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Onepoto domain is a find! It host’s a toddler bike park for under fives and is a great place to learn to ride. Take your picnic basket because your child won’t want to leave. There is also a man made lake which has remote control yacht racing every weekend.

cover page sweatshirt- $59.95 This page top- $35.95 pants- $35.95

top- $35.95 shorts- $29.95

tee- $35.95 shorts- $29.95 shoes- models own

tee- $35.95 shorts- $29.94 shoes- models own Available at Kirkcaldie & Stains ph: 04 472 5899 photography by Robert Trathen


wooden rhino- $225

owl cushion $59.95




l o u ’ ss ho e s -l e a t he rb r o u g e$ 49. 95

l o u ’ ss ho e s -l e a t he rpe nnyl o a f e r$ 49. 95

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