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May 5, 2011

CABLE GUY: Leo Varadkar and team on local clean-up mission: See Page 2

Charity Bell: D15 bar comes up trumps THE BELL, in Blanchardstown,

Football: Local ladies aiming for Division 2 crown Page 32

celebrated the success of their wax or shave campaign in aid of cystic fibrosis recently when the local bar raised a whopping €14,491 for the charity. Pictured presenting the cheque are Gardai Michael Parry-Jones and Sinead Swan with Barry Horgan, Martin Cahill, of the Cystic Fibrosis Association (CFA), and Mia and Rebecca Horgan. Full Story on Page 5

Sports Awards: Esteemed April winners are announced Page 29

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Call for action on ‘war zone’ sites Council urged to make developers clean up their act


DERELICT sites at unfinished residential developments across Dublin 15 have been described as resembling “war zones”, with local politicians urging Fingal County Council to force developers to “clean up” abandoned sites.

At a council meeting this week, Socialist Party councillor Matt Waine will press FCC to “take action” on abandoned and uncompleted residential developments in D15. Councillor Waine said he visited a number of unfinished developments and “could not believe the state” the sites are

in. “The rubble and other construction waste discarded on these sites make the area look like a war zone,” he said. He said he now wants the council to actively move to force developers to “return these sites to an acceptable level of care”. Full Story on Page 3



Cable guy: Leo begins clean up

Pitch allocations to begin in June THE allocation of GAA pitches in Beechpark to local sports clubs will commence this June. Mulhuddart Councillor Patrick Nulty asked Fingal County Council management which clubs will be eligible to use the GAA pitches once they come on stream in Beechpark, Clonsilla and how interested parties may apply. According to a council spokesperson the allocation of pitches in Beechpark will take place this June and facilities will be “allocated to clubs taking into account their proximity to the park and the number of teams fielded. “All clubs will be notified shortly in relation to applying for pitches 2011/2012, including Beechpark,” the council spokesperson said.

Draiocht to hold open auditions DRAIOCHT is holding open auditions this summer for young people interested in taking part in a theatre project. The open audition will take place on Sunday, June 19, for young people aged between 13 and 18 years. No training is required, just an interest in theatre and willingness to try new things is needed. For a registration pack and more information on auditions and youth theatre, email sarah@ Registration will also be possible that morning.

LOCAL TD and Minister for Tourism, Leo Varadkar, was on hand recently in Blanchardstown along with a host of volunteers as they began work on the removal of over 10,000 election poster cable ties from across the Dublin West constituency. Minister Varadkar said he was keen to take the lead on a local project to improve the environment for visitors, and was joined on the day by volunteers John O’Shea, Ned Walsh, Cllr Kieran Dennison, Cllr Eithne Loftus and Andy Garvey.


Calls for increased safety measures at St Mochta’s Q LAURA WEBB

CALLS have been made for provisions to be considered by the local authority to ensure “the safety of pupils” at St Mochta’s NS on roads surrounding the school. Socialist Party councillor Matt Waine is calling on Fingal County Council to outline “what traffic measures could be considered” for safety at the local school, which is located in the vicinity of Porterstown Road and Clonsilla Road.

However, according to a spokesperson for FCC, traffic-calming measures in the form of trafficcalming ramps or speed cushions, or the provision of school advance flashing amber warning signals is “not considered warranted at present” on Porterstown Road and on the Clonsilla Road. “But it should be noted that the Gardai visit the school from time to time as part of an initiative launched by the Gardai at Blanchardstown targeting ‘careless parking outside schools’ on an

ongoing basis at school opening and closing times.” The report, given at a recent area committee meeting, also gives a detailed description of the safety measures already in place at the school. “Fingal County Council provides a school warden crossing on Porterstown Road and on Clonsilla Road outside St Moctha’s National School. “In addition, a school warden service is provided at the pedestrian

crossing on the nearby Diswellstown Road. A speed limit of 50km/h applies on these roads. “Speed limit, caution children, and advance children crossing warning signage is in place on these roads in the environs of the school. “In addition, school keep clear markings, double yellow lines and slow, school ahead, lining have been provided. The lining on the Clonsilla Road was renewed last week. “The lining on the Porterstown Road is considered to be in a satisfacto-

ry condition at present. “Porterstown owners along Porterstown Road generally maintain boundary hedges on their properties in good condition.” The report added that the area will be monitored and included for further consideration when traffic management schemes are drawn up. Speaking at last week’s meeting, Cllr Waine said the issue of road safety at the school is an “inherited problem” because of the position of the school.

“It is quite congested at times and people do have concerns about it; there are not enough spaces for car parking there at the moment – it’s a little chaotic at times,” he said. Fianna Fail councillor David McGuinness said the Porterstown Road should be a cul-de-sac as there is a “need to stop through traffic there”, which will help with congestion in the area. A spokesperson for FCC said that in part of the Porterstown Road Scheme, a cul-de-sac will be included.


ARTS Dublin Fringe Festival opportunity

Draiocht offers free rehearsal time REHEARSAL space for professional artist/ performance companies participating in the Absolut Dublin Fringe Festival 2011 is being offered for free this August to September by a Dublin 15 theatre. Draiocht is offering rehearsal space free of charge to the professionals participating in the annual arts festival, which takes place in Dublin. There will be three spaces available in the main auditorium, Draiocht studio and

rehearsal room. Spaces can be viewed with a virtual tour facility on the theatre’s website. Anyone interested is asked to write to or e-mail: Emer McGowan, Director, Draíocht. The Blanchardstown Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 / Email: emer@draiocht. ie or by phoning 01-809 8027, with the following information (no more than 2 A4 sheets double spaced): Name of company and/or artists involved; concise details of

the project to be rehearsed and if there is/ are performance(s) scheduled; dates that the rehearsal space is required and if there is flexibility within those dates; which space you are interested in using; how the piece is being funded; benefit of free rehearsal space to the success of the project. Closing date for receipt of information is May 31, 2011. Offers of space will be made at the end of June 2011.


Action urged on derelict sites Q LAURA WEBB

THE council must exercise its powers to “force developers” to clean up derelict sites left looking like “war zones” at uncompleted residential developments across Dublin 15. That’s the call from Socialist Party councillor, Matt Waine, who is urging Fingal County Council to “take action” on abandoned uncompleted residential developments in Dublin 15. Commenting ahead of his motion to Fingal County Council Local Area Committee meeting, Cllr Waine criticised developers who “having pocketed enormous profits from residents who had bought homes in their develop-

ments, had shirked their responsibilities and left residents with vistas more akin to scenes in Libya,” said the Castleknock councillor. “I have visited some of these sites in the area, specifically the uncompleted development at Station Court/ St Mochta’s in Clonsilla and Parkside/Millrace Rd off the Castleknock Rd, and cannot believe the state these sites are left in. “The rubble and other construction waste discarded on these sites make the area look like a war zone. “These truly are the graveyards of the property bubble and a legacy of the selfishness of the property developers who have turned this country

FastNews Council remove two illegal clothing banks CLOTHING collection banks illegally located in Clonsilla and Carpenterstown have now been removed. Two clothing banks were placed on the Clonsilla Link Road and on a traffic island between Woodbrook and Riverwood in Carpenterstown. When asked by Castleknock councillor Matt Waine whether they were placed their legally, a spokesperson for Fingal County Council confirmed they were not. In a report to the councillor, the spokesperson said: “Two clothing collection banks were placed illegally at the locations referred to. The clothes banks were put in place at these locations by Orphan Aid Association. The company was contacted and advised that the containers would be impounded if they did not remove them. The containers were subsequently removed by the company.”

Citizens’ meeting planned for Crowne Socialist Party Cllr Matt Waine has called on Fingal County Council to force developers to clean up derelict sites that have been left looking like ‘war zones’

into an economic wasteland,” he said. The councillor went on to say the sites are littered with construction waste, such as scaffolding material, concrete blocks, cement bins and portacabins. “They are a magnet for anti-social behaviour, are often poorly secured, allowing easy access, and have little or no security. “I am also quite concerned about the safety of children who are drawn to such locations.

“I understand that the council have extensive powers under the Derelict Sites Act to force the owners of these sites to clean up these lands, including taking them into public ownership. “I believe the Act needs to be strengthened to allow local authorities to seize such lands and develop them for the benefit of the community. “As a matter of urgency and public safety, I am calling on the council to actively move to force

these developers to meet their obligations and return these sites to an acceptable level of care,” Cllr Waine added. T he councillor ’s motion is due to be discussed at an area committee meeting at Fingal offices in Blanchardstown this Thursday, where a council response will be given to the local representative. Anyone interested in watching the meeting can view it online at

A MEETING to get citizens together and share their views on how to make this country better will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Blanchardstown. We The Citizens is an independent national initiative with a clear and simple idea to show how this country could benefit by its citizens coming together in new ways of public decisionmaking. The initiative believes this is a way to renew trust in politics at a time of social and economic crisis in Ireland. Now D15 citizens are being asked to come together and share views on how to make our country better and engage with others on the future of our country. A free meeting will take place on May 31 in the Crowne Plaza in Blanchardstown, were people can participate in an open discussion and speak about what’s important to them. It also gives an opportunity to express ideas on how to renew this country. There will also be a bite of supper served from 6.15pm and discussion will begin at 7pm To secure a place sign up online at event_Blanchardstown



TRANSPORT Minister moves to allay fears

Unable to access bins REFUSE collections in parts of the Portersgate Estate have been missed, on occasion, because waste collection crew are finding it difficult to gain access “from time to time”, due to parked cars. When asked by Fine Gael councillor Kieran Dennison why some black bins were not collected in Portersgate Estate on March 2, a Fingal County Council (FCC) spokesperson said that the waste collection crew has had some difficulties collecting bins in certain parts of the estate. In a report to Cllr Dennison, FCC said: “The refuse collection serv-

ice encounters difficulties from time to time in gaining access to parts of Portersgate Estate on bin collection day, due to problems with commuter and residents’ parking that makes safe access impossible for some weeks. “The waste collection crew make two attempts each Wednesday to access the estate safely, and empty the bins. “When bins are left uncollected, a Callback truck will attempt to gain access on a different day and empty the bins.” The report added it should be noted that “all the existing yellow lines in the estate were renewed in 2010”.

Despite concerns raised by Councillor Patrick Nulty (inset) over the possible privatisation of Dublin Bus and CIE, as recommended by the McCarthy Report, the Minister for Transport, Leo Varadkar, has insisted the Government has no plans to privatise such services.

‘No plans’ on Dublin Bus privatisation Q LAURA WEBB

A LOCAL Minister has responded to concerns that a proposal recommended by the McCarthy Report – to privatise Dublin Bus and CIE – could be considered by the Government, stating there are “no plans” to privatise bus or train services. This week, Dublin West Fine Gael TD, and Minister for Transport, Leo Varadkar, said the Programme for Government commits to “favouring public transport in the future, and that is what I intend to do”. He added: “We do not have any plans to privatise bus or train services.” Minister Varadkar was responding to comments made by Mulhuddart councilor, Patrick Nulty (Lab), who expressed

“significant reservations” on recommendations by the McCarthy Report to privatise Dublin Bus and CIE, calling on the Minister to make clear that this proposal “will not see the light of day”. He said the recommendations in the McCarthy Report on State assets to privatise Dublin Bus would “cause chaos, and are condemned to failure”. “Dublin Bus provides a service not for profit, but for the good of the people. Any privatisation of bus routes will inevitably lead to private operators ‘cherry-picking’ highvolume routes, whilst neglecting smaller local communities. “Residents across Dublin 15 have serious concerns about losing their bus services. “People are already concerned about some


‘Dublin Bus provides a service not for profit, but for the good of the people. Any privatisation of bus routes will inevitably lead to private operators ‘cherrypicking’ high-volume routes, whilst neglecting smaller local communities’ --------------------------------------------------------

Councillor Patrick Nulty, Labour


of the recent changes to West Dublin routes, and are worried about losing their local services. “It is older people, and the less mobile, who will suffer most from cutbacks in services,” he said. “I believe that providing an adequate public transportation service is a necessity of any state. Many of our senior citizens, or the 450,000 people who are seek-

ing employment, cannot afford a private car, or the sky-high price of fuel. “Any policies that seek to privatise essential public services will, by their nature, hit the less-welloff hardest. “I believe that it is the policy of the new Government to prioritise public transport, and I am calling on the Minister for Transport to make clear that an integrated, pub-

licly-provided bus service will be maintained, and McCarthy’s proposals will not see the light of day,” said Cllr Nulty. In response, Minister Varadkar said: “We do not have any plans to privatise bus or train services. “I recently welcomed the extension of the 37 bus route to the Blanchardstow n Centre, which will be a tremendous boost for residents, shoppers and employees. “T he Government favours more diversity in the provision of services, and that is already available in the context of the licensing of private bus services. “I am also keen to study what options exist in relation to Bus Rapid Transit [options] for suburban parts of Dublin,” said Minister Varadkar.


FUNDRAISER The Bell raises €14,491 for charity

Walking to get fit

Shaving a fun way to support A HEAD-shaving and waxing fundraising event in a popular Dublin 15 pub has helped to raise more than €14,000 for cystic fibrosis. The fundraiser, which took place on Friday, April 1, at The Bell lounge bar and restaurant in Blanchardstown, raised €14,491 from a sponsored head-shaving and waxing event, as well as a raffle held on the night. A number of gardai from the Blanchardstown and Finglas stations gave up their time and hair to help the public house raise the much-needed funds and awareness for cystic fibrosis. Heads were shaved on

the night by The Apprentice star, and Westend Barber owner, Barry Caesar-Hunt, in front of a packed pub. Entertainment on the night was provided by three bands: Gypsys, Sweetcorn Riot and Jaker, who all played separately, and then jammed together for a thrilling session at the end of the night. Some superb prizes helped to generate huge interest in the raffle, and kept the money rolling in. The team at The Bell would like to thank everybody who participated in the event, especially all the gardai who took part, and Garda Sinead Swan


A WALKING group has commenced at Huntstown Community Centre, in partnership with the ITB. Under the guidance of its Sports Developer officer, Ronan Keaskin, with students from the Sports and Fitness Department. the walks take place every Tuesday evening at 7pm, and Thursday morning at 9.30am. For more info, contact Bernie on 01 822 0847, or email bernie@ Pictured presenting a cheque for €14,491 to the Cystic Fibrosis Association (CFA) are Gardai Michael ParryJones and Sinead Swan, both of Finglas Garda Station; with Barry Horgan; Martin Cahill, the CFA and Mia and Rebecca Horgan

for organising them, as well as Barry CaesarHunt for his time, and all the staff and customers in The Bell.


ENVIRONMENT Enthusiastic response to recycling days Residents recycle 15 tonnes as part of spring clean initiative LAURA WEBB

FINGAL residents showed electric enthusiasm for spring cleaning and recycling responsibility when they recycled 15 tonnes of WEEE and batteries at European Recycling PLatform (ERP) recycling days. Fifteen tonnes of electrical waste and waste batteries were recycled at two ERP Be Free Recycling events in Blanchardstown and IKEA on the April 15 and 16.

Over 400 people made the journey to the recycling days to contribute to the huge amount recycled, which is the equivalent of 1,916 televisions. Hundreds of large electrical appliances were recycled by homeowners, including washing machines and televisions, as well as smaller electrical equipment like kettles, hair-dryers, toasters and computers. The Be Free Recycling Days gave householders the opportunity to

recycle unwanted electrical equipment and waste batteries, free of charge. Martin Tobin, CEO of ERP Ireland said: “Fingal residents collected an impressive 2000 tonnes of WEEE in total last year and were victorious in the 2010 Recycling Championship. “We are extremely pleased that the people of Fingal spring cleaned their homes and turned out in force at the recycling days.

“As part of the recycling process, a lot of the materials recycled in Fingal at our Be Free days can be used in the redevelopment of new products, which means that part of your old fridge could well be used to make a new one.” Electronic waste is the fastestgrowing waste stream in the developed world and ERP is encouraging the people of Fingal to keep up their good work in responsible recycling, to ultimately divert their electronic

waste and batteries from Fingal’s landfills. Those who were unable to make it to the ERP Be Free Recycling Days can recycle their household e-waste and waste batteries for free at local amenity sites in Coolmine Recycling Centre, Clonsilla, Dublin 15 and the Esturary Recycling Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin. For full information on this day, and other locations around Ireland, simply log on to

Fianna Fail’s David McGuinness (inset) says he is ‘delighted’ that FCC and the NRA are considering a new pedestrian memorial over the M3



M3 memorial bridge set to be discussed LAURA WEBB

A REPORT by Fingal County Council (FCC), stating that it will talk with the National Roads Authority (NRA) about the possible provision of a memorial pedestrian bridge over the N3, has been welcomed by a local councillor. Fianna Fail’s David McGuinness is “delighted” to learn that FCC are

“committed to raising the prospects of a memorial pedestrian bridge over the N3 as part of negotiations with the NRA”. Over the past year, friends and family of Mulhuddart teenager Nicole Kelly, who tragically lost her life on that stretch of road in March 2010, have gathered a petition urging the council to build a pedestrian bridge over the N3

between Mulhuddart Bridge and Littlepace Bridge. “The incident shocked the entire Mulhuddart community, which led to a concerted campaign in the locality to address the lack of access between the two sides of the dual carraigway,” Cllr McGuinness said. “Currently, the only parts that are possible to cross include the Lit-

tlepace flyover and the Mulhuddart flyover, leaving a huge area between that currently can not be traversed,” he said. During a March meeting with the local authority, Cllr McGuinness asked the council to “conduct a feasibility study in relation to the provision of a pedestrian footbridge across the N3 in light of the local petition and campaign to

provide a safe walkway across the N3 between the Mulhuddart Bridge and Littlepace Bridge”. In response to the councillor, a spokesperson for FCC said: “The provision of a pedestrian bridge across the N3 adjacent to Littlepace will be raised with the NRA in the course of discussions held with regard to the potential upgrade of the N3”.


COMMUNITY Facilities lying idle in Ongar

Meeting set on ‘ghost’ station Q LAURA WEBB

A MEETING to discuss D15’s “ghost” train station and community centres in Ongar is being organised by the Socialist Party and is set to take place this May. Mulhuddart Councillor, Ruth Coppinger, has organised the meeting for local residents to discuss issues in Ongar concerning the brand new train station at Hansfield, currently lying idle, and new community centres almost ready to open but without staff to run them. In a statement to the Gazette this week, Cllr Coppinger said the brand new train station lies idle because “developers refuse to build an access road to it”. “Hansfield station could allow commuters from Ongar, Castaheany and Greater Blanchardstown to get to the city centre in 20 minutes or so, rather than the one hour and 20 minutes on the bus,” said Cllr Coppinger. “Developers, Manor Park and Mennolly Homes, were to build the access road as part of Phase 2 of the Hansfield SDZ development. “However, they have

now stopped building. Manor Park sold houses in Hansfield/Barnwell on the basis of a rail station next door. “They continued to use the station to advertise houses until recently --------------------------

‘Hansfield station could allow commuters from Ongar, Castaheany and Greater Blanchardstown to get to the city centre in 20 minutes or so, rather than the one hour and 20 minutes on the bus’ --------------------------

– despite the fact that it is their refusal to build a road which is keeping the station closed. The road works would cost €1m – the price of just three houses sold. “Massive pressure

Socialist Party Cllr Ruth Coppinger has organised a meeting to discuss issues relating to the currently idle train station and community centres in Ongar

must now come from the community onto Government representatives to get this road built and this station opened. “It is the misplanning and mismanagement of FF and FG over the years which has led to this situation. We now have two Ministers in the area – one of them the Minister for Transport, Deputy Leo Varadkar.” The Socialist Party is also calling for the opening of new state-of-theart community centres in Ongar which are closed “because the council and Government are not funding the staff to open them”. “We now have ghost community centres to go with our ghost train station. “Unless we act, another summer can pass without these much-needed recreation facilities. “Neither should we let these centres be run by private companies, out of control of the community, as is mooted,” she added. The meeting is set to take place on Thursday, May 5, from 7.30pm until 9pm, at Castaheany Educate Together National School.

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CALL 60 10 240


Phoenix FM’s Open Arms BLANCHARDSTOWN’S community radio station is getting ready to broadcast a new programme for migrants and Irish citizens living in D15. The Open Arms programme will cover reports about local services, general information for migrants living in the area, immigration policy updates, interviews with local people (migrant and Irish) about their

experiences of living in Ireland and Dublin 15, a community notice board and music from around the world. Any migrants or Irish citizens working and/or studying in the D15 area looking to get involved in presenting, researching or producing should email nicolayau@crosscare. ie or phone 01 8732844. Visit for more details.


TAKE TWO A gala variety fundraising performance to raise

Stars shine for hospice

HIS week the Gazette takes a second look at a recent Fundraising Gala Variety Performance in aid of St Francis Hospice Raheny/Blanchardstown. Due to a lack of space, we were unable to fit in everyone in the first gallery. The star-studded occasion of music, song and dance was hosted by Marty Whelan. Virginia Kerr, Rebecca Storm and Brendan Gleeson were among the stars who performed on the night. The Moore School of Performing Arts, Riverdance, violinist Jane Hackett, Mount Sackville School Choir and The Moore School for Performing Arts also put in great performances, which assured that the night was a fantastic occasion for all who attended.


Backstage at The Helix: Actor Brendan Gleeson with the Riverdance troupe. Pictures: Conor O’Mearain

Members of The Moore School of the Performing Arts backstage at The Helix before their performance Soloist, Jane Hackett; gala organiser, Eileen Ring; West End star, All smiles before going onstage

Rebecca Storm and Sr Margaret Cashman

Members of The Moore School of the Performing Arts backstage at The Helix before the show

Sr Margaret Cashman, director of Nursing, St Francis Hospice, with the Gleesons, Domhnall, Brian and Brendan


funds for St Francis Hospice Raheny/Blanchardstown

Aideen Buggy, Hannah Ingle, Jennifer Byrne and Clodagh Kiernan, of the Mount Sackville Choir

Marlene and Vincent Buchanan, East Wall

Eileen Ring, organiser of the event, works out the running order with Marty Whelan, host for the evening, backstage at The Helix

The Lavelle sisters from Trim, Hilary, Ciara and Stef

Members of The Moore School of the Performing Arts

Marty Whelan with Susan Ginnety, of Riverdance

Liam and Eva O’Regan, Swords

10 BLANCH GAZETTE 5 May 2011

EDUCATION Three-day Humanities’ Week launched at ITB

Betty Ajang, from Swords, a student at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

Enjoying the ITB festivities

Students Lesley Nugent, from Malahide and Sarah Beirnes, from Beaumont

OHN Lonergan, former Governor of Mountjoy Prison, and author of The Governor, launched Humanities’ Week at Institute of Technology Blanchardstown recently. This three-day event kicked off with a grand multicultural parade and music throughout the college full of energy and enthusiasm of the students and the staff in the Humanities’ Department. The parade was followed by the official opening in the Sports Hall by John. The event featured a number of activities, including a talk on campus by Hadrien Larouche, cultural advisor with the French Embassy, on Jean Gennet’s Amorous Captivities. There were also stands on mental health and well-being, a presentation on acquired brain injury and talk on careers in social care. Other events included workshops and talks, such as Thinking Outside the Box, a workshop to encourage creative and positive thinking with Niall Coughlan.


Students at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown enjoying the festivities week

Student Ahgieh Khosravizad, from Clonsilla

Betty Ajang, from Swords and Tony Haringa, from Esther Adefaye, from Blanchardstown, and Ngozi Fatuase, from Ongar

Clonsilla, with former Governor of Mountjoy Prison and Rakiya Okoro, from Tyrrelstown

author, John Lonergan, who officially launched the Week

5 May 2011 GAZETTE 11

RETAIL Celebrations kick-off action-packed weekend

Carraig Donn’s new Dublin outlet LADIES fashion, jewellery, accessories and gifts retailer, Carraig Donn, will unveil its brand new store at Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre, in Dublin, on Thursday, May 12, at 12 noon. The new store opening celebrations promises to kick-off an actionpacked weekend not to be missed. Carraig Donn has confirmed that they will have hundreds of special offers in-store to mark the event, along with goodie bags for the first 50 customers on the day. A FREE J’aime la Vie necklace worth €25 will also be given away with all purchases of €50 or more for the opening weekend!! The new store will showcase the best of Irish and international designer fashion, lifestyle giftware, accessories and jewellery. Carraig Donn will offer a boutique shopping experience with the purchasing power of a larger group. T he family-ow ned Irish company has relevant, high-fashion and contemporary collection focused on styling and price. Carraig Donn has become Ireland’s leading lifestyle retailer now with 22 stores nationwide showcasing irresistible fashions, jewellery and gifts. Carraig Donn champions a number of brands – their own label, J’aime la Vie, is seen alongside Vila, Amari, St. Martins and Peruzzi, to usher in every trend and silhouette of the season. All brands have

one thing in common – fantastic prices. The Star Buy of the collection has to be the J’aime la Vie Estelle dress retailing at only €59. The Estelle features one of this season’s hottest looks in crushed fabric. The J’aime la Vie Penny dress is a close second as the season’s star buy, retailing at only €69. I’m sure you’ll agree the Spring Summer 2011 collection is a dream for dress lovers. Carraig Donn caters for every need at a range of budgets making you look fantastic for all occasions, such as Communions, Confirmations and weddings. Knight & Day and Soul jewellery complete the look, with both contemporary and funky pieces. This winning formula extends to the gift and home departments, making Carraig Donn at Dun Laoghaire a destination store. Customers can enjoy prestigious leading labels, such as Newbridge Silverware, Genesis, Killarney Crystal, and many more as well as novelthemed lifestyle giftware to suit any budget for every occasion. 2011 promises to be a busy year for Carraig Donn with the company celebrating 40 years in retail, more new store openings in the Dublin area and online shopping launching next month! Last year, the Irish retail company opened a store at Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Carlow, as well as MacDonagh Junction, in Kilkenny, bringing the total number of new jobs

Magnum force: Join Georgia and take a break from the heat J’aime La Vie Penny Dress €69, available at Carraig Donn

created by the company in recent months to in excess of 70 in the southeast. Since its opening, Carraig Donn in MacDonagh Junction, has since gone on to win a

Top 5 Place in the annual Retail Excellence Ireland Store of the Year Awards in 2010. Join the opening party all this weekend in Carraig Donn at Dun

Laoghaire Shopping Centre, from 12noon on Thursday, May 12, or register your details online at to get the latest news, promotions and discounts.

GEORGIA Salpa is pictured in the “rainforest” for the launch of the delicious new Magnum Ghana ice cream, part of Magnum’s new Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Magnum Cocoa range. The new Magnum Ghana is made with specially selected cocoa beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms in Ghana and is an exquisite blend of hazelnut ice cream and delicate milk chocolate sauce.

12 GAZETTE 5 May 2011

GazettePETS PETS Keeping Fido and Kitty cool and safe

Brought to you by Miriam Kerins of the DSPCA


T’S May and temperatures are rising, so, officially, we’re in the midst of summer and you know how we girlies love to get our bodies into shape for that all important bout of sunbathing. (I’ll let you into my body beautiful secret – I’ve added a salad to every meal. The weight should be dropping off any day now!) Ah, yes, roll on the aroma of the family barbecue and the frenzied dash to smother the kids with sun block – even though we know we’ll never see blue skies and searing sun for more than a few days at a time. But wait, did you forget something? What about Fido and Kitty? Did you know that hot weather can pose a real threat to your pets? Let me put this simply. Animals CANNOT tolerate extreme temperatures. So, as a responsible pet owner, you must make absolutely sure that when the sun does make an appearance, you’ve taken precautions to keep your pet safe.


Here are some tips to help you out:

Never leave your animal in a car. Pet owners should know the dangers of leaving any animal in a hot car – even for just a few minutes.

This particularly applies to dogs who love to travel in a car and it’s tempting to let them go to the supermarket with you, but don’t leave your dog inside, even with the windows open. Temperatures don’t have to be in the 30s for a car-bound dog to be in serious trouble. Even at much lower temperatures, even under a cloud-


‘Temperatures in air-conditioned cars can reach the same temperature as outside within just five minutes of being turned off’ --------------------------

less sky, the humidity inside the car turns it into a sauna. Research has shown that if it’s a sunny 25 degrees, the temperature in a car, with the windows closed, rises rapidly in 30 minutes. In short, 25 to 40C+ in half an hour! Temperatures in airconditioned cars can reach the same temperature as outside within just five minutes of being turned off. This means, on a hot day, it takes a matter of

minutes for a dog to end up organ damaged or dead! If you must take your dog out in the car, make sure you have him well strapped in. Purchase a car safety harness for your dog. This is for your safety as much as his! They’re available in any good pet shop or from our Dublin SPCA gift shop. Cats should always be in pet carriers when travelling in the car. One small jolt in traffic can have a very sad result for an unsecured pet. If you’re forced to brake suddenly, an unsecured animal can be thrown forward, hitting you in the back of the head or neck, causing painful injuries to both you and your pet. Make sure the car window is open while driving – enough to give your animal plenty of ventilation. Don’t leave your dog in the car if you need to leave your vehicle. If your dog pants quickly, looks very tired or collapses, he could be suffering from heatstroke. Put him in a cool, shady spot and spray his body with cool water, or give him a cool (not cold) bath immediately. Never cool your dog so much that he/she begins to shiver. Let your dog drink small amounts of cool water. Contact a veterinary surgeon urgently

You must always remember that your dog has no sweat glands, which can affect them badly in hot weather. Be responsible, and remember some simple things to help your dog – or other pets – stay cool and well in summer.

for further advice as heatstroke can prove fatal. Be responsible

Leave your dog at home. Place his bed/kennel in a shaded area, and he will automatically go to it when he needs rest from the hot sun. Leave plenty of water and leave it in the shaded area. Check water bowls

regularly to make sure there’s plenty of fresh water available. Never exert your dog during hot weather. When walking your dog, remember there are areas and times during the day where temperatures soar. It makes sense to walk your dog in the early morning or late evening, when temperatures are

lower and the hot concrete won’t burn sensitive paws. Always take along water for yourself and your dog. Stop frequently to allow both of you to have a refreshing drink. Many domestic animals do not sweat to keep cool. Dogs have no sweat glands and can only lose heat by panting. Make sure they always have plenty of water to help them keep cool. Tip: Temperatures are at their highest during mid-day and 3pm. Avoid these times. Keep your pet groomed

Very important during hot weather. If your pet has long hair then that’s akin to you wearing a fur coat in 33C! Regular brushing helps remove the winter under-

coat and helps your pet regulate his body temperature. Apply sunscreen to pets with white tipped ears and noses. Tip: Children’s sunscreen, Factor 50+ is particularly good. Insects

Make sure your pet receives regular flea preventatives. And keep that first aid kit close by in case of bee and wasp stings. Water Safety

If your dog likes the water, he’ll instinctively want to swim during the hot weather so put a life jacket on him. Remember, even the healthiest of pets will suffer in extreme temperatures, so please take the above precautions. If you’d like more information log onto www. or email me at

5 May 2011 GAZETTE 13

YOUR STORY Taking to two wheels after winter

Top tips for riding safe this summer AS the evenings start to get brighter, and the cold snap has, hopefully, passed, we will be longing to get back to two wheels, perhaps after an absence of many months. But spare a thought for your bike. What effect has the winter break had on it? Has it been stored inside, warm and dry, or outside exposed to all sort of weather, engine lying idle, oil turning to sludge? Tyres sitting in the same unmoved position for months, the loss of air and the weight of the bike, playing their part in damage to the sidewalls. Rubber hoses can also crack and perish, so take a look at the water hoses, brake lines, etc. Chains can also become dry, causing kinks and tight spots, and brake pads can stick and cause problems. Moving parts that don’t move as freely as they should need attention, start with a thorough wash and clean, checking all parts as you go. Are all the lights working? Clutch, throttle, brakes, etc. If you do not have the skills to sort problems yourself, leave it to the experts to get your bike ready for the road again. OK, now the bike is sorted, what about you? Having not ridden your bike for a few months, it can take time for your skills to return to a safe level. Your awareness of what’s going on around you, and your reactions to the many hazards we face may be slow, it will take time and practise to be competent again Although the weather is improving, there are still plenty of hazards. It’s still possible to find frosty patches of road early in the morning and dazzling,

low sunlight, can still be a problem. It’s fantastic being able to get back out on the road, but riders who’ve not been out during the winter need to allow some time to get back up to speed. In your mind, you will remember how well you were riding at the end of last year. But, after a lay-off of a few months, you are not going to be at the same level, or as alert. Perhaps this would be a good time to get advice from an approved riding instructor, and gain confidence in your riding, learn to recognise the dangers, and become a safer and

more responsible motorcyclist. Perhaps this will be the year that you take the motorcycle riding test, or take that bike trip that you always wanted to do. Either way, with these new skills you could also qualify for a discount on your insurance cost; it may even save your life. Your insurance company will have a list of approved instructors in your area. Please note that anybody providing tuition for payment must be an RSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI); see for a list of instructors in your area. Enjoy the summer and Ride Safe.


Q TOM CARLETON Motorcycle riding instructor ADI

Interview: Jessica Alba shares her thoughts on the Fockers

Spare a thought for your bike’s condition after the cold winter months


14 GAZETTE 5 May 2011


Nintendo are soon to launch the Wii Play: Motion, the new version of the classic mini-games set which comes with a special red Wii Remote Plus

Xperia PLAY: the world’s first Playstationcertified smartphone SONY ERICSSON has announced that Xperia PLAY, the world’s first Playstationcertified Smartphone, is now available exclusively in The Carphone Warehouse stores nationwide. The game-changing Xperia PLAY, is the latest phone in Sony Ericsson’s Xperia range of Android-based smartphones and delivers the smartphone functionality that the most serious power users could need, teamed with the immersive gaming experience that any gamer would want. In portrait mode, the Android smartphone offers all the benefits that consumers have come to expect from Sony Ericsson’s existing range of Xperia smartphones, with best-in-class entertainment experiences, a great five-megapixel camera, a brilliant four-inch multi-touch screen and great social networking features. A new world

However, slide out the gaming control and users enter a new world of immersive mobile gaming. The slide-out game pad reveals a digital D pad, two analogue touch pads, two shoulder buttons and the four PlayStation icons: circle, cross, square and triangle. Qualcomm’s optimised Snapdragon processor with a 1Ghz CPU and embedded Adreno GPU graphics processor deliver silky smooth 60fps play-back 3D mobile gaming and Web browsing with minimal power consumption so Xperia PLAY users can enjoy long hours of battery life and game time. XperiaTM PLAY will run on Gingerbread (version 2.3), the latest version of Google’s Android platform. The Xperia PLAY will also be the first PlayStation Certified device. This means it will have access to PlayStation game content provided through the PlayStation Suite initiative, currently under development by Sony Computer Entertainment and due to launch later this calendar year.

A mini-game for all with Wii Play:Motion Q ROB HEIGH

NINTENDO’S Wii has become the ubiquitous and most popular games console in the world, and shortly, the Kyoto games “brain trust” are launching the Wii Play: Motion, the new version of the classic mini-games set that has launched so many gamers on their Wii mission. The new iteration comes with a special red Wii Remote Plus, the motion sensitive controller that started to be bundled with the consoles for the last year. Wii Remote Plus combines

the original Wii Remote controller with the precision of the Wii MotionPlus accessory – to deliver great value, precise motion control and immersive social fun that anyone in the household can pick up. As you make your way through the 12 mini-games, which have multiple game modes for added depth to gameplay, see every swing, tilt, hit and spin of your Wii Remote Plus come to life, as it becomes faithfully replicated on your TV screen with exacting precision. From Treasure Twirl where the Wii Remote Plus acts

as a “winch” to collect deep-sea treasure, to Cone Zone – where you tilt the Wii Remote Plus in the correct position to balance ice cream within a giant waffle cone and stop it from falling, whilst extra scoops are being added – there’s a mini-game for everyone to enjoy. Each of the 12 mini-games included can be played in single player mode, yet, if you fancy a different experience and want to get your friends and family involved, then the multiple game modes of a selection of Wii Play: Motion mini-games allow for up

to three other people to join in on the fun, ensuring your game play experience is always a truly unique one. For example, in the mini-game Skip Skimmer, where you can skip stones along a lake, there is a Score Mode in which up to four players take it in turn to skip stones through a series of rings with the aim of getting to the target at the end. By strategically angling the Wii Remote Plus you can compete against your friends to get the highest score in order to win the game. Wii Play: Motion is released on June 24.

PlayStation 3 sales reach 50 million SALES of PlayStation Move motion controller for PlayStation 3 (PS3) has surpassed eight million units worldwide, accelerating the expansion of the PS3 Platform. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCE) has announced that the cumulative sales of the PS3 computer entertainment system reached a milestone of 50 million units worldwide, as of March 29, 2011. SCE also announced that PlayStation Move sales surpassed eight million units worldwide as of April 3, demonstrating continued growth and momentum of the PS3 platform. The PS3 system, equipped with futureproof, cutting–edge technologies, including the powerful Cell Broadband Engine

and RSX processors, as well as the Blu-ray disc player and HDMI, has delivered users with high-definition and high-quality entertainment experience since its launch in November 2006. The PS3 system continues to evolve and enhance the user experience through new features and services delivered via software updates. Communication

With the introduction of PS3, SCE launched PlayStation Network service, which now has more than 75 million registered accounts and operates in 59 countries and regions around the world. PlayStation Network supports free community-centric

online gameplay and communication tools such as PlayStation Home, and offers vast downloadable digital content through the PlayStation Store. SCE launched PlayStation Move in September 2010 for North America, Europe/ PAL territories and in Asia, and in October 2010 for Japan, to deliver a new entertainment experience across all categories of games, from casual to immersive. The PlayStation Move motion controller is used in combination with the PlayStation Eye camera to detect the precise movement, angle, and absolute position in 3D space of the user, thereby allowing users to intuitively play as if they are within the game.

5 May 2011 GAZETTE 15


Edited by Dawn Love

Get the Kate look for your big day ... DAWN LOVE

SHE’S now one of the most photographed women in the world, and while her legendary tresses are styled at London hairdresser Richard Ward’s salon, Kate Middleton showed her independent streak by doing her own make-up for the big day. With most brides on an economy drive Kate also showed that you don’t need a make-up artist to achieve the perfect bridal look. Just days before she tied the knot with Prince William last Friday, the willowy brunette was spotted shopping at a Lancome make-up counter. A true classic skincare and make-up brand, Kate stocked up on several products last week, including Hydra Zen Neurocalm™ Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream, €50.50; Lancôme Hypnose Mascara in Black, €25.50 and Lancôme Artliner €27.00. Lancome’s national

make-up artist says Benjamin Rousseau, Kate’s everyday make-up is natural, understated and very pretty - and this didn’t change very much for her wedding day. “It's really what i expected - subtle yet enhances and highlights everything that's most beautiful about her face, especially her eyes, which has always been her signature. “As you would expect her skin was glowing, with a f lawless light radiant foundation. As we know, she wears Lancome, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she was wearing Lancome’s no1 Bridal foundation Teint Miracle, which allows light from the skin to be reflected out. “Shades 01 and 03 contain slightly yellow tones, which absorb light from flash photography, neutralising her complextion ensuring it is smooth and looks flawless. “I love the way she has combined subtle, pinky, blush tones - really to give her a beautiful bridal flush, and she applied

these on the apples of her cheeks, sweeping up to fantastic cheekbones. “This also really complemented her chic, natural hair that she wore part up and part down with lovely curl at the back, but away from her face,” says Rousseau.

Eyes “I LOVE that Kate kept to her usual eye liner –it’s her trademark and suits her perfectly. All she has done is soften the look by blending it well into her lash line and left it strong on the lower part.

Lips “KATE went for a subtle, natural nude pink colour – it’s really an enhancement of her natural lip, but will always look classic and pretty no matter what the era, so photographs won't look dated. Over all it is the ultimate bridal make up and enhancement of her natural style and, applied with such skill, it makes me wonder if she really did it herself,” he said.

The new Duchess of Cambridge used her own selection of products to achieve a fresh and natural look for the Royal Wedding. Hydra Zen Neurocalm Soothing Anti-stress Moisturising Cream, Lancôme Hypnose Mascara and Lancôme Artliner

Become a bronze beauty with some serious summer sun tips AS Ireland basked in glorious sunshine last week it was time to get the pins out. But if we’re all honest about it, after months hidden away during the winter an Irish girl’s legs are likely to be a distinctly pasty shade of pale. But help is at hand with top selftanning brand, He-Shi. And to make it even easier this popular brand has just introduced their new Discovery Kit that contains 50ml travel sizes of all its products. Ideal for weekends away, a business trip overnighter, or simply for

your handbag, the new kit is priced at €21.25, and contains three 50ml products, including the He-Shi Exfoliating Bodywash to help prepare the skin first, the He-Shi Express Liquid Tan and for those who want to start off gradually this summer, the kit also contains the HeShi Day to Day Gradual Tan. The He-Shi Miniature Tanning

Mitt is also included for perfect application. The Discovery kit’s three-step process ensures your exfoliation, application and aftercare are always as good as you expect, wherever you are! This compact and conveniently-sized tanning kit is the ideal solution for the ultimate glowing tan. He-Shi’s products are designed especially for Irish skin tones, helping create the

most kissable complexion for enviably glowing skin. The He-Shi Discovery Kit comes in a stylish transparent travel bag finished with a white trim, which can be reused to store all of your tanning and beauty products again and again! He-Shi products are available from selected department stores, including Brown Thomas, salons and day spas. For your nearest stockist of He-Shi, contact Euro Products on T: +44 (0) 28 9044 9744 or

16 GAZETTE 5 May 2011

SNAPSHOT The stories of the day GAZETTE COMMENT

Getting outdoors safely this summer


OW that the winter is well and truly over, it is time to look forward to getting outside in the sunshine and enjoying as much activity as possible. Every opportunity to enjoy the wealth of local amenities across Dublin must be taken – from the incredible public parks and cycle routes, to the Capital’s enviable choice of high-ranking beaches and swimming spots, we are truly spoilt for choice. It goes without saying, that, in order to enjoy these facilities, those using them must do so responsibly. There is nothing worse than stepping through empty crisp packets and plastic, or worse, glass bottles – either at the beach or in our local parks. Dublin’s local councils must be commended for the lengths they go to in order to maintain these facilities, but they simply don’t have the resources to do everything.

Weather The fine weather also brings with it the wonderful ‘stretch in the evenings’, that sees many people walking running, cycling or just meeting friends a good deal later than they usually would. But it is so important that people

in the community remain vigilant, and keep an eye out for each other. Already in west Dublin in recent weeks, two young girls were reported missing. One later returned home, but the other has not yet done so, with gardai appealing for information. In the Swords area, there have been numerous worrying reports of “attempted abductions”. One national newspaper claimed that there had been as many as four in recent weeks. Local Gardai have moved to calm fears over the reports, saying that, while there have been inappropriate approaches to minors, it was wrong to categorise the incidents as attempted abductions. In the same area, gardai are appealing for witnesses of a daylight assault on a woman in her mid-twenties. This incident shows just how vigilant we have to be, as it happened at 11.25 am while the woman was out running. What must be remembered, is that our parks and public amenities are wonderful places that can be used often and safely. By simply being aware of our surroundings, and looking out for each other, there is no reason that we can’t make full use of them throughout the summer months.

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Dining, and donating, for a good cause... Maurice Murphy, Glenda Murphy, Vivienne Thompson and Ciaran Smith were at the Eatzen Restaurant Dine and Donate event in Ashbourne, where over €5,000 was raised for the Ireland Japan Association Earthquake Appeal

Making a movie date at midnight MIDNIGHT Movies, a new series of midnight cult cinema screenings, opens on Friday, May 13, with a screening of Russ Meyer’s classic film, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Brought from the team behind Film Fatale, Midnight Movies will bridge the gap between conventional cinema and late-night fun, playing the best of grindhouse, blaxploitation, exploitation, horror, underground, and cult classics. Event producer Fernanda Parente said: “Midnight Movies offers cult film fans an opportunity to enjoy the experience of midnight movie-going, which goes all the way back to New York of the 1970s where eccentric films were played at midnight to equally eccentric film lovers. “Films that had failed in the box office were given extended runs, while repeat viewers would often dress up and interact with the films. We aim to create the same environment.” Tura Satana, Haji, and Lori Williams star as Varla, Rosie and Billy who, while racing cars in the desert, meet a young couple. After taking care of the boyfriend, they kidnap the girlfriend and head on a spree of mayhem. The screening will be followed by a special cult film retro set by

DIARY DJ Shrem. Midnight Movies launches with Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! on Friday, May 13, midnight at the Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. Tickets are priced €9/€7 students, and is strictly over 18. Doors open at 11pm. For more information go to or visit

Free flights with every pint BULMERS have teamed up with The Grafton Lounge to give away a free return flight to a European destination when a pint bottle of the new Bulmers Lite is purchased in The Grafton Lounge this Friday, May 6, from 8.30pm onwards. General manager, John Ennis, says it is going to be a great night and people should get in early to avoid disappointment. “It promises to be a great night, with Dj Johnny Hammond playing the best in summer tunes and 2-for-1 cocktails

throughout the night.” For more information go to

Holy sunburn! THE Workman’s Club is going al fresco! We’re not sniggering at those who have booked holidays on the continent, but is there ANYTHING worse than spending a fortune on dodgy Santa Ponsa beach towels, nuclear yellow cocktails and Billy Bulldog’s British Breakfast when, in fact, at home in the dirty ole town, it’s SSSSSS-SCORCHIO!!!!! Wish you were here? – we bet you do! And, as if by some sort of divine moment of timing, as the skies clear and the sun blazes down, Dublin’s loveliest venue announces the launch of The Roof @ The Workman’s Club. Yes, you heard it right! An entire roof’s worth of hanging out space, which will be an outdoors-indoors all-weather deck of fun. The Roof @ The Workman’s will have its own bar, BBQ area, heating, seating and very soon it will also have a wonderful Persian area, where Workmen can sample (legal) tasty hookah delights.

5 May 2011 GAZETTE 17

MUSIC Up-and-coming groups compete for Toronto gig

Local bands hope for shot at Indie Week A NUMBER of Ireland’s hottest up-and-coming bands will take to stages around the country next week as Indie Week Ireland comes to town, with a number of local groups vying for the chance to play Toronto. Indie Week, the brainchild of Canadian indiescene stalwart, Darryl Hurs, is a two-country music festival in which over 150 bands a year showcase their talents for public, press and industry. In the Irish version, bands play hoping to win a slot at Indie Week Toronto, and vice-versa. To that end, Toronto electro-pop/new-wavers, These Electric Lives, will be playing on all the bills, as part of their prize as winners of the Toronto event in October, 2010. The band combines influences to create a sound that has been described as reminiscent “of happier days in the

Last Second Magic

Cure, mixed with a few guitar licks from U2”. On the local end of things, Lucan favourites, The Riptide Movement, will play the May 13 showcase in The Grand Social on Liffey St. As anyone in Lucan can tell you, The Riptide Movement are riding the crest of a wave. Music bible, Hot Press, has called them “a thrilling live proposition that leaves crowds wondering how on earth they haven't passed out”. On the Irish festival circuit, they have a busy

The Riptide Movement

summer ahead, with Indiependence, Vantastival, Sea Sessions, Temple House, The Leixlip Festival, Shamrock Festival, Abbey Fest, Festival of Fires, No Place like Dome all on their slate. They take the stage at 9.15pm on the Friday, hoping to move into Saturday’s final. Made up of Blanchardstown, Castleknock and Dundrum natives, The Dirty 9s, fresh from their own trip to Toronto for Canadian Music Week, will close the festival on Saturday, May 14, with

a set at 11.50pm in The Grand Social on Indie Week Finals night. The Dirty 9s released their debut album “Stop Screaming, Start Dreaming”, produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers) in 2010 to critical acclaim. Described by RTE. ie as “plenty of energy.. nice hooks” and by State. ie as “a record of youthful endeavour – bags of promise”. At 10pm in Sweeney’s, Dame St on May 11, two bands from Gazette Newspapers areas take

The Dirty 9s

to separate stages at the same time as part of Indie Week’s launch party. Sixteen Layers are past winners of Indie Week, having claimed the crown at the 2009 event. From there, their debut album, I Am No One, was hailed a “sonic tour-deforce” by Hot Press and Toronto’s Music Vice called their Indie Week stand “one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in Toronto”. Hailing from Dun Laoghaire, K insealy, Castleknock and Lucan, the band are preparing to

follow-up their impressive debut album. Meanwhile, downstairs, Indie WeekToronto alumni, Blanchardstown’s Last Second Magic, take to the stage, hoping to earn a return to Toronto following their selection for the 2010 Toronto edition. The band took the name for their recently released second EP We Miss You, Black Stalin from a painting in the Canadian city, but that was not all they gained. Following a set at the festival, the band signed with a Canadian manage-

ment company. Indie Week Ireland takes place between May 11 and May 14. May 11’s launch party in Sweeney’s, Dame St is free admission, before the event moves to Auntie Anne’s in Belfast, where tickets will cost £6. The Grand Social on Liffey St then hosts the final two gigs on Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14. Friday’s event kicks off at 7pm and Saturday’s at 8pm. Tickets for both cost €4, before 9pm, and €6 after. For more information, see

18 GAZETTE 5 May 2011


Motors reports that it expects to sell 10,000 to 15,000 more Opel cars in Europe than originally forecast this year. GM Europe President, Nick Reilly said in an interview with Dow Jones, that strong demand in markets, such as Germany and Russia, will more than compensate for weaker sales in countries such as Spain and Portugal. Opel/Vauxhall is GM’s second bestselling brand after Chevrolet, but is the company’s only unprofitable division. Better sales will help GM Europe to reach its goal of breaking even this year before restructuring costs and making a profit next year. The division is reducing production capacity by a fifth and cutting around 8,000 jobs.

Jeep will be offering a new Compass model as an affordable and stylish two-wheel drive version from the end of this year for Irish buyers, with prices that are expected to be very competitive, according to Fiat Ireland, which will be the official importer from the middle of this year.

New direction for Compass Jeep is to relaunch its vehicles this summer in Ireland as Fiat takes over the brand. The most important is the new Compass, as MICHAEL MORONEY found out. WAS in Italy recently, test driving the new Jeep Compass, the car that the newly revitalised Jeep brand is hoping will spearhead the rebirth of the brand in Ireland. And there is some truth to that conviction, as the new Jeep Compass has been upgraded with better styling, new engines and a new level of European on-road handling. That will make it a real competitor in the smaller SUV segment. The important news for the redesigned Jeep Compass is the arrival of a Mercedes Benz-built 2.2-litre turbo-diesel engine. This engine will be offered with two power outputs options in Ire-


SPECS: COMPASS 2.2 CRD 4X2 Top speed: 201km/hr 0 – 100km/hr: 11.5 sec Economy: 18.5 km/litre (5.4l/100km) CO2 emissions: 161g/km (152 g/km Jan 2012) Road Tax Band: C (€302) expected Entry Price: €24,000 approx

land, either 136bhp or 163bhp. The peak torque or pulling power remains the same for both engines at 320Nm. Jeep, in Europe, is being managed by the Fiat Group after Fiat took what is now a 30% share in the Chrysler company from the US government as part of a financial bail-

out. Fiat expects to have more than 46% of Chrysler by the end of June. Jeep, as a brand, is a very important part of the Chrysler deal – important for Fiat for the future, as it gives the company an instant access point to the SUV and 4x4 market on a world-wide scale. The success of the Compass will be pivotal for Jeep in Europe in achieving its optimistic sales goal of pushing sales from a current 15,000 units to over 150,000 units by 2014. With the new Compass, Jeep has responded to the demand for two-wheeldrive versions of modern family-type SUVs. The new Compass, with the lower-output engine, will

be available with frontwheel drive only. Jeep claims that its performance is moreor-less on a par with the high-power unit. The high-power unit is offered with all-wheel drive only and boasts an increased 2,000kg towing capacity. When launched during the summer months, the 136bhp version’s emission of 161g/km of CO2 will place it in VRT Band D. The more powerful 163bhp, all-wheel drive model produces 172g/km (VRT Band E). Those figures are still a shade too high and Fiat Powertrain Technologies is working with Jeep to substantially reduce these emission figures further.

Jeep reckons that, by the time customers will start place their orders in Ireland for January, 2012, deliveries, the new Jeep Compass 2.2-litre CRD 4x2 Limited should fall into VRT Band C, further lowering the price and making it a far more costeffective car to own. In styling terms, the Fiat influence has made a difference. The new Jeep Compass has a new front end that’s closer in design to the bigger 2011 Grand Cherokee. Naturally, being a Jeep, the 4x4 version of the Compass offers offroad capability and this is thanks to its Freedom Drive I full-time 4x4 system. It also features a

lockable, electronicallycontrolled centre differential for tackling more extreme conditions such as deeper snow and sand. The Compass’ 4X4 system works in conjunction with the stability control, ABS and Brake Traction Control systems to ensure the good handling and traction characteristics. The proof of the car is in the driving. The Compass can drive well with plenty of power in the entry-level model, which we drove across rural roads near Baracco, near Milan. The acceleration proved its worth, but it was the handling and road-holding of the car that impressed me most of all.

The Scrappage Scheme is ending – so act now! THE Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) has advised motorists who are considering buying a car under the Scrappage Scheme, to order as soon as possible as the scheme ends in just nine weeks time. SIMI advised that, while the scheme officially ends on June 30, a dealer

may require a number of weeks to order and take delivery of your car. So, if customers don’t want to be disappointed, they need to shop now. SIMI reported that, so far this year, sales of new cars are up on last year, driven by the Government Scrappage Scheme and the great discounts availa-

ble. With not long left until the scheme ends, SIMI is anticipating a rise in the number of scrappage enquiries at dealerships in the next few weeks. The Governments Car Scrappage Scheme provides for VRT relief when a new passenger car with CO2 emissions of not more than 140g/km (i.e.

CO2 band A or B) is purchased and registered, and another passenger car over 10 years old is scrapped. The scheme runs until June 30, 2011. The VRT relief available is €1,250 for qualifying vehicles registered during the period January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011.

5 May 2011 GAZETTE 19

20 GAZETTE 5 May 2011


Granny’s delight at Johnstown Road

14 Millmount Grove, top, and 42 Camberly Oaks


Homes in Milltown and Churchtown SHERRY FitzGerald are bringing a number of new properties to the market at the moment. The first featured is No 14, Millmount Grove, a hidden gem situated close to Milltown, Clonskeagh and Dundrum. This two-bed terraced cottage that benefits from a quiet, leafy location, and will no doubt appeal to a wide variety of buyers. This stylish home, which has been beautifully renovated, enjoys a bright crisp interior with contemporary light-filled living/bedroom accommodation coupled with an airy kitchen and private sunny rear garden with large decked area ideal for dining al fresco. The other property is No 42, Camberly Oaks, Churchtown, Dublin 14, with an asking price of €350,000. This three-bedroom terraced house measures 84 sq m, and is positioned off Upper Churchtown Road, close to Dundrum and Churchtown. The property would be a great trade down or first home and offers the discerning purchaser 904 sq ft of bright and airy accommodation. Internally, there is a living room, kitchencum-dining room, w.c., three bedrooms, bathroom and is further enhanced by a private 33ft south-facing rear garden, ideal for those with a keen eye for gardening. To the front there is a communal parking area and landscaped borders. The sun-drenched rear garden has a sunny south-facing orientation ideal for enjoying the evening sun with patio area, ideal for outside dining or simply relaxing. The properties are avaible to view by appointment, which can be arranged through Sherry FitzGerald’s Dundrum branch on 296 1822.

GUNNE are bringing No 21 Johnstown Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, a three-bedroom semidetached house in south County Dublin to the market for the asking price of €349,000. This bright and airy three-bedroom family home, of c117 sq m, boasts a large, attractive 98ft rear garden and a spacious front garden with ample off-street parking. The property features a converted garage to the side of the house which is used as a self-contained granny flat, with its own door access, front and rear. There is great potential to further extend to the rear of the property or

Number 21, Johnstown Road, Dun Laoghaire

convert the attic, subject to the necessary planning permission. The property itself comprises entrance hall, living room with gas fireplace, a kitchen/dining room with tiled floor, fitted with wall and floor

units, built-in storage cupboards and is plumbed for washing machine. The bedrooms feature built-in wardrobes and the bathroom is thoroughly tiled. The granny f lat is situated to the side of

the house and is selfcontained, with separate own door entrance to the front and access to the rear garden. It features an open-plan living room/kitchen, with fitted wall and floor units, cooker and is plumbed for washing machine, a shower room with Triton T90si electric shower and bedroom. There is a gated front garden with a paved driveway providing off street parking for two cars, the garden is mainly lawned and bordered by mature hedges and plants. The large 98ft rear garden boasts a decked patio, ideal for al-fresco dining, and is bordered by mature plants and

trees. There is gas central heating in the property, with a newly installed Baxi boiler, and there are double-glazed windows throughout. Ideally located within close proximity of a host of local amenities including excellent primary and secondary schools, shops and leisure facilities. The area is also close to good transport links, including the N11 and M50 which are within easy access and regular bus services to and from the city. Viewing is by appointment only, and can be arranged by contacting Gunne on 01 280 1719 or e-mail


Kensington Lodge a palace in the south

FINNEGAN Menton are bringing No 107 Grove Park, Rathmines, Dublin 6, an ornate Queen Anne-style detached residence in the heart of Rathmines, with four bedrooms to the market at the reduced price of €1.2m. Kensington Lodge is a majestic period residence extremely conveniently located on Grove Park, which is a quiet residential road off Rathmines Road, close to Portobello Bridge. The property extends to 3,000 sq ft and has a secluded garden with off-street parking. This proper ty was designed by William Isaac Chambers, for himself, in 1882 in Queen Anne-style. Kensington Lodge was lovingly restored and sympathetically modernised by the current owners over

the past 30 years and is undoubtedly now one of the finest period residences in the area. The property comprises hallway, drawing room with dual aspect, elegant, grey marble mantle piece, cast-iron fireplace with tiled inset, and polished wood floor. The kitchen is fully modernised, with Rayburn cooker, with brick feature surround. There are full-length Shakerstyle maple cupboards, granite worktops and feature island unit with sink unit and storage presses. There is an integrated fridge, double oven, grill, electric hob with extractor and dishwasher. The sitting room has a wood-burning stove with recessed book shelves to either side, wood panelled ceiling, laminated

The kitchen at Kensington Lodge

wood floor and folding French doors to garden. The four bedrooms are well-sized and appointed, and there is an attic room with large velux window and feature circular leaded-stained glass window and a pitched, painted wood ceiling. There are views of the Dublin Mountains.

This superb location offers a tranquil environment just a five-minute stroll from bustling Rathmines Village and within an easy walk of Dublin City Centre (1.25km). The area is superbly served by a myriad of shops, restaurants, and pubs with numerous schools, churches and

other public amenities all at hand, complimented by an excellent public transport system, including Luas, for those not wishing to walk to Dublin City Centre. For more information, contact Iain Finnegan or Richard Carrigan on (01) 614 7900 or e-mail info@

5 May 2011 GAZETTE 21

GazetteBUSINESS BUSINESS Furnishing what customers want

Supported by AIB

Interview: Graham Costigan, general manager, Room To Room

DUCA Furniture, trading as Room To Room, started business more than 10 years ago as a furniture wholesaler. Given the tough economic conditions prevailing in the country, the company decided to take their furniture directly to the public, with a benefit for the customer being the excellent value the company says it offers all year long. Talking to the Gazette this week, general manager Graham Costigan told us about his career and the company. “I was born what seems like an eternity ago in Dublin, I spent seven years living in Germany, and came back to Ireland 12 years ago. “Since leaving school (Joey’s in Fairview) I’ve run pubs, an accounts department and a freight company before joining Duca Furniture about a year ago. “I enjoy work, golf, travel, a couple of drinks now and then and relaxing with [partner] Karen, but not necessarily in that order!” Graham says. “Duca Furniture started business over 10 years ago as a furniture wholesaler. Based on the outskirts of Dundalk, we have a state-of-the-art 75,000 sq ft warehouse facility. Our showrooms in Santry, Fonthill and Leopardstown are decked out in the best of furniture. “We sell quality and pride ourselves on this. There are plenty of furniture retailers, but we feel we have some of the best furniture out there. And, as we’re a wholesaler by

Q: What was your first job? A: I worked in Dunnes in the northside, stacking shelves and sweeping floors. Oh, how I miss those days ...

Q: And your first pay cheque? A: It was from the same place. Q: How many people do you have to talk with every day? A: Loads. Sometimes too many, sometimes not enough.

Q: What is the best thing about your job? A: The greatest thrill is getting things organised and not having any problems with deliveries.

Q: What part of your job do you dislike the most?

PRSAS (PERSONAL RETIREMENT SAVINGS ACCOUNTS) Q – I am married, 43 with two children and no pension. I was told employers have to provide a facility for employees to contribute to a pension, a PRSA. Can you advise me, as I don’t fancy having to live on € 230.30 per week when I am 68? Gerry - Ranelagh

Graham Costigan, general manager at Room To Room

trade, the price is fair as there is no middle man. “We stock most of the floor items and have a wide range of customised furniture. Why not slip by if you’re in the market?” According to Graham, Room To Room don’t mark up prices to enable them to mark down in a fake sale. The company is keen to promote its core belief of providing the customer with an excellent level of service and quality at

a fair price. Room To Room carries stocks of leather, bedroom, dining and occasional furniture, with most of these items available for immediate delivery. Added to the its extensive range of custom-made fabric suites, the company believes it has something to suit every taste and every pocket. Customers can find all of the company’s details at

Q&A Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be? A: I wanted to be a footballer.


A: Doing the accounts – boring.

Q: What air carrier do you use when going on holidays? A: Generally Aer Lingus or Ryanair, whichever is best value.

Q: What car do you drive? A: I drive an old Audi. Q: Can you swim? A: I can, and try to, as much as possible.

Q: Would you ever bungee jump? A: Nope; I don’t like heights. Q: Do you play any sport? A: I play golf. Q: What is your favourite food and drink? A: My favourite food is stew; my favourite drink is coffee.

Q: Who would you like to have dinner with – Brian O’Driscoll or Brian Cowen? A: Brian Cowen. I’d love to

Q: Where is your favourite holiday destination? A: Portugal.

give him a slap up the side of the head.

Q: Have you ever met Brian Cowen? A: Nope.

Q: How many times a week do you go to the ‘hole in the wall’? A: Way too often.

Q: What other job in the whole world would you really like to have? A: A professional golfer;

Q: How many times each year do you shop for clothes? A: As seldom as possible. I

otherwise, I’m very happy with my work.

don’t like shopping.

Q: What is the name of your favourite shop? A: Room to Room, of course! But, really, it’s Macy’s in New York.

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own? A: About 15, I think.

Q: When do you wish to retire? A: As soon as I have the means to do so, comfortably.

A - There are currently over 420,000 Irish citizens over the age of 65 and, by the year 2050, there will be 1.8million citizens over this age - 767,300 by 2026, meaning that 16 years from now, more than 16% of the population will be in retirement. Put another way, in 2010 there were six workers for every retired person in the state. By 2051, there will only be two workers for every retired person. Another fact is that half of the current earning population of Ireland does not have a pension, having to solely rely on the State Pension when they retire. As you know, that retirement age is also moving to age 68 over the coming years. So, you are quite right to be concerned, as we need to address our retirement planning and save for the future now. PRSAs – Personal Retirement Savings Accounts - were introduced September 2003 forcing ALL employers to set up a debit system to allow employees to contribute to a pension plan if there was not one already in place. While they do NOT have to contribute to their employees’ pensions, at least not yet, they will do in 2014. They MUST nominate an insurance company now to allow these pension payments or direct debits to be made by their employees. Failure to do so can result in a fine to the employer of between € 1,500 and € 12,700 ! You should, therefore, approach your company and ask if they have nominated a insurance company and set up such a scheme. You can, of course, also take the initiative yourself and open your own PRSA with any insurance company directly. The idea behind PRSAs was to make them affordable and portable for everyone. There is a maximum annual management charge of 1%, together with a maximum contribution charge of 5%. Needless to say, there are a number of rules, regulations, terms and conditions and therefore you should seek professional, authorised and independent advice on same.


*based on standard industry measurements

Q: What will you do then? A: I haven’t got a clue. I will read books and take it easy for a while, and just spend some time smelling the flowers – I don’t get a chance now.


22 GAZETTE 5 May 2011

GazetteTTRAVEL FastTravel Try-mendous travel offer with Stena Line for Heineken Cup Final RUGBY fans can travel from only €44* per person by car for the Heineken Cup Final. STENA Line has a special offer from only €44* per person for rugby fans travelling by car (with four passengers) to the Heineken Cup Final in the Millennium Stadium in Wales on Saturday, May 21, which kicks off at 5pm. Fans can travel by Superferry from Rosslare Port on Friday, May 20, at 21:15, or on Saturday, May 21, at 09:00 and return from Fishguard on Sunday, May 22, at 02:45 hours, arriving into Rosslare Harbour at 06.15. For more information, or to book, log on to, call 01 204 7777 or visit your local Stena Line office or travel agent. *Terms & conditions apply. Subject to availability. Fare does not include match ticket and is based on a car plus 4 people travelling.

Hop to the great cities of Las Vegas and San Francisco CHECK out two of the USA’s coolest hotspots with the latest twin city offer from Soak up the hip vibe of San Francisco and enjoy its many fine restaurants and cultural highlights and then throw yourself into all of the excitement and buzz that’s on offer in Las Vegas. Stay seven nights from €809 per person sharing Package includes: Return flights from Dublin to San Francisco, three nights accommodation in your choice of three-star hotel, four nights in your choice of three-star hotel in Las Vegas on room-only basis and airline taxes and charges. Don’t miss out on this unbeatable twin city offer to San Francisco and Las Vegas, book with Gohop, visit or call (01) 2412303.

A bit of windsurfing in Antrim WINDSURFING Week, which is taking place across Northern Ireland until May 8, provides enthusiasts with the perfect opportunity to enjoy a spring break in the surfing hub of Portrush, Co Antrim. Co Antrim’s North Coast is dotted with surfing schools that offer lessons to all ages and abilities. Visitors and wannabe surfers can turn their trip into a short stay by availing of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board’s (NITB) special accommodation offer of two nights’ accommodation with breakfast at the Ramada in Portrush from only £95pps (subject to availability). The beautiful seaside town is a favourite with tourists due to its stunning scenery and fantastic entertainment venues. For further information contact the Northern Ireland Tourist Board on callsave 1850 230 230, click on or visit the Tourist Information Centre, Suffolk Street, Dublin 2 to avail of its free advice and booking service.

A magical place for those vital first steps DAWN LOVE-LATIMER

ALTHOUGH the chance to review one of Ireland’s best-known hotels is something I would normally jump at, the idea of driving to Kerry with a 10-month-old baby made both me and my husband, Dylan, think twice, actually more than twice to be honest. But throwing caution to the wind, on a sunny April day we loaded up our old estate and the three of us headed for the Parknasilla Resort and Spa in Kerry. In the end, we’d nothing to worry about. We decided to stop in Adare for lunch, and the new motor way meant we zipped down in no time at all. It was like the scene in Meet the Fockers, when all the traffic lights go green, because Harry ended up sleeping most of the way to Adare and again until we reached Kerry. Okay, getting from Killarney to Kenmare proved a little tricky, as Harry left both me and Dylan in no doubt that he’d had enough, but we got there in the end and the view when you pull up to the front of Parknasilla Resort and Spa is one of the most spectacular I have ever seen. Perched majestically

overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this historic Victorian building conjures up images of the sumptuous hotels featured in Miss Marple and Poirot, and you can understand why both Charles de Gaulle and Princess Grace of Monaco were fans. There is a timeless quality about the hotel, although it now boasts a state-of-the-art spa and a new wing. I think Irish artist Patrick Scott summed it up best, when, recalling the holidays he spent there with his family in the 1930s, he said: “I remember as a child being very impressed by the grandeur of it, and the locations, of course. But it did seem to be the kind of hotel that people got very fond of and kept going there.” To be honest, nothing has really changed, and that’s what I loved about it. Many of the people I met on our stay at Parknasilla are regulars, and many of them are families. It’s set amidst 500 acres, and, with a massive swimming pool, rock pools and walking trails, it is sheer kiddie heaven. We’ve been to a few cafes and restaurants before where it’s made pretty clear that children aren’t particularly welcome, but, in spite of


‘Our little bundle of joy took his first solo steps, a family memory that we will treasure, and we hope to have many more of them at this Kerry gem’ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

the beautiful reception rooms in the hotel, never once were we made feel like this. In fact, Harry got so attached to some of the hotel’s staff that on the last day, as we said our goodbyes, he leaped into the arms of John from the Pygmalion. Other staff members,

like PJ, are also parents, in fact he is a dad of twins – so we always felt we were in an easygoing atmosphere and there was never a problem if we needed some food heated. We stayed in one of the hotel’s new suites, and there is oodles of room for a family. One of my pet hates is poor bed linen, but

there were no fears here. The beds are massive with really comfy mattresses and the bed linen is topquality cotton. The bathroom was gorgeous, too, and I’m a total sucker for nice beauty products, so the Elemis ones that Parknasilla uses went down a treat. Which brings me to the

5 May 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 23



Four-star holidays deals from €53 per day all-inclusive, from Panorama Holidays

Dawn with her son Harry, left, taking his first few solo steps. A lone Drascombe Lugger, above, drifts by the surroundings of Parknasilla

SPECIAL OFFERS THE Parknasilla is currently offering guests a twonight bed and breakfast and one evening meal deal from just €159 per person sharing, or book three nights bed and breakfast and two evening meals from just €229 per person sharing. Bookings must be made before May 31 and the stay must take place before June 30, 2011. To book visit or telephone 064 667 5600.

next part of the hotel, the spa – a definite must. I had a Hot Stone Massage. Now, I’m a big fan of facials and massages but I’ve never had a Hot Stone one and I really wasn’t sure if I would chill out as I heard the rustle of stones at the beginning. Chill out I did, so much so that

Dylan told me I should have a massage like that more often. He was joking, of course – at least, I like to think so. In fact, I chilled out so much I fell asleep and the therapist had to wake me when she had finished. Most nights we ate in the Doolittle Bar, which has an extensive menu

of really wholesome food and yummy desserts – definitely try the Sticky Toffee Pudding. The buffet breakfasts were a real treat. Set in the Pygmalion restaurant, this is a really stunning and historic room with ocean views, and on our last night we decided to get a bit dolled up and

eat there. Head chef is Peter Brennan, who has worked in some of London and Dublin’s top eateries, and his food is pretty spectacular. I have to say I would travel to Parknasilla alone for one of his dinners. All ingredients are locally sourced, including the freshly

caught fish, local farm vegetables and meat. On a personal note, our little bundle of joy took his first solo steps in Parknasilla, a family memory that we will treasure and we hope to have many more of them at this Kerry gem that is run the way hotels used to, and should be.

“ALL-INCLUSIVE” is very much the buzz word among cost-conscious sunseekers this year, with tour operators seeing a strong rise in holidaymakers opting for packages, which include meals, drinks and entertainment in the price. Panorama has just released a large selection of all-inclusive deals for the month of May, with prices as low as €375 per week for four-star accommodation in Crete. The offers cover three- and four-star properties in 12 destinations spread across Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Spain, and include all meals, snacks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, evening entertainment and use of hotel facilities. The four-star Gouves Park in Crete is on offer for just €375 per person sharing for May 6 departure, and is ideal for families, with nightly entertainment and a kids’ club, with a day-time activity programme. The Algarve remains a favourite with Irish holidaymakers, and Panorama has a number of all-inclusive deals in the area, with the four-star Delfim Hotel in Alvor available from May for €635, and the Dom Pedro Golf resort in Vilamoura for €756 on May 15. The Villa Marina Club in Salou, on the Costa Dorada in Spain, offers terrific value in May, from €415, departing May 6 or 15, while Fuengirola, on the Costa del Sol, can be enjoyed for €499 (Gardenia Park). Turkey is rightly popular for its value, and Panorama has a choice of allinclusive destinations in May, with the four-star Delta Beach Resort in Yalikavak from €479, the Bathian Hotel in Kusadasi from €449 and the Piril Hotel in Cesme from €539. Menorca, from €449, Majorca from €489, Fuerteventura from €549, Lanzarote from €545, Tenerife from €635 and Zakynthos from €619, complete the special May offers. All prices are per person, based on two sharing and include taxes and charges. “The prospect of accommodation, meals, snacks, drinks and entertainment for as little as €53 a day must be very appealing for families struggling with the cost of living here in Ireland,” says Brian Nevin of Panorama Holidays. To book, and for more details on any of the discounts on offer, call 0818 20 20 20, log on to or visit your nearest travel agent.

24 BLANCH GAZETTE 5 May 2011


GoingOUT GoingOUT PAVILION THEATRE 01 231 2929 Howard Marks: An Audience With Mr Nice Howard Marks is a writer, creator, contributor, storyteller, comedian, Oxford graduate, philosopher, teacher, stoner, singer, actor, DJ, social commentator, revolutionary and an all-round Nice guy. A softly spoken man, he has engaged audiences from Kilkenny to Kathmandu with his fascinating lifestyle and great anecdotal tales that has seen him driven by adrenaline and fuelled by emotion for a right and just society. May 8 at 7:30. Tickets €19/€21.

SEAMUS ENNIS CULTURAL CENTRE 01 802 0898 Majorstuen Breakneck polkas with daring runs, easy-going lullabies with blue notes, groovy reinlenders and wickedly wonderful waltzes. This is what you may expect from a musical experience with the fiddle and cello collective Majorstuen. Majorstuen has somehow come to signify the revival of Norwegian traditional music with a hugely dynamic and forward-looking musical expression. Already with its 2003 debut album this five-strong fiddle ensemble made it clear that things were changing in the sphere of Norwegian folk. May 7 at 8:30pm. Admission: €16. Priest (Paul Bettany) knows that his kidnapped niece is somewhere out there in the wasteland. The warrior has to find her, soon, before her

THE HELIX 01 700 7000

vampire kidnappers turn her into one of them. Meanwhile, the Church has sent agents to find and stop him – but why?

Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell Psychic Tony Stockwell has been working for some 20 years, constantly striving to push the boundaries of his communication. In that time he has had umpteen television programmes and has taught at the most respected schools for mediumistic development. Legions of people have witnessed his unique gifts and can testify to what he does as truly amazing. May 6 at 8pm. Tickets: €30.

MILL THEATRE 01 296 9340 The Pajama Game The story deals with labour troubles in a pyjama factory, where worker demands for a seven-and-a-half cents raise are going unheeded. In the midst of this ordeal, love blossoms between Babe, the grievance committee head, and Sid, the new factory superintendent. Until May 7. Admission: €18/€15

DRAIOCHT 01 885 2622 Pineapple Pineapple is a tough and tender drama about love and survival. Calipo presents the world premiere of Pineapple, the new play from acclaimed playwright Phillip McMahon (Danny and Chantelle, All over Town, Alice In Funderland). May 5 - 6 at 8pm. Tickets: €15/€12 conc / €10 Groups.

Vladimir and Classical Twist Vladimir Jablokov is a young violin virtuoso from Bratislava, Slovakia. He arrived in Ireland in 2004 and formed the Slovak Festival Quartet with some friends. May 7 at 8pm. Tickets: €18 / €16 concession.

CIVIC THEATRE 01 4627477 Somewhere Under The Rainbow Starring Sharon Sexton as Liza Minnelli. Beneath the surface of sequins, feathers and razzle dazzle that is so often associated with Miss Minnelli, lies a truly captivating character, who has lived one of the toughest, most fascinating and remarkable lives in show business! Join Sharon Sexton’s Liza in the intimate setting of her dressing room as she performs pieces from her infamous musical catalogue and shares the secrets, stories and memories that make up a mesmerising career, including the memories of what was undoubtedly the most demanding role she ever played, that of “Judy Garland’s daughter”. May 6 at 8pm. Admission: €20 and €16 concession.

Bit of an unholy mess Kate’s prayers for an original vampire movie have ... not been answered, with this Matrix-with-bloodsuckers film Q KATE CROWLEY

A READER recently asked me if I liked any film I cover, given a near-constant stream of one-star and two-star reviews streaming out from gleaming Gazette Towers. Well, Timmy, by golly, I’m glad you asked me that. Of course I like films and cinema, it’s just that Hollywood keeps on making bad, bad films, which then end up trying to sneak into Dublin cinemas in a bid to take your hard-earned Recessionista Roubles. The noive of those guys! So, rather than trying to tell you about good or interesting films (such as Takashi Miike’s latest, 13 Assassins, which is another well-told tale set in violent, feudal Japan), I sometimes feel it’s my duty to climb up on the roof and start shouting about some of the lame turkeys on the way to

FILM OF THE WEEK: Priest ++ (15A) 87 mins Director: Scott Charles Stewart Starring: Paul Bettany, Christopher Plummer, Karl Urban, Lily Collins, Cam Gigandet, lots of CG beasties

OUR VERDICT: LOOKING around the world, Kate has seen some fresh twists on the vampire theme recently, such as Let The Right One In (Sweden), or Thirst (Korea). Then she gets Priest (Hollywood). Although not totally terrible, its endless style over substance is rather draining and, she says, it has rather too much leather coats, slo-mo and noisy music to make a good impression. Conclusion? It sorta sucks ...

gobble your change. That, or to sit here at my old Remington, put on my geen eye shade, and tap away in front of the fire. And, lo, speaking of warnings about bad films, here comes a Priest that many of you probably won’t like so much. In a futuristic world, following a long-running clash between humans and vampires, which humanity eventually won, a warrior priest (Paul Bettany) lives in obscurity amongst the huddled masses of one of the world’s safe, walled cities,

ruled over with absolute authority by the Church. The war was won, but the vampires weren’t wiped out, with many of their various, mutated forms prowling around in the post-apocalyptic wastelands beyond the walls of the cities. When his niece, Lucy (Lily Collins) is grabbed by the vampires, Priest is the only man for the job to go git her, before the gal becomes a ghoul. Well, almost the only man, as he’s joined by Lucy’s brave boyfriend and an Inevitable Feisty Warrior Woman Sidekick

for his near-suicidal rescue mission. Not that the Church wants him to leave the city; in fact, Monsignor Orelas (Christopher Plummer) expressly forbids his mission, and even despatches other holy warriors to bring back Priest from the wasteland. Could the Church have its own nefarious secrets, perhaps? Still, our heroes don’t have Nosferatu go to find the vampires and screaming niece/girlfriend. However, despite being very skilled at trampling vampires, there’s still just a few of them, and an awful lot of mean vampires to get past – and the meanest of them all is Black Hat (Karl Urban), who may still look pretty human, but is a true beast on the inside. Priest finds himself not just with a rescue mission to complete, but also has to do something about the terrible truth he

uncovers; something that Black Hat was counting on him uncovering ... Shlock-horror fans will welcome the sight (and distinctive sound) of Christopher Plummer; a seasoned old ham who adds his reliable B-Movie stamp to the film. Meanwhile, Bettany continues his apparent bid to usurp Clive Owen as a Grade-A indicator of a Grade-Awful film, with yet another film involving him and some supernatural hi-jinks. I’m not adverse to vampire films – some readers may recall that I liked the bloodthirsty film, 30 Days of Night, for example – but, I confess that Priest really isn’t anything that special. Coming across like a cross between Judge Dredd, Firefly and Mad Max, Priest will probably go down well with some, but, for this reviewer, Priest hasn’t a prayer. Fangs, but no fanks ...

5 May 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 25

Imagine! People actually queueing to buy music! ADAM MAGUIRE

Jessica Alba, one of the stars of J th the just-released, Little Fockers

Why Alba really loves the Fockers THE third instalment in the highly-popular Fockers series, Meet the Parents – Little Fockers, was recently released on a range of formats, with the DVD and Blu-Ray releases flying off the shelves. One of the film’s stars, Jessica Alba, shared some of her thoughts on working with the likes of Ben Stiller. Meet the Parents – Little Fockers is available now at a wide range of outlets.

Q: Tell readers about your character ... A: I play “Andi Garcia” and, yes, that’s a bit of a joke! She’s very bubbly, very outgoing and she never thinks before she speaks. She says exactly what’s on her mind, and she has that ‘cheerleader’ kind of attitude. Q: Does that mean you got some really good lines to say? A: Yes, and I threw in a lot of slang as well, because I thought it would be funny if [Andi] did that, and if there was that sort of generational gap between Ben’s character and her character, that he just had no idea what the hell she was talking about at all! Q: Is comedy hard to do? A: Yes, comedy is the hardest thing to do. Acting in other things, it’s subjective what works. But, with comedy, if you don’t make people laugh, you have screwed up. It’s hard. Q: You’re working with some great comedians. Is it difficult to keep a straight face sometimes when you’re filming scenes with them? A: Well, you can laugh at the scene when they’re doing their close-up, but when you are in the scene with a wide shot, you can’t break character. So, my goal every day was to try and get Ben to break character and laugh! Q: What was it like, doing ‘Little Fockers’? A: It was the best time ever, it really was, and every day I came home knowing that I’d had a great day at work. It was the kind of film that made me want to act in the first place. I loved it; every day was a blast.

A FUNNY thing happened recently; something that had not happened for quite some time. People up and down the country queued outside their local music shops, waiting for the doors to open. The reason was Record Store Day – an international event aimed at drawing crowds into record shops with live music and limited edition releases. Its success was, no doubt, welcome for the industry, too, as it continues to struggle in a world of digital – and more often than not, illegal – downloads. If record labels and musicians can take one thing from it, it is that people are still willing to pay for music, assuming there is enough of an incentive for doing so.

Gimmicky However, if they feel this kind of gimmicky event is enough to save an industry in turmoil, they are only fooling themselves. The reality is that the world has changed. The internet has made it possible to get hold of practically any song, and users do not even have to pay for the pleasure of doing so. This is a modern-day Pandora’s Box, and all the legal threats, court cases, moral appeals and guilt trips in the world will never undo this shift. The way people consume music will never go back to the way it was before. However, these very tactics have characterised the industry’s reaction to illegal downloading, to date, simply because they are the easiest ones available. Unfortunately for the

record labels, this is not a simple problem with a simple solution. Rather than waste energy fighting a losing battle in the courts, perhaps it is time for the industry to focus its energies in more productive ways.

Hinderance Individual artists are already leading the way and, as much as it has proven a hindrance, technology can also be used to help this. There is no one route that will prove successful for all, of course, but, then again, it is a myth to suggest there ever was. With matters such as Record Store Day and the resurgence in vinyl sales, it is clear that people will spend money on music, as long as they get something in return. Something tangible, exclusive, personal ... Whatever the big players decide to do, people will continue to make money from music in the years and decades ahead. Whether they are a part of that really depends on how they react in the relatively short-term ... Nintendo 3DS Having led the field with touch-sensitive, and then motion-sensitive, gaming, Nintendo may be on to another winner with this glasses-free 3D handheld. The original Nintendo DS, which has been on the market in one form or another for many years now, has been a roaring success. Worldwide sales are touching on 150 million units, and most people have played games, such

as Brain Training and Nintendogs, at least once. Therefore, a follow-up to the handheld was always going to be hotly anticipated, and under a lot of pressure to perform. The Nintendo 3DS, it seems, is worth the wait, with its cracking graphics and striking 3D graphics without the need for glasses. The 3D, along with 3D cameras built-in, opens up a whole new way of playing games that will really capture your imagi-

nation. The ability to download new titles wirelessly is handy, too, as is the likes of the “Streetpass” feature, which helps you to set up multiplayer games with people nearby. If there is anything bad

to say, it is that the 3D can strain the eyes a little when used a lot, but it is so easy to adapt it to suit you – or to switch it off – that this is not really going to be a problem. Expect this to be top of many people’s birthday and Christmas lists for the next year, or more. The Nintendo 3DS is available from games retailers, with a RRP of €270. Visit for the latest tech news, reviews and views.


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GazetteSport’s April winners are announced: Page 29


Malahide all set to celebrate 150 years ROB HEIGH

THE development of cricket in north County Dublin announced in October of last year began to come to fruition when representatives of Cricket Ireland and Fingal County Council were on hand at the turning of the sod on the new international cricket facility at Malahide Cricket Club last week. Ireland cricket inter-

national John Mooney, Warren Deutrom, the CEO of Cricket Ireland, Mayor of Fingal, Ken Farrell, and Norman Adams, president of Malahide Cricket Club were present at Malahide Demesne as the club took the first tangible step on the road to the development of the club’s grounds, which came on the back of a €450,000 funding boost. The funds, predomi-

nantly, will go toward the cost of redeveloping and extending the outfield, as well as providing grass banking, which will accomodate the crowds attending matches. Mayor Farrell said: “Fingal County Council is greatly looking forward to working with Malahide Cricket Club and Cricket Ireland on the development of this facility. “The sport of cricket has a long association

Jonh Mooney, Warren Deutrom, Mayor Ken Farrell and Norman Adams at the ceremony at Malahide CC

with Fingal with some of the oldest and longest established clubs based in north Dublin and the sport is very popular in the Fingal area. It was therefore fitting that the Cricket Club in Malahide Demesne had been

chosen as the location for Ireland’s new international cricket facility.”

Celebrations The club are in the midst of another celebration at the moment, with their 150th anniversary

celebrations about to get into full swing. As part of the celebrations, the club are hosting a Gala Dinner Dance on June 11 in the Grand Hotel, Malahide and hope that the wider community of members,

friends and supporters of the club will join in the celebrations and reunite with old friends and team-mates. For more information on the dinner, contact Howard on 087 419 0148.

28 BLANCH GAZETTE 5 May 2011

GazetteSport Sport Rugby



Limerick tour a huge success for U-16s COOLMINE RFC’s Under-16s recently undertook a tour of Limerick, which saw them take part in a tour of Thormond Park, as well as play Garryowen after having watched their hosts play Buccaneers in the AIL league game at Dooradoyle. The U-16s game was an end-to-end thriller that saw both sides in scoring form, in which the hosts prevailed by a final scoreline of 39-24. Despite the result, Coolmine were in high spirits after the game after putting on what was easily their best performance of the season, contested in high heat and in front of a large home crowd.

Coolmine seek volunteers and donations COOLMINE RFC are hosting a garden fete and funday on Saturday, May 28, and are looking for club members to get on board to help in putting together one of the biggest days of the year as the season comes to an end. They are looking for volunteers to help with manning the stalls and attractions and help with erecting tents and

organising car parking for visitors on the big day. Sponsorship is sought as well for raffle prizes, small toys and novelties and bottles for the bottle stall, sweets for the sweet stall and for children’s prizes, as well as cakes, bric-a-brac, toys, books, CDs or DVDs, jams and preserves. All donations are gratefully received. If you can help in any way, contact PatAnn at 086 807 6677 or patannw@eircom. net.

Coolmine were unable to bring their league form to bear for just one more game when both the firsts and seconds suffered cup defeats

Trophies denied for ’Mine METRO PLATE S-FINAL Coolmine NUIM Barnhall

5 24

IT WAS A disappointing end to the season for Coolmine’s first and second XVs when both sides were denied the chance to capture the final honours in their respective cup competitions last week. Despite hard-fought battles, both sides failed to perform to their normal high standards and suffered the consequences. Coolmine’s first XV took on NUIM Barnhall last Tuesday night at Ashbrook in the Metro Plate semi-final. They managed to stay in touch with Barnhall for most of the first half

despite losing a man to the sin bin after eight minutes for a high tackle. The visitors took advantage of having a man extra, and were soon on the scoreboard, running in a try from deep inside their own half. An intercepted ball after 21 minutes gave them their second try, and NUIM Barnhall made no mistake with the conversion this time, pulling 0-12 ahead. Coolmine did manage to pull a try back with ten minutes to go, and a missed Barnhall penalty left a seven-point gap between the sides going into the break. Matters were thrown into the mix when Barnhall lost a man of their

own to the sin bin after the restart, but Coolmine failed to capitalise on the extra man. Twenty minutes into the half and Barnhall started to pile on the pressure. A scrum option was taken after a penalty was awarded under the posts. This resulted in multiple resets, and several more penalties being awarded with Barnhall opting for the scrum each time, hoping for a penalty try. However, they did manage to eventually push over for their third try of the game. The conversion was charged down, denying them another two points, but a Coolmine player received another yellow card and, with the sin bin filled with a dark

blue shirt once again, Barnhall pushed ahead further with another score to leave the final score at 5-24 to the visitors.

Byrne Cup It was a tighter affair for Coolmine’s seconds last Wednesday night away to Guinness RFC. The Ashbrook men dominated the first s e ve n m i n u t e s , b u t didn’t manage to come away with any points. On the other hand, Guinness managed to grab three points from their first visit to the Coolmine half, and snatched another three after 20 minutes as they started to dominate the game. A high tackle put Coolmine a man down

for 10 minutes, and Guinness ran in a try before the break, going in 11-0 ahead. Guinness failed to score in the second half and, with Coolmine managing to pull a try back midway through the period, it was backs to the wall for the home side. Coolmine played their best rugby of the game in the last quarter and ran in another try with six minutes left. The conversion would have put them a point ahead but it sailed wide of the posts. This saw a nail-biting end to the game, but Guinness managed to hold out to the final whistle to win the game 11-10 and secure the Byrne Cup victory.

5 May 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 29

in association with




DAVID MALONE THE Paralympic swimming star was announced as the team manager for Ireland’s 2012 London Paralympics campaign last month, a well-deserved accolade and further affirmation of both his place as one of the leading lights in the sport and his ability to develop and nurture new talent in the sport


THE southside ladies took on a challenge never attained in Dublin schools’ senior football and brought back the All-Ireland title after a titanic struggle against Holy Rosary College of Galway, showing that the game of ladies’ football in the capital has a great deal of promise for the future. APRIL saw a great deal of sporting achievement in Dublin, and the early weeks of May look set to do the same, with the capital’s footballers, hurlers and ladies footballers all chasing league titles, and other titles being decided in all manner of sports. But an All-Ireland crown has a special cachet, especially when it is the first one to be claimed in Dublin since the competition began, and Colaiste Iosagain must be hailed for their success. When one of the greats in a sport received an accolade that recognises his capacity to rise beyond any perceived limitations and inspire

those he coaches to the same level of achievement, that cannot be ignored. David Malone showed his ability to shine in the pool at international level for many years, and now is set to bring a new generation of swimmers to Paralympic glory in 2011. Let us know about your achievements in sport, so that the Gazette can tell the rest of Dublin — and give you, or your team, a chance of being one of our monthly stars. Contact us on 01 601 0240 or to tell us all about your successes in the month of May, and follow us on Facebook at

Portmarnock’s Karl Burdis was one of the top performers at the National Long-Course championships

National contest sees local winners TROJAN’S Nuala Murphy and Portmarnock’s Karl Burdis were two of the bigger local winners at last weekend’s National Long-Course swimming championships, held in the National Aquatic Centre in Abbotstown. The formerwas involved in a series of high-profile tussles with rising star Sycerika McMahon and fellow high performance swimmer, Niamh O’Sullivan. But it was in Friday’s 1500m freestyle final that she achieved her big success, crushing her rivals by over a minute as she finished in a time of 17:19:13, well clear of Breifne’s

Cliodhna Delaney and Comans’ Sarah Kelly. As she dropped down the distances, the quality of the fields became more intense, none more so on day three when Murphy contested the 400m freestyle race. Murphy was well in contention with McMahon and O’Sullivan But, at the half-way mark, Murphy who is returning from an injury this year, dropped behind leaving McMahon and O’Sullivan to dominate the race. The two rivals made an outstanding effort, and turned at the last wall within four hundredths of

a second of each other. O’Sullivan dug in deep, but McMahon powered through on the last 25m in an impressive home, straight spurt to touch the wall ahead of the Kerry native in 4min.17.39 – just over a second faster than O’Sullivan (4min 18.17).

Prowess Burdis, meanwhile, showed his prowess in the backstroke field as he clocked 2:04:57 to win the men’s 200m race ahead of Niall Wynn as he continues his build-up for a second World University Games bid in China. The Portmarnock man is currently studying at

DCU after a couple of high-quality seasons in the US at the University of Minnesota. Aer Lingus were another club to prosper, picking up a number of medals despite the absence of World Senior Champiosnhips qualifier, Barry Murphy. ConorTurner, a qualifier for the European Juniors in Belgrade, was the silver medallist in the 1500m freestle, finishing just off the pace set by Leander’s Conor Donnelly, while club-mate Andrew Meegan matched that feat in the 100m butterfly and also grabbed bronze in the 400m freestyle.

NAC to host more Olympic champions THE Irish Water Polo Association and Swim Ireland have announced that the triple Olympic water-polo champions, Hungary, are coming to Ireland in June. The National Aquatic Centre secured the high-profile booking when the British and Hungarian waterpolo teams decided to come to Dublin for training and international fixtures, Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Leo Varadkar announced last week. This is the latest in a number of

high-profile link-ups with international competitors for the NAC, as it is already booked to host the USA Synchronised Swim Team for up to six weeks in advance of the London Olympics. It will also host the British Paralympic Swim squad for a training camp later this year.

International The Hungarian and British men’s waterpolo senior squads will use the National Aquatic Centre for a training camp

and two international matches between June 5 and 8, in co-operation with the Irish Waterpolo Association and Swim Ireland. Minister Varadkar said: “It’s a great boost for waterpolo in Ireland to attract athletes of this calibre. The 22-man Hungarian senior squad has more than 40 Olympic Gold Medals [between them]. I would like to congratulate the National Aquatic Centre, the Irish Waterpolo Association and Swim Ireland for attracting these world-class athletes.”

30 BLANCH GAZETTE 5 May 2011

GazetteSport Sport FastSport

Ready for battle: Countdown to the 2011 Solheim Cup MINISTER for Transport, Tourism

and Sport, Leo Varadkar, pictured with Shaun Quinn, CEO of Failte Ireland and Alison Nicholas, European Solheim Cup captain, recently marked 150 days to go to the 2011 Solheim Cup which will be staged in Killeen Castle this coming September. The professional ladies golf event between Europe and the USA is the most prestigious team event in women’s professional golf. For more information, see

Brogan all heart as he NDSL U-8: CASTLEKNOCK REPEAT VICTORY OVER NEIGHBOURS launches campaign DUBLIN and St Oliver Plunkett’s senior footballer Alan Brogan was first in line to buy a happy heart to launch the Irish Heart Foundation’s Happy Heart Weekend appeal, which runs from May 12 to 14, in Lidl’s Marlay Grange store last week. The GAA star was joined by store manager Pawel Kopec and Happy Heart Weekend coordinator Aideen Lynch as they urged the people of Dublin to make sure their hearts are in the right place and buy a happy heart for €2 this May. See for more information.

FAI Fives set Dunboyne club to kick off next holding open weekend day this week THE FAI Fives’ leagues will be commencing at Coolmine RFC on May 13, and the organisers are calling on teams to register immediately in order to compete. Teams will comprise eight players each with entry costing €450 per team for the 10-week programme. The inaugural tournament, starting from May 13, will see teams compete for the opportunity to play in the Aviva Stadium in August. Teams are invited to sign up as soon as possible on www.5s. ie, or by calling 0818 501555.

DUNBOYNE Tennis Club are set to hold their open day this week, and they are calling on the local community to come along and support the club on Sunday, May 8 from 2 to 6pm. The open day is for the whole family and is open to all players, irrespective of age or ability. There will be matches arranges for all levels, exhibition matches, a dedicated juniors and teens’ court, as well as fun events for the younger members of the family. For more information, see

David Olaiya, right, was on target for Castleknock Celtic to ensure another victory over Dunshaughlin

Celtic keep up winning ways NDSL U-8 DIVISION Dunshaughlin 1 Castleknock Celtic 2

D U N S H AU GH L I N arrived at Porterstown with a belief that following a close game against Celtic in March, they had the ability to match the opposition but it was the Celts who emerged victorious with a solid display. The game started at pace, although both defences were proving dominant. As the half wore on, Castleknock began to dominate possession — Alex San Emetrio and Lloyd Turner on the left were showing

a good understanding while Leigh Reilly looked to release John Kane. Mikey Rogers was busy up front and found time to create two good opportunities – one a high shot that beat the goalkeeper but also the crossbar, and, on the other occasion, he was foiled by some brave goalkeeping from the Dunshaughlin stopper. The crowd sensed a goal and it came just before half-time in the most unexpected way. Dunshaughlin played the ball out but the everalert Leigh Reilly pressurised the defender into a mistake and struck the ball from outside the box with pace, power and

accuracy into the bottom corner. However, as they had shown in previous games, Dunshaughlin have belief and reacted swiftly. On their next attack, the Dunshaughlin midfielder struck a shot that was blocked but their No 10 reacted sharply to hit a thunderous shot into the net to leave the sides level at half time. It was clear that Castleknock were seeking a win and they began the half meaning business. Two corners were won in quick succession, with Reilly just failing to score from a good Hughes’ delivery. Chances continued

with Hughes and Kane coming close. However, Castleknock needed to be careful as they searched for a goal. On one occasion, Dunshaughlin were through on goal but Rogers got back to make a great clearance. With legs tiring David Olaiya was re-introduced for the hard-working Kane with Hughes taking over on the right side of midfield. Within minutes Castleknock had scored. Hughes received the ball from the defence and went on one of his runs down the wing, beating two in the process, before hitting a cross to the wait-

ing David Olaiya, who, having taken up a great position six yards out, connected with the deftest of touches to score a fine goal. Castleknock looked for a third and, following an exchange of five passes between the two, Kane released the ball to Hughes who just failed to get his shot on target. As has been the pattern with games against Dunshaughlin, they finished the stronger as they sought an equaliser. In the dying minutes San Emetreio was on hand to make two fine saves ensuring a hardfought victory for Castleknock.

5 May 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 31

in association with


CLUB NOTICEBOARD ST BRIGID’S WHAT a day in Croke Park. Congratu-

Best of luck to Elaine, Ailish, Noelle,

lations to Daire and Alan on their fan-

Sorcha and Noelle this Saturday as

tastic achievement. It was a special

Dublin contest the NFL Division 2 final

day for everyone in Dublin who has

in Parnell Park. Best of luck to Paul

put in tremendous work over the past

Winters and the Dublin minor hurlers

20 years.

vs Wexford this Saturday.

Members can now pay their mem-

U-16B footballers in replay this

bership online at www.stbrigidsgaa.

Thursday at 7pm vs Lucan in Russell



Senior 2 footballers had a good win

Major annual fundraising club golf

over Good Counsel while the seniors

classic takes place on Friday, May 27

were edged out by TSS. The seniors

in Royal Tara; to enter a team, contact

face St Mark’s on Friday at 7pm in

Phil Kelly.

O’Toole Park.

meet on May 9 at 8pm; anyone who

Castleknock. Minor hurlers drew with

would like to be part of the committee,

David’s. Junior B footballers beat St

please do not hesitate and come down

Vincent’s in league.

on the evening.

Junior A and Bs in league action on Sunday: Junior A vs Good Counsel at

St Peregrine’s David Lynch was one of the lynchpins in the side’s win over Lucan Sarsfields last week

Lucan stutter as Peregrine’s soar DUBLIN SFC ROUND 1 Naomh Peregrine 1-18 Lucan Sarsfields 1-12 STEPHEN FINDLATER

FIVE-to-one underdogs with some bookmakers, Naomh Peregrine threw conventional wisdom out the window when they swept past a Lucan Sarsfields’ side who were second-best in the pivotal moments at Russell Park last Friday night. There were key performances; Robbie McCarthy’s 0-10 (0-4 frees) was one. Another was Karl Walsh between the posts who pulled off four top-drawer saves to frustrate Lucan, a matter compounded later when David Quinn’s simple finish was chalked off when he stepped into the square before Fran O’Hare centred. But the Blakestown club were good value for their win. Indeed, had they taken a few more of their scores in the first half, they would have been further ahead than

the 0-9 to 0-8 lead they took into the break. In that half, with Tommy Brennan to the fore, Lucan were under the cosh but looked more efficient in front of the posts, and their AFL1 pedigree seemingly likely to come through in a clinch. But the momentum never materialised as David Lynch produced a dynamic performance while the key blocks came thick and fast. It allowed the forward pairing of McCarthy and Ciaran McGuinness to run amok, especially in the early phase of the second half, when they built and maintained a four- to six-point lead. They started in riproaring fashion, McGuinness setting the tone with a brave catch ahead of Mick Casey inside ten seconds. Craig Lowndes’ early score, and four from McCar thy, had Peregrine’s 0-5 to 0-2 up, but All-Ireland U-21 winner David Quinn and James

O’Neill nailed Lucan’s only two attacks in the first ten minutes to show the threat they possessed. McGuinness and Eoin Jennings traded scores with Brendan Gallagher and Brennan before O’Neill looked certain to score. Walsh dove at his feet, and reacted brilliantly to keep out the follow-up, too. Brennan did pull one back in the aftermath from a free but a Stu Lowndes’ double inside a minute kept the Dublin 15 side in front at the break. And, despite being made to wait on the resumption, they tore into the second half. McCa-

rthy whipped over four of the next seven points while McGuinness crept over his second for a 0-14 to 0-10 lead. Lucan’s lifeline looked to have come when a slick left-wing move found O’Hare on the baseline but Quinn was too eager and his goal was annulled in the 46th minute. And this was quickly compounded when Craig Lowndes drove one over, albeit it almost went under the bar but for .an excellent save. Dublin’s league captain Paul Casey was denied by another Walsh stop as Lucan needed a goal to make it a game in the closing stages.

The Club History Committee will

U-13A hurlers had a good win over

Club Lotto takes place in Myo’s on Friday with a jackpot of €12,800.

11am in Russell; Junior B vs Starlights

Junior hurlers’ fundraising Trad/

in Collinstown Lane at 11am. Minor

Ballad Night on May 20, with Celtic

hurlers face Finbarrs on Sunday at

Wings. Tickets are €10 from Tim


O’Leary or from the Junior hurlers.

ST PEREGRINE’S VOTE for our very own unsung hero

on Sunday, Junior B play Lucan on

Albert ‘’Albie’’ Pierson. As we all

Thursday and Erin’s Isle away on

know, Albert is a hero among the

Sunday, and Junior B play Barrog

club and needs our votes.

away this Thursday and home to

Please long onto Brilliant win for our senior footballers last Friday evening over

Man O War on Sunday. Club lotto was not won; numbers drawn were 1, 18, 21 and 23. Next week’s jackpot is €3,600.

Lucan in SFC, all roads now lead

Any member not buying lotto tick-

to O’Toole Park this Saturday at

ets visit and support your

6pm for second round against St

club for only €2 a week and is also


available to play on-line using the

Well done to the club’s feile team on some brilliant performances on Saturday last and a fantastic day out in Parnell Park last Monday, well done to all concerned. Adult football resumes this week, when Junior A play Cuala at home

link on the club website. Entertainment in clubhouse this Saturday in club from Who’s Eddie. Club shop is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 6pm to 7pm and on Saturda ys 10am to 12pm.

TYRRELSTOWN GAA TRAINING for the junior team is on

in the Thirsty Bull, Tyrrelstown on

every Thursday at 5.45pm and Sat-

Friday, May 6 at 8pm. The format

urday morning at 10am on the pitch

will be teams of four, €10 per per-

at Belgree, Tyrrelstown.


For more information, please contact Ger on 0851000848. Training for the senior team is every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.15pm on the pitch at Blanch IT. For more information please contact Charlie on 0834088152. You can also find us on facebook or on Tyrrelstown GAA would like to announce that we will be holding our Annual Fundraising Table Quiz

We are changing the format a bit this year to negate the Google factor. So expect more picture, music and film rounds, and the new TT GAA power round. Raffle will be held on the night, with top prizes. Please support a local community event. We look forward to seeing you on the night!


PEREGRINE’S FLIGHT: Blakestown club upset the odds in SFC round one: P31

MAY 5, 2011

SPORTS AWARDS: April winners revealed: P29


Noelle Healy, pictured scoring a vital goal in the semi-final win over Cavan, will be hoping to add NFl Division Two glory to their promotion

Silverware new target for Jackies Local stars aiming to return to NFL Division One as champions, as they prepare to face Meath on Saturday STEPHEN FINDLATER

DUBLIN skipper Cliodhna O’Connor is hoping her ladies footballers can follow in the footsteps of their hurling counterparts and claim national league glory. It may be a far cry from Croke Park as they take on Meath in Parnell Park on Saturday (3.30pm) in the division two title with their primary objective already in the tank as they ultimately seek to retain their All-Ireland senior championship. St Brigid’s quintet Sorcha Furlong, Colleen Barrett, Noelle Healy, Elaine Kelly and Ailish McKenna will all be involved and O’Connor says this tie is a shot to nothing in one sense. “Our first aim this year was to qualify back to division one so we’re delighted to have done that by reaching this final. The first job is ticked off.” Despite a string of emphatic wins, the side did endure some nervy moments, falling to Cavan in the group stages, setting up a tricky semi-final

against the Breffni county. But they emerged from that battle, 3-12 to 1-9 victors, to set the final date with lessons learned. “Even when we won the semi-final, it was still a tough match. We had to reassess after Cavan beat us for the first time. We didn’t perform to the best of our abilities and we knew that after the match. It was probably a reminder that we had to make sure we got everything right, no matter what match we were playing. “I suppose we had to assess a little our gameplan and our decision-making. When things weren’t working on the pitch, we were slow to change. “We had to refocus ourselves but all was not lost after we lost to Cavan. We could still qualify for the semi-finals, but we had to concentrate.” It leaves Dublin in an interesting situation. Last year, they claimed ultimate glory despite being relegated from division one. This time, they will enter the Leinster championship on form but against a lower-tier of competition.

The Naomh Mearnog woman admits it is “hard to know” which approach is better. “Last year, we had to learn a lot about ourselves very early on. We were making mistakes and it was being shown up straight away. “This year, we have a different scenario. We’re in a league final; you can take positives from both but you just have to learn from whatever situations you’re presented with and take as much as you can from it.” Her side has also had to learn a slightly new style as Tommy Brown stepped up to take over from long-serving manager, Gerry McGill. “There’s been a few changes to the set-up. Tommy knows what we’ve done the last few years and that’s given us momentum going forward, but also he’s had a few different approaches to what Gerry had. “Angie McNally has come in and she’s doing a lot of coaching, she’s a new voice which freshens things up. There’s probably a nice balance and continuity.”


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