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James Smith






Sells Double glazing Door to door



Favourite Shops...

Favourite Music...

Favourite TV shows...

Favourite Films...

50 Cent

Big Brother

Fast and Furious

Chris Brown

Jeremy Kyle


Soulja Boy

X Factor

Tropic Thunder

David Guetta

Celebrity Juice

Football Factory

Bruno Mars

The Only Way Is Essex

Austin Powers


Match Of the Day

Simpsons Movie

This person would go to multiscreen cinemas like Vue and Odeon to see the latest Hollywood blockbusters. He illegally downloads all of his music and doesn始t really care for the state of the music industry. He read Nuts and Zoo magazines. He also regularly goes to Football games for his team Arsenal. He has a Dell laptop, is always on Facebook and doesn始t understand blogging. He goes to the pub every other night, spending his wages on pints of Fosters with his mates from work. He doesn始t own any books and has no interest in literature or the arts. He buys The Sun and believes everything he reads.

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Mainstream Audience

Mainstream Audience  

Mainstream Audience