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Roberto Machado


Roberto Machado, 31, is a photographer graduated from Casa Amarela, renowned program offered by the Cearรก Federal University, in his hometown in the Northeast of Brazil. His education was fostered with courses in the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York, city he chose to work. Machado has photographed for Brazilian and American publications like New York Magazine, Rolling Stones, Seven Magazine, Extra, and O Povo Newspaper. His work, with a photojournalistic style and artistic edge, has been exhibited in some galleries in New York and New Jersey, where he currently lives.

ROBERTO MACHADO photographer USA 1 973 392 6851 Brazil 55 85 8815 7588

Roberto Machado's Portfolio 3  
Roberto Machado's Portfolio 3  

Portfolio Manhattan / NY . The day by day, people and streets of New York. The photographic vision of the city that Roberto Machado chose to...