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Compare and contrast the development of architectural styles seen in today’s London skyline

Define and understand the question. What are you being asked to do? —  We are being asked to compare the modern and

historical aspects of architecture in London. We are also being asking to look more into the contrast in shapes and height.

—  Is style and height a controversial issue? —  What are peoples opinions of contrasting styles? —  Does classical sit well with modern style? —  Form and function debate

Function Follows Form: Rethinking the ‘Function’ of ‘Form’ in Architecture

—  “There is… a well-defined difference between the magical and the scientific imitation of life.  The former copies external appearances; the latter is concerned with performance and behavior.” - Grey Walter, The Living Brain, p. 115

People opinions on the London Shard —  “Unmissable” “Unmissable in the skyline and an unmissable treat . Traveled on a Tuesday as our anniversary present to ourselves . Did not book tickets just strolled up payed £60 for two of us . Walked thru.... In the two lifts and bam there is the second best city in the world below u ( LA rules ) ! Not crowded , friendly staff all willing to answer questions and take your picture . You can them walk up to the outside area . It's breathtaking . Ok there are pictures of yourselves they want u to buy , but just say no .... The gift shop has some cool stuff actually. We loved the whole thing and there is a Starbucks right outside . Forget the London eye u need to do this .” – written by a London tourist

Development of The London Skyline  

Compare and Contrast the development of architectural styles seen in today's london skyline

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