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GazetteMOTORS MOTORS RoadSigns Road Signs HYUNDAI RESPONDS TO I40 REPORTS: HYUNDAI in Ireland has responded to reports about the specification and prices featured in this column last week for the new i40 car. Hyundai emphasises that the prices quoted are not yet agreed and that the cars will come with a full five-year unlimited mileage warranty. Unfortunately, Hyundai will not be offering a full spare wheel, as reported, in the new i40, which will be available later this summer. And the company claims that the car does not replace the Sonata model, but in fact is geared for a different market segment.

Ibiza gets stretched for ST appeal MICHAEL MORONEY drove the Ibiza, and here’s his verdict I’VE had the Seat Ibiza ST, the estate version of the small Spanish-built car, out on test recently. This is a stylish-looking small estate car built around the standard Ibiza model, with a new three-cylinder turbo-diesel engine as the power source. The car scores well on style and design; it’s a Seat thing, they are now designing cars that look distinctive, even if they use the same engines and gearboxes as Skoda and Volkswagen cars. Those combined ingredients should make for a car worth having and a car that’s good to drive.

Add to that package the neat Volkswagen design 1.2-litre turbodiesel engine and you can expect thrift and low-cost motoring. And that’s just what you get. This is a car that looks well and should be easy to buy and own. The addition of the estate concept gives more internal space for bigger loads, while built around the same wheelbase as the standard car. The STversion is almost 200mm (8in) longer than the standard five-door hatchback and that’s significant enough when it comes to providing additional space.

Seat has added an ST, or mini estate version, to the Ibiza range to give more space and a family appeal

The rear seats fold down easily to increase the load area, making the car more attractive as a family choice where there are always awkward loads to be shifted, bikes included. I liked the 60/40 split folding rear sears, roof rails in either black or chrome finish, a low load height

and wide rear hatch, a flat boot floor and some good storage areas throughout the ST’s interior, which allowed for ease of use on longer journeys. That’s the outline of the Seat Ibiza ST package, which includes three specification options, either Reference, Style or Sport. Out on the road,

the car is more sluggish than I would have expected. The 1.2-litre, three cylinder engine develops an impressive 75bhp, but you can feel that it’s doing the work. It’s a shade noisy and feels less smooth than you would like and this aspect of the car lets it down a little.

That’s a pity because this car has plenty going for it in terms of its space, flexibility and style. And the price is competitive too at €16,495 for the entry model, before delivery charges. And while I don’t expect pace from such a small engine, its acceleration figure of 14.5 seconds for a 0 to 100km/hr race is reasonable. It’s just that it’s hard work getting there and there’s an unnecessary harshness to the car as a result. This car scores highly in terms of value-for-money motoring with an impressive economy figure of 25 km/litre (4.0l/100km or 70mpg). That’s very good even in this segment of the market and it also helps the car to get into Band A for road tax purposes, giving an annual tax charge of just €104.

Dun Laoghaire  

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Dun Laoghaire  

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