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2 DUBLIN CITY Gazette 14 April 2016

statistics | ‘I think it is a despicable act by anyone’

1,304 false alarm calls to fire brigade  Aisling Kennedy

Cllr Noeleen Reilly (SF) asked about the number of hoax calls to the fire service in 2013, 2014 and 2015

A total of 1,304 false alarm phone calls were received by Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) in 2015 according to recent statistics released by DFB at a recent Dublin City Council (DCC) meeting. Out of the 1,304 calls, 814 calls were taken in the DCC area. The statistics were released in answer to a question put to the council by Cllr Noeleen Reilly (SF) about the number of hoax calls to the fire service in 2013, 2014 and 2015. DCC explained that the DFB do not class calls as ‘hoax’ calls, however, calls can be repor ted by a DFB attending officer as either Malicious False Alarm (MFA) or False Alarm Good Intent (FAGI) upon arrival at the scene. The number of MFA calls was almost level in both 2015 and 2014 at 242 and 243 consecutively, and the number of MFA calls were down compared to 2013 figures which were recorded at 272 calls. The number of FAGI calls, however, were up significantly this year w i t h 2 015 s h ow i n g 1,062 calls, 2014 showing 948 calls, and 2013 showing 776 calls. In total for 2015, the combined amount of MFA and FAGI calls received by the Dublin Fire Brigade amounted

to 1,304 calls. Cllr Noeleen Reilly, who is a member of the newly formed special committee on fire/ ambulance services and emergency management in DCC said that in terms of MFA calls it is not acceptable that anyone should make a false call to the DFB. She said: “I am appalled to learn that last year 242 malicious calls were made to the Dublin Fire Brigade. “I think it is a despicable act by anyone to ring a service under false pretenses that exists to save the lives of Dubliners. “The Dublin Fire Brigade are already stretched to the max due to a severe lack of funding. “They have a shortage of staff and ambulances. So for anyone to think it is a laugh to put them under further pressure is not acceptable.”


Pop-up donut shop relocated and serving a delightful array The popular pop-up donut shop Aungier Danger, which serves sweet treats such as Cadbury’s Creme Egg donuts, has relocated its second shop to the Liffey Street entrance of Arnotts Department store. Aungier Danger’s original store on Aungier Street recently opened a pop-up store in Arnotts on Henry Street for a number of weeks but it was due to close this week. However, following a number of Tweets and messages to the store owner they relocated its second store to the Liffey Street entrance of Arnotts this week. The relocated store is now open and serving an array of delightful donuts every day.

Crazy Hair Day fundraising event for Crumlin hospital Crumlin Children’s Hospital will hold its annual Crazy Hair Day fundraising event on Friday April 29 and all schools around Dublin are being encouraged to get involved. CMRF Crumlin, the fundraising arm of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and The National Children’s Research Centre, launched the event last week to encourage schools to help raise much-needed funds for the purchase

Resources Cllr Reilly also commented on the high number of FAGI calls made to DFB in 2015 saying that although they were not of a malicious nature, they still take a huge amount of resources to respond to each time. She said: “It is important that members of the public are aware of the consequences of making a false call. “It can often lead to serious consequences for genuine emergencies in Dublin.”

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of a platelet agitator for the blood transfusion lab at Crumlin Children’s Hospital. To take part, schools must register with Rachel Daly by emailing her at or calling 01 7091700. Registered schools will receive a Crazy Hair Day kit complete with posters, stickers, and all the information required.

Ruby Day, Luca Smith, Heidi Daly and Max Smith with nurses Bernie, Pauline and Gerry Cully at the launch of the Crazy Hair Day. Picture: MAXWELLPHOTOGRAPHY.IE

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