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12 Poems Volume 3 Copyright Š 2016 Robert Rabinovitz ISBN 978-1-365-18358-4 Robert Rabinovitz, Associate Professor Design Parsons School of Design The New School University New York, New York United States of America Acknowledgements I would like to share my deep gratitude for the continued support from my friends, colleagues, the annual faculty research funding grants received by Parsons and The New School University and my talented and devoted student research assistants. Without help, all of this work would surely not be possible. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written consent of the copyright owner.

twelve poems volume 3 robert rabinovitz

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1. breathe 2. when you were young 3. and I keep going 4. the candy face of your colored hair 5. no more 6. listen to the rain 7. 1-5-09 and the 8. and how long does it take to call me baby 9. I was born in another city 10. work love song #2 11. up by 5:30 and down by the time I could cry 12. the first time I tried to write



As continued in the introduction of 12 Poems, volume 2, I sent a whole bunch of poems to Chloe, my research assistant and senior at Parsons in the Strategic Design + Management program for 12 poems, volume 2 and volume 3. Looking into the next volume, together we went through a variety of iterations and ended up selecting a simple theme of revealing the truth to the original writing, that would penetrate the work. When writing poetry, I generally will add the time, date and sometimes the location or what I am feeling or going through at the time of writing. Chloe and I discussed the concept behind the design of volume 3, where we would allow for more of the details behind the naming of the poems to emerge. Drawing, building and writing have all served as critical tools for mental, physical and emotional well being. These poems span a lifetime of story and memory. They have allowed me to not only read and share in front of audiences in the basement at the Cornelia Street Cafe open mic nights here in NYC, at the University of Wisconsin-Stout art gallery, and other venues, but also in working with one student at at time to reveal the truth to them. I ask the same in my classes as a teacher. My vision continues to be able to open the notebooks of years past and present, bringing them to life within the collaborative efforts of art and design physicalized in a series of 12 poem volumes. We now have 1, 2 and 3, and I plan to continue to bring them into the light to share with you. I hope you find some truth for yourself as well within these words and images.

10 . 26 . 2013

breathe or if you should need that 01

4:23 pm

if you should need that if you would like that you can cry you can sit you can wait

just stop breathe yeah like that breathe ok


now use your nose to push the air out and watch your stomach





breathe use your nose

your nostrils

and your mouth

in and out

03 . 30 . 2007

when you were young 02

4:23 pm

when you were young when you were old when you looked beyond your own control

this is when you

opened up

this is when you began

to shut up

sit with this long enough

and you will be

tired of the life

you made.


what would it be like to walk with you what would it be like to make love to

with you

and so I wait and wonder



for if I try and make it fly

10 . 14 . 2013

and I keep going 03

9:55 am


and I keep going

keep it going

don’t stop

and keep it going

still operating at some kind of level a level that is pretty hi operating at a level that is pretty high

12 . 23 . 2008

the candy face of your colored hair mom’s b day 04

3:32 am

the candy face of your colored hair the scent of a long dark the long dark shadow of broken roads that whisper me back home the labor of time that walks deep into the night the time tale signs of your walked away love your windows of time what got shut long ago their memories are faint + sometimes out the stillness of your doubt the waiter of time is always resting in place the quarterly that I always forget the seminars that keep on pace with the broken words

twenty three

the rest you drive

24 the speed of your horizon

the left wing the right

the victory it seems

the talk the word the quiet you were told

the grey the bloom the taken to the pool

the soft light that fashions your face the seconds off the pace the written is spoken the water it broke

a long time ago the weight of your mind

it offers us a mystery

that will never be told

the days are young but you

are old

the samples of fate the resting of your pace

the way you walk keep up with you the way you walk

how bout Lou?

and if you were to sit there still can do it too

then two of us

+ if you lie

to me its true

+ if you lie then do so too and if you come

to stoner creek

then walk with god upon the streets and sing a song

for the broken hearted and the pace you beat is all your time and the way you stand is up to you walk still + know some


twenty seven

keep the pace with yourself for its all we do try + stay in step like the shades of the moon and walk with god and walk sometimes but rest when needed so you can unwind

02 . 01 . 2014

no more saturday @ marlton hotel‌sunny 05

12:53 pm


you don’t need to make anything happen you do not need to make any thing happen you’ve done enough you’ve done enough time to enjoy the story and there’s more so much more so much more is in store you for and all we will be no more don’t need to do any more no more no more

any more any more the score

for you + me

you’re in for a treat you’re in for a treat its what’s in store no more its all on the way sent by angels in heaven + earth

no more


no need to do any more its all in store borrowed from before made ironed out others before im really here to tell you that you do not need to do anymore no more just breathe

no more

created by

into your body

this life

the blood that pumps + flows in + out + know this know there is no need for more no more you can just stop + breathe in what is here right now and no more no more for you to do no more you’ve lived a full life a full life already and you can now enjoy the hard work the pains

thirty three

the endurance

the victories the battles

the triumphs the challenges

from philadelphia to

new jersey to

san francisco to

philly to

michigan to


to minnesota

and st. paul to

philly to

detroit to

new york city + more

08 . 06 . 2008

listen to the rain 06


so listen to the rain tells us of a truth that follows gravity and knows not more than that it waters all we like and marks the place so still that what we feel is all that’s real and don’t let the others tell that this is not the truth and have them walk in your shoes


I had this dream so long ago and you were there with me we walked along the trail of trees and wheat you think we see but others gathered in a circle listening to each tell the truth in open air in open sky with nothing to hide

sitting still is what’s in order breathe this in and take your time and capture what you will for what you need is always here just you that finds a hole to walk into and hide your and let it fill with

head pain

you know that only cause that’s how they played the game but you were given more today to play a different kind that’s full of love, joy and hope and doesn’t judge the art

forty three

and if you will Ill tell you more like when its time to tally the score

02 . 25 . 2014


1-5-09 and the revised: 02_25_2014 07

10:53 am

and the __________ that you borrow from your brother it comes in different colors and the note that hangs above your brow it stays in time like the wheels on the road as you travel back in time and the words that once led you home take your words and walk you somewhere else


that smells like turpentine

and the small pocket in your parka in high school always smelled of weed and the arrows that you shot were always good and the horseshoes spun like twirled like the girls you dreamed of holding

and you were so liked and loved

and the miles that you rode washed with light driving to a place you always wanted and the sun would set before you got to the end

and you didn’t know then

that would be a very short trip

less than your dream of a new life but waiting was a time to be reborn later much more known

08 . 19 . 2009

and how long does it take to call me baby 08

fifty three

and the electricity in my brain it’s the same as whats running thru the trees, plants and caves

and the temperature that surrounds us is hollow with light

play it straight and the night will last your memory will stay for as long as you might remember

and today will last only for tonight and your memories will stay the same

08 . 13 . 2006

I was born in another city 09


fifty nine

I was born another city the city of brotherly love

makes me happy to leave the city to see what it is that I like so much


when I leave nyc and see the lights above and see the other side I put away my troubles then and see my life a new again

sixty two

I was born in another city city of brotherly love

sixty three

I have to leave nyc to know im comin home again

when I leave nyc

new york city

my mouth gets big and wide because I know how much I love my home because I know how much is inside

06 . 02 . 2009


work love song #2 10

and our bodies they move in time

and our bodies they touch one another


and your heart

it reaches out to me

and your style I can see and the grace that follows me


and the cosmic dance is truly there

seventy one

08 . 18 . 2009

up by 5:30 and down by the time I could cry 11


up by 5:30 and down by the time I could cry I put it on and I sit in the dark up by 5:30 and down by the time I could cry more turns like this one more turns like that

Im with you today

I told you so.

Im in someone’s dream that I let go of it was proven once + again for you that a time like this is waiting for you too up by 5:30 and down by the time I could cry

seventy six

more turns like this one more turns like that Im with you today

I told you so

Im in someones dream that I let go of

it was proven once + again for you.

that a time like this is waiting for you too up by 5:30 and down by the time I could cry

01 . 13 . 2009

the first time I tried to write 12



the first time I tried to write it came out right I was a bit uptight

been tired since you told me so



I been tired since I woke up

I been tired since I fell asleep

I been tried since I was true

I been lying since I could see

I been calm since I cried

I been near since you left

I been clear since you walked away

art direction . design chloe koslen poetry . photography . composition robert rabinovitz

12 Poems Volume 3 is the third in a collection of poems including text and photographs that span a lifetime of work as an artist and designer. Working collaboratively with my art and design students at Parsons School of Design in New York City, we selected the poems from over forty books of original hand written works beginning in 1990. This full color printed volume contains original scanned 35 mm color slides, color and black and white photographs and typographic elements to contribute to the overall context of the poems. The images also include many of my travels from Philadelphia to New Jersey, Colorado, San Francisco, Detroit, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, London, Paris and the many roads between to New York City.

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12 poems volume 3