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Home & Away with Robert Walshe Holiday Hotspot – Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous beaches and among the world’s most well-known. People from all over the globe gather, relax and have fun here. Located in Sydney, the famous beach attracts thousands of beach goers during the Australian summer. Bondi is famous for attracting a stylish, sexy and quite exclusive crowd. Whether you’re into swimming, surfing or having a cold beer by the water, Bondi is the place to be. There’s surfwear shops for those in need of retail therapy and the people watching is out of this world. If you’re in Sydney for a weekend, schedule your visit to Bondi for a Sunday when the Bondi Markets operate – they’re great for picking up cheap jewellery and clothes. Bondi attracts over 2.million visitors every year - 1.1 million of them from abroad - with almost half of all international tourists to Sydney making the trip to the renowned onekilometre stretch of surf and sand. With its beauty and eclectic crowds, Bondi beach is the hub of many summer events. This is where backpackers wearing Santa hats and swimming costumes celebrate

Christmas Day. A week later, revelers welcome in the New Year with fireworks and a beach dance party with international DJs.  In January, the short film festival”Flickerfest” kicks off Sydney’s summer cinema season with screenings in Bondi Pavilion and beneath the stars  on Bondi Beach. It’s all-natural glamour along the cliff-top walk, which begins at Icebergs on Bondi’s southern crest.  Take in exhilarating views over the Pacific Ocean as you wind along the cliffs past sporty locals. In November, you’ll also pass more than a hundred beautiful sculptures as part of the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition. In fact miles of walking paths will take you to nearby beaches and attractions such as Watsons Bay and Tamarama Beach. Bus 380 from Circular Quay should bring you to Bondi Beach in about 40 minutes. If taking the train from the city, the connecting bus from Bondi Junction should get you to the beach in 15 minutes or so. Beachside Campbell Parade is a row of restaurants and cafes and can be thronged with beachgoers. Less crowded places are to be found off Campbell Parade away from the beach. The Bondi Icebergs Club at the southern end of the


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beach has cafes, a fine restaurant, and the adjoining Bondi Baths. The area is also set for a major makeover, with concrete car parks to be replaced with grass, trees and a boardwalk. The proposal, which local authorities hope will cement Bondi’s status as a world-class tourist destination, will see large areas of the foreshore currently devoted to parking turned into green space. The Bondi Pavilion, a beachfront arts and cultural space dating back to the early 1900s when it housed Turkish baths and a ballroom, would also be restored as the “grand entrance” to the beach under the 10-year plan. Situated directly on Bondi Beach, Ravesi’s Hotel is also just a 15-minute drive from downtown Sydney. Each of the 12 guest rooms is individually designed, but all are understated with clean lines, white linens, contemporary artwork, and oversize picture windows (some with panoramic beach views). Popular with both guests and locals, the hotel restaurant overlooks Bondi Bay and serves internationally inspired Australian fare, such as garlic king prawns with sweet chorizo and chipotle aioli. At the Wine Bar, local and international vintages complement a more casual tapas-style menu. A reminder also that gold plus rewards members enjoy fast pick up and drop off car rental including exclusive benefits. Hertz consumer discounts with full details are available at www.hertz. ie Earlier this year Emirates and Qantas formed a global

Pet owners operate on the misconception that their animals are undemanding creatures that always love them no matter what they do. They tell themselves this myth, because they love their pets. In reality, though, pets are extremely demanding of time, attention, and regular mealtimes. Not only do they require a lot of care, but they also pull tricks like peeing on your carpet, grabbing food from your kitchen counters, and puking on the couch. No matter, however. You still love them and find plenty of redeeming qualities that overshadow their bad traits.

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Home and Away Extra All four of the Couple Resorts in Jamaica have been listed as the top 25 Caribbean resorts in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2013. The resorts - Couples Tower Isle, Couples Negril, Couples Sans Souci and Couples Swept Away, were all named as the top resorts in Jamaica in Travel + Leisure’s ‘Best Hotels’ list. The Oasis Spa at Couples Tower was

with Kathleen Murray

Pet versus Partner Too bad most of us can’t treat our spouses the same way. When you come home after a long day at work, your pet will probably meet you at the door, all excited to see you. You’ll have cheery words for him no matter how you feel, and you’ll pat his head and tickle him under the chin before plopping down in your favourite chair. If he decides to sit on your lap, you’ll be happy to let him stay. Now think about it. Did you give your spouse an equally-effusive greeting, or did you grumble about your day and pretty much ignore them? Was your spouse glad you were home, or did they basically ignore your


arrival? Isn’t it too bad that your marriage doesn’t require the efforts your pet does? At times your pet may do something that makes you hopping mad. However, you never carry a grudge, and even if you curse at him, your pet doesn’t know what you’re saying. In fact, a minute later the two of you will probably be great friends again. Yet if it were your spouse who did something to make you so angry, you’d possibly become verbally abusive, storm out of the house, sleep in a different bedroom, and generally be unresponsive even to apologetic overtures. It’s no wonder that so many

marriages fall apart when we don’t even treat them as well as we do our animals. Now is the time to take a few lessons from your relationship with your pet and apply them to your marriage. Accept the fact that your spouse is going to do something to annoy you every so often, just like your pet does, and try not to issue the abusive words that are going to put a deeper chasm between the two of you. Words, once spoken, can be forgiven but seldom forgotten. Overall, you want to treat your spouse, and your pet, the way you would like to have them treat you.

rated the ‘Best Caribbean Hotel Spa’, with Couples Sans Souci picking up third place in the same category. In addition to the award-winning spa facilities, guests can also enjoy walking in the picturesque gardens, relaxing on the idyllic beaches, or being served by exceptional staff with warm Jamaican hospitality. To find out more about Couples Resorts Jamaica visit

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