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Use this QR code to watch a video giving a day in the life perspective of Google Glass. It provides a great background information

Inside this issue:

The Good, The Bad


And the Solu- 2 tion Reinventing the Camera


Listening Without Your


3 Hands Free Direction System

The Musicians 3 Testament

Google Glasses Grasp Great Attention Volume 1, Issue 1

May 15th, 2013

So What is “Project Glass” Anyway? The main idea of project glass is

into the headwear have the

“to help users interact with the

intention to allow users to have

virtual world without distracting

a better interaction with the

them from the real

world through the convenience

world” (Shankland 1). Most

of Google Glass. Google holds

importantly there is an interac-

the intention of not distracting

tive screen in the top right hand

people from the real world, and

corner of the right lens. It stays

decided not to make the head-

out of the way of the user, until

set too heavy and the display

he or she looks up and too the

screen not to large, only being a

right. Project Glass has been

1.3 centimeter display (times). It

designed to ultimately be a

is also possible to attach pre-

to Project Glasses desolate

smartphone worn on the user.

scription lenses or tinted lenses


Although not much is known

anticipation for project glass is

been released to be utilized in

about Google’s Project Glass, it

because of the mystery of it.

the device is absolutely stunning.

is one of the most well celebrat-

Only a select few people have

Project glass embodies several

ed pieces of recent technology.

been chosen to test Google

of the inventions necessary to

It made the Time’s list of “Best

glasses, and are under strict

make it able to compete in the

Inventions of the year

regulations about who they can

up-and-coming technologically

2012” (Forbes 1). Maybe the

share it with; no one. Addition-

dependent society.

reason that so there is so much

ally, the technology that has

This is a picture of a prototype of Google Glasses.

All of the innovations packed

Why is it Important?

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Google Glasses Grasp Great Attention

Voice Commands. The Good, The Bad Google Glass additionally developed with the intention of using mainly voice commands. It can easily be used to set reminders, take pictures and perform numerous other functions; including a unique texting procedure. Google Glass will display a text when receiving one, and conseWould you use

And The Solution

the speech-to-

In an attempt to compensate for this inconvenience, the Google Company is toying around with the idea to install a laser projected keyboard in the head gear. If implemented, people can text as if

text feature or virtual keyboard more often? Tweet @BobbyDGoogl eGlass and tell

quently allow the user can respond to the text by speaking. Google Glass will take the words spoken, put them into a text, and send it as a reply to the person who sent you the original text. Unfortunately, this feature may not always be the ideal way to respond. For example, the tex-

ting through vocalization feature utilized throughout Google Glass would be very difficult to use in a loud setting. It could also be plain awkward in other situations, where other people can hear you.

they had a smart phone on their person. This projected keyboard would also be useful for writing E-mails, or working on papers regardless of the users ability to use text to speech technologies.

Currently Google has only applied for the patent of this software and has not been officially to be installed in their new system


Some situations don’t allow you to use your hands to capture an image. Scan the QR code to watch one example

Reinventing the Camera Another feature to be expected in Google Glass is a camera and video camera combination. The camera would be placed to mimic the wearer’s perspective, giving a unique spin on many pictures. The camera in the headgear would allow the users hands to be free while taking a picture,

permitting them to hold anything that they want to take a picture of. The camera feature would also be used in Google hangouts, allowing the other members of the hangout to see what the wearer sees. Google also has plans to utilize a button on the headwear to take pictures at any mo-

ment. It would be possible to be used in loud situations, when voice commands would not be easily deciphered, or while remaining silent; useful in taking pictures of sleeping babies, wild animals, or gathering pictures of resources while in the library.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Listening Without Your Ears Another unique feature utilized in Google Glass is a bone-conductive audio piece. It is a very progressive idea that would be integrated into the Google Glass hardware. The concept behind boneconductivity is based on experiencing vibrations through the body. Slashgear states that,

“at least the ear-hooks and nose pad will be touching the user; they’ll be relied upon to pass through any vibration-based audio” (Davies 1). The ultimate reason for utilizing bone-conductive audio is ease and general privacy. While headphones can easily block out outside noise

and make listening to music and holding a conversation a difficult task, bone-conductivity is designed to not block outside sounds. Continuing off of Google’s goal to not have the glasses distract users from the real world, bone-conductive audio is an absolutely brilliant idea.

“The ear-hooks and nose pad will be touching the user; they’ll be relied upon to pass through any vibrationbased audio”

Hands Free Direction System When walking around a place, such as the city, it would be easy to get lost. Google has thought of this and added a GPS and direction service into the software of its new product. It is a feature that would prove useful

in numerous situations. Many people use their phones to acquire and follow directions. Because of this crutch, a GPS system can be one of the essential pieces for the marketing and selling of this particular device. The direction

service could run as a background application while still performing all other functions normally.

option, as well as a keyboard for when speaking clearly is not possible. In their effort to make pictures and movies captured different, they added a camera that could be activated at anytime that captures the same view as the user. Google

added boneconductivity technology to allow the usage of Google Glass to not interfere with the real world around them. And their implementation of a GPS system only makes traveling around crowded city streets even easier.

Technological Recap In their effort to create an augmented reality system that is not to interfering with the outside world, Google has added several technological advances. To their product. In their effort to make communication easier they added a text to speech

Google Glasses Grasp Great Attention

The Musicians Testament GOOGLE

Use this QR code to watch Engadget’s review of a prototype of Google Glass

Check out Google Glass at : +projectglass

The following few paragraphs about his anticipation of Google Glass were written by Robert Peterson, a freshman at Seton Hall University: “I feel that I could use the video camera very efficiently and effectively as a musician and as a performer. I can envision using Google Glass to shoot parts of a music video from my point of view. It would make the video more personal and make it closely resemble what my original idea was for the video. As a performer, I could use Google Glass to take pictures and videos of concerts and other performances from my point of view. I feel that it would supply me with a unique edge over others in the music industry in two distinctive ways. First, I could review the footage and employ it to review the audience’s reaction so that I can better incorporate my audience into my performance. Second, I could release select videos to the public and use it to advertise myself. “The bone-conductive audio is something that I find greatly appealing in conjunction with this idea of recording a concert. Part of performing is hearing the band mates live on stage and through an earpiece which is connected to the speakers feed. With Google Glass I would be able to easily accomplish both feats simultaneously. While I am not on the stage, I find myself always listening to music. It is a little, seemingly unimportant thing, that can make my day better multiple times over. I feel that having a unique soundtrack to brighten my day would improve my normal routine day incredible amounts. “To be completely blunt and honest, I do not like having my smartphone with me all the time. Many times throughout the day I find it difficult to keep in the pocket of my jeans, especially when it starts getting warmer throughout the summer. In conjunction, my current phone is not very reliable when I want to do something very quickly. On multiple occasions it has taken me a minute or more to take out my phone and take a picture, often times resulting in me missing the perfect shot. This brings my back to the convenience of Project Glass. I greatly admire the proposal of being able to just take a picture whenever I feel necessary. Moreover, I feel that the convenience of Project Glass is a necessity because it is not always a possibility to use a large, unreliable, and slow phone for everything I want it to be used for. “More so than anything I greatly appreciate the fact that the Google Company has decided to use their time wisely to create the best piece of technology they possibly can. From researching this topic I have learned countless amounts of innovations that makes me want to learn more about the product, even though I cannot. I find this to be an absolutely brilliant marketing strategy.”

Google Glass Project  

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