run leads to Egyptian glory P29


Fingal were awarded the NHL Division 3A title but missed out on a big day out due to Mattie Lennon and Monaghan’s row with their county board

Fingal take title without a final

Monaghan action hands Division 3A league to Fingal but manager Bourke frustrated by unplayed decider

FINGAL boss Willie Bourke was left feeling “flat and stale” despite his side being awarded the Allianz NHL Division 3A title last Saturday evening in Lawless Park. The north Dublin region was given the trophy after Monaghan withdrew from the scheduled final in the wake of manager Mattie Lennon’s resignation. He stood aside following a row with the county board over a clash between football games and his side’s training times. His players duly followed suit on a point of principle, leaving Monaghan to forfeit last Saturday’s final date, which was set to be the curtain-raiser for Dublin’s national league relegation battle with Galway in O’Connor Park. Fingal were awarded the title – adding to the Kehoe Shield also won in 2012 – but Bourke said the success is underwhelming when compared to the positives which could have been accrued, even if they had been defeated.

“Long-term, it could have a hugely adverse effect on the Fingal project,” he told GazetteSport. “The lads are devastated. It has such an effect on them; they were building up to a league final. The goal at the start of the season was to try and win the Kehoe Shield and the league; we’d won the first and were in the final of the league and had the chance to play before the Dublin-Galway game with probably the biggest crowd the lads have ever been in front of. It was all just taken away from them. “You had the like of the Friends of Dublin Hurling and a number of the clubs organising buses to go down early who would have gone to the match. The kids going down, we could have promoted the whole Fingal idea and, down the line, there might have been an U-21 or minor team these kids could have aimed for. “This would have been an ideal opportunity to promote it. Looking at sponsors, the DAA came on board this year and that would be a nice payback for them, a league final down in Tullamore. They don’t get the benefit out of it either.”

He had sympathy for Monaghan’s stance but was concerned with potential damage to the Fingal project, especially as their season has already been trimmed as they are no longer involved in the Nicky Rackard championship. “We’re victims of the by-product of it. The lads have put serious commitment in, trained at all hours of the day and the morning and have really progressed, but now we don’t get the final push. “At the start of the year, the lads were concerned there was no championship to play for. Realistically, it’s a fixture problem within Dublin, and the county board had a call to make otherwise the club championships would be held up. “But we said if we were to be successful this year, it could put pressure on for next year [to get back into the Nicky Rackard]. “We knew what we were going in for at the start of the year but we didn’t expect to be finishing this year, flat and stale. “I think it’s a great project. There’s still a bit of tweaking to be done with it to get the utmost out of it, but it has great potential.”


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