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March 8, 2012

REFERENDUM: Making their case

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SIBLINGS Kevin, Bernie, Kathleen and Noel, are pictured in Waterville Park with a wooden bench that marks the spot where their family home once stood. The beautiful park bench has a little memorial plaque to the memory of their parents, Tommy and Maura Tonge. A Himalayan birch tree was also planted just behind the bench. Full Story on Page 6

Hurling: Mixed bag of results for St Brigid’s hurlers Page 31

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Connolly Hospital could lose 20 beds Saving of €8m on top of a budget deficit needed


FEARS are growing that Connolly Hospital is set to lose 20 surgical beds in order to balance the books. A saving of €8 million, on top of a budget deficit of €4 million, is needed this year, according to Edward Mat-

thews, industrial relations officer of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation. The Gazette was told a briefing was due to take place about the closures on March 7. Dublin West TD Patrick Nulty, said: “This is disappointing news; the inevi-

table outcome is increased waiting times. The level of cuts being asked by the HSE is unrealistic.” Matthews said: “It’s very worrying; our members are shocked and dismayed.” The HSE had no comment to make at the time of going to press.

2 BLANCH GAZETTE 8 March 2012

OPINION The Fiscal Compact Treaty; how should we vote?

Seize the opportunity and reject this Austerity Treaty SO far, the Government has come up with lots of reasons for us to vote Yes. We should vote for ‘economic stability’ and for ‘economic recovery’. Unfortunately, the Government never deals with the actual content of the Treaty. This is a Treaty to institutionalise austerity in Ireland and across Europe into the future. Article 3 of the Treaty requires all countries to meet a severe ‘structural deficit’ target of 0.5%. This will be locked into our law and an automatic ‘correction mechanism’ will be triggered if we don’t meet this target

– this means automatic cutbacks and extra taxes. The Department of Finance estimates our ‘structural deficit’ in 2015 will be 3.7%. Meeting the target in 2015 would mean an additional €5.7 billion worth of cuts and extra taxes. That means more unjust taxes, further attacks on social welfare and pensions and it means more drastic cuts in health and education. If the European Commission gives us a longer timeframe to meet the target, it simply means an extension of that austerity over a longer period of time. Austerity has already

destroyed the economies of Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain and threatens all of the eurozone with recession this year. This sort of savage austerity implemented simultaneously across Europe would dramatically deepen the economic crisis. Article 4 of the Treaty is a provision written for the bankers, bondholders and speculators who caused this crisis. It is a demand to reduce every country’s debt to GDP ratio to 60% at a fast rate. In Ireland’s case, unless there is economic growth (unlikely because of the austerity policies demanded by

Article 3), it will mean being forced to pay back €4.5 billion to the bondholders in 2015, on top of the €9 billion in interest payments we will be paying to them! T h e Tr e a t y e f f e ctively rules out significant public investment by the state. At a time when private sector investment is collapsing (despite profits increasing for big business), massive public sector investment is needed to create jobs to get hundreds of thousands off the dole. This will be effectively made illegal by this Treaty. T he Government’s scaremongering about

Ireland being outside of the euro and the EU should be rejected. This is a stand-alone Treaty. We must choose whether we want to join this Austerity Club or not. We should seize this opportunity to reject austerity at the ballot box. Doing so will open a debate and struggle across Europe about what kind of Europe do we want – one for the millionaires or one for the millions.

Paul Murphy MEP Paul Murphy is the Socialist Party / United Left Alliance MEP for Dublin

Paul Murphy MEP

Vote ‘Yes’ in this referendum

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald

LAST week An Taoiseach announced that he will be putting a referendum to the people of Ireland on the EU Treaty. The Treaty is about reinforcing existing EU rules to reduce Government deficits and debts. By signing it, we will be joining other Eurozone Governments in an official agreement to live within our means. We have already committed to behaving responsibly when it comes to our finances, this Treaty would be rubber-stamping that commitment. This Treaty will not affect our existing spending plans or tax rates. We know all too well the fallout of fiscally irresponsible governments – we are suffering that fall-out today. If this Treaty were in place in 2007, for example, the then Government would not have been able to introduce the measures which over-stimulated the property market and were part of their General Election campaign promises. I will be voting ‘yes’ in the referendum and am asking you to vote ‘yes’ too. By supporting this Treaty we will be gaining access to additional ‘insurance’ funds should we need them. We will be putting an end to the excesses of domestic and international boom-to-bust

cycles and sending a clear message of stability and fiscal responsibility internationally. We depend on this in order to attract multinationals to our shores and to forge trade links with countries, including China, who’s Vice-President has just completed a very positive trip to Ireland. This Treaty makes official what we are already doing – it gives us the opportunity to grow trade links and rebuild our international reputation. The Treaty is based on the common-sense approach that we must run budget surpluses in good times so we can run deficits in bad times. It aims to maintain a debt/GDP ratio of about 60% except in ‘exceptional circumstances’ such as recessions like the one we are in at the moment. All countries who are signed up to the Treaty will have to act responsibly. The progress we have made in the last year has resulted in investment by companies like Eli Lilly and Abbot Pharmaceuticals. We have seen these results here in our own area with investment by Microsoft, Pfizer and Google in Grange Castle Business Park. We depend on our international reputation in order to attract this level of investment, which creates local jobs and spin off trade.

If we pass this Treaty and manage our public finances responsibly we will be protected against market speculation from the new Eurozone Rescue Fund. This ‘insurance’ fund is a €500 billion European Stability Mechanism. If we don’t pass this Treaty we will be locked out of this fund but will still be bound by the EU fiscal rules. We are already signed up to the conditions – it makes total sense for us to sign up to avail of the insurance fund too. If you are undecided about how to vote; inform yourself. If you are unsure about the issues the best way to gain clarity is by reading the Treaty itself. This Treaty is only ten pages long and far less complex than previous European ones. I have put a link to it on my website, and you can download it from there. The Referendum Commission will be publishing unbiased information explaining what the Treaty sets out, every household should receive this information in the run-up to polling day. A ‘yes’ vote is a yes to progress.

Frances Fitzgerald Minister for Children and Youth Affairs

8 March 2012 BLANCH GAZETTE 3

D15 Sara lives her dance teacher dream

Dance school is getting locals on their feet THE CHESTER School of Dance have been making residents across Dublin 15 dance to their own beat by offering a range of different dance styles for the community to enjoy. Rosemar y Chester started the business a few years ago and her daughter, Sara, was on hand to help as a teaching assistant. In 2011, Sara decided to live her own dream of being a teacher and is now teaching at the dance school full-time.

Styles T he school offers dance in different styles such as Classical Ballet, Hip-Hop and Street Dance, as well as Tap Dance and runs out of nine locations across Dublin and Meath. Locations in Dublin 15 include Diswellstown in Castleknock, Tyrrelstown and Ongar. The school recently moved into the newlyopened community centre at Tyrrelstown, and, according to Sara, it offers great space for dance classes. “We are in a few Fingal County Council community centres and they have great dance space. The one in Tyrrelstown is brilliant, it’s great area for local organisations like us. It has everything a dance studio needs.” At the moment, the dance school’s most popular dance styles are Ballet and Hip-Hop. “Hip-Hop is a close second. When it started, it kind of just took off; it’s very popular with boys and girls. Boys are rare in ballet, but we do have

a few. They love it once they get past that old cliche about ballet [that it’s just for girls],” she said. Sara and her mum, Rosemary, both trained at the Desmond Domican School of Dance and are fully qualified with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA). For further information log onto:

Sara teaches at the dance school full-time

350 wds

4 BLANCH GAZETTE 8 March 2012


New body of work A NEW exhibition themed, Shore, by artist Cathy Henderson, will be displayed this week at Draiocht Theatre. Born in London, Cathy grew up in Northern Ireland before moving to Paris and then to Dublin to study at NCAD from where she graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in 1993. She has since exhibited in Britain, Ireland, France and Canada. This current body of work was made over the last two or three years all around the Irish coast. “My aim with these pictures is to capture the transience of the coastal view, the sense of shifting skies and the constantly fluctuating mood of weather,” Cathy said. This exhibition is on display from March 12 until June 2 at Ground Floor Gallery in Draiocht Blanchardstown.

PEOPLE Book launched on importance of Advocacy

Shirley starts a new chapter in publishing I LAURA WEBB

MORE than 100 people were present at the launch of Shirley Daly’s official book, Advocacy – Shirley’s Story, at Westmanstown Leisure and Conference Centre, last week. Shirley’s brother-inlaw, Aidan Moore, presided over the event, while celebrity friends, including Daithi O’Se and Miriam O’Callaghan, emailed good wishes to the Dublin 15 native on her special night. The 12-page book is about her experiences of advocacy and being a member of the Advocacy

group – Our Voices for Choices. She has sold 250 books so far, and all profits made from the book will go to a charity of Shirley’s choice. Liz Farrell, of the Daughters of Charity, said it was a “fabulous night”, and everyone had a great time, and added: “Shirley had a great night; it was really enjoyable and she sold 200 copies that night.” Shirley is a founding member of the Our Voices for Choices Advocacy Group, that was established within the Daughters of Charity service in 2006. T he Daughters of

Charity Services provides a range of supports and services to people with an intellectual disability and their families across Ireland. Shirley avails of the Daughters of Charity Community Residential Service, and she lives in a house in the Blanchardstown area with several other housemates. She also works in Weavers, which is a day placement within the service, as well as working part time in Dunnes Stores. Liz said: “Every person with an intellectual disability has the right to have their voice heard. Advocacy is about having your

Author Shirley Daly with a copy of her new book, Advocacy – Shirley’s Story

voice heard and speaking up for your rights. It’s about empowering people to make decisions and have choices. “Shirley expressed an interest in writing a book detailing her experiences of Advocacy and being a part of the Advocacy

Group back in 2007. “She commenced writing this book, with the support of facilitators from the Daughters of Charity, and it was finally completed last year. “The book is written entirely in Shirley’s own words, and she oversaw

each step of the process, from drafting to formatting, and finally printing. “Shirley has plans to write more books in the future, and she hopes that her success is an inspiration to others to follow their dreams,” said Liz.

WE HAVE 135,000* READERS EACH WEEK *based on standard industry measurements


8 March 2012 BLANCH GAZETTE 5



Movies, music and you!

Funding for classrooms I LAURA WEBB

DUBLIN West schools running out of prefabs received a welcome boost this week, as funding is being allocated to build new, permanent classrooms. St Francis Xavier NS in Coolmine, St Philip the Apostle NS in Clonsilla, and Holy Family NS in River Valley, Swords will receive grants to replace prefabs with permanent classrooms. The grants are part of a €35 million initiative announced by the Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn, to replace prefabs at more than 200 schools across the country. This initiative is part of the Government’s €430 million education infrastructure plan for 2012. Welcoming the news, Dublin West TD, and

Minister for Transport, Sport and Tourism, Leo Varadkar, said: “This is very welcome news for the three schools, and means that more pupils will be taught in permanent classrooms. “The last Government relied far too heavily on prefabs, when it should have provided permanent school buildings. Although prefabs can sometimes be necessary in the short-term, they also have considerable drawbacks. “Prefabs are uncomfortable, difficult to heat or keep cool, and will never be a viable alternative to a permanent classroom. “The new, state-of-theart classrooms proposed for the three schools represent a considerable saving, after many years of expensive rental,” said Minister Varadkar.

2,000 thanks: Business group’s raffle helps fundraise for the St Francis Hospice in D15 A RAFFLE at the D15 Chamber Business

Awards raised €2,000 for the St Francis Hospice in Blanchardstown recently, with members of the local business and entrepreneurial community keen to continue helping to support the worthy cause.

Pictured at the cheque presentation to the hospice was Jim Flynn, treasurer, Dublin 15 Hospice Fundraising Group; David Donnelly, president, D15 Chamber; Fr Eugene, St Francis Hospice; Maura Cassidy, DAA, and Tony Lambert, Fingal Dublin Chamber.

THE Coolmine Music Society is going to the movies with and allsinging, all-dancing stage show that will have everyone standing on their seats and belting out their favourite songs from the movies. The Society, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, is set to bring the house down with its latest musical, Coolmine Goes to the Movies! Coolmine MS wants to take its audience on a magical musical tour through the glamour of the classic Hollywood musical, right through to the wonderful world of Disney-themed songs. The show runs on March 30 and 31 at 8pm at Draiocht, Blanchardstown. Tickets cost €16/€14 f r o m D r a i o c h t B ox Office; telephone 01 885 2622, or log on to www.

6 BLANCH GAZETTE 8 March 2012


Loads going on in March IRELAND’S biggest public library has a jampacked schedule of events for March - from exhibitions to book clubs to a society on local history, it has something for everyone to enjoy. This month’s schedule at Blanchardstown Library includes an exhibition – Work by St Bridget’s Photography Group running until March 10. The parent and toddler group meet every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm. Running until March 14 is Europe Direct Exhibition – Irish Successes Abroad – on the main floor in Blanchardstown Library. Storytelling and musical events take place on March 10 at 3pm in celebration of Seachtain na Gaelige from March 5 until March 17. The local history society, Fingal South Heritage Society, meet in the Library on the last Saturday of every month from 2pm to 3.30pm. Head down to your local library to find out what’s on or log onto w w w. f i n g a l c o c o . i e / library

IT’S YOUR STORY Park tributes unveiled by family

Siblings mark family home DUBLIN 15 siblings marked the memory of their family home, and their beloved parents, by installing a wooden bench and tree in a part of Waterville Park that would have been their back garden before the park was developed. Noel Tonge and his siblings, Kevin, Bernie and Kathleen, were on hand to turn the sod for the tree and bench that can now be enjoyed by all those who use the local park. In his own words, Noel shares his family story with Gazette readers, and how they came to remembering their par-

ents this way. “Before Blanchardstown Hospital opened in the early 1950s, we lived in St Mary’s Hospital in the Phoenix Park as my father (Tommy Tonge) was the resident electrician there. He then got a similar role in the new hospital being built in Blanchardstown then known as the James Connolly Memorial Hospital, and, in recent years, shortened to Blanchardstown hospital. “He apparently travelled over by motorbike before it was finished. It finally opened in 1955 and we were also anx-

Kevin, Bernie, Kathleen and Noel at bench in memory of their parents, Tommy and Maura Tonge

iously waiting on our new house to be complete. “Our family then consisted of five children, and when we finally moved into our new home, on the grounds of Blanchardstown hospital near the back gate, the youngest, a girl, was only three weeks old. About two years later, the last member of our family, another girl, was born in that new house in the grounds of Blanchardstown hospital. “We all grew up living in that house most of our lives until we left/

married, etc. Our father, unfortunately, met with an accident in the village only a few months before his retirement in 1983, but our mother continued living in that house until the hospital sold the land in or around 1999 and she moved to Millstead in the village, where she lived until she passed away in 2006. “So that leaves us at why we wanted to mark the spot where the house once stood. When the [Fingal County Council] Parks Department developed the park, the

house was knocked and all that remained of the gardens was part of the back hedge and one lone holly bush which, ironically, still stands in what was once the vegetable patch (as all of the rest of the garden was practically manicured). “My sister, who was born in that house in 1958, has lived abroad almost all her adult life and had such happy memories of her childhood and growing up there, often lamented that almost nothing remained and it would be lovely to have a seat or something in or around the area where one could sit and reflect. Enter Fingal County Council and their Parks Department and that has resulted in a beautiful park bench with a little memorial plaque to the memory of our parents, and a Himalayan birch tree planted just behind it. Both of these are situated right in what was the original back gar-

den, which is especially fitting. “We really appreciated the Parks Department in facilitating us with this request, but the courtesy they extended in doing it was lovely and a credit to them. “The gentleman we first discussed it with was Ruairi O’Dulaing and the lady looking after the project, Theresa Casey, was a pleasure to deal with. “We invited a small selection of old friends, neighbours and work colleagues of our parents to be present for the occasion and adjourned to the Vineyard after to chat and reminisce about the old times. “ My d a d , To m my Tonge was a largerthan-life individual and involved in much of the early life in Blanchardstown and particularly with St Brigid’s football club until his untimely passing.”

8 March 2012 BLANCH GAZETTE 7

8 BLANCH GAZETTE 8 March 2012

POLITICS Local politician marks International Women’s Day

Exciting, exhilarating – Joan

INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day takes place this week, with events around the globe inspiring and celebrating their achievements and one woman marking the occasion is local politician Joan Burton. She topped the poll for Dublin West in the General Election on February 25, 2011, and was the first politician to be elected to the 31st Dail. The Gazette caught up with the Dublin West TD and Minister for Social Protection in her constituency to talk about her first year in office, squash rumours on a leadership push in her party, and how she would like to see more women in government. The last year for Burton as Minister for Social Protection has been “very

exciting, exhilarating and demanding”. “It’s a huge responsibility, particularly for the 438,000 people who are on the Live Register and finding ways of helping them get back to education, work and retrain. It is an enormous privilege to have responsibility for that, but it is also a huge challenge,” she said. A critical policy for the Minister at the moment is “jobs, jobs, jobs” and, through the past year she has introduced a number of schemes that she hopes will help create jobs, including Jobsbridge and Pathway to Work. “We launched the Jobsbridge programme and, in just nine months, we have met our quota of 5,000 places. I am now looking to expand the scheme; this is a voluntary scheme and we have had 8,000 employers offer

internship places, and, in some cases, people having done the internship have been offered some employment or are getting employment – the feedback is quite positive.” According to Minister Burton, a challenge for her first year was facing a tough first budget, and protecting basic social welfare rates was “really important” to her. Asked about recent warnings that cuts to elderly benefits, like state pension, in Ireland is being considered by the IMF, she said: “I think it is very important that we maintain the income of older retired citizens and I have made that very clear to the IMF at discussions with them shortly after I became Minister. Many of our retired people, social welfare non-contributory old age pension is their income.

“There may be people who have very high pensions, we see politicians from the previous government retire with extraordinary pensions. If there are to be reforms in relation to pensions, let’s look at the people with very high incomes, like members of the former government – that is where I would start.” As a woman in politics, it’s important to stand your ground and there is no doubt that the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party would eventually want to be Leader, but when asked whether that was sooner rather than later, she was quick to squash rumours she would push for leadership next year. “The leader of the Labour Party is Eamon Gilmore. I am perfectly happy to work with Eamon as Deputy

Leader and, as far as I am concerned, Eamon will be leader of the Labour Party for a very long period of time.” Summing up her year she said: “It’s been an interesting year; it’s a huge honour to be asked to be a member of the Cabinet.” However, there is one thing she would like to see when walking into Cabinet and that is to see more women in government. “I am conscious of the fact that I am one of two Ministers who are women and we are coming into this week, which marks International Women’s Day and I would be happier if I was, maybe, in a cabinet that was 50/50 women and men, but that might be a little bit down the road,” she added. International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8.

The last year for Burton, as Minister for Social Protection, has been “very exciting, exhilarating and demanding”





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8 March 2012 BLANCH GAZETTE 9

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Calls to build in D15, not Mater I LAURA WEBB

Retail therapy: Love is in the aisles for fun-loving local couples at Tesco ESCO held its most romantic event to date, Love is in the Aisles, an exclusive Singles Night at Tesco Cabra recently. Love is in the Aisles was a speed dating event with a twist, with 20 men and women attending looking for love. Participants were sent on missions around the store to find products which best represent their personalities, along with a variety of other match-making


games, with the most compatible couple at the end of the night winning a romantic dinner for two to the value of €200 in top Dublin restaurant, Pichet, on Valentine’s Night. The winners, Dave Fogarty, from Firhouse, and Pauline Sheerin, from Raheny, were announced live on the Love Zone Show on Dublin’s Q102 by host Debbie Allen.

CALLS have been made for the HSE to consider building the National Children’s Hospital on site at Connolly Hospital. Mulhuddart Councillor Mary McCamley (Lab) said there is “no reason” why a proposal to build the Children’s Hospital on the Connolly Hospital site in Dublin 15 “should not go ahead by the Health Service Executive”. The call comes just weeks after An Bord Pleanala refused planning permission for the Children’s Hospital to be built at the Mater Hospital, saying it would constitute over-development of that site. Cllr McCamley believes Connolly Hospital should

now be considered. “On the previous occasion when the bid was made Connolly was refused on a number of grounds, one being that the proposed access road was not completed.

Running “This approach road is now up and running, and adjacent as it is to the M50, to the N3 and to the new N2 link road, will greatly assist travelling to and from the hospital and will facilitate those families travelling from across the country. There would be no need to enter a busy city centre. “It was stated on the previous occasion that there were not enough specialist consultants. Now, because of the upcoming merger with Beaumont Hospital, Con-

nolly Hospital will have 150 consultants between the two campuses with the specialties needed, and there is more than enough land to build. Even a high-rise will pose no problem as there are already buildings towering the skyline, such as the Quinn building and the hotel,” Cllr McCamley said. At the time of going to print, the Cabinet was due to discuss draft terms of reference for an expert review group, headed by chair Dr Frank Dolphin, which will advise the Government on options available for building the proposed National Children’s Hospital. Around €35m has already been spent in preparation for the proposed children’s hospital at the Mater site.

8 March 2012 GAZETTE 11

PEOPLE Hollywood history-maker’s talk in Dun Laoghaire

A Brave task to talk about Brenda’s hit CV IBAIRBRE NI BHRAONAIN

DUN Laoghaire’s Pavilion Theatre played host to a Hollywod historymaker recently, when film director Brenda Chapman held a two-day seminar. In 1998, Brenda became the first woman to direct an animated feature for a major Hollywood studio with The Prince of Egypt and her CV is full of other blockbusters, including Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, WALL-E and Up. Brenda is also the original writer and director of Pixar’s upcoming feature, Brave. The seminar made up

part of Brenda’s time as a Fellow in the National Film School in IADT. T he Pavilion was packed with students from colleges all over the city, questioning Brenda on her career and seeking advice. Because she’d been stung by big studios in the early years she advised the assembly to become more “law savvy” as to contracts and protection of ideas. Brenda is from a very small farming community in Illinois where her time was occupied by drawing and making up stories. “There wasn’t much to do,” she said, adding that she has her own fam-

ily and tries to strike the right balance. She tried to stay at home for a while when her daughter was born but soon realised that she needed to feed her creative side too. “I did miss [my creative side} myself and I wanted to give my daughter a good example too. “I’ve always been respected as an artist. I was originally hired because I was a woman. Executives responded to the fact that I was a woman but my peers responded to my work. “And, despite the communication dispute with Pixar, I still have incredible respect for that ani-

Brenda Chapman (right), writer of Pixar’s upcoming film, Brave (above), addresses local students at the Pavilion Theatre

mation community.” That “commuication dispute” revolves around the film Brave, which Chapman based on her daughter but which she is no longer working on. She refuses to be drawn further on the matter as it is in legal limbo. “Right now, I’m just taking a break. I’ll spend

a bit of time with my daughter. “I grew up in a really small town and the thing I really wanted to be was a hermit and part of me is like, yeah, I’d still like to do that.” One theme of the seminar was female involvement. The Pavilion auditorium held a

great number of female students and these were Brenda’s primary questioners. “I’m very excited to see so many women in there. Because when I was at that point, there were three or four women in my class. But now, it’s still not quite halfand-half but it’s getting

there.” In answer to why she chose animation as her lifelong career, Brenda has no doubts as to it being the right choice. “I love to tell stories and I love to draw and I love fine art, and all that, so the only way I can combine the two sides is through animation.”

12 GAZETTE 8 March 2012


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Making water meters pay I PAUL HOSFORD

A NEW report has suggested giving financial incentives to people who instal water meters to help boost the local economy. The plan is one of many proposals contained in a document called Water Sector Reform by South Dublin Chamber, which was presented to the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government last week. T he proposals are based on the recent Government Position Paper and the 2011 Irish Water Phase 1 Report by Price Waterhouse Cooper. T h e Wa t e r S e c t o r Reform document also calls for the State’s proposed new water services utility to bear the cost of phased water meter installation. Peter By rne, chief executive officer of South Dublin Chamber, said the incentive would be a boon for struggling local economies in particular. “This incentive would boost the local economy and lessen the burden on the State to roll out the metering process.”

Patrick’s Day: It’s time for the party favours CELEBRATE in style this St Patrick’s Day

with a little help from Tesco Ensure you are kitted out for this year’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations by popping down to your local Tesco store where you can pick up an array of fun items available at great value prices. Decorate your home or workplace for St Patrick’s Day by picking up the Tesco 23 Foot Ireland Bunting at just €6.99 or some Ireland Flags available for just €1.49 each – perfect for decorating your St Patrick’s Day parties. For the St Patrick’s Day parade, why not pick up a fun Leprechaun Hat with Beard, the trendy Tesco Green, White and Gold Trim Cowboy Hat or the Tricolour Jester Hat for just €5.99 each? For the ladies, the Glitter Mini Hat with ribbon and feather is just €3.99, the Leprechaun Hairband with Green Hat is just €2.49 or the funky Black Shamrock Tights are just €5.99. And there’s also the St Patrick’s Day novelty tie at just €3.49 or the St Patrick’s Day Rosettes for just €1.99. Tesco also has a great range of accessories including the St Patrick’s Day Inflatable Sticks (2 pack) €1.20 or the St Patrick’s Day Vuvuzela Horn just €1.99 which are sure to finish off your Patrick’s Day attire. For details, visit

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Blood pressure – keeping it down!

A new heavenly collection I

BLOOD pressure is essential for us all to survive - without it our blood vessels would collapse. Hypertension, on the other hand, refers to blood pressure above a defined safe limit. Hypertension forces the heart to work harder and it is the single most important risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke. Symptoms

Because hypertension generally has no symptoms it is essential that you attend your doctor or local pharmacy to get your blood pressure checked on a regular basis. With thanks to the staff at Lucan Village Pharmacy Helena Christensen (left) has officially launched her exclusive Triumph Essence Spring/Summer lingerie collection

CONIC supermodel Helena Christensen was in Dublin last week to officially launch her exclusive Triumph Essence Spring/ Summer lingerie collection, and Gazette Beauty went down to take a closer look. She has been in the business for over two decades and is still as stunning as she was starting out. The former Victoria Secret model has moved to the other side of the lens. She is now a photographer, and is an in-house photographer at Oxfam. The international fashion icon greeted guests and posed for photographers at Brown Thomas, when she showed off her lingerie collection recently. Wo m e n a n d m e n packed the lingerie room at Brown Thomas in Grafton Street to see what her collection offered, but really most just wanted to see what a real supermodel looks like, and hearing whisperings by customers behind me saying: “Oh, my God, she looks amazing” and “look at that body”, they weren’t disappointed. The Danish super-

model joined forces with Triumph Essence to design a sensual collection that includes a lacy bra and stunning bodyhugging skirt with subtle shaping properties and sexy string. For Helena, it’s essential for lingerie designers to get the woman’s perspective because women have to wear them, and what most women want is to feel sexy, yet comfortable in what they are wearing underneath their clothes. “For me, it’s essential for a lingerie company to have a female perspective. After all, women are wearing these pieces and it’s all about what makes you feel good. And these sophisticated styles definitely do that.” The model, who is not a big fan of g-strings, says creating the perfect piece of lingerie for women is “basically a science” because everyone has different bodies. Whether you want to treat yourself to a lavish lingerie collection, or you are looking for something extra special for that extra special dress, be it a wedding or ball gown, the Triumph Essence Collection has a stunning collection of


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Each Triumph Essence piece is developed to provide a blend of perfect fit and precise craftsmanship

8 March 2012 GAZETTE 15

Edited by Laura Webb

from Helena flattering designs to suit most body shapes. The Delicate Essence series combines lace and soft elastic fabric for charming and subtle shaping effects. The Charming Essence series stands out with delicate lace in striking geometric pattern. Decorative tassels, peek-a-book details, fine Guipure embroidery and flirty straps made of pleated mesh are playful details every fashionenthusiast admires. The Precious Essence series is a dream come true for brides-to-be because of its feminine look, which is available in a creamy white.


‘For me, it’s essential for a lingerie company to have a female perspective’


Helena Christensen


Each Triumph Essence piece is developed to provide an uncompromising blend of perfect fit, precise craftsmanship and care for the small details that make all the difference. This is true luxury. And these are the qualities Triumph

has refined throughout over 125-years of lingerie excellence. The Triumph Essence collection, with designs by Helena Christensen, is available in The Lingerie Rooms at Brown Thomas Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. Brown Thomas resident fitters are on hand to help solve all lingerie dilemmas, offering personal consultations to help weary lingerie shoppers to find their optimum shapes and styles. Book your personal lingerie and shapewear fitting appointment in The Lingerie Rooms Dublin at 01 – 617 1114.

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16 GAZETTE 8 March 2012


Brought to you by Miriam Kerins of the DSPCA


Spaying or neutering your pet AS THE country’s leadi n g a n i m a l we l f a r e organisation, we at the Dublin SPCA understand and appreciate the importance of spaying and neutering animals. In fact, for 172 years this Society has assumed a leadership role in advocating and offering affordable spaying and neutering in order to help prevent the cruel and inhumane slaughter of unwanted, homeless, abandoned and neglected cats and dogs. In Ireland, as in every other country in the world, there are homeless animals. Many of these end up in rescue shelters similar to the Dublin SPCA. Through our very strict re-homing policy, we manage to rehabilitate them with loving, caring families. They are the lucky ones. Tr a g i c a l l y, m a ny, many, more, throughout the world, though healthy, wonderful and companionable they may be – face the pros-

pect of being euthanised due to a shortage of new homes and this is the only future they can look forward to. But it’s not just abandoned animals that are left at shelters. No, it’s the offspring of beloved family pets. Let me explain: For example, I wish I had a euro every time somebody visits our clinic with a pregnant pet explaining she “managed to get out of the garden, went missing for only half an hour and came back pregnant”. And, even if the “accidental” offspring manage to get adopted, it’s still possible for them to be placed in a rescue shelter due to them being “too big,” “not great with the kids,” “doesn’t fit in with the new decor,” or “too difficult to handle.” Yep, we’ve heard it all. So, in order to avoid this happening to you and your pet, because, let’s face it, no family wants an unwanted

pregnancy – I thought I’d make readers aware, or shine a little spotlight if I may, on World Annual Spay Day – it usually falls around the last week in February but you can visit your vet at any time. He/she will be thrilled to advise you regarding your pet because having your animal altered is the only effective 100% method of birth control. And, FYI, for those pet parents who are in receipt of social welfare payments, it’s advisable to drop into the Dublin SPCA mobile veterinary clinic at any one of our four Dublin locations, (details on www.dspca. ie/mobileclinic and have a chat with our vet). However, proof of social welfare is an absolute strict condition of this affordable, low-cost service. Neutering: The Facts.

• Castrating your dog prevents more than unwanted litters – it can help prevent testicular and prostate cancer,

Having your pet spayed or neutered is the only effective 100% method of birth control

which is common in unneutered dogs. In addition to this, if the dog is neutered before he reaches adulthood, he will not naturally develop the types of territorial behaviours un-neutered male dogs develop, i.e. aggressiveness, marking territory, roaming, etc., • Neutering is also a routine, relatively lowrisk surgery with a swift recovery time. Serious complications are rare and owners can usually take their dog home on the same day surgery is performed, having him back to his old self in no time. Spaying: The Facts.

• Spaying your female dog eliminates the problem of stray males camp-

ing on your doorstep and decreases her own desire to roam and breed. In addition, there are many health benefits attached, such as a marked reduction in the risk of her contracting ovarian cancer, mammary gland tumours and the procedure helps reduce aggression. The Myths:

• Spaying/neutering will make my pet fat. Nonsense. Owners make their pets fat! Failing to provide an adequate, healthy diet and daily exercise will render your pet fat. • Bitches should have one litter. This is of no benefit at all and simply an old wives tale. • Spaying and neuter-

ing is cruel. Look, we, as humans, domesticated animals and brought them into our lives and homes. The environment we created for them is far removed from their natural one and we have made them dependent on us; therefore we are responsible for their care. What is cruel, in my opinion, is allowing your bitch to have litter after litter and then dumping the puppies in a black sack on a deserted roadside, leaving the poor mites to fend for themselves and the mother heavily burdened with milk, with a serious risk of developing mastitis and dying from lack of veterinary care ... do you get my point?

• My dog’s personality will alter. Oh grow up! Neutering/spaying has absolutely no negative affect on your dog’s personality. Be positive! This procedure will make your animal more amenable, less aggressive and less likely to pick a fight! So, to those of you who whine, “it’s not normal,” or “my bitch deserves to have a litter,” my response to that is, get a clue, save a life; spay/ neuter your pet immediately or as soon as practicable. Contact your local vet for details.  For more information log onto or email me at miriam.

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18 GAZETTE 8 March 2012

GazetteMUSIC MUSIC FastTunes with Radio Nova’s Dee Woods


Cars Love Girls love... I ROB HEIGH

GOT last year’s mud scraped off your wellies? Ready to reveal your pasty pins in a pair of shorts (no matter how blue the cold makes your legs go.) Have a hankering for something cooked in a van? Then you’re ready for festival season. And with musical meccas cropping up on seemingly every grassy knoll this year, there are plenty of chances to check out bands you love and possibly discover new ones. We may be without Oxegen but we do have electricity. The Electric Picnic in Stradbally starts on August 31 and its line-up this year is a melting pot of acts and activities that includes multi-platinum artists like The Killers and The Cure, to festival staples like Christy Moore and Glen Hansard, and up-and-coming talents like Jonathan Wilson and Ed Sheeran. I’m already charged! Listen to Dee Woods from Radio Nova every weeknight from 7pm to 12am on 100.3FM

CARS Love Girls are set to launch their debut album, Skip School, this week and having heard the album, my goodness, you had better be at the Workman’s Club this Thursday. If you’re not lucky enough to be there, then you ought to rush out and buy the album immediately. When we spoke to lead singer Bres last summer, he was keen to get the band out into the public arena, but he was equally keen to make sure that the band took time to perfect every flick and twist, and that is clealy what Cars Love Girls have done. The slow gestation and polishing of every track here bears great fruit, and

is no small tribute to the quality of the songwriting and musicianship of the band, as well as the final touches provided by one of the most prominent names in mastering, Bernie Grundman, who worked on Carol King’s Tapestry, Steely Dan’s Aja and Prince’s Purple Rain. Whatever way you turn, there are inflections of some of the classiest pop in history throughout this record, and that’s no bad thing to wear on your sleeve when your influences are the best in the business. Opening with the Prefab Sprout-esque overture of What’s On My Mind, Skip School melts the day around you as you get drawn into its velvet sheen.

Cars Love Girls open up their account with a top-class debut album

There’s a pure pop sensibility that runs through every note of the album, and CLG’s way round a melody is refreshing, to say the least. Debut single, Lose Your Mind, langorously grooves it way out of the speakers,

while Never Gonna Get It wears its Prince influence on its sleeve, a combination of choppy guitar and synth lines that throw you all the way back to the heights of 1999-era Rogers Nelson. Cars Love Girls (the

track) is a Steely Daninfluenced west coast classic, another reinforcement of the feeling that this is the kind of music should be listened to in a convertible on a freeway driving next to the ocean. A fine debut all round.

8 March 2012 GAZETTE 19


Supported by AIB

Interview: Sandra Taylor, founder of Angelic Touch

A holistic touch to help resolve anxieties SANDRA Taylor had a very successful career in IT, but found that in recent years, it wasn’t getting her out of bed in the morning, and she struggled to figure out what she wanted to do. This struggle went on for a number of years until she had the luck to end up working in the same company as a woman who shared the same struggle. They started talking about what they wanted to do with their lives, started doing courses together, and six years later are the best of friends Her journey from there has had its highs and lows, with part of the journey to heal her own issues so that she could help her clients heal themselves. Sandra suffered panic attacks, fears and anxieties, fear of flying, mild agoraphobia, hated crowds and questioned whether her new path in life was the correct one – was an IT consultant job easier? For her, it would have been the easier path but not the correct one, as she felt that she wasn’t put on this planet to be an IT consultant. She underwent various therapies to help heal and resolve issues that caused

the panic attacks and anxieties and, today, she is feeling really good. However, she knows there are a lot of people out there that struggle like she did. As Sandra says, we live in stressful times; we often suffer from stressrelated health problems. Stress acts on the body and the mind and, therefore, on our whole being, causing us to battle through life. Sandra believes that adopting a holistic and natural healing approach is the best way to balance the body, mind and soul, allowing the body to use its natural ability to heal itself. She achieves this by using a variety of therapies that she is qualified in. In addition to helping clients resolve fears, phobias and anxieties, she is also a qualified reflexologist and massage therapist, and often uses a combination of therapies to help treat the mind and the body. Sandra also hosts talks/seminars by well-known speakers on holistic health. For more information about Angelic Touch, or to attend a “Detox Your Mind” event, see, or call Sandra at 086 838 4134.

the UK taxpayer. Investors are guaranteed up to €100,000 per person (and if sterling, the equivalent of € 100,000 so funds sent across the Irish Sea or up to the North of Ireland would be covered to this threshold) by the UK Financial Regulatory Authority. You may also remember Ulster Bank took over the engagements of ( i.e. bought ) First Active plc, formerly First National Building Society. Other institutions covered by the UK authority include Investec Bank, Leeds Building Society and Nationwide UK Building Society. KBC Bank, Rabo Bank and Danske Bank guarantee their respective subsidiaries here.

INCOME PROTECTION OR SERIOUS ILLNESS COVER Q – I took out a serious illness policy four years ago. I am a 36-year-old widow with two young children in professional employment, earning in excess of €85,000 per annum. The monthly contributions for this insurance are sizeable and with my current health good, seems to be a big waste of money. A friend of mine suggested I would be better off with income protection. What would you advise? Jenny – Blackrock

Sandra Taylor

A – Your friend could be right. Serious illness cover,

Q: What part of your working day do you ‘delegate’? A: None. I’m a one-man-band,

Q: What habits would you like to lose? A: Saying ‘You know’ at the

Q: What was your first job? A: Mortgage administrator in

so if it’s doing my treatments, designing/printing my brochures and flyers, updating my website, organising talks/ seminars/courses, I have to do it myself – but I love it

end of every sentence

Q: Have you ever done a job you loathed? A: No Q: When did you start your present job? A: October, 2009

ment guarantee? Alan - Mulhuddart

of Scotland (RBS) who, in turn, are owned 84% by

Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be? A: PE teacher

Q: And your first pay cheque? A: My memory isn’t that good

Q – Is the Ulster Bank covered by the Govern-

A – The Ulster Bank is owned by the Royal Bank


Irish Permanent


Q: What’s currently on your desk that shouldn’t be? A: ITEC Teaching Diploma assignments – I really need to get the assignments finished

Q: At the moment, what are you looking forward to? A: Expanding my business

that the last body of the Tit Bonhomme victims was recovered

or critical illness only covers you in the event of contracting a serious illness (the big four in particular are cancer, heart attack, stroke, MS) but you could be incapacitated for any reason outside of these

Q: Describe your dream meal? A: Diep Le Shaker, Pembroke

“serious” illnesses and not be compensated. With

Street with hubby

tion be more suitable, but the premiums you pay

two young children, not only would income protecattract tax relief at your full marginal rate (which in

Q: What is your guilty music/ TV or movie pleasure? A: The Champ, or Shemar

Q: Who would you like to have dinner with – Enda Kenny or Dame Edna? A: Dame Edna, without a

Moore – AKA Derek Morgan, from Criminal Minds

shadow of doubt – at least he/ she would be a bit of a laugh

Q: What music/pictures/movies do you have on your iPod/ iPad? A: I tend to listen to chill-out,

Q: Describe your dream holiday? A: Somewhere near the sea

covers 75% of your monthly salary (less any social

with my husband and kids, not too hot, with lots of activities, yet lots of treatments to help unwind

Some serious illness or critical illness cover can be

Q: What is the best thing about your job? A: Working for myself, look-

Q: Is there anything about yourself that you would like to set the record straight on? A: Redheads have a bad

ing after my clients and seeing their quality of life improving following treatment

reputation of having a fiery temper – not true! We are just passionate souls!

Q: Who do you follow on Twitter/Facebook? A: Kilmacud Crokes GAA,

Q: : Have you achieved anything that you once thought you could not pull off? A: Getting my first diploma at

Q: What sport do you follow? A: Football, rugby, GAA and

Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, CoWorkinn


the age of 43 – in Anatomy and Physiology. It’s never too late!

Q: What sport can you play? A: Football.

Q: What was your last tweet/ status update? A: Shared great but sad news

relaxing music most of the time

your case would be 41%). Put another way, a golfing partner once confided to me that he missed out on a payout from his serious illness policy because he only had one stent put into his heart (apparently the minimum is two!). Essentially, income protection welfare payments) until your incapacitation ends or your pension kicks in – whichever is the sooner. considered as part of an overall mix of health cover. It is important you obtain independent and professional advice.

Q: What would be your dream job? A: Managing my own beautiful

 Contact John with your money questions at

holistic treatment centre John Lowe, Fellow of the

Q: What do you plan to do when you retire? A: Enjoy it

Institute of Bankers, is founder and managing


ADVERTISE WITH THE GAZET TE CALL 60 10 240 or visit his website at

director of Money Doctor



20 GAZETTE 8 March 2012


SKODA’s Dublin dealerships are giving away 300km of free fuel for every person who visits the dealership between now and March 16, and takes a test drive in any SKODA model. SKODA will also reward anyone who orders and registers a new SKODA before March 31 with an additional 3,000km Topaz fuel voucher. This latest offer from SKODA’s Dublin dealerships is part of a nationwide testdrive campaign where SKODA intends to give away up to twomillion kilometres worth of free fuel. Announcing the offer, Ray Leddy, marketing manager of Skoda Ireland said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Dublin to save some hardearned cash and avail of this free fuel offer.”

A recent survey has shown that 46% of all cyclists have done things like breaking red lights, while nearly three quarters don’t wear a helmet

Nearly half of cyclists break rules of the road HILE the majority of cyclists heed the rules of the road, a roadside survey in Dublin has shown that nearly a half (46 percent) break the law on Dublin’s streets. The survey by Semperit Tyres was carried out over two days at a number of locations around Dublin city and environs. Paddy Murphy, from Semperit Tyres Ireland, said: “Safety is key for


us in Semperit and that was the motivation for us to carry out this survey. The good news is that the majority of cyclists are careful and law-abiding but there is a significant minority who don’t obey the rules and it needs to be brought home to them that their behaviour is not only a safety hazard for themselves but also for other road users. “From my own experience, I know that cyclists

don’t have it easy on Ireland’s roads; badly designed and badly maintained roads, insufficient cycle path provision and aggressive driving habits, all combine to make life difficult for cyclists. However, as the most vulnerable class of road user, they really need to heed all of the rules of the road in order to stay safe.” The main infringements highlighted by the survey included cycling

on footpaths (21 per cent); breaking traffic lights (15 per cent); and cycling against the flow of traffic or wrong way on a one-way street (14 per cent). And although they are not obligatory, nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of cyclists do not wear a protective helmet. Helmets have been shown to significantly reduce head injuries for cyclists in the event of a collision. At opposite ends of the

scale, the survey showed that teenagers proved to be the least observant of rules, while over-50s were the least likely to break the law. Exactly two-thirds (66 per cent) of teenagers were seen to break the law with a significant number commiting multiple infringements within a short space of time (e.g. breaking a red light and then cycling on the footpath). W h i l e t h e s u r ve y was being carried out,

a cyclist who broke a red light while pedestrians were crossing, was challenged by a pedestrian and the cyclist was heard to shout: “Traffic lights are for cars, cyclists don’t have to heed them.” However, under the terms of the Road Traffic Act, a bicycle is considered to be a vehicle, and thus, similar to car drivers, cyclists are obliged to obey the road traffic laws.

MINI making a statement in the commercial van world MINI are set to reveal a new stand-outfrom-the-crowd concept at Geneva International Motor Show 2012 – The MINI Clubvan Concept – a compact van for business and leisure, and the first premium model in the small carbased van segment. According to MINI, the Clubvan Concept proves that style can also be

practical. The MINI Clubman-based concept car combines all of the driving fun and distinctive design for which MINI is renowned, with an increased load-carrying capability. The Clubvan concept opens the door to a completely new market for MINI, premium small businesses who want to combine sharp driving dynamics with

low-cost of ownership, while also making a style statement with their company van. The Clubvan Concept is a five-door car with a twist. Two front doors for the driver and front passenger, two sidehinged rear doors and the rear-hinged Clubdoor on the right-hand side all create useful access. The Clubdoor gives

owners the option of loading smaller items from the side of the car as well as the rear.

8 March 2012 GAZETTE 21

Edited by Cormac Curtis


TomTom looking to improve Freight safety TOMTOM has launched a new partnership with the Freight Transport Association (FTA). The link-up will see TomTom provide their support for the FTA’s Van Excellence programme, which aims to promote best practice through selfregulation. TomTom and its network of fleet consultant resellers will promote best practice in van fleets across the UK and Ireland. The local representatives will use the FTA’s best practice guides to help van managers strive towards Van Excellence, using TomTom’s technology to underpin efforts to achieve this status. “We are delighted to join forces with the FTA, as the Van Excellence programme represents a significant move to raise standards throughout the industry,” said Giles Margerison, of TomTom. “The programme offers an ideal fit with TomTom Business Solution’s own values in promoting greener, safer, more efficient drivers. Self-regulation is important in ensuring high levels of operational best practice and our technology can help to provide the framework companies need to maintain those standards.” More than 40 organisations have already signed up forVan Excellence and members will be accredited through a robust auditing process. The programme is designed to improve safety and efficiency among van drivers, and help to scrap the outdated “white van man” image. Businesses interested in signing up for the programme should contact the FTA on +44 (0)8700 202 021.

The new Honda Civic, which has been hailed as one of the safest cars on the road

Civic safety supreme T HE new Honda Civic has received a five-star Euro NCAP Overall Safety Rating and Advanced NCAP Award for Safety Innovation. The new Civic has been rated one of Europe‘s safest cars, according to new independent crash testing results from Euro NCAP. In addition, Euro NCAP have announced that they are extending Honda’s Advanced NCAP reward for its Collision Mitigation Braking Sys-

tem (CMBS) technology to include the new Civic. The new Honda Civic has been awarded Euro NCAP’s maximum five-star rating. The rating scheme focuses on the vehicle’s overall safety performance which gives consumers an easy-to-understand single score. The system considers occupant protection, child protection, pedestrian protection and the availability of driver aids. Since the introduction of Euro NCAP’s new rating scheme all

Honda models tested have achieved five stars. Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP Secretary General, commented “The ninth generation Civic impressed and achieved high scores in all areas of assessment, putting it on a par with its rivals in this competitive market segment. The car scored well in Safety Assist and is also fitted as an option with Honda’s Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS).”

Euro NCAP also announced that they are extending Honda’s Advanced NCAP reward for its CMBS technology to include the new Civic. The reward recognises Honda‘s CMBS technology as amongst the best available safety innovations, offering research proven benefits. Euro NCAP Advanced is an initiative developed in response to the rapid development of new safety technologies, for which there is no independent assessment.

This Tourneo aims to beat competition THE new Ford Tourneo Custom Concept will make its global debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March, bringing a new level of energy and style to the European personal use vehicle segment. Previewing the introduction of a completely new range of people movers, with commercial vehicles to follow, the Tourneo Custom Concept showcases a dramatic new look that will appeal to customers seeking style,

functionality and space. “One look at the Tourneo Custom Concept is enough to tell you that it will inject an exciting new spirit into the personal use segment,” said Stephen Odell, chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe. “Our forthcoming new range gives us the opportunity to appeal to new customers with a fresh new direction, and we have seized that opportunity with both hands. “The Tourneo Custom Concept will preview of

a host of exciting new features, which give the vehicle strong car-like appeal. “These include an allnew interior design with driver-focused cockpit, and a luxurious, fully trimmed cabin which has the ambience and highquality materials of a modern multi-seat saloon car.” Ford says the Tourneo Custom Concept “communicates very clearly a dramatic new design direction for Ford’s commercial vehicle range”.

The new Ford Tourneo, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

22 GAZETTE 8 March 2012


GazetteTTRAVEL FastTravel

Leopards, temples and culture ... it can only be lovely Sri Lanka SRI LANKA conjures up images of tea plantations, beaches, sacred temples and exotic wildlife, and the island will not disappoint those looking for a holiday of exceptional variety this year, with an exceptional escorted tour available, from €2,139. Once landed, you’re in a different world, with a night in the vibrant colonial capital followed by a visit to cave paintings, en route to the ruins of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. History is everywhere, as shrines and temples punctuate this part of the tour, along with opportunities for an elephant-back safari and a visit to an elephant orphanage. A cultural evening is then followed by a trip to a tea plantation on the way to Nuwara Eliya, and then on to Yala National Park, where you can look out for leopards and other exotic creatures as part of a two-night stay there. Two relaxing days at the beach at Bentota, with visits to local towns, round off the 12-day adventure. The full escorted tour starts from €2,139 ex-London, which includes breakfast on most mornings, dinner on seven nights and lunch at the elephant sanctuary. Connecting flights from Dublin can be arranged. To book, visit your local travel agent or call the Thomas Cook Ireland team in Dublin on 01 514 0316.

A spacious Tara Room suite at the Trinity Capital Hotel on Pearse St in the heart of Dublin


Step into another world at the Trinity Capital  JESSICA MAILE

I THINK its important to state that not all four-star hotels are the same. I’m sure we have all been in hotels where the decor and atmosphere makes them all feel similar. The Trinity Capital Hotel breaks that mould. Walking off Pearse Street and into the reception area, you know you have entered a hotel

with a difference. The subtle lighting and cosy selection of extremely tall Winsdor-like chairs makes you want to just sit back and watch Dublin pass by or marvel at the amazing chandeliers. The interior design makes you feel so warm and at home, as the dark, yet warm, colours give off a cosy, but exotic, atmosphere and you can certainly see why the hotel has achieved it’s four-star status. As we made our way to our room, the journey down the purple and magenta hallway was relaxing (it sounds a bit much, but with the low lighting, it really worked) and made us wonder what the inside of the rooms was going to look like! The Tara Rooms may have been at the end of this inspirational corridor, but the best was definitely left to last. It was a hard choice between the huge bed, or the wonderfully modern

The lavishly decorated bar

sofas that invited you to take the pressure off your legs after a day’s shopping in the capital city. The carpet, cleverly designed to look like floorboards, and the bare brick gave the room a modern, yet homely feel that would be suited in any docklands warehouse apartment conversion. As evening approached, it was time to sit back with a refreshing pint in the lavishly decorated bar and enjoy the buzz of conversations and the exotic music playing in the background. The soft lighting from the internal courtyard provided a

warming glow and actually made us feel like we were in a much warmer climate. The Cafe Cairo restaurant provided a wonderful choice of meals to suit our building hunger, and our friendly hostess even helped with a recommendation for which wine to choose. The delicious lamb kebabs, with a tangy cucumber and mint sauce as starter, just stirred up my appetite as I knew the Surf and Turf was next for the main course. The succulent steak, and large tiger prawns, did not disappoint, but I

had to make sure I still had room for the blackcurrant cheesecake to top it all off. The combination of a full stomach and warm ambience combined to make us feel ready to waddle back to our large, comfy bed for a peaceful night’s sleep. The central location of the Trinity Capital Hotel makes it an ideal venue to appreciate all that Dublin has to offer. It was just a short walk before we were right in the heart of Dublin shopping district, as Grafton Street and O’Connell Street were just a stroll away. T he Trinity Capital Hotel offers all that you would want from a city hotel, but with that something extra special that you will want to take home with you, especially if it’s one of those oversized armchairs for your front room! For more information see

8 March 2012 BLANCH GAZETTE 23

Edited by Mimi Murray


Kenya find a better getaway in Africa? THE itinerary of the Kenya Migration Safari has been specially designed to put you at the heart of the annual wildlife migration. Visitors to this beautiful country will experience three very different regions while on safari, including Sambur u, which is rugged and beautiful and is renowned for predators and elephants; Nakuru, which is located in the Great Rift Valley, and is most famous for its flamingos and rhino, and the Masai Mara – world famous for its rolling grasslands and vast migrating herds. Enjoy this magnificent country as you drive on its rugged roads through rich farm land. Samburu Reserve lies 300km north of Nairobi, on the hot and arid fringes of Kenya. You arrive in time for lunch, followed by a game viewing drive. The Ashnil Samburu is separated from the reserve by the Uaso Nyiro River. The reserve lies within the lands of the Samburu people and is home to wildlife rarely found elsewhere in Kenya, including Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, and beisa oryx, which are found only north of the equator. The graceful gerenuk – an antelope with a characteristic long neck – spends much of its time in a bipedal stance, seeking relaxation in the sparse scrub that grows in this harsh terrain. This dramatic landscape is blanketed by the hot equatorial sun for most of the year. Relief comes from the cool waters of the Uaso Nyiro River, which rises to the west on the foothills of the Aberdares and which vanishes beyond Samburu in the soggy expanse known

Flamingos flock to Lake Nakaru in their thousands – just one of Kenya’s many stunning natural sights

as the Lorian Swamp. Sweetwaters is a sheltered oasis, clustered around a water hole and set in the pristine and private Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Game here includes elephants, giraffes, zebras and impalas and you will also visit the 200-acre chimpanzee sanctuary, established by Kenya’s Wildlife Service and the Jane Goodall Institute. More than 20 orphaned and abused chimps reside here, while becoming rehabilitated so they may be reintroduced to the wild. Sweetwaters also boasts almost 400 bird species. Nakuru is perhaps the most famous of Africa’s great soda lakes, and Lake Nakuru is home to hundreds of thousands of greater and lesser flamingos and many other water bird species. Built in a natural dais, overlooking one of the world’s greatest ornithological spectacles, the Sarova Lion Hill Lodge impresses with its panoramic views of Lake Nakuru. The lodge is surrounded by natural flora and fauna and you can enjoy the vista from the privacy

of your own veranda. One of the great natural features on earth, the Rift Valley is visible from outer space and stretches 5,500km, spans two continents, and runs from Jordan, through Kenya to Mozambique. In the Masai Mara, with the reserve borders between Kenya and Tanzania unfenced, the wildlife is free to migrate, and the Mara is probably best known for its annual wildebeest migration. Lion, cheetah and leopard are often spotted; however, it is the vast herds that will leave you spellbound. The cost is €2,195pp – ground only – and €2,718pp, including flights. The price of this trip includes all transfers, accommodation, meals and game drives as indicated, private transport

while on safari with a naturalist driver/guide, and National Park and transit fees. International return flights to Nairobi are not included, and will be priced on application to ensure the best fare. Kenya visa fees are USD$50 per person. Travel insurance, and tips to drivers, porters and bellmen are not included. The Kenya Migration Safari is only available from July 1 to October 31, so book now to avoid disappointment. This package can be booked as is. However, it is best combined with a beach stay of four or six nights in a resort along Mombasa’s sandy shores. This can be arranged upon request. For more information, or to book, visit www.

You could easily see some of Samburu’s elephants


Exciting new wedding package on offer at the luxury four-star Slieve Russell hotel in Cavan THE Slieve Russell hotel in Cavan has launched its exciting new wedding package. The four-star luxury Slieve Russell Hotel, located on the Cavan border, has created a great wedding package that is budget-friendly, covering 100 guests for €5,000, with this offer valid on all Fridays and Saturdays during the months of January, February, March, November and December, 2013, and all midweek dates in 2013 (excluding December 27 to 31). Set in 300 acres of magnificently landscaped gardens, including 50 acres of lakes, the hotel ensures the perfect setting for your wedding day. Inspirational gardens with vibrant and unique surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for those all-important wedding shots. For further information, contact the Slieve Russell sales office on 049 952 6444, see, or email slieve-sales@

24 BLANCH GAZETTE 8 March 2012


GoingOUT THE PAVILION THEATRE 01 231 2929 Carthaginans

CONTINUING with The Pavilion’s run of strong, memorable drama, Frank McGuinness’ striking play, Carthaginans, runs on Friday, March 9 and Saturday, March 10. Influenced by Bloody Sunday, and delving into certain facets of The Troubles, this production, set in a graveyard, both helps to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and provides some thought-provoking entertainment for theatre fans. Catch the show at 8pm, with tickets costing €20/6.

MILL THEATRE 01 296 9340 The Field GLENCULLEN Musical and Dramatic Society will bring the intimidating figure of Bull McCabe to life in their production of the classic John B Keane play, The Field. Marking the tenth anniversary of the acclaimed playwright’s death, the imposing tenant farmer will stalk the rural setting of a remote Irish village, while tragedy builds like billowing stormclouds over a simple field ... The show runs nightly at 8pm until Saturday, March 10, with tickets priced at €15/€12.

CIVIC THEATRE 01 885 2622 Love’s Last Shift PRESENTED by Bull Alley Training College, the sights, sounds and mores of 1696 will be brought to life in a broad farce inflluenced partly by the Restoration period’s values, and theatrical tastes. When a virtuous wife’s longabsent rake of a husband returns to London, yet no longer remembers her after all his time spent with the bottle and the brothel, she resolves to trick him, thus showing him the error of his ways ... The play runs at 8.15pm until Saturday, March 10, with admission costing €10/€7 conc.

DRAIOCHT 01 885 2622 The Picture of Dorian Grey YOU’LL be Wilde about this production of the classic play, with Oscar’s masterpiece being brought to life with ease by the expert players of Wonderland Productions Limited. Gate Theatre regulars Michael James Ford and Michael Winder will be joined by the RSC’s Simon Coury for an exquisite dinner theatre 90-minute show at 7.30pm on Saturday, March 10, with tickets priced €40/€35 conc, which includes a three-course meal.

Although audiences may not have been quite as enthusiastic, there was near universal critical acclaim for The Artist, which claimed several titles at the recent Oscars’ ceremony, including the widely-expected wins for Best Actor, for Jean Dujardin, and Best Picture

Let’s look at Oscar Kate’s invite was lost in the post – but not to worry, as here’s a look at some key titles from this year’s awards I KATE CROWLEY

THERE’S no accounting for taste – something which my readers would probably hiss each week, but never mind. I mean, I take what you both think very seriously indeed, but I don’t always follow what general audiences, rather than my readers, are interested in. Take The Woman In Black, for instance, which I part reviewed last week, and noted that it was a decidedly twostar film. (Space prohibited me from revealing at the time that one star was given to star, Daniel Radcliffe’s whiskers.) However, audiences have begged to differ – in Britain, at least – where I see that the film has become the most successful horror film, like, ever. Yikes. Unlike the film, that’s rather scary ... Well, sticking with the audience for now, let’s follow ’em right on over

to The Oscars. Oh, sure, I’m a week late – but, on the other hand, this way I get to look at some of the winners, rather than sitting here with egg on my face from predicting likely winners from the week before. The Best Picture Oscar went to The Artist, which, in retrospect, wasn’t exactly the greatest surprise in the world. Although I never got around to reviewing it here, it’s a fine choice for best film, with the preceding year not having any particularly outstanding titles. Perhaps something of an acquired taste, it still stands out as an expertly made, yet entertaining look back at the fine old traditions of cinema itself, while its shameless mugging and over-the-top acting still has plenty of wit and warmth, making it a good, if somewhat safe, choice for that Oscar.

Not just one Oscar, of course, as it scooped up several others, with Jean Dujardin’s energetic performance seizing Best Actor, while other Oscars included Best Director, Best Original Score and Best Costume Design. Not bad going for a silent film. Hugo, which I did review, also did quite well, taking another impressive haul with such winners as Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing, and Best Cinematography, all of which helps to show that it’s not just a great, if thoughtful kids’ film, but also something that looks and sounds great, making it an audiovisual treat, and was a pretty good win for what is Marty

Scorcese’s first children’s film. Of course, Meryl Streep took yet another award, sweeping onto the stage to take Best Actress for The Iron Lady. Another non-surprise, as who on earth would argue with Margaret Thatcher – well, Meryl – on her way to the stage? I’m assuming thatMer yl’s downstairs loo – or wherever she keeps all her gold awards and statues – now has more bling than the window at Appleby’s. Something that was almost as golden was the highlyemotional acceptance speech by Octavia Spencer, given her Best Suppor ting Actress win for The Help;

a film I didn’t quite take to, but which was a hit for many. Christopher Plummer was gracious with his simple speech for his win for Best Supporting Actor for Beginners, while his rivals looked on from the rank-and-file filling the auditorium. Otherwise ... well, it was a mixed bag of largely unsurprising wins, while Billy Crystal’s shtick went down as well*/terribly* as usual (*delete as appropriate). And that’s yer lot. There were some great winners, some worthy ones, bizarre choices and curious omissions – same old, same old – creating an Oscars show, and selection, that was straightforward enough. And now, the Oscar award for the Best Suddenly Off To The Shops Film Critic goes to ...

In tribute to this year’s Best Picture winner, here’s a monochrome Oscar

8 March 2012 BLANCH GAZETTE 25

GazetteGAMING GAMING Bytesandpieces Could chain soon face Game over?

It’s early notice, but gamers will welcome the news of the release date for Bioshock Infinite, with its floating city-state setting of Columbia (above), echoing many of the architectural designs and societal mores of Chicago’s 1893 World Columbian Exposition (right)

Prepared for an Infinite adventure in Columbia?  SHANE DILLON

BEING something of a nerd in many fields, and not just in gaming, I know lots of useless stuff – such as … did you know that the world’s first Ferris Wheel was Irish? (Keep reading – this is going somewhere, I promise.). Yes, indeed, the humble ferris wheel first made its appearance in Irish Town

– just one of the many national locations found within the vast, sprawling and pretty amazing 1893 World Columbian Exposition (also known as the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893). Amongst other gems, Irish Town featured a fine example of Irish steel and iron, which the ironmongers had crafted into a giant spinning

wheel with carriages, with which to raise visitors for a view over the vast site. So far, so … informative, yet what, one might ask, has the little-known wonder of the 1893 Chicago World Fair’s sights got to do with gaming today? It’s pretty simple, really, as the release date for Bioshock Infinite has

Anotherweebyte... Chilling news for Blizzard’s staff MANY readers will be aware of the jobs lost in Cork recently when Blizzard Entertainment announced that 200 jobs were to go at its division there, in a move that’s a personal tragedy for all involved, but a step that’s unlikely to have been very surprising for industry watchers, or, indeed, for many of Bliz-

zard’s user base. World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s international role-playing game, has peaked, plateaued and begun to lose subscribers, with a subscriber base standing at 12 million in 2010, but dropping to 10.2 million by the end of December last – a 15% drop that was set to inevitably hit staff numbers at the firm’s global operations. There’s absolutely no pun intended, but

Blizzard’s cuts are just another sign of the chill winds that continue to blow through the Irish and global economy. Hopefully, the staff at Blizzard’s Cork operations will benefit from the support available from IDA Ireland and other such bodies, and, with World of Warcraft set to be part of their past, I’m sure we all hope there’s a world of opportunity ahead for the 200 staff ...

just been announced – October 19 – and, for those who know of such matters, it’s easy to see Bioshock Infinite (or B3, as I’ll call it, being the third in the Bioshock series) as a setting that’s been heavily influenced by the architecture and stylings of the 1893 fair, coupled with the mores and habits of turn-of-thecentury America. Indeed, even by name alone, B3 seems influenced by the 1893 Fair, as its setting – the floating city of Columbia, traversing the sky with all manner of turbines and wind balloons holding it aloft – looks quite similar in look, and concept, to her earthbound Chicago counterpart. In B3, faced with the task of roaming through now largely lawless Columbia, which is feared by those lands below the anarchic floating city, the player will constantly endeavour to find, work with and

ultimately escape with Elizabeth – a mysterious women with barely controlled psychic powers, who is an essential part of Columbia’s destiny, and a character at the centre of several rival factions’ plans – and not all of them human ... So far, so Bioshock, as previous fans of Bioshock’s way of presenting story alongside gameplay will know to expect a first-personshooter that’s presented with interesting undertones to exercise their grey matter, alongside their trigger finger. Despite Columbia being set to be a very unwelcoming place for visitors on October 19 gamers will certainly be on cloud nine once they step forth into the floating city, where Elizabeth and all manner of wondrous sights, intimidating gangs, political rivalries – and terrifying falls to the distant landscape, below – will await …

I DIDN’T expect to be covering Game’s fortunes again quite so soon after last week’s side story on the retailer’s announcement it would not be stocking a significant new Wii release. However, the retailer has been making news for all the wrong reasons yet again, as its share price suddenly tumbled 15% at the end of last week. Continuing its ongoing trading difficulties with distributors, it was reported that Game was unable to reach agreement with EA over credit terms for stocking the imminent and keenlyanticipated cross-platform EA release, Mass Effect 3 (ME3) and, consequently, won’t be stocking ME3 at its stores upon its release this Friday – despite ME3 being one of the key “flagpole” releases for 2012 for all games retailers, and a lucrative money generator for all concerned. The failure to stock such a key title amounts to even more of Game’s balance-sheet blood in the water, as the retailer struggles to restructure its finances and credit sheet, and reach agreement with its significant trading partners. ME3’s war should have been a nice little earner for Game – or at the very least, helpful in addressing some of its ongoing credit issues – but, instead, gamers, shareholders and business correspondents could be forgiven for wondering if it’ll soon be Game over for the ailing chain …


26 BLANCH GAZETTE 8 March 2012



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Email us at ELECTRICAL


NOTICE Notice Of Application For A Certificate For A new Wolesale Beer Dealer’s Licence District Court Area Of Dublin


TAKE NOTICE that .Techsol Wines and Spirits Limited with its registered address at Fitzwilliam Business Centre, 77 Sir Rogersons Quay, Dublin 2 intends to apply to Court 23, Old Public Records Building, Four Courts, Dublin 7 on the 4th day of April 2012. at 10.30am. for a certificate to hold a WHOLESALE BEER DEALER’S LICENCE in respect of the premises situate at Orion Business Campus, North West Business Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. in court area and district aforesaid. Solicitors for the Applicant Tiernans Solicitors 15 Church Street Dundalk, Co Louth


FINGAL COUNTY COUNCIL We, K & C Cassidy, intend to apply for PERMISSION for development at this site at Nos. 44 & 45 Alderwood, Ratoath Road, Hollystown, Dublin 15. The development will consist of relocation of boundary between existing dwelling at No. 44Alderwood & approved dwelling at No. 45 Alderwood (Reg. Ref: F05A/0715/E1), the relocation of car parking of No. 45 Alderwood to the southern side of the dwelling, single storey extension to side and rear of No. 44 Alderwood (29.3sqm) and all associated site works. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee (EUR 20.00) within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application 15007











Further Information/Revised Plans. I, Vitalie Berzan, under planning reference FW11B/0071 applied for permission, but due to a request for Further Information/ Revised Plans the development will now consist of extension to existing hipped roof to form a gable roof at the sides of both dwellings for the purpose of attic storage, installation of solar panels to front section of both roofs, all associated site development works and overall boundary has been increased to include site no. 84 at both 82 & 84 The Village, Porterstown Road, Clonsilla, Dublin 15. Further Informaton/Revised plans in relation to the application have been furnished to the Planning Authority, and are available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the authority during office hours. A submission or observation in relation to the further information or revised plans may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee. Submission or observations to be sent to the Planning Authority within two weeks of receipt by the Planning Authority of the newspaper notice and site notice or in the case of a planning application accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement (E.I.S.), within 5 weeks of receipt of such notices by the Planning Authority.

Permission sought for removal of single storey bay window to side and relocation of main hall door from side to front elevation and provision of a two storey semi-detached dwelling to side (including attic conversion) with off street parking including relocation and widening of existing entrance driveway at 23 Warrenstown Grove, Blanchardstown Heath, Dublin 15. For Ann Hughes. This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee (€20) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.












...€300* FOR 12 WEEKS! *Excluding VAT. Subject to pre-payment


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8 March 2012 BLANCH GAZETTE 27


STARS IN YOUR EYES Dublin Sports Stars winners for February are announced: Page 29


Basketball Ireland and NDC hold seminar

BASKETBALL Ireland, in conjunction with the National Dairy Council (NDC), recently held a Nutrition and Coaching Seminar for coaches at the National Basketball Arena, as part of the Milk it For All It’s Worth campaign. Dr Tom Hill, a senior lecturer in Nutrition at Newcastle University, led an interactive discussion, supported by

the nutritional team from NDC. Dr Hill has extensive experience of working on diet and nutrition issues with players, athletes and teams across a variety of sports, ranging from soccer to rowing. T he NDC interest is fuelled by the growing body of scientific research showing milk can play a very positive role in a number of aspects of sports nutri-

tion. Specific areas of focus include the effectiveness of skimmed milk as a rehydration drink after sports, in addition to research highlighting the beneficial role of milk and milk-based products in recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage. The beneficial role of milk in these areas has been attributed to the natural nutritional composition of milk.

Dr Tom Hill, Caroline O’Donovan from the National Dairy Council, and and Martin McGettrick, Basketball Ireland

A c c o r d i n g t o D r. Hill, coaches should be encouraged to initiate basic nutrition strategies with their squads. “Proper sports nutrition will help athletes to train and compete harder and to recover more quickly, so that they are better able to take on their next train-

ing session or competition,” said Dr. Hill. “The few hours before, during and after exercise are critical times for ensuring players eat and drink properly and coaches can play a role in giving encouragement to players around this. “During sport last-

ing more than 30 minutes, fluid intake may be required. Adequate rehydration after sports is vital to replace fluids lost via sweat.” Fluid requirements should also account for the ongoing sweat loss that occurs during the recovery period after exercise. In summary,

food and drink after sport, which replaces the carbohydrate stores, provides some protein and helps replace the fluid and electrolytes (sodium and potassium) lost in sweat is recommended. For more information on the campaign, see

28 BLANCH GAZETTE 8 March 2012

GazetteSport Sport

Club founder, Tom Moore, cuts the 25th birthday cake

John Delaney, Jim Geraghty, Tony Jordan and Tom Moore, with

in Castleknock Hotel and Country Club

schoolboy players, Leigh O’Reilly, Mark Hughes and Jonathon O’Hanlon David Hughes, and FAI CEO John Delaney

Minister Leo Varadkar, Councillor Eithnes Loftus, Hilary Treadwell,


Castleknock Celtic salute 25 years ASTLEKNOCK Celtic celebrated its 25th birthday in fine style at a gala event attended by 200 guests at the Castleknock Hotel & Country Club last week. Tony Jordan, co-founder and club secretary said: “Being part of the community, we believe we have a duty to encourage all children to play sport at a level where they enjoy their football and we continue to strive to provide the facilities to accommodate our growing numbers, which are now around 800. We like to think that we also help to instil the values of fair play, respect and sportsmanship in all our players.” The club’s standing in the community was reflected in the well-attended event where Minister Joan Burton, Minister Leo Vardakar and FAI chief executive, John Delaney, were on hand to not only show their support but also to say a few kind words about the club and its volunteers. Club chairman and co-founder, Jim Geraghty, who received an award from the club members said, “This club is about the community, and the support we receive from sponsors, managers and parents really symbolises what a community is all about.”


John Delaney, FAI CEO; Shay Fenton, Club Architect; Jim Geraghty, Chairman; Joe Mackey; Minister Joan Burton; Tony Jordan; Minister Leo Varadkar, and Tom Moore

Tony Jordan, Minister Joan Burton and Councillor Peggy Hamill

Phil O’Donnell, John Hayes, Francis O’Donnell and Jane Hayes

8 March 2012 BLANCH GAZETTE 29

in association with




LESLEY O’HALLORAN THE South Dublin tennis ace has had a lengthy and prestigious career in the sport in this country, and brought two gold, a silver and a bronze medal back from the San Diego International Tennis Federation (ITF) Senior World championships, claiming Ireland’s first-ever team title in world tennis in the process.

Dublin gives thanks

THE Annual Ecumenical Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of Sport will be held in St Ann’s Church on Dawson Street on Sunday, March 25, at 7.30pm. Sixty-three years ago the first service of thanksgiving for the gift of sport took place in Dublin in 1949 in St Peter’s Church, Aungier Street, long since demolished. The idea for holding such a ser vice arose following discussions between the Revd




THE Rathfarnham side travelled to Malatya in south-eastern Turkey to claim promotion from the EuroHockey Indoor Club Champion’s Challenge II, getting back into the top tier of the indoor competition in Europe by virtue of a second-place position in the competition, achieved in spite of some tough breaks on their way to the tournament.

WHAT? It’s March already? February ended on a high with the showing of the Dublin Sports Awards show on Setanta Ireland, and keep an eye out for more repeats of the show throughout this month. Not only that, but there were some huge achievements on the world stage by our stars of the month. World number two at her age level, Lesley O’Halloran brought a handful of world championship medals back to the capital after her great success in San Diego. Equally far afield, Three Rock



Rovers achieved their Turkish delight and obtained promotion to the EuroHockey Indoor Club Champion’s Challenge I for the 2013 season.

Let us know! Let us know about your achievements in sport, so that the Gazette can tell the rest of Dublin — and give you, or your team, a chance to be one of our monthly stars. Contact us on 01 601 0240 or to tell us all about your successes, and follow us on Facebook at facebook. com/gazettesportII.


60 10 240

George Crummy and Bob Graves, the Irish r ugby international. Since then the ser vice has developed into an annual ecumenical event, held in the evenings, to allow for maximum attendance from the sporting fraternity The service continues to be the focus of thanksgiving for all men, women and young people whose lives have been enriched and blessed by the gift of sport, whether through active par ticipation, patronage or through the media of radio, tel-

evision or attendance at sporting events and fixtures. Over the years many prominent sportspersons of note have spoken at the service and, this year, the address will be given by Tommy Carr, the former Gaelic football player for Dublin and All-Star winner in1991. He has also managed a number of other county GAA teams since his retirement as a player. The collection is donated each year to a charity and, this year, Pieta House has been

chosen. Pieta is involved in assisting people at risk of suicide and self harm. Unfortunately, those who participate in sport are not immune from such tragedy and sadness as most recently highlighted by the death of Garry Speed in Britain. For further information, contact Robert Prole, member of the ASU (Association of Schools’ Unions ) Service Organising Committee by telephone on 01 2889565 or via email to


30 BLANCH GAZETTE 8 March 2012


Dunboyne: It’s hammer time I

GOT A MATCH REPORT? Call our SPORTS TEAM on 60 10 240 or email

LAST week saw Dunboyne Athletics Club’s all-weather track facilities host Irish hammerthrowers, who used the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. This was a chance to see top-class junior and senior athletes, as well as improvers, performing in hammer and discus. The club’s newly-built Olympic hammer cage now gives throwers the best facilities and conditions to develop their performance, abilities and skills. One of the club’s expert throwers is Betty Cunningham, who has been member of Dunboyne AC for more than

20 years. Betty regularly competes at national level representing Dunboyne AC, and said: “There is an Irish tradition of throwing the hammer and the roots of the sport can be found in the ancient Celtic times. “Hammer and discus are among the eight Olympic field events which deserve to be better known, and, just like any other sport, you’ll find men and women, parents who are involved and they are always willing to chat with anyone to explain the rules, the history and share their passion.” Irish international and club man, Padraig

Dunboyne hosted the hammer and discus event last weekend

White (Dunboyne AC), was one of the favourites to win the hammer contest, finishing second with a 63.90m throw, 5cm short from his personal best. Padraig, looking forward to the competition

in Duboyne, said: “It is very important that we have an annual winter throws event here in Ireland. It will give the throwers an opportunity to break up the winter training and put down a mid-season mark.”

In the discus contest, Michael Hanlon, competing at national level under the Dunboyne AC colours, achieved a 42m throw for his first competition of 2012, ranking as the first-placed junior competitor.

8 March 2012 BLANCH GAZETTE 31

in association with


CLUB NOTICEBOARD ST BRIGID’S DEEPEST sympathies this week to the

and our U-16, U-14, U-13 camogie teams

Donnelly and O’Reilly families on their

and U-16 Division 1 ladies footballers

recent losses.


Congratulations to junior camogie player, Patrina Peacock, and senior

Round 2 of AFL league fixtures this Saturday and Sunday.

footballer Conor Moran on their mar-

Tradesmen and volunteers are still

riage, celebrated last Thursday. A life-

needed for work on our new gym. If

time of happiness to you both from all

you can spare a few hours, email mar-

in the club.

Well done to Philip Ryan, who scored

Well done to all those who helped col-

1-2 for the Dublin U-21s with their win

lect over 350 phones for our new AED

over Wexford.

which we will receive this week.

A mixed weekend for our adult hurl-

Club lotto is still €15,000 and takes

ers, with our junior hurlers beating

place in the Roselawn Inn this Thurs-

Crumlin, while our senior and inter


hurlers were both narrowly edged out

New players are always welcome,

by Vincent’s and Crokes respectively.

please contact club coach, Paul on

Good wins for our inter 2 footballers

0879154748 or

ST PEREGRINE’S St Brigid’s adult hurlers began with a mixed bag of results in their opening league fixtures of 2012

Brigid’s hurlers mix results in openers I

ST BRIGID’S three adult hurling teams began their AHL 2012 league campaigns with mixed fortunes last weekend when competitive adult hurling resumed across the capital after the winter break. In AHL 1, St Brigid’s senior hurlers, under the new management of former Dublin player Ger Ryan, paid the penalty for a slow start, and trailed St Vincent’s in Pairc Na Uinsionn by 0-7 to 0-2 at half-time. Despite a rousing second-half display, with former Dublin minors Aodhan McEnerney and Aidan O’Leary to the fore, they left themselves too much to do, and lost by 0-12 to 0-9. In AHL 5, a similar fate befell the inter hurlers against Kilmacud Crokes in Russell Park, when an early Crokes penalty saw the Stillorgan men lead 1-7 to 0-2 at half-time.

Brigid’s fought back in the second half and a goal from Cormac O’Meara with six minutes remaining, left only two points between the sides. However, after holding Crokes scoreless for 25 minutes of the second half, they could not draw level, despite several chances to do so, and two late frees saw Crokes edge over the line, 1-9 to 1-5. Brigid’s junior hurlers gave the most complete display of the weekend, with Neil Plunkett scoring two early first-half goals to set Tim O’Leary’s men on their way to victory against Crumlin in Russell Park. Not to be outdone, midfielder Alan Thynne got in on the goal-scoring act, grabbing a further two quick-fire goals to end the game as a contest before veteran clubman Noel Kidd rounded off a perfect day for the junior hurlers when he

hammered home a freeflowing counter-attack in injury time, leaving the final score 5-7 to 1-6 in favour of the Russell Park men.

AED arrives After six months of effort, St Brigid’s finally reached their target of gathering 360 old mobile phone for the club’s new AED and outdoor heater. The club already has one AED, located beside its state-of-the art allweather pitch, but given the size and continued growth of the club in recent years, it was widely acknowledged by the club’s executive that a second AED was required. Inspired by a spate of recent Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) tragedies, particularly that of Ciaran Carr of Round Towers, and Seaghan Kearney of St Oliver Plunkett’s, whose life was saved by

an AED, the campaign was headed by senior footballer Stephen Moore. Speaking to GazetteS p o r t , S t B r i g i d ’s club secretary, Mary O’Connor, expressed her gratitude to the club’s members, and particularly Stephen, who she believed deserved particular praise. “Stephen deser ves loads of credit for his work on this campaign. Given his background in physical education and sports science, he saw the need for a second AED in the club and his hard work may yet save someone’s life in the future.” Training in the use of the machine is now underway. Seaghan Kearney, whose story inspired the campaign, was on hand to present the new AED and outdoor heater to Stephen Moore, Mary O’Connor, and club president, Herbie Hughes.

SINCERE condolences to Davey Byrne

Membership for the year is now due.

and family on the death of his father,

Please make sure membership is paid,


as you cannot take the field without it

Well done to our senior footballers and senior camogie on good cup wins at the weekend. Hard luck to our inter hurlers in their first league game. Well done to our U-13 boys hurlers who had a great win over St Brigids.

being paid. The nursery is being re-launched, details to follow. Entertainment in the club this Saturday is from Rainbow. Club shop vouchers are also avail-

Club fundraising draw is now up

able. Details and contacts on the club

and running, and all members should

website, which will be finished

now have their tickets. Tickets to be


returned to club by March 21. Lotto was not won; numbers drawn were 2, 8, 10 and 26. Next week’s jackpot is €2,200.

Follow us on Twitter @peregrinesgaa. Bingo continues every Wednesday night in the clubhouse from 8.30pm.

ERIN GO BRAGH OUR junior 7 footballers drew with

We would encourage all members

St Vincent’s in the Parsons cup last

to support our weekly lotto. Tick-

Sunday. Our junior hurlers narrowly

ets are €2 per ticket or three for €5.

lost to Commericals in the league.

This is a key fundraiser for this club.

Erin go Bragh Easter camp will run

There are tickets behind the bar in

from the April 3 from 9.45am to 2pm.

the Paddocks, or contact John Kin-

The camp is football for the three

sella on 086 818 4054.

days for ages 5 to 12 years. Cost is

Annual membership is now over-

€30 and €25 for siblings. Please con-

due. Please note all members fees go

tact John on 087 754 1948 or Dave on

directly to insurance, the day-to-

086 310 1034.

day running of the club and to the

Our ladies section are holding a

long term development of the club.

junior disco in the Castaheany Com-

Subscriptions are paid annually in

munity Centre on Friday, March 16,

advance in December for the calen-

from 5.30 to 7pm, and is for 4 to

dar year. Members subscriptions

7-year-olds, and from 7.15 to 9.15pm

cover insurance costs. Children

is for 8 to 12-year-olds. Admission is

and adults are not insured to par-

€2. N

ticipate unless their subscriptions

There was no winner of last week’s

are fully paid. The club is managed

lotto draw. Numbers drawn were

and operated on a voluntary basis

4, 6, 7 and 8. Next week’s jackpot is

by the members. Please contact

€4,300. Draw to be held in The Pad-

Sinead at for


more information.

Follow GazetteSport on Facebook and Twitter, and at


MIXED FORTUNE: St Brigid’s hurlers open season with set of close results P31

MARCH 8, 2012

FEBRUARY FAVES: Dublin Sports Awards winners announced P29

Corduff into last eight of SFAI cup

THE incredible story of the Corduff U-14 side is once again repeating their success on the All-Ireland stage after their win last week against Freebooters pushed them into the national quarter-finals of the competition. It has set up a tantalising date with Templeogue United, regular rivals in the latter stages of these competitions in the past few years. Indeed, Corduff manager Johnny Bootman reckons “whoever wins this game can win the All-Ireland” as the two talented Dublin sides target a semi-final berth. For Bootman, who has many of the players since the age of seven at the Dublin 15 club, the local make-up of the team a source of pride. “The team is still very much the same [from the last few years]. We still have the same players, who are mainly drawn from the Blanch/Dublin 15 area from the Corduff side

of the main road, so to speak, incorporating Ladyswell, Drumheath, Castlecurragh and Corduff,” he told GazetteSport. Despite an entry list of over 300 clubs each year, Corduff have continued to make waves, having reached the final four two years ago before being knocked out by Cherry Orchard in controversial fashion. Templeogue reached the final that year and won out 2-1 against the D15 side in 2011.

Confidence But confidence is high for Bootman’s side as they moved closer to the NDSL Premier league title with a 3-1 win over main rivals, Skerries, to go 13 points clear of the table. And it will help drive them forward against the southsiders. “I think we’ll be ready for them this year. They might have one or two new players in. They are a very good side. Alan Kinsella is a super manager so they will be well up for it,


Corduff are no strangers to success in the local and national competitions, and are seen here celebrating their league success in 2011

too. He’ll have them well and truly ready. We’ll just get out on the pitch and let battle commence. “There’s talk going around that this is the final. They had a great side last year and, while a few of them had gone, they got in a few new one players. “It will be a good game and one of the best teams in the competition will come out of that game. Whoever wins that game can win the All-Ireland – that’s the way it’s looking.” The side received an added boost, too, as Birmingham have recently shown an interest – through their links with Martin Dunphy and Mark Mulvery – in a number of Corduff’s players, including Dylan Travers who has been with the club since he was seven. “Birmingham just confirmed that they are going to take three lads over, Johnny Pomme, Dylan Travers and Matthew Keogh. There have been more scouts over expressing interest but they haven’t confirmed anything for definite.”


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