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An Introduction The Reach and Resources of a Global Leader



An Introduction

Robert Radcliffe specializes in residential sales in Brentwood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades and, Santa Monica, and has represented more than 650 luxury homeowners with their moves. Rob, presently works at world-wide recognized real estate company Compass. After years of being a top-producing agent, ranked in the top 1% worldwide, Rob has also created a supporting team that allows him to lead each client smoothly and efficiently through the buying and selling processes. His team’s success has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 250 sales in the USA.

Robert Radcliffe $1B Total sales to date

650+ Transactions to date

27 Collective years in real estate

In addition to Rob’s 27+ years of experience, he also offers valuable personal real estate knowledge as an investor, builder and rental management. His clients get to take advantage of priceless information to help with their own home buying and selling decisions. As a seasoned and nationally recognized veteran in the real estate industry, Rob has led agenttraining programs, discussed real-estate topics on television and in print, and has successfully managed real estate offices.

On a personal side, Rob is a husband and father of 3 boys. He understands the decision to buy or sell a home involves the entire family and respects that every member has their personal goals and expectations. Rob’s goal is to exceed those expectations, to establish a long lasting business relationship as a trusted real estate advisor for his clients and their referrals for each and every move. Robert is active in his community, formal sponsored charity events at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades to benefit Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Chrysalis. He has cosponsored charity golf tournaments held at Malibu Country Club benefitting Habitat for Humanity. Robert has also authored and published two books, which have been on the recommended reading lists at schools; including Palisades and Santa Monica high schools. He has also been the keynote speaker to students on the subject of living a healthy, sober life.



An Introduction

Experience Robert Radcliffe specializes in residential sales in Brentwood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades and, Santa Monica, representing more than 650 luxury homeowners with their moves after years of being a top-producing agent, ranked in the top 1% worldwide and in addition to Rob’s 27 years of experience. Rob offers valuable personal real estate knowledge as an investor, builder and rental management. His clients get to take advantage of his decades of priceless information to help with their own home buying and selling decisions. As a seasoned and naturally recognized veteran in the real estate industry, Rob has been asked to lead agent training programs, discussed real-estate issues on television and in print, as successfully managed real estate offices.

Proven Profit Rob’s listings have an average sales prices that are 3.65% higher than the average Los Angeles Realtor. This statistic is based on the ratio of average sales prices to list price. Bottom line: Rob’s clients make more money with his representation!

Team Support Advantages There are of myriad details involved in marketing a home for sale and throughout escrow. Hiring an agent with a team is simply going to offer you more in customer service than a single-handed agent. It just makes sense: for the same price, why not hire an agent with a supporting staff? Rob’s team, The Radcliffe Group, has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal.

Realtor Promotion The brokerage community is unquestionably the largest source of buyers; therefore, a large part of Rob’s focus is to constantly promote your home to other Realtors. With more than 25 years in the brokerage community, Rob has compiled a database of more than 800 Realtors, making it easy to promote your home to other top-selling Realtors.

Advertising In addition to the many print and online advertising, the advantage of hiring Rob and Compass will to only provide you with an unmatched worldwide brand of selling luxury real estate, your home will be promoted to our exclusive database of the wealthiest owners of real estate (and art) worldwide. The internet is single-handedly the most common and effective way to market a home. For that reason, we focus on advertising efforts by having your home on every major website: • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •


An Introduction

Communication and Marketing Updates In addition to receiving weekly updates from Rob, you will also receive a Marketing Service Report that is either mailed or emailed to you every seven to ten days with online reports that track the number of views your home received.

Promoting Your Home with Confidence When you list with Rob, he confidently guides you in pricing your home. During negotiations, he articulates the best home your home outshines other past home sales. This is perhaps the most important reason to hire Rob is is that of his proven track record at selling home for their highest price.

Market Knowledge For pricing a home to sell and later negotiating its price by confidently articulating the benefits of a home and neighborhood, Rob has more than 27 years of extensive Westside-Malibu market knowledge as an agent and homeowners. GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION—MAKING THE EASY DECISION Rob recognized that hiring your Realtor is important and perhaps stressful. Knowing this, Rob offers your the comfort in knowing you can withdraw the listing anytime.



An Introduction

Why Compass Compass is building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless. A brokerage of unparalleled agents As an innovative residential real estate firm, we empower our agents so they have more time for advising their clients. With the solutions driven mindset of a startup and the sophistication of a luxury brand, Compass is the future of real estate.

1 Fastest growing real estate company in the country, presently with 140+ offices and approximately 7,000+ agents. 2 Our syndication partners span 52 countries and over 800+ websites, including,, and China’s #1 real estate site, 3 Traffic to averages 1.9 million, international audiences accounting for 3.8 billion impressions



Focusing on Your Property Positioning and Pricing Strategy



Focusing on Your Property

Compass Coming Soon Pre-Marketing Your Home Clients are consistently looking for ways to sell their home as fast as possible for the highest price. One of the best ways to do is to get a head start marketing the home before it’s time to go to the MLS. Compass Coming Soon listings present the perfect opportunity to pre-market your property on behalf of your clients. Premarketing your listings is a powerful way to build up interest and demand, gain more exposure and gather valuable feedback. Build Up Interest and Demand Pre-marketing is a powerful strategy that can help sell your home faster. Many industries use this tactic; think of how Hollywood released movie trailers, or how Tesla get thousands of people to sign up for a car two years ahead of time, or how a fashion brand mindset of a startup and the sophistication of a luxury brand, Compass is the future of real estate.

Get More Exposure By creating a Compass Coming Soon listing, you create two opportunities to launch your exposure. The listing garnet visibility first when it appears on, and when it goes live on the MLS and aggregators. This strategy, one that many successful agents across the country take advantage of, is a great way to make sure your listings are being seen by the largest number of agents and consumers. The result is that you are able to potentially sell the home quicker and for more money.

Gain Valuable Feedback Coming Soon allows agents and consumers to see the property before it goes live on the wider marketing. During that promotional period, we are able to gain valuable feedback on pricing, photos, and positioning of the home. One of the features of Coming Soon is that it allows us to test the marketplace and learn from it, all without ever actually putting a property on the MLS and aggregators. When it’s time to go live, the listing will be perfectly priced and positioned to sell quickly. By moving fast and learning from reality, we can create accuracy, impact and more overall success through this strategy.


Focusing on Your Property

Compass Concierge Compass covers the upfront cost of select services that can increase your home’s selling price. From deep-cleaning to cosmetic renovations, we’ll work together to elevate your home’s value and create a tailored plan to maximize its potential on the market. Compass • Staging • Deep-cleaning organizing • Cosmetic renovations • Decluttering • Landscaping • Painting



Focusing on Your Property

Property Film By providing a video tour of your property and showcasing it prominently without premier media partners, your home will enjoy greater engagement with buyers. Homes listed with video receive 4x more inquiries than home listed without. — Inman News 88% of website visitors stay longer on a site with prominent video displayed — Mist Media Videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combines. — Google



Focusing on Your Property

Exclusively Showcased Property Website Every distinctive property deserves its own website, and we will create one dedicated exclusively to the presentation of your home. Showcasing high-quality photos, descriptive copy, and, if available, video, virtual reality, floor plans, and press mentions, the website will be an invaluable resource to a prospective buyer. Distinguished Email Campaign An electronic brochure will be sent via e-mail to our proprietary lists. Fully responsive, these sophisticated campaigns are designed to be just as engaging on mobile devices as they are on desktop browsers.



Focusing on Your Property

Intelligent pricing is among the most crucial determinants of a successful sale. By considering both timing and value, I’m able to strategically assess your home and price it for maximum impact.

Pricing Strategy Let’s focus on what matters most to you: the value of your property, its position in the local marketing, and, ultimately, its price. Our goal is to understand your expectation and help you meet it in the most expedient and effective way possible. Correct pricing at the beginning typically achieves the best result, so we will present a thorough comparative marketing analysis (CMA) that will help us arrive at an optimal and agreeable solution in hopes of achieving the highest price for your property.


7 Days


The percentage of buyers who purchase their home at its fair market value

The period of time during which your home receives peak attention once it's been listed

The average percentage below market value that homes sell for after 24+ weeks on the market

Representing Your Home | Analyzing the Market



Focusing on Your Property

Public Relations Through the strong relationships between our in-house public relations team and journalists at key media outlets, our listings frequently receive editorial exposure in a variety of publications, for global newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times to local glossy magazines and premium online outlets.



Focusing on Your Property

Compass Network Tool Analyzing each property across more than 350 parameters, this powerful product identifies and connect agents with those likely to represent clients matching a listing’s buyer profile. Wealth Mapping Propriety wealth mapping software enables Compass agents to search the world’s ultra-highnet-worth individuals based on interest, location, business, and affiliations, and initiate targeted marketing through a direct line of communication. Identifying Key Attributes Understanding what makes each property special is essential to identifying the qualified buyers to which is most appeals. The following list represents the observed highlights and noteworthy features.



Focusing on Your Property At the forefront of modern marketing, Compass takes a multipronged approach to the digital promotion of your property.

1.9M+ Average monthly page views on, where your property’s critical selling points are presented via an intuitive, searchable platform

15K Luxury agents worldwide who receive our monthly Compass Connect newsletter featuring our highestend exclusives

800+ Partner websites to which your listings are automatically syndicated for maximum digital coverage



Proven Marketing Plan



Proven Marketing Plan

Pricing My familiarity with the marketplace allows me to confidently guide you with listing your home at the smartest price, to generate maximum interest and to guarantee that we sell your home for top dollar.

Present And Past Client Promotion An email with a detailed description and video is sent to our entire database of 10,000 clients, friends, buyers and our exclusive Compass database of the world’s wealthiest owners of luxury real estate.

“A properly price home always sell for its’ highest price. An over-priced home usually does not.”

The MLS Your home will be listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Recognizing we any have one change to make a first impression, we include in you in reviewing and approving all the data and photos for your home before we introduce your home to the market. Marketing to homeowners currently listing their homes for sales is a proven method to find local buyers due to these homeowners’ obvious interest in moving.

Agent Promotion We pro-actively promote your home to the other top selling agents in the top metropolitan cities; Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and, Miami. Including our international reach through our worldwide affiliations.    We host a broker’s caravan for the entire brokerage community. Extensive  promotion and my  27+ years of multi-company networking guarantees a successful attendance to ensure the entire brokerage community supports the sale of your home.

Neighborhood Promotion Second, to our local Los Angeles brokerage community, we market your home to the neighborhood and make sure your neighbors are aware your home is for sale. Neighbors are also great allies because they have a common financial interest in your home selling for it’s highest price; a high sale price benefits their own home’s value. •

For Sale Sign With your approval, we install “For Sale” sign to guarantee your neighbors and their visitors are aware your home is for sale.

Postcard Campaign We mail postcards featuring your home to the neighborhood along with my monthly newsletter to more than 1,000 Westside Malibu homeowners.

Local Publications Your home will be advertised in our local newspapers: The Malibu Times and or The Palisadian Post. We also use strategic Facebook advertising to target local homeowners.



Proven Marketing Plan

Compass With foreign investments in the U.S. residential real estate increasing dramatically in recent years, reaching international buyers has never been more important. The display on Compass provides your home with unmatched advantages in the global marketplace: • 38% of the site’s visitors are from outside the U.S. • 72% of the world’s user search in a language other than English. Visitors can select from 15 translations and playlisting videos in five languages. • Listing prices can be viewed in 49 different currencies, with exchange rate calculations updated three times per day. All of this ensures that our listings connect with the broadest global audience and our exclusive database includes the world’s wealthiest owners of luxury real estate.

Print Advertising Marketing to homeowners currently listing their homes for sales is a proven method to find local buyers due to these homeowners’ obvious interest in moving.

Open Houses We host as many open houses as you wish if desired both Saturday and Sunday. Statistics report that 45% of home buyers each for home by attending Open House. Buyers hear of a home in many ways and open houses are a great way to get people talking about your home, resulting in more interest. Every open house is widely promoted in every real estate website (see interest advertising).

Pre-Showing We sell your home’s features to agents before each showing, since the buyer’s Realtor has 95% more influence with the client that the listing agent, it is critically important the buyer’s agent become familiar with the main features of your home in order to sell your home before the showing. If you choose the full commission rate as a Marketing Incentive, we make sure the buyer’s agent is aware prior to the showing. Important for us to discuss the advantages.

Showing We understand the importance of making your home easy to show. It is important we discuss in detail the showing procedure. Please read our Report: 6 Reasons a Home Will Not Sell-Even in a Hot Market available on my website, After each showing, we contact the buyer’s agent requesting feedback and email directly to you.

Buyers Agent Incentive If you choose a full commission rate, assures us the buyer’s agent is not just showing your home, but as importantly, selling your home to the buyers before and after the show. Using commission as a Marketing Incentive is an important topic, one that should be discussed during our meeting. Commissions are negotiable and ultimately the rate is your choice.


Proven Marketing Plan

Property Distribution Compass partners with and distributes properties to the most significant media companies and real estate-focused websites in the world in order to increase exposure and drive the online consumer back to your home with sophisticated events that create extraordinary moments.



Proven Marketing Plan

Reaching Asian Buyers According to the Financial Times, in 2016, Asian real estate investment abroad rose by more than half and hit a record of $33 billion. The United State was the most popular destination for the second consecutive year. Compass leverages its international network and digital marketing power to market your home to buyers from Asia listing anytime. Marketing on Websites Catering to Asian Viewers • JUWAI • Z-PROPERTY (ZAOBAO) • WSJ CHINA • INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK TIMES • PROPGOLUXURY Brokerage Offices in Asia • BEIJING • HAINAN • HONG KONG Auction House Locations in Asia • BEIJING • HONG KONG



Proven Marketing Plan

True Accountability Keep in mind that this campaign for your home is an ongoing process. It may require a series of strategic adjustments to keep your property well positioned in your market. Timing is critical, demanding quick response and attention to the details. And, like any good relationship, it also requires clear communication along with the way in the form of activity reports with instructive feedback from visitors and other brokers, plus our own ongoing market analysis. It’s a continual process of updating and refining. So you always know where we stand and where we’re going until the day you close.




Proven Marketing Plan

Print Advertising

Press Outreach

Compass Internal


IV. Marketing

Sample Property Marketing Plan






Staging to highlight the unique aspects of the property.



Day time photos, twilight photos, lifestyle photos, drone photography.



Produced by our in-house content team.



Drone shots of the listing coupled with an interior virtual tour.


Listing Website

This listing website will have a Google Analytics dashboard to track all of the views and referral sources. This site will also house all images and videos.





Property Launch

Compass Connect Feature

We will feature the listings in our international e-newsletter, Compass Connect, to over 20,000 recipients.


Month of Property Launch

Compass Catch Email Feature

We will feature the listing in the Compass President’s daily email to all Compass agents + his personal connections. This email gets sent to 3,000+ contacts.


Property Launch

Compass Social Media Feature

We will feature this listing across Compass social media channels, reaching 1M users.

FB: 67,000+ IG: 36,000+

Property Launch

E-blast to Agent Community Digests

We will send an email blast announcing this listing to all of our various Agent Communities.

2,500+ agents




Pre-Launch *After receiving photos

Pitch for Exclusives

We will pitch for exclusive listing features in top publications that reach our target audience. These publications include: Architectural Digest, Modern Luxury, Dwell, The Hollywood Reporter, Wired, Wall Street Journal, Mansion Global, and more.


Pitch for Non-Exclusives

We will pitch for non-exclusive features in top publications that reach our target audience. These publications include: Architectural Digest, Modern Luxury, Dwell, The Hollywood Reporter, Wired, and Curbed LA.





Property Launch

LA Times Full Page Ad

Full page color advertisement – editorial + image heavy.


Property Launch

MLS Spread

Full page color spread – editorial + image heavy.

4,500+ / weekly

Essential Baseline Marketing

Experiential Events

Digital Advertising

Social Media Advertising



Proven Marketing Plan





Launch (for 2 weeks)

Just Listed Facebook + Instagram Boosted Post, and Ad

2 just listed advertising campaigns – split testing audience and creative to each one of our target buyer profiles. After the first week when we find a winning ad set, we will put the remainder of the budget into the winning ad set.

5,000+ / day


Lead Generation Facebook Campaign

Create 2 Facebook lead generation campaigns to boost our email pool of potential buyers. Various creatives + audiences.

2,000+ / day


Traffic Generation Facebook + Instagram Ad

We will create 3 various ad campaigns testing different creatives and target audiences. The goal of this campaign will be to direct people to the listing website.

7,000+ / day






Mansion Global Homepage Slider

Feature a 5 second video (or photo) on Mansion Global — this will help us reach international Buyers. Impression count is 2.1M.

2,100,000 / month


LA Times Digital Banner Ad

We will feature a banner ad on the LA Times RealEstate section showcasing this property. This ad will garner 100,000 impressions in a one-month campaign.

99,000 / month


LA Times AdMail Campaign

We will feature this listing in a LA Times AdMail campaign targeting high end real estate seekers in Los Angeles. Impression count is 50,000.







Host an event in partnership with luxury brand.




Throughout the span of the listing

Organic Social Media Posts

We will post organic social media posts featuring this listing once every two weeks.

Throughout the span of the listing

Email Blasts

We will send our email marketing lists e-blasts about this listing: launch, for open houses or exclusive events.

Listing Launch

Print Collateral

We will create image-based, luxury print collateral for this listing.


Proven Marketing Plan

Communication and Weekly Reports Each week, we email you our progress report, outlining all activities and copies of all advertisements. Each week, you will receive online marketing reports tracking the number of buyers’ viewing your home on the internet. Negotiations Negotiations are the most critical roles of your agent. Practically any agent can sell a home, not every agent equally guides you in negotiations and contract protection. With my experience of more than 27+ years of selling home with of 650 homes sold is an enormous asset during our negotiations; first by achieving the highest price and secondly by contractually protecting you through the entire transaction. Experience does matter. Exceptional Customer Service My staff and I meticulously monitor the listing and escrow process. The advantage of having a team represent you, allows us to provide exceptional customer service that a single agent cannot match. Guarantee Agreement I recognize that hiring your Realtor is important and perhaps stressful. Knowing this, I offer you the comfort in knowing you can withdraw the listing anytime.



Orchestrated Launch Curated, Announcement, and Presentation

As Seen In

As Seen In



As Seen In

Brentwood Park’s ‘The Chateau” Rarely is such an exquisite home offered for sale. For the first time since being built, Brentwood Park’s “The Chateau” ( - is now offered for sale. A meticulous French chateau with rare sunken North-South facing championship-sized tennis court and pool was designed by one of Los Angeles’s most recognized architects, William Hefner, and custom built for the owner with every attention to detail. This one-of-a-kind residence truly captures the essence of “Timeless elegance.” Every room and corner of the house is an architectural and interior statement; from the chef’s dream kitchen to the romantic master suite. The entire back of the home has a wall of glass with floor to ceiling doors that open to the yard and gardens.

12770 South Bristol Circle Offered at $13,000,000 Listed by Robert Radcliffe



As Seen In

Grape Views in Malibu Recently updated stunning Modern-style home w/ amazing ocean views on a beautifully landscaped approx. 3-acre lot w/ pool, vineyard producing 1,200 bottles a year, secluded grassy yard, detached 1-bedroom guest house w/ full bath & kitchenette, private indoor racquet/basketball/squash court, batting cage & outdoor pizzeria. Sun-filled ocean view house is approx. 7,000 sq. ft. w/ 6 bedrooms, 8 baths, gym & downstairs private media room w/ authentic bank vault storage space. Entire 1st floor is designer w/ contemporary concrete floors, chef’s kitchen w/ top-of-the-line appliances, center-island & opens to the family room; all which take advantage of the incredible ocean views & access to the yard & pool. There are 2 garages totaling 5-car enclosed parking & a long driveway that will accommodate a fleet of cars; excellent for hosting events. This compound-like home is located in the prestigious Winding Way area of Malibu; close to horse/hiking trails & Paradise Cove Beach.

27366 Winding Way Offered at $6,295,000 Listed by Robert Radcliffe



As Seen In

Celebrity Rental: David Charvet and Brooke Burke-Charvet So goes the proverb- “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again,” and that’s exactly what handsome and semi-retired French actor and singer David Charvet (Baywatch, Melrose Place) and his former Baywatch babe turned Dancing With the Stars hostess wife Brooke Burke-Charvet have done with Chateau Charvet, their gated, 3.2 acre estate in the guard-gated and celebrity-friendly Serra Retreat. In 2011 they unsuccessfully attempted to sell the five-parcel estate with its custom-constructed six bedroom and four bathroom mini-mansion with an asking price of $12.5 million. They then tried to lease the gated estate at a rate of $75,000 per month and now, according to digital marketing materials, they’ve drastically lowered their asking price to a still tumescent $50,000 per month. Some of the highlights of the 6,769 square foot house include a formal living and dining room, a wood-paneled study, a 4,000 bottle wine cellar, a “woman’s offseason closet,” and a hidden screening room. The gated and mostly manicured grounded include a motor court and courtyard with an 18th-century fountain and gas lamps, formal gardens, a 200-bush rose garden, a citrus orchard, a freshwater swimming pool and spa, and a stone-walled poolside.

3552 Cross Creek Lane Listed at $13,000,000 Offered at $50,000/ month Listed by Robert Radcliffe



As Seen In

A Modern Home in Malibu’s Famed Serra Retreat Welcome to one of Malibu’s most prestigious neighborhoods, the famed Serra Retreat, a comfortably guard gated community located near nostalgic surf capital of the world. Surf Rider Beach, with many post boutiques and restaurants. Malibu Pier and ever horse ride trails nearby. An amazing “Unvarnished” modern home designed by Scott Gillen on one of the most magical lots Serra Retreat has to offer a 53,270 square foot (approx) property with soaring sycamore, eucalyptus, fig, plum, and citrus trees, outdoor pool, fire pit, built-in barbecue, dining area and all of this in a quiet country setting alongside Malibu Creek. Enjoy your Chef’s dream kitchen, with Bulthaup Island bar, top of the line stainless steel Wolf appliances, a double oven and six burner stover with center griddle. Sub Zero glass door refrigerator, and a 45 bottle Uline red/white temp-controlled wine fridge. Enjoy the entertaining/TV room with its high. Vaulted ceiling and massive, windows that frame beautiful gardens and mountain views. Retire upstairs via the floating steel and oak staircase, up to oversized bedrooms suites which each include sitting areas, huge walk-in closets and spa bathrooms with frameless glass shower enclosures. Other significant features of the home include a Sonos smart home sound system, a water filtration/softener system over the entire house, a Noritz tankless water heater, a backup generator, and home security system. Tend to your sustainable fresh vegetable garden, or roast marshmallows while relaxing by your 15’ steel firewall. Here the quiet, the calm and the choices are all yours.

3552 Cross Creek Lane Listed at $13,000,000 Offered at $50,000/ month Listed by Robert Radcliffe



As Seen In

A Los Angeles Gomes Modeled After a French Chateau Rarely is such an exquisite home offered for sale. For the first time since being built, Brentwood PArk’s “The Chateau” ( - is now offered for sale. A meticulous French chateau with rare sunken North South facing championship size tennis court and pool was designed by one of Los Angeles’s most recognized architect, William Hefner and custom built for the owners with every attention to detail. This one-of-a-kind residence truly captures the essence of “Timeless elegance”. Every room and corner of the house is an architectural and interior statement, from the chef’s dream kitchen, tp the romantic master suite. The entire back of the home has a wall of glass floor to ceiling doors that open tp the yard and gardens

12700 South Bristol Circle Offered at $13,000,000 Listed by Robert Radcliffe



As Seen In

Home of the Day: A Contemporary Farmhouse in Malibu’s Serra Retreat Distressed wood finishes, sliding barn doors and a great room with a two-way fireplace lend a farmhouse quality to this newly built contemporary residence, designed by Doug Burdge. Tree-topped grounds of more than three races include seven horse corrals and an outdoor riding arena.

23344 Palm Canyon Lane Offered at $8,000,000 Listed by Robert Radcliffe



As Seen In

An Architectural Statement The architectural design is a striking, warm contemporary-style with earth tone materials and finishes throughout. The sophistication of the floor plan with approximately 4,554 square feet design detail maximizes the enjoyment of the indoor-outdoor Californian lifestyle with five bedrooms, five and-and-a-half baths with a den off of the master suite. The house is situated on a serene and elevated corner, 12,384-square-foot, mostly flat lot. It’s located on a street with city light views from the first and second floor and a pool, space and covered trellised outdoor living room with barbecue and gas fire pit — an entertainer’s dream! The master suite is commanding, with the view overlooking the yard and city. The master suite also offers a terrace, massive bath, dual large walk-in closets, and an adjoining room for use as an office, library, or gym. The dramatic interior spaces boast numerous high ceilings and expansive glass doors and windows, blurring the line between inside and outside. High ceilings and well-placed windows are found throughout embracing natural lighting, There are hardwood floors throughout; three gas fireplaces; a central vacuum; and speakers in al major rooms, including, living, dining, kitchen, family, master bedroom and bath with a hardwired security system.

950 Teakwood Road Offered at $4,550,000 Listed by Robert Radcliffe



As Seen In

Real Estate Agent: The Radcliffe Group Husband, father, real estate agent and author, Robert Radcliffe is an active member in his community. As a public speaker at high school and juvenile correction facilities, he inspires teenagers to live, prosperous, healthy lives without the use of alcohol for drugs, and he has written two books on the subject: 180 Degrees and 12 Simple Steps to Loving Life. He has also appeared on KTLA News and CW News, discussing the benefits of living and healthy lifestyle. “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world; today I am wise, so I am going to change myself.” - Rumi For more than 25 years, Radcliffe’s real estate accomplishments have been praised in local magazines and newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, which ranked his team, The Radcliffe Group, among the top 250 sales teams in America.

310.317.9900 Shot on location at Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills




As Seen In














VOL. 15•NO. 3 | FALL 2018


A Toast to Luxury Sleeping with Ultrabed Community is at the Heart of 48 | M AWhole L I B U Foods TIMES Market in Malibu


adcliffe often advises his clients on all aspects of real estate investments, new home building, and development and rental management.


MTM Readers are the Eyes of Malibu Fireball Tim's Malibu in Motion Best of Malibu Bert Berns' Legacy Philanthropic Entrepreneurs


THE BEST LIFE cover 3-nov.- radcliffe 2018.indd 1

8/25/18 7:11 PM

A nationally-recognized mentor and leader in the industry, he has led numerous national and local agent-training programs, appeared on television, radio and in print to discuss trending real estate topics, and has managed several local real estate offices. Recently, he launched a free real estate app also called The Radcliffe Group—available on the App Store and Google Play—which enables users to have direct access to multiple listing services. These days, Radcliffe—who has lived everywhere from Miami to San Francisco—calls Malibu’s Serra Retreat neighborhood his home. He actually found Serra Retreat during a drive to Malibu one afternoon when he saw a sign for an open house that one of his colleagues was hosting. Radcliffe decided to stop in and say hello, and the rest is history. “The moment I drove into the neighborhood my jaw dropped,” he explained. “I thought I was in a fairy tale. And 72 hours later, we were in escrow. That was 20 years ago. I love the chill vibe and energy of living in Malibu, as well as the immense beauty. I’m truly blessed.” Now married with three boys, Radcliffe enjoys spending time with his family and surfing at Second and Third Point in Malibu. He and his wife, Tara, also love hanging out at Malibu Country Mart and watching their kids play at the park while enjoying lunch at John’s Garden or Tra di Noi. “My favorite thing to do, other than spending time with the family or


Robert Radcliffe’s knowledge and passion for real estate has made him a top Realtor in Malibu.

ack when Robert Radcliffe was a college student in San Luis Obispo, California, he was visiting Los Angeles one summer and was immediately impressed by the beautiful homes of his friends’ parents. Out of curiosity, he asked what they did for a living, and upon discovering they were involved in the real estate industry, a spark of inspiration changed the course of his entire life. “At the time, I was studying small business management, and I went back to my career counselor in the fall and asked if there was anything I could study that involved real estate,” Radcliffe said. “As soon as he mentioned that I could get a degree in real estate, that was it for me.” Fast-forward almost three decades, and he is now ranked in the top one percent worldwide as a top-producing real estate agent. Radcliffe, who is with Compass in Malibu, specializes in residential real estate sales in Brentwood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica. He leads The Radcliffe Group, which has consistently been ranked by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top 250 sales teams in America. I love Malibu and the Westside of Los Angeles, yet have favored Malibu because of the people and all that Malibu has to offer,” he said.

Robert Radcliffe and his team, The Radcliffe Group, specialize in luxury real estate sales from Malibu to the Westside.

surfing, is helping people in recovery,” Radcliffe said. “I have been active in the community of recovery from addiction for 27 years and have written two books on the subject. I also get a lot of pleasure speaking at high schools to encourage our next generation about the benefits of living a sober and healthy life.” His autobiography “180 Degrees” has sold thousands of copies worldwide, and has also been on the

recommended reading list at local high schools. His other book, “12 Simple Steps to Loving Life,” was written for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. Radcliffe continues to be active in his community, and enjoys building long-term relationships as a trusted real estate advisor for his clients and their referrals. “I think I’m really good at what I do and it feels good to know I’m guiding a client with their best interest at heart,”

Radcliffe said. “I take them through that whole psychological journey of whether a house is right for them—the contracts, the negotiations ... I hold my client’s hand through the entire process so that they feel relaxed and have confidence that they’re making the right decision. And at the end, I feel really good.” n For more information, call 310.317.9900 or visit F A L L 2 0 1 8 | 49






After years of knowing you and having you represent me with six transactions, your real estate expertise has been an enormous asset. —Ving Rhames Being a builder and real estate investor, my familiarity with the brokerage community is extensive. My dealings with you over the years, your representation, professionalism, knowledge, and real estate experience has proven to me that you are one of the most qualified agents in the business. —Steve Meepos Thank you for your professionalism as our agent. Because of your guidance and quickness, we have bought our dream home. We truly appreciate your role in our family’s move and consider you a trusted advisor. Additionally, your thoroughness in marketing was able to get our previous home sold in the time frame needed to make our family’s move as painless as possible. —Robert and Wendy Landes Being a commercial real estate broker, I have a lot of ties with other agents. It was because of your intensity representing your seller for the home that we purchased that Karina and I decided we wanted you to be on our side when we had to sell our previous home. The decision proved to be the right one, because of your “cross-marketing” you found our buyer with an ultimate sales price $4K under our asking. We will highly recommend your services to our friends and family. —Blake and Karina Mirkin One year ago we requested your advice to decide whether we should remodel, or sell our previous home. Much to our satisfaction, your answer was honest. I still remember when you tried to convince me to remodel and not to sell. My comment was,‘You are talking yourself out of a job.’ Your reply,‘I know, but it is truly what I would do [remodel].’ Since that meeting, we have bought, sold and referred you to our family and friends, all resulting in amazing service from you. We are sincerely thankful for your representation. —John and Kimbre Eichler You’re amazing! Well, even though I said we were going to name our next child after you and didn’t (joking aside), Stacy and I want to thank you for getting us more money than we expected for both of our home sales. Your confidence throughout all three of our transactions was incredibly valuable and allowed us to feel secure with your guidance. —Stacy and Andrew Messina You have gained my confidence 100%. Thank you for being there through the sale & purchase, from beginning to end, you have made our move extremely smooth. —Steve and Kristin Dark




As you know, Dana and I were immediately impressed when we first met you. Your thorough knowledge of the inventory and your ability to articulate the value in the marketplace is what we gravitated to, followed by your savvy negotiation skills. Our experience working with you has been an absolute pleasure. Lastly, your true character was shown when my sister needed real estate advice, even though she was, unfortunately, working with another agent, you took the time to give her guidance and explain values when you were not going to be compensated. All of your services have been very much appreciated. —- Steven and Dana Goodman The way you and your team walked us through our transaction proved to us that we definitely chose the perfect real estate professional. As you recall, when we met you years ago you had left a positive impression with us. It wasn’t until years later that we called you and had the pleasure to know why we remembered you so positively. Thank you so much for helping us and our dream home and we look forward to work with you in getting our existing home sold. —Chris Moore and Jenno Topping When I bought my home 5 years ago Rob represented the seller. I was impressed by his handling of the transaction from the other side of the table. When it came time to sell my home he was on the short list. After meeting to discuss his views on the market, the property and the pricing strategy I was convinced that he and his team were the right ones to sell my home. I was right. From the marketing strategy to the responsiveness, to working with third parties throughout the marketing and closing, they were perfect. I live on the other side of the country so that meant I needed trust, responsiveness, and clarity around all decisions we were making as a team. I never had a doubt that the info I was getting was spot on. We landed exactly where we thought we would and I credit that to Rob’s years of expertise in the area and his teams' diligence to make everything happen smoothly. Well done all around. —Greg Consiglio Rob, as the managing partner of a 25-lawyer litigation rm specializing in real estate matters, among other areas of practice, I am quite experienced with the intricacies in a real estate transaction. I want to share with you that Ilysia and I are incredibly grateful and impressed with you and your staff. Not only were you able to adeptly handle some difficult situations that arose with both the purchase and sale of our home in a truly professional manner, but you were also able to generate a sale for our home higher in price than most of the agents believed was warranted. Your experience and guidance throughout this process are very much appreciated and respected. —David Pierce Thank you for your patience and professionalism in representing us on both the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home. You and your team were highly effective in making both transactions as easy as possible. Your knowledge of real estate is why we have chosen you above and beyond any other realtor. As we have in the past will continue to refer you to our friends. —Pam and Steve Beeks




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Incentive Marketing


Incentive Marketing

Commissions Selling your home is a competition!

6% vs 5% Every smart business person understands that when selling any commodity, you need to create an advantage to outshine the competition. One of the strategic marketing techniques we use to create this advantage with the buyer’s agent is by offering a full compensation rate of 6% versus the average to lower than average commission rate of 5%. The 1% difference easily created the enthusiasm we want from every buyer’s agent; to introduce your home more passionately to their clients than all the rest of home in your price range. It is simple Business 101 Marketing. Enroll the sales force to be excited to sell your home versus the competition and with creating more excitement for your home, from our largest allies, the other agents, resulting in a higher sales and net price to you. Which is the ultimate goal. The commission rate is your choice; whether you choose 5% or 6%, I assure you my team and I will sell your home. Finally, this marketing technique is also used as another advantage during negotiations. Very important for us to discuss.




Incentive Marketing

Robert Radcliffe Guarantee The biggest fear some homeowners may have is that the agent will not be doing what they are supposed to be doing. Most agents will lock you into a six month or one year contract for selling your home. When you think about it, why should a contract be needed anyway? If you don’t really want to sell, you can simply turn down all the offers that are presented to you. I am a trusting person, and I want to work with trusting homeowners. I know that I have to earn your trust and I will start by showing you that I trust you. I am confident that I can show you that I can earn my commission by doing everything in my power to sell you home for the maximum dollar. I want you to be in control and confident that I will be providing you with a level of service that is so exceptional that I can offer this type of agreement. When you list your home with me, you may at your discretion withdraw the listing from the MLS at any time, for any reason.*

This not does not void the terms stated in the contract for parties introduced to your home or any full price offers

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