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Complete Anatomy Coming Soon

3D Tools A range of new 3D tools, with several patents pending, will allow you to delve even deeper into the anatomy. Cut through the surface of any structure to see what lies beneath. Physicians can apply tears and growths to soft tissue, or spurs and fractures to bone. Draw directly on the model using our innovative 3D Pen. Visualizing conditions and treatments will have a fundamental impact on patient understanding and lead to better healthcare choices.

Real Time Animations For the first time, bring the anatomy to life with real time animations. Pick a muscle and select a movement to see it contract and relax directly on the model, in turn animating the skeleton. View the animation from any angle and pause or control the angle of the movement. The perfect resource for any physiotherapist.

The 3D Model Comes To Life Animate blood flow throughout the body. Select the veins and arteries that you want to follow and create a custom blood flow path to follow around the model. A truly unique learning experience.

Create Plates Save your work as an interactive 3D screenshot. The new Plates feature will allow you to add customized labels detailing your content. Once saved, it can be revisited and explored at any time: the perfect revision tool for students and a great way for physicians to visualize their patients’ conditions.

Share and Collaborate Build a network of medical peers and professionals from around the globe and learn from their work. Share your created plates within a specified group or publicly with the whole world. Download plates that others have shared to continue exploring and learning.

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