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July 21, 2011


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DUBLIN 15 local and Head of 98fm News, Teena Gates, has praised everyone who helped make her recent Gourmet Counts night a success. The fundraising dinner at the beautiful Anglers’ Rest raised a staggering €2,000 for Chernobyl Children International. Teena sang the praises of everyone who helped create the fabulous night of fun and food. Full Story on Page 5 and Gallery on Pages 8-9

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Beware bogus callers warning to residents Council urges caution as people pose as officials


FINGAL residents are being warned to be vigilant following a number of incidents where bogus callers have been impersonating county council officials in order to gain access to homes and

steal valuables. “Home owners who have reported this to the council have stated that the perpetrators posed as officials from the Water Ser vices Department who needed access to their home to turn off the water supply,” the

council said. The council is advising home owners to be extremely vigilant if they are confronted in this manner. They are advising residents to be careful before answering their door. Full Story on Page 3

2 BLANCH GAZETTE 21 July 2011

DEVELOPING BIRTHDAY Draiocht local theatre celebrates its tenth birthday

Wants to change name on housing

FINGAL County Council has called a special meeting to discuss changing the name of a new social housing development in Mulhuddart called Tyrrelstown Park and Tyrrelstown Court despite Tyrrelstown Village being located almost a kilometre away. The council will meet with members of the Naming and Numbering Committee to discuss the naming of the development, located beside Wellview in Mulhuddart. In 2008 the council’s naming committee recommended the development be called Tyrrelstown Park and Tyrrelstown Court. However, Fine Gael councillor Kieran Dennison said the name of housing development “will cause confusion” “I have already had reports of people driving around Tyrrelstown looking to view the apartments in Tyrrelstown Park,” he said

Above: Artists Desmond Kenny, his grand niece, Rosie Fay, and President Mary McAleese Left: County Manager David O’Connor, Mayor of Fingal Gerry Maguire, President of Ireland Mary McAleese, and Director of Draiocht, Emer McGowan Picture: Kevin Mcfeely

Local theatre has ‘so many possibilities’ Q LAURA WEBB

THE director of Draiocht Emer McGowan, believes the local theatre’s future has “so many possibilities” after successfully entertaining over 50,000 people a year since it started 10 years ago. Celebrating its tenth birthday at the weekend, over 400 guests, including special guest President Mary McAleese, enjoyed a spectacular night out on Friday. During her speech at the event, President McAleese said: “We are under the spell of Draiocht. It’s an amazing thing really; the place has just absolutely resonated with the joy that comes of having arts right at the centre of people’s lives. “Draiocht set out to create a community where children would grow up with arts at the centre of their lives. “They would not just be mere spectators, but contributors, as artists of some sort or another. It starts with a seed in the

imagination in a human being; and the more seeds we plant, the more people who see themselves as people in whom that seed is growing, the richer our cultural life and, in particular, the richer our community life.

the night, with student Rachel Armstrong playing a solo piano piece for the President. Local performing groups were represented among the guests, as were local business representatives and local politicians.


‘Now when you think of Blanchardstown, you think of Draiocht. It has become so intrinsic, so woven into the community’ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

“It’s a great thing to come here, to celebrate 10 years. Now when you think of Blanchardstown, you think of Draiocht. It has become so intrinsic, so woven into the community. What a wonderful gift, right at the heart of the Community,” President McAleese said. Entertainment

The Castleknock School of Music provided entertainment on

Emer McGowan, Director of Draiocht since November 2003, said there are so many a s p e c t s o f wo r k i n g in Draiocht that are “rewarding and enjoyable”. Great Joy

“There is great joy in working in a multi-disciplinary venue which facilitates people of all ages to engage in many art forms in a variety of

ways. “The fact that we have become an integral part of Dublin 15 is really important to us, and also our work with children and young people is a part of our programme that I am really proud of. “With more than 50,000 people a year visiting Draiocht, its great that the demand for a cultural facility came from the local community. “The President officially launched Draiocht in 2001; We are delighted that in this, the President’s last year of office, she can join us for this milestone in our development. “There are so many memorable moments in the history of the venue, that there are just too many too mention. The future for Draiocht has so many possibilities. “We respond, initiate and facilitate open doors to worlds that people could never imagine. If we keep doing that, our future is looking bright,” Emer said

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ENERGY Urged to stop Bord Gais’ plans

‘Be vigilant’ Q LAURA WEBB

FINGAL residents are being warned to be vigilant following a number of incidents where bogus callers have been impersonating county council officials in order to gain access to homes and steal valuables. In a statement to the press last week, Fingal County Council said they wanted to notify residents about incidents that have occurred in various areas of the county, where persons with “criminal intent” are impersonating Fingal County Council officials. At the moment, the area particularly targeted is Balbriggan, but, the council is taking the opportunity now to remind all householders to be vigilant at all times. “Home owners who

have reported this to the council have stated that the perpetrators posed as officials from the Water Services Department who needed access to their home to turn off the water supply,” the statement said. “Fingal County Council are advising home owners to be extremely vigilant if they are confronted in the above manner. Before answering your door you should take the following steps: Check to see if there is a van with the Fingal County Council logo on it; Ask for the person’s full name and ring Fingal County Council on (01) 8905000 to confirm if he or she is who they say they are; council staff should also have official ID cards. “If you cannot confirm the above, the advice is not to open your door and to report the incident to

the Council,” the statement said. Coordinator of Safer Blanchardstown, Philip Jennings, is urging residents to “keep an eye out” for suspicious activity on your street. “From a community safety point of view, my role is to alert people, to say, ‘look, this has come out from the council and obviously it is a serious matter’ – just be careful. “Keep an eye for these guys on your street, especially looking to enter elderly people’s, or vulnerable people’s, homes. If there are any concerns at all, of course the council want to know about it because they are impersonating the council, but, at the same time, contact the local Gardai [Blanchardstown 01-6667000]. If they are really worried about it, dial 999,” Jennings said.

More Oxegen: Pictures from the Captain Morgan party tent online GAVIN O’DOHERTY and Gemma Fowler, from Blanchardstown, are pictured at the Captain Morgan dedicated party tent at Oxegen enjoying their festival weekend to the fullest. The party tent set up for the rum drink featured live DJ sets, shows and Captain Morgan tiki bars. For more information and photos from the weekend, go to Enjoy Captain Morgan sensibly, Visit Picture: Andres Poveda

THE Energy Regulator is being urged to stop Bord Gais plans to increase electricity and gas by 10%, as to do so would only “further cripple” families already struggling to cope. That’s the warning from Dublin West’s Sinn Fein representative Paul Donnelly. This week, Mr. Donnelly is calling on the Energy Regulator to call a halt to the 10% hike in electricity and gas prices An Bord Gais plans to announce because he believes such an increase will further cripple families who are already struggling to cope. “Bord Gais says it needs to increase prices because of the global market. “This proposed hike in energy prices will push people further into fuel poverty and, undoubtedly, lead to an increase in the numbers of people in arrears,” said Donnelly.

4 BLANCH GAZETTE 21 July 2011


Much affordable housing stock still not sold

THREE-hundred and ninety-five affordable housing units remain unsold in Fingal, according to a report issued last week. At a council meeting, Fingal County Council said that 127 affordable housing units had been sold last year with a further 17 sales this year. Meanwhile, there are currently 58 properties for sale, while 173 unsold affordable properties are in the process of being temporarily leased in accordance with the provisions of Circular AHS 1 2009, with a further 164 units being marketed on the private rental market through a property agent. “The total interest cost of servicing unsold affordable housing loans from the Housing Finance


The total interest cost of servicing the loans is €1.5m per annum


Agency is €1.5 million per annum. However, those interest costs associated with those units leased pursuant to Circular AHS 1 2009, are fully recoupable,” the report added. Fingal County Council was responding to a question put down by Fine Gael councillor Kieran Dennison, asking management about the affordable housing stock sold last year and this year to date, as well as the cost of financing unsold units.

COURTS Judge satisfied with effort made to rehabilitate

Taxi driver was ‘scout’ in drug shipment A TAXI driver, who acted as “scout” for a €564,000 shipment of cannabis herb that was being transported in a van, has been given a six-year suspended sentence. Alan Healy (39) told gardai he was to receive €2,000 for the job. Healy admitted his fingerprints would be found on the drugs from when he had packed them into coal bags in the back of a freight truck. Healy, of Stonebridge Avenue, Har tstow n, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possessing 47 kg of cannabis herb at

Ventry Road, Dublin 7 on June 9, 2009. He has two previous minor convictions dating back to 2001. Judge Tony Hunt said he was satisfied that, since his arrest, Healy has made huge efforts to rehabilitate. He added that there were very favourable reports, from both the probation service and an addiction centre, before the court. He said that, because of the “sincerity” of his efforts, it would be both in Healy’s interest and that of society to give him an incentive to stay out of trouble rather than be a burden on the tax-payer as a long-serving prisoner. Judge Hunt said that Healy was “one of those people who are very often preyed upon by sinister criminals to be a small, but an important

Dublin Circut Criminal Court

cog in the distribution of a significant amount of drugs”. He further accepted that his role was limited and came about due to his own addiction. “He took no steps to shield himself from the surveillance that was going on while he was acting as a scout,” Judge Hunt said after he commented that Healy was “not a very sophisticated criminal”. He said he was satisfied that there were reasons to depart from the “presumptive minimum” ten-year jail term before he suspended the entire six-year sentence on condition that Healy be of good behaviour for

ten years and engage with the probation service for 12 months. Detective Garda Jason Crotty, of the Garda National Drugs Unit, revealed that customs officials had uncovered the drugs in a consignment of A4 paper during a search of a freight truck that had arrived into Dublin Port by ferry. Det Gda Crotty told Mr Remy Farrell BL, prosecuting, that the truck was reloaded and monitored as it travelled to an industrial estate near Dublin Airport. A garda surveillance team observed as Healy got out of a Volkswagen Golf car, and entered the back of the truck. He then travelled in convoy with a white van containing the drugs heading towards Cabra. Healy admitted in an interview shortly after his arrest that he had “shadowed” the white van to look out for

gardai. Det Gda Crotty revealed that €8,000 had also been found in Healy’s black Volkswagen Passat taxi. The detective garda agreed with Mr Patrick Gageby, defending, that his client had alcohol and drug addictions but was taking steps towards rehabilitation. He agreed that gardai hadn’t seen what Healy did in the back of the truck because the door had been closed and that Healy hadn’t claimed the money found in his car. He fur ther agreed that Healy had acted as a “scout” in the operation. Mr Gageby submitted to Judge Hunt that his client had suffered family tragedies and is currently addressing his addictions through treatment programmes. He added that Healy had entered an early guilty plea.




60 10 240

21 July 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 5

IT’S YOUR STORY Event raises €2,000

Figures show 13.8% growth

It’s a big success for Teena DUBLIN 15 local and Head of 98fm News, Teena Gates, has praised everyone who helped make her recent ‘Gourmet Counts’ night a success, which raised a staggering €2,000 for a very worthy cause. Teena said: I’m still singing the praises of everyone who helped create a fabulous night of fun and food at Gourmet Counts – our WeightWatchers’ inspired fundraising dinner at the beautiful Anglers’ Rest. A beautiful venue, a gorgeous part of Dublin and an amazing gathering of people from across the city who turned out on the night to help raise funds for Chernobyl Children International. We

raised €2,000 on the night for the charity and served beautiful, healthy food to close to 90 diners. “Local WeightWatchers’ leader, Vera Baker, was my co-host on the night and the restaurant were superb in tailoring the menu to provide our guests with wonderful food that had been ‘pro-pointed’ under the WeightWatchers’ system. “It led to healthy debate among the diners, who were amazed that socalled ‘diet’ food could be gourmet-driven and special. There was beef, there was chicken, there were chilli prawns, lime salsa, chocolate, raspberries – and very happy diners! City Channel’s Joseph



Teena Gates cooks up a storm at the Anglers’ Rest

Kearney MCeed the night and ruled over a Bachelor Barter – which raised whoops of laughter and a huge amount of entertainment as the ‘bachelors gifts’ were bartered against what they might have nestled in the baskets they carried. Tindal Wines’ Declan Saunders brought us wine-tastings and a wine quiz, Debenhams provided fashion (and a bachelor), and Addy Herodotus serenaded the ladies with a very small guitar!

“Among the guests were Rita Fagan, managing director of Weight Watchers Ireland; Actress Jenny Kavanagh and RTE presenter Rob Ross; Rehab’s Kerry Houlihan; Rosaleen Thomas, from the Hope Foundation, and local Dublin FF Councillor David McGuinness, to name just a few. “Many thanks to the sponsors: Declan Saunders from Tindal Wines, WeightWatchers, Musgrave Food Services, Debenhams, Westprint,

to Joe Kearney and the Mt Blanc 25 team who are attempting to climb to the summit of Mount Blanc (the roof of Europe) later this year for CCI, to everyone who gave prizes to our raffle, to our bachelors, to Andy Baker our DJ and music director on the night – and to Paul the chef and all the staff at the Anglers, who were truly magnificent. Let’s do it again sometime...” See gallery Pages 8-9

FINDINGS from the preliminary figures of the 2011 Census showing a 13.8% growth in Fingal population, is a “serious wake-up call” for schools provision in the area. That’s according to L a b o u r C o u n c i l l o r, Michael O’Donovan. Preliminary figures from the 2011 Census revealed Fingal County Council is the fastestgrowing of all the Dublin local authorities. “ F i n g a l ’s p o p u l a tion growth since the last census of 13.8% is well ahead of Dublin City (3.8%), South D u b l i n (7. 4 % ) a n d Dun Laoghaire (6.7%). When the county was ‘founded’ in 1994, it’s population was 155,000 but now it stands at

273,000 and the Greater Blanchardstown area now has about 101,000, making it one of the largest towns in the state,” Cllr Donovan said. The councillor is warning of the implications of the figures. “We were taken unawares by a previous population surge in the 1990s. This resulted in schools at Littlepace and Tyrrelstown, for example, being in temporary pre-fab accommodation for years. Now we have the figures so there is no excuse this time. “I welcome the recent announcement from Minister Ruairi Quinn of six new schools for the Dublin 15 area, but these promises must be matched by an accelerated building programme,” he said.

6 BLANCH GAZETTE 21 July 2011


Superquinn jobs ‘safe’ at local stores Q LAURA WEBB

JOBS at local Superquinn stores are secure, following the announcement that a receiver has been appointed and Musgrave Group PLC is to purchase the business. On Tuesday, July 19, Superquinn announced the appointment of Kieran Wallace and Eamonn Richardson of KPMG as joint receivers and managers to Superquinn Group and associated companies. Stores will continue to trade as normal, and the 2,800 staff working in stores throughout the country are said to be protected. Musgrave Group PLC have agreed on terms with the joint receivers and managers to purchase the Superquinn business. In a statement to The Gazette, Superquinn says: “The transaction will secure the long-term viability of the Superquinn business, protect the jobs of the 2,800 full and parttime staff in the 24 Superquinn stores nationwide,

and ensure that Irish consumers can continue to enjoy the Superquinn product offer.” Superquinn operates 16 stores in Dublin, including two stores in Dublin 15 – at Main Street, Blanchardstown, and Tyrrelstown Shopping Centre. The statement went on to say that the Superquinn Group will remain under the management of the joint receivers and the existing management team, led by Andrew Street, pending regulatory approval and the completion of the transaction. Superquinn stores will remain open for business and will trade as normal. Musgrave Group PLC is an Irish, family-owned company that will use brand expertise to “develop the Superquinn business by investing in the stores, and bringing value to the Superquinn shopper”. Suppliers to Superquinn will be contacted in the coming days by the joint receivers to advise them of the implications of the receivership, and the pending transaction.

POLITICS Local Minister, Leo Varadkar on

‘Your social life gets left behind’ Q LAURA WEBB

HE’S one of Fine Gael’s most high-profile TDs, and, this week, polltopping politician Leo Varadkar chats to The Gazette about life as the Government’s youngest senior Minister; that leadership heave against Enda Kenny, and how his personal life has been affected in the first four months of the new Government. Despite Minister Varadkar’s part in the leadership heave against Kenny last year, it came as little surprise to many that he was appointed to a senior Cabinet position. Widely regarded as one of the more highprofile members of the party, and a possible future leader, it would have been a mistake to overlook him. Sitting in his Ongar constituency office, the Castleknock native and medical graduate, who was educated at top private school, The King’s Hospital, says Kenny has “confounded” expectations as Taoiseach. “Certainly, as somebody who didn’t support him at that time, the fact that he still appointed me to Cabinet would mean I owe him a lot of loyalty, quite frankly, loyalty that I didn’t show at the time. “One thing that is good about Fine Gael is that we are in power so infrequently that there has never been a heave against a FG Taoiseach, so I think, in Opposition, your leadership is always under threat. “In Government – at least, in FG – there has never been a heave against a Taoiseach; you just get on with it, really. “He is doing very well. I think he has actually


‘Certainly, as somebody who didn’t support Enda Kenny at that time [of last year’s leadership heave], the fact that An Taoiseach still appointed me to Cabinet would mean I owe him a lot of loyalty, quite frankly, loyalty that I didn’t show at the time’


Local FG deputy and Minister, Leo Varadkar --------------------------

confounded expectations; I think the public find he is doing a better job than they thought he would, and I think that is the case. “Sometimes, the office makes the man, and that really has helped,” says Varadkar. On his first four months as Minister for Tr a n s p o r t , M i n i s t e r Varadkar likens them to that of an intern in a hospital. “I am starting to enjoy it. The first couple of weeks were very difficult. It was like being an intern back on the wards, trying to work out what I was supposed to do, because the Government is very different from Opposition. “You have to behave differently, and you have to be a lot more careful what you say, because people read so much into ever y thing you

Minister Varadkar says he appreciates both the positive and negative aspects of living a political life in the public eye

say, which isn’t the case when in Opposition. “In Opposition, you’re always kind of competing for publicity, and in Government, if you open your mouth with anything, it’s a story! “Certainly, [my portfolios of] Tourism and Sport is going very well; the Transport side is tough, because it is a big budget, and it is a budget that is going to be cut, realistically. “That is kind of the tougher part of the brief, but I am determined to get on with it,” he says. Working long hours has its difficulties, and life as a political celebrity can be hard, leaving little room for a social life for the singleton. “It is hard, it depends on what mood you are in and, sometimes, you kind of like the fact that people know who you are, and they come up

and say hello, and they want a photograph taken. Sometimes, you want to be left alone. “In an ideal world, you would be able to put a sign on yourself and say whether you’re ‘on duty’ or ‘off duty’, but you can’t do that, and you have to remind yourself that, if you stick posters up of yourself on the lampposts around the constituency, and knock on people’s doors uninvited, you kind of ask for it,” he says. “Being a Minister is a really big job. It’s long hours, so it is hard to find the time, but I do think you have to set aside the time to have a bit of a social life,” he says. With the support of his Dublin West constituency, he has come far in his short political career. “I was elected to the

council in 2004, and I was pretty young, and the first time I ran for the Dail I got in, too. “But the people in Dublin West have high standards for their politicians, which is also a good thing. They have two Cabinet Minsters, a party leader and, up until Brian [Lenihan] passed away, a Minister there, too. “So, it is actually a good thing that, in Dublin West, people have high standards. They tend not to just elect the local hero – that is a good thing,” he says. As for his long-term plans, Minister Varadkar says he has Europe in his sights. “I don’t necessarily want to be in domestic politics all my life. At some stage, I would like to do something in Europe, or internationally.”

21 July 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 7

some of the personal highs and lows of Cabinet duty


Calling to verify address OVER the next few months, staff from Fingal County Council (FCC) will be calling to households throughout Dublin 15 to verify that those who are registered to vote live at their registered address. Until September 25, staff from FCC will be calling to households in Fingal.

Despite the challenges he faces as a Government Minister, Leo Varadkar says he is determined to get on with the difficult tasks and decisions he faces with his brief

WE HAVE 146,000* READERS EACH WEEK *based on standard industry measurements


Verify Inspectors are calling to verify that people registered to vote remain in residence, and to update the Register of Electors. Residents should note that all Fingal inspectors carry identification, and calls will generally be made during the week in the evenings and at weekends. For further information, log onto the FCC website at

8 BLANCH GAZETTE 21 July 2011

FUNDRAISER Dynamic duo dish up a delicious three-course

Emma Byrne and Harry Friel

Rebecca Higgins and Niall O’Donovan

Anita Carr and Jayme Sherlock

A Wright tempting way to help children

NDEFATIGABLE fundraiser Teena Gates joined forces with WeightWatchers’ Vera Baker for a great night at Wrights’ Anglers Rest recently, where the dynamic duo did their best to part willing punters from their funds – all in the name of supporting Chernobyl Children International Charity, of course.


The 98FM Head of News joined the WeightWatchers’ expert to cook up a delicious three-course meal at the popular venue, with wine supplied by Tindal Wines, rounded off with some live entertainment – as though Tenna’s and Vera’s banter wasn’t enough. Their fine foods were designed to be delicious and nutritious, without piling

Bernie Hopson and Paula Sherlock

Teena with Fianna Fail councillor David McGuinness

Michelle Kinsella

on too many pounds, as they mingled with the many locals who came along to support the fundraiser. Teena and Vera thanked everyone for coming, and for helping to support the vital work of the well-known charity, which remains a cause that is well-supported by people from all across the area, and beyond.

Jenny Kavanagh

Catherine Costello, Nicola Kiely and Belinda Byrne

The fundraising night’s organisers – and stars – Vera

21 July 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 9

meal at Wrights’ Anglers Rest to help children from Chernobyl

Yvonne Marsh and Ann Peppard

Caroline Crowe and Linda Murphy

Nina O’Keeffe and Geraldine McGillivray

Baker and Teena Gates. Pictures: Patrick O’Leary

Teresa Hartford and Yvonne Kelly

Jenny Kavanagh and Rob Ross

Claire Corr and Grainne Wray

Jacqueline O’Hare, Linda Murphy and Mary Mokdad

10 BLANCH GAZETTE 21 July 2011

Laurel Lodge Carpenterstown Castleknock Lions Club Golf Classic


ASTLEKNOCK Lions club held their Annual Golf Classic last Friday, July 16, in Westmanstown Golf Club. Alan Halford P.R.O. for Castleknock Lions, says it was an outstanding success with 24 teams participating. The local Lions usually run the Golf Classic in aid of Lions Club Charities with the “Lions Share” directed to a particular nominated charity. This year’s “Lions Share” is heading for the Capuchin Day Centre. Alan tells me that Brother Kevin and his fellow Capuchins provide 200 breakfasts and 400

dinners every day for the needy. Each Wednesday over 1,000 food parcels are also distributed amongst the community from their day centres. The day’s golfing was organised by Lions’ Diarmuid McCarthy and Pat Browne. Lion President, Sean Lyons, presented the prizes to the winners. The winning team this year was from Cunninghams Funeral Directors. Lion Alan has asked me to express the sincere thanks of Castleknock Lions Club for the support received from all their sponsors and supporters.

With Jim Lacey Phone: 087-2401308 Email:

Residents urged to be wary of bogus calls


Alan Halford P.R.O. Lions Club, Bro. Kevin O.F.M. Cap. and Lion’s President Sean Lyons

ABNEY Melia, from Carpenterstown Park Residents Association, has asked me to advise householders to be extremely vigilant when answering doors to callers. Fingal County Council have been notified of incidents occurring in various areas where persons with criminal intent are posing as county council officials to gain access to homes. The advice to householders from the council is: 1) Before answering the door see is there a van with Fingal County Council logo on it outside. 2) Ask for the person’s full name and ring Fingal County Council at 8905000 to confirm the identity of the caller. 3) All council staff should have official ID Cards.

Local history group, South West Fingal Heritage Society, visiting Dunsoghly Castle

An exciting visit to Dunsoghly Castle O

NE of the less wellknown castles in Ireland is Dunsoghly Castle. It is close to the village of St Margaret’s just off the North Road. It is a typical Irish Tower House, 80ft tall with four square-shaped turrets at each corner. The walls of the building are four-feet thick and there is a fine barrelvault roof over the ground floor. Another distinct architectural feature are the defensive corner loops. However, its crowning

glory is its original medieval trussed, oak roof dating back to the 15th century. It is the only one of its kind surviving in this country. The local history group, South West Fingal Heritage Society, joined up with other history enthusiasts for a visit there on Saturday, July 10. The visit was guided by Eddie Jordan author of If a Tower House Could Talk a history of Dunsoghly Castle and the Plunkett family who lived there for over 400 years. Con Manning,

a senior archaeologist with the Office of Public Works, assisted Eddie on the day. Christine Moore, Secretary of the Fingal South West Heritage Society, said that it really is a stunning location and with the fine weather on the day the panoramic view from the castle’s turrets was truly spectacular. The proximity of Dublin Airport to the castle provided a view of takeoffs and landings that would delight the hearts of aviation enthusiasts.

The view from there encompasses the stunning vista of the plains of Meath and north Dublin and the Mourne, Dublin and Wicklow mountains. The castle was built in 1470 by Sir Rowland Plunkett, then Chief Justice of the King’s Bench (some authorities credit his son Thomas Plunkett with its construction). The castle remained in the hands of the Plunkett family until 1870. The male line of the dynasty died out in 1760 when the castle and its lands

were divided between three nieces. Mrs Kavanagh was the last remaining descendent of one of these nieces and lived there until 1870. The family intermarried with the Luttrells of Clonsilla, the Sarsfields of Lucan and the Barnwalls of Fingal and were supporters of the Geraldines – the Fitzgerald Earls of Kildare. A small chapel is attached to the castle. John Plunkett and his wife, Genet Sarsfield, built it in 1573.

John married three times and Genet, not to be outdone, had five husbands during her lifetime. The castle was used as the location of Edinburgh Castle during the filming of Braveheart the story of William Wallace portrayed by actor Mel Gibson. The final footage depicting the horrific scenes of his torture and execution were filmed at Dunsoghly. T he castle is surrounded by a private working farm owned by the Lyons family and is

not usually accessible to the public. However, on the day the Lyons family were kind enough to grant access to their lands and provide car-parking facilities. Christine Moore says that the Fingal South West Heritage Society’s next meeting will be in Blanchardstown Library on Saturday, July 23 at 2pm and will feature a talk on “The Jewish Community in Ireland” by Anne Gargan. Entrance is free and all are welcome.

21 July 2011 GAZETTE 11


Numark setting system standards Q ROB HEIGH

WITH staying in becoming the new going out, more and more people are looking at how to bring the full experience of night clubbing home as well. Numark have long been at the forefront of DJing innovation, and, as the digital takeover continues to become ever more pervasive, they have continued to be at the cutting edge of new technology for those behind the decks. With their latest releases to the market pitched at opposite ends of the spec-

trum of users, Numark have put prospective DJs and experienced mixers alike at the top of their target markets. Their new hardware, in the form of the iDJ Live and the NS6, puts in the hands of DJs the tools to push themselves further into the experience of creating new sound sculptures, giving them score to be as creative and imaginative as these new products allow. With digital music being an integral part of everyone’s lives in 2011, the iDJ Live gives hopeful mixmasters a learning experience in the art

of DJing, while using the type of technology that’s completely commonplace for most people. Allowing integration of an iPad or iPhone running Algoriddim’s DJay app, the iDJ Live creates a complete digital DJing system. It’s also huge fun for the novice, giving complete control of the large platters and the ability to learn the skills of beatmatching, scratching and crossfading in a handson way, distinct from the touchscreen experience. iDJ Live is laid out to recreate the two-decksand-a-mixer set-up that

professional DJs prefer. It’s a perfect platform for the novice, and the competitive price makes it a viable device to dip your toe in the DJing waters. The NS6, on the other hand, is a digital DJ’s dream controller. With four-channel mixing becoming the norm, the NS6 is a heavyweight in terms of its seamless integration with the bundled Serato Itch software and its enormous range of features within its sturdy metal casing. It is one of the highest-specced single unit controllers on the market and is an indication that Numark

The Numark S6 is setting the standard for digital DJing technology

intend to continue to push boundaries for the coveted spot as the DJ’s technology of choice. Each of the four decks has its own controls and effects can be assigned to a deck by the click of a button. Searching your library is again all controlled from the NS6, meaning there is virtually no interaction with your

computer once in full flow. The silver platters are exactly that, as sensitive and responsive as any vinyl turntable, serving up fingertip control like almost no other controller, while switching between decks is a simple click away. In spite of not being a Serato user before, the

software’s plug and play integration with the unit’s functionality makes creating digital sets an instant pleasure. The process also benefits from the USB communication between the NS6 and your computer being equally instantaneous. For more information, see

12 GAZETTE 21 July 2011

TIME OUT A real-life experience of an online discount ‘deal’

An online deal led to an impromptu trip to Arklow and Avoca but the question Patricia Murphy (right) asks: Are these deals value for money or just a skimmed

Deal or no deal?

Q PATRICIA MURPHY Health & Fitness Consultant

Overnight Trip: Arklow and Avoca O Basic Costs

down recession version of the same product?

MOST of us are familiar with doing product research and reviews for specific goods online. We are looking to shop at discounted prices or find items not available where we live and shop. Even seasoned travellers can tailor-make exotic trips with relative ease, sometimes saving considerable money in the process. There has been a huge surge in the number of “deals” on offer, which arrive as emails on a daily basis. Once you sign up to any of the many networks, you get regular offers – anything from the smaller budget fish pedicures, car valeting, meal vouchers and waxing, all the way up to five-star hotels at apparently massive discounted prices. The question is – are we getting value for money or just a skimmed down recession version of the product? I was happy enough when a friend asked me to join in on an overnight trip to Arklow and Avoca. My experience the weekend before on an abseailing deal with my kids was very favourable and I was game to go for the two-in-a-row, especially as it was an experience I would not necessarily consider unless prompted. The focus for me was to hinge on the health, fitness and wellness aspects, this being my area of interest and expertise. Our road trip started at midday on a sunny Saturday, heading south from Dublin to Ashford, a mere 30 minutes away. The first

Twin/Double Room in Arklow Bay

€120.00 approx

Entrance to Mount Usher (€7.50 x 2)


Walk/Dinner for two


Estimated Cost for two people


Deal Price for two people


*Before the 40% commission has been collected.

part of the “deal” was admission to either Wicklow Gaol or Mount Usher Gardens. We choose the latter. For two very peaceful, sunny hours, we ate freshly-prepared salad from the Avoca Garden Cafe, not included in the price, before immersing ourselves in the excitement and energy of nature going about its business. Walled gardens, giant lilies, fast-flowing waters and shady meadows welcomed us. A gentle meander before stretching out under a giant eucalyptus tree to catch some rays and capture the dance of the damsel flies in their turquoise beauty, flitting to and fro. I didn’t feel I needed to be an expert in gardening and trees to experience the benefits. Entry to the gardens is normally €7.50 per person. A bit of retail therapy followed across the road in Heels before arriving in Arklow Bay Hotel at about 4.30pm. A large wedding caused us a little concern initially, but having been assured that our room was well away from the function room, we proceeded to our basic, but adequate, accommodation. As we were due to be dining in Fitzgeralds in Ballyk at 7.30pm as part

of the deal, a quick trip to the jacuzzi, steam and sauna was all we could allow ourselves. The gym and pool, also available to guests, was well-equipped, clean, bright and airy. The nine-mile scenic drive time from Arklow to Avoca is approximately 20 minutes and, arriving at the pub, we were met by Tony, from Avoca Tours, seated and served very promptly. The fourcourse dinner was very average and uninspired. Storytelling and a music session was scheduled as our entertainment, while, in fact, only the storytelling took place. The content was weak and inappropriate to the venue and defiantly not accessible by the foreign travellers who chatted loudly the whole way through. Luckily for us, the music part of the evening took place back in our hotel, which was a bit of a nuisance for the few who were staying in B&Bs near Avoca. A bit of a mystery tour for the evening. Sunday’s part of the deal was a four- to fivehour guided hill walk meeting at 1pm back in Avoca. After enjoying a healthy, substantial breakfast, myself and my companion escaped to the deserted beach very near our hotel. A glorious hour of walking, stretching and tuning in to the rhythm of

life was the perfect warmup for the day. We arrived in good time and very chilled for the scheduled walk. Car packed, hotel checked out and ready to head for home straight after the walk. The walk itself was not a major challenge for us. I found some of the history and scenery interesting, but struggled on occasion to hear what our guide was saying. The group was very social and even a couple of handbag hikers joined us. The feedback from the group was generally good, with the majority of negative comments focusing on the food and entertainment. It was also a bit disappointing to spend a huge chunk of time road walking single file. Tony was very keen to share all his plans for the future and the strong community and tourist links that he actively cultivates. The online “deal” companies, which provide a platform to share events, can cost up to a whopping 40% commission. Doing a basic calculation for the whole package of €129 for two people, it’s clear to see the biggest loser here is the tour provider. Companies are prepared to take a hit these days and focus on loss leaders, which will pave the way for the good times ahead. It increases brand awareness and exposure, gets bums on seats and generates local spending and goodwill. On the whole, the overnight package and entrance to Mount Usher was very enjoyable as they are tried and tested.

21 July 2011 GAZETTE 13

FOOD Asian cuisine at all-new eatery in Dundrum Town Centre

40 new jobs at newest Wagamama --------------------------

‘We held rigorous interview sessions with over 600 candidates and have chosen 40 fantastic employees’


nutritious food with helpful and friendly service, so, with this ethos, having an excellent workforce is really important to us and we’re excited to welcome all our new customers.” The new restaurant in Dundrum Shopping Centre officially opened on Friday 15 July and offers the usual array of mouth-watering appe-

tisers and salads, hearty noodles and soups and the famous fresh and healthy exotic juices. Wagamama can be found at Unit G1, building 12 Dundrum Town Centre (beside Harvey Nichols Menswear), Dublin 16 Tel: 01-2157188.

Restaurant Since it was born in Ireland in 1992 with the first restaurant in South King Street, Wagamama has seen growth throughout the country, with restaurants in Cork, Belfast and two more in Dublin, and has a total of 250 employees which has just increased to nearly 300 with the opening of the latest store on July 15, 2011. In the past year alone, Wagamama has given employment to 113 staff throughout Ireland.

143 years of Horse Show history ON JULY 28, 1868, the RDS held its first annual Horse Show on the lawn of Leinster House. In the 143 years since then, the Dublin Horse Show has become an equestrian institution, both in Ireland and across the world. Whether viewed as equestrian event, social occasion, tourist attraction or subject for literature and satire, the RDS Library’s Horse Show exhibition reveals the impact the Dublin Horse Show has had on the imagination of artists, designers and writers for over 100 years. Cartoons from the cover of the Dublin Opinion are a highlight. The iconic posters, and their original paintings, and the famous Kerrygold Horse Show posters will be a great source of nostalgia for many visitors to exhibition.

Fashion at the Dublin Horse Show is nothing new. The exhibitions displays advertisements and features from as far back as 1900 that show how Dublin department stores would reserve stock for customers that they knew would be travelling to Dublin for Horse Show week. Other elements to the exhibition include poems, extracts from literature, stamps, theatre posters and postcards, all great examples of how the Dublin Horse Show has become entwined in Irish life. A must-see for anyone who loves the Dublin Horse Show and its accompanying social life, this exhibition is open Monday–Friday, 10.00am–5.00pm from July 28 until August 30 at the RDS Library, Merrion Road, in Ballsbridge.


POPULAR noodle chain, Wagamama, has just opened its fifth restaurant in Ireland at the Dundrum Shopping Centre, creating more jobs for the area. Christine Chung, operations manager for the company throughout Ireland said: “Growth of the company has been particularly fast over the past 12 months. “Wagamama is such a well-established brand and it’s fantastic for us as a company to be able to grow and to provide an opportunity for employment. “We held rigorous interview sessions with over 600 candidates and have chosen 40 fantastic employees,” Christine said. “Wagamama prides itself on its ability to provide great, fresh and

Bristles: Body-brush to get skin in tip-top condition

Locals are set to enjoy fresh noodle dishes at new Wagamama restaurant


14 GAZETTE 21 July 2011

GazetteBEAUTY BEAUTY Body-brushing gets skin in tip-top shape Edited by Dawn Love

Treat the skin on your neck as you would the rest of your body with Daly Spa AS a former top model, Strictly Come Dancing presenter, Tess Daly knows a thing or two about skincare. According to Daly, the neck is one of the most neglected parts of the body. The stunning mum-of-two says that, ideally, the neck should be treated as you would the rest of your body with specially targeted products. “An uncared for neck is a real age giveaway, so you ignore at your peril,” she says. Daly Spa Sexy Neck Tightening Spritz (right), €16/100ml, is a wonderfully refreshing spritz. Using oat straw extract, which adheres to the skin in a continuous film, it helps to smooth the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles. Lightly fragranced with Monoï de Tahiti (made to the traditional Polynesian recipe by soaking Gardenia Tahitensis blossoms – Tiare flowers in rich, purified coconut oil) simply spray daily from the bottom of the neck to under the chin, gently rubbing into the skin and see results in just four weeks. Also available from the range is Daly Spa Bikini Body Cellulite Cream, €20/150ml and Daly Spa Curvy Girl Cleavage Cream,€20/150ml.

E all know we need to put in a few extra sessions at the gym to tone up before getting bikini-ready, but, if you want to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape, body-brushing is one of the most effective ways of seeing results and getting skin in peak condition quickly.



Brushing skin for just a few minutes each day can make a big difference to skin health, revealing luminous, softer and more toned skin. Top skincare range VOYA’ s h a s j u s t launched a new exfoliating body brush, which is designed to give skin an invigorating workout, getting the lymph sys-

tem moving and helping to disperse any trapped toxins without being too harsh. It comes in an organic cotton bag and so is ideal for continuing daily brushing on the go. Cellulite

According to VOYA, body-brushing should be done before showering, on dry skin. Beginning at the toes, work upwards on the legs in long, firm strokes, working towards the back of thighs and bum to keep dreaded cellulite at bay! Brush the stomach in an anti-clockwise movement to aid digestion and continue up the arms towards the heart. The massaging action of VOYA’s Exfoliating Body Brush stimulates blood f low, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the surface of the skin. You can complete your body routine by massaging VOYA’s Softly Does It body moisturiser into still damp skin to lock in moisture and keep skin wonderfully hydrated.

VOYA’s Exfoliating Body Brush is designed to give skin an invigorating workout

WE HAVE 146,000* READERS EACH WEEK *based on standard industry measurements


CALL 60 10 240

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16 GAZETTE 21 July 2011

YOUR BIG DAY Gazette readers Alex and JP wed in Warsaw

AFTER living in Ireland for over five years, Polish native, Alex, and her French fiance, JP, tied the knot in the Polish capitol, Warsaw, recently. Alex works as a media analyst and discovered the Gazette while monitoring newspapers! Best of luck, folks.

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Gazette Group Newspapers Ltd. Terms and Conditions for acceptance of advertisements Reserve the right to omit or suspend or alter any advertisement(s) in any of its publications. We also decline any responsibility in the event of one or more of a series of advertisements being omitted for any reason whatever, nor do we accept liability for any loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the printing of any advertisement. If your advertisement appears incorrectly, contact the Advertising Department immediately, as responsibility cannot be accepted for more than one week’s incorrect insertion. Responsibility cannot be accepted if the complaint is made more than two weeks after insertion. If one places an advertisement for more than one week and then cancels it after the first week, no refund or credit will be given for weeks cancelled. The advertiser undertakes to indemnify the Proprietors against any liability for any civil action arising out of the publication of the advertisement or any other matter printed or published in the Blanchardstown Gazette, Castleknock Gazette, Clondalkin Gazette, Dundrum Gazette, Dun Laoghaire Gazette, Lucan Gazette, Malahide Gazette and Swords Gazette. The placing of an order or contract will be deemed an acceptance of these conditions.

How to eat well after finally leaving the nest GET YOUR aprons on and head down to The Cookery School’s five-day cooking courses for young people at Donnybrook Fair’s Morehampton Road Store next month. The courses will help participants build confidence and independence in the kitchen, and are limited to 14 places per course per week. “Leaving the Nest” is a handson course for people aged 17 to 25+ on August 29 to September 2. This course is suited for those who are soon to leave, or who have recently moved away from home to start college. Participants will learn to make affordable, delicious meals, including breakfasts, packed lunches, supper dishes, curries and Sunday Roasts. The DF Kids’ Cookery Club Summer Camps is a series of five day classes for 10 to 16-year-olds on the weeks commencing July 25, August 8 and August 22. Participants will learn to develop essential kitchen and cooking

skills, as well as how to choose seasonable produce and plan a menu. The cookery classes take place from 10am to 2pm, and costs €200. The cost also includes a recipe booklet, a certificate, lunch and food costs. To book a place, call 01 668 3556 ext 205, or email

Here’s to going great lengths HEINEKEN has launched the second ad in a series created by independent Irish creative agency, Rothco. Gorgeous Girl went live on television on July 18, but Heineken fans and music lovers got a sneak peek before that by ‘Shazaming’ the song from the ad, Bossanova Baby by Viva Elvis Remix, when they heard the track played on the radio. The new ad features the brand’s new global tagline,

DIARY Open Your World, and tells the story of universal beer moments that open people’s world to new and different experiences, and depicts stories of consumers going to great lengths for their Heineken. The commercial shows the lead character using his wits to connect with a stunning woman at an airport bar. His quick thinking and resourcefulness leads to a connection that will later be retold with great excitement to his friends. Walter Drenth, marketing director Heineken Ireland said: “Gorgeous highlights the great lengths Heineken drinkers will go to, to get what they want, including a Heineken. Our consumers are a resourceful bunch, who like to create their own legendary stories that they can share with others.”

Stlyish ladies going Live THOSE four lovely ladies that grace our screen each evening are taking their Xposé Live in the City show to the Grand Canal Theatre this autumn. Taking place on October 22 and 23, Karen Koster, Lisa Cannon, Glenda Gilson and Aisling O’Loughlin are set to take the city by storm, with everything from the latest new season looks from international catwalks to Dublin’s best high street retailers and specialised boutiques on show. Visitors will be able to indulge their inner Goddess, with minimakeovers and beauty treats, and pop-up shops will spring up in unexpected locations around the city centre. Thirty-thousand visitors are expected to attend over the two-day event and each ticket will ensure a seat at the Xposé Live in the City Fashion Theatre Show.

21 July 2011 GAZETTE 17


Brought to you by Miriam Kerins of the DSPCA


Accessories that keep your cat safe T HIS week I want to dedicate my column to all cat owners and urge them to please, please be responsible and fit your Kitties with quick-release cat collarsand this is the reason why. Last week one of our inspectors brought in what we believe to be a four-month-old kitten who, unfortunately, discovered first-hand just how dangerous razor wire fencing can be; especially when you’re not wearing a quick-release collar and are rendered helpless when you try to free yourself. I won’t go into detail because I don’t wish to upset readers, but suffice it to say, by the time somebody found Kitty, alerted

us to her plight and our ambulance raced to the scene, heartbreakingly, she had gone beyond veterinary care. This was a very sad state of affairs that could almost certainly have been prevented if the cat had been wearing a quick-release collar. You see cats are naturally curious. I understand this – I’m a nosey old biddy myself. However, I’m an adult human who knows when she’s out of her depth; realising when to back off. But a cat won’t and will get herself into really tight spots; for example, hooked on a wire fence, caught in a tree branch, snagged on a window latch, etc. and she needs to be able to free herself quickly and

The collar keeps your cat safe and works as ID too

safely. So, what is a quickrelease collar and why are they important?

It’s a collar that has a breakaway clasp that snaps open under little or no pressure allowing your cat to release herself if she gets caught on an object. These collars are

recommended by all animal welfare organisations and every cat re-homed by us at the Dublin SPCA will be wearing one. Does this mean my cat doesn’t need a microchip if she gets out?

Your cat should be fitted with a microchip as a permanent means of

identification because the quick-release collar does exactly as its name states – it allows your cat free herself if her collar gets caught, trapping her and causing her difficulty. Once it latches onto something, Kitty tugs, collar flies open, kitty is released and off she runs, hence no ID. Again, all cats re-homed from the Dublin SPCA are fitted with a microchip before they leave our premises.

My cat’s an indoor cat; she doesn’t need a quick-release collar/ microchip?

Can I put a quickrelease cat collar on my dog?

How do I fit my cat’s collar?

Absolutely not! Dogs need to wear collars designed to stay on for use with their leads, but cats need to be able to wear collars that open up in the event of an emergency.

Yes, she does. What if she gets caught on a window latch while you’re out at the shops…how will she free herself? When she does manage to free herself, what if she escapes through an open door/window, gets frightened, disoriented? How will the finder identify her owner?

You know your cat’s collar fits correctly when you can fit two of your fingers between it and your cat’s neck. It’s important to know and understand what type of collar you’re looking for, and it’s very

much a personal choice, but, above all, the purpose of the collar is to provide identification, perform safely and be comfortable for your cat. So, please, if you’re a cat parent and want to ensure your feline friend is purrrfectly safe, and ensure your own peace of mind, then go out today and purchase a quick-release cat safety collar. Better still, drop into our gift shop, Central Bark, at the Dublin SPCA, Mount Venus Road, and check out our stock. Our vets will also be happy to microchip your animal for only €25. No appointment necessary. For more information log onto or email me at

18 GAZETTE 21 July 2011


Plan for the winter conditions by taking a drive in the all-wheel-drive version of the Suzuki SX4, which is now available with a 2.0 litre diesel engine

Suzuki offers SX4 4x4 option MICHAEL MORONEY reminds readers to plan for winter as he

takes a drive in the Suzuki SX4 with a full 4x4 system WE HAVE 146,000* READERS EACH WEEK *based on standard industry measurements


UZUK I has a niche opportunity with the SX4 as there’s an option of a 4x4 version that’s compact and practical when it needs to be. Last winter’s snow and frostcovered roads proved that, for many drivers, especially in rural areas, there is a place for a small and compact 4x4 vehicle. With the weather that we’ve had in recent weeks it’s easy to forget December’s snowy conditions. I don’t want to take the gloss away from any recent bouts of good weather, but the reality is that, as we face into August, can winter be that far away? I had the small Suzuki SX4 on the road recently to try and assess its scope for our conditions. I know that I should have driven it earlier in the year when conditions would put it to the test, but the 1.9-litre


SPECS: SUZUKI SX4 4X4 2.0 DDIS Top speed: 180 km/hr 0 – 100km/hr: 11.2 secs Economy:18.8 km/litre (5.3 l/100km) (53mpg) CO2 emissions: 139g/ km Road Tax Band: B (€156) Euro NCAP Rating: 4 Star (2006) Warranty: 3 years Entry Price: €20,950

diesel-powered Suzuki SX4 4x4 has only recently become available to me. T here is growing awareness of the challenges that winter driving presents, especially after the past two winters. And who knows just what lies ahead for 2011? Suzuki has an upgraded SX4 to answer that call. This is a small car that includes a 4x4 system to meet the winter road challenges. The latest SX4 comes

powered by a Fiat-built 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine. It’s a compact car that’s both lively and reasonably economical. For the current market, this 2.0-litre diesel engine is more than capable. It delivers good acceleration, with a rating of 11.2 seconds for a 0 to100km/hr run. That’s a shade slower than the more expensive Skoda Yeti, with marginally more power from a similar size engine. The SX4 has an economy figure of 18.8km/litre (53mpg). That I would consider is reasonably impressive, given that you have added weight with a 4x4 system underneath. My driving style gave a slightly lower average figure of 17km/litre and that comes reasonably near to what Suzuki claims. The car has a CO2 rating of 139g/km, which puts it into Band B motor tax rating. That means

a road tax level of €156 per annum; that’s about as low as it gets for a 4x4 vehicle, even if it’s a small one. On balance, the engine size is probably a shade on the big size for a car of this size, especially as car makers are downsizing on engines. I read recently that Fiat has signed a new deal with Suzuki for diesel engines and so, hopefully, the next generation SX4 will benefit from a new 1.6-litre turbo-diesel in the not too distant future. The key feature of the SX4 is the all-wheel-drive system. It allows the driver to select 4WD-Auto, 4WD-Lock, and 2WD modes to suit driving conditions, giving improved traction on low-grip surfaces. In 4WD-Auto mode, as soon as front wheel slip is detected, torque is automatically sent to the rear wheels to give all-wheel

traction and improve vehicle stability. The 4WD-Lock mode maintains full traction up to around 60km/ hr, before automatically switching to 4WD-Auto mode for smooth cruising. Selecting 2WD drive through the front wheels will obviously give the best fuel economy and that was the mode that I drove the SX4 for most of my test drive on good road surfaces. My off-road driving was limited to dry field conditions; these conditions were no major challenge for the SX4. Even so you can detect that extra traction when the 4WD mode is selected. The SX4 is not expensive to own, the running costs are competitive at 18.8km/litre and an annual service at 15,000km. The road tax rates are comparable.

Suzuki has a good tradition in terms of build quality and there is a three-year warranty deal that seems comprehensive. A space-saver spare wheel is also included. Suzuki lacks the inclusion of an electronic stability programme system as standard feature on the SX4 diesel version. The car is very functional so there’s not much included in the way of luxury. It is a very practical small car and reasonable value at €20,950, especially if you have a trade-in. I was impressed with the car’s simple style, economy and off-road system with reasonable 190mm off-road ground clearance. I found that, on longer runs, the car lacked a level of smoothness from the gearbox and suspension that’s now expected for greater comfort.

Mitsubishi unveils cheaper i-MiEV electric car

MITSUBISHI has launched two new versions of the i-MiEV electric car in Japan, slashing the price on one and extending the range on the other to appeal to more consumers in the growing zero-emission market. Mitsubishi became the first major car

company to mass-produce pure electric cars with the egg-shaped i-MiEV. It has sold about 4,000 electric cars for sale under PSA/Peugeot-Citroen’s brands. In the i-MiEV’s first remodelling, Mitsubishi will offer an entry-level “M”

version, with a lower price of about €22,391 with a shorter range of 120km (75 miles), compared with 160km (100 miles) for the previous model. The higher-grade “G” version can go 180km (110 miles) on a full charge measured under a stricter Japanese fuel

economy reading. Mitsubishi Motors will buy the smaller-capacity lithium-ion batteries for the i-MiEV’s “M” grade from Toshiba Corp. and continue using batteries made by its joint venture with Mitsubishi Corp and GS Yuasa Corp for the “G”.

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21 July 2011 GAZETTE 21

GazetteBUSINESS BUSINESS Interview: Davide Chicco Suleymano, Sous Chef, Crowne Plaza Blanchardstown

Serving up a focus on diner excellence DAVIDE Chicco Suleymano joined Crowne Plaza Blanchardstown in November, 2010. He was employed as Chef de Partie, and has recently been promoted to Sous Chef, in Forchetta Italian Grill & Pizzeria. Davide is originally from Rome and has an array of Italian cooking skills and experience, which he has shared with the kitchen team. He has shown huge commitment and dedication in carrying out his work. His dishes have proven to be extremely popular with guests, and the feedback has been excellent. During service, Davide will chat to the guests and also entertain children. He has established a new initiative – Kids Pizza Making – which sees any of the children who eat in the restaurant able to join Davide in making their favourite pizza at the “theatre kitchen” in the restaurant, with the children thoroughly enjoying this interaction. Davide takes a huge, vested interest in the progress of Forchetta. He reviews the evening sales and the feedback from the guests each night to ensure that the dishes he creates are exactly to the guest’s requirements. He has also recently created a new range of Italian Chef Specials for Sanctuary Bar. Davide will often come in on his day off to check on the restaurant chefs who cook in his absence, to ensure the consistency of the dishes he has created. He is very popular among his team and with guests, and he truly goes the extra mile in delivering excellent service – so much so, he has recently won tickets to the London Olympics in 2012 as part of a hotel service award.

ANSWERS TO YOUR PERSONAL FINANCE QUESTIONS JOHN LOWE ADVISES ON INSURANCES CAR INSURANCE Q – MY CAR insurance renewal has come in at more than €400 for the year. However, if I fill in my details online for the insurance company, the quote is €100 cheaper. Is there anything to stop me from getting the online price, even though I am an existing customer - €100 is a big enough difference? Johnny – Rathmines A – MOST financial institutions and insurance companies want you to apply online and use the social networks rather than labour-intensive methods. What you are also experiencing is discrimination – even some of the current deposit takers advertise their new savings products with warnings: “New funds only” – and you should certainly not put up with accepting your renewal insurance at a higher price from the same company! Call them up and ask if you can avail of the online quotation. If they say no, ask them to cancel your renewal – and apply online as a new customer. Better in your pocket than theirs! LIFE COVER Q - WE ALREADY have life cover on our mortgage but now, with a new child, is there a need for further life cover, and what other insurance cover would you recommend us to consider at this time ? Joan - Castleknock

Davide Chicco Suleymano, Sous Chef, Crowne Plaza Blanchardstown

A - THIS is a sensible and responsible approach

Q&A Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be? A: I wanted to be a footballer with Lazio Football Club.

Q: What was your first job? A: When I was 13, I spent a summer working in a small fish shop, starting at 8am and finishing at 8pm, six days a week.

to raising a family. What happens if you die sud-

Q: What part of your working day do you ‘delegate’? A: Starters and desserts are delegated to Paulo; I look after the main courses.

Q: What sport do you follow? A: Football and water polo. Q: Have you achieved anything that you once thought you could not pull off? A: I’ve just won tickets to the London

Q: And your first pay cheque? A: It was 100 lira a week.

Olympics for service to the hotel – I never thought this was a possibility!

Q: When did you start your present job? A: November, 2010.

Q: Who best represents modern Ireland – David Norris or Jedward?

Q: What is the best thing about it? A: The quality of the ingredients, and the high standard of cooking and presentation being used here at the hotel. Q: What’s currently on your desk that shouldn’t be? A: I don’t have a desk – I have a hot

gorgonzola cheese, or lobster and Torta Della Nonna (grandmother’s cake, Italian-style).

denly – either partner – or what happens if you cannot work, or are made redundant? Having children should focus your mind on these issues. There is a major financial issue, apart from

Q: Who would you rather have dinner with – Enda Kenny or Dame Edna?

emotional, should one of the parents die. Most

A: Dame Edna.

of stay-at-home mums if they had to. Ideally, you

Q: Where do you enjoy spending money frivolously?

should have life cover outside of mortgage pro-

A: City sightseeing.

husbands could not afford to pay the true worth

tection, up to 10 times your annual income once you have dependents, and up to their third level education – this is called Level Term Insurance,

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own? A: Seven.

and means the full amount of cover is payable

A: Jedward.

Q: At the moment, what are you looking forward to?

born, while income protection covers up to 75%

Q: What music do you have on your iPod/iPad?

A: My birthday next week; I’ll be 36.

A: Dire Straits.

Q: Describe your dream holiday? A: New York, or Rio de Janeiro.

Q: Who do you follow on Twitter/Facebook? A: Forchetta Restaurant, on Facebook.


Q: What habits would you like to lose?

Q: Have you ever done a job you loathed?

A: Sampling the food; I’d like to lose some weight.

A: The dish shop when I was 13 – I

Q: Describe your dream meal?

couldn’t play, all summer, and I stank of fish!

A: Porcini mushrooms, topped with

Q: What would be your dream job? A: Executive chef in an Italian res-

for the full term, if one of you dies at any time. Health insurance should now include the newof your monthly income should you be incapacitated and unable to work for any reason. This takes effect usually after six months of incapacitation, and pays out until you return to work or your pension kicks in. Remember also that all premiums paid on income protection policies attract tax relief at

taurant in the InterContinental Hotel Group (Crowne Plaza is part of this group).

your marginal rate.

Q: What do you plan to do when you retire? or visit his website at

Contact John with your money questions at John Lowe, Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, is founder and managing

A: I plan to try and do as much holidaying as possible.

director of Money Doctor

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Cyprus - a holiday rich in both sun and culture FEW countries can blend the past with the present as seamlessly as Cyprus. Visitors to the birthplace of Aphrodite are in for a feast of historic sites and landmarks, before relaxing on endless golden beaches and soaking up the island’s vibrant nightlife. The lush resort of Paphos is famed for its quiet coves and sandy bays. Alongside the town’s many inviting taverns, fish restaurants and bars, there’s a wealth of culture to uncover, from the Tomb of the Kings to Aphrodite’s Rock. On the eastern side of the island, Nissi Bay and Protaras are popular locations for visitors. The former is a haven for watersports and for families looking for a relaxed holiday. Alongside snorkelling, scuba diving and perhaps the best beaches in Cyprus, Portaras offers shops, bars and nightlife all within easy reach. Sunworld has weekly flights from Dublin to Cyprus. Departing July 24, seven nights selfcatering is on offer at the 3-star Sofianna Apartments in Paphos for €495 while the 3-star Kapatanios Bay Hotel in Protaras is from €549 on a bed and breakfast basis. Half-board at the 4-star Iliada Beach Hotel, overlooking the golden sands of Protaras beach, is available for €729 per person, departing September 4. Prices are per person based on two sharing. “Cyprus is still undiscovered terrain for many sun package holidaymakers,” says Sharon Harney, of Sunworld Holidays. “Those who do know it appreciate its unique charm and the great variety it offers to sunseekers of all kinds - young and old. As a result, we get lots of repeat visitors to the island.” To book call Sunworld on 0818 20 20 20, log on to or visit your nearest travel agent.

IT was time for the annual migration of my mum to West Cork for the summer. But, this year, I had an idea – why don’t we go a different route and complete the trip over two days, stay in a hotel overnight and have a good meal? R e a l l y m a ke i t a mother/daughter trip. I loved the idea, and so did she. We decided to hit Tullamore, a town I had never been to, but about which I had heard great things, and we chose to stay in the Bridge House Hotel in the centre of town. I have stayed in many a four-star hotel, some good, some not so good, but, because my mum was with me, and I was treating her (for a change!), I really wanted it to be good. I was not disappointed. W hen we arrived, there was a wedding taking place, and as soon as I clocked some tie-less men and “tangoed” women, I worried that we were going to be kept up all night with revellers. But, we persevered, and the checking-in process was swift, efficient and enjoyable, with the reception staff looking after us very kindly. We were booked in to a suite, with a double

bed, and two singles - a coupled with a side of room that oozed com- uber-tasty spud gratin). All of this was teamed fort, featured tea and coffee making facilities, with vegetables – it was (hoteliers take note, a meal to be reckoned this is important to us with, both delicious and customers) and a large copious, a joy. We shared a pavlova bathroom – I breathed for dessert, and we were a sigh of relief. As we headed down stuffed. to dine, I was struck by how many things were Sound sleep going on in this hotel; After a sound sleep, t h e r e s t a u r a n t w a s never once subjected to packed, apparently with the feared rowdy activiteachers celebrating the ties, we enjoyed a wonend-of-term; there was derful breakfast. so many women in the When I was leaving dining room, I thought I the restaurant, I headed was at a feminist rally. into the bar and witT h e c o n s i d e r a t e nessed at least 70 peowaiter, recognising my ple, presumably locals, mum’s years, slipped e n j o y i n g a c a r ve r y us into a quiet corner – breakfast. very attentive and very To position itself as much appreciated. part of the town’s fab--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

‘A hotel that we should be proud of, it’s extremely well-run, supercomfortable, and great value. If that’s not a hotel that will survive this recession, then no hotel will’ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------And then, there was ric, and to be able to the food. attract this kind of local It was great – two business, just shows amazing retro-prawn that this hotel really is c o c k t a i l s k i c ke d i t awesome. off, stuffed with king T he Bridge House prawns. Hotel has the usual leiThis was followed by sure centre and a small a Gaelic steak for me spa. (steak with a cream and I booked myself in for whiskey sauce). a mini-facial and back The chicken Bridge massage; be assured, House for mum (chick- these girls don’t mess en stuffed with potato, around. mushroom and spinach I specified a firm masin a fab creamy sauce sage, and that’s what I

got, and the facial was bliss. Afterwards, you are directed to the “egg”! “What is that?” I hear you say. Well, it’s a smidge claustrophobic, but you get inside and chill out while the seat vibrates as you look at the stars. Apparently it’s the only one in Ireland; O s c a r W i l d e wo u l d have loved this. T he Bridge House Hotel is a hotel that we should be proud of, it’s extremely well-run, super-comfortable, and great value. If that’s not a hotel that will survive this recession, then no hotel will.

The Bridge House Hotel

21 July 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 23

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CityTravel Explore New York at a reasonable price FOR those wanting more from their mini-break, New York is home to a plethora of fantastic museums and art galleries, as well as almost 2,000 public parks – offering plenty of fresh air to stir the senses. What’s more, Washington Square Park, in Greenwich Village, is at the centre of New York University’s campus, but is open to the public for art events, lectures and gallery talks throughout the summer. In addition, every Tuesday until early August the Washington Square Music Festival offers free classical and jazz concerts. Ideally located in Midtown Manhattan, the newly re-launched NYMA, the New York Manhattan Hotel is one hotel close to the action. It offers complimentary continental breakfast, wi-fi and phone calls nationwide, plus children aged 12 and under stay for free. Prices in July and August start from €67 per person, based on two sharing. For more details visit

Spoilt for choice during Stockholm’s summer

offers some luxurious leisure facilities during your stay, aside from its bar and restaurant

STOCKHOLM is a city filled with things to do in summer. Being surrounded by water (Stockholm is an archipelago), it is so clean that visitors can take a swim right in the city centre. During the endless summer nights, Stockholmers gather in outdoor bars and restaurants to celebrate the fact that the sun never really sets before rising again. Djurgården, the greenest island in Stockholm, is great for a relaxing ride along beautiful bike paths taking in some beautiful scenery. The Old Town is the gem of Stockholm and a visit here should not be rushed. Take a stroll through the narrow, cobble-stoned alleys and sit down in one of the squares for some people-watching. A city built on 14 islands offers an infinite number of stunning water views. You can choose from one of the many boat tours, lounge on deck while enjoying the sea breeze and the skyline from the water. SAS fly direct from Dublin to Stockholm from as little as €69 one way, including all taxes and charges. Visit for more details.

Picture: Yanan Li - Stockholm Visitors Board

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GoingOUT GoingOUT MILL THEATRE 01 296 9340 Victor’s Dung

WRITER and director, Seamus O’Rourke, stars in his own production, Victor’s Dung, alongside Tommy Sharkey and Charles McGuinness. Victor Maguire is Cavan farmer, who is a remarkably vulgar, boorish and un-PC man living on his farm yard, characterised by its own dung heap. Things go drastically different one Friday morning for Victor, with hilarious results. Saturday, July 23. Admission: €12/10

PAVILION THEATRE 01 231 2929 Plaza Suite ROUGH Magic Theatre Company Theatre’s Plaza Suite is one of Neil Simon’s most popular and celebrated plays. The play focuses on the misadventures of three very different couples as they face important moments in their lives, all in the same hotel room in the world famous Plaza Hotel. Laughter is guaranteed with this witty, funny and clever play. Running until Saturday July 30 [excl. Sundays]. Mon-Fri: 8pm and Sat: 3pm and 8pm. Admission: €17.60/€18/€20/€22/€25.00

THE HELIX 01 700 7000 Dublin Flamenco Festival THE Dublin Flamenco Festival will take place in The Helix, commencing on July 23 with a lead performance from Rafaela Carrasco. Following that, there will be several solo and group performances from some of the world’s finest flamenco dancers and singers including singer, Antonio Campos on Sunday July 24. Saturday July 23 – Sunday July 31. Tickets: €33,€30,€29,€26

DRAIOCHT 01 885 2622

Desmond Kenny - Past and Present DUBLIN 15-based artist Desmond Kenny is showing both old and new work at Draiocht this summer as he is welcomed to both the ground floor and first floor. The artist has had an active relationship with the centre for the 10 years it has been open, holding a solo show there in June 2001. This will be the first big exhibition of Kenny’s new venture into abstract painting. Kenny’s new work tries to tap into the childlike creativity that breaks free from art history by removing all figuration from the work. His earlier figurative work will be exhibited in the First Floor Gallery at the same time. Until Saturday August 27. Admission: Free

SEAMUS ENNIS CULTURAL CENTRE 01 802 0898 The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band

FROM the pastoral hills, hollers, shopping malls and interstate highways of Goodlettsville Tennessee, home of Bill Monroe, Bashful Brother Oswald, Stringbean, Grandpa Jones, Keith Whitley and some living country music performers, comes the most entertaining “blast from the past” since Lester Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys. They’re the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band — five guys and a scrubboard, with roots like wisdom teeth. Thursday, July 21 at 8.30pm. Admission: €18.

Damien O’Kane DAMIEN O’Kane comes to Seamus Ennis Centre on July 22. The young player is earning a growing reputation for being a creative and exciting musician and singer. His banjo playing in particular has led him to being regarded as one of the finest Irish players on the scene today and he is winning accolades as a singer, focusing on songs from his native Northern Ireland. He his probably best-known for his work with Shona Kipling and Flook but has recently been a full-time member of Kate Rusby’s band. This is not one to be missed as O’Kane is certainly a rising star. Thursday, July 21 at 8.30pm. Admission: €16.

After ten years and eight films, the Harry Potter film franchise comes to an epic close with The Deathly Hallows: Part II. Fans and critics alike are all geared up for what at the very least promises to be a wand-erful finish to the series.

Still some magic left After a decade-long saga, Harry Potter is back for one last shake of the wand with The Deathly Hallows: Part II Q JONATHAN KEANE

IT FEELS like Harry Potter just won’t go away. Over the last decade the franchise has completely overrun the worlds of cinema and books, and pop culture as a whole, capturing both adults and kids in equal measure, some of which are unnervingly fanatical and loyal. But now it comes to an end. As the story of everyone’s bespectacled wizard progressed, so did the depth of the plot and sub-plots. The heavily layered tale crafted by JK Rowling, on page, and David Yates (for the last four films) on screen, resulted in needing complete commitment from the viewer, often leaving behind those that aren’t diehards. For those that loved and lapped up each of the books, it’s been an exciting couple of years, anxiously awaiting each movie instalment with a

FILM OF THE WEEK: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II +++ (12A) 130 mins Director: David Yates Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter

OUR VERDICT: THE only real weakness in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II is that it is not an inclusive film – it’s a film for loyal followers that have been frothing at the mouth since the first book and film. The film excludes anyone who has avoided the films before as they’ll have to wade through the entire saga if they want to catch up. Readers can catch up with Kate upon her proper return, next week.

bated breath, and indeed a critical eye, observing each nuance of the book, hoping it translates to the big screen or erupting in outrage when something is omitted or poorly portrayed. The Deathly Hallows, the concluding book in the saga, was so vast in detail and scope that crafting only one film was a nigh on impossible task so it was split into two films. The first part, released in November of last year, ended with people simply craving more and more.

The eight-month wait must have seemed like an eternity but the wait is finally over. Like all the predecessors, The Deathly Hallows: Part II will be divisive in some circles and unifying in others. The great debate of book-to-film adaptations will continue. Harry Potter wasn’t the first, and it most certainly won’t be the last. People will argue that, while the film has remained loyal to the book for the most part, it’s just not quite 100%

there. While on the other end of the spectrum, it could be argued that some fat could have been trimmed, with minor characters being cut or minimised here and there, or some scenes could even be dropped. Regardless, if you’ve loved the films in any way then it’s unlikely you’ll find any major flaw with its concluding affair. D a n i e l R a d cl i f f e , though still partially annoying, still brings Harry to life and Lord Voldemort is the unruly, evil presence that’s been seething since the very beginning. Of course, this is not a film you can just wander into the cinema some evening and see. The series is completely immersive and the long-time followers will be enthralled once again, while a newcomer with no experience of the other films will be lost and

confused, possibly looking around the cinema awkwardly. Either way, the film is a fitting end to a long, and box-office destroying, era. Now, with the film franchise over, there’s a massive void left in cinema. Somewhat similar to when The Lord of the Rings concluded, it begs the question of where huge production fantasy films will venture to next. It wouldn’t be one bit surprising that somehow, somewhere, someone manages to bang out a spin-off of some kind. Add to that the recent news that Rowling is writing and has done “quite a lot”, we may just see Harry Potter again in some fashion, perhaps enjoying a not quite as adventurous adult life. Look out for Harry Potter and The Curse of the Mortgage Repayments, coming to theatres summer 2025.

21 July 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 25

Moves to tame roaming charges abroad might still get a fright. That should change next year but, in the meantime, operators are forced to send warning texts when people start to spend too much.


IF YOU have a bill phone, and if you have travelled abroad in the last few years, there is a good chance you got an a nasty shock on your return. Roaming has proven to be an expensive thing to do, especially now that many phones want to pull in information from the internet, too, and so it can be easy to end up with a big bill after your break away. However, in the EU at least this is changing, and natural competition seems to be driving down costs, too. So, here is a little bit of good news for anyone heading overseas in the coming weeks and months. A few years ago, the EU decided it was going

WE HAVE 146,000* READERS EACH WEEK *based on standard industry measurements


to force mobile phone companies to cut roaming costs; this was after a long time of pushing them to do it themselves. As of the start of June, the prices came down again – to a maximum of 35c per minute for a call, and 11c for a text.

Domestic rates The plan is to keep pushing rates down lower every year until they are the same as what people pay domestically. Unfortunately, data rates have not been capped just yet, so people using smartphones

Mobile roaming changes At the start of the summer, Meteor announced all calls and texts within certain European countries would be the same as ones made locally. They have been advertising it a lot ever since, and it seems to have gained a lot of customer interest. Not to be left behind, Vodafone have unveiled an offer that will allow users to have free data roaming when abroad for the months of July and August. After that, the prices

will probably go back to normal, so enjoy it while you can!

If all else fails The EU rules obviously only apply to European countries so, if you are travelling to Asia or the US, you can still end up getting stung with a big bill. In order to avoid this, consider investing in a MaxRoam SIM card (from , which promises to cut roaming costs significantly. It works just like a normal SIM card and does not require any special codes – the magic of it comes when it acts like a local connection in the country you travel to. This means you get local rates, rather than high-cost roaming

charges. Their rates on calls, texts and data all promise to be well below what you would get when using your own SIM card, and, as it is pre-pay, you do not have a bill to shock you at the end of it all.

Apple iMac

APPLE are masters at making computers look beautiful, and the iMac is no exception – though it is an expensive example of the company’s talents.

Perched on a slim base, the Apple iMac looks like a rather slick flat-screen monitor, and nothing more. In actual fact, the entire computer is housed within its metallic frame. This all-in-one

approach is something that has been copied lately by other computer makers, but none has done it quite so well, and quite so stylishly. Of course, the iMac is about more than the

looks of its hardware – it also packs quite a punch under the hood. Its cheapest iteration comes with a 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 4GB of R AM and a 500GB hard-drive; all quite impressive numbers. However, that is the one drawback of the iMac – its cheapest version is not all that cheap. The basic machine clocks in at a whopping €1,149 and, while you get far more than you would in a cheap PC, there is no denying that it is still a steep investment to make. The iMac is available from the online Apple Store, from €1,149. Visit for the latest tech news, reviews and views.


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Planning permission is sought by David Smyth for the demolition of the existing garage and utility room and the construction of a two storey extension to the side and front with single storey porch entrance extension, all with associated elevation changes and siteworks of the existing dwelling house at 2 Coolmine Close, Clonsilla, Dublin 15 The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during the public opening hours of 9:30-15:30, Monday - Friday at Fingal County Council, Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Fingal, Dublin 15. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20, within the period of 5 weeks, beginning on the date of receipt by Fingal County Council of the Application.

Planning Permission is sought by Shah and Elizabeth Byram for a first floor en-suite extension to rear of existing house at No.64 Woodpark, Castleknock, Dublin 15. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceding the reasonable cost of make a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation may be make to the authority in writing on payment of the precribed fee (20Euros) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of this application.



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Permission sought for a detached, two storey, three bedroom dwelling in the side garden area with new vehicular entrance driveway for off street parking and associated site works including removal of existing septic tank for existing house and connection of both existing and proposed houses to mains sewerage at Bridge House, Green Valley, Castleknock, Dublin 15. For Daniel Treacy. This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee (20 Euros) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of this application.



21 July 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 27


MINE’S FIGHT CLUB: Coolmine BJJ dojo making its mark in martial arts: Page 29


Leaps of faith result in medal glory for clubs

TEN young Irish divers made a splash this weekend at a top British competition, coming home with a string of medals and a series of personal bests. Six young divers from the Shamrock Diving Club and four from the Dublin Diving Club, both of which are based at the National Aquatic Centre in Blanchardstown, competed against a high-

quality field in the British Gas ASA National Age Group Championships in Sheffield over four days. The biggest Irish team ever to take part at a UK national age group level netted a haul of four bronze medals, including the first ever podium finish for Irish synchro divers. The impressive performance by six girls and four boys clearly demonstrate how far diving has come in this

country. “This was an excellent result for Irish diving and demonstrates how far the sport has come in the last year,” said Sonya Kerr, coach of Shamrock Diving Club, who travelled with the team for the competition at the Pond’s Forge arena, which was attended by 200 young divers from across Britain and Ireland. Leading the Irish charge were Sean McCormack, from Rathfarn-

The ten members of the Shamrock and Dublin Diving Clubs in Sheffield for the championship event

ham, and Jack Ffrench, from Maynooth. The two 15-years-olds, who are members of Shamrock Diving Club (SDC), tasted individual success but the dive partners also won a historic bronze for their synchro performance for ages 14 to 18.

McCormack scored a bronze for his performance in the Boys’ Group A Platform competition, while Ffrench also had a prestigious third-place finish in the Boys’ Group B three-metre springboard event. Their achievements

were followed not far behind by the rest of the Irish team, some of who were competing for the first time at this level. Tony Miller (SDC), from Finglas, had two 13 t h - p l a c e f i n i s h e s against a strong field, finishing less than five

points outside the top ten, marking an impressive debut for the 11-yearold at age-group level. Meanwhile, Jack Price (SDC), from Leixlip, finished in 15th place in the Platform competition, again on the 11-year-old’s debut attempt.

28 BLANCH GAZETTE 21 July 2011

GazetteSport Sport

Insaka fans celebrate

Soccer Insaka FC victorious in Bradshaw Cup final

Insaka celebrate winning the cup

ecently, at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Insaka AFC celebrated their Cup and League double by staging an award ceremony. Having won the Ronnie Bradshaw Cup and U-18 Premier League of the NDSL, the players, many of their number moving to senior teams at home and abroad, passed on the ball to a newly created U-16 outfit who start their pre-season campaign with a high-profile game at the historic Oval Stadium in Belfast. For more on this story, see page 32.


Ken McCue presenting the Player of the Year award to Patrick Kabanga

Stanford Reynolds presenting the Fairplay award to Iluta Rotari

Action from the final

The Insaka team pictured before kick-off

21 July 2011 BLANCH GAZETTE 29

in association with

Coolmine kicks on for the future

Luke Corcoran’s Coolmine gym has become a hotbed of martial arts talent in its short time in existence, and is looking to build on its success IN THE corner of the clammy room stands a man of average height, average build, but with an untameable fire in his eyes. Methodical in his approach, he scans the room looking for points to raise with his budding athletes. No one would have believed him at this point - that this gym, his dream, would go onto be a well-respected one in the business of martial arts just one year on, but Luke Corcoran only ever needed one man to believe in him — and that was himself. Beginning in the summer of last year, Corcoran began teaching a single class every week on the back of the training he received from his father, Eddie Corcoran, in traditional Japanese Jujitsu and his Judo training under

former Olympian, Kieran Foley. A black belt in both disciplines, Corcoran began teaching to only a handful of students every week after he gained a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), which focuses on grappling and ground fighting, and which was derived from the Japanese martial art of Kodokan judo in the early 20th century. The Coolmine BJJ club was assisted in its establishment by Paul Fox, a purple belt in BJJ, and a champion in both Ireland and America, on their way to their first team outing for the club.

First fighter The first fighter to represent the club came in the form of Kevin Doyle, who lined out for the club at white belt in the Irish Open in October of last year.

Quickly gaining a reputation for his wrestling ability, Doyle dismissed his opponent in his firstbout, but, unfortunately, lost his second. Meanwhile, Corcoran

Five medallists emerged from the Informed Performance tournament in the shape of Doyle, McCabe, Savage, Luke Carroll and McLoughlin, showing the Blanchards-


‘This has been an unbelievably successful season. We’re now going to push for even more success, and I’ve every faith we can do it’ --------------------------------------------------------

himself went on to claim the Irish championship in the same event. The first competition team for Corcoran’s CBBJ gym was made up of Kevin Doyle, Daire McCabe, Sean Savage, Luke Carroll, Craig McLoughlin, Stephen Burke, Petesy Carroll and Mark Geiran, who took part in their first competitive event in Glasnevin last April.

Members of the Coolmine BJJ gym before the Munster Open

town gym as one to watch for the future. More focus went into training after the successes at the Glasnevin tournament, and Corcoran upped the ante to two days a week, training one day in the traditional style and the other in mixed martial arts form, one similar to the popular American promotion, UFC. Again, in April, medals came in abundance, with Kevin Doyle, Sean Savage, Robert Burke, Stephen Burke, Brian Wall, Conor Malone and Alan O’Gorman claiming for the club at another Informed Performance event. Coolmine BJJ set up home in Coolmine Industrial estate, after being invited to use the facility by Spartan Martial Arts coach, and kickboxing world champion, Robbie McMenamy. Corcoran started to train all facets of the

fight game, with Dean O’Sullivan, a veteran boxing trainer, taking control of stand-up training. With the club again upping the ante to four training days a week, the fruits of their labours were proved at the Munster Open in July. The team’s first outing in traditional BJJ saw ten competing and four medalling — McLoughlin, Monnelly, Greaney and Corcoran himself. T he Blanch-based club finished their season with three outings in the MMA leagues, where Kevin Doyle, Robert and Stephen Burke went out and claimed victories for the club. “This has been an unbelievably successful season for us,” said an enthusiastic Corcoran. “We have managed to coach complete beginners to competent Mixed Martial Artists in an extremely short space of time. “We had our first grading in which as a team we received two belt promotions and 30 stripes altogether from one of Ireland’s greats, John Kavanagh. “Next season we’re going to push for even more success and I’ve every faith that we can do it,” said Corcoran. Coolmine BJJ trains people from ages of 13 and upwards. For information contact club manager Paul Murphy on 087 912 7951.

FastSport Girls take place as part of Harmony tournament THE Harmony soccer tournament will take place this year at Sportslink, Santry, on Saturday, August 20. The competition was initially developed as a cross-border football tournament for boys. It now caters for 32 teams across five sections — boys, girls, Special Olympics, Powerchair and Irish Street Leagues, with teams coming from communities in Northern Ireland, Germany, Italy, Cork, Meath and Fingal. This year’s event will also cater for U-11 and U-13 girls, with a soccer festival being held on the day to promote the underage girls’ game. For further information on the Fingal Invitational Harmony Tournament contact Joe Corr: or 087-6815811

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Peregrine’s flyers: Coaches capped as course completed TWENTY-five club mentors from St Peregrine’s recently completed the new level 1 Gaelic games coaching course. This is a fine achievement for the club and should pay rich dividends in the future development of their young players, as long-term player development and retention was the central theme of the course. Val Andrews was a guest speaker at the presentation and he gave an insight to the coaches into the life of a senior inter-county manager.

Plunkett shines for SOCCER: D15 SIDES AMALGAMATE TO CREATE NEW FUTURE Dubs in Leinster victory ST BRIGID’S Daire Plunkett was one of the stars for the Dubs as he helped the U-21 hurlers to back-to-back Leinster titles with their 1-18 to 0-11 victory over Wexford in Wexford Park last week. The midfielder was one of the key players in 2010 and he played a key role as the side pulled well clear in the second half off the back of Eamon Dillon’s goal. The Dubs led 0-9 to 0-8 after an evenly balanced opening 30 minutes before Dillon’s major in the 38th minute was the spark that drove John McEvoy’s men onto provincial glory.

Kennedy set for an early return

Lynch Cup set for this weekend

CLONEE United’s Conor Keogh and Lorcan Quigg have been called up to the NDSL squad to play in the Football Special Foyle Cup, which takes place in Derry this week, getting underway on Tuesday with a parade heading out from the University of Ulster. The event runs until Saturday and is one of Ireland’s premier International Youth football tournaments. According to club PRO, Ken Ash, their selection “caps off a fantastic season for both players who have represented Clonee United with style, flair and a sense of decency all season”.

THE DAVID Lynch memorial cup’s senior competition takes place in Corduff this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, with the equivalent schoolboy event set to run from August 8 to 14. In the draw for the seniors, made last Friday, Group A will see the host’s A team play UCFL’s Amber Celtic, Ashbourne United and Beech Park. Group B sees the Corduff B side play Griffith Rovers, Pinebrook Celtic and 2009 winners, O’Devany/ Dunard. A full fixture list and kick-off times will be posted on cordufffc. com in due course. Entries for the schoolboy competition are still being taken.

Huntstown/Hartstown FC’s mini-leagues was a great success, visited by Minister for Sport, Leo Varadkar

United in soccer goals PETER CARROLL

HARTSTOWN Huntstown Football Club have established themselves very quickly in the Blanchardstown community after two of the town’s strongholds of soccer – Huntstown Villa and Hartstown United – completed their amalgamation in the last few weeks. The newly-formed club hosted their annual minileagues for the second consecutive year with over 350 children from the area participating. The games were hosted in the sports grounds of Hartstown Community School and were attended by many guests, including

the Minister for Sport, Leo Varadkar. Mr. Varadkar met with locals and witnessed some of the magical football and spirit over the weekend. Parents and supporters packed the venue and enjoyed the fun-filled atmosphere whilst soaking up the weekend sun. Newly-appointed club chairman, Aidan Cregg, shared his happiness in the the success of the mini leagues with GazetteSport. “The weekend was about fun and participation and inclusion for kids of all ages and ability. A lot of credit should go to parents, committee members, volunteers and the school staff for all their

hard work,” said Cregg. Every child was presented with a participation medal and goodie bag for the role they played in the mini leagues and to inspire confidence in joining in future sporting events. St Ciaran’s NS Principal, and chairman of the board for Hartstown Community School, Sean Sheehan, also highlighted how the weekend had brought the community together “It was a fantastic day for two great communities and the school and the area are proud to support such a proactive club,” said Sheehan. These words were echoed by the club’s vice-

chairman, Tony Lawless. “It’s great to see so many people from both communities coming together to support their local club. It’s impossible to organise these events without this kind of support, so a big thank you to all.” The club will have over 25 teams competing next season, and are determined to make it one of the biggest all-inclusive clubs in Dublin. Frank Mulhall, club PRO, commented on how the early drive and enthusiasm shown by the club will, hopefully, translate to results on the pitch. “We are all completely dedicated to the footballing cause here. Last

season was all building up to the amalagamation and now we want to get out and start winning some trophies,” said the enthused PRO. HHFC recently raised in excess of €70,000 for Irish Autism Action during The Spirit of the Community Festival. The highlight of which saw The John Aldridge XI, boasting Irish internationals Jason McAteer, Alan McLoughlin, Mark Kinsella and also World Cup winners Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa, coming to play against the club at Dalymount Park. Any players interested in joining the club should view

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CLUB NOTICEBOARD ST BRIGID’S THE summer camp commenced last week, with another two weeks on August 15 to 19 and August 22 to 25 (4 days). Get your application form from

round of the championship. They play

triumph over Wexford.

Naomh Mearnog in the next round at

Dublin Galway

7-5 3-10

A HUGE local contingent helped inspire Dublin’s minor girls to a scintillating 7-5 to 3-10 victory over Galway last weekend in Ballymahon to earn the side an AllIreland final date. Aided by St Brigid’s starlet Olivia Smartt, the Jackies produced a truly remarkable comeback to salvage a tie that looked dead and buried, the Dubliners trailing by ten points with time running out. Galway got off to a dream start in this semi-final when full forward Deirdre Brennan drove her way through the heart of the Dublin defence and blasted the ball past Dublin keeper, Alice Gillen, all before the first minute was registered on the clock. T his trend was to continue for the first half, with Galway in total control with their

ten point deficit to win by six was a remarkable achievement for this bunch of players, many of whom are first-year minors. But the never-say-die attitude and the obvious will to win will stand to the young Dubs as they continue their journey in the championship with the Rebel County of Cork standing in their way of All-Ireland glory. The All-Ireland final w i l l t a ke p l a c e o n August 1 in St Brendan’s Park, Birr, Co Offaly, and will be shown live on TG4.

port welcome. The Campbell family would like to thank everyone for their support in

on Friday, October 21, in Harolds

the recent weeks. Yvonne’s Month’s


Mind is on this Friday at 7pm in Laurel

lymun in the league.

be the catalyst for the Dublin revival. In the final 20 minutes, she netted two g o a l s p a s t G a l w ay keeper Lisa Murphy, and set up two additional majors for corner forward Lauren Ebbs. The momentum was now totally in Dublin’s f avo u r w i t h D u b l i n dominating in all sectors of the field. Try as they might Galway could not gather possession and Dublin piled on the scores, raising the green flag a remarkable six times in the second half. To come back from a

home on Thursday at 7.30pm. All sup-

Club night at the dogs will take place

Senior footballers drew with Bal-

full forward line of Roisin Leonard, the aforementioned Brennan and Shauna Jackson causing huge problems for the Dublin defence. At the break, Galway led Dublin by six points, with the scoreboard reading 3-4 to Dublin’s 1-4, with Gallagher raising the green flag and points coming from the impressive Aisling King and Siobhan Woods. Galway once again got off to a per fect restart with Leonard and Jackson popping over an additional four points. With 20 minutes remaining on the clock Dublin found themselves ten points adrift of the Tribeswomen, and alarm bells going off amongst the Dublin supporters in the stand. Dublin had intro duced soccer international and Raheny woman Siobhan Killen just before the interval and her fielding and powerful runs were to

Well done to junior A camogie who

Dublin U-21s on their Leinster final



Senior hurlers face O’Toole’s on Saturday at 6.15pm. beat Na Fianna 3-9 to 1-3 in the first

Dublin senior hurlers vs Limerick on

Jackies hit back late to claim place

Junior A footballers beat Lucan.

Congratulations to Daire and the

Best of luck to Daire, Alan and the

Dublin’s minor ladies’ footballers continued their winning run and face Cork in the All-Ireland final. PIc:


Lodge Church. Club Lotto takes place in The Rosel-

Inter footballers beat St Pat’s (D).

awn Inn this Thursday with a jackpot

Junior B footballers beat Ballyfer-

of €15,000.

TYRRELSTOWN TRAINING for the junior teams is now

held off for most of it.

down to one evening a week. It will

Also a big thanks to all our sponsors:

take place every Thursday evening at

The Thirsty Bull, Hickeys pharmacy,

6pm on the pitch at Belgree, Tyrrel-

Tanjore Palace, Bodi Beaty Salon,

stown. For more information, please

Pets Kingdom, Zannz Hair Salon,

contact Clare on 085 161 7718.

Paddy Power and Superquinn.

Training for the senior team is

Also thank-you to Kieran for his

every Tuesday and Thursday at

donation of the gazebos. (mar-

7.15pm on the pitch at Blanch IT. For

quee sales contact 086 151 7124 -

more information, please contact


Charlie on 083 408 8152. You can also find us on facebook or on Well done to all involved in the fun day on Saturday, July 16. The rain

It was a great day had by all and there was a lot of sore muscles after that bouncy castle (that includes the large kids). Thanks to all who took part.

ST PEREGRINE’S GREAT win for our adult camogie

Nightshift, there will also be darts

team in the championship over

and pool competitions ran over the

Erin’s Isle.


Senior and junior teams have some

Club shop is open on Mondays,

crucial league and championship

Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 to

games this week.

7pm, and on Saturdays from 10am

Any member not buying lotto tickets, visit and support your club for only €2 a week. Lotto is also available to play online using the link on the club website. It is festival week in the club this weekend, entertainment starts on

to 12pm. Bingo is on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm. If anybody within the club would like to make a difference and join a committee please see club website for details and contacts.

Friday night with music from Bee-

Club will be running a fundraising

bop Gold, and, on Saturday, there

initiative, Take Me Out, based on the

is kids’ show from 4 to 6.30pm, and

popular TV series. This is planned

then a DJ and a barbecue.

for September 17, please see club

On Sunday there is music from

for details.

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UNITED FOR GLORY: Huntstown and Hartstown come together in soccer P30

FIGHT CLUB Brazilian jiu jitsu gym hits new heights P29


Insaka FC’s players and managers were hailed for their commitment to active engagement in sport, and soccer in particular

JULY 21, 2011

Insaka deserve their double glory Dublin 15’s multicultural side receive their medals and trophies in ceremony after successful season STEPHEN FINDLATER

INSAKA co-founder Ken McCue hailed the achievements of the fledgling club’s maiden title winners this week as they received the Ronnie Bradshaw Cup and U-18 NDSL Premier title at an award ceremony. Just two seasons after forming, it was a huge achievement for the club who have sought to use sport as a means of bringing migrant children in “from the grassroots through cultural activity leading to active citizenship and political engagement” in Ireland. To do this, McCue linked up with former Nigerian international footballer, James Igwilo, and NDSL coach, Zuby Ufoh, to form Insaka AFC in 2009. They successfully managed to convert street footballers into league footballers, the coaches moulding Blanchardstown-based players from Angola, Congo, South Africa, Nigeria, Poland, Romania and Serbia into a cohesive unit to

become runners-up at first time of trying in the NDSL U-17A League in their maiden year. And, a year on, they claimed their very first silverware, and one which McCue was proud to salute: “This is the first league and cup double and, as far as I’m aware, it’s the first by a youth team from migrant backgrounds. Romstar, and a couple of other adult teams, have won cups but it’s certainly the first youth side to do a double. “It establishes role models in the Blanchardstown area for other migrant kids and, in doing that, we hope to attract an awful lot more people into sport, and particularly football.” For the upcoming 2011/12 season, Insaka will run an U-16 NDSL Premier side but has received a number of inquiries from potential younger members. To this end, the club will runs it’s Football Campus for boys and girls from 7-12 years. The “African Flavoured Football” workshops will be held every Saturday morning from 10-11am at Ongar Village. And McCue says that it can be a hugely posi-

tive influence on the greater Dublin 15 footballing landscape. “Some clubs, particularly at age 16 to 18, find it difficult to get squads out training. We get 25 to 30 every week. We find there is huge demand and a huge desire to play. “Seeing as most of them are Africans, they bring what we call an AFF (African Flavoured Football) to the league. It’s a natural thing, very little ball in the air, or kick and rush; it’s all skills that they try and develop. “It’s attracting kids from all sorts of different backgrounds, not just African kids. We’ve some from Romania, a new Pakistani kid and a couple of Irish too, which is great. “We find that building this capacity for integration, we can encourage them to go on an join clubs in their locality, like Hartstown or Corduff. They develop their skills through us and then go off to play for the local clubs.” Further information can be obtained from coach James Igwilo on 0857862333 and

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