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Facial Yoga- Have You tried it? Yoga is being practice all over the world because of its numerous benefits. Derived from a Sanskrit word “Yuga”, Yoga means to unite mind, body and soul to bring in overall harmony. Apart from regular yoga postures, another branch of yoga popularly known as “facial Yoga” has touched the lives of millions of women. Now you might be wondering why you would do it. Facial Yoga is inspired by Facercise. Facercise is an exercise program developed especially for your face practiced mainly during the mid-nineties but is still prominent today. Face Yoga is performed basically to look younger and healthier. Like eating healthy and working out daily, it is performed to tone the facial muscles and delay the early signs of aging. You might have seen and admired celebrities who are in late 40’s but look like in early 30’s. Well, these miracles can do happen with you also, if you take proper care of your body, diet and lifestyle. Your health is all about these three elements. Healthy diet, active lifestyle and daily care can contribute a lot to your overall health and fitness. Your face is among the most striking features of your body. A beautiful looking younger face can grab the attention of millions of eyeball upon you. Therefore, if it’s in your hand to retain the youthfulness of your face. Facial Yoga is a set of breathing, stress relieving exercises that involves face, head and neck. Regular practice of facial yoga exercises the neck and faces muscles and improves the muscle tone. It stimulates muscles and increases the blood flow to the area which stimulates the collagen production and makes your skin tight and less prone to wrinkles. Another benefit of facial exercises is, it helps in relieving tension from the areas like forehead, eyebrows, jaws and mouth. Facial Yoga increases the blood flow to the areas and hence relieves the tension. Al these exercises are meant to tone and rejuvenate your facial muscles. These facial exercises are the beauty of the moment. Studies say that regular practice of yoga can smooth wrinkles, ease eye strain, firm jawlines, remove double chin and create a healthy glowing face. Benefits of Facial Yoga 1. It is cheap: - Unlike overpriced cosmetic products and expensive surgeries, facial yoga costs nothing. All it requires is couple of minutes daily. 2. 100% Natural: - Yoga helps in getting a face and body that is free from harmful chemicals. It is 100% natural and safe for everyone. 3. Slow down aging process: - Practicing yoga regularly can remove the toxins from your body, increases blood flow and hence de-stress your body completely. In this way, it can slow down the process of aging.

4. Tones facial Muscles: - Facial Yoga is a set of exercises which is meant to tone and tighten your face. As you exercise, you will be drawing in greater amount of blood, which mean increased blood flow and increased circulation. It stimulates the production and collagen and emulates youth. When there are so many benefits of facial yoga, then what are waiting for? Add these exercises into your daily yoga regime and find a way to eternal youth and beauty.

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