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Telecommunications Services in Italy New developments in communication technologies have fundamentally changed the internet and dramatically expanded the services offered by telecommunication companies. The internet is no longer limited to exchanging small images and data. A decade ago the height of online sophistication was exchanging simple text messages on message boards. Nowadays residential customers expect to be able to stream videos and play online games while businesses rely on videoconferencing through the web. The change from dialup to broadband internet allowed many different types of signals to be sent over the same connection, as well as much faster transmission speeds. Nowadays most people use voice over IP, such as skype, and are as likely to watch digital TV streamed over the internet, as they are to sit in front of the box. It also means that modern communication companies have to offer a variety of services, from the old fashioned land phone lines, to fast internet access and cable television services. Fastweb Internet Services in Italy Fastweb, an Italian telecommunications company formed in Milan in 1999, provides integrated super fast internet, telephone and television services for its clients. ADSL broadband customers can expect speeds up to 20Mb/s and unlimited access to the internet when browsing from home. Through the use of a dongle customers can also access the internet for ten hours a month when they are away from home. Having invested 5 billion euros in a fibre optic network, customers who live in areas covered by it, can access download speeds of up to 100 Mb/s for downloads and 10 Mb/s for uploads, by subscribing to the Fibra100 service. Through its super fast internet lines, customers can also access digital Sky television. Fastweb Telephone Services Through its ADSL phone service Fastweb allows users to have a phone connection eliminating the need to pay for other phone subscription. It is also a mobile virtual network operator. Although it doesn't own any mobile network infrastructure, it has bulk access to network services and can provide its customers with mobile telephone services. Fastweb can therefore provide customers with landline and mobile phone services, an internet connection and digital television, all through one connection. Services for Business Fastweb provides phone and internet services to many other companies and a variety of public agencies. About 60% of its revenue comes from its business customers. The company is also always on the lookout for opportunities to integrate their services with those offered by other businesses by forming partnerships. A Fastweb business partner must have at least five years' presence in its region, and a strong knowledge of the local area in which they are active. Their customers are medium sized companies with fifty to five hundred employees

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