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Home & Away with Robert Walshe A large number of countries around the world reported positive results in the first months of 2010. Of the 77 destinations reporting data for this period, 60 showed positive figures, of which 24 posted double-digit growth. These countries include: Estonia, Israel, Hong Kong (China), Macao (China), Japan, Taiwan (pr. of China), Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Guam, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, US Virgin Islands, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Kenya, Seychelles, Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. International tourism is steadily gaining momentum. International tourist arrivals grew by 7% in the first two months of 2010 and growth was particularly strong in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest city. This vibrant metropolis is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. Translated from the Hebrew name Tel Aviv means Spring Hill in English. The city was founded in 1909, when Jews in the nearby Arab town of Jaffa decided to create a Jewish garden suburb along the beach just a few miles away. Many Israeli buildings are influenced by the Bauhaus architectural movement. Tel Aviv’s architects went on a building spree, and by the early 1940’s the city had one of the world’s largest concentrations of buildings designed in international style. UNESCO recently added the “White City” historic district to its World Heritage List of places with outstanding cultural and historic significance. In addition to a number of historical museums, Tel Aviv also has a vibrant arts community. The Museum of Art specializes in modern work and has collections devoted to artists like Chagall and Matisse. If you like to go shopping, there are lots of places in Tel Aviv where you can look for great bargains. Shenkin Street is one of the trendiest, most happening streets, full of cafes and small designer shops. This popular area is also where the local art

s community gather to sell their crafts. and the experience will give you the perfect insight into the weekend spirit of this charismatic city. I must also suggest a stroll down Carmel market. Here you get a taste of real life Israel, as locals go about their shopping surrounded by the most amazing, sights, sounds and tastes. There are several public beaches Aviv. ■ The Carmel Market Tel in the city that are easily accessed by a short walk downtown and Tel Aviv port, recently renovated remains popular the multimedia interpretation all week long. The Crowne Plaza is the best I have experienced anHotel is located on the seafront ywhere. The amphitheatre, also promenade and is only moments restored and based in the park away from entertainment cen- regularly hosts international tres, shopping, business and concerts. Nearby the Dan Caesanightlife districts. The weekend rea hotel enjoys a country-estate technically begins on Thursday ambiance and it also boasts the night and by 5 pm Friday many countries leading golf course. people have spent at least part of Superstar Holidays is an Israel their first full weekend day shop- holiday specialist and wholly ping for food. Celebrity chefs are owned subsidiary of EL AL Isnow home-grown, and food pro- rael Airlines. Their most popular fessionals from abroad come to tour is the Discover Israel Tour marvel at a culture where fresh – which encompasses the most vegetables reign supreme. Is- popular historical, archaeologiraeli cooks have found access cal, cultural and coastal sites in to greater and more global in- Israel. The tour can be tailored fluences now and: non-kosher to individual requirements, with cheeses, sushi and even shell- a choice of durations – 7, 10 or 14 fish, which is not eaten by those nights. EL AL Israel Airlines opwho follow kosher dietary laws erate 11 flights from Heathrow or are widely available. You’ll want 6 from London Luton Airport and to try kosher food by the way no can also tailor-make holidays to matter what your religious con- include flights from regional victions are. I found it inventive departure points throughout and largely vegetarian. For so- Ireland and the UK. . www.superphisticated dining, try Kimmel www. Restaurant which is a culinary triumph and Dixie for a more casWeekly Best Buy ual but equally tasty experience. Sunway Travel are offering exNearby Jaffa is an exotic mix of Arab and Jewish culture. The old ceptional value deals to Algarve city is best approached by foot, and leading the charge is the 5* Hilton Vilamoura from Only and the centre is dominated by the clock tower and the regular €799 per person saving up to flea markets are eye catching. €300. The property is one of the About thirty minutes drive from best 5* hotels in the resort of ViTel Aviv is the Caesarea National lamoura. If you Park one of the countries most are looking for a fun-filled June impressive archaeological sites. Bank Holiday Weekend getaway The former playground of King why not visit Trabolgan Holiday Herod is worth exploring and Village in East Cork! Book the

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comfy Chestnut Accommodation for the four nights June Bank Holiday Weekend at Trabolgan Holiday Village and pay just €34 per person per night! Falcon Holidays are offering the following late deals this month including Costa del Sol, departing Belfast Int., 23rd May, Fuengirola Beach Apartments, 7 nights, self catering, 2 sharing from £298pp. Bulgaria, departing Belfast Int., 24th May, Polyusi Hotel, 7 nights, bed & breakfast, 2 sharing from £239pp. Turkey, Marmaris, departing Belfast Int., 24th May, Sayar Apartments, 7 nights, self catering, 2 sharing from £253pp and Gran Canaria, departing Belfast Int., 26th May, Altair Apartments, 7 nights, self catering, 2 sharing from £290pp. Robert Walshe is a freelance contributor / broadcaster and is guest travel writer for River Media newspaper titles across the island of Ireland

with Kathleen Murray

Why are dogs given away by their owners? through their normal behaviour for their age. The problem that the owners experience is that they didn’t put the acceptable behaviour ground rules in place when the dog was much younger so that this stage would pass over normally and not become a big issue. The dog is now bigger and faster and certainly not the cute pup that it once was. This is not the fault of the dog. This is the fault of the owner. If the dog had been controlled more and taught manners earlier then this stage would be no more than the dog just testing the waters. Its a stage where young dogs chance their arm

to see how far they can get, that’s all and all you have to do (if you already have a good relationship with your dog) is to hold the fort till it passes over. It doesn’t last long. Just stay in charge. Be the leader. It’s all about respect. You need to respect your dog and your dog will respect you. There’s no need to give up on a dog, no matter what age it is. The problem can always be fixed. Another reason why people give their dog away is because their dog wasn’t neutered and has produced pups that are now to expensive to keep. This, also, is not the fault of the dog yet the dog once again


■ Jaffa Old City , Tel Aviv.j

with Kathleen Murray: Animal Behavioural Therapist

WHO are the people that abandon or give up on their pet? They are normal everyday people that don’t know how to raise a dog properly, they are normal people whose circumstances have changed and they don’t know what else to do, they are normal people who got a dog for the wrong reasons and now they can’t cope etc. etc.... but the dog is always the loser. The dog age group that causes the most problems for their owners is the 8 months to 2 years age group. That is because these dogs are in their adolescence (teenage stage) and are going


is paying the price. Do you want one dog or ten dogs?. Its a choice you make not an accident that happens to you. If the dog you have doesn’t meet your expectations then you didn’t do your homework very well before you took it on. There is no perfect dog but you can make any dog a good companion for you. The last thing someone should do is to give up on a dog and then go out and get another one. If you could make nothing out of the first one then you are just inflicting a sentence onto another dog because you haven’t changed. The dog is never the problem.

Home and Away Extra All overseas visitors to Cuba must have a travel insurance policy in place with sufficient cover for medical evacuation by air, the Cuban government has said. The rule applies to all visitors from overseas and Cubans living abroad, and is designed to make sure holidaymakers have adequate medical cover before arriving on the island. Anyone entering the country will be expected to present a copy of their insurance documents on arrival, showing that they have a policy in place which covers the full duration of the trip and includes medical evacuation by air. Guoman Hotels, the deluxe collection of inspirational landmark properties in central London, has opened the first of two striking five-star properties in China. Opening May 29th, Guoman Shanghai will be the first to launch under the brand in Asia followed by Beijing.

Home and Away Tel Aviv  
Home and Away Tel Aviv  

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