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Script Scene 1 Ext. House. Night Mark shines the torch at the locked door. He slowly opens the door and walks inside to the abandoned house. Scene 2 Int. House. Night Mark continues to shine the torch through the house. He pans the torch through the living room. The room is cluttered, as though there has been a struggle. The camera tracks backwards away from Mark as the scene dissolves to black. Scene 3 Int. Bedroom. Night Mark enters bedroom and crouches down to inspect papers and newspaper clippings on the floor. The camera takes a shot over his shoulder as the small cupboard at the back of the room opens. Cut to a shot from inside the cupboard as Mark turns his head slowly to see the door opening. The scene fades to black. Scene 4 Int. Bedroom. Night Mark looks into the cupboard and sees the walls covered in bible pages. The pages on the back wall have “He’s behind you written on them” the camera cuts to Mark looking into the cupboard as we see a hand come down onto his shoulder. Cut to black. (First ending, decide whether to end here when editing) Scene 5

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