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12 Poems Volume 2 Copyright Š 2016 Robert Rabinovitz ISBN 978-1-365-18364-5 Robert Rabinovitz, Associate Professor Design Parsons School of Design The New School University New York, New York United States of America Acknowledgements I would like to share my deep gratitude for the continued support from my friends, colleagues, the annual faculty research funding grants received by Parsons and The New School University and my talented and devoted student research assistants. Without help, all of this work would surely not be possible. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written consent of the copyright owner.

twelve poems volume 2

robert rabinovitz

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1. and your like 2. I'm really 3. you as well 4. the last time I felt like this 5. and if you knew 6. let it turn 7. simplify 8. today 9. stop 10. circle that thought 11. lets see 12. disappears


12 poems, volume 2 is the second in a series of poems and photos from some of my life’s journey into a collaborative art, design and poetry publication. Each semester, I present a version of my life story to my students in the Senior Portfolio Strategies course at Parsons The New School for Design. Some of the work shown in the Fall of 2013 included spreads of poems and images that were developed the previous semester with Brendan Dunne that created volume 1. Chloe Koslen, a Strategic Design + Management student in the course, approached me for advice on her portfolio. I provided some feedback and was moved by her work, her dedication and devotion to detail and print design. During our meeting, I asked if she was interested in continuing the work for a second book of poetry. Her love for publication, editorial design and career goals were in line with the work. We seemed to make a good team and I believed she could become my next Art Director. My plan was to continue to select original poems and photos for the next two volumes at the same time. Chloe was not all that excited to do both at the same time due to the amount of work it would involve, but she was a trooper and agreed to do so. We arranged to meet weekly during the Spring 2014 semester, meeting between two different locations during one of the coldest winters in the northeast. We began with working on volume 2, where I asked Chloe to select her favorites from the original poems and photographs to begin the project. The remaining poems for volume 2 were selected for volume 3. Here we have volume 2 in your hands. I hope you enjoy.

01 . 30 . 2009


and your like 01

and your like

and you are like a rainbow without a coalition and a meter with out a street a bridge over trouble

a silent dream

and laughter without tears



a crime with miles to ride

a drip without a floor

a lime without fever


a city with less and less

a brother with a conscience

a gaze downstairs a last wish

a favorite song



back centuries of wit

a gaze downstairs

01 . 29 . 2014

I’m really 02


Im really not very complicated just seem to make it that way its you that said I do Im really not that complicated I learned it from you

so much to do and not be was not very easy to be to be still quiet at peace


Im really at peace took me a while to get here at at peace with all all that would be all that is all of you + me

all Im Im really really at peace

like a rock on the beach sitting still sitting still


still till

its time to be moved by nature the tide or a hand that picks me up and takes me on a journey so yes


that’s me

still still here and I like it here where I am today here with you with you + me still still here at peace will be Im still Im still patient quietly breathing life

of what will be


and at peace with what

here most of the time breathing in

and as the clock ticks as the weather moves as the wind blows as the leaves fall as the crow flies


as more of us die as I get up and fly to somewhere new Im still here Im still here

with you


a very nice place to be I must say

a kind of home a traveling home that I take with me wherever I be so I want to thank all of you for that

you have helped me

to be


01 . 30 . 2014


you as well 03


its now only a matter of time its now only a matter of what will be + how much do we create + how much

we just be

this I cannot this is not for this is what will

see me be

and I know usually when I try to make things be and when im just at peace

I think you probably do as well

twenty three

06 . 27 . 2007

twenty six

the last time I felt like this 04

the last time I felt like this I went another way lost the words to say how I felt



made some bad choices got caught in the sources of others last time I felt like this I went somewhere else

got caught in the wind of self

call me a cab quickly

call me a ride

call me a cab quickly

call me a ride

take me away before I say something I regret

02 . 03 . 2003


and if you knew 05


and if you knew would it matter now

thirty four

and if you knew would you somehow allow the love inside the

thirty five


and if you


and if you


and if you


and if you


and if you


and if you


and if you


and dif you


and if you


and if you


and if you



and if you did and if you will and if you won’t and if you give and if you do and if you hear

and if you can and if you could and if it’s time and if you should and would you dream and

and if you walk and if you carry on with that now and if you do or if you stop would you ever leave him

would you love and would you wonder and would you give up the day as it is now it seems

and would the times left for you to dream mean something else than you know right now and is it time to let shadows fade to black and white



like satin glade

08 . 08 . 2008

let it turn 06


come with me let the cobwebs be they’ll be there when we return let the wood age let the bronze turn let the walls burn away the pain let the sunshine burn upon me and the ice turn into rain let your mind go and the chance you might know something different than before let your own signs of decay form as you find a new day let your heart race let the day make what it will let the stocks raise or fall let your skin fall let your eyes well with compassion for all


for we are the same as we were before for we are the same now like we have been before let the stars shine let the mooon glow let the wind blow your troubles free let the seasons come upon us let them sink into your pores let the city dwell upon us like the seagulls that gather at dawn let the light posts do their duty and at the morning go to sleep. let the rain fall like seasons before and laws falls upon us some more let the dreams once in your eyes now drift into the places that dreams go


and so trust now that these dreams are forever held in trust and that now you can let go and live your life like you will and the girl you once dreamed of has become your next door neighbor and the job that you have now is what you always dreamed of and the people you work with on this journey will bring you love if you open to the dream now it has always been at your door so just walk there and offer some bread and some cheer and the love you always wanted has been on your shoulder and never in your dark hour have you ever thought of this for the demons you carry are now only a ready to be washed away with the first bell at your door so make a home for you to go and make it what you will a peaceful place of kindness and love baths that bring you peace

04 . 05 . 2007

simplify 07


simplify what you try to say

the wind will always show you the way

fifty one

let up on the steam you introduce

walk inside your guide of truth


01 . 25 . 2014

today 08

9:50 am

today is the day today is the day the only one I know I like the way its


today is the day right now

here with you

or not don’t really care what you do today is the day today

well maybe I do

right now

so today is the day right now

the way it is

don’t want to know another way ive tried that too many times + in too many ways go off + off into worlds of dreams for you + me today is the day right now with you

or not


right now

where I am

I like the space in which I sit the place I am the space you live



today is the day want to be just like im suppose to see only today

the only way I

right now

whats in front of me distractions they take me away

Ive known

like an old friend

far far from today

an honorable man a saint a sinner, a songwriter, a girl, a boy, a simple thinker I like to play + make toys a word, a glance, a singer you know it too its like we have all been to the I climbed a tree I see I went to the park I left you in the dark you called my name

a dreamer

I can dance zoo more now

I ran away I sit here now

sit patiently

+ and at peace we can be together when I’m asleep I’m with you your with me we are together eternity I like today Im here right now with god you + me that’s all that needs to be

today is the day

I like today the only one I know I like the way its going


10 . 13 . 2013


stop 09

12:41 pm

when you stop and then listen maybe when you stop and then listen sort of

and it all makes sense and it all makes sense

for just now for just now

so stop now and listen hear your heart beat listen to your heart beat

sixty three

08 . 18 . 2009

circle that thought 10

6:36 am

sixty seven

circle that thought as it tries to run away walk it in the morning a walk let it breathe and then let it be

take it for

then watch them emerge watch them do what they will and the day sky, it gets bright

like the hope that breathes with you phosphorous blind



memory today it folds

blows like pillows in the wind


01 . 09 . 2009


let’s see 11

seventy three

let’s see if the colors the witness u hold let’s see where u go let’s see how u breathe now with walls that fall with curtains that call with love

let’s see when highlights becomes color when u start to find the hidden objects

when u see the hammer and rabbit and broom

let’s see when it gets lighter warmer soft

seventy four

seventy five

let’s see how u handle that

04 . 24 . 2009


disappears 12

6:36 am


it most appears

it disappears

you walk away

when you least describe it

when you wait inside

and when the time is now and

you’ve lost the time to say what it feels like and so you try with all your might to when you least describe it it must when you wait in side it


reappear appear disappears


when the time is now and you walk away you’ve lost the time to say what it is .

art direction . design chloe koslen poetry . photography . composition robert rabinovitz

12 Poems Volume 2 is the second in a collection of poems including text and photographs that span a lifetime of work as an artist and designer. Working collaboratively with my art and design students at Parsons School of Design in New York City, we selected the poems from over forty books of original hand written works beginning in 1990. This full color printed volume contains original scanned 35 mm color slides, color and black and white photographs and typographic elements to contribute to the overall context of the poems. The images also include many of my travels from Philadelphia to New Jersey, Colorado, San Francisco, Detroit, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, London, Paris and the many roads between to New York City.

typography theinhardt brownstd akkurat twelve poems volume 2 n° copyright Š 2016 robert rabinovitz all rights reserved

12 poems volume 2