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Captain’s Notes Well, there goes another month! I think we had a very productive meeting this month and are on track to accomplish some good things. Recruiting is going to start paying off real soon. We already have some contacts! We will have a recruiting table at Classic Con in Modesto this weekend both Saturday and Sunday. I am counting on your help. The XO and I will be there, but working take photographs for In Search of Cosplay. I did order, at no cost to the chapter, recruiting business cards that will be here in time for the event. Remember, if you come in costume you can receive promotion points! We will have other events coming up in the near future. Let’s have fun and get some new members!! XO Rob and I are still trying to evaluate how to register. Either just as a business, or as a non-profit. Registering as a nonprofit is rather costly and probably out of our budget now. It will certainly help fundraising when we can achieve that goal. It will be really nice to be able to start supporting youth in the arts. All our officers are doing some good work, and I look forward to hearing what plans our Cadet Corps Commandant has to propose for involving and training our cadets at our next meeting. Again, thanks for all the hard work, and let’s continue to move forward and to grow. “Make it so!”

Bob Van Tuinen, CMDR CO, USS Balthasar Talem Futurem Per Artem “Empowering Future Generations Through Art”

First Officer’s Tapes

LCDR Van Tuinen, Robert Executive Officer

Chief Engineer’s Report Gamma Radiation We’re all going to die. . . Maybe. A mass extinction is unlikely to happen on Earth in the immediate future, or is it? The planet has been subject to some harsh brutalities including large impacts but does that mean the end will come for us in such a dramatic fashion? Not necessarily. The popular thoughts for out extinction generally involve being invaded by aliens, the earth being destroyed by a meteor, humanity killing itself by altering the planet beyond it’s capacity to sustain us or killing itself through all out war. That of course is just a small list of possibilities but there is one distinct one that strikes close to home. One that would its entirely possible for us to never see coming (though there are multiples of this that are possible). A Gamma ray burst. Gamma ray bursts generally come from some form of star nova, though this is not necessarily an exclusive source. It is however very likely to be a source strong enough to clean a planet of all life. Gamma radiation is one of the most unforgiving forces that humanity may come across. Our local star bathes the Earth in Gamma radiation however the amount that is received is attenuated in the Ozone layer. What remains generally gets dispersed as UV radiation. A strong enough burst of Gamma radiation would be able to push through the atmosphere with ease, killing everything that it comes in contact with. In the case of a planet like Earth, one side would effectively cook off. What remains would likely not fair particularly well either. With half the ozone layer gone and turned into what would most likely be Nitrous Oxide, the remainder of the world would begin to fall into a dark cook off. The Nitrous Oxide reducing visible light brought from the sun as well as depleting what’s left of the ozone layer (the two chemically react). What does this mean for you? Well, nothing really. Though this creates considerable food for thought. The idea of weaponizing Gamma radiation could be considerably devastating. An almost real world equivalent to the Thalaron laser found on the Reman Warbird Scimitar.

Ensign Brimage, Byron - Chief Engineer

Science Officer’s Tech Book

Our omnipresent death

For quite some time now I have been left in absolute marvel of our technological prowess. Throughout all of history, logistics was a problem that ended armies, starved cities, built empires, and conquered worlds. However, we have found a breaking solution for the issue of logistics on a galactic scale. This shared resource of near instantaneous transportation of matter through space and time to a specific destination is beyond calculation of the earlier centuries. To bring it to par the amount of data per atom of the average adult male human comes to the quantity of 616,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits. That’s 616 x 10^27; that is an unbelievable amount of data to be shifted casually and nearly instantly for just a single adult male human. The amount of individuals and species transported daily should bring into perspective the calculating powers of our computers. However, we have to also look into the quantum mechanics required. Thanks to theoretical physicist Jacob Bekenstein and his equation commonly referred to as the Bekenstein Bound from the late 20th century, we have been able to calculate just how intense the quantum data of an entire being would be to be broken apart in one place and reconstructed precisely the same elsewhere. The Bekenstein Bound describes the maximum amount of information required to perfectly describe an individual. Based on the Bekenstein Bound, the data amount comes to 2x10^45. The scope of such a number is so large it is physically impossible for the human mind to understand at its height. If one were to stack 1 terabyte memory chips upon each other it would span 3.5 times the length of the visible universe to reach 2x10^45 in data. This technology and its calculations which we take for granted in our era is beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of not so long ago in the history of our species. However, I must conclude this expression of the absolute awe I have for such devices that I still refuse to access one unless I would die otherwise. Being broken apart does mean being dead until you are rebuilt and reborn on the other side, and the you built there is only an exact replica of the you destroyed originally. It is our greatest genocidal achievement, an omnipresent essence of life, death, and space time.

Ensign Joshua Kloth - Science Officer

Star Trek RPG Game Nights Every Tuesday except the 2nd Teesday (General Meeting), we will gather to play Decipher’s Star Trek Roleplaying Game. At least until we finish our series. After that, we can decide on another game. The 4th Tuesday is still the official game night. If anyone wants to play something else that night, there will be an opportunity to do so. Come, Play, Have Fun

Art Section The Great Grand’tesskr – Part 3 Stardate 201607.21 The U.S.S. Balthasar crew prepared their minds early for the intellectual challenges they were about to face, but first it was time to celebrate their new found victory with their victorious run through the obstacle course. That afternoon, the Caitians had finished preparing their luncheon feast and their entertainment that they were going to provide, so they sent Myau over to lead the U.S.S. Balthasar to the feast. Once Myau arrived to meet with the U.S.S. Balthasar crew, some crew members were a little sore from running through the obstacle course the way they did. Myau reassured them and that it was a little bit of a walk from their campsite to the feast they prepared for them. The crew sniffed the air, and sure enough the smell of the food reached their noses. Most salivated at the scent of the food since they did not eat a big breakfast due to the feast that they were promised. Myau pointed towards the direction and let them know it was only a two minute walk from where they were. Two minutes later, the U.S.S. Balthasar crew arrived at the site of the feast. Sure enough, there were several large tables with the same food and stuffing set at each table. Each table was positioned so that each table had viewing of the stage in front. The U.S.S. Balthasar crew was a little confused as to why there was a stage in front of the tables and why the tables were set the way they were, but they were delighted to dig into the food that was prepared for them. Roughly after 25 minutes of eating, music started to play and spotlights shown upon the stage. The U.S.S. Balthasar crew was in for a treat as one of the Caitians brought several hula hoops upon the stage and started to perform a dance. The crew was definitely surprised to see that the Caitians really took the time to prepare both the food and entertainment for the feast. The next entertainment after the hula hoop performance was a troupe of fire twirlers. The crew was mesmerized by the spinning hoops and balls of flame that took a total of 8 minutes. They clapped for the Caitians after they finished their performances, and when they were about to take another bite of their food, they noticed that their plates of food were taken away. “Aw, I wanted to eat some more of that delicious food,” complained ENS Brittany. The rest of the crew laughed with a chuckle. Then Myau replied, “We thought you were full since you all pushed your plate away. Anyways, the intellectual challenge is starting soon, so we thought you might would of had liked the entertainment we provided to help you take your mind off of it, at least for a little bit.” “Well, it certainly was entertaining and mesmerizing to watch the performance that we really did push our plates away unconsciously…” said CO Bob Van Tuinen. “…but I believe that we are ready for whatever challenge we have to face today.” “That’s great news!” exclaimed Myau. “We just finished preparing for the intellectual challenge while you were watching the entertainment. Follow me, it’s only a minute walk from here, and surprisingly enough, it’s on the way back to your campsite!” Myau led them back towards their campsite until there was a fork in the road that was not there before when the U.S.S. Balthasar crew walked towards the feast. “Not much longer now, till we arrive at the challenge and closing ceremony site we set up.” The U.S.S. Balthasar crew was really fired up now as they walked the last bit of hike towards the site. Once they arrived, they did not expect at how quickly they had set up the site of the intellectual challenge and the closing ceremony that soon followed. There were benches in a semi-circle around a round stage. On top of the stage were three small pedestals with numbers upon them. Behind the pedestals was a large screen that was lit up from behind. Upon the benches were small electronically powered devices that were attached to small cords. Each device had 4 buttons that had different geometric shapes and colors. At first the U.S.S. Balthasar crew was confused as to why the buttons have shapes, but then wondered if they were devices to answer the questions they were about to be asked.

Dramatis Personae Editor-in-Chief/Communications Officer - Ensign Niki Milligan Managing Editor/Executive Officer - LCDR Robert Van Tuinen Commanding Officer - CMDR Bob Van Tuinen Second Officer/Science Officer - Ensign Joshua Kloth Chief Engineer - Ensign Byron Brimage Writer - Ensign Brittany Dreiling

The Great Grand’tesskr – Part 2

Shortly after the U.S.S. Balthasar crew settled in their seats and familiarized themselves with the devices, some music started to play as the projection screen started. “This is ‘Street Smart Trivia’, where you would need your street smarts and fast fingers to survive in this game.” Myau said to the crew of the U.S.S. Balthasar. “The questions with multiple answers will pop up upon the screen, and it is your job to quickly key in the correct answer. Once you key in your answer for each question, you can’t change your answer. After each question, it would show the correct answer and how many people had answered each question. You would also need fast fingers to answer the questions, because each person is scored individually by how fast he or she had answered correctly. There are no points for incorrect or unanswered questions. You now know all the rules of the game, so let’s begin.” One by one, each question popped up on the screen and each crew member punched in the button in which they thought was the correct answer. After all the questions were answered, the big screen showed which keypad number had the most points. Everyone started to begin looking for their keypad number that matched the leaderboard, and somehow, XO Rob Tuinen, had answered almost every single question correctly with the fastest time. The Caitians were so shocked that even their best intellectual players were beaten by Rob. “Wow XO Rob Tuinen!” Exclaimed Myau, “You beaten us in both the physical and intellectual challenges we had set up! I just thought up a good nickname for you, Rob. It is honorable to receive a nickname, especially with your performance in each challenge. You were both physically fit and smart, that I shall honor you with the nickname ‘The Rat’. Rats are both smart and fast to survive to not be eaten by their predators, which I think is a suitable nickname for you.” After the intellectual challenge was over, some different lighting filled the screen and different music played through the sound system. The whole entire crew of the U.S.S. Balthasar got to stand on the pedestals at least once, as the Caitians draped award sashes upon them. Some had purple participatory sashes, two had red sashes, two had blue sashes, and Rat had two yellow sashes. After the festivities were over, the U.S.S. Balthasar crew said goodbye to their new Caitian friends and set off to a new adventure that was waiting around the corner for them.

ENS Brittany Dreiling CCC, U.S.S. Balthasar

Ranks Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade

Commodore Rear Admiral

Lieutenant Vice Admiral Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain

Admiral Fleet Admiral

Balthasar Newsletter issue 3  

Older issue that missed upload

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