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Imagine the sheriff, the debt collector and the car repo person saying they’re coming to take it all away and what do you do? You just keep arguing with your family about money without creating a solution. I’m no genius, but I know what the economy, business people, investors and everybody hates: Indecision, uncertainty, confusion

You and I have to make tough decisions about our income and debt. Why can’t they? Once our government makes decisions and makes a plan people will feel better and be able to make their own plans and investments. It’s kind of like right now your house is getting foreclosed on and will be auctioned off. Should you paint or put a new deck in? I don’t’ think so!

Fix the problem, make decisions and let’s all move on with our plans. Sometimes I read the news and wonder if at any moment someone’s going to pop out and say: “ Live from Washington DC, it’s Saturday Night Live!” Unfortunately a government default is not really funny.

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Robert Shemin - Are You Kidding