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A very important thing to think about is to run on you front foot because it works like a spring so you bounces better of the ground.

If you don’t run on your front foot you can destroy a lot of sensitive nerves and heel tendons. Also if you run on your front foot you get a longer step. But it is a very hard challenge to start run on you front foot If you have been running on you heel for a long time, Because you calves are very weak and needs a lot of training like toe pushups ore tensed band training for you calves.

As you can see the red picture is very very wrong he is landing first on his heel and then he rolls over on the entire foot and pushes of on the front foot. But the blue one is very right he is landing on his front foot, then he gets the right bounces in the step and he gets a longer step because he bounces of the ground. The front foot step also takes a shorter time and that result to a faster run.

If you want to run on the winter I recommend ice-bug shoes because they have winter nails so you get better grip on the slippery ground. Also dress worm like a tight cap and some worm underwear and don’t drink could water eave if its summer during you training because could water cramps you muscles. Writher Robert Ranman.

How to eat good and feal god. All the the food you eat is important for your health. A god meal contains all the important ingredients like carbohydrates, vitamins and fibers, that is only a few of the important things that a good meal needs to contain. A good meal also gives you a lot of prolonged energy and it strengthens your muscles. If you are an athlete you have to eat a lot of energy before a competition like pasta, potatoes and a lot of protein. Protein you can get from eat a lot of meat or by in cans. Protein is a very important thing if you are being serious about sports. What protein does is that it´s going straight to your muscles and gives them a lot of energy. Creatin is a little stronger but there is an age limit of 16 years old. Regular protein usually contains Milk protein, keasin, egg protein and wasle protein. The best proteins are those who contain all of those in one jar like syntax 6. If you want to do some healthy and fresh food for your health I recommend to grill chicken file because when you grill you doesn’t uses any butter or oil. But you can’t grill on the summer so to fry some chicken and boil some paste or rise isn´t so bad with a good salad. The most important thing to think about is to always eat a meal with salad protein and some rise potatoes or pasta.

If you need energy fast, eat an VYOprotein bar A VOY – protein bar is a fast way to get fast energy. They are just protein with almost no carbs.

In the mod for some delicious ketchup that even pros eat, Heinz ketchup is the one. Only tomatoes in a bottle.

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