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INDEPENDENCE DAY Independence Day is a national holiday in Slovenia, which is celebrated on 26th December and is non-working day. This day commemorates the announcement of the results of the plebiscite 26th December 1990 (plebiscite was held on 23rd December 1990) which was 93.2 percent of participating voters on the question of "whether Slovenia should become an independent country?" about 95 percent replied in the affirmative (ie, 88.5 percent of all voters) , thereby opened independence of Slovenia. By September 2005, the feast called the only Independence Day, but by the amendment to the Law on Holidays and days and supplemented with unity, since this day people of Slovenia showed the highest degree of uniformity in its history.

NATIONAL DAY Slovenian National Day is a public holiday which is celebrated on 25 th June. This day in Slovenia nonworking day. This day in Slovenia they celebrate the memory of the 25 th June 1991, when Slovenia became formally independent. On this day it was accepted the Declaration of Independence of Slovenia and the Basic Constitutional Charter on the Sovereignty and Independence of Slovenia. Every year on the Eve of the holiday celebration takes place at the Republic Square.

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