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Rob Golfi Sales Representative

Feature Home WaterFrONt

Grimsby 238 North Service Road


Custom built 2-storey waterfront property with stunning Lakeviews! Gorgeous hardwood floors, master bedroom with walk out to balcony & gas fireplace w/rich hotel style ensuite, soaring 10ft ceilings, large designer kitchen w/granite, great big windows. Shows like a dream.

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The GOLFI TEAM Real Estate Market Watch

About Rob Golfi


ince the inception of his career in 1997, Rob Golfi has recognized that understanding his clients’ needs is essential to providing excellent service. As business grew, Rob assembled the Golfi Team in an effort to maintain the same level of professionalism clients have come to expect. Shortly thereafter in 2003, the team received the prestigious honour of being among the top 100 Real Estate Teams for RE/MAX Canada, and this status continues to date. Rob’s experience and aggressive negotiating skills have earned him every major honour awarded by RE/MAX, including President’s Club, 100% Club, Platinum Club, Chairman’s Club, Hall of Fame in 2003, the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006, his SRES® designation in 2009 and the Diamond Club Award in 2010. Having worked with

September 1, 2011

am mails e t i lf o G e h t

65,000 ly! atch month

many of the industry’s professionals over the years, he has the necessary edge to best negotiate the sale of your home. Any agent can list your house, but Rob’s knowledge, extensive marketing background and dedication gives clients peace of mind when dealing with the single most important investment in their lives. With years of combined experience, the Golfi Team can provide your home with a level of exposure that most agents cannot. Utilizing a team approach also means that they will likely find a purchaser to buy your home sooner, rather than waiting for other agents to approach you with potential buyers. Ranked in the top 5 of nearly 2,000 sales agents in the Hamilton-Burlington and Niagara areas, listing with Rob and the Golfi Team is the right choice when choosing someone to represent your best interest. -Å


ar ketW M e h t f o s copie to expose y a w r e t t e b there is no mar ket! e h t o t e m o your h

More Buyers… More Offers… MOre MONeY $$$ ask us How! exposure to Gta & Out of to wn Buyer s!

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Call the Golfi Team to get your Home Sold


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Maximum Exposure Sells Your Home




3 2 9 5 The Solution Fill in the grid above, so that each row of 9 squares, each column of nine and each section of nine (three squares by three) contains the numbers 1 through 9 in any order. There is only one solution for the puzzle and the numbers shown can NOT be changed.

905-575-7700 905-945-0188 The GOLFI TEAM is ranked in the Top 100 Re/Max Teams in Canada.

www. GolfiTeam .com



















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September 1, 2011

The GOLFI TEAM Real Estate Market Watch

Population projections: Canada, the Provinces and Territories 2009 to 2036 ll growth scenarios considered, Canada's population could exceed 40 million by 2036. The ageing of the population is projected to accelerate rapidly, as the entire baby boom generation turns 65 during this period. The number of senior citizens could more than double, outnumbering children for the first time. From 2009 to 2036, Canada's population could grow from 33.7 million to between 40.1 million under the low growth scenario and 47.7 million under the high growth scenario. Results at the provincial and territorial levels vary according to the scenario considered, mainly due to differences in interprovincial migration patterns. Overall, regardless of the scenario, growth would be higher than the national average in Ontario and British Columbia. The population of every province and territory would increase during this time, except in some scenarios in the case of Newfoundland and Labrador. Canada's population would age rapidly until 2031, by which time the entire baby boom generation would have turned 65. It would continue ageing after 2031, but at a less rapid pace. By 2036, the number of seniors is projected to reach between 9.9 million and 10.9 million, more than double the level of 4.7 million in 2009. They would surpass the number of children aged 14 or under for the first time ever between 2015 and 2021, depending on the scenario. By 2036, the median age of the population would range between 42 and 45 years, compared with the current median of 39.5. Contributors to demographic growth Canada's population growth depends on two factors: natural increase (births minus deaths), and net international migration (immigrants minus emigrants). The number of deaths is projected to increase during the entire period between 2009 and 2036, as the baby boom generation gets older. Under the mediumgrowth scenario, natural increase would remain positive until 2036, although the levels of births and deaths would get closer over time. Regardless of the scenario, immigration levels would represent a larger share of the projected population growth at the national level. Because large numbers of new immigrants consist of younger individuals in the child-bearing age, sustained levels of immigration would also have a positive impact on the number of births. According to the medium-growth scenario, Canada would receive roughly 333,600 immigrants a year by 2036, compared with 252,500 in 2010.


Rob Golfi Sales Representative

7 Things that can EXPLODE in Your Home!

Age structure of the population Projections show that seniors would account for between 23% and 25% of the total population by 2036, nearly double the 13.9% in 2009. Higher immigration levels would do little to change the forthcoming ageing of the Canadian population. At the same time, the proportion of the working-age population aged 15 to 64 would decline steadily from about 70% to about 60%. Consequently, ratios of children and seniors to the working-age population would increase in the future, particularly the latter. The number of children aged 14 or under for every 100 people in the working-age population would increase from 24 in 2009 to 26 by 2036, according to the medium-growth scenario. The increase would be larger for seniors aged 65 and over, where by 2036 their numbers according to this scenario would rise from 20 to 39 for every 100 people in the working-age population. Corresponding to this change, the ratio of working-age population to seniors would decrease from five to one in 2009 to just over two and half to one by 2036. Projections also show Canada would have far more very elderly people. In 2009, there were roughly 1.3 million people aged 80 or over. According to the medium-growth scenario, this could increase to 3.3 million by 2036. The number of centenarians is projected to triple or quadruple, depending on the scenario. There were about 6,000 centenarians in 2009. Provincial and territorial projections Ontario and British Columbia are the only provinces in which average annual growth would exceed the growth rate for Canada as a whole between 2009 and 2036, according to all scenarios. Ontario's population would increase from nearly 13.1 million in 2009 to between 16.1 million and 19.4 million in 2036, depending on the scenario. Under the medium-growth scenario, it would account for 40.5% of the national population in 2036, up from 38.7% in 2009. The population of British Columbia would increase from nearly 4.5 million in 2009 to between 5.8 million and 7.1 million in 2036. Under the medium-growth scenario, its share of Canada's total population would rise from 13.2% to 14.5%. Quebec would remain the second most populous province. Its population would rise from 7.8 million in 2009 to between 8.6 million and 10.0 million in 2036. Under the lowest-growth scenario, Newfoundland and Labrador's population would decline from 508,900 in 2009 to 483,400 in 2036. Under the highestgrowth scenario, it would rise to 544,500. Excerpt from Stats Canada

Sharon Stafford Sales Representative

Heather Reid Sales Representative

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Gas Leaks While explosions from gas leaks are fortunately not very common, their impacts can nonetheless be devastating. To prevent an explosion from leaks of natural gas or propane, everyone in your home should be familiar with the smell of gas. Your gas company should be able to give you a “scratch & sniff� card to help you learn this distinctive odor. You should also have all of your gas appliances serviced and inspected each year by a trained professional. And you should consider installing a gas leak detector, especially if anyone in your home has trouble identifying smells. It is important to note that if you ever suspect that you have a gas leak, that you should immediately leave your house, and do NOT touch any electrical switches and do NOT use your home phone or cellphone until you are a safe distance from your house. The reason is that even the slightest electrical connection can touch off the gas, and trigger an explosion. Water Heater A water heater tank that is overpressured can generate tremendous force when it explodes. To prevent this from happening in your home, you should have your water heater serviced once a year by a trained professional. And you will want to check with them to be sure that you have a relief device installed on your unit that protects both against excessive pressure AND excessive temperature. Also, to be safe, you should have your pressure and temperature relief valve replaced every 3 years. And if you ever adjust the temperature limit on your water heater, be sure to never allow it to exceed more than 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Furnace Boiler Similar to a water heater, if your home has a furnace boiler for creating hot water for your heating system, then you will want to take similar precautions to what we just described for water heaters. Gas Grill 6,000 gas grill explosions occur every year, causing severe injuries and sometimes deaths. To prevent you or your family from being part of this statistic, you should read all safety instructions before using your grill. You should do routine maintenance

Wendy Murray-Nicholson

Sales Representative

905-575-7700 or 905-945-0188

Ashley Sidler Sales Representative

Dena Zlatar Sales Representative

inspections, and replace any damaged parts immediately. Also, do not use a propane tank if it is dented or damaged in any way. And do not store your propane tanks near any heat sources, nor carry a propane tank in your car trunk on a hot day. Combustible Products The next cause of too many explosions in the home is from combustible household products. You should be aware of which products that you use in your home are flammable, and be sure to store these combustible liquids, sprays and powders in cool locations. And you will want to be sure that these storage areas are very well ventilated, so that you don’t have a chance of fumes building up. Although it may be convenient, you should never store any cooking spray, flammable insect repellants, or any other combustible products near your stove. And get rid of any dented cans or damaged containers for any flammable products. Glass Containers A frequent cause of eye damage in the home is from explosions of glass containers. To prevent glass container explosions, never shake carbonated liquids that are in glass bottles or containers. And especially keep carbonated beverages that are in glass containers away from children, who may shake or run with them. Also, before you use any glassware in your microwave or oven, you will want to be sure that they are a type of glass which is made for this use. Do not leave glass containers on stove burners, and never put glass containers of liquid in a freezer (unless they have very high alcohol content, which raises the freezing point). Cooking Flour And lastly, cooking flour dust is highly flammable, and so you should avoid creating flour dust clouds around any heat sources in your kitchen, and you will want to especially keep open flames (such as candles, gas stove burners, cigarettes, etc.) away from your flour when preparing your baking. SUMMARY We hope this article has helped you understand these 7 things that can explode in your home, and what you can do to prevent them.

Bonnie Spurrell Sales Representative

Mike McNeil Sales Representative

Nobody Works Harder to get your Home Sold

Call Today 905-575-7700

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The GOLFI TEAM Real Estate Market Watch

September 1, 2011

Facts About GOLFI… 3 Over $50 Million in Sales Annually** 3

#1 Real Estate Office in Hamilton-Burlington Region*

3 Amongst the Top

Sales Representatives in Ontario**

3 Golfi Team ranked Top 50 Teams in Canada for


3 Golfi Team ranked Top 100 Teams in the World for


Rob Golfi Sales Representative






OVER $400 MILLION IN REAL ESTATE SALES *#1 Brokerage in the Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington MLS from 1994 to 2010 consecutively. **Year End Standings for 2010, based on residential commissions paid. Rankings are compiled from figures submitted by regional offices.


OF % 99


OF % 95


Grimsby $239,900 95 Sumner Crescent

bEamsvillE $399,900 5158 King Street West

3 bedroom home beautifully maintained & decorated! Features maple kitchen cabinets w/breakfast bar, hardwood floors, master bedroom with upgraded ensuite, access to backyard through garage, roughed in bath in basement and bedroom level laundry.

Beautiful century home w/original woodwork, large sun filled porch, country style kitchen, inlaw apartment in basement, finished loft w/bathroom, mostly updated vinyl windows, furnace ’05, private landscaped backyard, & oversized 2 car garage, plus more.

t LIS F %O 0 0 1 Or F D SOL Hamilton mtn $224,900 211 East 18th Street What a doll house! This 2 bedrm home is in fantastic condition across from Inch Park. Features beautiful hardwd & ceramics, finished rec room in basement w/gas fireplace, private fenced yard w/mature trees & lrg deck, mostly updated vinyl windows, & close to amenities.


F LIS O % r 99 O F SOLD



I OF L % 9 9 FOr D L SO Grimsby

YS 4 Da

$439,900 383 Lake Street

Lavish 4+1 bedrm, 2000 sq.ft has every upgrade you can imagine! Custom maple kitchen w/granite counter, porcelain flrs, rich hardwd, 2–sided gas fireplace btwn LR/DR, master suite w/luxury ensuite & personal dressing room, & heated & insulated 24x30 garage. Pics tell it all!

Your house will get noticed FIRST when listed by the Guy who gets noticed the MOST!

Call Rob Golfi Today! t LIS F O 9% 9 FOr D L SO


t LIS F O 9% 9 FOr


FOr D SOL Grimsby

t LIS F O 99%

$749,900 177 Ridge Road

5.19 acres nestled onto the Niagara Escarpment, completely redone top to bottom, inside and out, slate & hardwd flring, new designer kitchen with stylish appliances, in flr heating in bathrm, 70 pot lights, patterned concrete porch w/exterior fireplace.

t LIS F %O 0 0 1 Or F D SOL Hamilton CEntral $136,900 277 Balmoral Avenue North All brick home features many updates including windows, shingles, soffits, facia & exterior doors updated in the last 5 yrs, country-style pine kitchen with breakfast bar, landscaped fenced yard. 2 bedroom home can easily be converted back to 3. Fantastic value close to all amenities.


OF 99.5%


DaYS 0 3 IN

binbrook $399,900 148 Fowler Drive

binbrook $289,900 266 Fall Fair Way

bEamsvillE $339,900 4846 Northgate Crescent

bEamsvillE $349,900 4955 Kennedy Street

2500 sqft 2 storey by Empire Homes. Premium lot backs onto greenspace. Features hardwood and ceramics on main floor, central vac w/attachments, 4 large bdrms, large country style kitchen, fenced yrd. Energy star rated home, close to parks and schools.

3 bedroom Branthaven townhome on premium corner lot in Binbrook Fairgrounds. Eat-in kitchen w/ceramics, hrdwd in LR/DR w/walkout to deck, beautifully landscaped yard, finished basemt w/soundproofed theatre room completely wired for enhanced surround sound. Just move in!

This 2007 home offers 2050 sqft of Beauty. Features 3 lrg BRs, 2.5 baths, computer loft, oak staircase, Master bedrm w/double walk in closets, luxury ensuite w/soaker tub & separate shower, california shutters throughout, great room w/hrdwd floors & gas fireplace, & quick access to QEW.

1433 sq.ft., 3 BR all brick bungalow built in 2004 backing onto green space. Features cathedral ceilings in great room w/hardwood floors, large maple kitchen w/island & french doors leading to large deck, spacious master w/hardwood floors & ensuite bath, main floor laundry, & double car garage.

Call Today 905-575-7700

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September 1, 2011

The GOLFI TEAM Real Estate Market Watch

Page 5

Grimsby, Lincoln & West Lincoln Area

Rob Golfi*

Grimsby $359,900 220 Always Road

smitHvillE $369,900 26 Hornak Road

Grimsby $424,900 442 Main Street

WEst linColn $265,000 1786 Victoria Ave.

Sweet Country Deal over an acre of piece & quiet! This 3+1 BR raised ranch shows like a dream, & features gorgeous hardwd flrs, updated bathrms, refaced kitchen, professionally fin. basement w/berber carpets & walk out, shingles (’11), furnace (’09), & quick access to town & QEW.

Spectacular & immaculate best describes this awesome 4 BR home in Station Meadows! Sitting on a premium lot, approx 2140 sqft. this home features, 9’ceilings, oak staircase, hardwd flrs throughout, stylish kitchen w/granite counters & breakfast bar, fenced yard w/concrete patio.

Character home set along Grimsby’s tree lined street. Features new kitchen, updated baths, new furnace c/air & water heater, new shingles & plywood 2002, all vinyl windows, hardwd under all broadloom, 2 storey garage 45x26 ft w/finished loft above with furnace & bathrm.

Country living at its best sitting on over an acre of private treed lot in fantastic location. Features 4+2 bedrooms, cathedral ceilings, oversized family room with fireplace, country style kitchen with plenty of cupboards, and fully finished basement.

3 Hewitt Drive

smitHvillE $399,900 146 Rock Street

Grimsby $439,900 3 Stonegate Drive

Escarpment views! Features beautiful maple kitchen w/granite island & breakfast bar, hardwood & ceramics throughout, great room w/cathedral ceilings & gas fireplace, incredible open concept floor plan, fenced yard, & a high energy efficient home.

Outstanding & immaculate Custom built 2350 sq.ft. Facing park, loaded w/upgrades, features maple kitchen with antique finish and granite counters, gleaming hardwood flrs, porceline tile, California shutters, luxury ensuite master bedrm with French doors leading to 16x24 covered patio.

Well maintained all brick executive home in lakeside neighbourhood features beautiful hardwood floors, mostly updated vinyl windows, professionally finished basement, fenced & landscaped back, concrete driveway, new shingles '06, new furnace '05, easy hwy access.

bEamsvillE $319,900 5123 Crimson King Way 4 bedroom home in desirable neighbourhood, big kitchen w/island & spacious dinette w/sliding doors leading to back private deck w/fenced yard, cathedral ceilings in living room, mostly new flring through-out, famrm w/gas fireplace, finished rec-rm in basement, & shingles '06.




Grimsby $389,900 519 Ridge Road East

Grimsby $319,900 14 Marlow Avenue

WEst linColn $328,500 9407 Silver Street

bEamsvillE $241,900 5120 Conner Drive

1.37 acres on escarpment ravine near Bruce Trail! Features geothermal system Jan ’10, insulated roof, newer windows, amazing low energy costs, large 2.5 car garage, large deck w/above ground solar heated pool, and charming cedar-sided home with large eat-in kitchen.

Custom-built 3 bedrm bungalow, open & inviting floor plan w/gorgeous hardwood, spacious kitchen w/breakfast bar and sliding doors leading out private fenced back yard, large master bedrm w/ensuite and double garage with 4-car drive. Near schools, parks and quick access to QEW.

Amazing updated home on 100 x 200 ft lot, built in 1953, has an open concept living room/dining room with hardwood floors, huge master suite, New high efficiency gas furnance/CA, updated main bath, entry doors, & water conditioner. Bonus room over the garage.

Fabulous end unit freehold Bungalow 1,110 sqft! 90 day closing avail. Come & visit our model home & be wowed on this Energy Guide & Tested Home. Incl great size bedroomss w/3 pc ensuite off master, kitchen area overlooking family rm, attached to next unit only at garage.



Grimsby $1,050,000 238 North Service Road

bEamsvillE $236,000 5126 Conner Drive

Grimsby $269,900 446 Main Street West

Custom built 2-storey waterfront property with stunning Lakeviews! Gorgeous hardwood floors, master bedroom with walk out to balcony & gas fireplace w/rich hotel style ensuite, soaring 10ft ceilings, large designer kitchen w/granite, great big windows. Shows like a dream.

2 storey freehold town home 1386 sq ft. Similar to be built. 90 day closing avail. Incl. great sized Bedrooms w/3pc ensuite & walk in closet off master, kit w/breakfast area overlooking famrm, attached to neighbouring unit at garage w/access from garage to rear yard, & min to all amenities.

Fabulous ½ acre property backs onto green space. 4 bedrm home & 25x35' oversized garage/workshop, affordable enough to build new or renovate. This home offers new shingles & furnace ‘03, beautiful cast iron fireplace, lots of parking space, and easy access to QEW.

Incredible 2300 sqft home faces Nelles Beach & Lake Ontario. This updated home features a new maple kitchen, granite, travertine tiles, hardwd & bamboo floors, updated bathrms w/designer tiles, family room with fireplace, shingles ‘05, new eaves & facia ’10, furnace & Central air ’07.

Grimsby $309,900 35 Victoria Terrace

bEamsvillE $339,900 4092 Mountain Street

Grimsby $234,900 111 Willow Lane

bEamsvillE $649,900 5225 Greenlane

Waterfront with total privacy including pebble beach. Lots of potential & character! Ideal for someone to renovate or tear down for new home. This home includes bright sunroom w/original tall french doors, living room w/high ceilings & gas fireplace, & vacant lot ideal for an addition.

Want quality, this house is for you! This one flr plan incl. $20,000 in extras, California knock down ceilings, rounded corners, 120 sq.ft. of hrdwd flrs, upgraded trim package, maple kit, asphalt drv & much more! Approx 1445 sq.ft. similar to be built.

END UNIT TOWNHOUSE! 2 BR Losani built townhouse w/ceramics & upgraded carpet. This home offers great views of the escarpment & an open concept floor plan. Garage has inside entry into basement & basement has walk out to backyard.

Hobby farm, 3.27 accre immaculate apple farm could earn $30-$45,000 per year. Close to all conveniences. Home features oak trim, 2 fireplaces, underground sprinkler system, 2 large coolers, sandy soil, close to QEW. Great opportunity!


$599,900 88 Lake Street


Call Today 905-945-0188

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Page 6

The GOLFI TEAM Real Estate Market Watch

September 1, 2011

Hamilton & Stoney Creek Rob Golfi*

stonEy CrEEk $274,900 220 Green Road

Hamilton mtn $238,900 852 Upper Wellington

Hamilton mtn $215,000 150 East 21st Street

WEst Hamilton $309,900 225 Bowman Street

Amazing space in this fabulous 2 storey, 3 BR home! Features updated kitchen and baths 2008, shingles 2011, stylish bright kitchen, updated flooring, finished basement, professionally finished back yard with 2-tiered stone patio & ponds with a waterfall. Close to amenities.

Renovated 2+1 bedroom bungalow. Fully updated eat-kitchen with breakfast bar, pot lights, pantry & island. Vinyl windows with Bay, furnace (08), 100 amp breakers, parking for 6, fully finished basement, private yard w/hot tub & gazebo. Just move in!

Move in & enjoy this well kept & beautifully decorated bungalow! Features a completely finished basement, & includes many updates. 2005 shingles, facia, soffits, open concept floor plan. Includes fridge, stove, washer & dryer & close to all amenities. Act now available for quick possession!

3+2 bedrm, 2 bathroom home in walking distance to McMaster. In-law potential. Fully rented until April 2012. Updated top to bottom. Exterior waterproofing w/transferrable warranty (’10), finished basement (’10) w/new bathroom. Parking for five, 100 amp on breakers, vinyl windows.

Hamilton mtn $269,900 75 Windrush Crescent

stonEy CrEEk $209,900 258 Gray Road

stonEy CrEEk $229,900 296 Jones Road

Hamilton $319,900 236 Sherwood Rise

Fabulous family home on large lot (57’x100’). Same owner for 32 years. Updates include: shingles(’08), garage exterior(’10), back deck & railing(’10), windows(approx.5 yrs), professionally painted in August, kitchen resurfaced(’11), ensuite privilege, walk-up to yard & possible in-law.

Cozy 2+1 bedroom home sitting on premium 50x200 ft lot with a detached garage. An impressive home with a bright living room & bedrooms with hardwood, ceramics in kitchen, easy access to buses, schools, parks, and shopping. Available for quick possession.

With some finishing touches & tender loving care you can make this beauty shine! Unique layout, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 14 x 20 ft garage. Large lot 50 x 105’ft. Get inside today before it’s gone.

Sprawling bungalow in the desirable Sherwood Heights neighborhood. 4+1 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and newly finished basement (May). Updates include furnace & C/A ('04), kitchen, ceramics, mostly vinyl windows & 100 amp breakers. This home is one of a kind! Get inside.

Hamilton mtn $289,900 51 Beaverbrook Avenue

East Hamilton $149,900 75 Adeline Avenue

East Hamilton $199,900 154 Rosewood Road

East Hamilton $229,900 635 Dunn Avenue

Charming 4 level back split in incredible condition! Features 4 bedrms, 3 full bathrms, gorgeous hardwood floors, stylish & bright kitchen, finished basement with rec rm & wet bar, new shingles ‘09, furnace & c/air ‘09, and a beautifully landscaped yard backing onto green space.

Cute & cozy starter home in prime East Hamilton location! Features 2 good sized bedrms, eat in kitchen, main floor laundry, family room with walk-out to large rear deck & stunning backyard. Cheaper than rent… won't last ! More@

Cozy & Desirable East Hamilton 2 bedrm doll house! Features hardwd floors under broadloom, finished rec rm in basement, mostly vinyl windows, updated furnace, detached garage, appliances included, close to busses, shopping & parks.

Charming bungalow will surprise you! Features all new carpeting, hardwood flrs, master bedrm w/french doors, updated bathrms, finished basement with in-law & gas fireplace, updated vinyl windows & doors, 18x30 insulated garage w/220 volt, & mostly new weeping tiles.

stonEy CrEEk mtn $419,900 1889 Rymal Road

stonEy CrEEk mtn $286,900 129 Slinger Avenue

stonEy CrEEk $224,900 #6-171 Highbury

Hamilton CEntral $149,900 12 Arthur Avenue South

Gorgeous raised ranch w/updates within the last 2yrs! Incl. shingles, furnace, hardwd, carpet, hot-tub, new pool liner, Cherry wood kit. cabinets w/granite, windows ‘05 , eaves trough & facia, bathrm ‘08, backing onto conservation w/private gate, & a 400 sqft workshop w/power.

Charming raised ranch. Beautifully landscaped, ideal for growing family. Features new stylish kitchen with pantry & breakfast bar, hardwd flrs in front room & hallway. Enjoy lounging in the fully finished basment w/bedroom & bathroom. Close to amenities & schools.

Immaculate 2 storey 3 bedroom end unit w/low condo fees, lrg master bdrm w/walk in closet, lrg eat in kitchen w/ceramic floors, & private deck backing onto school yard. Fantastic location close to Rymal, Linc & Red Hill & all amenities! Plenty of visitors parking across.

Fully renovated, 3+1 bedroom home or 2+1 w/extra main floor room for potential home office/daycare. 2 new bathrms, huge kitchen, updated shingles ('11), windows ('11), furnace & central air (under 5 yrs), 100 amp breakers, double rear drive, and fenced yard.

burlinGton $259,900 308-5080 Pinedale Avenue

East Hamilton $159,900 196 Weir Street

Hamilton mtn $174,900 606 Fennell Ave. East

stonEy CrEEk $319,900 1323 Baseline Road

Popular Pinedale Estates, 2 bedroom, approx. 1300 sqft. in great condition! Clean & bright kitchen with plenty of cupboard & counter space, master with walk-in closet & 4pc ensuite, updated furnace, and 24 hr security gatehouse.

Great starter home! This cute bungalow is nicely decorated, with an updated kitchen, newer windows, furnace, c/air and roof. Good sized kitchen, large deck from kitchen, and double parking in rear. Shows well, Act Now!

4 bedroom, 1-1/2 storey home with hardwood floors. Oversized single car garage. Needs some TLC. Great price, great location. Close to all amenities. Immediate possession available. Call us today at 905-575-7700.

Beautiful 3 BR brick bungalow! Oak kitchen cabinets, open concept kit. overlooking LR & DR, circular oak staircase, Mbed w/4 pc ensuite & walkout, spacious bedrms, concrete walkways & patio, fully fenced private yard, rough-in central vac & close to Fifty Point Conservation.

Call Today 905-575-7700

MarketWatch September A_MarketWatch_Transfer.qxd 30/08/11 2:31 PM Page 7

September 1, 2011

The GOLFI TEAM Real Estate Market Watch

Page 7

Hamilton & Stoney Creek Rob Golfi*

East Hamilton $439,900 24 Hildegard Drive

East Hamilton $131,500 40-2700 Barton Street East

stonEy CrEEk $339,900 179 First Road West

Hamilton $159,900 28 Argyle Avenue

Built on a quiet street w/open & inviting floor plan. Backs onto escarpment. Brazilian cherry hrdwd flrs, porcelain tiles, gas fireplace, oversized rooms, freshly painted, in-law set-up w/2nd kitchen & bath, mostly updated vinyl windows & doors, & upper level balcony.

Nice & bright end unit townhouse in prime area of Hamilton. Fronting Bow Valley. 3 BR, 2 storey, offers formal LR w/bay window, ceramic flooring in entrance, kitchen. & bathroom, laminated flooring in LR, DR & hallways orig. hardwd in BR. Close to all amenities & schools.

3 Bedrm with updates! Beautiful hardwood in family rm with gas fireplace, central vacuum, gorgeous oak staircase, finished rec-rm in basement, 3 large bedrms, beautifully landscaped yard, patterned concrete drive, new shingles & furnace & C/A '09, & new windows 2011.

Fully updated 3 bedroom & 3 bathroom home with a detached garage. 1 front & 1 rear parking. Open concept w/high ceilings on main flr. Top flr has master bedroom w/ensuite, large closet & office/nursery. Updated kitchen & bathrooms, fully fenced yard. New front porch & concrete pad in garage with hydro.

WaterFrONt LOt

binbrook $434,900 108 Valiant Circle

stonEy CrEEk $405,000 35 Riviera Ridge

stonEy CrEEk $449,900 Windemere Road

stonEy CrEEk $229,900 78-485 Green Road

Amazing 4 bedroom Losani “Woodhaven Traditional’ family home. Large premium lot. Loads of upgrades including kitchen, windows, wider garage, front door, cabinets, fire place, rounded corners, patio door to rear yard.

4+1 bdrm in prestigious loc’n! Fresh paint & crown mouldings. Plus porcelain tile, kulm hrdwd, main flr. den, lrg eat-in kit, livin rm, sep. dining rm & main flr. laun. New shingles (08) & undergrnd sprinkler system.

The property is private with a Muskoka feel! Park-like grounds. Substantial breakwall, multilevel decking and tremendous unobstructed waterfront views. Every season a postcard, check it out today and start packing!

3 bedroom, 2 storey townhome features spacious master bedroom with ensuite & walk-in closet, hardwood floors in living room & dining room & gas fireplace. Property backs onto complex park with quick access to QEW. Available for immediate possession! Act now!

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Stylish 2-Storey & Bungalow Towns Nestled Within a Brand New Community Park!









Our Standards are most Builders Upgrades Luxury Ensuites Spacious 1,385 sq. ft. Designers Kitchens

DON’T MISS THE SAVINGS. SITE HOURS: Tues, Thurs 1-5pm Sat-Sun., 1-5pm Friday by appointment


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Sept. 1, 2011 Issue 32  

The Golfi Team Market Watch Issue 32

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