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Carnival in Slovenia Carnival is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent; Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade. The Slovenian countryside displays a variety of disguised groups and individual characters among which the most popular and characteristic is the Kurent, a monstrous and demon-like, but fluffy figure. The most significant ethonological Carnival festival is traditionally held in the town of Ptuj. Kurents visit all major events throughout the country, members of parliament, the president and mayors, trying to banish the winter and announce the arrival of the spring, fertility, and new life with loud noise and dancing.

Another town, where the Carnival tradition is alive, is Cerknica. In the Carnival procession, a monstrous witch named Uršula is driven from Mt. Slivnica, to be burned at the stake on Ash Wednesday. Unique to this region is a group of dormice, driven by the Devil, and a huge fire-breathing dragon.

Town Cerkno and its surrounding area is known for the Laufarji, Carnival figures with artistically carved wooden masks.

The major part of the population, especially the young and children, dress up in ordinary non-ethnic costumes, going to school, work, and organized events, where prizes are given for the best and most original costumes. Costumed children sometimes go from house to house asking for treats.

Carnival in slovenia