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Hunter Safety System Elite Vest shoulders feature a unique silicone print that keeps backpacks and slings from slipping while walking in the field. The Elite is lined with HSS’s own Comfort Cool fabric that wicks moisture when the heat is on.

The exclusive Six-Plus-Two™ pocket design features two large bellows pockets with magnetic closures, two divider pockets to keep gear separated and quiet, and two quickaccess pockets provide instant access to items like cell phones or mouth calls. The unique “plus-two” zippered pockets in the upper portion of the vest house removable binocular/accessory straps, or they can serve as another set of easy-access security pockets.

Hunter Safety System has introduced the HSS-Elite Series vest, a newly engineered treestand safety harness that perfectly fuses the elements of form and function in a high-performance zippered vest. The Elite bucks the notion that, in order to save your life, safety vests have to be bulky, uncomfortable and seriously lacking in the fashion department. Weighing less than 3 lbs., the fully featured Elite is surely destined to become a favorite for all-season hunting. Starting with the patented HSS system harness that eliminates dangling straps and weave-through buckles, the Hunters Safety System engineers gave the Elite a newly designed tether strap that is lighter yet provides more shock absorption than previous model tethers. Then, they wrapped the harness in a combination of highperformance smart fabrics that are durable and silent.

Donning the Elite is incredibly easy. Simply put the Elite on as you would any other vest, connect the waist buckle, route the leg straps between the legs, connect the Power Lock buckles on the leg straps, and then zip it up. Attach the tether to the Prussic knot on a LifeLine, and you’re ready to climb.

Hunter Safety system is proud to offer the new HSS-Elite in Realtree Xtra, one of the most innovative patterns available today. The extremely comfortable and functional Elite will be available at most fine outdoor retailers with a suggested retail price of $159.99.

The Elite design provides an easy-out, two-way zipper that protects the waist buckle and eliminates the possibility of binoculars or other accessories knocking against it. Its lightweight, brushed micro-tricot shell is deadly quiet, weather resistant and provides just the right amount of warmth when the temperature drops. The stretchable material in the Right-Fit™ zone is designed to keep the Elite snug and smooth, no matter your size, and the

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Introducing the CanCooker Jr.

CanCooker™, the company that reinvented the old-fashioned-creamerystyle can as an innovative, portable convection oven that steam-cooks a complete high-quality meal for a large group of diners almost effortlessly in just an hour, has introduced the 2-gallon CanCooker Jr. to make the same great meals for smaller parties.

Like the original 4-gallon CanCooker, the new CanCooker Jr. is constructed of a highly conductive, thick-walled, FDA-grade, one-piece 1060 aluminum body with a wide-mouth vented lid and a premium high-temperature silicone gasket. Weighing only 3 lbs. and measuring 7 inches tall and 10 inches wide, this new CanCooker Jr. is ideal for your smaller gatherings – no matter where they are. Introducing the 2-Gallon CanCooker Jr. The CanCooker Jr. isn’t your mother’s crockpot. Rather than boiling, the CanCooker Jr. efficiently converts liquid in the bottom of the container into steam that circulates within its shouldered design to create natural convection for faster and more even cooking—all without boiling away the nutrients or combining flavors. The results are a tender, healthy and delicious feast for family and friends. The CanCooker Jr. is exceptionally easy to use. Simply add 12 ounces of your favorite liquid recipe for seasoning, load it up with the rest of the ingredients—from surf to turf, layered with your favorite vegetables—lock down the top, and then cook it over any heat source that will boil water. About 4045 minutes after you see steam emitting from the lid’s vent, your dinner will be ready to serve. Thanks to its hard-anodizing, steam-convection method of cooking and a light coating of non-stick spray, cleanup with soap and water is a snap. Built with stainless steel handles, locking latches and rivets, the CanCooker Jr. was designed to confidently

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provide decades of meals for camping trips, hunting camps, tailgate parties, backyard get-togethers and simple family dinners in the kitchen. Gather your crowd,and feed them well with a CanCooker Jr. The new CanCooker Jr. is available now with a convenient storage bag for a suggested retail price of $59.99. The CanCooker Rack, which fits either the CanCooker or CanCooker Jr. is also available separately for $13.99.

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Hot products whitetails unlimited  
Hot products whitetails unlimited