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Home & Away with Robert Walshe Pilot, therapist and mentor Michael Comyn has launched Fly Fearless, an Irish company that helps aerophobia sufferers to overcome their fear of flying through informative and interactive sessions. Fly Fearless provides a range of courses, including one-to-one sessions and group workshops, which equip reluctant and fearful flyers with coping techniques and self-management skills to make flying a more enjoyable experience. Fly Fearless also facilitates flight simulations and short domestic flights for course participants, during which Michael Comyn and crew are on hand to answer any questions. In their first year over 300 people took the courses and all but 12 are now flying. Michael Comyn, who gained his first pilot’s licence at the tender age of 16, has assembled an expert team of pilots, therapists and cabin crew who can explain all stages of the flight process to course participants. Armed with knowledge about the underlying causes of their fears and a greater insight into the mechanics of flying, One day seminars take place in Dublin once a month and in Cork every two months with the option to take a commercial flight with the Fly Fearless team One-to-one workshop with simulator session Fly Fearless Kids will launch this October 2010 – for children who are reluctant to fly and are restricting family travel plans. Fly Fearless courses are priced from €180 per person to €420 for the VIP Weekend Option which includes a simulator session flying the ATR 72-200.

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Hotel Verta on the Thames at Battersea and part of Von Essen hotels offers a unique experience to leisure and business guests coming to London. From the beginning, the hotel was always going to be different-being the only hotel in Europe adjoined to a heliport was just the start! The design of the hotel has elevated it to South London’s best hotel. Travelling through the hotel is a journey in itself. On arrival, the

feel is one of late 30’s glamour with references to the golden age of aviation. The fusion of gold metallic, anthracite and cream colours take guests and passengers back to an era of glamorous and sophisticated travel, where every need is taken care of and every demand is met. If you are here to dine, you will leave full and happy, if you Rewards Card. n Ritz Carlton Platinum are here to sleep, you will get the best nights sleep ever in a triple glazed luxury bedroomarguably and ironically style with bespoke finishes London’s quietest bedrooms! If offer a silent and comfortable you are here to relax, the subter- stay, many with commanding ranean two level spa offers a sub- views of the Thames. The tle design led experience where ‘Landing Pad’ at the top of the water, oils and heat combine in an hotel, offers the ultimate in inoasis of calm which includes four timate event entertaining. Hotel treatment rooms, a sauna, steam Verta is part of the Von Essen room and a hydro-vitality pool. private collection of hotels For Anne Semonin has the largest the month of October Hotel presence at the spa with Comfort Verta are offering a launch rate Zone and Mama Mio also offering of £155.00 room only ex VAT. treatments and retail products. or www. The Techno gym offers leading gym equipment. Patrisey, the restaurant, serves Modern British Weekly Best Buy and European dishes with Neal Aloha Holidays, Ireland’s only Dove heading up all restaurant dedicated Hawaiian tour operaoperations as executive chef. The tor, is offering a great deal on winrestaurant is situated at ground ter 2010 sun holidays in Hawaii. floor level with excellent views Prices for one week in Honolulu of the heliport and the Thames. in a newly renovated 3* hotel on Just above the restaurant at Mez- Waikiki beach start from €1389 zanine level is Vertilon Bar which pp sharing. The price includes reoffers an extensive selection of turn flights from Ireland, transfers cocktails. This is also one of the in Honolulu, welcoming orientafew places in London you can rub tion breakfast and taxes. Aloha shoulders with uniformed pilots Holidays, with a personal knowlenjoying non-alcoholic cocktails edge of more islands and more from the ‘For The Pilots’ selection hotels than any other operator, of the menu. The bespoke furni- can extend this basic package to ture and commissioned artwork include visits to other islands or around the hotel along with the to upgrade hotels (changes to unique Verta soundtrack played the cost will apply). This offer is across various parts of the hotel valid between 1 November and 5 all add to the special post indus- December, 2010 www.AlohaHolitrial glamorous feel. The award Marlfield House Hotel in wining building and its timeless Gorey Co Wexford my favourite décor along with all the facilities Irish country house presents a make Hotel Verta a hotel designed programme of Sunday lunch time to go above and beyond expecta- recitals. Performances will be in tions. Each of the 70 bedrooms the intimacy of the house in the furnished in a classic modern Print Room preceded by a deli-


n Michael Comyn Flyfea

rless Founder with

students 2010.

n Hotel Verta Battersea London.

Home and Away Extra cious four course lunch in the conservatory dining room. Come and enjoy what promises to be a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon with lunch served from 12.30 followed by the recital at 3.30pm.Tickets are €65 per person for lunch and recital. Recital only tickets are €25. Special bed and breakfast rates from €75 per person for Sunday and from €85 for Saturday night are available. The performance schedule includes Sunday 7th November an afternoon with Rachel Croash soprano and Grace Foley Mezzo- Soprano while on Sunday 19th December Deirdre Masterson soprano and friends from Ceol Loch Gorman will celebrate Christmas with classic Christmas carols and song. Robert Walshe is a freelance contributor / broadcaster and is guest travel writer for River Media newspaper titles across the island of Ireland

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company introduced its luxury frequent guest stay program – The Ritz-Carlton Rewards last month. The rewards is based on strong customer feedback and demand for a world-class loyalty programme that goes far beyond providing complimentary stays and airline flights, and recognizes its members with a broad selection of unique travel experiences including Abercrombie & Kent members-only tours in locations such as China, Turkey and Egypt; A special opportunity for members will be four-day photography workshops with renowned photographers at Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts in locations such as San Francisco and Miami. Members will also be able to redeem points for flights on 30 of the world’s major airlines and luxury cruise lines, including Crystal Cruises, The Yachts of Seabourn and Silversea. The membership will be complimentary and will also partner the award-winning Marriott Rewards programme, whose members will now be able to earn Marriott Rewards points at The Ritz-Carlton hotels including Irelands most luxurious 5 star hotel at Powerscourt.

Pet’s Corner... with Kathleen Murray Attacks on people – but who is to blame with Kathleen Murray: Animal Behavioural Therapist

We hear a lot about dog attacks on people in the media and the demand for dogs to be put to sleep as a result. The dog is not usually the one at fault, it is normally the owner of the dog that has not paid enough attention to the education of the dog that is at fault. The dog was doing what a dog does but when a dog is among a human population then the dog needs to be educated in human rules and taught not to act on it’s instincts. This is an easy lesson for a dog as they are open to learning new things all their lives. The right teacher is very important for these lessons. The

teacher needs to know what is required of the dog and how to get the right results. Unfortunately, so many dogs are in the wrong hands. This article, however, is not about dog attacks on humans it is about human attacks on humans. Human attacks on humans is on the rise and now humans are looking for these very dogs that have been frowned upon, restricted and isolated from society to protect them because of their fear of other humans. It’s a very mixed up world we live in. It is true that people are less likely to attack a human that is walking a Rottweiler or German Shepherd as these

dogs are easy to recognise and are known to be protective of their owners. These dogs in particular are known in Ireland as Guard Dogs and are among some of the many dogs that are on the restricted breeds list. These dogs were bred for herding livestock. They have the same brain and working agenda as our local sheepdog. They have just been abused and used as guard dogs by people that have turned their protective side into aggression to suit their own needs. The local sheepdog is capable of being just as aggressive as these dogs but it is not seen by many as being a threat. An-

yone that has been caught on the back of the leg, has had a bit of their car ripped off, or has been chased down the road by one may see it differently. The worry that I have about people getting dogs (any dog) to protect them is that they may not be aware of what they are taking on. They may not be fit to handle a dog of this intelligence and strength and, in time, end up with having to put the dog to sleep because they couldn’t control it. Handling these dogs is not for amateurs. These are very intelligent and hard working dogs that would give their life for you but depend on you to keep

them safe in return, by not allowing them to get into a position where they can make decisions of their own or act on their natural herding dog instincts. If you are scared and need protection, if you are thinking of getting one of these dogs (or any dog) to protect you then please ring for advice on how to protect your dog in return. There is a right way to bring them up and there is very definitely a wrong way. Tying these dogs (or any dog) up in a back yard , shouting at them or hitting them is an insult to the intelligent mind of these dogs. It makes them frustrated, bored or ag-

gressive and that will cause trouble. There is no question about that. Treat them with the respect they deserve and they will give you what you need. An aggressive dog is not a good guard dog, it is a dangerous dog. Don’t turn your good dog into a dangerous dog, protection is not about aggression. It is about knowing when to protect and when to switch off again and relax.

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