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The Forgotten Int. Ben’s Bedroom. Day Ben is a confident, young, independent, ghost hunter. He sits at his desk fiddling with his video camera. The whole next sequence is filmed on a hand held video camera.

Ben Hello guys it’s me again with another blog. I’m making this to tell you guys that I’m going away for a couple of days. Throughout this monologue we keep cutting to shots of Ben as he packs up and then drives down to the house where he has been asked to investigate.

Ben I’ve been asked by the Torrance family to investigate their house where they’ve been experiencing some weird Phenomena’s. I’m gonna go and have a chat with them and see what I can do. I’ll post another blog in a couple of days for you guys. Int. Brody House. Day Ben enters the innocent looking house. POV as Ben looks around the house. It is seemingly normal as he looks around. As he enters into the living room we get a low angle shot of him coming through a door and a pair of legs walking in front of the camera. Int. Bedroom. Night Ben enters NERVOUSLY through the door and looks around. As he walks forward into the room the cupboard in the corner opens and emits and orange glow. Ben turns to watch as the door opens on its own.

Int. Bedroom. Night Ben crouches and looks into the cupboard. He sees that it is completely empty other than candles which have been lit in the corners. As he looks he hears ominous whispering behind him. He turns to look behind him, as he turns back Emma is sat in front of him and as he sees her we cut to black.